Seducing My Parents Ch. 05

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[This is the final chapter of the story about the seduction of my parents, and it covers the events that were taking place between my Mom and brother, at the same time I was with my Dad for the very first time. Like the last chapter, obviously, I was not there to personally witness everything as it transpired, but I was able to get the details from my Mom’s own account of things that she posted on our blog. You will notice that there are still no real quotations in the dialogue, since neither my Mom nor my brother can recall the exact words said at the time these things happened.

I personally think the events themselves are what counted, and here they are in as straight forward a fashion as possible. Like the last chapter, the story will be in Mom’s words, with a few additions and observations tossed in by my brother, but those are only to fill out her recollections. As before, everyone here is older than 18, again in my Mom’s words. . . ..]

The evening where Angela finally got to make love to her Daddy for the first time, was a pretty special evening for me too. My husband, James, knew exactly where I was going that night, and he knew what I was going to be doing before I left the house. James and I have done this sort of thing before, and my loving husband loves it even more when I get home, and then tell him everything that happened while I was out. I’m pretty sure that my going over to David’s apartment, coupled with his being alone with our very sexy daughter, is what ultimately put him over the top and convinced him to finally give into Angela’s “charms.” I knew it would, and I was right. Most likely you have read about that part already, and hopefully about my first time with my son, so now here is the “rest” of the story.

I will always remember that evening, not just because Angela was finally getting what she wanted, but because it involved one of the more intense moments I ever shared with David. On the night I left Angela and her Dad alone, I was over at David’s apartment, only this time I wasn’t just fucking my son, I was also there with his three roommates. They weren’t part of the original plan, but as it turns out, it was another one of those happy accidents. I should explain that they didn’t know I was David’s Mom, although one of them figured it out, but I didn’t know that until much later in the evening. At the start of the evening, all any of them knew for sure, was that David loved cougars, and I was just one more cougar coming for a little party. Lucky for me, I’m apparently not so old looking, that it prevented me from enjoying all four of them!

The whole experience was personally kind of wild for me on several levels. I was turned on because it was my son and three of his friends, and then I knew that at home, James was going to be fucking Angela for the very first time. I wanted to see James and Angela, but I also knew James well enough to know that if I pushed him, or if he had an audience, he might balk. Nope, that first time needed to be just them, and besides, James and I both were kind of excited about my playing the”hotwife” with David. What we didn’t know at the time I left the house, was that this particular “hotwife” was about to enjoy her very first ever “gang bang!”

I will not waste too much space describing everyone, except maybe David, who happens to be 6’2″, and in great shape thanks to the Army. As for David’s roommates, I won’t bother with names, except for the one who suspected something about my being David’s Mom. Him we’ll call Carl, since I will eventually get around to telling that story too. Regardless, Carl, like David, is also 6’2″ and around 180 lbs., his cock is slightly above average size, and he has brown hair and brown eyes. The other two roommates also have brown hair and eyes, so they were similar in description to Carl, except they were more average in height (around 5’10” to 6′).

David knew I was coming to play, but he did not know about his baby sister banging their Dad, he just thought I was wanting a visit for personal reasons, in other words, I was coming over for a little fun in the sack. Anyway, I arrived dressed to play in a black suit jacket, over a black corset, the matching black skirt, black lace crotchless panties (worn over the garter belt), and seamed black stockings. You know, the ones with seams worn up the back of the legs. I even had on the obligatory black “CFMPs,” or “come fuck me pumps,” after all, I came dressed to fuck, which is what I was going to be doing!

My initial plan that evening was just to come over to David’s apartment, have a few drinks with the boys, and then let David take me into the bedroom to have his way with me. I may have even hoped that I could entice maybe one of them to join in to make it a threesome, but I wasn’t sure what David would think of the idea. Then on the drive over, I started thinking about the notion of talking them all into joining us, but again was worried Maltepe Escort about whether David really wanted that to happen or not. Sure, I warned David in advance, and he “said” the idea turned him on, but I think he was still a little surprised that I would actually go through with such a thing. I think I was maybe even more than a little surprised that they all actually took me up on it. (Knowing that Angela was fucking her Dad probably had a little something to do with my behavior, but then again, I won’t blame it on that entirely, I really do love to fuck.)

When I first got to the apartment I came in and gave David a nice hello kiss. Nothing too deep or elaborate, but it sure as hell wasn’t a “mommy kiss” either. Then I looked around at what was a disastrous mess that David and his roommates called a living room. Before I sat down, there was a lot of scrambling around the room by everyone. The boys were all scurrying around and working hard to pick things up, while David ran off to get me a nice stiff drink. Being the ever gracious host, he was trying to keep up with the pretense that this was a date with a cougar, and not his own mother, so appearances had to be maintained. (I remember thinking how good it was that he didn’t have any family pictures just lying about the place.)

Finally, when the guys cleared the couch of their coats, dirty laundry, and the empty pizza boxes, Carl invited me to sit down, while one of the other guys offered to take my jacket. I thanked him, but kept it on, since I was having some serious second thoughts about what was or was not going to happen. Thank goodness for the stiff Gin handed to me by David, otherwise the evening might have ended with my leaving without fucking anyone, to include David. I can’t explain my discomfort at this point, other than it was just a “feeling” that I was just too old for this sort of thing. More to the point, I was questioning my being attractive to someone my son’s age. Fortunately, the evening would prove me wrong on this, but initially, I wasn’t so sure about the idea, and was losing some of my confidence in the process.

I honestly enjoyed my drink, it was a little “stiff” but still enjoyable. After noticing that over half of my drink was gone, I began to loosen up, while everyone else was doing their best to talk and maybe even impress me a little. When David got up to get me a second drink, I let the first boy take my jacket, which left me on their couch in my corset top. It wasn’t exactly revealing, but it did accentuate my cleavage. I noticed that when I first took my jacket off, the boys all seemed to respond by becoming even more attentive. There was even some “rearranging” of the seating, with one of the guys now sitting just a little closer to me, and Carl sitting in the floor on the opposite side of the coffee table from me. With the courage of the Gin coursing through my system, I was starting to really get into it. As we talked about nothing, I sipped my second drink, and started allowing myself to show more flesh. I know I was flashing lots of cleavage already, and thanks to a little “wardrobe malfunction” you could almost view the dark area around my nipples. Yes, I knew there was a little “brown” showing, and as I moved on the couch, my skirt kept getting kind of “velcroed” to the cushions. When I would shift to talk to someone on the other side, my skirt would ride up a little. After a short period of time, I noticed that the skirt was now high enough to show the tops of my stockings, and the straps of my garter belt. I didn’t make much of an effort to pull my skirt back down, and at this point all four of the guys were paying very close attention to my every move. This attention was doing wonders for my confidence, and I have to admit, it was impacting the dampness of my pussy.

Sipping on my now third drink, I realized that something was either going to happen, or I was going to look damn stupid sitting on my son’s bed drunk as a skunk. Realizing that I’d better be careful, I backed off a little on the drink, although at this point it really didn’t matter. David was the brave one, and he just finally reached over, pulled me into him, and started kissing me deeply. As we started making out, I could feel his hand moving down my back and under the hem of my skirt to cup the cheeks of my ass. I already knew that my skirt was continuing to ride up, so I finally broke the kiss, stood up, and just stepped out of the skirt. I smiled at all of them, and asked them if they minded me getting comfortable. Nobody objected, so I sat back down, and started making out with David again. Here I was kissing my son, wearing just a corset, crotchless panties, garter belt, and stockings, all in front of an audience of his friends.

David continued with the deep kissing as he began moving his hands inside the top of my corset top. Finally, he kissed down my neck and onto the top of my boobs, until he İstanbul Escort freed first one and then the second of my titties completely out of the corset top. He continued to kiss around my neck and then moved down and began to lovingly to suckle on my nipples. As David was kissing and sucking my boobs, I glanced around the room briefly at the others. Perhaps it was the Gin, but to me it appeared that the others in the room were being stone silent, and staring as if they were in awe of what they were watching. David lifted his head from my chest and looked over at one of his roommates and asked if anyone would like to help him out with one of these “gorgeous titties.”

Within seconds I felt another pair of hands on my chest, and when I turned away from David, there was one of his roommates sitting next to me, playing with my boobs. I started kissing him deeply, and David got on the floor in front of me, and started tugging at my panties to get them off me. As I lifted my ass upwards off the couch, so he could pull them down, someone sat next to me and began to suck on my other boob. So, I had one boy on each boob, while David started licking my pussy slit from the bottom up to the clit. I couldn’t believe the feeling, especially when Carl just pulled his large cock out, and started jerking himself while he watched from the other side of the room. I smiled and waved him over, and hefted the weight of his gorgeous cock in my hands, as I slowly began to stroke it and lightly trace my fingers over the cock head.

As David was using his tongue to bring me to the first of GOD knows how many cums that evening, I finally begged them to get me off the couch, and to take me to a bed where we could all play. At this point, I KNEW, that I wanted Carl’s cock, and the only way to get to it, was to get everyone in an open space. The boys on either side lifted me up, and they literally carried me into David’s room where they laid me down on the bed. The moment was virtually perfect, because I now had someone sucking on each tit, and David back between my legs. This time I asked Carl to straddle my head from behind and come even closer so I could start sucking his cock. It was almost too big to do justice, but with my head tilted all the way back, I did my best sliding it past my lips and deep into my mouth. It wasn’t long before I felt a different style of tonguing on my clit, and I knew that David had given up his spot. I glanced down, and it was the shorter of the two guys who was now eating me. I couldn’t believe the feeling. I had a cock in each hand that I could stroke, a huge cock in my mouth to work on, and a pretty talented tongue working very hard on my clit.

I was starting to lose track of any reality, and each of the young men continued their rotation, until each one had licked my pussy, and I’d had a chance to suck their cocks and keep them stroked hard. Then the fun really got going. As I would keep two of their cocks hard in my hands, and one in my mouth, the first of the guys slid their cock into my pussy. Here I was being fucked, while holding two cocks and sucking another one. I was beyond horny. As one would cum inside me, the next would follow him into my pussy, and I was cumming almost continuously. They kept it going and I would get the cock with the cum and pussy juice to suck on, as they all, with the exception of David, took turns fucking and cumming inside me. The cycle continued, and honestly, I completely lost track of time, and the number of crashing orgasms I experienced that evening. The amazing thing was that even without David actually fucking me yet, the three remaining guys had no problem supplying me with hard cocks. I know for a fact that each of the young men fucked me at least twice, and in one case, the shortest of the three, he got to fuck me three times.

I had never had a gangbang before, but now I knew why they were awesome. It was intense, and I’d never cum so much in so short of time before in my entire life. Then, after taking at least 7 loads of cum, David decided that it was finally his turn. Lying next to me on the bed, he pulled me on top of him, in a “reverse cowgirl” position. Thinking that he was going into my pussy, he surprised me a little when he slid his extremely hard cock into my very wet and slippery ass. Without really thinking about it, I knew then exactly what I wanted, which is exactly what I got. With David now firmly planted in my ass, Carl climbed between my thighs, and stuck his cock into my soaking pussy. Now it was a real DP, and with the added plus of having two cocks aimed at my mouth again. I had one in each hand and alternated between them. David hung in there, and did not cum in my ass until his other two friends had each had a chance to fuck me in the DP. When we finally stopped, it was clear that I was stretched beyond anything I’d ever experienced. As they were all now sitting or lying beside us on the bed, David got Anadolu Yakası Escort me on my knees in a true doggy style fuck. My face was pushed down into the pillows, my ass was in the air, and David began to pound my asshole with all he had in him. He didn’t have to slam my ass much before he finally let out a scream and shot his load in my ass. As he fell over me from behind, I collapsed under his weight face down naked on the bed now covered in cum. It was such a grand feeling when David’s now softening cock slid very slowly from me, and I could feel the trickle of his cum as it seeped from my now quite expanded asshole.

It was obvious that most of the guys in the room were now spent, and as each one got up off the bed, they stopped long enough to give me a nice parting kiss. Within a few minutes, they had left David and I completely alone so that we could savor the moment. As David snuggled me, I felt his dick twitch against my leg, but I had to go get cleaned up. This was especially true after having David’s load in my ass, and GOD knows how much cum draining out of my pussy and onto my legs and thighs. My stockings were completely shredded, and I wanted a chance to pull myself back together, at least a little bit, before anything else happened with David. After some minimal washing, I was about to step out of the bathroom, but David was waiting on me, and I pulled him inside. We took a brief shower together, where he lovingly and gently washed me all over. Just when I thought he and I were about to have a “repeat performance” in the shower, he turned off the water and taking his time he very lovingly dried me off, and then took my hand leading me back into his bedroom.

I laid back on the bed, and he simply stood over me. Smiling down at me, he told me it was an awesome night, and that he really loved seeing me being fucked like there was no tomorrow by that many guys. I told him I loved it too, and then he laid down beside me and started kissing me very deeply again. At one point, he pulled up short and asked me if I would ever do it again with him, and I promised that I would be happy to try it, so long as he was “okay with it.” He grinned from ear to ear, and began kissing me deeply again. This time we were making love, and I realized that out of all that fucking, he hadn’t actually put his cock in my pussy all night. Now he was going to change that equation, and it was clear that he was more than ready. I was impressed that he had done such a wonderful job earlier of not cumming too quickly in the tight confines of my relatively pristine asshole. Knowing he’d held off and had the one cum already, I also knew that this time would be extraordinary. I was not disappointed. His stamina was incredible, and we made love gently at first, and then with a building passion that would far exceed either of our expectations, we were excitedly fucking one another. As his cock moved in and out, I could feel the shaft up to the head as it continued to pound into me, and with each of his thrusts, I was compelled to hump my hips up against that loving cock. Finally, after quite a while of very passionate love making, I could see him stiffen his entire body as he started cumming deep inside me. The second I felt his cum shooting into me, I too had one more very intense body shaking cum. For the second time of the night, we cleaned up and simply snuggled on the bed for at least another hour.

I now had some serious mixed emotions. On one hand, I wanted to get dressed to head home to see how James and Angela were doing after their first time. On the other, I did not want this to ever stop. Finally, after snuggling and cuddling, I decided that my curiosity about Angela was more than I could stand. Kissing my now sleeping son on his forehead, I stepped naked off the bed and began looking for my clothes. Unfortunately, or fortunately as it turns out, most of my “street” clothes were still scattered all over the living room. Rooting around on the floor, I put on what was left in the room, but after putting on all that I had in David’s room, I still wound up having to go out into the living room still pretty close to naked. Well, naked except for the corset (now with a number of cum stains), and my garter belt (also with cum stains). I shoved the tattered stockings into my purse, knowing that James would want to see them later, and I was picking up the rest of my clothes when Carl came out of his room next to their living room. I had just located my panties and was slipping them back on, when he walked out completely naked, with his sexy hard on pointed right at me like a missile.

He wasn’t pushy at all, and as I was pulling my panties on, he smiled and thanked me for coming over for such a great evening. I thanked him for a good time, and he then said, it was good seeing me again. I thought, “again?” Now I know why he’d looked a little familiar to me at first. He had been a student of mine quite a few years ago, back when he was in middle school, and he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that David was my son. David must have known too, but for some reason decided to omit that little bit of information. (That would be a discussion that would come later, preferably with my foot in his ass!)

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