Self-Isolating With Mom Ch. 06

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Sonya and Dani took turns beneath the shower, washing their hair and bodies. They helped each other, letting the other person run their soapy hands over their glistening skin, each one getting aroused once more beneath the other’s intimate touch. Sonya reluctantly put an end to that, pushing Dani beneath the pelting spray from the shower head in order for the young girl to rinse off. She had something in mind and wanted her daughter to finish first. “Get yourself dried off and I’ll be right behind you,” she said as Dani moved out of the way and Sonya took her place beneath the shower head. She tipped her head back, relishing in the blissful sensation of the hot water raining down on her.

When she was done, looking through the glass walls of the shower, she saw that Dani had almost finished drying herself. Sonya shut off the water and opened the door, the whole room steamy from their lengthy shower. “Sweetheart, can you grab one of those clean towels for Mommy, please.”

Dani compliantly reached over to the shelf her mother had been pointing to and grabbed one of the folded towels. She held it out towards her mother. Sonya shook her head and looked her daughter in the eye with an authoritative look on her face. “No, dear, I want you to dry me. I think we’re going to be doing this a lot from now on and I want you to get used to the idea that your place is to ensure that Seth and I are pleasured first. And that might include something as simple as this, drying me off when I get out of the shower.” She paused and gave Dani a stern look as she saw a look of surprise on the girl’s face. “You do want to be with Seth and me, right?”

Dani felt herself flush, but she instantly nodded her head up and down. “Yes, Mom, I do. I really want to be with the two of you. Please forgive me. I’m just…I’m just not very experienced with all of this.”

Sonya had sensed submissive tendencies in her daughter’s behaviour since they’d started this, combined with an intense curiosity and craving to learn. She and Dani had already talked about this and, much to Sonya’s delight, the girl had agreed to be their little playtoy. She could tell that, like her, Seth had a bit of a dominant side to him, as witnessed by the way he spoke to Lizzy when she’d been sucking him off through the window. Sonya knew neither of them would do anything to hurt Dani in any way, physically or mentally, but if the girl had that submissive side to her and was willing to be their plaything, to do with as they wished, where was the harm in that, as long as they all got what they wanted at the end of the day. So now, she was giving Dani a little test to see how the girl would respond. And her answer, asking Sonya to forgive her for her lack of experience was just what Sonya had hoped for, based on the talk they’d had previously.

“That’s fine, sweetheart,” Sonya said as she pulled her daughter close and gave her a tender kiss on the lips. “Don’t worry, Seth and I will show you what to do. We’ll take good care of you. Now, like I said, why don’t we start with you drying me off.”

The look of anxiety that was on Dani’s face a moment ago was replaced by a broad smile as she nodded happily to her mother. She opened up the big fluffy towel and started rubbing it gently over her mother’s glistening body. Sonya held her arms up as Dani ran the towel over her upper body and back, and then stepped slightly to each side as Dani kneeled down to dry her legs and backside. Once she came around to the front, Dani seemed to spend a little extra time drying Sonya’s tits, which made the older woman smile to herself.

“Mom, your breasts are so beautiful, and so big,” Dani said in a soft whisper as she finished drying the heavy mounds, her eyes locked in on the mouth-watering tits.

“Yours’ll be that big soon enough, sweetheart. Yours are just like mine were when I was your age.” Sonya pulled on her plush white robe that had been hanging on the back of the door, wrapping it around her curvy body. Next to it was a short sky-blue robe made of satin with an intricate pattern on it, almost kimono-like. She handed it to Dani. “Here, put this on, sweetie.”

“I can just keep my towel wrapped around me and go to my room if you like, Mom. It’s just a few steps down the hall.”

Sonya shook her head. “No, you’ll just stay in here with me for a little while until we’re ready for you to put your prom dress on. I’ll do your hair and makeup for you, okay?”

Dani felt herself beaming. She’d never been very good at that kind of thing and envied her mother’s ability when it came to making herself look beautiful. Her mother’s hair and makeup always looked perfect for whatever occasion her mother had planned, whether it be for dinner out at a fancy restaurant, a business meeting, or just attending one of Dani’s soccer games. Whatever it was, her mother always knew to put on just the right amount of makeup for that occasion. And her hair, geez, her mother’s silky blond hair always looked like she’d just stepped out of a commercial. xvideos porno Dani was thrilled that her mother would be helping her with both her makeup, and her hair, especially on this very special ‘Prom Night’.

Sonya sat Dani in the chair in front of her makeup table and set to work. She worked her blow dryer, curling iron, combs and brushes like a pro, making her daughter’s cascading blond locks look gorgeous by the time she was done. Shiny wavy curls kissed the girl’s shoulders and framed her pretty face attractively. Dani couldn’t keep the smile off her face as she looked at herself in the mirror.

“I think you like that,” Sonya said as she stood behind her daughter and looked down at her work.

“Oh, Mom, it’s so beautiful. I love it. Thank you so much.”

“I’m glad. Now you scoot out of there for a couple of minutes while I do my hair, and then we’ll do your makeup.”

Clad in the silky robe, Dani sat on the edge of the bed and watched as her mother took her place in front of the mirror and started working on her hair.

“You know, I really envy you, Dani.”

This really caught Dani by surprise. Her mother was so beautiful and sexy, she couldn’t imagine why her mother would say such a thing. “Envy me? Why?”

“Having Seth as your first. I know it’s going to be a wonderful experience for you. Like I said, your brother is a wonderful, and caring, lover. You can’t ask for more than that for your first.”

Dani nodded her agreement to that. She’d always wanted it to be Seth, but she’d never really believed it would ever happen. How many times had she fallen asleep after fingering herself to climax after climax, fantasizing about her hunky brother pounding her deep into the mattress with that huge cock of his. And now, it looked like it was really going to happen. Maybe some good things were going to happen because of this pandemic after all. But there was something about the way her mother spoke about Seth being her first that piqued her curiosity. “I know you’re right, Mom, and I can’t wait.” Dani paused for a second, unsure if she should ask what she was thinking. But, everything else had been thrown on the table today, so she decided to just go for it. “Who was your first, Mom?”

Sonya stopped what she was doing for a second, her eye catching her daughter’s in the mirror. Just as Dani had been thinking moments ago, Sonya remembered how they’d agreed to be totally truthful with each other going forward. And although she’d been caught off guard by Dani’s question, she realized she had to stick to that policy. “My first was someone you knew very well, and loved very much,” Sonya replied.


Sonya gave a little laugh as she shook her head. “No, YOUR father wasn’t my first. But it was someone you loved almost as much.”

Dani was quick to pick up on her mother’s emphasis of the word ‘YOUR’ in her response. Dani knew immediately what her mother was inferring by doing that. “You mean…do you mean…Grandpa?”

Dani could only gasp as her mother gave her a sly smile as she nodded. “Really, Grandpa was your first? Your own father?”

“Yes, God rest his soul.” There was a brief moment of silence as the two of them thought about the man, a father to one, a grandfather to the other. Sonya’s parents lived in a different city, about two hours away. Four years previously, Grandpa Jack and Grandma Carole had gone out for a nice dinner to celebrate their anniversary. He died later that night, a major heart attack taking him in his sleep. A lot of tears were shed in Sonya’s house over the next few days, by Dani just as much as her mother.

Dani took a deep breath after thinking about that fateful night and pulled herself together. “I still miss Grandpa terribly.”

“I do too, sweetie, I do too.” Sonya gave her daughter an understanding smile. “But, like we’ve talked about before, your grandfather was the kind of man who’d want us to carry on, to live life to its fullest, not to dwell on his death, no matter how hard it was on all of us.”

“I know, he was so full of life, and that’s one of the things I loved about him most.” Dani saw her mother nod in agreement. “But really, I can’t believe that Grandpa was your first. How…how did it happen?”

Sonya paused for a few seconds, all of those memories flooding back. “Well, sweetheart,” she started, “like you, I waited until I was 18 as well. I just never found anybody that I loved or trusted that much to be my first.” Sonya shrugged as she looked at her daughter and smiled. “Yes, I guess we’re more alike than either of us thought.”

Dani smiled back, happy to be sharing this intimate moment with her mother.

“Anyway, it actually occurred on my 18th birthday. I was excited because my birthday fell on a Saturday that year, so I wouldn’t be in school that day. Looking back on it now, and knowing what happened in the end, I’m sure my mother was in on the whole thing.”

“Grandma? She knew about it?”

Sonya gave a bit yerli porno of a shrug. “She never let on or spoke of it, to me anyway, but I’m sure she knew, and I’m sure she approved. On that day, that Saturday, she had to go out of town for a few days to visit her sister. I forget the reason why now, but whatever it was, she gave me a present first thing Saturday morning before she left. It was that silver bracelet that I still wear to this day. So, she gave me that present, kissed me and wished me a happy birthday, promised that my father had a special day planned for me, and then off she went.

“My father and I were left on our own. He said since my 18th was such a special birthday, the day was going to be mine, and he was going to pamper me, starting off with a shopping trip. I was thrilled. I loved my daddy more than anything and, here we were, the two of us having the whole day together, and shopping at that! He took me to the mall and pulled me into a high-class lady’s store. I had never shopped at a store like that and loved the glamorous gowns and sexy dresses. He said he was taking me out to a fancy French restaurant for dinner and I needed an appropriate dress. He ended up buying me four minidresses, each one sexier than the one before. And then we went to the shoe store, and for the first time, I got high heels. I couldn’t believe how grown up I felt traipsing back and forth in the store as my father looked on, a proud smile on his face.

“He said that in order to complete the outfits, I’d need to get some new ‘underthings’, as he called them. A lingerie store in the mall had everything I needed to complement my new dresses, but he didn’t stop there. He told me that now that I was 18, I needed some items to show what a grown up woman I was. With the shop assistant’s help, I came out of there with bags of stuff, from bras and panties to corsets and garter belts, a couple of tiny new bikinis, and everything in between. I was positively glowing with excitement at everything my father had bought for me.

“We raced home and I went to my room, laying everything out on my bed. I stood there, just basking in happiness as I looked at all those beautiful things he’d bought for me. I’d never loved my father more than at that moment. It was a beautiful summer day and he said we should spend some time out at the pool, and that it would give me a chance to try out my new bikinis. I chose a gorgeous royal blue one that seemed to be nothing more than a few small triangles of material. While your grandfather relaxed in a lounger with a magazine, I gave him a little fashion show when I came out. He told me how beautiful I looked and, from behind his sunglasses, I could see him stealing surreptitious glances at me. I was so happy that he thought I looked pretty that I turned and stretched, giving him a good look. I could see him staring at this point. At that time, I had boobs as big as yours, and I could tell he liked the way they looked in that bikini, which barely covered them. “Why don’t you go and try on the other one,” he said after a little while. “See if it fits as good as that one.” So off I went and came back a few minutes later, this time wearing the white one that he’d picked out in the store and insisted I try on. I could see his jaw drop when I stood in front of him in that one. “Oh my, you look incredible, Sonya. Simply stunning.”

“Once again I was thrilled at how happy he was, and how happy I was. We spent the afternoon lounging around the pool, and then it was time to get ready for our dinner out. I was torn between which dress to wear. I finally decided on one that was hot pink in color with matching strappy sandals with sky-high heels that I just loved. I’d also got a pink bra and panty set to go with the dress.

“I took my time getting ready, making sure my hair and makeup were perfect. I wanted my daddy to be proud to have me on his arm. When I met him in the living room, I could see that he was pleased with the transformation of his little girl into a grown up woman.

“Sonya, you are absolutely gorgeous,” he said as he came up and gave me a tender kiss on my cheek. “You’re going to put every other woman to shame in that restaurant tonight.” I couldn’t believe how happy and overcome with emotion I was to hear those words of praise from him. He looked very handsome as well, all decked out in a gorgeous navy suit and beautiful silk tie.

“We went to the restaurant and it was a magical experience. I’d never been to such a fancy restaurant in my whole life. My father had arranged for a romantic table off to one side. He even let me have a glass of champagne to celebrate the occasion. Even though I was only 18, nobody in the restaurant even questioned it. I guess because I looked so much older all dolled up like that. It was the first time I had champagne and I remember giggling as the bubbles tickled my nose. I wanted a second glass, but my father put the hammer down on that idea. A single glass would be good enough my first time, he youjizz porno told me.

“I felt so special the way my father and all the restaurant staff catered to me. We took our time and I loved every minute of it. Finally, after a decadent crème brulee for dessert, our evening out ended.

“Feeling blissfully content and just a wee bit tipsy, we went home. He slipped off his suit jacket and suggested that we have a little dance to celebrate my birthday. He put on a slow song that he knew was one of my favorites, and then pulled me close as we moved and swayed across the living room floor. I felt like I was in heaven, encompassed in the arms of this man who I loved more than anything on earth. His body felt warm and comforting as he held me close, and I felt at peace with the world, and happier than I ever could have imagined.”

Dani looked up as her mother paused. The older woman had a dreamy look in her eyes as she looked back at her daughter.

“Dani, here, put this in your hair,” Sonya said as she stood up, grabbed a big loose-fitting scrunchie off her dressing table, and handed it to Dani.

“You want me to put my hair back in this? After you just finished doing it?”

Sonya nodded. “Yes, that won’t mess your hair up very much and, don’t worry, it’ll only take me a minute or two to fix it again afterwards.”


“Yes, telling this story about your grandfather has me just dripping again. While I tell you the rest of the story, I want you to use that pretty little mouth of yours on me again. And I don’t want your hair getting in the way while you’re doing it.”

Dani could tell by the tone of her mother’s voice that this wasn’t a topic for discussion. Dani didn’t mind one bit. At the mention of being able to worship her mother’s pussy again, she’d felt her own love pocket give a little twinge. Dani whipped her hair up and anchored the scrunchie in place, pulling every strand of hair back and away from her face.

“That’s good, that’s perfect,” Sonya said as she took her daughter’s hand and led her over to a corner of the room she used as a reading area. She turned around and plopped herself down into a big leather recliner, one she used when she wanted some peace and quiet in the house. Sonya undid the folds of her plush white robe and pulled it open, exposing her massive breasts and the front of her body. She leaned back in the chair and then drew up her legs. Letting her thighs roll open, she lifted her legs up and draped them lewdly over the arms of the chair, totally exposing her shaven pussy to Dani’s lustful gaze. She reached down with one talon-like red fingernail and traced it teasingly between the glistening petals of flesh marking the entrance to her pussy, making Dani’s heart start to beat rapidly in her chest as she looked at the sinfully alluring sight.

Without another word needing to be spoken, Dani dropped to her knees and leaned in close, breathing in the intoxicating scent of her mother’s warm musky fragrance. Dani shivered with excitement as she felt her mouth start to salivate. She moved closer, sliding the tip of her tongue into the bottom of that inviting groove and sliding it slowly upwards, feeling the warm nectar gather on her tongue.

“Oh yeah, baby, that’s it. Just take your time. Go nice and slow,” Sonya said as she wriggled her backside slightly, settling deeper into the chair as her daughter started to service her.

“Now, where was I? Oh yes, your grandfather was dancing with me, telling me how beautiful I was, and how proud he was of the grown up woman I had become. I was overwhelmed with emotion at his kind words. I tilted my head up to his and gave him a kiss to thank him for all he’d done for me that day. The next thing I knew, he was kissing me back, but not like a father normally kisses his daughter. He was kissing me like lovers would kiss, like I’d seen him kiss my mother many times.

“I remembered seeing the look on my mother’s face sometimes when he’d kiss her like that, how she’d be almost glowing. It was no secret that my parents had a good sex life. Geez, it was a small house and I couldn’t help but hear the sounds of lovemaking coming from their room. And it happened more often than I would have expected from people their age. I remember hearing my mother’s moans and groans like it was yesterday. And they’d go on for hours on end, their bed squeaking and thumping as my father fucked her over and over, with little respites of quiet in between. Sometimes I’d hear her scream and squeal out loud when she climaxed, and I was a bit jealous, knowing it was my father who was making her feel that way.

“And now my father was kissing me like he kissed my mother, and I was kissing him back. I remember his warm tongue pressing against mine, and how I felt dizzy with excitement, and how I wanted more. As he kissed me again, his big hand moved down over my dress and cupped my breast, making my heart pound. He became bolder, kissing me harder as he fondled my chest, making me gasp breathlessly. The next thing I knew, he was lifting me onto the dining table, plunking my backside on the edge as he moved between my legs. I remember leaning back, my mind swirling, my chest heaving as I fought for air. I was so excited, I could barely breathe.

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