September’s Catalysts

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Author’s Note: This is my pregnant mom story. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

I reused a scene from my other pregnant woman story: “Emily’s Story.” I thought it was too hot to not use in this one.



Wendy sighed, looking to her big, pregnant belly over in the bathroom mirror. Today was the day. Her son, Wade, would be home from his first year of college. She hadn’t seen him since he left the previous August. She missed him terribly, but she knew he was enjoying himself on the lovely island of Hawaii at college. Wendy wasn’t worried about him.

The thing she was worried about was how her son would react to the large, round, belly that she lovingly circled with both hands. Sighing again, she picked up a brush to run through her long black hair once more, and tried to come up with a plan. Applying a bit more eye shadow to accent her dark brown eyes, adding to the small amount of makeup she had on her light brown, Venezuelan skin, she adjusted her massive breasts before taking one final look in the mirror. She would simply meet him at the airport and he would see the belly. That’s all there’d be to it. She knew he would smile and say “wow,” pointing to her pregnancy, then perhaps give her a gentle hug; his naivety making him think he’d hurt the baby from hugging his mother too tightly.

It was the middle of May and she was around eight months pregnant. On the way to the airport Wendy thought about how she came to this point in her life. In the past eight months she experienced guilt, shame, and anger with herself of how she got pregnant. She cursed herself at not knowing, without a doubt, who the father was. As the months progressed, those negative emotions turned to mild happiness, brought on by ultrasounds revealing a healthy heartbeat beating away inside her womb, taking the edge of her intense guilt. Needless to say the month of September was quite interesting for her.

When it rains, it pours, and in Wendy’s case the rain wasn’t water – it was semen.

Dr. Decker

Wendy was happy. She just got a new job, leaving one she loved, for one that would love even better. Her son just started his freshman year of college. She’s worked her butt off to provide for him and was very proud of the two of them. While packing her things, saying goodbye to a few fellow coworkers as they left for the day, Dr. Decker entered. He was an older man, 56 if Wendy remembered correctly, 20 years older than her.

Dr. Decker was fairly tall, at around 6’2″, and had thinning gray hair. He was always very polite to Wendy over the years. He was a neurosurgeon and Wendy worked at the same hospital as a counselor for families who were experiencing severe head injuries. They worked together quite a few times over the years on various cases. He knew today was her last day and came by to say goodbye.

“Ah I see you’re almost ready to leave for good,” Dr. Decker said, catching Wendy before she left.

“Yep, it’s been a great eight years working here,” Wendy smiled at him, catching his green eyes, 10 inches above hers.

They shared another smiling glance and a nod. “Do you have any plans for the long Labor Day weekend?”

“No, just packing for my trip to Florida next week. Going to visit some family there I hadn’t seen in a long time. I figured I might as well before my new job starts later this month,” Wendy explained.

“I see. That sounds fun,” Dr. Decker paused, glancing to Wendy’s large cleavage. Her massive natural breasts always drew glances, and in some cases, stares. People at the beach, her nephew, clients, her son’s teachers when he was younger, everyone she encountered snuck peeks at her peaks.

Dr. Decker cleared his throat, “Would you like to have dinner with me tonight? To celebrate your new job?” he asked, taking Wendy by surprise.

“Oh, um, well, I suppose that’d be fine. We’re not really coworkers anymore, so yes, I’d like that!” Wendy beamed. It would be the first date she had in years. Another wonderful change this new job would bring about – decreased work hours, possibly enabling her to date more often.

She gave him her address, deciding he would pick her up at seven. She finished her packing and headed out the door after a few more hugs from her former coworkers.


“Would you like more wine, Graham?” Wendy asked, getting up to refresh her own glass.

“Sure. That’d be great,” Dr. Decker answered. The two were enjoying themselves at Wendy’s house after dinner. Their meal ended quicker than expected, and since he didn’t have to be at the hospital the next day, she invited him in.

They spent the last two hours sipping wine and talking. Wendy explained she was one of four sisters. Her oldest sister, 18 months older, also lived in Los Angeles, not far from her. She mentioned she had a younger, fitness model sister, named Michelle who lived in Miami. She talked about her upcoming trip to Florida to visit her and another sister in Tampa Bay.

They talked about work a little. Wendy relayed some stories she had acquired on her job Kartal Escort as a family counselor. Omitting the names, she told the doctor about one case where a daughter had amnesia and didn’t know her father. She thought her father was a slightly older man she was dating.

Dr. Decker laughed, “That’s actually kind of sweet. Did the two of them play along and become romantic with one another?”

Wendy laughed in return, “I don’t think so. The father was a little freaked out by it and had to work with me on steering his daughter away from that path.”

“Well, you know incest is a lot more common that we might think. I was in an incestuous relationship for many, many years,” Dr. Decker said, giving a slight smile, indicating he was joking.

“Really? Is that right?” Wendy asked, seeing through his ruse.

“Oh yes. My mother, it was uh, well it was great!” He managed to say before chuckling at himself.

“I’m sure your mother might have enjoyed that; you’re quite a nice looking man,” She replied gazing into the doctor’s eyes, a split second image of her own nice looking son popped into her head. Wendy wondered if she would enjoy it.

Sitting close to one another on the couch, Dr. Decker brushed away a lock of long hair from the side of Wendy’s face, the image of her son fading, “Thank you. I’m guessing you’re the loveliest of your sisters, yes?”

Wendy blushed. Dr. Decker had given her that look again. The look that said he wanted to kiss her, to hold her, to take her to bed. She knew that deep down, after a very long dry spell; she was going to let him. She was a single mother who worked herself silly to provide her child – who had made it to college – she was going to finally focus on her needs for a little while.

Wendy got up and walked over to the gas fireplace. She squatted down and adjusted it, then struck a match. The lights in her living room were already dim, so the added firelight made for a romantic, orange glowing, atmosphere. Wendy stood in the warmth, warming her hands, not that it was cold outside anyway.

“Beautiful,” Dr. Decker said, placing his hands on Wendy’s shoulder. He had snuck up behind her, slightly startling her.

“Just like you,” He whispered, lightly kissing her shoulder, sliding the thin straps of her blue dress over them. His hands were surprisingly soft. Wendy shivered, her eyes fluttering at his kisses. She turned to face him, looking into his eyes, her own firelight flickering brown ones telling him to take her. She slowly slid her dress over her massive breasts, then down her flat stomach, over her hips and stepped out of it.

Wendy stood nude before him, the orange fire dancing off her Latin skin, a soft smile on her face. Dr. Decker began unbuttoning his shirt.

It didn’t last long, but it was amazing. Wendy straddled him right there on the floor in front of the fire. He sat up, holding her, kissing her, licking along her neck. Grinding herself against him until she tensed up, trembling and moaning as an orgasm overtook her. She couldn’t remember the last time she had one before that night.

It was his turn. He grabbed one of her breasts, sucking it gently, his cock bathed in her vaginal juices. It was a slow and steady love making session. One that Wendy could tell he was savoring every second of it – just as she was; not knowing when she’d have sex after this night. He would kiss on her neck, nibble her earlobe, and run his hands through her long hair, all before he started gently bouncing her up and down. He came while looking into her face, his cock spurting inside her, entering her womb, eliciting another moan as she felt it pulse in her.

They fell asleep on the floor in front of the fire on top of and surrounded by blankets. Dr. Decker took her to breakfast the next morning. She kissed him goodbye, he thanked her for a lovely night and for being so easy to work with at her former job, and then he was off.

Wendy went back home and took a nap, getting up just after lunch to resume packing. She saw that her bathing suit was old and didn’t fit too well anymore. Smiling happily, she decided to go shopping for a new one.


Wendy smiled to herself, looking forward to her upcoming trip to Florida. She hasn’t seen her sisters in quite some time. It was going to be a great trip. She was looking at various bikinis in a surf shop style store at the mall. A younger man caught her eye. He was looking at shoes, occasionally glancing back at her, attempting to be discreet. He made his way to the beach towel section, glancing at her again, and then cleared his throat.

“Hi, you look familiar,” He said with a warm smile.

Wendy couldn’t deny that he did as well. She thought for a moment, “You do too!”

“I want to say your name is Wendy, right?” he asked.

“It is! And you are David, no, Derrick?” She asked in return.

“Darren. You were a counselor and helped me with my mom’s head injury.”

“Ah yes! I’m sorry; there’s been a lot of other patients since then. How are you?” Wendy asked.

“I’m doing Pendik Escort great! Thank you so much for your help. My mom and I are doing much better,” Darren explained.

“Well that’s wonderful!” Wendy exclaimed, unable to stop smiling at the cute younger guy.

“Hey I know this is going to sound weird, but my mom is going out with her friend tonight, and I’m going to be bored out of my mind. Would you be opposed to meeting somewhere for dinner? Nothing fancy, just to sit, eat, and talk?”

Wendy was taken back a bit, but had no qualms about meeting him, “Well, sure. I think that’d be great!”

Wendy smiled to herself watching Darren leave the store after paying for his items. She picked out a light purple bikini a few minutes later. She couldn’t help but smile all the way home. She had two dates that weekend; the one with Dr. Decker the night before, and now one with Darren. She wondered if she’d have sex again, thinking that perhaps her drought was ending. If this was just an anomaly, then she surely welcomed it.


Wendy and Darren arrived back at his house a few hours after meeting for dinner. They were laughing about a funny story Darren told her. They made their way to the couch in the living room, sitting down, the laughter subsiding.

“Thanks again for dinner,” Wendy said. They ate at a chain restaurant. It wasn’t nearly as romantic as the previous evening with Dr. Decker but it was fun and enjoyable nonetheless. They talked and laughed the whole time.

“I’m going to get some water, want any?” Darren asked, getting up from the couch, heading toward the kitchen.

“Sure that’d be great,” Wendy answered.

A few seconds later Wendy heard something. It was a muffled moan coming from down the hallway. A few seconds later she heard it again, this time it was slightly higher in pitch.

Darren entered the living room with a water bottle for each of them. The moan was heard again, causing them to blush.

“Oh uh, yeah, about that. My mom and her friend must be back from their date as well. Sorry.” Darren explained, obviously embarrassed by the sounds coming from down the hall.

There were a few more moans over the course of a few minutes, neither Darren nor Wendy saying much. Luckily the moans of pleasure stopped, much to their relief, and the back bedroom door opened.

Wendy sipped her water as something caught her eye. It was a nude woman entering the living room, walking toward the kitchen.

Darren saw her too and cleared his throat, “Um, Sandee, I uh – “

“Oh dear! I’m so sorry! Me and your mom were just uh; anyway, let me get out of here!” Sandee blushed, running back down the hall, not having any idea Darren had brought Wendy back to the house.

“I’m sorry about that, I should’ve texted them or something,” Darren said, slowly turning to Wendy on the couch.

Wendy just looked at him with widened eyes and a slight smile on her face. When their eyes met, the two erupted in laughter over the situation, “It’s ok! Just wasn’t expecting it!”

Darren nodded, looking downward. Wendy patted his thigh, “It’s fine, really. It’s good that your mom is having fun, you know?”

“Yeah, it is,” he smiled, looking back into her eyes. Wendy leaned in closer, giving him a brief kiss on the lips. She sat back, not taking her gaze off his. Darren reached up, slowly caressing her face, and then leaned into her to return her kiss.


The guest room door slammed open. Wendy and Darren were hungrily making out. He closed the door behind him, meeting Wendy in the middle of the room, grabbing and pulling her shirt over her head, kissing and licking along her large breasts. She pulled his shirt off, unclasped her bra, and then hastily helped him unzip his shorts. Darren squatted down, grabbing Wendy and slamming her on the bed, kissing her again. He stood up, slid his boxers down, and then went to work on pulling Wendy’s jeans and panties off. He climbed on top, kissing her once more, feeling her legs wrap around him. He ended the kiss and looked into her eyes. She was smiling softly, nodding her head.

Two days in a row she had sex with two different men. She was beside herself with a combination of relief, surprise at her luck, and curiosity as to just how much sex she could have if she wanted it. She thought that maybe her dry spell was ending. She was in a happy spot in life – it was time to have fun!

The night with Darren was amazing, possibly better than her previous night with Dr. Decker. Darren was energetic, passionate, hungry, and even entertaining. He would talk to her during and after each cum session. He’d ask her if she preferred her nipples nibbled or sucked. He’d ask if she liked certain positions better than others. It was as if two friends were having sex, with no awkwardness or complications, with an obvious fact that Darren had a lot of experience with a woman.

Wendy came to discover just out much the next morning. She woke in the guest bedroom alone with the smell of bacon emanating from the kitchen. She smiled, Göztepe Escort stretched, got out of bed, found and put on her clothes, and then headed out into the hallway. She was stopped in her tracks when she heard laughter coming from the kitchen, followed by a loud slap of hand on flesh.

Wendy wondered if that was the sound of someone getting playfully spanked. Perhaps it was that Sandee woman and Darren’s mother. She decided to humor her curiosity and quietly sneaked down the hallway. Her eyes widened with shock when she peeped around the corner.

A different woman, with a large pregnant belly, was sitting on Darren at the kitchen table. They were both naked; her dark, thick, mane of hair unable to cover all of her large breasts. She was feeding Darren a piece of bacon. Wendy thought she looked familiar too.

“Glad you had fun last night, sweetie. I felt a little guilty, but Sandee and I haven’t made love in a couple weeks,” She fed him another piece.

“It’s ok mom,” Darren replied. Wendy’s eyes got even wider with shock, realizing who the woman was.

“I’m going to make it up to you tonight, I promise,” She said seductively, feeding him another piece.

“Good,” Darren replied, playfully slapping his mother’s ass again.

Wendy was panicking, she wanted to leave, she wanted to speed home, she had to make a get away before Darren or his mother saw her. But she couldn’t move, she was fixated on watching this woman and her son kiss each other, fondle each other. The way she fed him the bacon was so sensual. Wendy couldn’t look away from the erotic imagery and the closeness between parent and child. As they kissed like lovers, brief flashes of Wade kissing her like that popped into her, and for split second she thought about how amazing it would be before stopping herself from thinking further thoughts. Luckily she was also shaken from her trance by Darren and his mother.

“Ok, let me up. I better get dressed before she wakes up. You too, by the way,” Darren told his mother, kissing her on the lips as she rose off him, and then peppering her belly with a few for good measure.

Wendy took this opportunity and bolted toward the front door. Grabbing her purse on the way out, she tried to close it as quietly as possible. As she sped off in her car, she looked to the front door of their house to see Darren standing there watching. She didn’t know and didn’t care if he knew she saw him and his mother, she just wanted to go home.


“Michelle you look amazing,” Wendy told her younger sister as she sprayed suntan lotion on her skin, rubbing it over her six pack abs, and then on her muscular thighs.

“Thanks, but you beat me in the boob department,” Michelle joked. Wendy chuckled and looked over to Michelle’s friend and new coworker at the modeling agency, Christine.

“You look amazing too, by the way. I didn’t want you to feel left out,” Wendy joked with Christine.

“Thank you, you do to!” Christine said. Wendy wasn’t sure if she was just being polite or not. Wendy did not have the gloriously fit bodies her sister and Christine had; the well toned arms, six pack abs, perfect butts. Wendy sighed looking them over, shrugging; she figured they would have bodies like that, being fitness models and all.

“Wendy, again I’m sorry about this weekend,” Michelle told her sister. “I got this photo reshoot I have to do.”

“It’s ok, I’ll see you Sunday,” Wendy replied. She had been in Miami for three days and the first weekend of her trip, her sister got called into work to redo a photo session.

“We’ll have a great time tonight,” Christine chimed in. All three ladies were laying on their beach towels soaking up some sun. Michelle had asked Christine to take Wendy out; possibly dinner and maybe a club or two. Wendy was all for it. Michelle’s creepy husband, Bill, made her skin crawl. She had no intention of being at home alone with him.

Wendy’s experience the previous weekend back in Los Angeles was dismissed as just a pleasant anomaly. It was slightly tarnished by witnessing Darren and his mother in a provocative, incestuous exchange. Wendy couldn’t help recall what Dr. Decker had told her, joking or not, about incest being more common than most people thought. She supposed he was right. It still gave her a bit of the willies to think about. Although since she’d arrived in Miami, somewhere in the back of her mind, she admitted there was a slight kinky nature to the taboo act, occasionally wondering what her son would think about it. Wendy admonished herself there on the beach for thinking there was something sexy about the incestuous interactions. She pushed those thoughts aside and thought about her night out on the town later that evening.


It wasn’t just Christine that joined them. She had a friend meet up with them too. He was a very tall, large, muscular friend indeed. Wendy learned he did a little bit of modeling for a magazine Christine did a shoot for a few weeks back. It was a magazine marketed toward young African-American males called Elite Magazine. His name was Rodney and Wendy could tell based on how he touched Christine when they danced that they no doubt have slept together a few times. She even saw, through the strobe lights, what appeared to be Christine’s hand sliding up and down a large, dark-colored object.

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