Serendipity Ch. 44

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – 44 – Back to the grindstone, Young Brittany is revealed

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are of the age of consent.

Copyright (c) 2015 by Acup


44 – Back to the grindstone, Young Brittany is revealed

The bad part of going to bed that early is waking up TOO DAMN EARLY! It was just getting light out, but then again…

I was on my back with a beautiful woman under each arm, total opposite ends of the spectrum. White ‘Grandma Francis’ with her DDD’s in one hand, and chocolate Nicole with her AAA’s in the other. It couldn’t get any better.

I realized what had woken me up, Maria was sliding up to sit up and nurse Maya. From the looks of her she had been up for a while sometime last night pumping or nursing Maya. She was full, but not her usual ‘I have to pump’ fullness. The glow that came across her face as she tipped her head back when Maya latched on was priceless.

Maria lifted her other tit, rolling and squeezing, watching me get hard watching her. Finally holding her tit out and working her fingers toward her nipple, forcing a drop to express, just hanging there teasing me.

“You’re not supposed to wake up before us…” I heard from my little chocolate pixie.

I pulled Nicole close, kissing her forehead. “That’s what happens when you girls abuse me and put me to bed early…”

“Humph! Then why am I the one with a boulder up her ass?” Francis asked with a grin and her eyes still closed.

“Because you asked for it,” Sam answered.

“SLUT!” the girls shouted in chorus.

“Hell yes…” Francis said softly, the girls chuckling at her admission with a grin.

“I’m going to start breakfast.” Maria said, sensing Maya was letting up on her nursing.

“Do we have sausage?” Sam asked.

“Don’t know, I only checked on the bacon…” she responded with an exaggerated grin.

“ACH!” Sam wiggled out and headed for the kitchen, followed by a snickering Maria. “Well I gotta go pee…” Brittany exclaimed sliding off the end of the bed.

“And I gotta get this boulder out of my ASS!…”

Brittany put a hand out to help Francis up, “Come on Grandma…” she said pulling her up. Francis opened her mouth to say something, but it was filled with Brittany’s tongue and surrounded by her lips before she could. That was followed by a groan from an ass squeeze and then a squeak probably from a plug thump.

“You little wench!” Francis exclaimed when she finally broke the kiss. “I’m gonna get you…” cupping Brittany’s mound and squeezing.

“Promise!!” as Brittany pulled her to the bathroom.

I pulled Nicole up tight, “Sometimes I think Maya is the best behaved of all of them…”

Nicole’s eyes went wide then grinned, “You are sooo bad,” pulling me in for a kiss.

I held her close, letting my hands roam and cup her ass which only intensified her kiss. “And you are sooo beautiful…” rolling her over on her back.

I looked her in the eye with a little grin then lightly kissed her. I pulled back to see Nicole smiling as I moved toward her jaw, then that oh so soft spot just below her ear.

“Mmmmmm… you’re ornery…”

“Who me?” kissing that little dimple at the top of her shoulder. “Never…” kissing down toward that delicious nipple. “I’d never take advantage of a naked woman in my bed,” taking her nipple between my lips while groping the other.

I laid on top of her, my belly hair on her bare mound and enjoyed that firm nipple for a bit, and then a bit longer with her hand on the back of my head. “If I was that kind of guy,” kissing across her cleavage, “I’d be grabbing your ankles,” lick her nipple, “spreading you wide,” suck her nipple in and nip at the tip, “And fucking you ’til you scream.”

I opened my mouth and sucked as much of her tit in as I could while taking the other between my fingers and pulling firmly on her nipple.

Nicole’s legs started to come up around me and then sprawled spasming while she clamped my head to her tit. “FUUuuuuuUUUUuuuccccckkkkkKKKKK!!”

I heard above me as my cock was getting sprayed between her legs.

I squeezed and pulled and groped and flattened her tit, over and over and over while I enjoyed nibbling and sucking on the other. DAMN she tasted good!

I released her nipple, feeling Nicole melt under me as I took some of my weight on my elbows. “I’m not that kind of guy,” I kissed her belly.


I scooted down a bit and kissed her just above her mound, “I’m the kind of guy,” I licked lightly at the top of her lips, “that when he’s thirsty,” I dipped my tongue in right beside her clit.


“Gets his own drink.” I planted my face in her dribbling pussy, cevizli escort spreading her with my thumbs, sucking and licking, flicking my tongue around and around her clit before diving back into that spasming pussy.


And just because I WAS ornery… I slipped my pinkie into her ass. “NOW THIS IS THE BEST BREAKFAST!”

Nicole was spasming and squirting, flooding me with her nectar as she was screaming in tongues. Watching her body quiver and those delicious little tits shake just above her shaved mound, pulling me into her squirting pussy as she tried to hang on.

I kept going as long as my arm would hold out, but had to stop and let Nicole ‘deflate’.

“I’m going to need another shower…” I heard from above me.

I kissed my way up her belly and rubbed some of her juice from my face to her nipples, “Not from my point of view.” and began nibbling on her nipples.

Nicole screeched, rolled over on top of me, then scooted off the bed covering her chest with one arm and shaking a finger with the other. “Bad Master… Baaaad Master…”

I was going to chase after her but my nose told my stomach there was BACON!

I came out to the kitchen and my girls thought something was funny…

Brittany came up to me, grinned, and licked my lips before kissing me, “Were you a bad Master again?”

I reached around and got a good hold on her ass, my finger against her rosebud making her squeak, “Who me?” feeling a little shudder run through her body.

Brittany hissed and wiggled her ass against my finger… “SLUT!” the girls called out.

Maria sat my plate in front of me, but the girls were a bit subdued. “So what’s on the agenda today?” I asked as Nicole came out drying her hair and stealing a strip of bacon from my plate.

“I have two meetings this morning then it’s up to you guys…” Nicole said.

The girls were looking back and forth like they didn’t want to be the first to say something, Maria looking the most distressed.

I came up behind her, feeling her suck her breath in as I put my arms around her belly and nestled my firm cock in between her cheeks. I kissed her neck and slid one hand up to just under her tits and the other down to just above her mound. “You’ll never get in trouble for saying what you think.”

I could feel her let her breath out, “I… I want to go home…”

I looked between the other girls, all with a hopeful look, then to Nicole. She smiled and nodded just barely. “Sam?” looking at her.

“The flight plan is filed…” she said quickly.

I looked to Nicole who just smiled. “Well I guess that’s settled then, sometime around noon Nicole?”

“That works, the only thing you have to do then is return the RV.” Lifting her tube dress and sliding it down over those hard nipples.

“Ummm, Master?” Sam said slowly.


“There is one other thing we need to do you this morning…”

I did my best not to grin, “We?”

She flushed, “well I… I mean you… MASTERRRRR!” she seemed a bit… frustrated for some reason.

I smiled and chuckled, “Oh, you neeed something do you?”

“MASTERRRRRR…” Looking like she wanted to stomp her feet.

“I think we should try your new metal set…” that’s as far as I got before she squealed and ran to the bedroom.

“SLUT!” the girls called out, followed by a raspberry from the bedroom.

Francis leaned over, “Fuck her good and pop it in when she cums…” I looked at her with raised eyebrow. “Hey, payback is a horny bitch,” she said with a grin. Brittany and Maria just chuckled.

Sam came scurrying back in with her plugs in hand like a kid at Christmas holding them out to me.

I hefted the little one, significantly more weight than the latex ones, “Hmmmm, this is going to move with every little movement, not to mention every pot hole or bit of turbulence… do we have enough towels for all that?”

Sam began to open her mouth to say something, but for some reason just moaned and stepped toward me. It couldn’t be because I was pulling her to me by her nipple jewelry could it?… Naaaaa.

When I released her jewelry and ran my hand to her mound she spread her legs slightly as I dipped my finger between her wet lips and nudged her clit. “Bend over the back of the couch,” nudging her clit with every syllable.

Sam gasped and hopped over to the couch, bending over and putting that gorgeous butt high in the air and reached back to spread her cheeks in anticipation.

Francis got up, putting her finger to her lips for me to be quiet as she walked up behind Sam. Sam squeaked when Francis grabbed her wrists and brought them together behind her back. “So I’m a butt slut am I?”

Sam began to say something, but Francis put her hand on the back of Sam’s neck and pushed her into the cushions. “Look at this slut Master.” running her finger up between Sam’s pussy lips. “She’s just dripping in anticipation to get her ass filled.

There erenköy escort was a noise from the cushions.

“And with all this juice,” taking a deep swipe through her lips, “I could lube her ass and let you split her cheeks right now.” Francis wiped her finger around Sam’s rosebud and then began pushing a little.

There was quite a squeak from the cushions.

“Here Master, she’s all ready for you.” Reaching down and spreading Sam’s pussy while still teasing her rosebud. “Dip that hard cock in here once or twice and then we’ll take care of her ass.” Sam didn’t even move her hands from her back after Francis had released her.

I grinned and shook my head.

Francis winked, “Oh YESSSS Master… I can see his hard cock bouncing with his heartbeat,” I was still sitting on the stool. “Oh look at the way he’s looking at your ass, stuck up in the air for him, wanting to feel him stuff your back side.” I was just now starting to get up.

“Oh look at that hard cock, starting to ooze. Is Master going to enjoy your pussy,” Giving it a little spread, “Or is he going to take your ass, splitting that tight ass with that big hard cock,” nudging her rosebud while she was saying this.

Sam had finally moved her hands… to get a death grip on the couch cushions.

I stepped up and slid balls deep into her in one long wet stroke. “FUUUuuuuUUUUuuuuuuuccckkkkk…” Sam said as her head came up and then went right back down into the cushion.

Francis slipped the hand that was holding Sam’s pussy open up to her other cheek, letting the first come away from her rosebud.

I began moving slowly in and out of Sam.

“Aw Master, I was kinda hoping you were going to split her ass open,” tugging at her cheeks to spread her with each word. “Sam would squeal so nicely if you stuffed that hard cock into such a naughty butt slut.”

Brittany brought the tube of lube over, but handed it to Francis instead of me. I put my hands on Sam’s ass as Francis pulled hers away.

“Oh yes Master, fuck that butt slut…” Francis said with a grin opening the lube. She held the lube above Sam’s ass and began to dribble the cool lube directly on her rosebud.

Sam clamped on my cock and her head came up with a scream.

Francis put her hand on the back of Sam’s head and pushed her back down into the cushion. “Quiet slut, I’m preparing you for Master…” even with the hand on the back of her head there was some noise escaping from Sam.

Francis began working that lube around Sam’s rosebud, taking little dips into her that just happened to coincide with my driving into her. Francis handed me the plug with a grin and stepped around the couch in front of Sam.

Whispering in Sam’s ear, “Master has the plug… he’s looking at your lubed up ass…oh it’s getting close…closer…closer.”

I touched the plug to Sam’s ass and she started screaming, I held it there and drove it home on my next thrust, unable to hold out any further falling over on top of Sam pinning her to the back of the couch. Sam was spasming under me as I was filling her pussy and holding her plug in her ass. Feeling her squirt between my legs, some of it soaking my balls…

When I could hear more than my own breathing, I managed to get up and pull my deflating cock from Sam’s pussy. Just as she was about to start dribbling on the carpet a towel landed between her legs and the giggling behind me started.

Nicole came up beside me a little glassy eyed, gave me a quick kiss, wiped her wet fingers across my lips, and turned to the door. “I gotta leave while I still can…” she said softly.

Francis was turning me back to the couch and kneeling. I watched her grin as she took my now WELL deflated cock in, holding her lips wide until the last moment then closing her mouth around me and sucking me as far in as she could.

Brittany was kneeled beside her with a damp cloth cleaning Sam, well as much as she needed to while licking up as much as she could.

Sam was enjoying the cleaning process from the sounds of her moans, but the screech and a grinning Brittany told me she accidentally bumped the plug in Sam’s ass.

Brittany scrambled off to the bedroom before Sam could come after her.

I pushed up on Sam’s legs and flopped her around to lay her on the couch with a squeak and a groan.

I walked around and stood beside her. Sam reached up and wrapped her fingers around my limp cock. “Awwwww, what happened to my play toy?”

“You sucked it dry…”

Sam leaned up and licked the tip of my cock, “might have to give it some incentive later…” and slowly drew me in and then came off with a pop and a giggle.

I just slapped my forehead and groaned, to the accompaniment of more groans from the girls.

The girls took their time packing up… and teasing me with butt wiggles and titty rubs. But Brittany wasn’t happy…

“SON OF A BIIIIIIIITCH!!” we heard from the bathroom, followed by Brittany in her esenyurt escort red thong. It took me a second to realize what the red thong meant even though it was one of my original rules exceptions.

With about an hour before Nicole would be meeting us at the airport, we headed down to the RV rental shop.

The original plan was to drop off the RV off and then kill some time at the airport, but when we got there we saw they were also a dealership, so we decided to look around.

In some ways this reminded me of Nicole and Jean furniture shopping, but with two more lovely ladies. While Maria and I walked around, Francis, Sam, and Brittany were flitting every which way with the salesmen trying to decide who to follow.

Now Brittany being Brittany, if it had a ladder she was climbing it, much to the delight of the salesman following her around even though the only thing they were actually seeing was that bright red thong splitting her tanned cheeks. Sam and Maria, with Maya, were a bit more stately, but were also enjoying looking into all the lower storage compartments, Francis just giggled and jiggled her monsters. We actually found a nice bus conversion off to one side, but it was a repo that hadn’t been released for sale yet.

With a whistle from Sam, the girls all came scurrying and we were taken back to the airport, pulling up just as Nicole was pulling in. Of course we also had a bit of an audience there as well. Seems Sam had gained a bit of a reputation as a skimpily dressed pilot. There was a whisper between girls before they turned their backs to the ground crew and flipped the backs of their skirts up, followed by wolf whistles from the crew and butt wiggles from the girls.

Sam did leave her top on when she went to the cockpit though, seems one of the ground crew was over six foot tall, and had discovered that if he stood up on the tug when pushing the plane back he could get a nice view if she sat up straight… not that that really stopped her on a few occasions. As soon as she began to taxi out her top came flying back through the cockpit door.

The nice part was Maria didn’t try to rip the upholstery apart this time.

Brittany curled up beside me, and as soon as the seat belt sign was off she flipped the arm rest up and went for my zipper, not even taking the time to lower my pants.

I placed my hand on the back of her head sliding my fingers through her hair as she took me in. even after having put a small load in Sam a few hours ago I was doing a decent job of getting at least firm. “Are you sure about this Brittany?” sliding my other hand down and flicking the strap of her thong slightly.

Brittany moaned slightly, then slid her free hand back onto mine and pushed my hand under her thong to cup her ass. I cupped her ass and gave it a little squeeze. There was a sigh around my cock, then she pushed my hand further under her thong until my middle finger was in the crack of her ass.

Brittany pulled her hand out and squeezed her cheeks to squeeze my finger then rotated her ass to let my finger dip down a bit.

“Oh I see…” I said, then slid my finger down to her rosebud. There was a squeak when I touched it, then a low moan and leaning down to take as much of me in as she could, feeling her press my cock against the back of her mouth.

“Mmmmmm, all those hormones built up and nothing to do with it. Thinking about Francis yesterday, bending over in the store to get her first plug. Practically cumming as I put it in… listening to her scream when I fucked her silly last night. And Sam… oh yea…” nudging her rosebud every so often through all of this. “Sam bent over getting well fucked while she gets her ass played with and then plugged. Cumming hard enough to squirt when I drove that plug in.”

Brittany was pushing back against my finger pushing against it almost enough to let my finger in but not quite. “You’re thinking about what it will feel like when you decide to take my hard cock in your ass aren’t you?” there was a little whimper around my cock as she squeezed her cheeks together on my next push in.

“Emmmm, I bet this is a little unfair isn’t it? Trying to stuff my cock down your throat when you’d rather have it in your pussy. That little tampon in your pussy almost a tease, and my finger playing with your rosebud. You’re close to cumming… So close… and in just a bit you’re going to cum when I tell you to aren’t you?”

There was an interesting sound from her as she pushed down on my cock, taking as much as she could without tripping her gag reflex. “I’m going to count to three, one…” I pushed down on her head a little and nudged her rosebud. “Two…” I pushed a little more and she came real close to tripping her gag reflex. “And three…”

Brittany jammed herself down on me, disregarding her gag reflex and began spasming. As soon as she started I rolled my finger a bit and pushed it one knuckle into her ass essentially pinning her between my cock and finger.

Brittany tensed a little as I slid my finger in, then pushed back against my finger. She relieved the pressure in her throat, but forced my finger to the second knuckle. “FUCK MEEEEEEEEE…” she said as her head came up. She was spasming and cumming like she never had before. If it hadn’t been for her tampon and her thong she would have been spraying the windows the way she was spasming.

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