Sex Education Class Goes Rogue Pt. 02

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All characters and events in this story are purely fictional. All characters in this story are at least 18 years old.

Jack and Betty walked back to class together. He was still a little shaken when Betty said to him:

“It will be okay Jack. I won’t tell anybody. Besides I’ll tell you a secret. I love peeing outdoors and sometimes fantasize about somebody watching me and getting off.”

“Really!” Jack couldn’t believe his ears.

“Yeah, and I have to go. Do you want to walk back with me outside? You can watch. We’ve got plenty of time. Just follow me.”

Betty took his hand and led him to the next exit door. The school was on a fairly small campus next to a park with a nature trail. They walked the trail for about 100 yards until they saw a small clearing to the right. They hiked over to it. Betty said:

“Are you ready to do this?”

“You bet.”

“Well then, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” she chuckled.

Betty pulled down her panties, hiked up her skirt, and squatted down. Then she let out a strong steady stream of urine and let out a sigh of relief. Her bladder was bursting.

Jack’s jeans were now bursting. The site of her peeing had given him a huge erection. He fumbled to unbutton his jeans and unzip them. He frantically pulled them and his boxers down. His cock flapped out and he started jacking off.

“OMG, this is so exciting! I can’t believe we are doing this.”

“Absolutely amazing! We both have the same twisted fantasy and it’s come true.”

They were in heaven watching each other and very aroused, when Jack said:

“Now I know that this is going to sound really sick, but in my dreams I also drink the pee. Do you mind if I do that? I’ve never done it before and really want to try it.”

With that Jack cupped his hand under Betty. She filled it up with her pee and he took a sip.

“Boy, you are sick” said Betty with a laugh. “I’d ask you if you want more, but I think that I’m done. Meanwhile when are you going to finish?”

“In about 2 seconds. Oh yeah, I’m cumming!” Jack exploded a huge long rope, and then another and another.

They caught their breath, got dressed, and walked back to class. They also planned to do it again.

They met right after school and decided to get together that night at 11 pm. Jack was waiting for her when she walked out of the house. It was a beautiful warm night with a full moon. It was practically daylight.

“So where do you want to do this? We can’t go back to school because it’s too far. Where do you normally pee?”

“I actually normally do it behind the big bush in the back of our yard. It’s pretty bright out tonight, however, and I’m not sure if the bush is big enough to hide both of us.”

“Hmmm. Yeah that probably wouldn’t work either. How about the city park? We could use the gazebo. Nobody will be around and it should be dark in there.”

“Sure, why not. Let’s check it out. We can always try someplace else, but I can’t wait too long. I need to go soon.”

The park was only 3 blocks away and it was deserted. They went up the steps into the gazebo and found that it really was dark.

“I’ve been waiting all day for this. Let’s go for it.”

This time Betty didn’t just pull down her panties and squat. She took everything off.


“Well I said go for it. Now strip and start wanking.”

She started peeing and he was jerking off. It was better than before because they had been anticipating it all day and were aroused before they even got to the park. Plus this time they were both naked and moaning with delight.

“Do you want to drink my pee again? I brought a plastic cup.” She stopped briefly to get it and filled it up quickly.

“Cheers!” Jack drained it in three large swallows.

Betty was amazed. That morning he had just taken a taste. This was a big drink.

“Still thirsty? I’ve got more?”

“Yeah, I love your urine. I don’t know what you had for dinner tonight, but it tastes great.”

“Okay Jack. If you really want more I’ll give you more. Lie down on your back and open your mouth.”

Jack knew what was coming then and started jerking off faster. Betty squatted over his mouth and let loose. He tried swallowing as fast as he could, but there was just too much for him. Betty stopped to let him catch up and then gave him another strong stream of piss. Jack had just gone from watching her piss to practically drowning in it. She was still peeing on him when he reached his climax. He was a mess covered with pee and jizz, but happier than he had ever been.

Betty’s fantasy had just gone over the top. She was shaken with a seismic orgasm and squirted her pussy juice onto his chest.

They started laughing at the mess that they had made and gradually got their breath back. They needed to find a way to get Jack cleaned up. They didn’t have any towels or anything they could use, so they decided to risk a walk to the restroom across the park. They used the women’s room and Betty got him washed up. Of course they were both still eryaman bayan escort naked and had to get back to the gazebo. That turned out to be a problem when they ran into a woman walking her dog.

“What are you two doing? You’re naked!”

“Sorry, sorry. We didn’t mean to offend you, but we were at a party and were dared to walk through the park nude. We thought that the park would be empty, and we’d win the dare.”

“Well I certainly don’t approve of what you did, but it was a harmless stunt. Have fun.” The woman smiled and continued walking her dog.

Jack and Betty hustled back to the gazebo and got dressed. Fortunately their clothes weren’t stained, and they walked back looking presentable.

When they got home, Jack took Betty into his arms and gave her a long passionate kiss.

“Thank you for turning one of the worse days of my life into the best.”

They kissed again, and Betty said:

“Thank you. It was great for me, too. See you tomorrow.”

Chris caught up to Greta in the hall that afternoon.

Chris: “Hi, do you want to talk about where we can have sex in public again?”

“Yeah, but not as much as I want to do it.”

“Well, I think that we both want to be seen, so doing it in a secluded spot in the dark doesn’t work even if it is in public, but we want our audience to enjoy it and not call the cops.”

“That sounds like we need to either find a frat party or go on stage at a strip club.”

“There have to be better choices than those. I do know of one, but it’s not as exciting. We could demonstrate sexual intercourse in our sex education class.”

“Yeah, I guess that might work, but I’m not sure if Nurse Cathy is quite that open minded. She’s young, so she might, but I haven’t seen any skin in there yet. Plus like you said it’s not that big a turn on.”

“What about the boys’ locker room? You could sneak in right after wrestling practice. Actually you wouldn’t need to sneak it. You could just walk in and say ‘Hi. Guys.’ All the guys would be showering and getting dressed, but I know none of them would mind you seeing them naked. You strip, put your clothes in my locker, and we could fuck on the massage table in the trainer’s office. That might be pretty hot. We might even get some applause.”

“So is there practice today?”

“Yeah, it starts in 30 minutes.”

“Yee. Haw!”

Two hours later Greta sauntered into the boys locker room. She was hot as hell and couldn’t wait to have sex. Nobody said anything. She got some looks, but just waved back. She found Chris by his locker.

“Why don’t you take your clothes off here, and we can take a shower together.”

They walked into the shower room. There were still three guys in there. They found a free shower head and turned on the water. Chris adjusted the temperature and they both got under it. The guys hadn’t noticed them coming in, but one just happened to look over.

“Holy Shit!” he yelled.

The other two then looked over and saw why. Chris and Greta were soaping each other up and they weren’t just washing each other. There was a lot of groping and grabbing. His dick had a major hard on, and she was stroking it. Then he pressed her against the wall and jammed his huge cock into her and started pumping her. She was moaning and screaming with pleasure.

“Give it to me! Give it to me! Oh, that feels so good. Aaaaah!”

The other boys could hardly believe it..

Inevitably they both came with a loud “I’m cumming!”

They were quiet for a bit as they recovered and then rinsed off and walked back to his locker.

As they were drying off, Greta asked him:

“Do you still want to fuck in the trainer’s office?”

“Nah, I think we’re good. We’ve already done it twice today and that was pretty amazing. We got to do it in public again like we wanted and those guys got a great show. Did you see the looks on their faces?”

“Yeah, but I’m still horny. Besides we’re here and naked. Do you think that you can get the big boy up again?”

“Well, you’ll probably have to help, but I think so.”

They walked over to the trainer’s office and got up on the massage table. They held each other and kissed hungrily. Chris was fondling Greta’s boobs, and she reached down and grabbed his dick.

“You were right. I’m going to have to get to work.”

With that she changed positions on the table so her head was even with his cock, and her pussy was in his face. Then they both went to work. She eagerly sucked his dick and he had his tongue into her soaking slit. Chris was fully erect and Greta loved having his massive cock in her mouth.

“Now, fuck me.”

Chris turned around, got on top of her, and rammed his member home. Greta let out a scream of delight. He was so big that she was stretched to the limit and in some pain, but what a feeling! They were slightly less frenetic this time, but not much. Chris lasted as long as he could. Greta was on orgasm number two, when he finally came. They both collapsed and took some deep breaths. When they escort etimesgut looked up, they saw that the same three boys from the showers were watching through the window. They smiled and waved. The boys applauded.

“Yeah, I think that we are legends in their minds now!”

Linda caught up to him in the halls after lunch.

“I wanted to let you know that I talked to Erin. She said that Francie and Patty would be home this weekend, so we’re going to have a pajama party tomorrow night. It should be great fun, and you and Petey are invited.”

At dinner that night Mrs. Wellman said:

“Fred, I talked to Dr. Mauri this afternoon. We talked about your condition and I made an appointment for you with Dr. Hudson tomorrow.”

“What condition is that Mom?” asked Erin with a bit of false curiosity.

“Well according to Dr. Mauri, Fred has an extremely small penis.”

“Mom! You didn’t have to tell Erin that.” Fred was blushing.

“Fred, it’s okay. I already knew. Linda told me. Besides it’s not that big a deal. You know what they say ‘Size doesn’t matter'”. Erin smirked.

“It’s still embarrassing to be discussing my dick over dinner.”

“Okay, enough of that talk. Now finish eating.”

The next morning they were in Dr. Hudson’s office. The nurse came in the waiting room and called:

“Fred Wellman?”

Both he and his mom got up.

“You can wait here Mrs. Wellman. If the doctor needs to discuss anything with you, he’ll do that after the exam. Fred, why don’t you follow me?”

They walked down the hall and into the second room on the right.

“Let me take your vitals, and then I want you to completely undress and put on this gown. It’s open at the back, so you’ll feel exposed, but I can help you tie it in the back”

Ten minutes later there was a knock on the door, and Dr. Hudson and the nurse entered the room.

“Hi. Fred. Good to see you again. What seems to be the problem?”

“Well I had a physical at school yesterday by a Dr. Mauri. She’s from Italy doing some research about teenage boys.”

“Yes, I heard that she was in the area.”

“Anyway she said that I had the smallest penis in the school and the smallest that she had seen in a long time. She also noticed that I have very little body hair and though that I might not have completely gone through puberty.”

“Okay, let’s take a look. Why don’t you hop up on the exam table?”

The doctor lifted up the gown and examined his penis.

“Well Fred it is on the small size. Do you an idea of how large it is when you have an erection?”

“Dr. Mauri measured it as 4 inches.”

“That’s certainly below average, but I wouldn’t classify it as exceptionally small. Now let’s see about this body hair issue. You’ll have to get off the table and remove the gown.”

Fred’s naked again and being examined by a doctor, but this time he felt much more comfortable even though there was a female nurse in the room. They seemed to respect his modesty unlike Dr. Mauri.

“Yes, you have very little pubic hair and virtually none on your chest or under you arms. That’s a little unusual, but no cause for alarm. I think what we should do it take a blood sample and have your hormone levels checked. They are probably fine, but it’s best to be sure. We’ll also need to get a semen sample from you to check for sperm levels. The nurse will help you with that. Meanwhile you can put your gown back on and I’ll go talk to your Mother and reassure her that you’re fine, but we’ll know more in a couple of days went the test results come back.”

He left and Fred put his gown on. It wasn’t much coverage, but better than nothing. He sat on the exam table while she drew some blood. Then she gave him a beaker.

“You need to ejaculate into this. I’ll still be in the room, but you can sit behind the screen. I’m afraid that we don’t have anything for you to look at to get you ‘in the mood’.”

“That’s okay. I’ll be fine.”

Fred sat on a small stool behind the screen and started thinking about Linda and what she did yesterday. He was hard in seconds and shooting into the beaker 2 minutes later.

“Here you go. I hope that’s enough.”

“Yes, it looks fine. You can get dressed now and go back to the lobby.”

At dinner that night, Erin burst out:

“So how did the dick exam work out? Could he find it?”

“Erin I warned you about talking like that. Now say you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry.”

Francie and Patty were confused.

Francie: “What are you talking about? What’s going on?”

“Fred went to see Dr. Hudson today. Dr. Mauri examined him yesterday at school and suggested it. It wasn’t exactly a routine exam, but I spoke to Dr. Hudson afterwards and he assured me that Fred was fine. They’ll know more when the test results come back.”

Francie and Patty exchanged looks with Erin. Now they knew what this was all about.

Patty: “You didn’t go with him into the exam room. Did you?”

“No, of course not. Fred’s 18 years old and doesn’t need his mother elvankent escort when the doctor is examining him.”

Erin: “I know that I probably shouldn’t ask this because I might get into trouble again, but did you have to take all your clothes off again.”

“Yes, actually I did, but not for long. Most of the time I had one of those paper gowns that closes in the back. It doesn’t cover much, but it’s better that nothing. Plus Dr. Hudson and the nurse seemed to respect my modesty. Dr. Mauri didn’t care if the whole school saw me naked.”

Fred was upstairs in his room when he heard the doorbell ring. Next he heard the four girls giggling and talking a mile a minute. They obviously were really happy to be getting back together again. Next he heard them bounding up the stairs and going into Erin’s. Since the others had left for school, she got the biggest room.

The laughing and carrying on was still going strong at 11 pm, when Fred decided to join them. He wasn’t going to get any sleep anyway.

He knocked on the door and stuck his head in.

“Am I invited, too?”

Francie being the oldest and the leader answered

“Of course you are. We all played together as kids, so why not? We’ll let you be one of the girls again.”

Fred walked in. He was wearing his boxers. That’s what he normally slept in. His sisters and Linda all had on nightgowns, and none of them appeared to be wearing underwear. Fred sat on the bed.

Patty: “So Fred, we heard that you had quite an exam yesterday at school.”

“Yeah, it was pretty intense, but it’s over now, and I’m fine.”

Erin: “You must have been embarrassed as hell being naked in front of a female doctor.”

“Yes, I was. It was awful.”

Linda: “You were beet red when you saw me.”

“I knew that somebody from our sex ed class was going to be there to observe, but was shocked to see you. For some reason having a friend see me like that seemed to make the whole thing harder.”

Francie: “That’s funny. I thought that you were hard already.”

They all laughed.

“It’s not easy being the only man in the room, especially when you’re naked and they aren’t. Your heart starts racing and for some reason you get an erection. I think it happened to all the guys”

Francie continued: “You’re probably right. That’s why we decided that you wouldn’t be the only naked one in the room this time.”

With that the four girls all took off their nighties. Then they pinned him to the bed and Francie whisked off his boxers.

Linda squealed in delight: “Just like old times and our old friend Petey is here, too. Why don’t we all say hello to him.”


“You know his pee-pee.”

“Oh yeah, I get it. Duh.”

They all moved in close to Fred and said hello to Petey and started playing with him. Fred’s cock was hard as a rock.

Patty: “Well our little buddy didn’t grow up very much. I guess that’s why you saw Dr. Hudson.”

“Yeah, but give me a break, my dick isn’t that small. I’ve seen big athletes with less.”

Erin: “That may be true, but it’s still pretty short.”

Francie: “Come girls, we shouldn’t be making fun of Fred. We’re here to have fun. Besides it was even smaller when we played with him years ago. We can still enjoy it. Now why don’t we move downstairs? Mom and Dad were probably asleep an hour ago and we’ll have more room. Everybody grab a towel to sit on.”

Patty: “I’ve got an idea. We can all play with Petey and take bets on how long we think it will take before he cums? It will be like a pool. First let’s agree on the longest possible time that he could last. What do you think? An hour? 30 minutes? 10 minutes?”

That got a laugh.

Erin: “I think the most would be 30 minutes.”

“Me, too.”

Patty: “Me, too. So now we divide that into 4 time slots. Everybody gets one and during their time, they play with Fred. If he cums, that person wins. If by some miracle, Fred lasts the 30 minutes, then he is the winner.”

Francie: “We can go in chronological order. I’ll go first, then Patty, Erin, and finally Linda. The only rules are no oral stimulation or actual stroking his dick; basically you can just play with his cock and balls and taunt him a bit like we did as kids. Okay?”

She moved over to sit next to Fred:

“I’m really going to enjoy this. Okay timer ready? Start.”

She did enjoy it, but Fred made it through, so it was Patty’s turn. She had a big grin on her face. This was really fun and Fred was struggling.

Unfortunately for Patty, he didn’t ejaculate for her either. Erin moved next to him. She was positive that she would win now, but she didn’t either. Now it was down to Linda. She started manipulating him, but unlike the others she was more gentle and talked to Petey instead of taunting Fred.

“I’m sorry that these other girls are giving you such a hard time, but you’re my friend, so I’ll be nice to you. Plus if you have to spurt out your goo, that’s okay. You must be under a lot of pressure and I know it’s difficult for you to hold it back. You can get it all over me and I won’t mind. I just want both of us to be happy. Okay? Now relax and let it go.”

That did it and Linda was covered with spunk.

Francie: “We have a winner! Well played, and nice try Fred. You almost made it.”

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