Sex Education

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I was nineteen and my body was trembling almost unperceptively with anticipation for what was about to happen in this very odd situation.

I watched my mother, Donna, slip the silk robe from her shoulders before laying it on a chair next to the bed. I caught my breath as our eyes held each other’s for a moment. Then she slowly smiled as she looked at me; she was completely uninhibited as I looked at her nude body. It was the first time I had seen her completely nude and she looked sensuous in the soft light of the bedroom. Her breasts hung erotically on her chest and the dark patch of her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and inviting. I was surprised at how comfortable she seemed to be as she stood there getting herself ready for sex.

She gracefully turned back the covers of the bed and glanced at me again with a relaxed soft smile. Nothing was said, it wasn’t necessary. I watched her move femininely around the king size bed. Her long brunette hair shimmered as it cascaded down over her shoulders and down the pale skin of her naked back. For a woman in her late forties she was very, very sexy and I realized that she was deeply aroused about what was to happen.

Suddenly my father came into the room and it surprised me. He was wearing a pair of white boxer shorts and nothing else. He ignored me as he crossed the bedroom toward mother. His gaze was held upon her–admiring her lovely, sensuous, naked body as she stood before him. The distinct bulge in the front of the shorts made it obvious he was aroused. He turned toward me and asked one more time if I was okay with everything and I nodded yes. My mouth was so dry I wasn’t sure if I could have answered anyway. He nodded at me and smiled before he took a few steps toward mother and took her in his arms and I watched as they embraced. Holding each other sensuously; they looked into each other’s eyes for a long moment before they began to kiss passionately. I could see their tongues dancing against each other’s as their passion began to build. Their kisses and touching became more urgent as they both were getting very aroused and they began pressing and rubbing their bodies against each other. I watched as mother slipped her thumbs into the elastic of father’s shorts and slipped them down allowing his hard cock to spring up against her abdomen. I had never really seen his cock before and now it stood out hard from his naked body. The head of his cock was a deep crimson color and his scrotum hung down below it. Mother’s hand slipped down father’s body and after wrapping her feminine fingers around the shaft she began to caress and fondle it.

Let me back-up a little and tell you why I was sitting in my parent’s bedroom watching them have sex.

It began on a late Saturday night and my parents were in the den watching television and I was in my bedroom sitting at my computer looking at some very hardcore porn. I was completely nude and I was visiting some of my favorite sites, and naturally, I was very hard and I was edging as I masturbated. I was looking at one of my favorite mature sites and one particular middle-age brunette woman with her legs spread wide apart caught my attention and I started fantasizing about fucking her. I was almost past the point of no return and only one good hard stroke of my hand away from cuming. I was surprised when my father came into my room. He just stood in the doorway of my room and his gaze was at my cock. I was completely embarrassed and slightly confused and I stopped jacking-off and tried to cover my cock with a sweat shirt that was on the bed next to me. They’d caught me jacking-off before and never said anything about it so, yeah, they know I masturbate; what healthy young man doesn’t? Besides, I’ve heard them having sex and I’ve even heard both of them masturbate at different times in the past. It’s natural but—you know, we just never talked about it before.

Anyway, my father was wearing his robe and was completely cool about it and apologized for not knocking on the door first. He could easily see my embarrassment and as he came in my room he tried to make me feel like it was no big deal. “Don’t sweat it, I masturbate sometimes too,” he said to me. “Your mother and I both do it together sometimes. Almost everyone does and it’s a healthy thing to do…you shouldn’t be embarrassed. I just apologize for not knocking before coming into your room.”

I think I was more surprised at how casual he was talking about masturbation and admitting that he and mother masturbated together.

He sat on my desk chair facing me. “I want to talk to you about something,” he said as I pulled on my gym shorts and a tee-shirt before sitting on the edge of my bed. “Your mother and I have tried to be open with you about sex whenever the subject came up but, well, we’ve been thinking that maybe we didn’t do enough. With the Internet and sex education classes at school we know that you undoubtedly know a lot about sex, certainly more than we did czech first video porno when we were your age but there’s one important part of sex that we would like to teach you about.” He shifted in his seat as he continued. “You’re a young man now and if you’d be ok with it,” he paused looking at me before he continued. “And it’s your decision of course. “Well, your mother and I think it would be a good idea if you came in our bedroom and watched us while we have sex.”

I know he saw the look of surprise on my face as he continued. “In some ways it’s the best way to see and understand what sex is all about!”

Okay, I was totally shocked! I didn’t know what to say. I sat in the chair trying to keep my cool and looking as normal as I could…like I was thinking about what he’d said. We were both quiet. I didn’t know how to answer, so many things were whirling around in my mind…especially having the chance to actually see my mother getting fucked! I looked at him and nodded as I said, “Yeah, okay…that would be okay.”

“You wouldn’t be embarrassed?” He asked.

“I don’t think so…maybe,” I heard myself say as I shrugged my shoulders.

“Good, because there’s no reason to be embarrassed or nervous about it,” he said. “It’s a perfectly normal, and a good thing that happens between two people who love and need each other. Your mother and I have talked about it quite a lot and we think it’s the best way to teach you about sex, and more specifically, about sexual intercourse. We both agree that it’s very important for us to be completely honest about what’s happening as we have sex.” He shifted a little and paused before he said, “Something else…um, we realize that it’s perfectly normal for you to expect you to get aroused and have a hard-on as you watched us. You shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. Have you ever seen couples having sex before?” He asked.

“No,” I lied. I’d actually seen my cousin and his girlfriend having sex a couple of times (but that I want to save for another story).

My parents clearly thought I was still a virgin. I’d had some sex with some of my girlfriends before – my parents just didn’t know it. And I wasn’t going to tell them anything different. Now, I’ll admit that the first couple of times my ex-girlfriend Jennifer and I had sex, it was pretty clumsy and not that great. So, I thought that maybe I could learn something watching them.

In addition, this opportunity touched many of my very, very private fantasies, fantasies that I’d secretly jacked-off to countless times. They centered on seeing my mother nude and seeing her getting fucked or even stronger, lying on her naked body and fucking her with my hard cock. Oedipus complex? Yeah–maybe. But I don’t give a shit what it’s called. No one ever suspected that I had fantasies about fucking her and those fantasies of her made me very horny and set my imagination on fire. My strongest ejaculations were always caused by my lewd thoughts of fucking my mother.

My father stood up and turned toward the door and when he got to the door he paused as he looked at me and said, “We’re going to bed now and we are going to have sex so if you want to, you can come to our bedroom…whenever you feel like it.”

And so, that’s how I got there…in the bedroom seated on an overstuffed chair; facing their bed watching them getting ready to fuck. I’m wearing a faded tank top and a pair of gym shorts…nothing more. My father told me before things got started that it was okay for me to be dressed or naked, it was my choice. I decided to start out dressed or at least in as little as possible. “However you’d be comfortable, it’s your choice,” I remember him saying. He also said that I shouldn’t feel embarrassed watching them and he reassured me that it was natural and healthy if I got aroused as I watched and I was free to express myself any way I wanted. That meant it was okay to jack off if I wanted to.

Anyway, they were in their initial embrace kissing and pressing their bodies together as their hands roamed over each other’s bodies. Mother was gently stroking my dad’s cock and I could see the way she pulled his foreskin up and over his swollen head before pushing it back down again. The way they were standing was blocking my view but I was sure that Father’s hand was gently rubbing mother’s pussy from her pubic hair down to her vulva. As I watched them my cock was throbbing against the restrictive material of my shorts. But as much as I wanted to, I didn’t touch myself…not yet anyway.

They finally broke off their long kiss and father urged mother down on the bed where she lay on her back with her legs slightly spread apart. Father sat on the edge of the bed, his hands rubbing the insides of her thighs, stopping just below her pussy. His hard cock jerked every few seconds indicating that he was deeply aroused about what was happening. After a few moments he turned to me and said in a czech game porno soft masculine voice, “Your mother has a beautiful pussy.” He ran his fingers through the thick patch of hair that covered her vulva. As I sat there watching them my cock was making a tent in the front of my shorts and it was very uncomfortable as it strained against the confines of the material.

Mother began breathing deeply as dad’s fingers played with her clitoris and her body began to respond to the fondling that was taking place between her legs. She let out a soft whimper before looking directly at me and saying, “That feels so good; your father knows exactly the right spots to touch…and so should you.”

She took another short breath and closed her eyes letting dad’s fingers work on her clit. In a few moments she opened her eyes and looked directly at me before she said, “Come closer. Sit here on the edge of the bed with us so you can see everything.”

Her words sent a shockwave of desire through me and I stood up from the chair and moved towards the bed. “Take your shorts off—I think you’d feel more natural if you were nude like us.”

Without hesitation I slipped my shorts down and let them fall to my ankles before I stepped out of them. With a quick move I took off my T-shirt and let it fall to the floor. I stood in the room naked, looking at mother and she was staring at my cock with a soft smile on her lips. Dad turned to look at me with a smile on his face before carefully looking at my cock and cum-filled scrotum that hung between my legs. “Mother,” he said. “Our son’s got plenty to be proud of!”

Their behavior was so overtly sexual and unexpected that it clearly threw me off a lot. But then, I realized that I’d never seen, or been with them when they were so sexually aroused. I know that my presence, watching them, undoubtedly had a lot to do with it. All three of us were really turned-on by what was happening.

I watched as my father slipped his fingers between mother’s labia and spread her cunt lips apart exposing the pink inner folds of her pussy. He placed the index finger of his other hand at the top of her slit and gently rolled the small ball of flesh that protruded from the lips. “Your mother’s clitoris is very sensitive,” he said in a deep soft voice. He smiled at me as his index finger continued to push the fleshy nub from side to side. “This is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body and pussy,” he said as mother began to respond to his fingers fondling her clitoris. Father held her lips apart for me to see mother’s cunt. “Here,” he said, as his middle finger traced down between her wet lips and stopped where there seemed to be a slight indentation at the bottom of her pussy just a few inches above her anus. “This is the entrance to your mother’s vagina, the place where it all happens. It’s often been called the entrance to paradise,” he added with a wicked smile. He gently pushed his finger into the opening and mother let out a low moan of pleasure. As he slowly pulled his finger out of her hole it was covered in her clear pre-sex lubricant. He inserted two fingers into her and began gently finger-fucking her. I was surprised and incredibly turned-on by the wet, sloshing sounds his fingers made as he pushed them in and out of her vagina. Mother’s body was clearly responding to the pleasure she was feeling and she was breathing very heavily and dad’s hard cock was still pulsing every few seconds. The side of mother’s foot and ankle somehow had come to rest against my thigh and I reached down and began to lightly rub them. I suddenly realized that this wasn’t just a very unconventional lesson about sex…it was much more and I wasn’t sure just how far it would go.

Dad pulled his fingers from mom’s cunt and began caressing her inner thighs as he held them apart. I purposely kept from touching my cock—I was afraid that if I did, I’d cum immediately and I wasn’t ready to cum yet.

“Oral sex is a very important part of sex and both your mother and I love it,” my father said as he positioned himself between mother’s legs with his face only a few inches from her pussy. “Always concentrate on the clit with your tongue and never be too hard. Some women love to have one or more fingers in their cunts so they are being finger-fucked as they get eaten…it’s one of the best orgasms a woman can have when a man knows how to do it right,” He said with a smile.

I watched as he lowered his mouth to mother’s pussy and began to lick her wet clitoris. Her body responded to the pleasure she was receiving by undulating her hips upward toward dad’s mouth in a steady fucking rhythm and moaning softly. After several minutes of father’s oral stimulation her body tensed as she let out a cry of pleasure that seemed to fill the room. “Oh fuck,” she whispered. “Oh fuck! That feels so good.” She paused as she took in a deep breath. “I’m so close; I’m going to cum soon! Fuck! Fuck! That feels so good. czech gangbang porno Eat my pussy! Eat my pussy,” she cried-out excitedly. I’d never heard my mother talk like that and as much as I tried to hold it back I started to cum and I actually shot several white strings of cum that landed on my father’s shoulders, and mother’s legs which they ignored.

“Ah, Ahh, Ahhh…Fuck! I’m, I’m cuming! I’m cuming.” She sobbed as her body tensed strongly. She let out a loud cry mumbling something that I couldn’t understand.

I was embarrassed that I had cum and I was especially embarrassed that I some of my cum had accidentally landed on them!

Dad pulled away from mom’s pussy and slowly stood up next to the bed looking down at her. His cock was throbbing and he reached down and stroked it as if he was about to jackoff. There were long strings of clear pre-cum emanating out of the opening of his penis that ran to his thighs like soft silver threads. He looked at me and smiled as he reached around to his shoulder and collected as much of my cum as he could with his hand. Then he brought his cum-filled hand down and rubbed it on his hard cock before he began to stroke it. I could see several white globs of my cum on his cock as his hand moved back and forth along the length of his shaft and I couldn’t believe how erotic it was. I was surprised that my own cock was still very hard so soon after cuming. I got off the bed and stood next to dad looking down at mother and I began to slowly stroking my cock which exposed some small traced of my cum that had been trapped under my foreskin when I came.

Mother was still enjoying the lingering effects of her first orgasm but she managed to sit up on the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor facing dad and I. Our cocks were both pointing at her beautiful face and there was a slight moment of hesitation before she reached out and took our cocks in her hands and started stroking them. It was at that point that I realized that there was a huge possibility that I would have the opportunity to fuck my mother before the evening was over. Her hand was warm and she knew the exact pressure it took to use my foreskin to cover and uncover the head of my cock. It’s an intense feeling when it’s done right…and mother surely knew how to do it right. It hadn’t been very long since I’d cum watching dad eat mom’s pussy but I was incredibly turned-on and knew I could cum again.

Mom stopped jacking us off and she took a moment to admire the cocks of her men before looking at me saying, “Feed it to me.” I wasn’t sure what she meant and she said again, “Feed me your father’s cock,” Her arms were hanging at her sides and dad moved a step closer to her so that her mouth was only inches from the end of his cock. She waited as I took dad’s cock in my hand and directed it into her open mouth. Dad moved closer again we watched as his cock disappeared into mother’s mouth and he began to fuck her beautiful face.

“Your mother is a hot fucking cocksucker…I’ve shot a lot of cum down her throat over the years,” he said with a smile.

Except in some porn movies I’d never seen a woman suck on a cock the way mother was sucking on dad. Her head moving rhythmically from side to side and her lips and tongue worked on the underside of his cock. She was moving faster and faster and dad started to moan with pleasure. I noticed small beads of perspiration forming on her forehead and I couldn’t help thinking that she looked as if she was in a sexual trance.

“Oh fuck Donna, suck me…suck my cock and swallow every ounce of my cum! I’m so fucking close…you’re such a great fucking cocksucker!”

He and I were standing shoulder to shoulder watching mom and he said to me, “Look how beautiful your mother looks as she sucks on my cock…it’s so fucking erotic!”

She responded to his words by moving her hand up and caressing dad’s sagging scrotum and I was surprised when she reached out and took my hand and bringing me closer. She placed my hand on her left breast. I couldn’t believe that I was fondling my mother’s breast as she sucked on my father’s cock but it was so erotic I could hardly believe what was happening. Mother was sucking harder and harder as she fondled dad’s balls. She definitely wanted every drop of his cum when he finally ejaculated in her mouth. Dad was moaning loudly and his hips were softly driving the whole length of his cock into mother’s mouth. He was moaning constantly as his orgasm built in intensity. “Oh fuck! Donna suck my cock! I’m…I’m…Oh fuck Here it cums! Here it comes!”

Suddenly my father began to moan loudly and he placed his hand on my shoulder, the other on mother’s head, as his body convulsed hard several times and he began to cum. His cock spewed his white cum down mother’s throat as she kept working on him, sucking out every drop of her husband’s cum. He gripped my shoulder hard as mother drained his large balls of their precious liquid.

As the intense pleasure subsided father moved to the bed and lay down on his back as his softening cock flopped over onto his right thigh. Small drops of his cum was still leaking out the end of his cock and I looked at mother as she stood up and put her arms around me holding me tightly against her naked body.

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