Sex With My ‘Brat’ Daughter

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Stephanie is my daughter. She just turned 18. If I didn’t know better though, I would think she was younger. I had hoped she’d have grown out of her “little-brat” stage by now.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great kid and I love her dearly, but we often ‘have words’ over the outfits she chooses to wear. Mostly short little “sexy school-girl” type skirts and tight white tops. Many times her puffy nipples pressed up against the fabric with no bra apparent.

I didn’t realize until a few days ago that the problem was more mine than hers.

It was a beautiful spring day. I finished work early and arriving home I found Stephanie leaning over the back of the couch watching cartoons. “Hey kiddo, How’s it going today?” I smiled as I walked over and kissed her on top of the head. “Oh, It’s OK” she said unexcitedly.

I made my way back from the kitchen with a beer in hand when I stopped in my tracks. The view of Stephanie from behind caught me by surprise.

She was wearing a short black mini and silky white, thigh-high stockings. I paused and my eyes slowly wandered from her black platform shoes up her tanned legs to her cute little ass.

Her sheer stockings fit her like they were painted on, stopping just underneath each butt cheek with cute lace tops adorning each. The pleated skirt she had on rested high on her small bum.

Her panties were shiny white lycra and were an extremely tight fit. With my eyes fixed on the crease of her ass, for the first time I thought about letting go, letting czech taxi porno myself become fully aroused by my daughter. I often held back, I often HAD TO with the outfits she wore, but this time I had already gone to far.

I sat at the dining table to finish my beer with a clear view. I let my mind wonder in places I hadn’t before. Wondering what it would feel like to caress that cute little butt. To feel the silky material of her panties over her smooth young flesh, moving my fingers down between her legs. Making her moan in ecstasy.

I was pulled from my day dream by an uncomfortable bulge in my pants. Standing up I walked behind her. It was too late, my fantasies would now become reality. I just couldn’t stop myself. I placed my hands gently over her young ass. It felt incredible! “Dad!, what are you doing!” Stephanie said, smiling and looking back over shoulder as if I was joking around.

Without a word I squeezed her soft young flesh in my hands and felt the silky fabric slip between my fingers. I heard Steph gasp in disbelief, like she was trying to say something, but nothing was said, not a word.

Slowly my hands caressed her ass. Savoring every minute of it. Her small ass cheeks fit nicely in each palm. Moving my fingers under her, I could feel the warmth of her young muff. My fingers traced the outline of her swelling lips through the slippery white material. Gently massaging her wetting little pussy, she finally gave into my advances and leaned forward defloration porno on the couch to give my hands better access.

“Oh Daddy!” Stephanie moaned as my fingers found her tender hole and gently pressed her panties into it. “Oh! Oh! Daddy!, Daddy! Oh! Yes!” was all she could say as she pressed her face into the couch cushions. I moved her panties aside and my finger slowly penetrated her little body. Feeling her tightness, I wondered if she wasn’t too small to take me completely. But I wanted to find out… the only way I could!

Unsnapping my pants, I released my throbbing cock. Pulling up her skirt the rest of the way, I gripped her panties from both sides and slowly slid them down. Momentarily I placed my mouth over her sweet young cunt as I kneeled down and continued to guide her panties to the floor. I let my tongue open her vagina and taste her sweet juices, moistening her for what she was about to receive.

Her moans again meant acceptance as she pressed her face harder into the couch cushions. I stood up and admired her tender ass sticking up in the air. Her body was half my size, but sooooo sexy.

My swinging cock looked huge pressed up against her little ass as I leaned forward and placed my hand up her top. My hands caressed her puffy breasts. They were small like the rest of her, but so soft and tender. “Oh Daddy,” she whispered as my hands caressed them, “Yes!” I heard her say softly.

My swollen rod pressed up against the tan lines of her young fake agents porno ass. I shuddered at the awesome feeling of my cock against her soft flesh. Grabbing myself with one hand and preparing the way with the other I gently guided my throbbing prick into her. I could feel the warmth of her young pussy spreading over the tip of my cock as I gently pushed into her.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Dad!, Oh! Oh!!” was all Stephanie could muster as I pushed my swollen rod deeper into her tight little pussy. She was so tight I nearly shot my load right then and there. Her smooth little lips spread resisting as the tip of my cock pushed into her.

Starting slowly at first, working my shaft ever deeper into her. It didn’t feel as if her tiny body could take my entire length. She was so petite, but I was determined to give her every inch of my love. Working into her, her words became almost incoherent as her small body thrashed about, nearing orgasm.

I held her waist tightly as she squirmed and pulled her little frame toward me, slipping the rest of my cock into her waif like body. All of my 7″ were now inside her. I rocked in and out of her, as she screamed. The tightness of her young body gripping my cock brought me to climax in seconds and huge waves of cum deep shot inside her.

Stephanie’s small body couldn’t handle all the hot liquid I had just pumped into her and cum spilled out everywhere. It ran down her legs and over her white stockings.

There was a pause as we both caught our breath.

“OH GEEZ! GEEZ! DAD!,YOU… YOU UH… JUST HAD SEX WITH ME!??!!!” she said gasping between breaths.

I was silent.

She giggled, then moaned saying, “Ohhhhh… you are sooooo good!… will you sleep with me tonight?”

“Sure,” I whispered back, “but first lets go shopping.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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