Sexiplicity Ch. 06

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Mom woke me up early and in the most uncommon way a mother should wake up her son. I was awoken from a dream with someone’s hand around the middle of my cock. I shot upright and realized it was Mom.

“Morning, Peter… you didn’t come and see me last night,” Mom said, giving my cock a rough tug.

“Oh, crap… that’s right I must have fallen asleep,” I said.

She still had her hand around my shaft, slightly stroking me. “You were hard so I thought I’d help myself,” she said, giggling. “It’s early still, want to join me in the shower again before I go to work?”

“Hell yes we do!” Evil Peter said in my head.

“Okay,” I answered her, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

She let go of my cock and stood up, just wearing her light robe. My cock had found its way through my pajama pants and underwear during the night and made it easy for Mom to get to it. I stood up to follow her with it raging, sticking long and hard out of the gaps in my clothing. It was still dark, it was so early in the morning and I tripped over a pillow or something that had fallen off the bed in the night. Mom turned back around, grabbed my shaft and pulled me to the bathroom, giggling most of the way.

The bathroom light hurt my eyes and I squinted until I adjusted to find Mom naked and reaching into the shower to turn on the water. I hesitated slightly to check out her round ass, but I really needed to pee before we did anything. Once the water was on, Mom turned around and started tugging my pajamas off, fighting to get them over my erect penis. She finally managed to get me naked and since she was already on her knees, started sucking me as the water warmed in the shower. Let me tell you, it’s a strange sensation when you have to pee so badly and a woman sucks on you cock. It’s almost like you don’t know what to feel, the pressure in your bladder or the pleasure from the blowjob. I was also afraid I might piss in her mouth without meaning to.

Slowly but surely the pleasure began to win out and I started to forget I had a full bladder as Mom took my cock deep and fondled my balls and stroked the base of my cock with the other hand. Her nipples were hard on her huge breasts as they wobbled slightly as she worked her mouth up and down my shaft and played with her hands. The pleasure grew, washing over me and mixing with the full bladder for a new experience I hadn’t felt before. I just stood there, watching her work as the steam filled the bathroom from the hot water she had turned on. About a minute later she stood up, wiped her mouth and turned to get into the shower.

When she stopped sucking me, I really felt the need to urinate but I was so hard I would never be able to hit the toilet. I usually let it fly in the shower if I’m like this in the morning but with her in there I didn’t know what she would think. I didn’t have much choice. Getting in after her, I tried to find a time when she wasn’t looking to relieve my bladder. She got under the water first, wetting her body and hair and watching her did nothing to alleviate my hardon so it would be easier to pee. She looked great wet, the water running over her huge tits as she ran her hands through her hair, lifting her mammoth jugs slightly. My cock only got harder watching her.

“Mom? I really need to pee.” I finally said.

“Oh, right it is morning after all… I didn’t think. Go ahead,” she said.

I bent my cock down as much as I could and she moved slightly to the left against the wall of the shower, watching me. It took a few seconds to actually begin to pee with her watching and having a hardon, but finally the urine flowed from my hard cock and arched up into the air from the back of the shower to the drain. Mom had a peculiar smile on her face as she watched me empty my bladder in the shower, like she was remembering something from the past. I didn’t bother asking her, just relieved my bladder was finally empty.

“Better?” she asked, as it tapered off.

“Much,” I responded.

“Good then soap me up,” she said, handing me the soap.

I washed her body, making sure to spend ample time on her breasts, ass and pussy, then she returned the favor washing me. She finished with my cock, stroking it up and down with soapy hands and teasing the head to the point it felt like I was going to pee again. We washed our hair and mom shaved her sex and legs while I slowly stroked my cock from the back of the shower as I watched. It was sexy as hell to watch her shave around her lips and just leave that one inch by two inch patch of hair. When she was done she bent over and looked at me over her shoulder as I stroked.

“I’m ready for you now?” she said.

Two steps put me right at her backside and I admired her cleanly shaved pussy. I grabbed my cock and slapped the head a few times on her bottom before pushing it down further to enter her sex. Damn! She was hot and wet as I eased into her. The anticipation had gotten her all turned on again. She felt amazing, it made me moan as each inch disappeared in to my mother’s coated insides. I reached forward female fake taxi porno and grabbed both of her hanging tits, mashing them against her body and my hands as the flesh spilled out around my fingers. She was way more than a handful. I held my cock deep, playing with her tits and making her moan as I pinched the nipples, with my cock shoved fully.

I slid out the first time and basked in the sensations of her slippery pussy clinging to my cock. Leaving just the head in, I slammed forward, making us both moan as the impact giggled her bubble butt. Over and over I began to pump my cock into her, mashing her breasts and slamming hard and fast. It felt so good and my cock was hard and ready after a good night’s rest. I wanted to continue to slam home over and over and last and last it felt so delightful, but I knew we needed to finish before someone woke up to start the day.

That’s when the knock sounded on the door. I was so close by then, almost to the point of climax. I froze, my cock shoved deep inside Mom and we both looked at each other not knowing what to do.

“Peter?” we both heard Tiffany’s voice.

“She’s up early,” Mom whispered, frustrated.

“What’s up?” I called back.

“You almost done? I need to pee and the doors locked,” she said.

Stupid house, only having one bathroom… what the hell were we going to do? Evil Peter had all sorts of solutions sounding in my head.

“Let her in! We’ll fuck both of them together. Fuck ’em good and cum all over their faces!” to name a couple ideas he had.

I didn’t know what Tiffany would do if she found out I was fucking Mom as well as her now… I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be good. That’s when Mom pulled away from me, letting my cock flip out of her hot sex to slap me in the stomach. My balls were so tight and ready for release they slightly ached from the delay. She opened the shower door, grabbed a towel and quickly dried off and put on her robe. She then flushed the toilet and opened the door. I was frozen in the shower to see what would happen between the two.

“Mom?” Tiffany asked.

“I had to pee too, but the door was open. I let myself in. It’s all yours,” Mom said.

“Oh… okay… thanks,” Tiffany said, sounding very confused.

The door closed and I could see Tiffany outside the fogged shower door as she moved to sit on the toilet.

“We really need another bathroom,” I said, my cock still rock hard, hoping she wouldn’t open the shower door.

“For sure today, with all of us needing it at the same time. That hasn’t happened very often,” she said, flushing the toilet and standing up.

She was about to leave and I thought Mom and I had gotten away with it but then Tiffany paused and I saw her turn around.

“Wait a second… why was Mom’s hair wet?” she asked, walking toward the shower.

She pulled open the door suddenly and there I was standing with my hard cock looking totally busted.

“You and Mom? You’re fucking Mom too? Oh my gawd, Peter!”

“Mom has needs too?” I thought of nothing else to say.

“She’s you mother!”

“And you’re my sister,” I said back.

Evil Peter was very silent at this point in time. No help at all.

Tiffany was doing a very good job of ignoring my erect cock as she tried to process the new revelation she had just discovered.

“Oh, so now that you’re not a virgin anymore you think every woman in the house needs your cock. Becca, Mom and me… all of us!”

“What do you want me to say… things just kinda happened like you and me,” I said.

“How long? How long have you been fucking Mom?” she asked.

“A day or two after I got hit by that car?” I said, not being completely honest.

“The car, the accident! Everything has happened since your head hit the road. It’s like you’ve become a different person, Peter.”

“Yeah, kind of,” I said.

“I don’t know what to say to you anymore… don’t know how I’m going to look at Mom again either. Does Becca know?” she asked.

“Of course not and you can’t say a thing to her about you or Mom!” I said.

“This is I so nuts! I think I might be sick,” she said, sliding the door closed slowly and leaving the bathroom.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, shit!” Evil Peter shouted in my head along with me.

“This may well have messed up everything with Mom and Tiffany. And if Tiffany says anything to Becca, we’ll lose her too!” he said in my head.

“I know!” I shouted back.

I turned off the shower, grabbed my towel and dried off. My cock was shrinking now due to the depressing realizations of late. I could hear Mom and Tiffany talking outside in the hall now that the shower was off. They were somehow keeping their voices down so not to wake up Becca. It was still not even 6am yet. Suddenly the door opened and both Mom and Tiffany walked in as I wrapped the towel around my waist.

“We need to talk,” Mom said.

“Oh boy,” I said.

“Yeah, Mister,” Tiffany added.

“So, it seems I was not the only one you genel porno were visiting at night, Peter,” Mom said.

“Busted,” I said back.

“This isn’t funny!” Tiffany half shouted before lowering her voice.

Mom was still in her robe with a towel on her wet hair. Becca was in her tiny shorts and a midriff tank that showed off her braless breasts.

“The two of us have talked and think maybe you need to have another scan done on your head, since all this started after the accident,” Mom said.

“My scan was clean, but if you really think so,” I said.

“You’ve been acting differently… more aggressive sexually, now that we’ve had a minute to think about it,” Tiffany added.

“Yeah, maybe a little… but it’s helped me get a girlfriend,” I said.

“Which is the only positive thing from this. Becca is a nice girl and will be better soon. Tiffany and I have come to a decision that everything we started with you ends. Becca is your girlfriend now and that is that,” Mom said.

Evil Peter was on a tirade of curse words in my head so loud it was hard to hear what Mom was saying. He wasn’t the only one upset. I was actually really enjoying the amount of pussy I was getting and now two thirds of it was off limits again.

“Peter? Is that understood?” Mom asked.

“Fine, yeah whatever… this isn’t all my fault you know,” I said.

“We fully realize that, Peter,” Tiffany said. “But it ends now,” she finished, turning to leave.

The look on Mom’s face was one of regret and disappointment. I was pretty positive she didn’t want our little arrangement to end. But now that Tiffany found out she wasn’t the only one I was screwing, Mom had been forced to stop.

“I’ll call and set up a doctor visit to get you checked out again,” Mom said as she lowered her head and followed Tiffany out.

Breakfast was silent besides the scraping of utensils and clinks of plates and glasses. Becca could tell something had happened with the mood between Mom and me. Tiffany had left for the gym before breakfast. Mom didn’t say anything to me and only a few words to Becca before leaving for work. I was grumpy, Evil Peter was even worse, nonstop complaining about what we had and how fast it had been taken away.

On the walk to school Becca took my hand and tried to find out what was wrong with me.

“Want to talk about it?” she asked.

“Not really. It’s a family thing,” I responded.

“Okay, seems pretty bad though.”

“Yeah, now we both have problems with our mothers,” I said.

“I hope it’s not that bad… we need a place to live,” she said, squeezing my hand.

“No, it’s not that bad… we don’t need to run away at least, and Mom won’t kick us out.”

“That’s good then. How can I help?” she asked.

“Just be an awesome girlfriend like you are,” I said back.

She turned toward me and onto her tippy toes to give me a peck on the cheek. We continued to school.


The next few days were the same. Tiffany said very few words to me and didn’t even give me a chance to talk to her before she was out of the house. Mom wasn’t as bad, but she was still pretty cold. I could tell she wanted what we had back and wished Tiffany would have never caught us. Evil Peter and I wished the same. Becca was still not giving it up, making sure she was fully healed and since the mood around the house was so low, not much happened between the two of us for those few days. It was the longest I’d gone without cumming since the accident.

It was Friday when things started changing. My doctor’s appointment was that day and Mom came and checked me out of school to take me to the doctor’s office. She had to leave work to do it and apparently Mr. Howell wasn’t very happy about it. The car ride over was pretty quiet, the tension between us was thick. I could tell we both wanted to say something but neither of us did. It was difficult to explain to the doctor why I was there. Mom just ended up saying I wasn’t acting like myself and she wanted to have me looked at again. The doctor checked my ears, eyes and listened to my heart and lungs, probably just to appease my mom he was doing something. It wasn’t good enough for Mom though and she insisted on another brain scan even when the doctor brought the old one in and told her I was fine from last time.

He finally gave in to Mom’s petitions and said he’d try something else. This new scan was different, it showed brain activity instead of an image and the doctor saw something abnormal. Too much brain activity, or at least above average especially in a specific area of my brain. I was pretty sure it was evil Peter but I couldn’t exactly tell him that. I didn’t want to end up in a shrink’s office.

“Mrs. Clawson, your son has an abnormally active brain especially in this area,” the doctor said, pointing to a screen shot of the scan.

“What does that mean?” Mom asked.

“We don’t really know in this case. It has been recorded in other patients that suffer from multiple personalities, but your son tells glory hole secrets porno me he doesn’t suffer from that, right, Peter? Since the accident have you heard voices or have you forgotten how you got somewhere or are there gaps in your memory… like time missing?” the doctor asked.

“Nothing like that?” I lied.

“But you have been acting differently, Peter,” Mom said.

“How… what has he done differently?” the doctor asked.

“He’s… well he’s been more aggressive sexually,” Mom said, shyly.

“Towards you?” the doctor asked, looking highly concerned.

“Oh, no… not me,” Mom lied. “He’s all of a sudden gotten a girlfriend, lost his virginity and masturbating a lot?” Mom said.

My face when red… I was so embarrassed but it was better than the truth.

“I see… well for him to lose his virginity at eighteen is actually quite a miracle. Maybe he’s just finally becoming a normal teenage boy,” the doctor laughed.

“So you think he’s okay?” Mom asked.

“We can check him again in a month, or if you notice anything change let me know,” the doctor said before leaving us.

Mom turned back to me as I sat in my hospital gown on the bench thingy, covered in paper, they have in all patient rooms.

“I’m sorry, Peter… I couldn’t exactly tell him the truth of what’s been going on with me and your sister… he’d report us.”

“I don’t know if he’s allowed to report us but I understand,” I said.

“Well, you never know. Now get dressed and I’ll take you home.”

“Mommy, I have a better idea?” Evil Peter said, pulling up the hospital gown to reveal our half erect cock. He had suddenly and without any warning taken over and after a few days of not cumming our cock was on a fast track upward.

“Peter! What are you doing?” mom said in a hushed but adamant tone, staring at our growing cock.

“You know you want it. If Tiffany hadn’t ruined everything we’d have done it every night. It’s been three days or more for both of us,” he said. “Just look at this thing how fast it’s getting hard, Mommy.”

“Maybe…” she said hesitating as she stared at my huge bouncing cock. “But we’re at the doctor’s office!”

“After three days it will be quick, lock the door,” he said.

Mom couldn’t take her eyes off our cock. It was pretty much fully erect in less than thirty seconds. I was not trying to stop him, actually curious and horny enough myself to see what she would do. It took her two seconds to decide.

She locked the door, lifted her skirt and shimmied out of her panties before climbing up on the bench to straddle me. Mom was just as horny as I was. As soon as her moist pussy slid down on my cock, I was back in control of my own body. Wanting it just as much as evil Peter, I didn’t have to wait for a climax to gain control again.

“Your welcome!” Evil Peter sounded in my head just as I bottomed out inside of Mom.

Fuck it felt so good! I know three days really doesn’t sound that long but it sure felt like it. I could see it on Mom’s face as well. She had missed my cock and that’s what had made her so miserable. I reached up and grabbed her breasts through her work blouse and she started riding me like a mad woman, driving me deep with each downward fall.

“Oh, Peter… I’ve missed this… I’ve missed your beautiful penis… I don’t care what Tiffany says, now that I know you want me and are willing to go back to how it was before… what you sister doesn’t know won’t hurt her. We’ll just have to be more careful,” Mom said riding me with purpose.

My cock was already on the verge of exploding, my balls tight and heavy from three days off. Mom was so horny as well, I could tell she was close to her own orgasm in record time. It was like we were synched together, both moaning softly and caught in the grips of pleasure. I’m sure the added taboo of it being a doctor’s office helped the excitement. Her pussy felt better than my first time I was so pent-up. It took less than five minutes before be both exploded together. Her pussy began to convulse on my spewing cock as I filled her full of what had to be a massive climax because it just kept coming. Pulse after pulse my cock clenched, emptying my heavy balls inside my mother’s contracting pussy until she fell over onto me panting for air.

The pleasure was so intense my vision went blurry and I felt like I was floating from the pure ecstasy rushing through my body and expelling out of my cock. The release was epic. My cock contracted three or four more times before my orgasm ended. I already felt the massive load oozing out of her sex, over my balls and legs to the paper on top of the bench. Mom laid on me for probably as long as we had had sex. Her chest rose and fell rapidly at first until calming down and she was able to climb off of me, expelling even more of my massive load onto the doctor’s bench. We used more paper and my actual hospital gown to clean up all the semen. We both giggled about the mess and I got dressed before we unlocked the door and hurried to the car.


We got home before anyone else. School wasn’t over for another hour and then Becca would walk home without me. Tiffany wasn’t home either and we didn’t expect her anytime soon. We walked into an empty house and Mom shut the door behind us. I turned around when I heard her lock the door again.

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