Sexiplicity Ch. 07

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** Sorry for the long wait. Thank goes out to my awesome editor. She knows who she is. **


Saturday morning everyone slept in except Tiffany. I heard her rummage through the fridge before walking past my couch and out the front door. I was glad evil Peter didn’t try and stop her. I fell back asleep and didn’t wake up again until the room was full of sunlight and it was coming through the window and hitting me in the face. I got up to pee, with a full hardon like normal, and ran into Becca heading to the same place as I was.

“You go ahead, Peter… looks like you need to use it more than I do,” she said, giggling at the tent in my pants.

She waited in the hall while I relived myself and washed my hands. I walked back into the hall with my cock slowly falling flaccid. Becca kissed my cheek and shut the bathroom door behind her. As I was walking back to my couch, I heard her call my name and returned to the door.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I’m just going to jump in the shower now too,” she said.

“Okay,” I responded, turning to go.

That’s when I felt Mom grab my hand. When I turned to her, she put her finger up to her mouth for me not to say anything and began pulling me to her bedroom. Inside, she shut the door and turned back to me.

“While she’s in the shower is a perfect time for a quickie,” she said, falling to her knees.

My pajama bottoms and underwear were soon around my ankles and my semi hard cock was in Mom’s mouth. It wasn’t semi hard for long as my head fell back in bliss from the sweet sensations of my mother’s mouth taking me deep like only she can. She didn’t suck me long, just long enough to get me fully hard and humming with pleasure. Standing up, she dropped her robe. She was naked underneath. She fell back on the bed with her butt hanging off a bit, holding her legs up and spread wide. She was already wet and ready but I dropped on my knees anyway to enjoy a mouthful of her pussy for about a minute. I stood up, grabbed my hard cock and bent it down to her spread open sex, before sliding all of my cock into her.

We could hear the shower running as we both moaned with pleasure at the first penetration. We both knew we didn’t have much time, so I started thrusting deep, in and out, quickly, making Mom’s breasts roll in large circles on her chest. She let go of her legs so I grabbed both ankles in each hand and held them for her. She took the opportunity to begin playing with her clit and one nipple as I thrust repeatedly into her wet, hot sex with my large dick. I stared down at her as she played, basking in the pleasure surrounding my cock. Both of us keeping tabs on the shower.

My arousal grew steadily, as did hers, both of us wanting to climax before the water turned off. Evil Peter was humming in my head, perfectly content on what I was doing to my mother. My balls were soon tight around my wide shaft. Mom’s hand was a blur on her clit and I could tell from her breathing she was nearing her climax. Both nipples were taunt and aroused from the stimulation and the arousal she felt.

“That’s it, Peter… almost there… cum with me,” she said.

I began thrusting even harder, working my cock deep inside each time and just letting the pleasure flow unfettered. I could tell when Mom had hit her climax and it only caused my pleasure to peak as well as the point of no return came. I held my semen in until the pleasure and pressure became too much and my muscles gave out, releasing my load half in and half out of her since my cock slipped out midway. I just let go of her ankle with one of my hands and stroked the rest of my load onto her. By the time I was done she had semen oozing out of her sex and several white lines up her body. The shower turned off about a minute after our orgasms.

“You should go. I’ll clean up,” Mom said.

I dressed and left her room, heading to the kitchen. As I passed the bathroom, I heard Becca humming to herself. I was drinking some milk, standing next to the kitchen table when Becca found me. She just had a towel around her large breasts falling down over her naked body. Her hair was still quite wet.

“Is your mom home?” she asked.

“Yes, she’s in her room, but I think Tiffany’s gone,” I said.

“Oh, shoot… I was hoping they were both gone,” she said, rubbing up against me with just her towel on.

“Well, maybe my mom will get in the shower soon and we can go up to my room,” I said.

“Maybe, if she’s even awake yet.”

“I’m sure she is, it’s almost ten.”

Just then we heard my mother call out to me. “Peter, I’m getting in the shower!” she called from the hall.

“See, there we go,” I said.

“Quick, let’s go,” Becca said, grabbing my hand and off we went up to my attic room.

I shut and locked the door and when I turned around, the towel Becca had on was puddled around her ankles and she stood naked before me. Good thing I was eighteen years old because my cock lurched to attention even after fucking my mother not fifteen minutes karataş escort bayan before. I smiled at Becca and crossed the distance between us in two big steps. Wrapping my arms around her naked body, I carried her to the bed and dropped her onto it. I fell over her, kissing her quickly before moving down her body with kisses and licks, making both nipples hard before traveling down her tummy to her freshly shaved pussy. I dove right in, not having time to make her cum with my mouth, just enough time to get her ready for my big dick, which was already plenty hard.

I munched and tongued her for about a minute, loving the freshly washed pussy, before rising to my knees and lifting her legs. Damn, she was still tight as I slid my cock into her. It was a big difference between Mom and the snug feel sent electric pleasure through my dick. Becca moaned with desire as I filled her up with cock, all the way to my balls.

“Oh, Peter… it just keeps getting better each time!” she gushed as I bottomed out.

I stayed deep, much longer than with Mom, both of us basking in the heat and sensations. I pulled out slowly, right until I could see the beginning of my head before sliding everything I had back into her. Reaching forward, I grabbed both of Becca’s breasts and began to rhythmically thrust, each time long and deep. She began to moan and pant as I fucked her and played with her tits. Heaven was all around me as I basked in the sensations in my hands and cock as I made love to my hot girlfriend I never thought I’d have. Evil Peter rooted me on, telling me to fuck that tight pussy over and over.

Mom would take a longer shower than Becca did, unless she ran out of water, which was a possibility but even then I knew we had more time than when it was Mom and me. So knowing that, I enjoyed the buildup, loving the visual of my hard, wet cock sliding in and out of Becca’s tight pussy as I played with her large breasts. I palmed them, pinched them, even leaned over and sucked them as I thrust my penis in her newly deflowered sex that only I have had the privilege of having.

“I’m going to cum, Peter!” she suddenly said.

I had been so focused on myself I hadn’t noticed how close she was getting. Her climax hit hard and I felt her tight pussy get even tighter as it began to pulse and spasm on my cock. She began to pant and make cute little noises as her orgasm washed over her body. The look on her face was one of utter bliss, you could just tell she was in the grips of something wonderful and very memorable. My pleasure surged from the effects of her body on my dick, bringing me on the cusp of orgasm. It was much harder to tell if the shower was running from in the attic, especially with Becca making so much noise at the time.

I knew that even if Mom finished and came looking for us, she wouldn’t care. She probably told me she was getting in the shower that loud so I would do what I’m doing with Becca at that moment. So, instead of taking myself to the limit, I slowed down a bit and kept myself at the perfect point where my body hummed with sexual pleasure and my cock raged with blood, letting Becca finish her intense orgasm on her own.

When she finished, she opened her eyes and looked up at me. She smiled faintly and seemed exhausted from the orgasm. I just kept easing in to her, loving the slow friction on my cock.

“Oh, Peter… I’ve never felt so wonderful… I love how you make me feel,” she said. “I never want this to ever end.”

I just smiled down at her and kept moving my cock in and out. About a minute later, as we stared at each other and I moved slowly, I wanted to switch things up. She looked like she had more energy and was recovered from her orgasm.

“Roll over onto your hands and knees,” I said to her.

She smiled and as my cock slid out of her, she made the change, pushing her bubble butt toward me and looking over her shoulder. Man, she had a nice ass, round and firm, with plenty to hold onto since her waist was so small. I bent my wet cock down and eased it back into her doggy style, all the way until my balls hit her body.

“Oh wow, that feels different!” she said.

My cock was now arching into her spine instead of her stomach. It did feel different. The friction was less, since my cock wasn’t being pulled down so much. I put both my hands on her ass and spread her butt cheeks apart, admiring my long cock in her pussy and her little rosebud anus above it. Something from the visual hit evil Peter like a rocket because he suddenly started freaking out in my head.

“I know what it is! I know what you’re mom was taking about!” he screamed.

“What? What are you saying?” I asked.

“Remember yesterday!? When she said her and your dad figured out something about her getting so loose from kids and his big dick!?” He asked me.

“Yeah, I remember,” I said.

“She meant her ass! Her and your dad were having anal sex! It has to be that!”

“Oh, shit… you may be right,” karkamış escort bayan I said, looking down at Becca’s tight anus.

“I know I am. That would be how they figured out how to make sex tight again. Her ass would never get loose like her pussy! Holy fucking shit! You’re moms done anal and she can take a huge cock in her ass like ours! Do you know what this means!?”

This entire conversation was happening as I fucked Becca from behind, watching my cock slide out and in below her very tight looking anus. What evil Peter was saying was crazy, but I think he was right on and now, since he had it in his head, would probably fixate on it until it happened to both of us. As I stared down at my large cock, looking at Becca’s tiny anus, I couldn’t imagine my cock fitting in my mother’s ass let alone Becca’s for sure. But now that evil Peter suggested it, I couldn’t think of any other answer to what my mother was talking about. It also made sense why she tried to hide the fact that she let it slip out.

Evil Peter was going on and on about anal sex in my head, how tight and hot it would be. Even more than taking Becca the first time. The thought made me feel weird, dirty, but excited and my arousal spiked as I watched Becca’s little puckered ass slightly part as my cock was forced all the way in her pussy. I blew my load seconds later deep inside of her body, thinking about my cock in my mother’s ass.


All through the day as I was trying to enjoy my Saturday with Becca, evil Peter wouldn’t shut up about what he discovered. Do you know how difficult it is to keep a conversation going with your girlfriend, when your evil multi-personality is going on and on about anal sex in your head? It’s not easy, not at all. Trying to sit at the kitchen table with Becca while my mom made pancakes was the worst. Every time I looked up at my mom’s backside as she cooked, evil Peter would go on and on about what it would be like to put our dick in her round ass. It was so distracting, Becca would have to say things twice or three times before I actually understood her. Then she would want to know what was wrong with me and why I was so distracted. I finally had to keep my head down and try and tune out evil Peter.

With Mom in the same room and house I knew he would never stop and may even take over my body to see if he could do what he wouldn’t shut up about. I knew I had to get away from Mom just to have some peace for a bit. So after breakfast, I asked Mom if I could borrow the car and Becca and I left the house with no destination planned, I just needed to leave. Thankfully evil Peter let me.

“Where we going, Peter?” Becca asked as I took off down the road to the incessant talk in my head.

“Don’t really have a destination in mind, just wanted to get out of the house,” I said.

“Is everything okay? You’ve been acting distant and distracted since we had sex. Did I do something wrong?” Becca asked.

“No, you’ve done nothing wrong, you’re perfect… it’s not you.”

“Then what? Your mom again? Did something happen? I thought you worked things out.”

I didn’t know what else to tell her. It was easier to explain what was wrong with me by telling her things weren’t good with my mom again. I couldn’t tell Becca the truth… that I had a voice in my head going on and on about fucking my mother in the ass.

“Yes, something did happen… while you were in the shower,” I said.

“Oh… sorry… your mom seemed fine at breakfast.”

“She was just putting on a good show for you, that’s all,” I lied.

“I see… well hopefully you can work it out with her,” Becca said.

“Yeah! When we put our cock in her ass, everything will work out!” Evil Peter yelled.

I ignored him because yelling at him in my head does no good and if I scream I don’t want to slip up and do it vocally, because Becca will think I’m yelling at her. I just smiled and nodded and kept on driving as evil Peter sang a new song, he made up about anal sex, in my head. Heaven help me!


We ended up at the mall. The noise and commotion helped drown out the voice in my head. The one good thing about evil Peter’s new discovery and fixation, was he stopped talking about screwing Tiffany. He hadn’t mentioned her at all since anal sex had come up. I didn’t know what was worse. Probably the anal sex talk because we’d already fucked Tiffany and I’d rather enjoyed it, but then she found out about Mom and it was over. Now evil Peter’s main goal wasn’t to have her again, but rather to have my mother Clara’s ass!

At the moment, I would have rather had him obsessing over Tiffany, because his nonstop talk of anal was making my life miserable. He kept remembering anything I had seen or heard about anal sex as far back as I could remember. He wanted me to start doing more research and even ditch Becca so we had some alone time for computer searches. It was getting really annoying.

Becca and I wandered the mall. Neither of kilis escort bayan us had much money to actually buy anything so we just looked in the stores and ended up eating in the food court for lunch as evil Peter continued his relentless fixation.

“I’m pretty sure we just can’t shove it up her ass. I think there needs to be some prep… we don’t want to ruin this chance by hurting your mom. We need to go home and watch some anal porn,” evil Peter said in my head.

This was like the fiftieth time he had said this or something similar. To finally try and get him to shut up I told him as soon as I got home, I’d do some research with him. This was about the time lunch was almost eaten and Becca and I had exhausted the stores we wanted to look in.

“You ready to go home?” I asked her.

“Yeah, we should do some homework and maybe you could talk to your mom. Whatever’s going on has really got you distracted.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be,” I said. “It’s this damn nonstop voice in my head!” I screamed at evil Peter.

“Dude, if we go home now and instead of doing homework you look up anal sex for us, I’ll shut up about it,” he said.

“Deal!” I shouted in my head.

Evil Peter didn’t say another word.

Becca and I held hands as we walked back to my mother’s car and headed home. It was late afternoon when we arrived. We walked in to Tiffany talking to Mom. We interrupted the conversation and I could tell it was about me since they cut it off mid-sentence.

“He’s ruined…” Tiffany was saying before she stopped.

The expression on her face was miserable and then when she looked right at me it turned to anger and she stormed off. Mom let her go and turned to me, looking concerned. Becca let go of my hand and said, “I’m going up to your room to get going on homework,” before leaving me with Mom.

When Becca was out of sight, Mom turned back to me and said, “Tiffany’s in a bad way… she can’t stop thinking about you after what you two did. I can’t blame her and she thinks we are still not having sex. She wants you bad, I can tell but she knows it isn’t right since you to are siblings.”

“Yeah, well you’re my mother so…”

“I know… it’s all messed up… I don’t know what to do for her and I feel guilty you and I are sneaking around behind her back again… but that doesn’t mean I want to stop, Peter.”

“I know… I don’t either… what if I convince Tiffany to have sex behind your back?” evil Peter said, taking over my body.

“What?” Mom asked, shocked.

“Just listen, Mom… she’ll think she’s the only one having me to make her happy, but between you and me… we’ll know the truth.”

Mom hesitated.

“What are you doing?” I asked evil Peter in my head.

“Getting things back to the way they were, before they found out about each other,” he said back.

“I don’t know, Peter… do you think she could keep the secret? Or will it eat her alive?” Mom asked.

“Well, she’s not going to want to share me with you… that’s obvious and I don’t know how else to satisfy her if it’s as bad as you say. I think it’s the only shot we have, or we live with a miserable Tiffany,” evil Peter explained.

“You’re probably right. Do you think you can convince her?” Mom asked to my surprise.

I didn’t think she’d go along with evil Peter’s idea so quickly, but maybe she was sick of ornery Tiffany too.

“I think it’s just a matter of time before she convinces herself and comes looking for me,” he said.

“You know, from the conversation we just had… I think you’re probably right, Peter… she was all out of sorts and when she talked about you and you’re ‘special gift’, she got all red and bothered before you came in with Becca.”

“See, it’s going to be fine… just a matter of time.”

“Okay, we’ll see. And you tell me when it happens, although I’ll probably be able to tell from her attitude,” Mom said. “All this talk has me out of sorts to… think you could visit tonight?” she asked us.

“I’m sure that can be arranged… and I have a surprise waiting for you too,” he said, kissing her forehead before heading up to my room.

“Surprise! What surprise do you have for my mother!?” I screamed in my head.

“Our cock in her ass of course,” he answered back. “But first we need to know more.”

He wouldn’t let me have control back. He had one thought, one mission and even the thought of Mom letting us try again with Tiffany, didn’t sway him from the task at hand. I couldn’t convince him of anything, I knew that. This made me a passenger in my own body again, incapable of stopping him.

He took us up to the attic. Becca was at my desk working on homework so he grabbed my laptop and sat on the bed behind her. She turned, when he didn’t say a word to her, and seemed like she was going to say something but went back to her homework. I think she thought I was still upset with my mom and decided not to say anything.

Evil Peter opened the computer and typed ‘anal sex’ into Google. First hit was Anal Sex Safety: Pain, Risks, Possible Complications, and more. He clicked on it and began to read and read and read. He worked his way through the first several hits on Google and it was obvious the biggest theme in every one of them was lube! They couldn’t stress that enough. Lube and patience and preparation. Over and over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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