Sexual adventures with Emily and her family pt.6

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Big Dick

We arrived at ‘Adore Boutique’ and walked inside… it was a nice place with what appeared to be a lot of variety. It appeared we were the only customers in the store, and the guy behind the counter (who I assumed was the husband) walked up and asked us if we needed any help. He looked like he was probably in his late 60’s, around 5’7 and a little chubby… and I notice him looking us up and down as Emily told him “We’re wanting a matching pair of lingerie… something sexy, but we don’t have anything specific in mind”. He responded “well normally my wife helps out the customers, but she took the day off to spend with her sisters… but my name is Mick, if I can help in any way, just let me know”. Emily smirked at me and said “thanks Mick, I’m sure we can use your help” before I added “I’m not sure what my measurements are… do you know how to check that?”. Mick quickly replied “absolutely, no problem. Just come with me”. Emily said “I’m going to look around for some ideas while you do that” and walked away.

Mick walked me to behind the counter and grabbed some measuring tape. I asked him “Do you measure over my dress, or do I need to remove it?”… I knew he could do it over my dress… I just wanted to see what he’d say…I was giving him an opportunity to take advantage of me, and I wanted to see if he would take it. He looked at my dress, and I’m sure he could tell I wasn’t wearing a bra… he said “well… I could do it over the dress… but we’d get a much better measurement without it on… if you’re comfortable with that”. I looked into his eyes and said “I’m not to shy… it’s just… I’m not wearing any underwear… and what if someone walks in?”. He was quick to reply “I can measure you in the dressing room… as long as you’re OK with it”. I faked hesitancy and then said “I guess so… I mean, this is what you do, right… I guess it’s not a big deal, I’ll just try to not over think it.” as he walked me to a dressing room. He closed the curtain behind him as he looked me up and down, knowing he was soon about to look at my secret body parts. “Where do we start?” I asked as he held up the measuring tape. He looked toward my chest and said “let’s start with your bust”.

I started to slide the straps down of my shoulder but then held the top in place with my arm and asked “are you sure it’s OK for me to show you my tits… I don’t want to do anything inappropriate… or that might upset your wife”. Mick told me “it’s fine, it’s just business… but it’s probably best not to tell my wife if you see her… just to avoid any unnecessary jealousy”. I smiled and said “I understand… thank you for being so professional” as I let the dress drop to my waist, freeing my tits to his view. He seemed to go in a small trance as he gazed at my nipples before snapping out of it and started to measure under my breasts. I told him “I didn’t expect to be topless in front of anyone today… this is a little surreal… I hope I’m not making you uncomfortable”. Mick seemed to have shaky hands, probably due to nerves, as he replied “you’re not making me uncomfortable at all”. I’ve always enjoyed playing innocent… I enjoy the idea that they think they are taking advantage of me, or seeing something they aren’t supposed to. Emily and I have always agreed that it’s way hotter that way, hence why we like to “accidentally” flash from time to time.

Mick’s face turned a little red when he said “ok let’s measure your bust”, as he slowly wrapped the measuring tape around my boobs. I felt fingers graze across my nipples, and I said “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect to get so aroused from just showing you my tits… you can see how hard my nipples are… now I’m embarrassed”. Mick stared at my nipples as he said “no need to be embarrassed… it’s natural.”. I gave him a shy smile and said “I guess so… be honest, does it turn you on seeing me like this?”. Mick was slow to respond as he looked me up and down and said “honestly, yes… you’re very sexy”. I pushed my arms together, which in turn pushed my tits out toward him, and I said “thank you… I’m glad you like seeing me”. And just like that all pretenses that this was all just an innocent professional interaction were gone. We both knew that I was enjoying showing him, and he was enjoying seeing me… there was no doubt this was an erotic moment for both of us.

Mick gave an old man grunt as he got down on his knees in front of me and said “ok, let’s measure your hips and waist now”. I played up the innocent role again by saying “but I’m not wearing any panties… I’ll be fully nude… do I need to uncover that area to get measured?”. You could see in Mick’s face that he was thinking about what to say next before he finally said “if you want the most accurate measurements”. I played like I was thinking about it and asked “be honest with me… do you want to see me fully naked… would that make you happy”. Mick slowly gave a shy smile and then nodded, looking a little embarrassed but excited. I looked down at him and returned the grin, and said “ok… you can see me naked since you were honest with me… honestly I’m getting more turned on thinking about doing it anyway”. Mick looked straight ahead at my covered waist, waiting for me to unveil my most secret body parts to his eyes, as he said “thank you”.

Knowing he was excited about what he was about to see, really did turn me on a lot… and as I slowly lowered the dress, I let it get right under my pussy, and then dropped it to the floor… and I was now standing naked in front of him, wearing nothing but heels, as he was on his knees staring directly at my cunt. He looked around me to see my ass in the mirror and then back at my pussy. I told him “I feel naughty showing you my pussy… do you like looking at it?”… he continued to just look me up and down, taking me all in as he said “I like looking very much… you have a very pretty pussy”. I gave a shy smile again and said “thank you… it’s making me really horny knowing you’re seeing me like this… and that you like it… be honest, does it make you horny looking at my pussy”. Mick didn’t take long at all to answer this time when he said “it makes me very horny… I wish I was younger and single”. I giggled and said “that’s sweet” as I turned around and bent over a bit, I added “since you were honest I’ll let you get a look at my pussy from behind… I can’t believe I’m doing this… you can’t tell anyone, ok”.

I could see him in the mirror staring between my legs from behind, slowly leaning toward my cunt as he said “I promise… it’s our secret… thank you”. I watched his face as I leaned forward a bit, which both lifted my pussy and brought it closer to his face until I bumped my cunt up against his nose… I played it off as an accident as I said “I’m sorry… I didn’t realize you were that close… you must have got a really good look”. He had to have seen me getting closer and just let it happen, but he replied “it’s OK, I don’t mind at all… this is the best thing that’s happen to me in a long time”. I turned back around and said “that makes me feel really good, thank you… you should probably finish measuring me though” with a giggle. Mick look startled as he apologized “I’m so sorry, I forgot what we were even doing”. He held up the measuring tape around my waist as I let him know “no need to apologize… I appreciate that you like looking at me so much”. It didn’t take him long to measure my waist and then my hips… and feeling his hands as the slightly rubbed against my ass and pussy was exciting, because I knew he probably did it on purpose.

He finished measuring me, but staid on his knees… still taking me in as I sat down on front of him and asked “you’ve been good about being honest so far… so honestly, did I really need to undress for the measurements, or did you just want to see me naked?”. I think he knew it was safe to admit it at that point as he said “you’re so beautiful, and there was an opportunity to see you naked… I just couldn’t pass it up… I hope that’s OK”. I chuckled as I said “I figured so… but I don’t mind, it really turned me on anyway… thank you for consistently being honest when I ask you to be, but I should really check on my friend”. I knew it hadn’t been too long, but long enough to where I’m sure she knew something was up. Mick asked, with a sly grin, “do I get a reward for being honest again?”. I bit my lip a little as I slid down on the bench and opened my legs, giving him the best view of my pussy yet. I noticed his breathing got heavier and he was trying to discreetly rub his crotch over his pants as he stared at my wet open cunt.

I told him as I i started to rub myself “this is probably too much, isn’t it?… I shouldn’t be doing this in front of a married man… if you can keep it a secret from my friend, I’ll try to talk her into getting measured naked too… just don’t tell her how naughty I’ve been, ok?”. I spread open my pussy for him as he said “I won’t tell her… your pussy looks so good”. I gave a sly smile and said “Mmmm, thank you… do you want a quick feel before I get dressed?… just a 5 second feel, ok?”. Mick just nodded and leaned in and started rubbing my pussy… my tits… my ass.. I wasn’t sure how far he’d go, if he would do any more than just look… but now his married cheating finger was buried inside my pussy. It was hard to do, but I told him “you have to stop now… I’m going to check on Emily… remember, play it cool” as I stood up and slipped on my dress.

I walked out and found Emily looking at different outfits. She saw me and said, “I found a few different outfits we should try on… I told Bruce we were trying on outfits for tonight, and of course he wants pictures… I told him that I’d send pics of the ones we don’t choose for tonight… did you get your measurements?”. I told her what happened, and how I teased him and played innocent… and how I set it up for her to do the same. She smiled at me and said “I guess I should get my measurements too” as we headed toward the dressing room where Mick was. It was nice to see Emily being so eager to join in the fun… occasionally I worried we weren’t always on the same page like when we were younger, but she never failed to show that wasn’t the case.

Mick was standing outside the dressing rooms as we walked up, he was looking a little flushed and a bit nervous… maybe this was too much for him, I thought to myself… it’s probably been decades since he’s had an experience like this, if ever. Emily acted natural as she said “Diana suggested I get measured as well, to make sure we get our most accurate fit… I want to look our best for my husband”. Mick seemed intrigued by that statement and asked “you guys are getting matching outfits for your husband?”, to which I replied “We’re doing a boudoir shoot for his birthday… so we want to look our best”. Mick grined at Emily, and asked “I believe I’ve seen you here before, right?”… I guess he recognized her, probably because he snuck a little peek before. Emily returned the smile and said “I’ve bought a few outfits here before, but i want to find something special for the shoot.. so, where do you measure first?”, and Mick looked at me… I guess he didn’t know what to say, so I took the initiative.

I looked at Emily and said “He can measure you over your clothes, but the measurements won’t be as accurate as they would be if you remove your dress”. Emily gave me her best confused, semi shocked face as I added “don’t worry, he’s a professional… it’s like going to a doctor, he does this all the time. I did it, and I’m not even wearing underwear”. Emily acted as if she was thinking about it and said “you know my husband would be upset if he found out another guy saw me naked”. I played along and said “he doesn’t need to know… you’re doing it for him anyway… if it makes you feel better, I’ll undress with you, ok?”. Mick said “I promise I’ll stay professional, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable… it’s just if you want the best fit”. I felt we had sold the innocent girl thing enough, and apparently Emily did to as she said “I’ll do it for my husband… but you can’t tell him about it, I don’t want him to get upset with me”. Mick gave a slight polite smile as he opened the dressing room curtain and gestured inside… but I knew he was excited to get to see not only Emily naked, but more of me naked as well.

The dressing room was just big enough for the three of us without being too cramped, and Emily looked at Mick and said “so do I just undress now?… I’m not used to any man besides my husband seeing me naked”. I looked at her and said “It’s no big deal, you’ll feel comfortable after a couple of minutes… besides, he can help us pick out the best outfits, and he’d probably see a lot of you then anyway, right?”. Emily gave a shy shrug as she slipped one escort gaziantep ofise gelen bayan arm out of her dress strap and hesitated a bit while looking at Mick and said “do you do this often?”. Mick looked at us both and said “usually my wife does this, but she’s not here today… but I promise I’ll be professional… but don’t mention it to her, she would probably get jealous, ok?”. Emily said “I guess we both have our secret then… as long as it stays professional” as she let the dress fall to the ground, and she stood fully nude in front of Mick, wearing nothing but her high heels. She looked at me and said “you said you would be naked too!”, as she played bashful in front of Mick.

Mick was running his eyes up and down her body as I said “he’s already seen me naked it’s no big deal… see!”, as I dropped my dress to the floor as well… Mick now had two woman half his age standing fully nude in front of him, as he started to measure Emily under her bust. I secretly took a picture of Mick as he held the tape under her breasts, while staring straight at her nipples… I remembered what Emily said about Bruce wanting pictures of the outfits we tried on, and decided to message him. I texted Bruce ‘hey sexy, we’re going to take some pics for you soon in the outfits we try on. I hope you want to see both of us’… It didn’t take long for a reply back, he said ‘of course!’. I sat down on the bench that Emily was standing in front of and replied ‘I’m going to try to take pics with the timer so that we’re both in the same pic wearing the same outfit’. I looked at Mick who was now measuring Emily’s bust and I said “you have to admit Mick, she has beautiful breasts, doesn’t she?”. Mick smiled and said “very beautiful” as he admired them, and Emily replied “well… that does make me feel a little better.. thank you”. I put one of my feet on the bench next to me, opening my legs again for Mick’s viewing, as I told Emily “you also have to admit… it’s a little bit of a turn on being seen like this, right”. Emily played along and said “maybe a little… my husband wouldn’t like that though”. Mick joined in and said “It’s OK, it doesn’t leave this room”, while going to his knees to measure her waist… and of course taking in the closer view of her pussy.

Emily said “I can’t believe you can see me down there right now… no one but my doctor and husband have ever seen my vagina”… she was really hamming it up now, I had witnessed her getting fucked by so many guys in the past that it was a little difficult for me to keep from laughing when she said that. Mick didn’t hide the fact he was looking, and I added “you can’t tell me that it doesn’t turn you on knowing he can see your pussy… it’s OK to admit it, I won’t think less of you, and your husband won’t know”. Emily acted embarrassed as she said “I don’t know why… but it does turn me on… I feel like I’m showing off for him even though I know he’s just measuring me… I know it’s not professional for me to admit it though… I feel so slutty”. Mick wasn’t slow to say “it’s OK, you’re very beautiful and I can’t help but be aroused by seeing you as well”. Emily responded “thank you… that does make me feel more comfortable… I guess it’s not a real big deal that you saw me naked, I’m just surprised by how much it turned me on”.

Mick finished up doing the measurements and got up off his knees, still smiling from ear to ear as we both put our dresses back on. Emily said “I found some outfits I’d like to try on, I’ll grab them and you can let us know if you have any in our size” and walked away as Mick and I stood outside the dressing room. I thought about Bruce wanting pictures of us and thought, would Bruce be OK with Mick taking the pics? He’s certainly no one to get jealous over, and it might be a good step in the right direction for their relationship. I started to text Bruce while I asked Mick “did you enjoy seeing her naked like that? Do you like looking at us now knowing what we look like undressed?”. I knew the answer to the questions, but it turned me on to hear it. Mick said “I loved it… thank you so much, it’s been the best thing I’ve had happen in a long time”.

The message I sent Bruce asked ‘there’s no where to set the phone for the timer in the dressing room. I was thinking about asking the old guy working here if he’d take pics of us in the outfits on my phone, but I wanted to run it by you first. He’s no threat’. I then secretly took a picture of Mick and sent it to him so he could see for himself. Regardless of what Bruce said, I was going to let Mick take the pictures… but I wanted to see if he might get on board. Bruce had admitted in the past that the idea of other guys seeing Emily nude was a turn on… maybe it was time to put it to the test. I told Mick “why don’t you pick out a couple outfits you’d like to see us in as well”… Mick smiled and walked off like he knew exactly what outfits he wanted us to try on, and probably just excited that his part in this wasn’t over.

Bruce wrote me back and said ‘I’m a little nervous about the idea, but I know she wouldn’t do anything with him… give me a minute to think about it’. I wrote back and said ‘you did say the idea of Scott seeing her nude turned you on a bit… so why not test it out on a harmless stranger? It might help broaden your sexual relationship with Emily also, and she is going to let you fuck me tonight’. Before he could respond I added ‘of course you already fucked me, but she doesn’t know that ;)’. I figured any thing that might be keeping him from saying yes would now be a mute point, as he wouldn’t want her to find out about him fucking me already. Once it showed he read the message I deleted it so that I didn’t have to worry if Emily saw it. Bruce wrote back and said ‘OK… just send me the pictures as you take them so my mind doesn’t go crazy wondering what is happening, ok?’. I responded ‘I promise I will. Does the idea of some stranger seeing your wife in revealing lingerie turn you on a little?’. He quickly responded ‘yes, but it also makes me feel nervous’. I replied ‘no need to be nervous, I think this will be good for you guys. I’m going to help her find outfits and talk to her about it, and of course make sure the worker will help out’.

I went and found Emily and told her what Bruce said… and I could tell she was excited that he had agreed. He eyes lit up, and she knew it was a progressive step in where she wanted the relationship to go. She started messaging him while I told her “we should probably start with something not to revealing… work our way up so he doesn’t freak out right away”. I walked back to the dressing room where I found Mick with a few outfits, and I asked him “once we have the outfits on, will you take a few pictures of us with my phone? I want to see what our photographer thinks of the outfits”. Mick said “I’d be honored”, so I added “I’m sure you can be with us while we try them on… you’ve already seen us naked after all”. I noticed Mick was both smiling and seeming to be having a hard time hiding his erection in his slacks.

I leaned in to Mick’s ear and I whispered “you make me feel like a slut… and I like it… thank you”. Mick’s face turned beet red as he simply said “thank you”. Emily came walking up with a few different outfits and asked Mick if he had any in our measurements. Mick went to look, and I showed Emily that he had picked out some outfits for us to try on as well. Emily was clearly more excited now that Bruce agreed to the pictures and that it would help move things toward her getting to have a more exciting sex life again. I asked her what Bruce said to her, and she said “he told me that as long as there’s no touching, and he’s just taking pics of us, he’s cool with it… I’m excited to see how he reacts to the pictures knowing another man saw it in person”.

We heard Mick saying something, probably talking to himself when I received a message from Bruce that was simply “???”. I showed Emily and we laughed as I responded “hold your horses, we’re still picking outfits out. The old man said he’d be happy to take the pics though, so you’ll be seeing us soon”. Mick came walking back and said “I noticed there was a couple about to come in, so I told them we had to close early, and I locked the door… so we don’t have to worry about anyone walking in”. Emily said “thank you Mick… I guess you’re excited to take the pics for us, huh?”. Mick replied “I hope that’s OK… I don’t want to do anything that makes anyone uncomfortable”. Emily gave him a hug and said “that’s so sweet, thank you… knowing you’re excited to see more of us is both flattering and turns me on… i haven’t had a man lust over my body in many years, other than my husband.”. I suggested that we should pick out our first outfit, and we walked into the dressing room to look through the options.

Most of the outfits were extremely revealing… the ones that Mick picked out were basically just outlines around our tits and crotch, exposing everything. Emily did pick out one that covered everything, but was very low cut, and she decided it would be a good one to start with. I looked at Emily and said “I told Mick it would be OK for him to watch us getting dressed… since he’s already seen us naked any way”. Emily acted a bit shy and then said “I guess that’s fair… you have already seen us nude, and some of the lingerie doesn’t cover much anyway” as she let her dress slowly fall to the ground again… I followed suit doing the same as we stood in front of him nude again. Mick didn’t bother to close the curtain this time since the store was closed and no one could see us, and he made no effort to hide the fact that he was ogling us while we unhooked the outfits. Once we put them on we looked over at Mick and I asked “so what do you think?”. Mick said “you guys look beautiful… but the outfit covers to much for my taste”. Emily said “I agree… but let’s take a few pictures to see what the photographer thinks”.

I opened up my camera and handed it to Mick, and then stood and posed next to Emily as he took a picture. We then turned around to get a shot from behind, and then a shot of us sitting on the bench with one leg raised. I took the phone back from Mick and sent them to Bruce, with the message ‘sexy, but not very revealing. I think we need something that shows off more. a lot more. What do you think?’. I was really curious to see how he responded, I knew this was a big deal to him. The idea of his wife being exposed in front of another man, looking seductive… he might get turned on by it, but it might be to much for him… but I was going to push it to happen regardless. This is what Emily needs, and I didn’t want to disappoint her. Emily was not wasting time as she started undressing again in front of Mick, obviously enjoying the attention.

I waited to undress while messaging Bruce, allowing Emily to have Mick’s full attention focused on her, as she casually talked to him as if she wasn’t fully nude. Bruce messaged me back and said ‘wow, I wasn’t sure you guys were actually going to do it.. I saw him in the reflection in the mirror behind you, so I knew he took the pics. You guys look incredible. I replied back ‘thanks, but we should definitely show more skin right? I think the next one we try will have our tits exposed. Are you ready?’. Emily was going through the outfits with Mick, as he was enjoying a good look at her ass, and Bruce replied back ‘I think so’. That was good enough for me, so I replied ‘OK, she’s about to show the old guy her tits :)’. I started undressing as I told Emily “the photographer thinks we should wear something that shows off our breasts”. Emily smiled and said “i think we can do that”.

We found an outfit that was skimpier in the crotch and ass, and only covered half the breasts, but allowing the nipples to still be exposed. We took our time putting the outfits on while talking to Mick about how much fun we were having, and it was obvious by the lump in Mick’s slacks he was still having fun too. Emily acted out the innocent routine again, telling Mick “I hope you don’t think less of me… being a married woman, and allowing you to see me like this”. Mick didn’t hesitate to say “I don’t at all… I hope you don’t think less of me being a married man and wanting to look at you…”. I spoke up and said “I think what happens here today just stays between us… we’ll consider it a break from our normal lives… deal?”. I look at Emily, and she looked over at Mick and said “deal”. Mick stared breathing heavy and said “It’s a deal”. This was a technique I used often to give people an excuse to misbehave… and it usually works.

“Good!” I said “now let’s take some more pictures”. I handed Bruce the phone escort gaziantep öğrenci bayan and we did the same poses as last time… except you could see our nipples this time, and a lot more crotch and ass. I sent the pictures to Bruce with the message ‘you can see our nipples, which is sexy, but I think we should still show more. The worker seems to be enjoying looking at us’. While I was doing that, Emily was stepping out of the heels and asked Mick to help her out of the outfit she had on. Watching as Mick walked up to her and slowly undressed her, exposing her breasts and then getting on his knees and placing his face close to her crotch as he pulled down her bottoms. I’m sure she could feel his heavy breathing on her cunt as she thanked him for his help. He didn’t move he just stayed in place, face within inches of her pussy, and I was curious what was going to happen next.

Bruce replied back ‘Wow! He was able to see her nipples. I wonder how much she’ll be willing to show’. I replied back ‘you can tell he’s really turned on looking too… I hope you’re OK with that, because he’s probably going to see a lot more. Does it turn you on knowing some stranger is getting to see your wife’s body?’. Mick hadn’t moved, and Emily asked him “Do you think I look good down there?” Mick lowered his head to get a better view up between her legs, and said “your husband is a lucky man to have a wife with such a beautiful pussy”. Emily sat down on the bench and opened up her legs for Mick to have a better view, and she asked him “does it still look beautiful like this?”, as she spread her pussy open for him. I decided to record what was happening, but the video was interrupted by a message from Bruce after just only recording for 8 seconds.

The message from Bruce said ‘it actually is turning me on, but it’s also making me nervous. Do you think she’ll wear something that shows him even more?’. I quickly replied ‘I think she would happily if you want that. Do you want that Bruce?’. I handed the phone over to Emily, who still had a older man on his knees looking at her pussy, and I started to undress. I asked Mike “doesn’t she have such a lovely pussy? You’re lucky to get to see that, no one other than her husband has seen her like you have”. Emily was messaging Bruce back when she said “I shouldn’t be exposing myself like this… you’ve already seen me naked, but that doesn’t mean I should be putting my spread pussy in your face” as she stood up to look through the lingerie we picked out. I stood next to her and said “It’s OK, you’re just having a little fun… besides, we’re on a break, remember?”. Emily was messaging on my phone again and then handed back to me as she said “I guess so… it does make me a little horny being naughty like that and letting him see me”.

I looked at the messages that were sent in my phone, and saw Bruce had said ‘I think I do want that. I’m feeling uneasy but also really turned on. I wonder what that guy is thinking seeing you both like that’. Emily replied back ‘he probably feels like the luckiest guy in the world right now. I’m going to have Emily put on something skimpy over her pussy and spread her legs for the picture. Think you can handle that?’. Emily had sent the message to him while pretending to be me… she was having to much fun with this. Bruce had wrote back saying ‘I think so. Let’s see’. I put the phone down and Emily handed me the next outfit with a mischievous grin and said “let’s see”. I knew exactly what she meant as I started to put it on, and I gave Mick my ‘sexy look’ as he watched us dress. The outfits were extremely revealing… the cupped under the breasts to give them some lift, but left them exposed, and the bottom just had a thin transparent strip to cover our crotch… which did little more than barely cover the lips.

We did the same three poses, and then Emily suggested doing one more while sitting on the floor, and having our knees up with our legs spread. I could feel the fabric sliding up into my crotch, swallowing the fabric like a frontal g string and leaving very little to the imagination. Mick took the pictures, and I asked if he could take an up close picture of our bottoms as well before we got out of the pose. Mick smiled while making more old man grunting sounds as he got back down on his knees and moved in for a close up between our legs. Emily pointed out “I can’t wait to hear what the photographer thinks of those pics” as I sent them to Bruce for his viewing. Emily came over next to me and watched the phone, just waiting to hear his reply.

It didn’t take very long before Bruce wrote back and said ‘holy shit, you guys showed him just about everything. That’s so hot. I can’t wait to fuck you guys tonight’s. Emily smiled at me and said “maybe one more outfit?”. I returned her smile and messaged Bruce saying ‘one more outfit to go, and this one will leave nothing to the imagination. I’m telling her to try it on now’. Emily smiled and said “which outfit should we do? We have a few here that don’t cover our tits and pussies…” I looked at Mick, who was standing idly by with an erection clearly showing, and asked “where are your garter belts?… ones without and panties or bras”. We started to undress again, letting Mick stare as he said “they’re over this way, I’ll show you once you’re ready”.

He lead us through the store, and we were completely naked as we walked with him to the garter belts. It felt strange waking around a store completely naked, but it was also fun. We took our time going through them, finding the ones we liked best, and Mick would occasionally make suggestions. When Emily wasn’t looking, I reached out and rubbed Mick’s erection through his slacks, causing him to gasp and breath heavy. I gave him a quick glance and put my finger up to my mouth to motion silence. He had a concerned look on his face as he nodded that he understood. I turned my back to him, facing toward Emily, and put his hand on my ass letting him know he was free to feel… and as his hand rubbed and groped my ass, I asked Emily “Do you think Mick should try on something for us? It only seems fair, right?”. Emily turned to look at Mick, who quickly stopped groping me, and said “that does seem only fair… why don’t you pick out something sexy for us Mick?”. Mick made some weird mumbling sounds, like he was nervous and wasn’t sure what to do, so I grabbed his hand and said “I’ll help him find something for him to try on, and you find something for us”. Emily gave me a knowing smirk and said “ok, I’ll see what I can find”.

Mick took me to the men’s section, which was very small… just a handful of sheer shorts and a few speedos. While I was still naked, I gave Mick a hug and said “you’ve been so good to us… thank you” in my best seductive tone. He looked a little sweaty as I put his hands on my chest, and as he played with my tits I asked him “when was the last time you had a blow job?”. Mick looked so nervous as he stammered “my wife hasn’t done that since we were young”. I rubbed his cock through his slacks and said “be honest… if you had the chance to fuck us… would you do it? Would you cheat on your wife?”. I moved his right hand down to my cunt, and I’m sure he could tell how wet I was. Mick was slow to whisper “yes… I would… I never thought I would, but I never thought I’d have anything like this happen to me… and I know I’d never get another opportunity in my lifetime”. I kissed him on the cheek and said “Thank you for being honest, Mike… I don’t think it’ll happen, but it’s nice to know you find me so attractive”. Mike was silent for awhile as he continued to play with my cunt before he finally asked “do I get another prize for being honest?”.

I smirked at him and said “I’ll tell you what… if you put on one of those shorts for us, I just might give you a little taste of what it’s like for me to suck your cock… would that be a worthy prize?”. Mick smiled and trembled a bit, but said “I don’t have a very attractive body… i won’t look very good, and I’m worried you’ll change your mind about things if you saw me with my clothes off”. I looked down at his crotch and grabbed his belt… I started to undo his buckle as I said “you have nothing to worry about… if you put those on, I promise I’ll give your cock a little suck… you worry too much”. Mick looked at me hesitantly and said “ok… if you promise not to stop the fun of you’re turned off by me”. I giggled as I said “I promise”, and unbuttoned his shirt. In all honesty, he was far from a guy I would consider hot… he was almost old enough to be my grandfather, out of shape, thin balding hair, a gut… but I really didn’t care. I had worked myself up teasing him, and the idea of this older married man using me… getting off to me… turned me on a lot.

I removed his shirt, and he stepped out of his pants, and all he had on after that was some tighty whitey briefs. I dropped down to my knees so that his crotch was in my face, and I pulled down his briefs allowing his cock to spring up toward my face. I was taken back by how thick it was!… it wasn’t very long, but it was incredibly girthy. I grabbed his cock with my hand and started to stroke it. I looked up at Mick as his knees buckled a bit and said “you have a nice fat cock on you, Mick… I bet your wife loves it” before I placed the head of his dick in my mouth and lightly sucked on it. It was the thickest cock I had in a long time, and it actually had to stretch out my mouth a bit… which was uncomfortable, but also arousing. I was glad it wasn’t too long, because I don’t think I could have taken it all. I bobbed my head as he braced himself on a clothing rack, and stopped to slowly stroke him again. I looked up to him and said “I want to see what this cock feels like inside of me… no fucking, just put it inside… ok?”. Bruce, in a sweaty haze, nodded his head as I turned around and stuck my ass in the air for him.

I felt him get down behind me and start to line me up… I was glad I was already so wet, because his thick cock wasn’t going to slide in easy. I felt as the head started to penetrate me, and I spread my legs as far as I could to allow easier access inside of me. Mick used his hands to open my pussy lips more to help against resistance as it slowly slid inside… and I gasped as he fully penetrated me, and I felt his hairy balls slap against my clit. I reached between my legs and started rubbing my clit while reminding him “no fucking… I just wanted you to see how good my pussy feels… does it feel good?”. To his credit, he hadn’t moved as he replied “yes… your pussy feels very good”. As I continued to rub my clit, I’d occasionally slide a little forward, and then slowly slid back against him… teasing him as I slightly fucked him, and I acted oblivious to what I was doing… he then started to work the nerve up to slowly sliding back at the same time, allowing more of a stroke when I would move back toward him.

I looked back at him and said “it was difficult to get your big cock in me at first, but now my pussy can take it with ease… see” as I pulled forward, letting his cock come out of me completely, and then pushing back to allow it to fully penetrate me again… I did that about 5 times knowing full well I was fucking him, but acted innocent about it as I said “it slides in so easily now”. I looked back at him to see how he was reacting, and I could see on his face he was getting close to cumming… and I didn’t want to end the fun just yet… so I pulled forward and turned around and said “ok, that’s enough for now… go ahead and get those shorts on so we can get back with Emily”. His cock was occasionally flexing as he slid on the shorts, which were not only see through but also being tented by his fat dick. I playfully smacked his cock and told him how sexy it looked as we went back to Emily.

Emily was in the dressing room and had already put on the garter, but was completely topless, and had nothing covering her crotch… she was basically nude besides the garter belt and stockings. She was putting her high heels back on when I told her “damn, Emily. You look sexy as fuck… let me put mine on for the pictures”. Emily looked at Mick, who still looked embarrassed as he stood there in nothing but see through shorts and an erection, and said “wow, Mick… you have a big summer sausage cock… very nice”. Mick still looking a bit embarrassed, looked Emily up and down as he said “thank you”. I got the garter belt on, and put on my high heels, found my phone and handed it to Mick and told him we were ready. We stood in front of him as he took the pics same as before, and of course the legs spread on the floor… this time with nothing blocking escort bayan oğuzeli the view. Emily asked him “Do you like my patch of hair over my pussy, or should I shave it all like Diana? We opened and played with our wet pussies while Mick watched, and he finally said “I couldn’t prefer one over the other… you guys both look so sexy like that. Emily smiled and then asked for a picture of us in the doggystyle position… Emily then asked for one more up close like that… “for the photographer”.

We were still siting on the floor when Mick handed me back my phone, and I asked Emily “which ones should I send?” thinking she might be worried to send the explicit pics. She smirked at me and said “all of them”. I did as she requested, really curious to what Bruce was going to say about his wife showing everything to this stranger. I handed Emily the phone after I sent the pics so she could see his reply, and then I went between her legs and started eating her out. I used my hands to spread her thighs as I licked around her pussy, and she started to moan as she stared at Mick’s crotch. I looked back to see Mick had pulled his cock out and was slowly stroking it as he watched us… and Emily moaned “I bet that cock would feel awesome stretching out my pussy”… I stopped licking her long enough to say “it’s OK if you want to find out, I won’t say anything”. I looked back at Mick and asked him “would you like to fuck Emily’s married pussy?”. Mick just nodded as he slowly jerked himself, and Emily said “I know I shouldn’t though… but I really want to”. I replied back “remember… we’re on a break from our normal lives… none of this counts or will be spoken of again… we agreed”. Emily moaned “I guess that’s true… I’m not sure yet”.

I felt Mick get behind me again, I guess based on what I said he knew he had permission to finally fuck me… and he did… he worked that fat dick inside of me, and started slamming away. I looked back at him and said “oh my God, Mick… you’re fucking me so good!… don’t cum!”. I was worried about things ending before anything happened with Emily. Emily was looking at the phone as I ate her out, and I could tell that Bruce had replied back… and based on her reaction I knew it was positive. Mick stopped fucking me, I think worried he was going to cum, and Emily looked at me and said “It’s my turn to eat you out” as she handed me back the phone.

We switched places as I looked at the phone and saw Bruce had said ‘OMG he could see everything on both of you! He’s not going to fuck you guys is he?’. Emily had replied ‘This is Emily. no, only if you wanted to let him fuck me. Would you want that?’. Bruce hadn’t replied yet as I felt Emily start working my pussy with her tongue, getting deep inside of me… and it was then that I remembered that her son Craig had cum inside of me just hours earlier… and I didn’t know if any was still there, but there was a chance she was lapping up her son’s cum without realizing it… why that turned me on, I have no idea, but it did. Mick was looking at Emily from behind, and I knew he was considering pushing his cock in her too. Emily was clearly putting herself in the position to get penetrated, as she put her ass up high with her knees far apart… I knew she knew what she was doing, and wanted to see what he would do.

Emily continued to eat my pussy as Mick slowly rubbed her outer leg, I guess waiting to see her reaction… and when she didn’t react, he moved his hand to her inner leg… waited again before slowly working his hand up to make brief contact with her pussy. Emily stopped briefly to smirk at me with her devious eyes, and started licking me again, and I could tell Mick was now playing with her pussy. I finally received a response back from Bruce that said ‘not yet… I want to be there when you let another guy fuck you for the first time. I acted like Emily as I replied ‘I understand. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing us show off to the old guy. I wouldn’t want to fuck him unless you wanted me to anyway’. It was hard to reply with Emily working my pussy over with her tongue, but I sent the message and then put the phone down as I watched Mick lean forward and eat her pussy from behind. I think Mick decided he got that far, he was going to see if he could fuck her, as he got back up and waddled on his knees to get between her legs. Emily didn’t react, I’m sure waiting to see what he’d do, as he slid his cock up and down her slit… he looked at me, and I bit my lip as I nodded for him to do it… and I watched as he pushed forward and worked his cock inside of her.

Emily gasped and said “It’s so fucking big” as he worked it in and out until he was fucking her at a steady pace. Emily started saying “I’m such a fucking slut, fuck me Mick… fuck me good” as Mick continued to use her pussy, while looking like he couldn’t believe it was really happening. I got up as I told Mick “you heard her, fuck her married pussy… use her like a good slut” as I reached for my phone and secretly recorded them. Mick started to slow his rhythm, I’m not sure if it was too prevent cumming or if he was just getting physically exhausted… but Emily turned around and pushed him down on his back as she started to suck his cock. Watching her open her mouth so wide to take him in was incredible, and I knew that she was going to give him the blow job of his lifetime.

I stopped recording and went over Mick’s head, straddling his face as he licked my pussy… I was facing Emily as she sucked his cock, and watched as she sat up and smiled at me before hovering over his cock and holding it as she sat down, allowing it to penetrate her pussy. I leaned in to kiss her while he licked my cunt, and she broke the kiss to tell me “I’ve really missed you… thank you”, as she slid up and down his dick. There’s many reasons why I love Emily, and one of them is that no matter the situation… she always down to get slutty with me… even on an old, chunky, fat cocked, married stranger.

We were in the middle of the aisle, in front of the dressing rooms, as I sat down next to Mick’s head, facing him so he could see me, and I rubbed my pussy while she fucked him… his eyes locked on her tits as they bounced in front of him, occasionally looking over at me as I rubbed my pussy in front of his face. Mick started grunting, and Emily climbed off of him saying “don’t cum yet… you’ve seen us both completely naked… you’ve tasted and explored our pussies, fucked us, got sucked on by both of us… before you cum, where do you want to finish? On us, or in one of us? Maybe in one of our mouths?… which one would make you cum the hardest?”. Excellent question by Emily, and I looked forward to the answer…

Mick said “I don’t want to be pushy… but if it could go the way I want… I’d have you both lay on your back while I take turns fucking you, and then bend you over and take turns finishing in you like that… I’d just go back and forth as I cum”. I had to admit, I was impressed with the answer, as Emily said “let’s do it like that then” as she walked over to a open spot on the floor and laid down on her back. I gave him a quick suck, and then walked over to Emily and laid down next to her, and watched as Mick walked over and got between my legs. He pulled my legs up as he positioned his dick to penetrate me, and watched as it did… he then laid on top of me and started fucking me the way I imagine he fucked his wife… missionary with slow steady strokes as he kissed my neck. .

I noticed from where we were at on the floor, you could see us from outside… no one was there, but it did add a bit of a dangerous element of being caught. Mick lifted his head to look down at me, and we locked eye contact as he thrusted inside me. He began kissing me, and then slowly started making out with me… and I realized he wasn’t fucking me to cum yet, he wanted to have an intimate moment with me as he fucked me… he wanted the full experience with me, and I understood what he was doing. I whispered in his ear “thank you for fucking me so good, your wife is incredibly lucky”. He started to fuck me faster, but stopped and pulled out, and moved over between Emily’s legs and did the same thing… slow strokes as he savored fucking her, and started to make out with her as well. I’ve always enjoyed watching Emily get fucked, and this was no different… seeing this man, who was about twice our age, as he had indulged in our forbidden bodies… I knew we represented every girl he wish he could have fucked in the past, and now he was finally getting it.

Mick pulled out and flipped Emily over, and started slamming into her from behind with strong strokes that made slapping sound ring out in the store. Mick looked at me and said “get next to her… I’m going to fuck you both and cum in you both”. I knew what he wanted as I got in the same position as Emily, right next to her as I we started kissing. Mick got behind me and started pounding on me with the same vigor that he had with Emily, and after about 20 seconds went back to Emily. It didn’t take him long to switch between us, and I knew he was getting close to blowing his load on us… and I knew it was going to be a massive load after all the teasing we had done. I heard him starting to grunt as he fucked her, and Emily encouraged him by saying “yes baby, cum inside my pussy”.

Mick pulled out and slammed into me as I could tell he was cumming, and after just a few seconds turned to penetrate Emily and cum in her as well. He kept switching between our pussies as he continued to shoot inside of us, until he couldn’t cum anymore… he sat back, panting as his cock was still throbing, and we flipped over and to face him… smiling as his cum leaked from our worn cunts. He smiled back at us while trying to catch his breath and Emily lied and said “no other man other than my husband has ever cum in me… it felt incredible though”. Mick panted as he looked at us and said “thank you guys… this has been incredible”. Emily and I stood up and looked out to make sure no one had been watching through the window… the coast was clear, but we laughed at the idea that someone could have walked up on us. Emily went to the dressing room to get dressed, and I walked up to Mick as he stood up and pulled up his shorts, and I gave him a slow kiss on the lips before heading toward the dressing room as well.

We walked up to see Emily dropping her dress down over her body, and gave Mick a bashful but playful look. I started putting on my dress as Emily told him “I can’t believe that just happened… you now know my body just as well as my husband… inside and out”. Now fully dressed, I smiled at Mick and giggled “you have probably seen us naked more than dressed”. Mick chuckled, still standing in nothing but transparent shorts, and said “this is the best day I’ve ever had on a job… I can’t believe how beautiful you both are”. Emily replied “you’re so sweet, Mick” as she picked out the outfits she liked best. Mick followed up by saying “you guys look even more beautiful without clothing though”. I gave him a hug while saying “it’s sexy knowing that you know all of our bodies secrets, and that you appreciate it… I can still feel your cum leaking out of me under my dress”.

Mick went to get some tissues so we could clean up a bit, and he watched us as we lifted our dresses up to wipe up… giving him one last look at our pussies. Mick wanted to let us take the outfits, but Emily insisted on paying for them… I’m pretty sure he gave her a big discount anyway. I wrote my number down and gave it to Mick, telling him “if you’d like me to send you some of the pics, just send me a message”. Mick assured me he would as we both gave him one last hug before we left. Mick told us “if you come back, most likely my wife will be here… so please don’t say anything, ok?”. Emily quickly responded “don’t worry… it didn’t happen… it was a break from our normal lives, like Diana said”. Mick thanked us again as we unlocked the door and we walked out to our car… taking turns flashing our ass to Mick as we left.

We headed to the hotel that Bruce had reserved for us, and Emily said “you realize that today was the best day of Mick’s life… he’ll never experience anything like that again. Today is the highlight of his life”. I knew she was right.. despite any guilt he might feel, he’ll think about what happened that day every day for the rest of his life, and he is not likely to have another day even come close to matching it. I received a text saying ‘this is Mick. Thanks again and I look forward to the pictures’. I let Emily know I was about to make his day even better, and I sent him the pictures I had taken. I then remembered I needed to keep the pics and videos in my new app that Craig helped me with.

We were getting close to the hotel now, and we knew that things between Emily and Bruce would be changed forever after that night… they were already changed based on how Bruce reacted to Mick seeing Emily naked… hopefully things would continue to progress, and Emily can finally be open with her slutiest thoughts.. at least more open…

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