Sexy Sister in Law Ch. 01

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I’ve been married to Paula for 14 wonderful years.

We have a great marriage. Don’t get me wrong we have our ups & downs but we do love each other very much & are life partners.

I’ve been faithful for the greater part of our relationship & I suspect that’s probably mostly the case with her as well.

I’m ashamed to say that two of my infidelities have been with both of my wife’s sisters. What I’m about to tell you is a true story about a several year fling I had with one of them. I’ve changed names & the timeline slightly for obvious reasons.

I met my wife on a joint hen-stag night in 1998 during my 29th year. I had been friends with the bride to be for years. In fact we had been best friends since the mid 80’s. I’d gone out with the prospective groom & a group of other lads I didn’t really know that well. The plan was that we & the girls would go on a pub crawl round different bars & eventually meet up in a night club. Of course it ended up being a great night because my best, girly friend introduced me to a work colleague of hers who at just 20 was 9 years my junior & I ended up marrying her 4 years later.

We’d been together 5 months when Christmas came around & like all new couples we had made plans for the festive season which included a lot of partying & sex. Unfortunately it was all ruined when Paula informed me she had been ordered home for Christmas by her mum & she wasn’t the kind of woman to take no for an answer. They lived 150 miles away & with no car at the time it was going to be a long boring sexless Xmas for me.

A week later Paula returned from her family get away & we wasted no time jumping into bed to make up for the frustration of the last 7 days apart. After, we lay there entwined chatting when the conversation turned to her time away. It seemed she hadn’t had much fun either with her extended family, grannies & the like. She did tell me her family had been very curious about me. They had given her the obligatory grilling & couldn’t wait to meet me which would be soon as they were coming for her birthday in March. Yeah great I thought.

The day came & we readied ourselves. We are quite house proud & wanted to make a good impression so we furiously tidied her flat then showered, shaved (me obviously) & made ourselves presentable. I knew little about her family, only that they were all professional people, nearly all of them lawyers & apparently the women were more than a little stuck up.

The door knocked & in they came. Only three had turned up in the end, Mum, Dad & youngest sister Katy. I agree they were very professional looking, mum & dad were very well dressed, well spoken & they had an aura of being affluent, at least to me anyway. I shook hands with Dad a short tubby man in his early fifties who was losing the battle with his hair, then mum, slightly younger & taller but rather rounder than her spouse. They were polite enough, engaging me in conversation but to be honest they didn’t have my full attention…

Wow, I thought as I shook Katie’s hand. My wife is an attractive woman but her younger sister blew her away. She had a straight up & down size 8 figure which I soon found myself staring at intently.

I can only describe her figure as lithe. As I said she was a size 8, which was accentuated by her being taller than the rest of her family. She was simply adorned in a tight pink v necked jumper which I could see was the only thing covering her nice B cup boobs she was the kind that could probably wear anything & make it look good. My only disappointment was that while quite pretty her looks weren’t the knockout her figure was. I’m probably being picky about the looks but if you saw her gorgeous figure you would understand. She had small, lean face, pretty blue eyes & just beyond shoulder length straight blonde hair.

As I drew closer I sensed her fragrance which was a mix of modest sweet perfume, the kind a girl wears & pheromones. She said hi I’m Katy in a slightly posh, I’m better than the average girl, almost as though she’d been to finishing school way. That was enough for me, her looks, figure, fragrance & accent had I hooked instantly.

From that moment on while being polite & chatting with the future in laws all I could think about was how much I wanted to have sex with Katy. I hoped all in the room wouldn’t notice my growing hard on, a battle I felt I was Quickly losing so I excused myself & hid in the kitchen while I waited for my throbbing erection to subside.

Strange thing was that while I fancied the pants off her I sensed the attraction might actually be mutual due to us catching each other’s gaze several times. I also noticed her checking out my physique which I’ve kept in a reasonable condition after 15 years of pounding weights in fact she became my favorite thought while stroking my cock gaziantep kızıl escort bayan slowly until my minds picture of her gorgeous body led to me cum uncontrollably.

I also regularly pictured her while having sex with Paula. I’m quite lucky that my future wife never connected the fact that we always had better, more passionate sex after Katie’s visits.

So it went on for a year or so, we would visit her family & sometimes they came to us. I would regularly fantasize about Katy while masturbating or fucking Paula. During the visits I got to know the family better. I got the impression most of Paula’s family thought I wasn’t good enough as they are really stuck up, that is apart from Katy & the girl’s dad. They both had similar easy going personalities which made them easier to get to know.

Eventually Katy gave us the news that she was leaving home to go to university to get a teaching degree. She was going a year later than most having decided to defer for a year so she could work & save to ease the financial burden. To my delight she told us that she had chosen a university only 50 miles away from us which meant we would be seeing a lot more of her. Paula was exited at the thought of spending more time with her baby sister, I was equally exited but for a totally different reason as you can imagine.

It turned out better than I could have hoped, Katy often stayed over at weekends or even longer during university breaks. She would bring her washing to be dutifully done by Paula. I would cook us all a meal & ply both girls with plenty of alcohol then we would all sit up to the early hours talking about life or whatever we fancied. Of course Katy was always in my mind the whole time, she was now 18 & while she was always cheeky in a good fun way she was now also more confident in herself due to leaving home & I only found her more attractive while still feeling that if I didn’t live with her sister I might just stand a chance.

Her first year at university was nearing an end when Easter break came around. We expected she would go home but to our surprise she turned up on our doorstep on Good Friday. She apologized for just turning up & explained that she had a row on the phone with their mum. Paula told her its fine there’s always a place here for her, I was just glad to spend more time with the girl I was becoming infatuated with.

Friday evening started out with me cooking dinner as usual while pouring the girls several large glasses of wine. Katy decided she needed a bath to relax & freshen up. Paula provided her with bubble bath, shampoo, conditioner & a towel. Katy had gone to the spare room where she always stayed to get changed. By pure luck (not) I emerged from our bedroom at the right time to bump into Katy on the landing on her way into the bathroom. To my delight she stood there in front of me nearly naked, if it weren’t for the average sized towel not really big enough to cover her modesty which was wrapped around her lovely little body. She stood there & gave me her sexy little smile as I gazed at her barely covered thighs & the top of her cute little boobs. I stood there transfixed for what seemed like ages even if it was seconds before she said excuse me in a jokey kind of put your tongue away.

I became quite flustered & hurried past her down the stairs while thinking oh fuck I just made it obvious I’m attracted to her. I sat downstairs with Paula watching TV trying to think of excuses as to why I had blatantly stared at Katy’s body right in front of her. Every idea I thought of was poor, in the end I would have to try & face up by saying ok I looked, couldn’t help it because you are so attractive then laugh it off. The only flaw in my plan was if she told Paula I was in big trouble. I sat there nervously waiting for 50 minutes until Katy entered the front room to join us. I slowly turned my head to meet my fate only for her to smile at me again & carry on chatting as normal. Phew I thought, I got away with that big time.

The night went on as usual. we all chatted & drank white wine while eating snacks & chilling out. After several bottles of wine we were all feeling a little tipsy. Paula & I were sat either ends of our sofa while Katy sat on the floor, leaning against the single chair. Paula turned to me & told me to move up so Katy could sit down properly. Katy just giggled as the alcohol took effect. Paula said go on move up so I did, curious to see what she did because it would mean us all sat quite snug. Katy carried on giggling as she slowly stood up while struggling to balance. I Squeezed up to the left side of the sofa as she lowered herself between us. It was a nice cosy fit, my right leg was pushed up against Katie’s left leg. She was quite restless but I didn’t mind as our gaziantep köle escort bayan thighs rubbed together while she jostled for a more comfy position. She was wearing another one of those tight V necked jumpers, this time blue. With us sat so close & me being taller I could nearly see down her top, if she would only bend over just a bit I could get a nice down blouse but not quite.

I was being careful not to be seen but as the night drew later & alcohol began to drive my hormones I became brasher so let my gaze linger on her boobs. After a while Paula announced she was tired & going up to bed. Now we were in an interesting situation we had both moved our feet up on to the sofa & they were touching, slightly rubbing. It seemed quite intimate as I can’t think of any time my feet were rubbing against another girls on a sofa. What would happen? When there was more room on the sofa, would she move up the other way, which would make sense? To my surprise she didn’t move at all after Paula left the room. While ok to be sat so close when three we’re sharing a sofa now we were on our own it took on a whole new meaning. I gently pushed my foot into hers & made sure our thighs were together to see what she would do, the answer came, nothing, she didn’t move away which to me meant she accepted our intimate situation.

We continued our conversation, drank more wine & our talk moved to her & her fashion choices, a strange topic for a 31 year old man to get into with a young girl but I could talk to her about anything for hours & I was now attempting to move our situation forward. We were talking about her blue top & I had said how I thought it looked good on her when she said she didn’t like it so much as she thought her boobs looked too small in it as she pulled the bottom of the V neck forward to look down. This was one of those make or break moments where you have a choice to make. If you take the chance it could work out beautifully but if you’re wrong it could go very badly. The alcohol made my decision for me, I just blurted out “I don’t really know I didn’t see” I waited for a reaction but she just looked at me without giving her position away.

Another make or break moment, was upon me, this was it, time to go for it. I reached forward to where she had held the bottom of her V neck. I gently took it between my fingers & pulled it out a little while bending forward to finally look down her top at her beautiful young boobs Again, she didn’t move. While I couldn’t read her reaction she didn’t do anything to stop me either. I broke the silence by joking that I Couldn’t see properly while she was wearing a bra. I thought if it didn’t work I’d just laugh it off as a joke while praying her reaction was positive. Nothing could have prepared me for her actual reaction. She leant forward & reached behind her back with both hands & with a simple move unhooked her bra. She paused a second to read my reaction & when I smiled she took the straps off & pulled her bra from under her top. I can’t believe it, this is it, I’ve been right all along she wants me as much as I had hoped went through my mind as I once again took hold of her top before slowly & more sensitively peered down her top to see her lovely little boobs.

They were perfect, a small round B cup with pert little nipples. It seemed like an eternity as I gazed at her little tits before raising a hand to cup one of her them. She sat back & let me caress her tits through her jumper while just looking at me with those beautiful eyes. I wanted more so I gently lifted her top & pulled it up her body, over her head & off. I sat & looked at her semi naked body for a few seconds then lowered a hand to unbutton her jeans. She offered no resistance so I unzipped them as well & took them by the low cut waist band before pulling them down. I couldn’t have actually pulled them far until she raised her bum off the sofa so I could guide them over her hips & around her bum. Her white knickers had also partly followed her jeans & eager to get them off her body I tugged at those as well to take them off at the same time. They came away to reveal those gorgeous thighs & before I knew it I had tugged them around her heels, over her feet & off. I had no interest in them so threw them to the floor.

Oh my god here she was the girl of my dreams for the past couple of years was completely naked in front of me. I gave a slight gasp as her nipples became more erect & I could see goose bumps on her perfect tits & body. She gave me her sexy little smile again as she opened her legs to reveal her neat, well trimmed juicy pussy before raising her right leg so her foot went over & behind my shoulder in a hooking motion while simultaneously her left leg moved to the side so she could draw me closer to her. I had gaziantep kumral escort bayan never had a girl do that before & it was done with such ease I began to wonder if she was more experienced than I thought. I offered no resistance to her movement & allowed my face to be drawn to her lips which were already moistened by her own juices. I wasted no time in parting her lovely lips with the fingers of both hands then used the tip or my left forefinger to make gentle circling motions on her clit. Her body spasm med slightly letting me know she enjoyed my experienced touch. I wanted to know how wet she felt so slipped two fingers slowly inside her & pressed a lot deeper before returning to pleasuring her clit.

She was obviously enjoying the treatment as she began to contract & moved her bum & hips in a loose circle motion while breathing more heavily. She then used her right foot to hook me closer to indicate I should pleasure her with my tongue so I moved both hands away & round to cup & squeeze the back of her bum whilst slipping my tongue inside as far as I could without pushing too hard as she certainly enjoyed a sensitive touch. I massaged both lips up & down for a while then again in circles before moving the tip of my tongue to her clit which made her body spasm harder. Since she was enjoying herself so much I decided to treat her to my Ace card which is a simple two finger motion I had developed over the years. I gently rubbed both fingers inside while following the natural curve in & out applying just enough pressure while gradually increasing the speed as her body reacted & her breathing increased. As I massaged with both fingers I raised my thumb to gently stimulate her clit. While the speed of my fingers increased I kept the same gentle touch on her clit & began to lick both lips as I had before. It took only several minutes for her to cum. I eased the speed but continued my work as I began to lick & swallow the juices seeping out of her.

I stopped & looked up at her as she struggled to regain her breath & compose herself. I looked at her & smiled before announcing to her that I had wanted to do this to her since the day we met. She just smiled back at me & said “well you’d better fuck me then”. I was a bit surprised because in all my experience with women, none had ever spoken to me in such a sexy, confident-way. I again thought this girl had far more sexual experience than her young years would normally allow.

I liked it & my cock grew even harder. I didn’t want to waste any more time & while I would normally expect the same oral attention in return I only had one thought in mind, I wanted to fuck her now & hard. At that moment I literally wanted to put my cock inside her more than any girl I had ever met including my wife to be. If the devil had appeared & offered me a bargain, sex now with Katy in return for my future wife fucking any guy she cared to I would have taken it as I was so horny & had the hardest erection of my life.

I moved my upper body back then placed my hands on her nimble waist so I could pull her lower half closer to me; I figured that would give enough room for me to fuck her where she was. I took hold of the base of my cock so I could guide the shaft & head to her lips.

She reached around & gestured for me to let go then she grabbed my cock at the base where I had held it. She grabbed it tight & kept squeezing it forcefully while using the top of her fingers to gently stroke the more sensitive back of my swollen head. Her touch felt like heaven, had she continued this I would have exploded over her hand & body but I wanted to last so pulled my hips back so she would have to release my cock. I continued to finger her pussy more aggressively now while I allowed my urge to cum subside. She pleaded with me “fuck me, please “

Now I was back in control I decided to use one last trick. I grabbed the base of my cock again & moved it to her glistening lips but rather than entering her I used my swollen head to rub her clit & lips. It felt fucking amazing, pre cum was again oozing from my head, I pulled back & with my left hand parted her lips while pushing my cock slowly forward. The tip went in then all the head & with a flick of my hips my whole cock slipped inside her. Finally after all this time I had my swollen cock inside my sexy sister in law to be. I wanted to savoir the moment not knowing if I would ever get the chance again & to be honest I knew deep down no matter what happened I wasn’t going to be able to last long so I just held my rock hard erection inside her not moving, I began to flex my cock inside her to feel her juicy vagina as long as I could until she grabbed around behind me & pulled my hips forward to stroke her for the first time. Not wanting to disappoint her I started to work my shaft from the base of the head all the way to my balls. I had to make the strokes slow & sensual to try & last longer but kept flexing my cock when sunk to the shaft. By now my entire groin area was soaked in her love juices & my cock made a squish sound as I pumped in & out of her.

She left me to do the work as she laid back breathing heavily with her flushed cheeks & swollen breasts, occasionally grinding her hips into me.

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