Sexy Surprise Ch. 02

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The day we were expecting but dreading, too, came all too soon. Jill was going for her annual visit to Aunt Joanie’s. Aunt Joan was Mom’s older sister and was a real knockout, like Mom but in a different way. She kept herself in great shape. She had divorced her husband years ago and swore off men ever since. She had a daughter, Dawn, who was the biggest prude ever, even more than Mom. She wanted to be a nun and nobody could tell her different. Aunt Joan had become a very high-priced lawyer, taking on the biggest cases and even getting on TV once in a while. She had made sure Mom got everything when Dad died setting everything up for a very fair return and a substantial income. She was also paying for our college tuition, which saved Mom a lot of money. Jill always had a good time there because Joan took the week off and indulged the two girls in every way. Beach, waterpark, amusement park, anything they wanted. But it meant no fucking for us.

So, we fucked as much as we could. Every time Mom was gone for a while we went downstairs. Jill wanted to be tied to the pillory so I fastened her arms and legs and locked the bar around her neck. I adjusted it so her legs were spread wide and then adjusted the height so my stiff rod was aimed at her cunt.

“Fuck me Bri! Please my cunt is so wet, please shove it up me!”

My cock was so hard I didn’t need any prompting. I just aimed it her slit and pushed and it slid it up to the hilt into her very wet twat. Her cunt was squeezing my prick like a velvet glove.

She started screaming “Fuck, cock cunt pussy….I’m cumming. I’m cumming!” she came as soon as my cock was in her.

I started fucking and she was cumming over and over squeezing my stiff rod again and again. There was no way to hold back and I started shooting my cum into her spasming pussy.

“I’m cumming sis!” I yelled as my load jetted into her twat.

“Yes, yes shoot it into me! Shoot it up my cunt!”

I must’ve sprayed a lot of cum into her pussy because I felt it get wetter and looser. I stayed hard though and I kept up the in and out movement until my dick got really hard and I started fucking her in earnest. There was something about her bent over and helpless position that made me crazy and her, too, apparently, as she started screaming again.

“It’s still hard Brian. Keep fucking me, don’t stop, don’t ever stop!”

I kept driving my stiff rod into her streaming cunt from behind as she continued to orgasm. Her sloppy pussy was still gripping my cock like a vise and once again I was at boiling point and started to cream her cunt with my hot sperm. It felt like my lifeblood was pouring out of me.

“Arrgh! God, I’m cumming again Jill, I’m cumming!”

“Me too! Fill my cunt you big stud! Cream my pussy!”

Afterward, I went to loosen her bonds, but she stopped me.

“Put something under my pussy and catch all the drippings.”

I quickly found a big basin and put on the wet spot on the floor and watched our combined juices drip into it.

“You’re such a dirty girl Jill.”

“I know. I’m a real slut now aren’t I?”

“I would spank you but it would probably make you hot.”

“You tease! I’d like to try it some other time. Right now we have to get dressed. Undo me please.”

I reluctantly removed all the straps and the bar that held her head. She squatted over the bowl and let loose two squirts of pee.

“Just a little spice.” She said and then she took the bowl and emptied the contents into her mouth, “Umm, I love the taste of our juices. I’d like to suck a pussy one of these days.”

“I’m sure there are girls at school who would love it.”

“I don’t want to let it get around. I need somebody who can keep their legs open and their mouth shut!”

We dressed and went upstairs. Mom came in a little bit later and we helped her with the grocery bags. Later we were relaxing on the couch, surreptitiously feeling each other up.

“Tomorrow I go to Aunt Joan’s.”

“Yeah, no more fucking.”

“I was thinking. Maybe I could get Dawn to let me lick her pussy,”

I laughed out loud. “Dawn the nun? That’s funny. She won’t even show any skin at the beach!”

It wasn’t quite true, our cousin did put on a bathing suit. She had always wanted to be a nun and acted as if she was already there.

“Maybe she’s changed. Anyway, it won’t hurt to try.”

“Well, if you’re going to try with Dawn, maybe I’ll try to fuck Mom.”

It was her turn to laugh. “Now that is funny! Mom is such a prude, she would never, ever let you near her holy of holies!”

“Ya never know, she has been wearing less and less, almost skimpy I’d say. I might have a chance.”

“Tell you what. Whoever gets their target first has to be the other’s slave when I get back. For a whole week.”

“And if we both win? Or lose?”

“Then we take turns being the slave.”

“OK, deal.” We shook hands and already I was thinking how to get Mom to spread her legs for me. It wasn’t going to be easy and might just be impossible. kocaeli escort I could imagine her slapping me and grounding me for like forever.

Next day Aunt Joan and Dawn showed up, a little late as usual. My aunt was a confirmed Lesbian, rejecting all men after her horrific marriage and worse divorce. She didn’t try to hide it, but she didn’t flaunt it either. We were all surprised to see Dawn in shorts and a tube top, maybe Jill would have a chance after all!

“Hello!” Jill went up and gave her a big hug, making sure to hold her tits against her own. Dawn had developed nicely and had a very nice set of tits and a curvy body. She was Jill’s age, but was a little taller and had darker hair. I hugged her, too, making sure to hold her tits against me and I could swear she tilted her body back and forth just slightly. She pulled away as her mother asked to help with Jill’s bags.

“I don’t have too many. I’m traveling light this year!” Everyone laughed, cause she usually packed like three bags.

“Don’t forget your bathing suit!” Dawn said. “We’re going to the beach. I got a new two piece suit I want to show off.”

That was a different Dawn indeed! We said our goodbyes and off they went. Mom and I spent a quiet day and evening at home. I was working on a plan to get into her pants the next day.

Mom was already up when I walked out to the kitchen and had some coffee and breakfast ready. When I came out she was reaching for something on the top cabinet shelf. Her shorty pajama top almost showed her boobs and the short skirt revealed her panties. My cock immediately got hard.

“Help me with this, will ya?”

I went over behind her and took the dish off the shelf, but my stiff prick was hitting her right in the butt.

“What’s poking me in the ass?” she exclaimed, turning around and staring directly at the tent in my pants. “Oh! Did I do that to you?”

I gulped and nodded.

“Well, let’s see!” Before I could react she pulled my sweatpants and drawers down in one shot, leaving my stiff prick waving in the air. “Oh my, that’s a giant!” she grabbed hold of it and started jerking me off. “We can’t have you walking around with this big thing sticking out.” She said as she continued to wank me. It didn’t take more than a few strokes till I was on the verge of cumming.

“I’m gonna shoot” I panted aloud.

With obvious skill she took a saucer and milked me onto it. I groaned as I creamed the saucer with all my juice. “Oh Mom that feels so good!” She continued working on my dick until every drop of sperm was in the saucer.

“Well that was quite a lot! Go pee and we’ll have some breakfast.”

I went into the bathroom to “flush the pipes” and peed for a long time, then came back for breakfast. Mom acted like nothing happened, like she didn’t just jerk me off. I acted nonchalant, too, like the masturbation event never happened.

“I’m going to finish the bathroom today.” I had been working on the bathroom tiles for a long time. It was a tedious job because I had to hold each tile for 10 minutes or more till the glue hardened. It did look good though, if I do say so myself. I had two baseboard tiles to go and if I timed it right Mom would have to pee in about 15 minutes. She always had to go about 30 minutes after drinking coffee, so I had time to set up. I took the tile out and slowly added the glue. Luckily the tiles were close to the toilet so my plan to see her peeing and hopefully see her pussy might just work. Sure enough in about a half hour there was a knock on the open door.

“I’m sorry Brian, but I gotta pee.”

“I can’t move just yet, can you just come in and go?”

“I really have to go so I guess I can.”

She stepped over my prone body, moved to the toilet, pulled her shorts and panties down and sat.

Figuring it’s now or never, I asked “Mom can I see? Can you open your legs a little?”

To my great surprise, instead of yelling, she opened them as wide as the panties let her.

“Does watching a girl pee turn you on?”

“Oh yes, I love it.” I paused. I couldn’t really see anything except this huge mass of pubic hair. I could hear the hiss and splash of her urine, but I couldn’t see a damned thing! “I can’t see anything!” I nearly shouted.

“Oh, poor baby can’t see Mommy piss? I guess I have let myself go a little.” Her thick bush hid the sight of any of her pussy.

She wiped quickly and before I knew it her pants were up and she was walking out. I was devastated. All that work, all that setup, just for a peek at her pubes. Still, it was more than I ever got before. I started the last tile and was still holding it in place when she stopped by on the way out.

“I’m going to the spa and maybe some shopping. I won’t be back till late. Finish that tile! There’s food in the fridge.” And with that she went out.

I had the whole afternoon with nothing to do and I was still feeling horny from seeing Mom’s pussy. I didn’t want to jerk off though. I had other plans! I decided to watch a movie, so I went downstairs kocaeli escort bayan and poured through our old VHS collection looking for something I might not have seen and I found one that had no label so I popped it in the old VHS player and turned on the TV. As it started, I saw it wasn’t a movie, it was a homemade tape starring —Mom! Naked! And locked into the pillory! Someone behind her was beating her red ass with a cane.

“You hit like a girl” Mom yelled and the person off screen delivered a blow that made her yell. Apparently, the video was a series of scenes, not a movie, because the next showed her bent over the pillory getting fucked by a big cock.

“What are you?” the off camera person said.

“A slut!” she yelled out. “I’m a slut.”


“A whore and a pig!”:

“What do you want?”

“Cock! Please keep fucking my pig pussy with your big hard cock! Oh God. Dirty talk makes me come!” and she shivered and shook and came like a freight train.

My cock was a throbbing iron bar and despite my inner objections I stroked it a couple times and shot a giant load onto the floor. There were other scenes, all with Mom naked and orgasming over and over. There was one of her locked in the dildo chair and erupting again and again with screams and shouts. Another had her masturbating and pissing. She was getting fucked in all the other scenes, in different positions and on different pieces of equipment. Now she was getting fucked by a fucking machine, her cunt spurting juices all over the rubber mattress. I refused to jerk off again, cause now I knew I could fuck Mom. I brought the tape upstairs and set up everything so we could watch it together when she got home.

By the time Mom got home the bathroom was completed, but I sat on the floor pretending to be holding the tiles in place anyway.

“Oh my God, I have to go so bad!”

She pulled her skirt and panties down and went to sit on the toilet but I grabbed her hand.

“Take them off before you piss.” I ordered.

She meekly removed the skimpy garment revealing her beautiful, sweet smelling newly sculped pussy and said “Please I really have to pee.”

“Stand and piss into the bowl.”

It took a little maneuvering but her stream hit the water and splashed her legs causing her to sigh with relief. “You like watching your mother piss?’ She spread her cunt lips as her urine yellowed the toilet.

“Yes.” I said automatically as I intently watched the liquid flowing from her urethra. “I like your new hairstyle too.”

“Thanks, I didn’t know if you wanted it shaved completely or not so I had her just cut it down.”

“It looks fine.” I stared at her dwindling stream. She gave a last squirt or two and reached for the toilet paper but I stopped her. My face went right to her crotch and I sucked the golden drops of nectar from her pussy. She must have been pretty hot cause she gave a little gasp and came, but I kept licking until she shivered, bucked and came again. I stood up. She pulled my sweatpants right down, took my very hard cock in her mouth and started sucking my dick in earnest. I would like to say I lasted a long time, but mom’s mouth was so hot and I was so excited, I couldn’t.

“Mom! I’m going to cum!” I yelled as I tried to pull out of her mouth, but she grabbed my ass and held me as my cock exploded down her throat, ejaculating what seemed like a gallon of sperm into Moms oral cavity which she swallowed completely.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. I relished sucking you off and drinking your cum. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed the sweet taste of sperm.” She paused. “Your cock is so big! Bigger than your father’s.”

“Glad you like it. I found a video that you made.”

“Oh shit! I thought he destroyed them all. Was it bad?”

“Very bad. It shows you doing all kinds of dirty stuff.”

Her shoulders slumped, she looked deflated. “I hope you don’t think less of me.”

“Tell me about Dad.” I said as we moved to the living room.

“He was a real SOB. Not at first. He made me do things. Dirty things and I enjoyed every minute of it. He made me cum so much! He built a dungeon downstairs and filled it with sex equipment and started taking these videos of me begging to be whipped and fucked. Then I got pregnant with Jill and he began to resent me. I still liked the things he made me do…I am a submissive slut. He started going with other women, making me do things to them, sucking their pussies and fucking them with dildos while I was fastened to his sex furniture. Then I got pregnant with you and he hated me for it. He stopped fucking me and delighted in torturing me and making me suck off his women and his friends in front of you and Jill. One day he came in, tied me into the dildo chair, shoved a big dildo up my cunt and left. The kids were in a playpen with no food, nothing. I kept coming on the vibrator until I passed out and woke up and came some more. Both kids were crying, hungry, with dirty diapers. I couldn’t get up and all the while izmit escort the vibrator was buzzing, making me cum over and over till Aunt Joan called and when she got no answer several times she came over to make sure everything was ok. When she got here the doors were open and she shouted for me so I shouted back. She recued us. She removed me from the chair, I was so stiff and wet myself several times. She took you both and changed you and fed you then came back for me. I passed out and she cleaned me up and put me to bed then waited for that asshole of a husband. When he came home she went at him like a wildcat, beat the living shit out of him and his girlfriend and threw them out of the house. Your Aunt Joan may be small, but she studies martial arts and is quite good. Your father died in a car wreck shortly after and we got everything he had thanks to Joan.”

All I could say was “Wow Mom!”

“I hope you don’t think less of me or mind me using those words.”

“I’ve heard worse. Mom, but I didn’t think you said fuck.’

We both laughed. “I can be as dirty as you want. And call me anything but Mom. I need someone to take control, someone to tell me what to, to make me do dirty things. Can you handle being my master?”

I really didn’t know and said so. “I’ll think it over and let you tomorrow, OK Mo- Janet?”

“OK. Right now let’s eat. I’ll throw something together.” She was humming as she went about her kitchen chores. I thought about what she said and what I would do, but tonight I wanted to get a good night’s sleep before I made any decisions. Could I really have sex with my own mother? Was I a motherfucker?

“I wonder how Jill is doing at Aunt Joan’s. Dawn has changed so much! Did you see how big her tits are?”

I laughed. “Yes I did. She is a very sexy girl.”

“Too bad she won’t use it.”

“Jill might teach her.”

“Maybe. Help me cleanup then we’ll watch TV and hit the hay.”

I thought about becoming Mom’s-Janet’s- master and decided I could give it a try. I still had the tape of her being ordered around so I had some idea of what to do. Mostly I wanted her to do what I wanted.

The next day I slept a little later than usual. Mom was already making breakfast and I could smell the bacon and coffee. She was wearing blue baby doll pajamas so I lifted the short skirt revealing a pair of matching blue panties.

She just smiled as she brought the bacon, eggs and coffee to the table. “Eat first, play later.” She ate slowly and enjoyed her coffee. “So, what are your plans for today?”

I thought about I as I sipped my coffee. “I thought we would open the dungeon and fool around.”

“I haven’t been down there since the incident. But I have to pee first.”

“Pee downstairs. I want to watch.”

“You pervert!” she joked “I bet you want to see my pussy too!”

“I want to see it and fuck it.”

“You want to fuck your mother? You’re such a bad boy.”

I put my hand under her shirt and squeezed her tit, which surprised her, but she didn’t pull away. “Let’s finish up and go downstairs. I want to use the dungeon.”

“I’ve kinda been afraid to go in there.”

“Don’t worry I won’t leave you. And I want to watch you pee naked.”

“C’mon then, I really have to go.”

We went downstairs, stripping as we went. When we reached the basemen all she had on were her panties and ran to the shower drain, skinned off her underpants and stood in a slight squat, sighing heavily as her piss jetted out in an arc. Watching her pee and looking at her naked pussy made my dick like a steel rod and it throbbed mercilessly as I studied her pissing cunt. Finally, her stream slowed, the last spurts jetting out as she emptied her bladder, some landing on her soaked thighs.

“Your cock is so hard!” she said as she opened the dungeon door “I can’t wait for you to fuck my cunt. The key is right where it was.” she exclaimed as she bent over the padded table and spread her legs wide. “Please make me cum! Ram my cunt with your big cock and make me scream!”

My cock searched for her wet hole and plunged up to the hilt in one shove. She orgasmed immediately gasping and shaking and coming at the first stroke. I wish I could say I lasted longer, but I came in her hot slippery pussy almost instantly. I stayed erect and continued to fuck her a second time without withdrawing. I lasted a little longer this time, fucking her with long hard strokes. Mom got inflamed in body and mind, cumming hard again and again, bucking her hips and yelling out the filthiest words, words I never heard her say before.

“Please fuck my cunt with your big cock! Please make my twat cream. Your dick is so big. I want to be your fuck slut, your cum dump. Please keep fucking my filthy snatch.”

Her dirty words along with the contractions of her box worked their magic and I filled her hole to overflowing with sperm. She gasped, moaned and humped her way to another orgasm after which she climbed up on the table and immediately fell into an exhausted sleep. I staggered out to the other room, took a forceful piss and went to sleep on the couch.

When I woke it was dark and I was alone. I put on my boxers and t-shirt and went upstairs to find Mom paying the pizza delivery person.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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