Shadows of Fright: Haunted Tides

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The first thought this evil creature had waking up was revenge.
Not that it could remember against who off hand. Waking up after being shot by your whole crew. Stabbed and hung afterwards tended to erase quite a few memories. However those memories were stuck in his undead, rotting brain. Every single one of his crew members. Even those he rose to infamy. And those who would’ve captained their own ships one day. One by one the memories slowly came to him.
He couldn’t even remember how to move at first. He just remembered seeing a a group of people stadning in front of him wearing strange clothes. All pale white talking about him as if he was famous. Mainly that he was a pirate.
Yet he died a pirate. Not that he really considered himself one. He considered himself a man of the sea. A free man who preyed on those weaker then him just like the animals in nature.
Sure he got rich off of it in the end. Much like a bear during hibernation. However he was more like a wolf with a pack. These wolves of his stole his stock. His gold to the point where he had to kill a few of them. Until one night his crew had themselves a mutiny.
Shot 12 times. Stabbed over a score. And hung by the sails. Mocked. Bottles thrown. Random curses set upon his corpse from all different walks of life for he never cared for race creed nor religion on his ship.
However he was the only cannibal on the ship. Most of his crew feared him because when the slaves ran out he would slit a mans throat at night and eat eat him over the course of the voyage. Not that anyone could prove it. It was an unspoken fact.
He would cut them to pieces one by one and either eat them raw or cook them in his cabin. Claiming it was jerky he got from whatever port the visited last.
These people said all of it like they read it out of a text book. One female of them talked at a man holding a black boxy object like she was giving a history lesson. A fair looking woman with her odd suit like clothes holding a black stick in front of her face.
Now 200 years later his eyes finally opened. The beach his body was buried on look the same. However the air felt different. The sun was a tad higher then it used to be. The moon farther then before.
He knew he died. He knew he was no longer human for his flesh was rotten but not gone. His stomach was gone but hot his hunger. His thirst was present but not his satisfaction of quench.
After he was finally able to move the sun sun had set and nothing about him seemed the .
His refection in the water wasn’t him. But a horrid decayed resemblance of what he used to be.
His black powder was dry. His saber rusty but sharp. His switch pistol dry but rotted. His flesh dry and also rotted. Holes in his cheeks. And his skin looked closer to sand paper.
When he woke and could stand he looked around on the small island he was on. He remembered it from years ago. His crew called it hell. Because no life lived on it. And they buried their gold on it with the promise if anyone stole it they’d find out who stole it through the nearest ports. The chests were still buried underground. Captain John H Spooner; or Captain Ripped Tide as he liked to call himself saw that his sacred amulet that his half hoodoo mother gave him as a child was gone. His once carmel skin was white. His locks of beard were stringy and thin. His eyes shruken and lifeless. His flesh was like parchment. He had no doubts his life was gone. Yet here he was, somewhat alive.

He spotted the ship the people arrived in. Looking like it was from another age was floating off the shore.
A large pearly white vessal. No sails it floated in the distance. He found out fast that he couldn’t swim. Yet he also realised he didn’t need to breath in the sea depths.
Once the dreaded captain of his time reached the boat. He also had the notion not everything changes. The boat still used an anchor…
He climbed and climbed. Not a single marine wild life bothered him. Not a fish nor a shark.
Once he was on board he he saw lights. People in revealing clothing dancing to some kind of wild music he had never heard. He couldn’t even make out lyrics. However he was drawn by their clothing. The men blended in to him. But the skirts and bikinis which he had never seen before fasinated him.

Beverly was dancing among her crew mates. She was only hear to shoot a documentary on this pirate. However she loved the night life and thought she would hardly ever have the chance to party on a boat. There was only about thirteen others. But she danced. Sweat lightly showing on her soft goose bumped skin in the moonlight. She had been dancing all night with the help of chemicals to influencd her mood. She wore fish net stockings and a set of black and lace lingerie she called a bikini. But really it was a thong and push up bra.
The skin color barely showed through her bra and her nipples for sure. Her skin was silky and smooth.
Her hair was silky black. Her breast large and round. Her waist was tiny but her butt and legs were both round and taut. She took the notice of every man there. She was the only non diver on ship. Everyone else besides her camera man was a diver. She herself was on a story about the dreaded Captain John Spooner and his lost treasure. One who may have disappeared on the island itself who they were confidient they found earlier that day.

The Captain stared at everyone on board. He was used to women using their cleavage to look thin with whores in corsets. And most classy women had no chest or had never been with a man in their past. However the women on this boat seemed different. Like things had changed over the ages.
He stared and eyed everyone up. The men seemed less rugged. Yet their muscles were rigid. He had never seen people like this. Nor clothing so revealing and bizarre. He had half a mind to pull his flint lock and saber and take the boat over at that exact moment. Yet, another part of himself said to hold off for a bit. To see where the night would lead.

Beverly had danced for a couple hours. Tripping and drunk she thought it time to head for a bunk. She had no real intention of falling asleep but if one of the drunk guys followed her. She would make use of the private room she had.
She she began to stumble away feeling like at least one person was following her. She almost didn’t care who. However if it was the matainence guy she might of had to shoo him away. Unless his cock was big. Then maybe she would oblige. At this point she just wanted a great night of lust.
She entered her cabin, having heard footsteps behind her the whole way. She left her steel hatch unlocked. The door open slightly. She stood at the edge of her bed waiting for someone to make a noise at the door so she could start her “show”.

The Captain had crawled on board seeing the sexy wentch walk away. From the clothes she wore earlier this was quite a change. Now he was intrigued. There was one other who followed. However he figured he would have to be quiet for the moment. There was man in a jumpsuit and a mop who went following. And the Captain followed close behind Kağıthane Escort that.
He hid behind the wall of the single box room as the man he followed posted himself at the door peering in.
The Captain slowly peered around the side to spy on the man who was stalking his prize.
Suddenly a voice errupted behind the captain.
The voice got as far as “who the hell ar–” before he grasped the woman by the throat and spun her behind the wall.
The woman was a larger one with a few red spots on her face. The Captain was not amused by the distraction. Her eyes widened and her breaths began climbing as he unsheathed his rusty saber.

The matainence man spun around from the door swearing to himself he had heard a noise. Yet only a dark empty path. The night winds blew down the yatch, and a few seductive giggles from inside.
He felt his breath shorten in somewhat of a fear as he started down the corridor slowly. When he heard something else. Something soft and wet. The noise was quiet. However it was still audible enough. He reached the end of the room where he peered from left into the sea and right where a glimpse of silver flashed. Suddenly the man couldn’t breath. His adrenaline ran as his gasped for air clutching at his bleeding throat. He went to his knees seeing his bulky crew member on the deck next to him with her own throat slashed. The life had just left her eyes as his head pounded and his vision slowly spotted into black falling forward.

Beverly knew someone was out there watching her. She started her ipod hooked to a speaker with her watch as she began to move her hips slowly back and forth. A lucky smile on her face with royal features the back of her finger nails slowly caressed up her stomach.
She played a band named keelhauled. Not for their sensuality but for the sheer fact the were on the seas and she wanted to fuck to the music.
Her eyes flashed to the door and she saw someones shadow filling in the doorway. Not just spying, but standing there.
She closed her eyes and smiled as she lifted one leg on to the bed and gyrated to the music. Her arms above her slowly pullingbher hips left to right until a guitar plowed. Where her hips began to really move. Her right hand moved to her mouth, one finger at a time starting with the ring finger to the index slide across her full lips that when she pursed them together, there was a tiny hole between them.

The Captain had never heard such music. Had there not been this half naked wentch he never would have saw the appeal. But seeing her almost sculpted body moving to it. He was hypnotized to it. He could see so much better in the dark. It was light seeing at dusk to the undead captain. Every move she made with her thick tight thighs. To her plump rount taut ass. Her skinny figure and plump breasts the poked out from her body like she was wearing a corset.
He didn’t think in this way of life he could feel hard again. Yet his cold almost unfeeling cock was hard and long almost unfeeling cock was hard against his switch pistol in in his belt.
He slowly began to open the door without thinking. His shruken eyes fixed on the wnetch before him as the blood of his two previous victims leaked into the path he stood. He entered the room of darkness. As the girl bent over the bed. Her arms lifting her self on the bed with her back arched.
Her hips slowly swaying in the darkness as the riding panties filled out her shape.

Beverly was so hot and bothered at this point she didn’t care who this guy was. She just needed to be satisfied. She peered over and saw the silhouette of the man in the moonlight behind her.
“Mmmm, you’re not the matainence guy are you?” she asked seductively.
A rugged olden voice replied.
“No, I’m the new Captain of this here vessal.”
She giggled thinking it a game and this guy a crew member pretending to be a pirate. Like the one they discovered dead earlier that day.
“Well Mr. Pirate man.” she started
“Captain!” he barked quickly but quietly,
“Ooooo, captain…” she replied, her legs straight and gyrating her hips a bit more as her apple ass popped, “maybe you want to see what treasure I have waiting for you. My secret garden. These golden tits. If you’re a bad enough boy I might let you into this perk gem of an ass… Captain.” she quivered in anticipation.
She suddenly felt a soaking wet pelvis at behind her. She began to press herself against the “man” slightly moaning at her own excitment. “Mmmmmmm. Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” she joked.
“Aye it’s a pistol…” the gruff voice responded.
She felt two hands slide up the side of her thighs to her round butt to her slim waist.

He was waiting for her to realise he wasn’t part of the crew making him resort to more crude methods of getting his rocks off.
However she kept gyrating.

“Oh my god. Are you going to keep my soaking vagina waiting or are you going to fuck me till the seas get jealous? Captain.” she said keeping the roll playing going.
She heard a noise behind her seeing an old pistol being set beside her on the bed. A switch pistol. She giggled, “Now that’s a relic.” she said.
She was about to asked about it when rough hard and cold hands grasped her breasts. She lightly gasped, most ofbher breath being taken from the cold stiffeness of the hands that caused her whole body to rise against the undead pirates body. Her ass set firmly against his pelvis, her back arched with both hands cupping her breasts. Her neck was across his with her cheek set against his dripping dread locks.
“Mmmm, did you just go for a swim?” she asked feeling his wet rough clothing against her soft silky skin. Her fingers slowly caressing his stiff wet cold face.
“I did just board ye vessal. Looking for something to eat, and a new ship to call myself a captain of.” the undead pirate said deviantly.
“Well captain, you must have had so many lonely journeys without women. Without a womans touch. Had you ever eaten a woman?” she asked with yearning in her voice.
“Aye, one or two. But they werebleedin and dead when I cut away their flesh.” he said.
She giggled again thinking this man had just done his research on the pirate ‘Rip Tide.’ a cannibal and torturer.
“Well captain. She said pulling away from him suddenly that brought a low growl to him. She turned around grabbing his wet vest and fell back on the bed with a raunchy squeaking to the springs forcing the undead monster almost on top of her. But it was him who was now holding himself off the bed. His head inbetween her legs.
Her fingers began to slide between her legs. Started at her thighs she slide them in. The undead captains gaze followed them to her thin lace panties and watched the delicate fingers slowly slide up her slit. She slowly moved tge lace out of the way as she said, “Well captain o’ captain. I want you to eat me. To eat my little treasure trove. And if you do a good job I’ll let you use that saber between your legs to penetrate every hole of mine.” she ached, her eyes closing as she rested her head back.
The Escort Bayan pirate was confused at first wondering why she would want him to kill and eat her. But when his confusion reached to the saber that was at his side and not between his legs he began to understand feeling his cock as hard as a rock.
His chapped rotting lips peeled back revealing his thin black and yellow teeth opening. A black slimy tongue came forth longer then in his life now that most of the flesh around his tongue had deteriorated away. His body may have felt cold but he could feel the heat radiating off of her vagina. His fingers with long cracked black finger nails grasped under her thighs and slowly lifted them. Feeling the hot soft flesh between his stiff rugged fingers as his tongue inched closer to her sacred garden in which he was ready to defile. His eyes flicked up seeing her big bust lifting in breath. Her arms above her head on the bed and her head facing right. Waiting for him to pleasure her.
His tongue was only inches away as he breath a cold breath of death on her tight little pussy.

Her eyes opened for a moment registering something wasn’t right when suddenly. All of her cares left in a pleasurable gasp feeling the cold wet slimy tongue nearly extinguish the flame in her crotch shoot up her spine that connected to the nerves even in her finger tips. Her head pressed into the pillow she laid on as her arms pressed back. Her fingers extending and cracking as the almost slimey tongue drove wave after wave into her man on the canoe. Her pelvis slowly began to rub against his face, her legs stretched wide she slowly began to pull them around the things head.
Her left ankle was hooked at his neck while his right calf around the back of his skull pulling his face into her pussy. The waves of pleasure climbing. Her pussy was almost becoming numb. She couldn’t tell if his tongue was warming up or if it just felt that good.
Her moans began to rise.

His eyes were glued on the woman. His four to five inch tongue was now deep within her. Moving around the wet silky insides. He could feel every breath of her and her body tensing up as she came to her first climax and her second. Each one leaving her shivering and begging for more.
His hands slid up and down her thighs and down to her calves. Up to feeling her firm round ass.
Even her little asshole radiated heat. Which made one of his hands wander. One finger probed the hot tight little taboo zone.
To his surprise she didn’t shoo his hand away like so many whore in his time. Infact she giggled and said, “ooh, I see you like ass. Do you want to do naughty things to it Captain?”
He immediately slid his finger into her large plump ass taking a pleasured moan from the woman.
Beverly was at her next orgasm grasping her own tits. Mainly because they ached like her nipples were being touched to hot pokers. Her mouth kept opening and closing where she realised she had to have something in it.
She sat up suddenly lifting the pirate switch lock pistol.
“Ok Captain.” she said humorously putting it weakly to his chin.
Even through she couldn’t see his face. He was frowning at the threat of a weapon pointed at him. The thought of being forced to fuck a dead body were running through its head.
“You’re going to be in my brig now.” his hand slowly reached to his saber as he began to stand over her.
“Oh good, you already know what to do.” she said sliding off the bed, her knees to the floor, “because in my brig.” she started setting the gun to the ground and starting in on his belt and zipper.
“You have to be useful. Like being able to pay back a good licking with a good cock sucking.” she reached into his breeches and pulled out his long hard, cold, stiff cock. “Mmmmm, your cock looks so good Captain.” she said softly pressing it against the side of her cheek and rubbing her face back and forth on it.
Again she felt like something wasn’t right. She started putting together all the things that were wrong with this session. The cold stiff flesh. A piratey guy. Wet like he just got out of the ocean. Old weapons and wool clothes. It being a pirate island. A part of her mind fully put it together. But not the part that was in control at the moment.
The part that was in control at the moment shoved her full lips onto his undead cock and shoved it down her throat.

Captain Tide felt all feelings of snuffing melt away as the heat of her soft wet lips and throat swallow his old untouched member. For two hundred years there was nothing that had even touched it. And most of the time he did fuck women it was rape. This woman just didn’t know any better yet she still felt better then any whore he could bring to his mind.
She lips pulled against his cock as she sucked hard going in again on his member taking the full eight inches down her throat like it was candy. A swallowing noise coming from her as her back was still arched. Her butt popping out legs at either side supporting her, as her headed bobbed back and forth.
The captain was pleased. Many girls did this. But this girls teethbwere still white. Her mouth still untamed and soft. Plus she seemed to have no guilt doing it like any of the whores from his day.
She stood up and laid back into the bed. She felt her wet spot now cold from her clear cum on the bed. She spread her legs again taking a slow breath in brushing some hair from her cleavage.
“Well, Captain. I think its about time you put that saber to use. My hot wet sheath has been waiting for a new owner. I think you’d be a perfect fit.” she said flirty and horny.
The pirates member throbbed. A sweeling and arching in his testicles intensifying as she spoke with that soft eloquente speech. All compared to women in his time this was a goddess of lust.
He slowly crawled onto the bed. Crawling between her legs with his dick swinging free. He had is rotted face up to hers as he slowly placed his member against her slit.
“Oh, god. You’re still cold as ice.” she managed to whisper. Her head looking away and her arms above her head and shoulders narrowed so her cleave popped.
He stared directly at her tits as one gnarled hand pulled out one of her ample breasts. His cold stiff head still rubbing against her hot wet clit.
He squeezed her large breast in her hand and them pushed them together putting his face between them. His tongue lulling out to suck in her hersesy kiss nipples. Plucking gentle moans from beverly.
His member slowly began to slide in into her hot tight snatch.

It was then. When she could smell the breath of the creature that it finally connected. This wasn’t a man. This was a monster. Yet. Somehow in her twisted little mind. The smell of death on its breath. The cold stiff skin. The fact that it was the dead pirate from all those years ago was here now fucking her. Make it that much hotter.
But the only way to be sure of it was to see him face to face.
“Kiss me Captain! I want feel your tongue against mine.” she urged. She pulled on his head to come up when the head itself came off. She didn’t notice istanbul Escort at first simply let the body fuck her sending rivets of pleasure through her body and kised the undead head. Holding it against her face and shoving her tongue down its throat and the creature doing the same with his slimy tongue tasting like tobacco and seasalt. When her eyes finally opened she saw the dead shruken lifeless eyes andthe decayed rotted flesh.
Her first instinct was to wipe thebhead and run. However she didn’t she wanted it. This had been some of the best she had ever had. She wanted more. The fact that she took his head off came as the biggest shock to her. But she felt like she could keep it occupied. She lowered the head down to her chest where the captains skull began to nibble and suckled breasts once more. The captains body ramming her over and over.
Beverly lifted the head and pulled away from the rest of the corpse turning around.
“Ok my zombie king. I think it’s time to dive into your booty. She said going to her knees and placing his between her thighs and squeezing tight. “Shoved that rotting cock into my booty and eat my pussy like an animal you cannibal monster.” she begged.
She didn’t need to tell the depraved creature twice as it relished his face inbetween her thighs and began to eat  out. His body climbed up and one arm reached around grasping a handful of tit. His other hand slapped her round firm ass echoing in the steel room at the boat slowly swayed to the ocean waves. She moaned as two stiff cold fingers and rotting fingernails squeezed her nipples. Its cock pressing against her asshole.
The body struggled to get it in.
“Oh yeah? Is my ass is too tight for you to force it in?” she said slowly widening her thighs so she could put its head on the bed and ride his head.
She leaned forward arching her back as the body mounted her and pressed the cold mushroom head against her star. Both hands on her hips slowly impaling her tight little ass on its saber. With a shivering moan her body shuttered at the cold long cock penetrsting inch by inch into her asshole. Its head’s tongue inside her deep. She felt completely different pleasures and had no clue which would make her cum first. Both felt like they were feeding the other. One of his cold dead hands was grasping her breasts. Going back and forth between them. The other hand groped her ass and slapped it.
Her own hands sliding up her clavical to her hair to her mouth where she sucked on her fingers pumping her hips back and forth. Everytime her round ass impaled its cock her breath was being taken from her. The mounting orgasm from her pussy made her not even want to breath.
Its other hand after slapping her ass would usually slide up and down her thigh scratching her legs a bit but it just excited her more.
“Yes!” she cried “do you like that? Do you like my tight ass and tight little slit? Are you about to cum baby?” she exclaimed.
Her mind not even fully there as she climaxed again. Her ass tightening and pussy soaking.
She felt a cold liquid jet inside her ass as her stretched star tightened around his pleasure deprived cock. She fell back into his headless body being caught in its arms. The head still slowly licking her pussy.
“Y-you can stop…” she said between breaths.
But his arms slowly began to encircle her as his tongue began to go faster. His dick not even out of her ass yet.
He held on top of his head as she began to give a pained moan.
“Oh no, oh god. Oh gawd!” she started as she began pump her pelvis again. Impaling her little asshole all over on his dick.
Feeling his beard against her inner thighs and scratching against her clean shaven pussy.
“Oh yes. That’s right fuck me. Make me your little whore! Fuck me like you own me.” she cried.
It didn’t take long for him to cum again. But this time he pulled out and a thick goopy black seed splurted onto her back and round ass cheeks.
She lifted his head by the hair and brought it to her own face and sunk her tongue into his mouth. Her other hand carressing its face and fingering a hole she found in its cheek. She then plopped headhead back on the body as she slowly shoved him back to the wall with one hand. She went back to her knees as she began to jerk him off.
“I want more cum. Can you do that for me? Can you cum on my body a little bit?” she asked before making duck lips on the head of his cock with her full lush lips. Using the tiny hole inbetween then to suck a little before sliding them around the whole cock. She began twisting her head and swirlingnher tongue again sucking as hard as she could. When finally she pulled away and looked up at his with a pleading face. His cock set firmly between her breasts. Her hands squeezing her lucious breasts against his unholy cock. Her body lifting up and down to pleasure it.
“Oh lassy, yer body is either angelic or from hell itself. Either way. I’d never had a beauty like ye who done the things ye have done willingly.” the pirate admitted.
“And I’ll make you cum baby. All over my fucking tits. Would like that? Would you like see you’re undead seed cover my tits?” she asked in a higher tone.
The undead captain couldn’t hold it in and longer. Seeing her soft cleavage puffed up and jerk his cock. The feeling of the soft flesh against his cold hard dead dick. Like the touch of the finest silk pillows.
But not even that could touch it.
The caotain grunted and growled as he unleashed another torrent of cum.
It shot up, some splashing on her face. The rest of the first squirt landing on her bare breasts.
She immediatly cupped his balls and shoved her mouth on his member sucking slowly and rhythmically. Another load gushing into her mouth swallowing some. The rest she pulled back and looked up at him. Letting it slowly drain from her pouty lips onto her tits. One hand supporting her balance. The other by her breasts sliding her fingernails across them.
“Yes. I gonna keep ye. And the rest of this ship will submit or die.” the pirate captain declared.
He really only wanted to come in her to rape and kill this girl. But she had made it a night to remember.

He walked from the room and began to plan on how to kill the captain. Seperate the girls from the men and test the mens loyalty. He sat and watched them all for at least fifteen minutes when he heard a noise. It sounds like a bear snoring but constant and growing louder. He looked over the deck and saw beverly on a small boat. A ripple of water moving behind it and traveling fast.
Another sailess boat. One with no oars but moving trhough the water like a sea devil.
Captain tide was not happy to see this. Especially when everyone else had ran to port side to see what it was. Then they looked over and saw him.
They all looked at each other for a silent minute when he pulled out his pistol and fired it. The shot echoed but no one made a move or sound. Not until the captain of the yatch keeled over dead. The blood spreading aross the deck. Everyone screamed and scattered.
“Then we’ll play cat and mouse. I’ll kill and eat all the mice. And I won’t play so nice with the pussy this time.” he scowled.
With that the true horror story began.
He loved this game of cat mouse.
His goal was always the same for those whodidn’t find useful.
Dead by Dawn.

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