Shara’s Seduction

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Shara was a rather bored mother of two. She was married to a wonderful man, and had good family ties and pleasing friendships. She had always felt incomplete though, as if part of her was missing.

One day, while at her best friend’s house, Shara saw a sight that awakened the longing and desire that she so seldom experienced anymore. Her friend was changing into cooler clothes. She was walking down the hallway while she did, allowing Shara to get a glimpse of her clad only in a very sexy and suggesting bra and panty set.

Shocked, Shara realized her longing for what it was, and also felt the moisture that dampened her inner lips. She felt flushed, as if there was any way her friend Morgan would notice.

But being Morgan, she did. “Shara, what is it? Are you okay?” inquired Morgan. Shara acknowledged that all was fine, she too was just feeling a little overheated. “Let me get you something cooler to change into,” suggested Morgan. “Okay,” Shara said.

She filled a water tumbler to the brim, and added a few cubes of ice to help complete the illusion that the heat was indeed what was getting to her.

Morgan returned with a skimpy top and a pair of shorts so tiny that Shara wondered just exactly how she was supposed to fit into them. “Just slip into these,” Morgan said. “You’ll be much more comfortable Ankara escort if you do.”

“I don’t know about that,” Shara thought. She slipped her own t-shirt off. The slinky little top that Morgan had brought to her was very tight across the bust. She took off her own bra and put the shirt back on. Still tight, but bearable. The shorts fit snugly as well, but it was not uncomfortable. She looked in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw there. Two kids, and still slim. Pretty fit for a woman of 25. Nice breasts, perky with small rosy pink nipples. Ass firm, calves taut.

“Shara, are you coming out, or what?” called Morgan. Shara opened the door. She was looking intently at Morgan’s face to see what her reaction would be.

“Shara, you look great!!” gushed Morgan. Shara noticed a slight flush begin on Morgan’s lovely freckled face. Morgan put her tongue out and wet her lips slowly, tensely.

Shara couldn’t help it. The shirt felt so good rubbing against her small, hard nipples it caused a burst of liquid fire rise deep within herself.

Morgan had a concentrated look on her face. Suddenly she smiled and said she was so hot she was just going to jump into the shower to cool off. Was there a chance that Shara might want to as well?

Shara was startled. But enormously excited by the prospect.

Morgan Ankara escort bayan went to start the water. Shara called, “Morgan, I like it REALLY hot!” The double meaning caused Morgan to burst into a fit of laughter.

Shara was really getting aroused now. She’d never dreamed anything like this would ever happen between her and Morgan. She felt so happy she had come by that day.

“Ready, Shara!” called Morgan.

Shara entered the bathroom, and was immediately in the midst of hot steam. “It feels like a sauna in here,” she thought. She peeked in the shower and saw to her supreme excitement that Morgan was unclothed. “I’ll just be a minute, ” she called.

Undressed, she stepped into the shower as well.

It started out innocently enough. Until a feather light touch on her back turned out to be Morgan. “Do you want me to wash your back? She asked, a little shy. “Sure, as long as I get to wash yours afterwards.” Shara said. It was the most gentle and loving backwashing that she’d ever had. It made her want to swoon. True to her word, she washed Morgan’s back after hers was all rinsed off.

From there, Morgan proffered her front. “Would you mind washing these as well?” Morgan asked, her desire pleading in her eyes. “I’d love to,” Shara said. She got some soap on her hands, Escort Ankara and tenderly massaged Morgan’s beautiful breasts. When they were rinsed, Shara couldn’t help herself. Mesmerized by the look and feel of those perfect C cups, she knelt in the shower, and suckled Morgan’s luscious nipple . With her thumb and forefinger, she rolled and lightly squeezed the other nipple. Morgan was moaning, obviously enjoying this.

She reciprocated by using one hand to manipulate one of Shara’s nipples. The other hand traced down Shara’s body until it came to her shaved genitals. Morgan guided her finger expertly right to Shara’s clitoris, and started to rub it in a smooth and steady motion. Pretty soon it was Shara who was moaning.. It was no wonder. She hadn’t ever felt pleasure this intense.

Shara started to feel hurt when Morgan pushed her away from her breasts, then changed her mind as Morgan got on her knees. In that hot, hot water, Morgan licked her and fingered her until her Shara was whimpering that she was going to come, she just couldn’t help it. Morgan viciously shoved her whole fist up there in Shara’s wet, wet tunnel. She had never felt so violated, and well, to be honest, enraptured. Shara screamed out in ecstasy and rocked her whole body with Morgan’s fist. She came faster and harder than she ever had before.

Morgan reached behind them and turned off the water. As she genly dried Shara off, she smiled a devilish grin. “Just you wait until next time,” she promised. “I’ve got lots of toys…”

And Shara really couldn’t wait…

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