Sharing is Caring Pt. 02

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Cindy watched a scary movie with Kevin (her step-dad) last night, she ended up snuggling up on his lap. This eventually led to her grinding on him until she came and fell asleep.

He then carried her off to bed.

Welcome back for part 2!


Kevin woke up to his usual alarm, and sat up in his empty bed. He enjoyed having a California king size mattress, but now that he was single it just made him feel alone. He kept it though. He didn’t want to get a smaller mattress, he wanted to keep up hope that he would find someone, build a relationship, and share a bed with a woman again sometime soon.

Kevin looked down, noticing he had an uncomfortably hard erection jutting out the leg of his briefs. That’s when his thoughts turned to last night, the image of his daughter grinding on his lap to the point of orgasm then falling asleep in his arms. He could feel his dick get even harder as the memory took the center stage in his mind.

He shook his head, he needed to act like everything was normal. You’re not a creep, you’re not a creep, he assured himself. What happened last night wasn’t his fault, nor was it hers. They were just reacting to their body’s instincts. His body’s instincts needed no interpreter, they were telling him he needed to fuck. He had a terrible case of blue balls.

His swollen spheres hung below his hard dick, they felt full and tender. He contemplated jerking off before his workout, but he would probably just end up thinking about his daughter in an unfatherly way. He decided to go ahead with his workout; hopefully, this thought would go away, Cindy never woke up this early anyway. He slipped on a pair of thin light grey sweats and headed towards the garage.

Cindy woke up to the incessant sound of her phone buzzing repeatedly. She raised her arms above her head stretching, her body felt amazing, more rested than she had ever felt in her life. Her panties felt damp between her legs as she turned to check her phone, she could read the time, 5:25 am, but the text appeared to be a little blurry.

To her surprise, her glasses sat on her nightstand. She didn’t recall putting them there, nor did she remember how she got to bed. That’s when it suddenly came back to her.

Holy shit, she thought, realizing why her panties were wet. She closed her eyes, remembering the feeling of grinding wildly on her father’s cock, arching her back and pressing her wet pussy into his lap while he held her tightly against him. Her pussy tingled and she bit her lip. She could feel her arousal begin to build at the thought of what had happened. What the hell happened to just being a normal daughter? she thought.

Remembering what had woken her up, she looked down at her phone. Taylor had sent her a series of messages.

“So did you take care of that thing yet?”

“Did you paddle the pink canoe?”

“Dial the rotary phone?”

“Audition the finger puppets?”

“Pull a Meg Ryan?”

Cindy rolled her eyes, deciding that telling her was probably the best way to get her friend off her back about it. “Yes, I did it. Happy now? Why TF are you up so early anyway?” she replied. After a moment, a series of dots appeared on the screen.

“Doing the walk of shame, on a Thursday LOL!” Taylor exclaimed.

Cindy chuckled as she responded, “You slut LMAO. Need a ride?”

“No I’m good, I need to do some jogging anyway,” Taylor stated.

“You’re jogging? You wore tennis shoes on your date?” Cindy asked.

“Stole his sister’s shoes. I gotta get sore from something, it’s sure as hell not gonna be from that lame-ass lay. His dick was barely over 6 inches, like c’mon, help a girl out will ya?” Taylor said.

Cindy shook her head. “#SizeQueenProblems. I looked up the statistics last week during trig, less than 20 dudes in a thousand have a dick seven inches or bigger. It was a really reliable study.”

“Tell that to Jamal you nerd. He let me measure him after I sucked him. He was eight inches, he didn’t fit all the way into me either, but he sure hit all the right spots 😉 I’m sure he’d let try it too if you weren’t such a goody goody. Anyways, I gtg or my parents’ll realize I’m not home. Which reminds me, they’re out of town this weekend, lets do something fun! Cya.”

Eight inches?.. Cindy thought. That put him in the category of less than three in a thousand guys. Scott had only been a little over five inches. She had never thought the size might be an issue, yet she had only cum the one time with him, maybe Taylor had a valid point.

Cindy was in the process of clearing her mind of any more lewd thoughts about Scott’s dick, her dad’s giant dick, Jamal’s giant dick or any other dick for that matter as she got ready for her jog. She slipped on a pair of running shorts and a sports bra with a tank top. Just think about the Shakespeare reading assignment, she thought to herself, hoping it would distract her.

She recited some classic lines teen porno from the plays as she stepped out of her room, greeted with the site of Kevin walking by her door with his headphones on, rubbing his eyes. Her mouth hung open as she saw the giant shape in his pants, tucked to the side, clearly visible as he was wearing grey sweat pants.

Come, let me clutch thee. A dagger of the mind, a false creation, proceeding from the heat-oppressed brain? her mind quoted subconsciously as her gaze followed the obscene bulge in his pants. He clearly didn’t see her standing there, slack jawed. Her pussy again came to life, she could feel the wetness dampening her thong.

There’s no way I could handle being in the same room with him while he worked out while I’m in this state.. Or while he’s in THAT state. she reasoned. She decided to go jogging outside instead, feeling a bit inspired by Taylor.

When Cindy returned home, Kevin was making a smoothie in the kitchen. She walked into the kitchen to get something to eat. She didn’t allow her gaze to linger on him, or go anywhere below his waist as she looked in his direction. However, after finishing his workout, it was hard to find any part of him that didn’t make her clit tingle.

His sweat-sheened arms bulged, veiny, pumped up with blood, reminding her of his throbbing pole that she had sat on the night before. His muscular back and tapered waist looked amazing. Even his strong jawline was affecting her. She needed to get control of herself.

He saw her approaching out of the corner of his eye. He turned and was greeted with her small athletic figure, clad in thin fabric, damp with her sweat. Despite his best efforts, he was no longer able to see her as he had only twenty-four hours earlier now that he had learned first hand that she had a woman’s desires, and a stunning body to go with it.

Knowing full well that his boner was only asleep because his oxygenated blood was pumping through his other extremities, he didn’t allow himself to stare at her, fearful that the beast between his legs might once again rear to life.

“Good morning,” Cindy says with a gorgeous but subtle smile. “Would it be ok if Taylor stayed over tomorrow night? Her parents will be out of town. I know we’re not ten anymore, but a sleepover could be fun.”

Great. That’s just what I need, another horny-ass teen girl in my house. However, there’s a chance if he kept his distance the two girls would focus on each other and leave him out of their Friday night plans. Kevin sighed, “Sure, as long as you girls don’t sneak out in the night like last time. The curfew will be midnight, ok?” he offered.

“Great! I’ll let her know. I don’t think we’ll be going out anywhere, I don’t think there are any parties happening this weekend for us to sneak off to anyways,” she said winking at him. What the hell was that? I don’t wink at my dad. She suddenly felt awkward, and decided to head out of the kitchen.

“Taylor could sniff out a party on an Amish island,” Kevin joked.

Cindy had turned and was on her way out of the kitchen when she giggled when she called back, “We’ll probably just watch a movie or something.” She was already texting Taylor to let her know she could come over the next day.

“As long as it’s not a scary movie!” Kevin joked, instantly regretting it as Cindy stopped in her tracks. Fuck me man, why the hell am I so awkward all of a sudden.

“See you after school,” Cindy replied stiffly without turning, hiding her cheeks that had turned crimson red with embarrassment. He probably thinks I’m just some stupid silly teenage girl who can’t control herself now.

She had thought of herself as mature and took pride in her self-control when it came to partying, choosing to focus more on productive things like schoolwork and sports. However, when it came to her more carnal desires, it seemed she had very little control over her behavior.

Cindy sat at her desk in trig, staring into space as she contemplated how she was going to get a handle on her behavior. She simply felt unable to control herself around Kevin, and especially around his dick, which had become one of her mind’s favorite subjects lately. She bit her lip, lost in her thoughts. I can’t believe how big he felt, how strong his arms were, how his hands dug into my hips as I ground into him..

“EARTH TO CINDY!” Taylor interrupted. “Damn girl, I’m the one who took a jog of shame this morning, but you’re the one who looks like they got some great dick last night” she continued.

Cindy’s cheeks turned pink. Can I seriously not stop blushing, she thought. Just another thing I can’t control about my body right now I suppose. She sat up straight and began nonchalantly flipping through her textbook. “I haven’t the slightest idea what you’re referring to,” she said unconvincingly.

“Oh yeah?” Taylor asked, raising her dark eyebrow.

“Mhm” Cindy replied.

“So you’d know what page travesti porno we’re on right?” Taylor continued.

Cindy began flipping through the pages, pretending to read, when her mind was still trying to paint a picture of her dad’s swollen meat stick against her will.

Suddenly, Taylor reached across her desk and slammed Cindy’s textbook shut, nearly catching her small fingers in it. Cindy gasped, “What the hell?”

“Look!” Taylor said as she indicated with her finger.

Cindy looked in front of her, shocked to see that she had been flipping through her chemistry textbook.

“Holy shit,” Taylor said loud enough for the students around them to hear before lowering her voice. “Ok, I really need to know what kind of vibrator you used, because you are on the moon right now sister,” she said smiling at her. “Or maybe it was just a bigger dildo than what you’re used to eh? You calling me a size queen over there while you pound yourself with a rubber forearm?” she asked laughing, making a crude thrusting gesture with her fist.

Cindy couldn’t help but laugh, although she was now blushing uncontrollably. “It’s nothing like that. It’s just.. I just..” quickly losing her confidence that she had the ability to lie to Taylor about anything, especially something sexual in nature. “I just had some help,” she heard herself say. WHAT THE FUCK… she screamed in her head.

Taylor’s smile suddenly disappeared, her full red lips parting as her mouth hung open. Suddenly the corners of her mouth veered upwards as she dawned the most positively wicked grin Cindy had ever seen on her friend. Taylor turned fully in her chair, her entire body now facing toward Cindy. Cindy felt like a gazelle in a National Geographic video facing a lioness just before she went in for the kill.

“What did you just say?” Taylor asked, her face smiling but her tone serious. “Ohhh tell me fucking everything, and don’t you leave out one dirty detail,” she continued. “I can’t believe you had the audacity to call me a slut this morning, when you were probably getting your cookie eaten last night.”

Luckily, fate intervened in the form of the teacher’s voice. “Taylor, would you be so kind as to do the next problem on the board please?” the teacher asked, with that classic “caught you not paying attention” tone.

Taylor’s smile completely disappeared, her head sinking. Before she turned to face forward, pushing her chair back she mouthed at Cindy, “This isn’t over.” Much to the teacher’s surprise, Taylor drew out the problem beautifully, as if she had been paying attention the whole time.

Cindy could have done the problem, after all she had perfect grades in the class. However, most of the students who WERE paying attention wouldn’t have been able to do the problem so easily, and certainly not with her incredible handwriting. She gave the teacher a defiant smirk, and went back to her desk without saying anything to either the teacher or Cindy.

Cindy knew that Taylor was brilliant, like MIT smart. Nobody else did, however, explaining the suddenly quiet classroom. Even the teacher hadn’t resumed his lecture yet. Another thing Cindy knew is that this was indeed not over, seeing as how Taylor was coming over the next night. Taylor could be patient if she needed to be, as long as she got what she wanted in the end.

Cindy’s mind raced as she tried to think of what she would tell Taylor, and how she was going to stall. I’ll have to figure this out before tomorrow afternoon, she thought as she retrieved the correct textbook from her bag.

Cindy decided she’d make dinner tonight as she drove home, turning in the direction of the nearest grocery store. Cindy always helped with dishes, but Kevin was usually the cook. He enjoyed heavier meals, but he often made it with a side of vegetables or salad for her.

She was pretty sure if he lived alone he wouldn’t be eating any vegetables at all. She decided to make a spicy Italian sausage soup, with cabbage, carrots, beans, and tortellini. It was like hiding a dog’s medication in a scoop of peanut butter, he wouldn’t mind eating mostly vegetables if there was plenty of meat mixed in with hit. She was excited at the idea of taking care of him for once, since he always did so much for her.

An hour later she was home in the kitchen, letting the beans cook while she unpackaged the meat. She held one of the sausages in her hand, and couldn’t help think about her dad’s erection she had seen earlier that morning. While the sausage in her hand was soft, the one she felt on her dad’s lap the night before certainly hadn’t been.

Well it’s not like he has a woman to help him with that. He probably just gets aroused at the slightest touch, she thought. He probably doesn’t think of me in a sexual way at all really. So what if he got hard under me last night, that doesn’t mean he wants me. With nobody around to satisfy him, I’m sure he’d get an erection from a soft tricky masseur porno pillow rubbing on his crotch, she concluded. Well, it’s not like I could be the one to help him with his constant erections anyways, I’m his daughter, that would be wrong on so many levels, she concluded. She decided she needed to be more mindful of how she could help him, in a daughterly way of course.

Kevin arrived home after working later than usual. He was usually home by 5, but it was nearly 7. He smelled something amazing in the kitchen. “Hello?” he called out.

“I’m in here!” Cindy replied from the living room, which separated the kitchen from the bedrooms.

Kevin stepped in to find her lying on the couch on her stomach with her feet crossed in the air while she twirled her hair with her pen and read from her textbook. His first thought was that in the years that he knew Cindy he had never once had to tell her to study or get on her about chores or anything.

He was proud of how responsible she was. His second thought however was about how incredible her ass looked in the soft striped pajamas. Pulling his attention away from his daughters upturned ass, he asked, “Did you make dinner?”

“Yeah, you didn’t eat yet did you?” she asked, with a concerned look on her face. Cindy was proud of how the soup had turned out. It tasted really good in her opinion. She would be slightly disappointed if he had eaten already, although the soup would probably be even better the next day.

“No, I’m starving,” Kevin replied.

“Good! Er.. I mean, good that you’re hungry because it’s ready to eat,” she hastily corrected as she jumped up off the couch heading for the kitchen. You’re such a dork Cindy, she thought to herself.

Kevin enjoyed the soup immensely, “Wow this is delicious,” he said, getting up to grab a second bowl. He was exhausted, and this was exactly what he needed, a nice relaxing evening with his daughter and some great food. He had a rough day at work, and really needed some rest.

Cindy smiled at her dad as he thanked her. She caught herself staring at his ass as he walked away from the table. She looked away and thought, Well, I guess it can’t hurt to look. We’re both adults now it’s only natural, she reasoned in her mind.

After dinner they both went to their own rooms, Kevin going straight to sleep, content with how normal and right everything was at home, while Cindy checked her phone. No texts from Taylor.. what’s her game here, she thought. It wasn’t like Taylor to be so patient.

She’d have to be careful tomorrow at school, and do her best to avoid talking to her until Taylor came over. Cindy also had to think of how she could lie to her best friend, who could read her like a book. Or maybe, she realized, I don’t have to lie. Maybe I can tell the truth, that way I can give her all the dirty details but I’ll say it was some fling with a college guy that I’ll never see again! Cindy smiled, falling asleep feeling proud of herself for having such a great idea.

The next day at school, Cindy decided she didn’t need to dodge Taylor, now that she had a good story. The best lies are always 99% truth. Cindy was a terrible liar, but she was a good strategist.

Cindy found her friend waiting for her at her usual parking spot, which was odd. Usually Taylor was barely on time or late for the first class of the day. Cindy put on her game face, and got out of the car. There was no time for games, her best friend was done waiting.

Taylor didn’t have to pry, she just looked at her friend expectantly. Much to her surprise, Cindy began to tell her what had happened. She had met a college guy at the last party Taylor had taken her to, and they had exchanged numbers. They set up a date, and they ended up at his apartment watching a scary movie.

Cindy’s story had a surprising amount of detail, including the intense buildup with her ending up climaxing on his lap. Taylor couldn’t believe it, her little Cindy had finally grown up a bit. Well, it’s not like she fucked him, but at least she doesn’t think you have to be in love with the guy anymore to have a good time, she thought.

“Alright, lets make a deal,” Taylor said as they walked into the school. “If what you told me is true, and you don’t plan on seeing him again, I don’t need to know who it was. BUT, if you do turn into the sappy romantic that you are, and decide you need to ride his pole again you’ll tell me who it is, agreed?”

“Agreed,” Cindy said smiling. She couldn’t believe her plan actually worked! This was great. Now everything could go back to normal.

Kevin got home around 2 p.m., having left work early. He had been run ragged at work lately. It wasn’t easy managing three branches of his car dealership. He was constantly bombarded by responsibilities, and these decisions often involved a lot of money or could affect his friends’ careers. He really needed this weekend.

Kevin took a long shower, nearly thirty minutes. He wasn’t a super hairy guy by any means, but as he approached his thirties he had developed a Burt Reynolds chest, and was now able to grow a man’s beard. He preferred to be clean-shaven though, at least when it came to his face and crotch.

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