Sharon’s Return Pt. 01

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OK guys, I am back to fill you in on my life since my last posting. Hope you find my life experiences worth the wait.

“Congratulations Sharon, the test confirm you are pregnant,” the doctor said.

I was at a loss for words. Though I had often thought it would have come up earlier because of my husband and my active open lifestyle. My birth control had worked effectively in the past, so why am I now pregnant?

I went home and told my husband and he was thrilled, though I could sense that he was doing the backward math in his head to try to figure out if the father was someone other than him.

I had also done the math on my way home from the doctor’s office and I was pretty sure I could pinpoint the date that I was impregnated. It was, according to my calculations, someone other than my husband. He was busy photographing me and, I’ll call him Todd, while Todd enjoyed my “special talents.”

Ok, “special talents” is code for Todd fucked me about 4 times in a weekend and each time my husband had photographed it all, from foreplay to cream pie. I recall Todd’s cock fondly, it was long, thick and when he inserted himself fully into me I could feel the head of his cock push open my cervix. And when Todd came, he was always fully inserted been into my cunt. That pressure against my cervix made for an intense orgasm for me and an extended orgasm for him.

Those of you who have read my posts before know that my husband and I live an open lifestyle, so Todd just happened to cross paths with my husband at the gym he worked out in. I guess he got a look at Todd’s cock and thought he would be a good playmate.

To make a long story cevizli escort short, Todd could only be the father because of timing and the fact that I came down with the flu the next week and didn’t have sex with my husband for about another week to ten days.

Moving on, 9 months pass, I have a beautiful daughter. Because of when she was born I only needed to take the summer off and could return to my teaching position in a nearby district where I taught second grade. I should probably mention that my daughter was born blonde while both my husband and I both have dark hair. My husband still doesn’t believe the lie that it happens all the time within families. You know, the old recessive gene reason.

So, after I had my daughter I felt that something within my body had changed. My tits got huge (38E for a while) and that I felt horny all the time. Once we could, my husband did his best to satisfy my needs. For about 3 months we fucked two to three times a day, but I still needed more.

After making arrangements to have someone look after my daughter (forgive me for always referring to her as my daughter, but I want to make sure we all, her included, remain anonymous), I returned to school. I noticed right off the bat that men looked at me differently. Where the once saw me as a teaching professional the leer in their eyes let me know that they liked the changes my body had retained. Big tits (what man doesn’t like big tits?), slim waist and broader hips than I had before. I worked very hard to get back into shape after the baby and when I would see myself in the mirrors at the erenköy escort gym I realized that I now looked more sexual, the busty manifestation of what men fantasize about.

I got hit on plenty hard at the guy, and at the mall, and more surprisingly by the married men that I had worked with before my pregnancy. I also attracted the notice of more than a few of the fathers of my students.

Whenever I realized that a man was looking at me in a lustful manner, I immediately felt a tingle in my cunt that spread throughout my entire body. I knew men wanted to fuck me before, but now they wanted to possess me completely. They knew I would pleasure them eagerly and completely. They knew that my tits were gorgeous and firm. They knew that my cunt would be hot, wet and eager for their cock.

I talked to my husband about this new sense of sexual power that I was feeling. I told him, but he already knew, that I was now his MILF. I told him that my excitement grew each time I observed men looking at my body. I told him that I was no longer to resist the opportunities that were presented to me on almost a daily basis.

I knew he loved me, but after my daughter was born he tried to keep up with my sexual needs but simply couldn’t. He had said that he loved how tight my cunt was even after the baby. He enjoyed all the new opportunities that my now 34DD tits presented in terms of foreplay and in terms of his sexual pleasure. He suddenly loved to tit fuck me, having me push my full breasts tightly around his cock until he came on my neck and face.

After our talk, we had great sex esenyurt escort and I knew without him saying it that he would be ok with my exploring my new sexualized being as long as it was just to experience sex with other men.

Nothing happened for at least a month, but being back to school teaching the time of the year when parent/teacher conferences came along. The meetings were all scheduled for after school hours and often ran late.

For the most part, the parents came as a couple to discuss their child’s progress, etc. I did notice that more than one married men kept staring at my tits, even though I had done my best to dress in a professional manner. As I noticed more and more men staring at my tits, I began to feel my pussy moisten with excitement. After most of my conferences, I was so turned on by the looks I was getting that when I got home I immediately undressed and fucked my husband wherever I found him.

There was that first man that I couldn’t, for some reason, resist. He was a single parent of one of my students. Divorced but the ex-wife refused to come to the conference with him. She insisted that she have a conference with just her and me. I didn’t understand why at the time but when he arrived I started to tingle. I had been warned by the student’s first-grade teacher that he was very handsome and was very good at making women feel that they are the only woman on earth when he was talking to them.

He was very handsome and looked terrific in his expensive suit, crisp white shirt, and probably a very expensive tie. Mr. Bryant was the father of Zack, one of my excellent students.

“Hello,” he said reaching out to shake my hand, “I’m Zack’s father, Mr. Bryant.”

I made small talk all the time realizing that his eyes completely devoured my body from head to toe. Like most men, his glance lingered on the fullness of my breasts before continuing down to eye my crotch. His eyes were piercing blue and he knew he was handsome.

Part 2 is in the works.

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