She Male Maid Ch. 01

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My wife has a real good job and she has made lots of money this year. She has been working long hours and she decided to hire a live in maid. Someone to clean the house and cook meals.

I wanted a butler but she insisted on a maid. I was away on a trip when she hired a maid named Rosey. All my wife Pam would say on the phone is that I will be surprised when I see Rosey. Then we started having phone sex and Pam instructed me to pull out my cock and start jerking it for her.

He then said that she couldn’t hold the secret about Rosey the maid. Nasty thoughts were roaming in my head. I just knew Pam was going to tell me that she had sucked Rosey’s pussy or that Rosey had fucked her with a dildo or something.

We have talked about having sex with other men and women. But we had only talked about it. Pam then told me that Rosey was a girl with a very large cock. My balls tighten up and I shot a load of cum all over my stomach. I was waiting for Pam to tell me that she was kidding. She wasn’t kidding as a matter of fact she ask me if it would be OK if Rosey fucked her tonight in our bed.

She told me that she wanted to feel Rosey’s she-male cock up her pussy. Pam told me how she watched Rosey clean the bathroom tile today getting down on her hands and knees and Rosey’s cock and balls swinging between her Kurtköy Yabancı Escort sweet ass. My cock was getting hard again listening to Pam describing how she wanted Rosey to sleep with us and become that third player.

She was telling me how she had been thinking of all the different combinations the three of us could try. Like her having two cocks to service her ass and cunt at the same time. How she could suck one cock and fuck the other one. How she could suck both of our cocks at the same time. How she has always wanted to see me suck a cock and take a big cock in my ass. She fucks me with a dildo in the ass, so I am not a virgin there by know means.

She just kept on telling me how this situation was going to be a lot of fun. How I could get up behind her doggie style and Rosey could get behind me and fuck me while I fuck my wife. My cock had cum again and I was so horny I was scraping the cum off my stomach and was eating it. Pam must have heard be slurping some of it down because she called me a nasty little boy and she said she knew I was eating my cum.

He ask me again if it was all right for Rosey to fuck her tonight. I told her to make sure she takes her pill and to use a rubber. Pam asked me if I had my laptop with me and if I had Internet service in my room.

I Kurtköy Yeni Escort told her I did and she said she would set up the camera and I could watch her and Rosey fucking and sucking. She told me she would call me back at 8:00 PM and she would have everything ready to run. I told her I loved her and we hung up. It was only 2:00 PM.

I was so horny thinking about what had just happened and was wondering what it would feel like to have a cock shooting cream in your mouth or have a big cock fucking you in the ass. I left the motel and started looking for a hired sex partner for tonight. I wasn’t just going to be jacking off when I see my wife fucking a she-male over the Internet. I was going to have me a fuck partner too.

The first club I went in I seen a gay guy sitting at the bar so I went up to him and ask him if he knew where I could get a man dressed up like a woman. He gave me a phone number to call. I called the number and women answered. I told her what I was looking for and she started asking me questions like Do I want a she male with a workable cock? Do you want to have oral and anal sex with them? Do you want them to fuck you or are you going to be fucking them?

I answered YES to all the questions. Then she ask me how big my cock is and how big of a cock do I want Kurtköy Masaj Salonu to fuck and suck. I told her that my wife uses a 10-inch dildo on me. The woman told me that she had the right girl for me and that she would be at my room at 8:00 tonight.

The woman then told me the she-males name was Cindy and that she would have a bag full of toys to play with too. She also told me that the girls always wanted the clients to be shaved smooth around the cock, balls and anal area. I hung up the phone and got out the shaver and started getting rid of any body hair on my cock, ass and balls.

Eight o clock rolled around and the doorbell rang. It was Cindy and He-She was beautiful, cropped off blonde hair, nice long legs and a ass to kill for. At first I thought they had fucked up and sent me a woman. But when Cindy raised her dress and a huge cock was strapped to her leg I knew right then and there that this wasn’t just a woman, this was a stud too.

We undressed and got in the bed and the phone rang and it was Pam my wife, I hooked up the Internet and there she was on the monitor sitting naked as hell with Rosey sitting beside her. Pam was right Rosey is a nice slutty looking girl-boy.

Cindy was sucking on my cock as I watched my wife. Rosey stood up and stuck her cock in my wife’s mouth and Pam was sucking like a baby sucks a bottle. I couldn’t stand it any more so Cindy and I got in a 69 position and we sucked each other’s cock all night. I fell a sleep with Cindy’s cock on my lips.

Well that’s it for this Part stay tuned for She Male Maid pt 2

Jack that cock and VOTE!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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