She was So Addictive

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“Jesus Christ, oh fuck…oh god!” I shouted, both in embarrassment, and desperation.

The spunk spurting from my cock missed the handkerchief completely, as I tried to turn away from Mrs Cooper. She was standing, staring, open mouthed, in the half open door to the conservatory.

I stood up, the semen was still coming in bursts onto my denims, which were around my knees.

Mrs Cooper had just enough time to say, “Oh fuck,” before turning, and rushing back down the side of the house. I saw her briefly disappear back across the road, as I glanced out of the lounge window, while I was trying to wipe up some of the mess in the handkerchief.

“Fucking hell…Jesus,” I repeated several times, pulling up my boxers, and stumbling upstairs to get out of my jeans. What had begun as a few moments of self indulgence, while my mother was out shopping, had become an embarrassing nightmare.

“What the fuck will I tell mum when Mrs Cooper lets her know what she’s seen?” I quietly thought that to myself. The fact that Mrs Cooper was a neighbour who I’d lusted after for most of my teenage years was now neither here nor there, and how could I face her the next time I saw her?

I rapidly changed my jeans, and ran the spunk covered ones under the tap in the bathroom, thinking I could say to mum that I’d spilt something on them during my breakfast.

Eventually I went back downstairs and tried to gather my thoughts.

Would Mrs Cooper actually say anything? If she did I would just have to hope mum understood a teenagers’ needs.

Unbelievably, over the next two days nothing seemed to be said. Mum didn’t behave any differently towards me, even after she’d had coffee with Mrs Cooper the very next morning.

When she arrived back I was ready with my ‘apology’ speech. Instead, all she said was something about Mrs Cooper asking when I was off to university, and how mum should make the most of having me at home until then.

That night I lay in bed, smiling in the dark, and remembering the look on Mrs Cooper’s face. I wondered if she was as shocked as she appeared, surely she must realise how teenage boys do stuff like that.

I felt myself becoming hard, as I gently gripped my cock. Mrs Cooper had always looked quite sexy, even if she was probably almost thirty years older than me. The way she often dressed to show off her attributes was something that I’d observed from across the road on many occasions. I’d even glimpsed her in her underwear, in her bedroom a couple of times, before she pulled the curtains.

It became inevitable with those thoughts of her ample breasts, and very attractive ass, that my cock reached its full potential. I pulled down the duvet and lay on my back slowly working my cock up and down.

Mum’s bedroom was the other side of the wall so I had to bring myself off as silently as I could. When I came, I gritted my teeth, and suppressed a groan. The spurt of semen looped up over my stomach, and lower chest, pumping several times, until it slowed to a gentle gush over my thumb and fingers. The thought of Mrs Cooper’s pussy squeezing the last drops from me sent a shudder of excitement through me, and stirred a sense of expectation in me.

I knew in my naive teenage head that nothing would ever happen. Mrs Cooper was married, and her husband, who I knew as Dave, was a local businessman in the hospitality sector. They’d been married a long time, and had a grown up married daughter, Emily, who I’d known at school, but was three years older than me. However, two days later, our paths crossed.

Mum was at work, and because it was a warm summer’s day I’d decided to go for a cycle ride along the local canal towpath. On my way back I had just pulled up outside, when Mrs Cooper appeared from her side gate. I sort of pretended not to see her until she shouted to me, “Jim…Jim!”

I couldn’t ignore it, and reluctantly I turned.

“Jim, you look hot, I’ve just made a jug of home made lemonade, come and have a glass.”

Nervously as I pushed the bike over towards her, she added, “Bring your bike round the back, out of sight,” and then as I got closer she smiled broadly, “Jim, I can see you’re embarrassed, forget it, just come and have a lemonade.”

I followed her into the back garden, and through into the kitchen. I tried to stop myself looking at her ass beneath the lightweight cotton skirt. The fabric seemed to be clinging to the roundness of both buttocks, and just to add to her aura she was wearing a white tight fitting t-shirt that showed off the ample cleavage.

I watched her pour a glass of lemonade and pass it to me.

“Sit down and relax,” she pointed to a stool at the breakfast bar. Sitting at a the stool opposite, she continued, “Jim, we’ve got to clear the air haven’t we?”

I stuttered, “Mrs Cooper… ” I began.

“Stop there, it’s Maggie, call me Maggie, please!”

“Ok, err… Maggie, I just really wanted to say sorry.”

Mrs Cooper dissolved in laughter, “Oh my god, Jim, you needn’t say anything Escort Küçükköy at all. I shouldn’t have been creeping around the back of your house. I should have known your mum would be out.”

As she spoke she seemed to fix her eyes on mine, and lean forward, her breasts squeezing together. Speaking quietly she said, “What you were doing is completely normal, especially at your age.”

I felt my face go bright red, and I avoided her eyes, looking downwards.

She chuckled again, “Would it surprise you if I told you I caught Dave doing that soon after we got married?”

I looked up again, and must have had a quizzical look.

“I felt a bit hurt, I thought he must be doing it because he didn’t fancy me, anyway we talked about it. In fact I watch him even now from time to time.”

For a moment she looked slightly horrified.

“Oh my god, why am I telling you all these private things?”

I managed to smile, before my hand was grasped by Maggie.

“Anyway, we’ve got over our little ‘accidental meeting,’ I promise not to surprise you again.”

As I sipped my lemonade I could feel Maggie’s eyes studying me, and it felt rather awkward, but somehow a little exciting.

“I must go,” I finally said, “I’ve got some stuff to do for mum, but thank you for the lemonade,” adding, “and thank you for understanding.”

Maggie followed me outside to where I’d put my bike. “Everything’s cool Jim, put it down to experience, oh, and I’ll remember to pull my curtains too!”

I said nothing, and I was looking away from her to hide my surprise. My heart rate suddenly increased, as I realised what she had just said.

“Bye Mrs Cooper, and thanks again.”

“Maggie, it’s Maggie!” she shouted after me, and I was gone, wheeling my bike back over to my house.

For the rest of the day the idea that Maggie knew I’d seen her through her bedroom window kept returning to my thoughts. Perhaps she thought I was a bit ‘pervy,’ hopefully not, perhaps she just said it as a warning.

By the time mum got home I’d completed the jobs I was supposed to do, and she relaxed with a glass of wine while I went up to my room. Not long after that gaming on my laptop was interrupted by a shout from mum to say that Maggie had invited her over to discuss some local petition about new building works, or something, so it left me hoping that she would keep our secret.

It wasn’t until breakfast the next day that mum said, “You didn’t tell me that you spoke to Maggie yesterday?” I shuddered inside, and was desperate not to react.

“Yes she saw me on my bike, she offered me some lemonade she’d just made.” I said it in the most casual voice I could manage.

“You must have made an impression, she told me how articulate you were. Anyway, I hope you won’t be mad at me, David’s working away for a week, and I said you’d cut their grass while he was gone?”

I tried to be casual again, “Ok that’s cool, will I get paid?”

“Jim!” mum put on her impression of being shocked, “You’re just doing her a favour! So just let her know today that you will do it, pop over and ask her when, I’ll text her now, and say you’ll get in touch later.”

Mum tapped her phone, and ten minutes later she’d left for work. As I watched her drive off she waved to David who was loading his car with a suitcase.

Going back up to my room to get dressed I looked over at Maggie’s house and had that little moment of fantasy teenage boys get.

Left to my own devices during the summer break I often lazed around, which is why mum gave me jobs to do. Without a man in the house I was responsible for stuff like gardening, painting, repairing. Now that Maggie had entered my consciousness it presented another unknown into my life.

Mid morning I brushed my teeth and walked over to Maggie’s. I decided that I’d better ring the front door bell, I didn’t want to risk frightening her by suddenly appearing at the back door.

“Jim! Come in, I’m so pleased you can ‘do’ my lawn.”

For a moment I hesitated. Maggie was wearing such a tight, low cut t-shirt, my eyes were drawn immediately to her cleavage and breasts. She must have noticed because she half smiled, before repeating, “c’mon in, I’ll make us a coffee, sorry, do you drink coffee?”

“Yes,” I replied, following her through to the kitchen, and sitting on the same bar stool as my previous visit.

I watched as Maggie pressed buttons on the coffee machine, and waited for it to grind and percolate. As she did so I could see those rounded buttocks, moving beneath the fabric. I looked away as I felt my cock stiffen slightly.

“Now when do you want to come?”

Should I have translated that as an innuendo, or was it my smutty mind?

“Errrr, when it suits you, I guess it depends on the weather.”

“Well, David’s away for just over a week, it might need doing twice, how about if you do it tomorrow morning, and then we’ll see how it goes…or grows!” Maggie giggled as she placed the mug in front of Mecidiyeköy escort me.

“Tell you what, give me your mobile number and I can text you to say it’s ok to come over.”

Maggie picked up her phone, typed in the number I gave her, and a second later my phone pinged with a confirmation text, ‘Maggie.’

“Great, that’s done, now I can text you anytime!”

I looked at her with a slightly quizzical look, and I saw her go bright red, “Oh god, that sounds terrible, I meant to do with the garden, not for any other reason…”

Her voice faded away, and she added, “Bloody hell, I’d better stop digging!”

It was my turn to laugh.

“I’d better put you in my contacts as ‘Mrs Cooper,’ then I won’t think it’s one of the hundreds of girls on there!”

The sarcasm was obvious, and it wasn’t lost on Maggie.

“You can put me in there as Maggie, and I’ll join the queue, but don’t tell your mum.”

The conversation had somehow turned quite ‘flirty,’ and my cock was twitching just a bit.

“I don’t tell my mum much about girls, and thank you for not mentioning about you catching me?”

“That’s ok, it’s all forgotten, just one of those teenage things. I know that young lads are supercharged with hormones.”

There was an awkward silence while we sipped our mugs of coffee. Again I felt Maggie’s eyes looking at me, and for a moment we made eye contact. I looked away immediately, embarrassed by the strange intimacy of that split second.

“I’d better go,” I said quietly, my heart was beating out of my chest, and my cock had swollen to a semi hard state.

“Yes, I think you probably had. I noticed Maggie’s neck, and above her cleavage, was flushed red. I assumed she was embarrassed, and didn’t realise that it was a sign of arousal.

I stood up, while Maggie went to get off her stool too, and she caught one heel on the foot bar. She half stumbled, so I grabbed her, holding her up, as she fell against me. For a few seconds we both froze, I could smell her perfume, her blonde hair was against my chest just below my chin, and her breasts were pressed into my waist. I lifted her upright, until she had regained her balance, but somehow we both kept hold of each other. Briefly our eyes met again, our faces were only inches apart, my hands were gripping her upper arms, and her hands were either side of my chest.

“God, I’m so clumsy Jim, I could have ended up on the floor.”

The moment was broken, and we both stepped away from each other.

Casually I said, “Good job I was here then,” and with a brief chuckle I made my way to the front door.

“Ok I’ll come over around this time tomorrow, if there’s a problem just text me, thanks for the coffee Mrs Cooper.”

“Maggie, I keep telling you it’s Maggie!”

She kept smiling as I made my way back across the road.

Mum asked me about the grass cutting, and I told her that it was all arranged for the next morning, conditional on the weather. The forecast was good, and I went up to my room that evening, strangely excited by the prospect of cutting grass!

However, I was in for a greater surprise before I’d even got to bed.

I’d been on my laptop for almost an hour, chatting to a couple of mates, when I glanced out of the window across the road. It was almost dark, almost 10pm, and the first thing I saw was Maggie’s bedroom window, half lit by what seemed to be a light from her en-suite bathroom. The curtains hadn’t been pulled, which wasn’t unusual, and I’d been lucky enough to catch sight of her a few times over the years, until she realised that she could be seen, and closed them immediately.

As I exited from a chat with one of my friends I noticed a movement, or rather the change of light from a shadow. Focussing and waiting, my mouth dropped open as Maggie appeared from the direction of the en-suite, rubbing her hair with a towel, but completely naked.

“Fuck,” I said under my breath, thinking that she’d forgotten completely to shut the curtains, and then she stopped, in the middle of the room, facing the window. Even in the semi darkness her ample breasts were clearly visible, and I could see her whole body down as far as her mid thighs. The light behind her shone between her thighs, her legs apart enough to expose the silhouette of her pussy.

Clearly she knew the curtains were open, clearly she knew that she might be seen, and clearly, as she tossed the towel down, and walked closer to the window, she knew that I was probably watching.

I should have realised that the glow of my laptop screen was illuminating my face. I watched her reach out her arms and slowly pull the curtains together. In a few seconds she was hidden, and I closed my laptop hurriedly.


Moments later my mobile sounded. Surely it was a mate, but somehow I knew it was Maggie.

‘Get a good view?”

It sounded angry, no emojis, no emphasis in any way.

I waited, wondering whether to reply, or not.

Muttering, “Shit!” Merter escort bayan I typed a response, ‘I’m sorry.’

Nothing came back, which left me even more perplexed. We seemed to have reached a sort of agreement about our mistakes, and I still felt Maggie had either been flirting or deliberately teasing, I really didn’t understand women, or perhaps this woman.

Next morning I was totally confused about whether I should go and cut Maggie’s lawn and act as though nothing had happened. No, I decided to text to see if she was still ‘mad.’

‘Is it still ok to cut your lawn?” was the message I sent. The reply came straight back, ‘Yes of course. See you around 10am.’

In one way I was relieved, but I still wondered about the reaction I might receive.

Nervously, dressed in an old pair of shorts, and a t-shirt, I rang Maggie’s door bell, to hear her shout out, “Go round the back Jim!”

Maggie was out on the patio looking fantastic in a loose fitting blouse, and tight fitting shorts, with strappy sandels.

“Ah good timing, I’ve just made coffee, sit down for five minutes, and I’ll just get you a mug.”

There seemed no animosity in her voice, I sat down, and she soon returned with my coffee.

Maggie sat down crossing her legs, and I took in her bare thighs, before watching her smile broadly.

“The lawn mower is in the shed, it’s electric, so for goodness sake try not to cut the cable, there’s a contact breaker in the socket. Dump the cuttings in the compost heap behind the garage. Now that’s your orders out of the way, did you sleep well?”

Hesitantly, I replied diplomatically, “Eventually… it’s always difficult when the weather is warm and humid.”

“I guess I didn’t help matters!”

I looked directly at her, and a suspicion of a smile crept across her face, followed by a wink.

Quietly I replied, “No,” then quickly I followed it with, ” but I think I’ll get on with the grass!”

Maggie stood up laughing, and took both our mugs indoors, while I felt somewhat relieved, and proceeded to open up the shed.

It took no more than forty minutes to cut the relatively compact lawn, and trim the edges, before cleaning the mower and putting it away. As I made my way to the kitchen door Maggie was waiting with her wonderful iced, home made lemonade.

“Let’s sit outside again, you’ve worked up a sweat, here use this towel, you can take your t-shirt off if you want to.”

Now I’d always kept pretty fit, I was proud of my body, and youthful six pack, so I thought I’d see what Maggie’s reaction was.

Peeling the rather damp fabric off, I watched out of the corner of my eye at Maggie’s face. Did I detect a widening of her eyes? Certainly she took a long look at me.

We both sat and enjoyed the sun as it got hotter.

“Have you heard from David?” I was trying to make ‘small talk,’ and I was surprised by her reaction.

Maggie’s expression changed. “Yes, he phoned just after you had left yesterday, we ended up having an argument and I put the phone down on him. He phoned back later, but it didn’t improve things.”

“Oh I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been nosey.” It certainly explained why Maggie may have sought to display herself last night, perhaps a sort of ‘payback.’

“Noooooo, it’s ok, whenever he goes away it’s the same, I don’t really trust him, he had an affair a couple of years ago with a young secretary from his office, so I just got a bit sarcastic on the phone.”

“Ok,” I paused, “well I guess couples go through difficult times, I know when mum got divorced from dad, it was over something similar.”

“An affair can be quite hurtful anyway, but when it’s with a girl so much younger than me, it makes you feel you’re past your ‘sell by’ date!”

“You’re definitely not that!”

As soon as I said it, I thought I’d said the wrong thing, and quickly sipped my lemonade.

“Oh you are a sweetie Jim, I bet girls are queuing up to get a date!”

With a choking laugh, I splattered lemonade out of my mouth, all over the patio table, and down into my lap. “Oh god, if only,” I muttered, wiping my lips, and standing up to brush the excess lemonade off my shorts.

Maggie stood up too, grabbing the small towel, and in a reflex action, started to dab my shorts.

“It’s ok, it’s ok,” I said, “they’re only my work shorts.”

However, Maggie was rubbing the excess liquid downwards, and then realised that she was actually rubbing my cock beneath the fabric.

“Oh god I’m sorry, you do it, otherwise there might be consequences!”

We both burst out laughing at the ridiculous situation, before she added, “Take them off, if we hang them over the back of the chair, there’ll dry in the sun.”

Putting the towel down, she deftly pulled the press stud apart at the waistband, looking up to ask,” You have got something on underneath?”

At that point I stepped back, and unzipped the shorts. Of course I was wearing cotton boxers, so l lowered them, and stepped out of the shorts, and hung them over a spare chair.

“There, problem solved, but could I have a refill?”

Giggling, Maggie disappeared back into the kitchen, to return moments later with a full glass of lemonade.

“I wonder what David would say if he walked in now? Me sitting here with a young man almost naked?”

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