Shel’s First Full Swing

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Bent Over

I’m going back nearly eighteen years for this story. It is based on a true event, but certain bits are embellished. As usual I use British terms, a fanny is a vagina, hold-ups are thigh-highs.

If you have read my story “Nearly fucked or First Fuck” you will see a small linkage with an action in this story.

It’s a Saturday evening and as is often the case we have decided to visit the only swinger’s venue on Tyneside. It’s actually just a big house owned by a guy who spends most of his time in Thailand, so a couple run the place. We have got to know them quite well from our visits. Invitation is by word of mouth and it’s mostly couples who attend plus a limited number of single guys.

Arriving at the house we are admitted by Paula the female half of the couple who manage it. Paula is quite similar to me in build, apart from her much bigger breasts, 36Ds. She has similar sexual desires and we have had a few bisexual encounters together.

“Hiya Shel, John, how are you both, great to see you back,” Paula greets us, she is looking very sexy in her schoolgirl outfit.

“We are fine thanks, many in tonight?” I reply.

Consulting her notebook Paula counts up, “total of thirteen couples of which two are new people and four single guys. Two new single guys who arrived together, they look a bit Arabic, possibly might be brothers.”

“OK, we’ll go and get sorted, see you later.” So after giving Paula a quick kiss and a grope of her tits myself and John head to the kitchen to stash our booze.

Making our way into the kitchen we see people we know and a few we don’t know. All the women are dressed in sexy clubwear, either short clingy dresses or revealing tops and short skirts. The men are all dressed smartly, usually good jeans and a decent shirt.

My outfit for tonight is black lace top over a see through bra and a black mini-skirt over black lace knickers. Bright red high heel shoes and hold-ups finish off the outfit.

Most of the people are talking together, but a few have stayed on their own. Probably the new couples who might be a bit nervous, but not to worry as when Paula comes upstairs she will introduce the new people to others who she thinks will be compatible.

After getting ourselves a drink we are standing chatting to a few people when I feel a hand going up my skirt from behind and softly stroking the exposed skin above my hold-ups.

Slowly turning around I see Paula standing behind me and grinning. “Is Gary on door duties now then?” I ask her.

“Yes, he took over so I could come up here and get the party going and I might need your help with some of the guests.”

“What do you want me to do and what reward do I get for it?”

“Well, could you fix some shots for everyone and hand them round, then as a reward how about being licked to orgasm in a 69 with me?”

So after fixing a tray full of shots I take them around all the guests. Any guests who were not in a group or were new people I engage in conversation about what they are into sexually and promise they would be introduced to others of similar persuasions.

I offer the two Arabic looking men a shot each and started talking to the older one, his name is Bes and as he has been in the UK for most of his life he speaks English perfectly. He is about 5ft 10in tall, very good looking with a ready smile and a trimmed beard. I’d say about thirty years old and wearing an expensive aftershave, which always impresses me. He introduced the other man as Shakir and explained that Shakir was his cousin from Cairo on holiday in the UK and speaks only limited English.

Shakir was younger at about twenty years old, but did look very similar to Bes. After a few minutes I explained I had to go looking for Paula, but we’d be back to chat a bit more soon.

Catching up with Paula, I explain that Bes had been involved with a couple who we knew and had come here tonight as a special treat for Shakir who was going home next week.

“Paula, everyone is chatting away except those two lads, we will need to do something to try and get them more involved. Tell you what, I want to take you into a private room, but on the way, we’ll go and chat to them, just follow my lead.”

Paula as a good hostess always dresses very sexily. Her school girl outfit tonight consists of a white bra under a white shirt which was tied up under her tits, a tartan mini kilt and knee high stockings held up with a ribbon. Her 36D tits fill the bra more than adequately and on her 5ft 3in slim frame do look amazing. I know her nipples are long and thick and are just perfect for sucking on.

Taking her by the hand I lead her over to Bes and Shakir.

“Have you had the chance to talk to Paula lads?” I ask.

“No, but we are really happy to stand here and talk to the two best looking women in here,” replies Bes.

“So Bes, you said Bill and Lily suggested you came here? Have you been to any other swingers clubs?” Asks Paula.

“I went to the one near Durham with Bill and Lily, that’s when they told me about escort tanıtımları here. Shakir has been overcome by seeing all the girls in Newcastle City Centre on a Saturday night and as he has to go back to Cairo next week I wanted to bring him here.” Replies Bes.

For some reason Bes seems to be directing all his comments to me, while Shakir can’t keep his eyes of Paula. Just to tease Shakir a bit more I slipped my hand up the side of Paula’s kilt. As I suspected she had no knickers on so I made a big play of discovering that fact while lifting her kilt right up to expose her fanny.

“Ohhhh, you naughty girl, you have no knickers on! Bend over while I punish you!”

Poor Shakir, his eyes are popping out of his head as Paula bends down and I playfully smack her bum.

“Listen up lads,” says Paula straightening up while pulling her kilt down, “a few of the couples like being watched in the open room, so if you want an up close sex show watch for that room being used.”

“That’s right,” I interject, “we are going for some girl girl loving right now, so if you get the chance to talk to people, just go for it.”

“Could we come and watch you two, please?” Shakir asks in faltering English.

“Sorry no, this is a private girl fun thing, but tell you what, take hold of one of these,” I say as I put one of Paula’s shirt tails in his hand. I get hold of the other shirt tail. “Right, pull.” As he does that the shirt tails come loose and the shirt falls wide open exposing her lace white bra with her big nipples clearly visible in the centre of each cup.

“Have fun lads,” shouts Paula as we move off hand in hand to a lockable room.

Locking the room door behind us, we move into each other’s arms and share a deep, long kiss. I reach behind Paula and unhook her bra and slide my hands up between us to fondle her luscious tits under her bra cups.

“Come on, let’s get on that bed, I need to suck these so bad,” I tell her.

Paula settles herself on her back on the bed, I remove her shirt and bra completely then engulf her right nipple totally in my mouth, hearing her give a sexy groan as I suck it in. My hand is under her kilt finding her smooth cleft, I am surprised how wet it already is.

“You dirty bitch, your thinking of those Arab lads aren’t you? Go on then which one would you shag?”

“Who says it would only be one of them? I think the older one is more experienced and desirable, but from the way the younger one was looking at us both, I bet he is a virgin.” Paula shamelessly answers.

“Yeah, but he is only like twenty years old and we are just on the right side of forty, wouldn’t it feel strange?”

“Shel, I bet it would feel amazing! Think of the stamina he’d have! Anyway, you don’t shag any other men apart from John, so why worry? But he might be shagging one of the other women right now so forget him and just concentrate on us.”

She is right of course, so I return to my happy task of sucking one then the other of her superb nipples into my mouth, licking round the nipple, kissing all parts of her tits and putting a crafty love bite on the underside of each breast.

“Stand up pet, time to strip you off, I owe you an orgasm.” Paula says pushing me gently off her nipples.

Soon I am in her place on the bed, my top, bra, skirt and knickers are on the floor, my legs are spread open and she is mounting me for a 69.

I feel her hot breath on my fanny as I smell and see her aroused vagina coming down towards my face. I wrap my arms around her waist to guide her the final few inches and stick out my tongue to get my first taste of her tonight.

“OOhhh fuck, uuhgg uuhggg,” I groan as Paula’s tongue slips between my fanny lips and wiggles into me.

I pull her down right onto my face, sticking out my tongue to make contact with her clit. I feel her body stiffen as I lick all around her little nub. Pursing my lips I suck the tip of her clit just into my mouth, holding it between my lips.

The feelings being generated from my fanny make it more difficult to concentrate on Paula’s pleasure, so I just breathe via my nose in and out of her fanny while holding her clit in my mouth.

Paula knows how to please a woman! She is holding my lips apart with her fingers so her tongue can explore deeply into my hole. Sometimes tickling my clit with her fingers causing shudders throughout my body, then pushing two fingers into me as her tongue lashes my clitoris.

I feel myself starting on the path to an orgasm, so pull her fanny tight down onto me, so that when the orgasm hits me I am screaming my delight directly onto her vagina.

Paula can well sense what is happening and takes my clit into her mouth and sucks as hard as she can upon it.

That’s it, the orgasm is bursting up from my clit, I’m screaming and moaning directly into the depths of her wet and sticky hole. Grasping and pulling on her bum, I can barely breathe, I have to move my face away from her to suck in the air that I gaziantep escort telefonları need before plunging back at her hole.

I feel myself pulsing liquid into Paula’s mouth and feel her gulping it down. Now she is panting with the onset of climax. We are both juddering against each other as the peaks of orgasm merge then fade, only to rebuild again with another frenzied licking.

I can take no more and slap on her bum to indicate that I have reached saturation and my clit and fanny can take no more.

Slowly Paula moves from over me, then lies alongside me and gives me a wet, wet kiss, full of the taste of my own juices.

“There you go Shel, I promised you an orgasm, debt paid.”

After our lovemaking was over, I pull on my knickers and skirt then put my bra back on. “I’m leaving my top off, I’m going to tease Bes and Shakir again.”

“Good idea, Shel, but I’m just putting my kilt back on, I’m leaving these beauties to swing free. You almost sound like you are planning to seduce one of them, I thought that full sex was against your rules?”

“Well yes it is, but John has always said that if I ever want to do it then I can, he even brings some condoms in his pocket, just in case. Though the deal is if I get shagged then he is free to go shagging as well. Of course I have not decided that I will, but by Hell I do feel really randy tonight.”

Leaving the bedroom we go into the kitchen to get a drink each. John is standing there talking to some friends.

“Oh hello,” he says, “I thought you two must be having sex when you were both missing, had a good time?”

“Yes, very much so.” Says Paula going over to him and rubbing her tits against his chest.

I have always known that Paula fancies my husband, she has given him a few blowjobs and he has played with her, but I sense that she has always wanted to go all the way with him. Possibly she is thinking that if I have sex with Bes tonight then she will get John’s cock up her fanny soon after. The way John is fondling her tits I think he would welcome her fanny wrapping itself around his cock.

“Shel, we’re going into the front room, are you coming?” Asks John as he picks up a couple of drinks and takes Paula by the hand.

“Yep, I’ll be right behind you, just getting another drink.”

As I go into the front room there are a few couples sitting around on the sofas, John is on the end seat of a sofa with Paula on her knees in front of him sliding her tits up and down his cock. Well, she is perfectly built for giving good tit-wanks, that’s for sure!

Next to where they are is a dining room chair with Bes sitting on it and next to him another sofa with Shakir on the seat next to Bes. Both of them are watching Paula with great interest. There is nowhere obvious for me to sit, so I kneel on a cushion on the floor in front of Bes, facing to the side of him so I can get my hand up Paula’s kilt and play with her fanny.

I feel hands playing with my tits over my bra and see that Bes has reached down and is fondling me. He gives a smile and cocks his head as if asking for permission. I nod my acceptance and enjoy his exploration of my 34Bs. Shortly his hands are slipping inside my bra cups and stimulating my nipples into a hardened state.

As my knees are feeling the strain a bit I stand up and sit myself down on Bes’s lap.

Immediately his hands come around to my front and re-engage with my tits, but it’s now harder for him to get his hands inside the cups. I feel my bra unexpectedly come loose and I realise that Shakir has worked out how a bra unfastens! Suddenly it’s my chest that is the centre of attraction to Bes and Shakir rather than my friends much larger, but out of reach, tits.

Bes pulls my bra off and out of devilment I lay it on my husband’s head! He hardly notices as Paula has now got his cock in her mouth and is slowly sucking up and down the shaft. I know from comparing notes with John that Paula is not as good at sucking cock as she is at tonguing fanny, so it’s unlikely he will be coming anytime soon.

I am getting some really good sensations from my tits and nipples, Bes obviously has a bit of experience in that department! In fact it is really turning me on again, nice sensations are travelling from my nipples to my fanny and I feel myself juicing up again.

I hear a couple of sentences of conversation between Bes and Shakir in a language which I can’t understand. Then Bes whispers in my ear and asks if Shakir can touch my breasts.

I’m still thinking that Shakir is a virgin so why not let him have a little fondle to give him a thrill. I reach over to my side and take one of his hands and place it on my right breast. I hold his hand still and let his fingers investigate my nipple, he is nowhere near as good as Bes, but it still feels good.

Bes has taken the chance to reach down and pull up my skirt and his hands are now exploring the skin at the very tops of my legs. My legs are not open and he whispers gaziantep escort bayan telefonları in my ear to let him touch me through my knickers. I slowly spread my legs and one of his hands slides down over the front of my lacy panties and starts rubbing up and down over my wet slit. I know my knickers are soaked and that he will be able to feel the wetness.

My arousal is increasing with the stimulation I am getting both from Shakir’s fingers on my nipple and Bes’s fingers rubbing on my fanny. I am dripping like a tap. Bes has decided to slip his hand inside my panties now. His fingers move over my cleanly shaven skin and just glide over my clit which is completely engorged and sensitive. Frustratingly he does not pay enough attention to my pleasure button, but instead moves down a bit more and teasingly enters my hole with his middle finger.

“OOhhh”, I groan softly as the pleasure erupting from my fanny joins up with the enjoyment radiating from my nipple.

The finger dips in more and he is rubbing on the sensitive spot inside my fanny, it’s making my fanny twitch and lubricate even more.

“Can I take you to a bedroom Shel?” He whispers softly in my ear.

“UUUggggg,” I can’t reply in words as the pleasure is becoming intense, if he touches my clit now I’ll be coming. I know he wants to fuck me, but it would be a big step for me. A second finger is inserted into my hole, OMG it’s a tremendous feeling.

“I want to put my cock in your beautiful body.” Again a very quiet but oh so sexual suggestion into my ear.

The fingers are gently removed from my hole, but they are rubbing up and down my outer lips, he is very careful not to touch my clit. Does he realise that I want to come? I need to come? Of course he does, but he is skilled at seduction and knows how to get me to agree to sex.

“Would you like me to fill your now empty vagina with my cock? I promise you that you will love it. Can you imagine my penis parting your lips as the head slips in to fill you up?”

A finger touches my clit fleetingly but gently, not enough to make me come, but sufficient to raise my desire to a full on, fucking total yearning to have a cock up me, filling that aching, throbbing void between my thighs.

“Let us find a room Shel, my cock is like an iron rod waiting to impale you and ride you until you scream with joy.”

I can take no more! I must have a cock up me! I know John is there, but he will be filling Paula’s mouth with his spunk before long. I have made my decision! I will shag Bes, but I have to let John know, he will have to be in the room with me watching me get my first new cock since we have been married.

“Just a second,” I say, while getting up from the knee I am sitting on.

I turn to face Bes and tap John on the shoulder. He has seen what the two Arabic lads have been doing to me, but my next action is totally unexpected to him.

Looking Bes in the eye, I reach up under my skirt and pull down my panties, stepping out of them I hand them to Bes. He looks a bit confused about this action, but John knows exactly what it means.

I see that Bes has handed my knickers to Shakir who is holding them up to his nose and inhaling deeply. Yes, a virgin without a doubt!

Leaning forwards, I say to Bes, “OK, let’s find a room, I want you to do me, but John is coming along to watch.”

“I’m coming to watch as well,” Paula adds.

“Can Shakir come to watch also?” asks Bes.

I am so desperate for his cock that I quickly agree. As I walk towards the bedroom with everyone else following I am literally shaking with arousal mixed with a little bit of nervousness. Will John be OK with watching me get shagged? Will I perform well enough to satisfy someone as obviously experienced as Bes?

With the bedroom door firmly shut behind us, I lie back in the middle of the bed wearing only my skirt and hold-ups. John and Paula sit on one side of the bed and Shakir sits on the other side of the bed. Bes is busy stripping his clothes off.

The room is lit only by a side light, but there is just enough light to see everyone.

Shakir has his eyes firmly fixed on my body, it looks like he has forgotten all about Paula. I make a quick decision, pulling my skirt right up over my waist I raise my legs and pull them back and wide open.

“Go on Shakir, there is my fanny, lick it!”

Shakir looks at Bes, who fires off a sentence in their language and Shakir brings his mouth quickly to my fanny. Grapping his head I basically wipe my fanny up and down his face, it’s not so much that he is licking me, rather that I am using his tongue and mouth for my own pleasure.

Paula has taken John’s cock into her mouth again while John is intently watching my actions.

“John, hand Bes a condom and make sure it goes on correctly!” I demand as I see Bes is naked and watching his cousin.

I push Shakir out of the way, and wiggle out of my skirt. Naked now apart from my hold-ups I am ready to be penetrated by Bes.

With a quick look at John to make sure he is still happy I tell Bes to lie down on the bed.

His penis is sticking straight up almost parallel to his stomach. It’s about the same size as John’s so I know I can take it into my tight fanny. I want to ride him cowgirl position so I am the one controlling penetration. After hitching one leg over him I grasp his cock and point it upwards while lowering my fanny onto it.

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