She’s 22 and Still a Virgin

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If you seek ANAL, cruelty, or oversized equipment you won’t find it here.


Me? I’m Joan. I’m now 35 but want to tell of an encounter that began about 13 years back. My brother David who I usually call and refer to as Dave is 6 years older than I. He is about six feet tall, about 170 pounds, has blond hair which is light and somewhat bleached from spending so much time on the golf course. As to his penis size I’ve not had reason to measure it. My philosophy is that if it gives pleasure the measurement is unimportant.

Back to me. I am 5’6″, 125 pounds, have 34 inch hips 25 inch waist and 34 inch chest as measured just below my B sized tits which are firm and I am told nicely shaped. I too am blonde but more on the brown side. Neither of us could be models nor would we not grace the covers of horror magazines either.

Dave was just eighteen when he married my former sister in law. He was 25 when they decided to become divorced. My brother left my mother at about the same time and with my complete understanding divorced her.

After graduating a local college I got a decent job nearby but wanted to save up to buy a nice car and make a down payment of a small house. So I was living in an apartment dad and my brother had constructed over my mom’s garage. Mom and her new husband lived in the main house.

Sexually at that point I knew myself to be attractive. But mom had made me so unsure about myself and my ability to handle the sexual stuff that I dated only casually. When I did I held guys at arms length so as not to embarrass myself with my obvious non sophistication. Also to be honest from a sexual standpoint I wanted my first to be someone who was a carbon copy of my father who it turned out was my brother.

This story begins when my Aunt Jill came to visit. She quickly sensed my lack of sexual confidence and knowledge and began to give me pointers. Among other things She was of the opinion that although guys talked about the desirability of marrying virgins they had little interest in dating one.

We also spoke of my intact hymen. She recommended that I get rid of it so that I could penetrate myself with my own fingers. That would both prepare me for my first intercourse and also make that experience comfortable and therefore more exciting.

Meanwhile she said that my masturbation’s would also be much more exciting. To that end she left me with what she called her traveling companion which was a vibrating finger tip extension.

After she left I was still not convinced of the wisdom of her remarks. I remembered that Dave was the one who would always answer my sex questions without making a big issue of why I wanted to know. His answers were always matter of fact and informative.

Dave had moved North Myrtle Beach. We lived in New Bern North Carolina I decided to take advantage of the distance between us to get my brother’s take on the whole subject via e-mail. My reasoning was that because of the distance and the impersonality of e-mail that I could be much more bold and open.

So here goes with the E-mail exchange with the non pertinent stuff edited out. It was October when this exchange began.


Me——Hi David. How goes it?

Dave——Hi honey. What’s new.

Me——Well Dave I do have a big favor to ask. I hope you won’t turn me down too quickly. I need you opinion on something and it’s very personal but very important to me. OK?

Dave——Joanie dear I can’t imagine turning down doing you a favor that is within my power to grant. Shoot.

Me—— Well Dave, it’s like this. I’ve managed to reach this point in my life with my hymen intact. Aunt Jill recommends that I eliminate the hymen and enjoy the pleasures of penetration with my fingers and with various objects while maintaining my virgin status. She even gave me something to help me penetrate myself.

I want to both become more worldly and to enjoy the pleasures that I understand are available to me if I were to become sexually active.

PS–I can’t believe that I said that but I do need your advice. But I feel like a dunce when the subject is discussed.

Dave——(A day and a half later) Joan, darling, on a personal level I never had a particular desire to be a girl’s first. My first was not a virgin and I loved the happening and still am often in her company and very much like and respect her.

So anyhow I would say YES. Do it. While I don’t know exactly which device Jill gave you I would guess that it will certainly add to your masturbation pleasures. Incidentally just to make sure you understand almost all adults who are not in an active sexual relationship masturbate.

I also can’t believe that I am saying these things to my sister but apparently it is necessary.

Me——Thanks. That’s what I needed to hear. Now. FYI only. After I read your e-mail I did do it. It hurt some for a few minutes but it ended up being very enjoyable. WOW. I can’t believe that I just told you that. I did find myself remembering bagros porno my teen crush on you and so enjoyed telling you that. I hope you will tell me how you felt when you read it.

Dave——To be honest I was happy for you. Sexual enjoyment is one of life’s greatest pleasures. More so when it is not accompanied by guilt.

Me——Was happy all you felt? I couldn’t help thinking of you as I did it. Did you enjoy reading that I had done it?

Dave——If by enjoy did you mean to ask if I experienced arousal. If so I have to admit the answer is yes. When I read your e-mail I was aroused. I too remember some feelings as I watched your body develop.

Me——Now that the subject has been mentioned, your arousal that is, I am really curious to build an image in my mind of men masturbating. I’ve heard different terms applied to it. One being ‘jerking off’ which seems to me to mean that the guy would be doing something to his penis with his hand. Is that the way it is done? I am not trying to embarrass you but I really would like to know.

Dave——I debated how to answer your question but finally decided to answer it straight out. Since you asked. I’ll tell you what I did. To start with your question and it’s implications gave me an erection. There are certainly many techniques for example I know that some guys like to lubricate themselves but I don’t do that.

What I did was that I laid in my bed naked. I just took my penis and played with it with my fingers for a couple of minutes. Between that and my already somewhat aroused state from thinking about your question I began stroking my partially erect penis gently with three fingers. As I did I started to build a fantasy.

Sometimes everything happens slowly other times very quickly. This time it was quick. I had built a picture of you kneeling on your bed naked from the waist down and tried to imagine exactly what you might be doing to yourself. That made me very hard. At that point I wrapped my whole hand around my penis and began stroking faster and faster.

It didn’t take long before my lower body tightened up and I knew I was about to come. Ten or fifteen seconds later a small spurt of cum shot out the end all the way to my chin. Then another six or seven spurts left a trail of hot cum from chest to lower stomach and the last stayed on my hand.

Hope this answers your question if not just ask. I think that we are beginning to engage in what is called ‘cyber sex’.

Me——Dave, be honest with me. Am I forcing you into something that you would rather not do?

Dave——No. Not in the way that you mean. But I have to admit that it is sometimes difficult to read your e-mail. Sometimes I think about what you might be doing to yourself without having thoughts that I should not have.

Me——I’m sorry. No. That is a lie. No I’m really not sorry. I like it that you might be having thoughts that you should not have. Me too.

Dave——Well as long as you are there and I am here I guess that a few naughty thoughts are OK. As long as I am on the subject of naughty thoughts exactly what did our Aunt give you?

Me——Oh. I never told you that. It was an vibrating extension which fits over the end of a finger. Very pleasurable. If you want I’ll describe how I use it to you. OK?

New question I know that there are ‘toys’ made for women. If it is OK for me to have one where would I get it? If you know.

Dave——I don’t see why you should not have one if you want one. Many women do. Amy for one. They are all over the internet. Does mom see your mail? She would have a screaming fit if she saw something like that.

Me——You’re right. That was to be my next question. If you approve could I have it sent to you. Then you could re-mail it to me mixed in with something else. Packages from you are not so unusual that mom would suspect.

Dave——Yes I guess so. Why don’t you look at a site called and see if something there excites you. Amy used to occasionally buy from them and was happy with their stuff and their service.

Me——Hi Dave, I found the xandria site and looked at all their offerings. It was almost like looking at a porn site as I got all horny as I imagined using or watching someone use the various things. Anyhow I ordered two things to be sent to you.

One is called Cyberskin D which is a dildo which is supposed to feel like the real thing. The other is called Jenna’s Velvet Jewel which apparently similar but it vibrates. Since I’ve never felt the real think I suppose that I’ll have to take their word for it.

===== As these interchanges got to this point I began to seriously have erotic thoughts about having sex with my brother. Before too long the thoughts became a desire. =====

Me——David tell me true. Have you ever masturbated to an image of me masturbating?


Me——Thanks for your honest answer. Just a few minutes ago I masturbated to an image of you masturbating. bangbus porno So now are we even?

Dave——Who cares. I’m starting to enjoy this. Are you?

Me——Yes. Maybe too much. We are being naughty. Are we on the way to committing incest?

Dave——Not as far as I’m concerned. According to Slick Willie anything short of intercourse is not sex. I believe that applies to incest also. We certainly not hurting anybody so it’s our own business.

By the way so far we haven’t done anything except to talk–Boldly and unexpectedly intimately I admit but talked only and from a distance.

Me——I agree. But as the punch line of an old joke goes. “We are going to do it again aren’t we?”

Dave——Yes. I hope so. In that vein a question. Exactly what was it that you did with Jill’s gift?

Me——I guess it’s OK to tell you this. As I told you what Aunt Jill gave me was a finger extension that contains a vibrator. I put it on my finger then I began using it up and down my private area just as I’ve always used my finger. It was not long before I got carried away and burst through my hymen so as to get my finger extension inside.

Dave——WOW. That’s really exciting to read about. I’m all aroused and will need to work that off pretty soon. May I ask. Did you come?

Me——The first time? Yes, twice, not very strong though. Since then I’ve done it so many times I’m sore. Good thing my period started. I’m too miserable to do it today. Meanwhile I have a question. Judy was mentioning that there is a lot of good stuff on the internet. I’ve found a couple of sites but they were gross. You know of a good one.

Dave——I’m not sure what you might be looking for. Yahoo used to have some good places to find pictures but the whores took them over. There is a site called which has stories written by readers. They divide them into interest categories. I read about one in thirty and like about one in five of those. They too sell toys and have some other features. You might try them.

Me——I spent yesterday suffering and moping. Much better today. Will check out that web site tonight got to work today. Did you do anything exciting last couple of days? (If you know what I mean).

Dave——Glad you are feeling better. Exciting? Just me and my right hand. (God, we are getting bold aren’t we?”) But much more exciting now that I have a couple of good images to brighten the fantasy.

Me——Will check that site as soon as I finish here. I totally enjoyed the description of what you do and how and most of all what happens when you come. I would love to watch that. Now that I am thinking about it when will you be home? Maybe we could watch each other. God, my whole body is blushing at even having made the suggestion but the thought is exciting to me.

Me——Your description of doing it in the shower excited me, still excites me. I didn’t get a chance to read it till late today as I had to work till midnight then go in early. God yes it excited me. By the time I finished reading it pussy juice was running down my thigh. I stood on the floor with a knee on the chair. I stuck my middle finger into my pussy and began to do myself. Then decided it wasn’t enough so I added my forefinger. Then I put my extension on my forefinger on my left hand and held it to my clit.

Then I read you e-mail again. I alternated using my thumb on my clit and pumping the two fingers in and out of myself. Lucky for me I’m a girl so I can come more than once. All together I came five times. The last one was the best I’ve ever had. I almost fainted. Thanks.


So you get the picture. We did that for several weeks getting bolder and bolder with our talk. After that as I guess would be natural we graduated to phone sex where we jointly masturbated. We began to speak of jointly masturbating for real but never spoke of anything beyond that.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Dave had arrived early Thanksgiving morning and was to be staying in my apartment as his old room was to be used by my Uncle Jim. When he arrived I was at my grandparents helping with the dinner preparations.

With all the hugging and kissing going on I was able to speak a few unheard words into his ear as we greeted each other. I was out of character and unexpectedly bold when I whispered to him.

“Check out what I’m not wearing today David.” Meaning my lack of panties and bra under my modest dress.

Well he didn’t really feel me up to check me out but managed a couple of casual close brushes and he did get the message. I could see the result. It was almost eight that evening before we were able to be alone in my apartment. It was cold and raining as we sprinted between the house and the second floor apartment over the garage.

After removing and stowing our outer garments we stood looking at each other wondering what should come next. Finally we joined hands followed a moment later with us tugging each other closer beurette tour porno till we were finally touching front to front.

“What do we do now?” He asked. “Do we dare do anything especially here?”

“Do you think that we could kiss. I really would like to kiss you if you think that it would be OK.” He didn’t answer but we were drawing even closer to each other.

I didn’t wait any longer but simply put my lips to his. At this point in my life I was still quite inexperienced in even the basics so I did not do a very good job of beginning the kiss.

My brother however was experienced and he gently taught me by his example how to work my lips and how to use my tongue. I proved to be a quick learner and after about five minutes I got the proof. Even as inexperienced as I was I could recognize an erection when it pushed against my belly.

He was not the only excited one. I could feel the wetness developing in my crotch. We were still in the entry way and the only light came from the outside security light. I was beginning to tremble with desire and I was ready to skip all the in-between steps and go immediately to my deflowering.

I could feel Dave trembling too as his hands roamed up and down my back finally settling upon making circular massages of my ass cheeks bare under my light dress.

“Do you want to do it?” The words were past my lips before I could stop them.

“Want to? Yes. Should we? No not here. Let’s take it easy. Maybe we can do what we’ve already talked about but no more than that. OK?”

“I guess it will have to be OK.” I replied. I think that I was relieved. But I was also hot and horny from the events of the past two months.

“It’s a bit early.” Said Dave. “Maybe we should be discreet in case someone comes visiting. It could happen.”

A few minutes later he said. “Now that I think about it maybe you should come to North Myrtle for a few days.”

“I will. Can we leave now? I don’t have to be back to work till Monday.”

“No. I think not. I’ve had a couple of drinks. I’m not drunk but I wouldn’t want to push my luck. Let’s just plan it cool for an hour or so. Maybe you can pack.”

“Great Idea.” I said “I’ll even pack what I’m wearing then you can come visit me in my room.”

It only took me about ten minutes to pack. I went to the outside door and turned the dead bolt then threw the latch which couldn’t be worked from the outside.

Then I heard the shower going and immediately had a naughty inspiration. I turned off all the bigger lights. Having nothing on except a light robe I threw that off and walked over to the bathroom door and tried the handle.

It turned and I slipped into the bathroom. The shower was part of the bathtub and guarded by sliding glass door. I could see my brother through the wet doors and she shower mist. I immediately looked for his penis and while it didn’t stick straight out it did look to my inexperienced eyes to be somewhat engorged.

I slid open the door behind him and stepped in to the shower and wrapped my arms around him from the back before he knew that I was there. I pressed my naked body against his and before giving it further thought slid my right hand down and took possession of Dave’s now hard penis.

“Stop that. What are you doing Joanie. We can’t be doing this.”

The last part was said considerably more weakly than the first part.

“Just wanted to feel the real thing for a moment Dave. Now soap me down and then let me under the shower.” With those words I let him go and turned my back.

The shower head was portable attached to the water by a hose. Dave took it off it’s holder and sprayed my back then began to soap it. He seemed to pay most of his attention to my ass soaping it thoroughly including my crack.

As he did I was nudged in the back side several times by what I assumed to be his erect penis. Then I turned around. He played the shower all over my front paying more attention then necessary to my nipples and my neatly trimmed crotch.

Rapidly becoming even more horny I took his hand and steered the massager down below my pussy then aimed it upward to bathe it inside and out with the needle spray. After only a moment the situation overwhelmed me to the point that I thought that I was going to orgasm.

At that moment Dave placed the shower head back in it’s holder and took me in his arms. We stood under the spray kissing passionately with his cock caught between us twitching so much that I could feel it against my belly. Not that it was the only thing twitching. My pussy was pretty active also.

We finally broke apart. “David,” I said. “take me to bed, make me a real woman, please.”

“No. God help me I want to. I want you badly. But more than that I want to go slow. I want you to have the whole experience. Let’s stick to what we discussed in our e-mail. We can masturbate together before we go any further.”

“OK. But after we dry I do want to feel your penis and see if my toys do feel like the real thing. OK?”

By then we had both toweled off so Dave took me by the hand and led me to my bedroom. As we approached the bed he stopped turned to face me. He took my hand in his and said. You may feel it but only for a moment. Be careful it’s not far from coming.

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