Shock of a Lifetime

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The word “shock” doesn’t even begin to describe my initial reaction when I walked in that day. “Unreality” or “surreal” would be closer, but it was just so totally opposite to anything I had allowed my self to imagine up to that day.

It was the day before my eighteenth birthday, and I was supposed to meet my best friend later that day at the mall, just like always. We’d walk around and make fun of everyone, window shop a little and maybe, just maybe, she was going to get me my birthday present. I was really looking forward to it!

My mother had asked me to stop by my Aunt’s apartment on the way to drop off a jacket she had borrowed from her sister. Having been there many times before, I just walked in.

You have to understand my aunt. She’s a little quirky to say the least. She lives by herself in a little apartment when she could easily afford to buy a house on her own. She says that she likes to be close to things. She’s not married yet, a fact that my mother laments constantly. “Why can’t she just find herself a good man and settle down”? She is always asking my father, who certainly doesn’t know. I think she’s a little bit young to be getting married, myself. She is closer in age to me than she is to Mom. She has a great job. Something in computers. She thinks of herself a free spirit and always insists that I call her by her first name without the “aunt” attached whenever mother isn’t around.

The apartment seemed quieter than usual; my aunt usually has some kind of music playing. And it seemed empty. But I knew she had to be home because her door was unlocked.

I just figured I would drop the jacket in the kitchen and take one last look around before I left to be sure she wasn’t somewhere about. She’d never forgive me if I stopped by and didn’t take a minute to say ‘hi’ to her.

I looked in the living room and the powder room, then down the hall to the spare bedroom. Nothing. For a second I detected a little rustle in the master bedroom and smiled to myself because I knew she had to in there getting changed or ready to go out.


Here’s the shocking part for me. I pushed the door open and was getting ready to say something inane that died in a gasp on my lips as I looked up.

My Aunt was there, all right. And she had company.

My Aunt was sitting on the edge of the bed and her company was standing between her legs with hand buried in my aunts’ hair. My Aunts hands were up under the open shirt of her guest, and her lips were exploring the area between her guests’ bare breasts.

They heard me and looked up. That’s when I almost fainted. Her guest was my best friend.

I couldn’t believe it. It was all too much! Not only do I discover that my Aunt is lesbian in a cruel surprise, but my best friend, who’ve I’ve changed clothes in front of a countless number of times was too! What was going on here?

I must have blanked out and been there gasping like a fish out of water because they were looking at me with concerned looks on their faces and talking. Only I couldn’t understand what they said. It all sounded like a string of unconnected words to me.

One of them took me by the hand and sat me on the bed and was saying what sounded like comforting words to me. I just sat there staring around me with my mouth agape. I could feel my Aunt running her fingers through my hair and my partially undressed best friend patting me on the knee comfortingly.

I have no idea how long it was I sat there, looking foolish, but I was just starting to come to my senses and looked up to my best friend to ask “what”? “Why”? “How long have you two been lovers”? But again the utterances died on my lips because my Aunt and best friend were looking at each other. Not like lovers, but conspirators. And I couldn’t see my Aunts face, but my best friend got this look of resolve on her face, and I got this really tight scared, feeling in the pit of my stomach.

My best friend looked back down at me, cupped my shocked face in her hands, and said quietly, “don’t worry, baby, we’re going to explain everything to you, intimately”

Before I could even try to think about what that might mean, her hand slipped around the back of my head, and her face came down to mine, and she began to kiss me. Hard. Since my mouth was just hanging open, her tongue sort of naturally slipped into my mouth.

I froze. I had no referent for what was happening. While I was still a virgin, I had kissed a couple of boys few times. That experience was nothing like this. The boys kissed sort of sloppily and with experimentation. This kiss was hot and passionate and deep.

She broke off when I started to shake my head from side to side. I could feel myself trying to say “no, stop”! But all I heard was my best friend saying “Oh yes” and a little giggle from my Aunt.

I could feel myself being pulled down back onto the bed and my gaziantep ofise gelen escort bayan arms being pulled above my head as my best friend followed me down and climbed on top of me.

I was scared to death. I didn’t want to do this, and I didn’t know what to expect, and everything about my up bringing screamed how wrong this was. All I could think was “whom do I go to tell about this when it was over”?

Because there was no doubt in my mind it was going to happen. I had no chance. They were both strong, in-shape women, and I didn’t have enough control over my own body to even scream.

My friend started to undress me, unbuttoning my blouse slowly, kissing me as she did so on my face, lips shoulders and arms. I regained enough control to turn my head away from her but she didn’t stop. In fact it seemed to excite her!

She climbed off of me and I thought maybe they had changed their minds, but my brief flutter of hope was dashed as I felt the both of them on either side of me, pulling at my clothes and caressing my quaking body. The action of turning my face to the side to get my friend to stop kissing me only set me up for what I thought would be the final nail in my insanity.

I opened my eyes to see the final approach of my Aunts face as she brought her face to mine and began to kiss me. Oh, this was so wrong. She was my Aunt, for God’s sake! Family! This was incest. My entire insides cringed in horror as her lips met mine and her tongue forced it’s way inside of mouth.

But if I thought that my friends kiss was hot and passionate in contrast to the few boys I had kissed, well, this kiss made the one my friend gave me seem cold and clammy. It was unbelievable. Unfathomable that a kiss could give this much pleasure. I could feel my chest loosen and draw in a deep hungry breath through my nose as she kissed my lips, nibbled at them, and pulled at my bottom lip with gentle teeth. This was how a kiss was supposed to be.

What was I thinking!! Good God, was I Enjoying this? No! They have to stop!

But they weren’t going to. In a sudden rush I could, all of the sudden, feel their hands and fingers on me. The tug of my jeans as they pushed my pants down my legs. The soft brush of their palms as they moved down my naked legs, and the electrical scrape of their fingernails on my skin. And I started to hear their voices clearly. Well, not voices, but the noises they were making. Noises of pleasure and contentment.

My jeans and my blouse were off. On either side of me they were holding my arms above my head with one hand each, and with the other hand they were each…. Exploring me would be the only way to describe it.

I could feel my Aunts hand on my belly as it slipped up underneath my bra to caress my breasts. I could feel her fingers stroke the nipples that up to now in my life, only I had touched the bare skin of. I could feel the nipples go rock hard and I was flabbergasted to hear a groan of pleasure escape me. My mouth must have opened because her mouth was suddenly on mine again, and she was kissing me even more passionately than the first time if that is possible.

And the worst part of this whole experience, to the naïve part of me was, I was kissing her back!

I was beyond any feeling of shock or surprise. A fleeting thought of “do I want this? Am I a lesbian”? Flew through my mind but was gone in an instant. The waves of pleasure that crashed upon me were obliterating any thought or logic or past teachings of right and wrong.

I could feel myself revert to instinct as my Aunts lips traveled down my neck and shoulders, across the top of my heaving breasts to suck one of my nipples into her strong mouth. As she expertly played my nipples with her tongue and lips I realized that my bra was gone and there was a hand slipping under my pink cotton panties that naïve virgins wear.

Whose hand? Did it make a difference? Not anymore, because I realized that another person’s hand was caressing and tugging at my pubic hair and the thought excited me even more. Only I had explored the region between my legs. Slowly learning how to make myself feel warm and gooey as a fantasized about some movie star or football player.

But there was no warm and gooey about this, As a finger wormed it’s gentle way between the lips of my pussy, I felt the Amazon explode between my legs. A silly little vision of us all drowning flitted across my mind as warm wetness spread across my crotch with a force like a dam bursting. I can’t be sure, but I think I screamed aloud because the restraints were gone from my arms and my aunts throaty voice was saying that I seemed to be enjoying this, followed by sensuous laughter from my friend.

I opened my eyes to see my Aunts naked, fit body above me. She bent her head to kiss me again and then took gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan one of my idle hands in hers. She placed my open palm against her naked skin and began to guide it in a caress over her body. I could only watch as my hand was guided to her small perky tits and she started to squeeze. My hand started to move and caress her almost of it’s own volition, and it didn’t seem like it was my fingers that took her large nipples between them and started to tug and pull at them in the way that I did to myself late at night. Her nipples grew and became hard as she kissed my neck and bit my shoulders.

Every second of this new experience seemed amazing and to be the pinnacle of it, but it kept moving.

I could hear what could only be my panties ripping and I could feel my legs forced apart. I could feel my friend caress my thighs and ass with her hands. I could feel as she began to kiss the inside of my quivering thighs and lap up the wetness that had accumulated there. I knew what she was going to do, yet it was still a shock as I felt her tongue lap gently at the lips to my pussy once, and then plunge almost violently to my virgin hole.

I could feel her nails dig deep into my ass as she tongued my clit, and I could barely believe it as she forced one of her little fingers into my pussy! My best friend, who shared all my secrets, fears and fantasies about hot guys, was finger fucking me like a fiend. I screamed again and as I did my Aunts breast found it’s way into my open mouth.

A half an hour ago I would have been shocked and disgusted, but now all I did was wrap my arm around my loving Aunt and start sucking on her tit like it held the last moisture in the world. She groaned loudly and her fingers scraped through my hair. I opened my eyes to see her head up and her eyes closed and her mouth open.

I felt a flash of pain that turned to fire as my friend forced a second then third finger into my little virgin pussy and as her strong tongue lapped at my clit. I could feel her nibble on me lightly, and the next time her tongue scraped across me, I got the first inkling that the pleasure I felt up to now was nothing. Nothing at all.

It was like a little wave on the shore, and the next time the wave came in, it was a little higher. I felt it originate like a furnace deep inside, pushing hot tidal water higher up on my pink shore. I steeled my self for what I knew must be coming and I thought that I could somehow be prepared to experience the sensation fully, but I was wrong.

One second, there are little waves climbing higher and higher inside of me and between that and the title wave, there was no warning.

It crashed upon me like a thousand suns inside of me exploding. Millions of volts ripping through me and tearing me apart from the inside out. A pane of glass the size of Cleveland breaking into trillions of tiny pieces. I was the glass, the break, the pieces, and the sound of the tinkling as they hit the pavement all at the same time.

All the sensations above and so much more. This sensation was so far beyond my experience that there was no way to encompass it all. I almost wept for the loss of what else I knew had to be there that I couldn’t grasp.

I thought I would die if it didn’t stop. I thought I would die if it did.

I looked down past my heaving, sweaty breasts to look into my friends eyes as she brought her wet, shiny face to mine and kissed me deeply and passionately with the result of my orgasm all over her. I could taste the sweet saltiness of my virgins’ pussy on her face and I licked it clean.

They lay to either side of me now, and I could feel my Aunt run her fingers across my clit and into my hole. I watched as she brought her fingers to her mouth and tasted me like a rare delicacy. She looked at my friend and smiled. “I get to eat the next virgin first” she said.

She looked down at me and asked how I felt. I could only smile at her deliriously. “I think your ready for more” she said quietly and kissed me softly in my lips.

I was sure that I couldn’t possibly gather the energy for another go around, but she took my hand again, and began to caress herself with it. She guided it to her silky crotch and began to make me rub her pussy.

I was still to close to all those old right and wrongs I had been taught. Being done to was one thing, but actually participating in forbidden sex? Actively?

I started to pull away and she said firmly, “you don’t get off that easy, little lover”. She held tightly to my hand and forced my finger into her clit. My friend breath was hot in my ear as she told me to just go with it and to not be afraid.

I could feel my friend kiss and caress me on the back as my Aunts tit found it’s way into my mouth again. “Suck it” she said. “Suck it hard”.

I must oğuzeli escort bayan have hesitated too long because she looked at my friend and said, “I think she needs to be broken in the hard way”.

Again my hands were forced above my head and held there while my friend climbed onto my hips. I couldn’t imagine what she was talking about until she climbed up onto my chest and suspended a dripping wet pussy over my lips. “Don’t worry” she said quietly “it’s not that bad at all. Just do what you know you need to and it will stop”

As she said this she lowered her crotch to my face. I tried to turn away but she held me firmly with her strong thighs until her pussy lips were touching my closed mouth. I looked up at her smiling face as she pushed more of herself onto me and before too long I found that I could hardly breathe.

I got a panicky feeling in my stomach as I tried vainly to push her off of me by pushing my chin into her crotch, but that just made her hotter. I could feel pubic hairs on my lips and in my mouth. Like a person tasting something bad, I pushed at them with my tongue.

If I wanted her off of me, this was the wrong move. “Yeah, that’s it” she breathed. “That’s all you have to do”. The move actually brought more into my mouth, so I pushed more and…

I’m not sure what I expected, but it didn’t taste horrible. Or even bad. Kind of salty. And silky, if silk could be described as a taste. I knew I was in trouble. I liked it. God help me, I really liked it! I could learn to love this! I hated myself.

But I continued. I forced the lips of her pussy farther apart and opened my mouth to take as much in as I could. Past the hair there was this region of warmth and wetness that actually felt good dripping down the sides of my face.

My tongue found her hole and I explored as deeply as I could go. She was no longer holding down my arms, but was sitting up and riding my face like a bicycle seat. And I was digging my hands into her ass and thighs. Wanting to swallow her whole. Her building orgasm was actually beginning to bring me closer to climax again.

I could see my friend’s hand around my Aunts torso, caressing and playing with her small breasts, tugging at her overly large nipples. My Aunt seemed to be in a paroxysm of pleasure as I ate her out.

I felt the fingers of my friends other hand on my chin and I heard my Aunt actually scream out loud. I realized that my friend had slid her wet thumb into my Aunts ass and was pumping away at it.

I could feel my Aunts pussy pull away from my mouth and I almost screamed ‘No”! But it was right back again as she got turned around and started to lick me as I licked her!

This was beyond the realm of reality. My Aunts pretty face, that I had kissed good night so many times as a little girl, was buried hungrily between my widely spread legs, slurping away at the river that had spontaneously formed there. My mouth was fastened to her clit like a leech, playing her with my tongue as my best friend tongued my Aunts asshole between her open ass cheeks. My friend’s fingers followed each other into my Aunts fuck hole one after the other until almost her whole hand was inside of my Aunt.

I could feel my Aunts thighs start to quiver on the sides of my head. Before I realized what this meant, my own orgasm came upon me. No warning waves lapping at the shore this time. It was just there. The universe exploding from a grain of sand. My tongue has ceased it’s feverish lapping at my Aunt’s sweet cunt, but that didn’t matter. She was in her own little world of pleasure.

Laying there afterwards, drenched in sweat and pussy juice drying on us, I looked first at my Aunt lying there peacefully, then at my poor Best friend, who had worked so hard for me and my Aunt, but had yet to have her own orgasm.

I kissed her weakly, and pulled my body up next to hers. I didn’t even notice my Aunt leave the bed as I caressed my sweet friends’ smooth skin tenderly, trying to build energy up for her. She looked at me lovingly and cupped my cheek in one hand. “Don’t worry about me, baby” she said, we have plenty of time now for you to…” I didn’t let her finish the sentence before I covered her open mouth with mine and pulled her hungrily to me. I climbed on top of her and began to kiss her sweet body.

I could feel her hands in my wet hair as I kissed her neck and shoulders. As I slowly, savoring the moment, kissed my way to the mound of her ample breasts, and taking her each nipple in her mouth one at a time, made love to her tits with my mouth.

I could feel her hands on my back as I kissed her flat stomach and the tops of her thighs. And her hands in my hair again as I hovered momentarily over her pussy. Hairs with little beads of sweat clinging to them, the sweet smell of a young aroused cunt in my nostrils.

I glanced over to see my Aunt watching us intently, the head of huge dildo poised between her thighs. A future of forbidden and exciting sex with men and women loomed over us lightly I’d get back to her eventually, but for now, this moment was just me and my Best Friend. My Lover.

I spread her legs slowly as I dipped my mouth to her waiting wet pussy, and took the first lap of sweetness. She groaned lightly. I spread her pussy lips apart with my fingers and began to lick…

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