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You and I stroll into the grocery store one evening to pick up a few things for breakfast the next morning. As we are walking down the aisles, I tell you that there is something I need to pick up and will catch up with you in a few minutes. You say ok as I playfully smack you on the ass and walk away in the opposite direction at the end of the aisle. I am gone for about 10 minutes when you notice that I have walked back up behind you at the end of the adjacent aisle. As I walk up to you, I again playfully grab your ass as the moistness between them reminds you of just how much you enjoy it when I do that to you in public. As you reach up to grab something off the upper shelf you feel my hand as it caresses your inner thigh and pushes your skirt up a little and squeezes the bottom of your ass cheek. You playfully swat at my hand but really don’t want me to stop.

Suddenly you feel my hand at your lower back pressing against you as you place a hand on the shelf to steady yourself. As you are about to look around I tell you to look straight ahead and just relax. You feel your skirt being pushed up slightly and a cool rush of air against your moist pussy. You feel poker oyna something warm and moist pressed against your pussy lips. It slides up to your ass then back down again spreading your pussy lips as it rubs against your swelling clit. In slow circles it moves around your clit as you moan softly from the feeling. You ask me what I’m doing, but I just tell you to relax and enjoy it. From the corner of your eye you see something as it passes over your shoulder and touches your lips. You recognize it as a cucumber that has been peeled and cut down to the size of my cock which you now feel pressed against your lower back. You lick the cucumber as you taste your sweet juices on it, then I am placing it to my lips and taste you also, as you feel my cock stiffening even more at the taste of you.

I take the cucumber and again press it against your pussy as you slightly spread your legs and hold yourself steady. You feel as it enters you and pushes in slightly, slipping deeper as I apply more pressure. You let out a loud moan and surprisingly look around us to see if anyone has noticed us. It feels so much like my hard cock that you just close your eyes again canlı poker oyna and enjoy. Your juices now flowing and covering the cucumber, as it moves in and out of you. Your back is arched as you push yourself against my hand, feeling it being pushed in deeper as my other hand travels around you and up your shirt, gently rolling your nipples between my fingers. Your head turns from side to side, again trying to see if anyone is watching. There is no one in sight, but you know that at any moment someone could possibly walk around the corner and witness an awesome spectacle.

My one hand on your breasts and the other pushing the cucumber in and out of your pussy like this in public is driving you wild, and you feel the early stages of an intense orgasm building quickly. You don’t want to attract too much attention, so you stifle your moans as much as you can but the feeling going through your body is almost too much to contain. Your breathing is growing rapid as your breasts rise and fall beneath my hand. Your stomach muscles tightening and your legs quivering as your orgasm continues to build throughout your body. You tighten yourself down on the internet casino cucumber and push back hard as it drives deep into you, filling you up inside and spreading your pussy wide.

Like a wave in the ocean gaining strength as it approaches land, you feel the orgasm gaining strength with each passing second. Finally, like a crashing wave across a beach it overcomes you and you succumb to it. Feeling it rush through your body like a bolt of lightning as you squeal and bite down on your lip to keep from screaming loudly. Your juices flowing out and covering my hand as your knees buckle and my arm is around you, supporting you as you regain your composure. My lips are on your neck, kissing you and reassuring you that I have you until your legs are back up to strength. As you regain your strength, we walk to the front of the store. I am nonchalantly chewing on the last of the cucumber as if nothing has happened. As we pay for our food, we see a security guard exit from a small room behind the registers, wearing a sly grin on his face. As we are just about to exit the store we look back and notice the security cameras posted around the store. Our attention falling mainly to the one just above the very spot where I pleasured you only minutes ago. We both realize now that someone received a great show, and can only imagine what he was doing while watching us, as we laugh together and walk out of the store.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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