Showing His Mother Off Pt. 04

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Part 4. (Pay-back time!!)

It had been at least 2 weeks since Junior and his friends on the baseball team had brought Junior’s mother, Annie, home from the Sunday game and fucked her endlessly on the lounge sofa and on the lush carpet! Not only that, but they had taken photo after photo of the action and in the end, Annie was screaming satisfaction and pleasure!!

As she lay in the bath now, she couldn’t really believe that the incident had happened. She was a 39 year old mother of 19 year old Junior and his two sisters, she was married to a hard-working man, she went to church every Sunday and the thought of involving herself sexually with her son and two of his team-mates on the baseball team had never, ever entered her head…not until her son had begun to take gentle control of her and gradually seduce the way she acted…and who could blame the young men for trying to get closer and closer to this hot woman.

Annie would be known to her secret admirers as a MILF, because of her fantastic body and her demeanour. Only standing at 5′, she was blonde with a pretty face, hair down to her shoulders, but it was the awesome shape of her figure that attracted every man that slapped eyes on her. Her magnificent breasts were 36DD, they were firm and proud and stood out perfectly on her chest. Her waist and stomach were hard and firm from a lot of gym work and chasing after a big family, her ass was delectably round and shapely, and her legs looked so good, especially if Annie wore a short skirt and fuck-me high heels, as she was often persuaded to.

Yes, there was no doubt, this mature, shapely woman, was certainly the thing of dirty dreams, and this is how she had come to find herself at the centre of a terrible predicament that she had no idea how to extricate herself from. As she soaked in the bath, she tried to analyse just how it had all come to be!!

Annie’s husband, Tommy, was a long distance lorry driver and was often away from home for days on end and it was on one of these occasions that she had gone with her son, Junior, for a drive to a Pizza House one evening. Nothing dangerous in this, one would have thought! But Junior had persuaded his Mother to dress up a bit for the evening, as she always seemed to wear just baggy shorts and an old jumper around the house.

Well, Annie looked great on the evening, with high heels, a tight t-shirt and a skirt that was shorter than normal. Junior plied her with a few margaritas at the Pizza House and then, back at home, he persuaded her to pose for a few photos with his camera. One thing led to another, Annie became more and more relaxed and, even though Annie knew she was treading into dangerous territory, Junior gradually took control of his Mother and she just didn’t want to stop him when he slipped his cock deep into her cunt!

She was screaming pleasure as her son fucked her, and more photographs were taken. A week or so later it happened again, only this time Junior began to tease his Mother about how the guys on the team thought she was a hell of a sexy woman, and how they enjoyed watching her superb body as she walked around the diamond at Sunday games.

Annie’s curiosity got the better of her and she asked more and more questions about what Junior’s friends would say about her. In order to get her more ‘sexed up’ Junior would tell her that they thought she was a hot MILF, she had a sensational figure, they wanted to see pictures of her, they wanted to lick her and fondle her all over, and Junior even told her that the young men ‘Want to fuck you, Mom!!’

Although she pretended shock/horror at these statements from her son, Annie felt so excited inside. Young men, young enough to be her sons, still found her sexually attractive, still thought she had a great body, and even had gone as far as saying that they would love to fuck her. Well, Annie was in such a confused state, particularly as Junior was telling his Mother all these things while fucking her on the edge of his bed. Annie was just in another world, a world of taboo thoughts and excitement and sexual pleasure, but tinged with fright.

It was while this was all taking place that Junior started to add a little mental pressure. He told her that his team mates wanted to see some pictures of her, they wanted her to come to the next game on Sunday looking really hot in a sexy outfit and, bit by bit, as his cock banged away at his Mother’s cunt, bringing her untold pleasure, Junior could feel his Mother giving in mentally. Eventually, at the height of her pleasure and against her better judgement, Annie agreed to the showing of a ‘few less risky’ pictures to Junior’s friends, and she also agreed to go to the game in a sexy outfit.

Junior was chipping away at his Mother’s defences bit by bit and she did go to the game the following Sunday…and she did look Hot!!

Her outfit was spectacular, with very short shorts, high heels, a shirt with most of the buttons undone showing off a half-bra that was revealing most of her wonderful breasts, including glimpses of her hard nipples. She was admired and leered at from fake cop porno all round the car-park and then the diamond, including the players as they came onto the pitch and, although she was completely embarrassed, Annie was getting feelings that she had not enjoyed for a long time.

After the game, waiting in the car park, Junior returned with two of his fellow-players, Jake and Randy, who gave Annie the wonderful glad-eye. These were two of the players who had seen her pictures, and there was no doubt that they were imagining her luscious body divested of all its clothes. To cut a long story short, Junior, Jake and Randy all returned to the home with Annie where she slowly capitulated and just gave in.

She was slowly stripped on the lounge sofa, she was seduced and teased, and she was gradually sexually satisfied by all three young men. Photographs were being taken all the time as the baseball players fucked her mouth, played and sucked on her mammoth tits, and then took it in turns to fuck her appreciative, mature cunt. There was no doubt that Annie had never enjoyed such a comprehensive sexual experience in all of her life…but what now??

Well, at that moment, Annie was the only one in the house, relaxing in her hot bath. Her daughters were out with friends, and Junior was with his father on a quiet bank of the huge lake on the edge of the city. The father, Tommy, was back for a few days from his work and he and Junior loved nothing more than a quiet time by the lake with their fishing rods. Sometimes they even took a tent and, being a warm part of summer, this was one of those occasions. They had arrived about 1o’clock, would fish all afternoon and evening, have a few hours’ sleep in the tent, and then return home about mid-day the following day.

What could be better for a young man and his father to spend time together, time to relax, and a time to talk…and what a conversation developed during the evening on the riverbank, and then in the tent!!

The talk had been innocent enough during the evening as the two men watched their floats bob up and down on the water.

‘How’s your mother, Junior? Is she OK while I’m away,’ asked Father.

‘She’s OK, Dad…always busy, busy,’ replied his son. ‘She never seems to have time to stop.’

‘Yes, tell me about it, Goddamit son, even when I’m here, she doesn’t seem to have any Me time. And I mean ME!! Is she worried about anything, do you know?’

‘I don’t think so…she came to the game the other day and she seemed pretty relaxed. She even got dressed up looking really hot.’

‘Hot? Your mother looked hot at the game? Wow! I can’t get her to look really Hot, even if she comes out for the evening with me. How the hell did you get her to act like that? You must have some kind of magic stardust touch, son!’

Junior didn’t know how far to go in discussing his Mother with his father, but he wanted to keep the conversation going.

‘Well Dad, I’m sure she would get dressed up for you if you really asked her.’

‘I’ve tried and tried, son, but she always has some excuse, saying she’s a mature wife and a mother, and she shouldn’t be acting like some teenager in the way she dresses. Are you really sure she looked hot when she went to the diamond?’

‘Absolutely, Dad. I think you’ll have to be more firm with her,’ Junior grinned. ‘In fact, she looked really great in some hot shorts and a tight blouse that really showed off her figure in the worst way. The guys on the team could see her and they said that Mom looked like a million dollars.’

‘She did?’ and father looked quite shocked and surprised. ‘Your buddies on the baseball team thought she looked good, did they?’

‘Yes, Dad, they did. You know the way that young guys drool over an older woman sometimes, because she has a great figure and is dressed in sexy clothes? Well, Mom looked hot and the guys were drooling…they were definitely drooling over the way Mom looked…should I be telling you all this, Dad?

‘I need to know, son, because your Mother seems to be acting on two different levels. I can’t believe that she dressed up in a sexy outfit just to go to the game. What the hell was she playing at?’

‘Dad, if you promise you won’t tell Mom, I’ve got some photographs of her looking really hot. When we have 5 minutes to spare, I’ll show them to you if you want. But you must promise me that you won’t tell Mom.’

‘Of course I won’t tell her, Junior. Jesus, I really need to see your Mom looking hot…and if we’re talking man to man, then you can obviously see that your Mother has an awesome figure and I’m really proud of her, but to get her to show it off is almost impossible. How the hell did you get her to pose for hot photos?’

‘I’ll tell you in the tent, Dad. It’s getting dark and quite late, so let’s settle down for the night and have a beer in the sleeping bags.’

They reeled their fishing lines in, closed down the tent and took a bottle of beer into their respective sleeping beds with them. As the light got less and less, the tent became quite dark fake hospital porno inside and Junior and his father couldn’t really see one another as their conversation continued…which probably made it a lot easier for Junior!

‘Go on, Junior. You’re not a boy anymore…you’re a young man now…tell me about your Mother…I want her to look hot for me when we’re in public…so how did you do it?’

‘Well, Dad, you promise you won’t get mad at me, because I more or less told Mom that I was the man of the house while you were away. We went to a Pizza House one evening and I told her that she was always wearing baggy shorts and an old jumper…and I wanted to see her in something that was more attractive. You promise you won’t get mad at me, Dad?’

Father was getting more and more excited by the story and was secretly gently stroking his cock in his sleeping bag as he waited for the story to unfold.

‘I won’t get mad, son, but I want to hear all the details and how your Mom reacted…go on.’

‘Well, eventually, I persuaded her to wear a short skirt and a tight jumper with some high heels and we went out of town for a Pizza. She looked great, and she got some great looks from men at the Pizza House.’

‘Shit, why won’t your mother do that for me? I’d love to see other men giving her the glad-eye while we were in a lounge bar or somewhere. Go on, Junior,’ and his cock was getting harder and harder as he pictured the scene.

‘Mom had a few drinks and was quite merry when we got back home and I…I managed to persuade her to pose for a few photos for my camera…oh God, Dad…I said I’d show you some pictures…do you need me to go on?’

‘Listen, son, you’re 20 years old now, and I think we can discuss anything together, like two grown men. What you tell me will stay between just the two of us, and I promise that, but your Mother seems to be a hot, sexy woman in every situation except when she is with me. I need you to go on, son!’

‘Well, Dad, perhaps I can help you organise something where Mom has to get dressed up really sexily for you…it’s her 40th birthday in a few weeks’ time, isn’t it, so perhaps we could get Mom to a surprise party or something like that.’

‘That would be great, son…we’ll talk about it later, but carry on with your story…she posed for some pictures for you.’

Junior was a little worried about how far he should go, but his father seemed to want more details so he continued.

‘As I said, Mom had enjoyed a few margaritas and I started by taking a few photos of her just sitting on the sofa. Then I asked her to reveal some more of her legs…and she slowly agreed. It went on from there, Dad…!!’

‘Did she take some clothes off for you?’ Father was getting really excited now.

‘I have to admit that she did, Dad. But it was me that was pressurising her, Dad, so don’t blame Mom for all this.’

‘Go on, go on!’

‘Well, she slipped off her skirt and the jumper and she looked incredible. I couldn’t stop clicking the camera. Her figure looked fantastic and…and…and I asked her to unclip her bra.’

‘You’ve got some pictures of your Mother topless, Junior. Oh my God!’ Tommy’s cock was rigid now under the sheets but he didn’t want to splash yet as he wanted to hear all the rest of what his wife was willing to do while he was away!

‘Yes, Dad, there are topless pictures of Mom which I can show you…they look terrific…and a couple of the guys on the team had already asked if I had any pictures of Mom, so I showed them a few of my pictures.’

‘Jesus, Junior…you showed the guys on the team pictures of your Mother? Topless ones?

‘I persuaded Mom that they thought she was really hot and I wanted to show them some pictures. I don’t know whether or not she agreed but I showed them anyway!!’

‘And what was their reaction, son? I can guess really, can’t I?’

‘Of course, they loved them and almost pleaded with me to show them some more…and then they said they wanted to see Mom at a game looking really hot and sexy. They said she should come with me the following Sunday.’

‘And did she?’

‘I was quite firm with her, Dad, and said that I would show more of her pictures to the guys if she didn’t come to the game looking hot. I know she’s my Mom, but as well as protesting, I think she was enjoying the excitement and all the praise as well. So, in the end, she came to the game and she really did look hot, as I’ve already told you. She walked round the diamond and all the guys were whistling and enjoying the view and she looked like a…well, Dad, you know the expression MILF…that’s how hot Mom looked.’

Tommy’s cock was like a rod of iron now as Junior described what had been going on. It was his wife being talked about, a woman who had always acted like a shy little country lady whenever they had gone out together, but who now seemed to have shown a different side to her character. He wanted to hear more!

‘Anything else happen, son?’

‘After the game was over, Mom waited for me in the car fake taxi porno park and, after a shower, I went to the car park with Jake and Randy, two of the guys on the team. They were all over Mom, complementing her on her appearance and getting as close to her as they could. Her figure looked really sensational in the outfit and Jake and Randy were sneaking looks at her body whenever they could… I think she loved the attention. Then they came back to our house, Dad,’ Junior went on nervously.

‘Jake and Randy came back to the house with you and your Mother? And she looked like a MILF? What the hell went on?’

‘We had some cookies and something to drink, but the guys kept complimenting Mom on how she looked and wasn’t she a hot looking woman and…and…!!’

‘Come on, son, I know there’s more and I need to know because your Mother needs to start acting like that with me. If I have to be firmer with her, then I will be, but even just imagining her being sexy in front of two of your friends makes me think that things will have to change!!’

‘God, Dad. How are you going to do that?’

‘I’ve got an idea, Junior, especially as you mentioned her upcoming birthday…but we’ll talk later about that. What happened at the house?’

‘You promise you won’t be mad, Dad? You promised didn’t you?’

‘I promised, so the promise stands…go on.’

‘Well, Jake and Randy sat close to Mom on the sofa and started teasing her. They told me to fetch my camera and take some ‘innocent’ pictures of them sitting with Mom. I took a few pictures and then their hands started to wander.’ Immediately, Tommy’s cock almost shot its load but he managed to hold back a little longer.

‘Mom was trying to hold them back but only half-heartedly, and they were much stronger than she is. They undid her blouse and…and played with her bra, and then Jake pulled her over so she was sitting on his lap. They were holding her firmly and…!’

‘And you were happy with all this, Junior? Other guys playing with your Mother?

‘Like I said, Dad, she is a hot woman, with an awesome figure and, even though she’s my mother, I have to admit it all seemed innocent and I was enjoying taking the photographs.’

‘And I want to see them as well, Junior.’

‘Of course, Dad…shall I go on, or have you had enough?’

‘Don’t you dare stop, Junior. Just carry on…they were holding her firmly, you said.’

‘Yes, they held her and played with her breasts and ran their hands up her legs. They were kissing her all over and…and…you know, Dad!’

‘Did they get her naked…was your mother naked on the sofa with those two guys?’

‘She was saying No, No, but there wasn’t much of a fight really. Slowly she just gave in and the guys eased her clothes off until she was between them, naked on the sofa.’

Tommy’s cock exploded in his pants inside the sleeping bag and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. His son had just related the episode where Junior had taken photographs of his wife being stripped naked by two college guys on his own sofa at his home. Was this a nightmare or was it a thing of dreams? One thing was for sure…Tommy now had leverage to get his wife to behave just how he wanted her to…and she had to be set up on her birthday to act just like the sexy, hot slut that she appeared to be.

‘Fuckin’ hell!…naked with two guys on the sofa? And you were taking photographs?’ He still held his cock but it was limp now. His mind was working overtime, imagining the scene on the sofa at home, and he just couldn’t speak for the moment. Then, he came to his senses and began to wonder how he was going to entrap his wife into a similar situation, but where he could witness every moment.

‘That’s enough detail for the moment, Junior…but, by God, I’m going to work out a way to get my own back on your Mother. I’m not going to ask the million dollar question because it might just blow me right over the top, but I’m going to need your help, son. You understand that?’

‘Ok, Dad, Ok. Any ideas yet…and don’t be too harsh on Mom…it was only a bit of fun,’ and Junior gave a sigh of relief at not having to recall everything else that occurred that afternoon.

‘Well, first off, son, I want to see those pictures, goddamit! Then, we’re going to organise a party for your Mom’s 40th…and it’s going to be a surprise party. I’m going to take her for a meal and she is going to look so fuckin’ hot while we dine, and then we’re going to come home and, hey presto, your buddies from the team are going to be there…and I’m going to video everything that goes on! You’ll have to tell your friends what is going on, but it’s going to be one hell of a night. Now, let’s get some sleep, son…I’ve got to digest all of this. Good night, son,’ and Tommy closed his eyes and his mind started whirling all over at the visions that had been planted in his mind.

‘Night, Dad, see you in the morning.’

While this conversation had been taking place, Annie was at home taking advantage of her ‘alone time.’ The girls were in bed and the blonde, sexy wife and mother had curled up on the sofa, blissfully unaware of what her husband and son had been discussing. Her mind again turned to the taboo nature of what had happened recently, and gradually her fingers crept down between her legs to caress her body that was gradually getting damp.

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