Sibling Holiday Ch. 05

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As I walked along the main beach I could see no sign of him anywhere. My fruitless search of the beach did at least allow me to enjoy the eyes of fully grown men ogling my hot young body in such a skimpy bikini. I saw one man in the distance getting a whack off his wife for staring at me.

As was to be expected there were a few evil looks from women on the beach, but also I realised there were a few women giving me the eye here and there too. This gave me a little thrill and I could feel my nipples getting erect and poking against the small triangles of fabric covering them. If anything this made me look even hotter to the beach voyeurs.

As I got to the end of the beach I could see a small trail running up into the dunes that rose above them. I followed the trail upward between the giant tussocks of sea grass, climbing over rocks at some points. The sun beat down and as I reached the highest point my whole body glistened with sheen of sweat. I stopped to let the breeze cool me down and dry my skin. In the distance past the rumpled landscape of dunes and sea grass I could just make out another beach. Something seemed out of place, but at this distance I couldn’t tell what it was. As I worked my way nearer things came into focus and I could see that it was a nudist beach.

I stopped and was about to turn about, there was no way my brother would be down there. However my curiosity got the better of me. Wherever he might be, I was more than a bit interested in seeing my first nudist beach. So I worked my way through the dunes and soon found myself on the same ridge above the beach that not too long before my brother had stood on. Little did I realise that I took in the same views as he had and thought similar things.

I saw the blond family playing volleyball and wondered at their easy nudity. I studied the brother and sister and found their lithe bodies appealing. I looked at the girl with almost the same appetite as I did her brother. I watched as his decent sized manhood swung loosely as he leapt for the ball. I could only imagine from the little experience I had, how much bigger it could get when erect. What seemed so alien to me was how oblivious the whole family seemed to their nakedness.

As I continued to scan the beach I saw in the distance a very well-shaped young man. He had a great physique, wide shoulders, lean body, narrow hips and a very sizeable looking package. As he walked along the beach I realised I was looking at my own brother. I couldn’t believe it. He was naked. I was seeing the object of my desire in all his glory.

Even my fantasies hadn’t done him justice. He looked incredible, and as he walked the beach I could see heads everywhere rising up to take in the sight of him. As he got closer, he thankfully didn’t look beyond the beach, and so I got to watch him undiscovered. I could see now that he was having a good look at the occupants of the beach himself. My thoughts were racing now. My plan of action had now been drastically changed, and probably for the better. He passed my point on the beach and I then watched his shapely bum as he walked away from me. I tracked his movement and walked along the dunes in a line parallel to his along the beach.

My brother continued until he walked around some rocks at the end and disappeared. I sped up and cut across to the beach to follow in my brother’s footsteps. As I rounded the rocks I saw my brother pick a spot and lie down on his front. I quickly put on my sundress over my skimpy bikini, as I wanted to have something gaziantep olgun escort bayan extra to remove once I put my plan into operation. I then walked slowly, getting nearer and nearer. He was looking the other way in the direction of an older woman who was laid next to her fat partner.

I stood no more than 5 yards away as I watched her consuming my brother with her eyes, much as I was myself. At that point he rolled onto his back and both of us got a glorious view of his gorgeous and sizable manhood. It looked perfect to me. It lay pointing to his hip; he had a small thatch of pubes at the base. The shaft of his penis looked smooth and symmetrical and the head seemed to be uncovered, where his neat foreskin couldn’t fully cover it. I watched the woman make a show of her attraction and then blatantly expose her juiced up pussy to him. My brother looked away and clearly decided to roll onto his front to cover any reaction and let the woman see he wasn’t watching her. At this point the sight of this naked specimen and the knowledge that he was my very own brother made me feel both horny and protective of him.

I made my decision and stepped right up to where he had laid his head on his arms. His whole body went rigid when he heard my voice. He looked up in shock and his face looked red with embarrassment. I gave him a look to show him it was ok, but the sun was in his eyes. I circled him and let him see me brazenly regarding his naked form with approval.

I told him I was glad he had given this a try as I hadn’t had the nerve to try it on my own. The look on his face when I asked him if I could join him was priceless. He didn’t know how to react and in his shocked state seemed to have lost the ability to speak. His face was red and he clearly didn’t know where to look. It was with a great deal of trepidation that I started to put my plan into action.

I laid out my towel and then slowly started to raise my dress up my body and then over my head. At every point I moved slowly and deliberately giving him time to enjoy the show, and furthering my own sense of anticipation. He tried to appear like he wasn’t paying any special attention, but was failing spectacularly, as his eyes burned in my direction.

I pretended to be distracted with studying the surrounding area as I did my best to remove my top in the sexiest way possible. As they were uncovered I felt my brother’s eyes burning into my bared breasts for the first time in my life, I rubbed my hands under them and lifted them briefly, as if relieving them from having been restricted. My nipples tingled overpoweringly as I felt his eyes staring at them. I glanced at his face and could see his eyes bulging and his mouth open and awestruck. I knelt upright on the towel and slowly slid my hands down my sides, whilst very subtly moving my hips from side to side slightly. My heart was in my mouth and my heart was racing as I came to the point where I would bare myself to his view completely. My tender pussy was moist with the anticipation of being soon to be bared for my own brother.

There was no going back as my hands reached the bows tied on each hip I went even slower as I let first one then the other come undone. As the tiny strip of fabric fell away from my bare and hairless little pussy, I could see my brother’s eyes locked on my sex. I couldn’t believe how sexy I was feeling being ogled by my naked brother. Feeling his eyes locked on my exposed intimate place. I leant gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan away from him and gave him a full eyeful of pussy from behind. I could imagine the sight he was getting. I parted my legs slightly more to give him a clear view of my pink and shiny pussy.

My feeling of exposure was heightened by the feel of the cool sea breeze on my moist snatch. I suddenly looked back at him and asked him if he was enjoying the view. He couldn’t speak, but looked like he was. Then he slowly rolled onto his side and for the first time in my life I was looking at my brother’s fully erect cock. It was large and rigid against his hard belly and it was hard for me; his little sister. I could feel my pussy getting wetter as he let me see his desire and as I felt his eyes drinking in the view of his naked and nubile little sister. We shared a few moments as we both took in the sight of what affect we had on each other. I enjoyed seeing his cock throbbing for me, and he was enjoying the sight of me juicing up looking at him.

I lay down and handed him the oil. I looked deep into his eyes and with lust affecting my voice, told him I wanted to feel his hands on me. He knelt over me from the side and started rubbing oil into my back. His first touch was electric. All I could keep thinking was; my naked brother is rubbing my naked body while his rigid erection bobbed above me, casting a shadow on my naked flesh.

He worked the oil down my back and I felt his strong hands start swirling around my buttocks. I parted my legs slightly, hoping his hands would find their way between them, but he was clearly unsure as to how far I wanted him to go. It was one thing rubbing oil on a nude sibling, but touching them sexually was taking it to another level.

So far nothing taboo had officially happened, unless you included the signs of arousal we had shown each other. Actual sexual stimulation was something else. Clearly the little sister was going to have to take her big brother in hand. I rolled onto my back to find his large throbbing manhood looming over me as he knelt at my side. I told him to rub my front. His eyes were jumping out of his head. He hesitated. I looked around to check who could see us. Other than the woman nearby who was looking extremely aroused, with her hand moving slowly between her legs while her sleeping husband was oblivious, there was no one else to be seen. I told him I didn’t care who could see us, and with that he squirted oil over my breasts and belly, and started to rub it in.

He started on my sleek belly and worked up to my breasts. His hands finally squeezed and caressed them and his fingers circled my firmly erect nipples. I couldn’t resist any longer I got some oil on my hand from my belly and slowly reached out to grasp his manhood. His eyes almost rolled in their sockets at my first touch. His cock felt hot to the touch and was pulsing in my hand.

Then he said the words I had heard in my fantasies for so long. He told me he had dreamt of this moment for a long time. As I started to stroke my small hand along his firm length, he moved a hand down my belly toward my shaven mound. I ached for him to touch my pussy, but instead he slid his hand to the side and rubbed oil everywhere else. I parted my legs a little more as he caressed my inner thighs then let his hand hover over my pussy, before moving it back to my belly.

The next time he passed his hand near my pussy I pushed my gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan hips in the air trying to force it into contact with his hand, but he continued to drive me wild with desire. I ached for his touch, my swollen clit stood out dark pink against the pale skin of my hairless mound, my throbbing labia felt wet and swollen with desire. All the while I enjoyed the feel of his rigid tool pulsing in my hand.

I begged him to touch my pussy. He resisted until I told him “his little sister needed to feel her big brother’s hands on her aching pussy”. With that he finally gave into my demands. He had barely touched my pussy lips and brushed my clit with his thumb when I started to come. It was incredible how horny he was making me feel.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the older woman feverishly masturbating at the show she was getting, but this only turned me on more, and almost straight away I came again. My young body was writhing as my very own brother stroked my hot pussy whilst I stroked him. He looked into my eyes with a look of lust for me that I returned. He was my brother and I wanted to engulf him with my love.

I wanted to swallow him whole and as the thought came to me I got him to kneel astride of my head. I then opened my mouth and swallowed as much of him as I could take. At the same time the feel of his hand stroking me down there had been replaced with the feel of his breath on my moist snatch. I parted my legs as far as I could and slowly rotated my hips. I could feel his hot breath and steady gaze on my exposed snatch.

The knowledge that my big brother was gazing at my naked, wet and open pussy was almost too much for me to handle. Slowly he lowered his mouth and opening wide placed his lips so they covered my whole sex. For a moment he just savoured my taste as I savoured the feel of his mouth on my most intimate place. Slowly I started to grind my needy pussy into his mouth as he then started to run his tongue along my swollen and sensitive labia, before seeking out the very centre of my arousal. As his tongue poked into the hood and rolled around my rigid little clit I stopped sucking him for a second as my breath was taken away. Soon he was flicking it rapidly over my clit whilst occasionally pushing it inside me. All the while he was very slowly pumping his rigid cock into my open and willing mouth.

Suddenly I heard a loud whistle that made us both look up in shock; the lady nearby was waving at us and pointing back along the beach. Thank God she had, because 200 yards away we could see a local law enforcement officer patrolling the beach. My brother had already slid off me and now quickly lay on his front next to me; I too rolled onto my front. We looked at each other and laughed an excited and nervous laugh. We lay still and tried to look like any other sun bathers. Nudism was one thing but public indecency was quite another.

Luckily the Police officer carried on past where we lay without stopping, although he seemed to be having a good look at me as he walked. I suspected this was just a bit of voyeurism on his part, which added to my feeling of horniness. When he got to the end of the beach where the sheer cliff joined the sea he doubled back.

As he approached the point where he would walk past our feet again, I parted my legs a bit more so that as he walked past he could get quite an eyeful. I was pretending to doze, but I’m sure I heard his steps slow slightly. I whispered to my brother that maybe we should go back to the room to continue. He nodded and slipped his small trunks back on as walking with an erection would have been probably too much even for a nudist beach. I slipped on only my sun dress and stuffed my bikini into my bag along with the sun tan lotion. We headed back along the beach and made our way back to the hotel.


Watch out for Part 6 of this 6 part story.

If you like my story I would love to hear from you.

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