Siblings with Benefits

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Another rainy afternoon. Sucks to be jobless. Sucks to be home alone. I lacked a daily routine, my only motivation to get out of bed these days was my brother Jacob. He knew how to put a smile on my face – even in a situation comparatively sad to Leo drowning in the ice cold water or Mufasa falling off the cliff. He was the kind of person that would be entitled “priceless” at the end of a Mastercard commercial. Just the best brother in the world. Without him, I would have suffered a bad depression.

It was time to prepare dinner. Jacob would be home soon and he enjoyed the smell of a hearty meal when he came through the doorsill. Some chicken, rice and vegetables soused with a cream sauce, simple but tasty.

While the vegetables are still in the pan and my brother’s arrival seems to be a bit delayed, let me tell you some more about me. My name is Sarah and I am 21 years old, my “roommate” is five years older. We inherited a small two-story building in a peaceful neighborhood and my brother decided to share it for the time being. Two months ago I lost my job and since that day the only variety I experienced were different companies rejecting my applications. Except for this, every day looked alike the other.

Finally I heard the door lock. I quickly served dinner and waited for my brother to sit down next to me. We have never been the type of family that gave someone a salutatory kiss, so Jacob just sat down. He grinned at me.

“Why don’t you put down your ominous face and tell me about your day at work?” my phrase sounded more like a command than a question.

“Why so pert?” he replied disappointed.

“It was quite fun” he continued right away, “Marie was talking bad about Mr. Brown with Carla and Sophie again.”

Jacob’s spoon resembled a shovel. He had to chew for a few seconds before he could go on.

“Unfortunately he was right around the corner. After he heard his name, he made it even worse for them. He waited there like two full minutes before Amanda came in and kindly reminded them that other people could hear their bullshit, too.”

Jacob’s smile became even wider when I started giggling.

“He unhurriedly said the three of them should follow him to his office. Damn, you should have seen those baffled faces.”

“I can imagine. Serves them right.”

They also used to bully my brother when he started working there, those bitches really were among people you regret to have met.

“Well,” my brother continued “that was more or less also the reaction of the remaining coworkers around me.”

We finished our meal and talked some more while washing the dishes. Afterward Jacob went upstairs to have a shower and I followed him to settle in front of the computer in my room. Since we usually don’t close the doors when only the two of us are home, I was able to see my naked brother walking down the hallway to the bathroom. Well, at least I saw the reflection in the mirror on the wall I was facing. And it was only for a split second he walked by. But I have to admit that my pussy always became an itchy little beast in those situations, even though I tried not to look at him – or his dick.

I mean it’s quite uncommon for us to see each other naked. Even if I said I tried not to look at him, I kinda still wanted to sneak a peak. Don’t judge me, I’m a poor little thing when it comes to sexual experience. I only had three boyfriends and all of them had problems making me happy in bed.

When I heard the shower come on, my mind was stuck in sex thoughts. What was going on? I saw a limp dick and my brain was like: “Yay, let the river flow!” Usually I was able to blow away the cobwebs but since I didn’t release myself for three days, I gave in and started to search for some porn. The amateur section was dull, in the end I ended up reading an erotic story. It was about a brother who tried to get into his sister’s panties. My left hand moved under my shirt and started caressing my right nipple even though I was already horny as hell. It didn’t take long until my heart was beating rapidly.

As the first sex scene was about to peak, I heard the shower door open. The sound made my arm emerge from under my shirt and my lower lip left the small gap between my incisors. I switched to another window on my computer and decided to read on after showering myself. That story was just too exciting! Eagerly I stripped down to my undies, undid my braid and turned around to go to the bathroom. When I entered the hallway, I bumped into my brother who rushed around the corner.

“Whoops,” we said simultaneously.

Jacob desperately tried to keep hold of his towel, that was tied loosely around his waist, but it escaped his grip. Apparently his dick was in sight for me again, this time not just a reflection and more particularly not just a limp dick as before. It was not rock hard but it was somewhat swollen… did he just masturbate in the shower?

When he quickly picked up the towel and kept it in front of his manhood, he apologized for running into me and clothed his face gaziantep özbek escort bayan in a bashful smile. While my brain still tried to digest the scene from a few seconds ago, I looked dumbfounded into my brother’s eyes.

“Everything alright?” he asked carefully.

I realized how daft my look must have been and quickly said: “Yeah I’m sorry, just thought that I turned my ankle, but it’s alright. False alarm.”

With those words, I smiled vaguely and turned to go to the bathroom. I unsnapped my bra, pulled my thong down and stepped into the shower. While holding the shower head, waiting for the water to heat up, I told myself to come down. I leaned my arm against the wall and couldn’t believe the tingling sensation my pussy unleashed. The picture of Jacob’s cock didn’t want to vanish, it was unambiguously in front of me. Dangling between his legs, it’s purple head, no pubic hair around, his balls slightly wrinkled.

I caught myself holding the shower head with it’s jet of water against my pussy and suddenly woke up to the fact that I got randy with his cock. My brother’s cock! At once I got rid of the shower head, pinched my left nipple and swiftly rubbed my dripping pussy. It only took me a few moments before I got on my knees, experiencing a tremendous orgasm, that made me think I’d pass out any second. I gave in and bounced onto my right side. I slowly cringed every few seconds while my orgasm subsided – and believe me, that took longer than usual. I gradually regained the energy to stand up from my fetal position and finished my shower.

Propping my hands on the sink, I looked at myself in the mirror. Yes, now it was official: I was a freak! This was the first time I got off having thoughts about my brother’s cock. I felt bad about it, but strangely enough my pussy still had some of that itchy feeling left. When I got back to my room with my hair wrapped into my towel, the rest of my body wasn’t covered this time. That was the plan I worked out: Since the orgasm in the shower was so overwhelming, my brain needed some more illustrative material. So if Jacob can see more, I hopefully can see more for my part. I just had to figure out how I can accidentally show more…

The next morning I slept late. I came downstairs in just my sleeping shirt and a thong.

“Hey there!” my brother said from across the room.

He was sitting on the couch in just his loose boxers, drinking coffee with his laptop on his lap. “Morning!” I replied sleepy, shambling over and slumping beside him.

I took his bowl and spoon from the table and poured some cereal and milk in it.

With an innocent look I asked him: “Whatcha doing today? Wanna chill outside by the pool?”

He looked up from his screen and nodded.

“I’m just gonna finish this paperwork, it’s due tomorrow.”

My subsequent pout dissolved to a smirk. “Okay you plodder!” I retorted. He giggled.

While he was typing on the keyboard, I drew up my knees and continued to spoon my cereals. Because I didn’t have a spare hand to play with my cellphone, I pretended to watch his screen but really I tried to glimpse at his bare upper body and down to where I assumed his cock would rest. With my heels tucked up my ass, I could feel my pussy lips press firmly against the fabric of my thong. Blood was rushing into them, making them swell, allowing me to take my pulse just by concentrating on my pussy. I had to resist the urge to place my hand between my legs, pull the fabric aside and rub my clit with relish. Run a finger into my wet hole, just to moisten it and repeat it again with one more finger. And then two more. And with four fingers invading my pussy, I’d lift my ass up and flex each and every muscle in my body to finish off with a huge orgasm.

“Oh god!” I thought. Another daydream. Fuck. I was wet. Leather couch. Probably a stain. I could also smell my pussy juice, my brother sitting right next to me. I heard an alert sound in my head and saw a big red warning light come on behind my eyes. If there were small manikin controlling my body, they’d all be bustling around with their hands to the sky. The first solution that came to my mind was to tilt the bowl, spilling milk on my shirt.

“Whoops!” I said, feeling the cold milk on my chest, then my tits.

“Very nice.” my brother said with a chuckle.

He immediately placed his laptop on the table and stood up, hurrying into the kitchen.

“Wait. Don’t move!” he added, as if we were in an action movie.

When I quickly checked if there was any evidence on the cushion below me, I already felt the coldness run down my belly. Maybe that was a bit too much milk. I sighed with relief that the cushion wasn’t wet but the second my brother returned with the paper towels, the milk already reached the waistband of my thong. He threw the towels on the couch next to me and whipped the nearly empty bowl out of my hand. I promptly placed two papers on my crotch and held two more above my hips.

“Please porno videolar help me! It’s gonna drip onto the couch!” I said frustrated, holding the paper towels in place.

“How did that even happen?!” Jacob asked wondering. “Hold on!”

Suddenly he put his arms under my back and my knee pit and scooped me up. By instinct I let go of the paper towels. I looked at my shirt, it was completely drenched at the front, thus almost transparent. I overcame the temptation to cover my tits with my arm. My nipples perked up as I felt my brother’s warm chest.

“I’m sorry…” I apologized as he set me down on the tiles.

Most of the cereals that were still lying on my tits and belly fell down. As I was standing slightly bent forward, I felt the force of gravity also help damp the rest of my thong.

“Don’t worry.” Jacob said calmly, “You wanna get rid of the shirt? I can bring you a towel,” he offered.

“No,” I moved my hands to the bottom of my shirt and slipped it off in an instant. My brother’s eyes widened. “I’ll go get my bikini and put it away in a second. Thank you.” I added amused.

It was just a side boob for my brother, but that was actually the closest he got to see one of them. I liked the way he looked at it.

Upstairs, I gave my body a short wash and slipped into my bikini. Afterward I ran downstairs, my tits bouncing with every step. I took the wet shirt away and cleaned the puddle from the tiles. Jacob handed me the bowl from the table when I came to him.

“You didn’t finish your meal.” he smiled. I couldn’t resist giggling.

“Yeah, my boobs said they wanted something, too!” I hinted at my nudity and suddenly cheekiness added to Jacob’s grin.

“Alright, and when your boobs have something, you can’t disregard the rest of your body?” he teased, looking down to my legs, obviously pausing on my crotch.

I felt vindicated and wanted to pursue my game.

“Yeah, everyone is equal, you know?” I said. “I’m gonna go out now, so get your swimming trunks and put your work away.” With that, I padded out.

The weather was awesome today. There was a slight breeze that made it just perfect to lie in the sun. When I first hopped into the pool, Jacob came out. He wore his tight, brief swimming trunks. He dressed it only at home to reduce his tan lines.

“Finally!” I shouted.

“Any complaints?” he acted vicious and suddenly started to run.

“Nooo!” I screamed when he jumped into the pool with a big squelch.

Carefully, I opened my eyes but he was still under water. I felt his hands around my legs. Although I could have escaped easily, I played along and pretended to capsize. Of course I tried to have as much bodily contact as possible. My heart was bouncing heavily from the nudges against Jacob’s cock I managed while quarreling in the water. He also brushed several times against my tits. After some time in the water, we both rested on our loungers.

The slight touches from before were far from satisfying. I ventured to go further.

“Do you mind if I doff my bikini top?”

He gradually rolled his head over to me and moved his hand up to protect his eyes from the sun before he opened them.

“Hate the look with a low-cut neckline.” I substantiated myself.

“Do as you like,” he shrugged and rolled his head back, facing the sky.

I undid the clasp and dropped the sheer piece of cloth beside me. The feeling, that any second my bare tits could be in his view, was teasing me more than him at the moment. He didn’t have a reason to look across again, so I wanted to give him one.

After some minutes I raised my upper body and asked, “Where did you put the water? I have a dry throat.”

“Dammit! Forgot it on the kitchen table.” he answered, while turning his head towards me again.

I couldn’t tell if he was looking into my eyes or at my tits, because he squinted his eyes.

“I’m gonna get it,” he continued, “want some of the strawberry punch, too?”

I opened my mouth with surprise, “Oh, punch! Sounds like a good idea!”

Jacob smiled and went inside. I laid back until he came out with the drinks. He placed them on the garden table among the shades and poured us some water into a glass. I arose from the lounger and walked over to the table, quickly tucking my thong into position.

My brother smiled diffidently when he passed me the glass. He dared a glance at my tits while his look moved from the glass up to my eyes. I emptied the glass slowly, giving him a good view of my nude chest. From the corner of my eye I noted, that the bulge in his trunks got a little bigger than before and suggested:

“One more round in the pool?”

He nodded and seemed to take a mischievous pleasure in me walking waterwards without my top.

He came up from behind and grabbed me, turned the two of us around to let us dive backwards. I could feel his semi-hard dick press against my right ass cheek while his left arm wandered up just below my tits. The gaziantep rus escort bayan moment we plunged into the water, his arm slid slightly up and now his hand gripped my right tit. His thumb and index finger caressed my nipple. That was a staggering feeling. A moan escaped my mouth under water.

I didn’t fight back for the moment.

“Sorry… did I hurt you?” Jacob asked when we both managed to stand again.

“Yes,” I said while jumping on his back, tickling him, “and I seek revenge!”

I gripped my legs around him, ignoring his plea for me to stop. I couldn’t prevail long though, he slumped on the spot, making me fall over to the front.

While I was still facing the water, my brother held my legs, so I was incapable to move.

“Your resistance is futile!” he exclaimed.

That sounded so laughable. I countered:

“Is that a quotation from Shakespeare?” I chuckled.

He released my legs so I could turn around and stand up, too. I sighed.

“That’s not funny, I have peerless acting skills.” he stated.

I chuckled even more and he joined in.

“What?” he asked.

“Sorry,” I said sober, “of course. Beyond a doubt you are the best actor… among my brothers.”

With that, I jumped out of the pool and ran to the table, snatched a glass and quickly tried to pour some punch into my glass.

“Don’t! You’re gonna make a mess!” I yelled with laughter when I saw him running towards me.

“Okay, I’ll just wait till you’re finished.” he replied exhausted.

I looked him in the eyes and slowly started pouring the liquid into the glass with my mouth open, still giggling. Then he started tickling me and I burst out with laughter, the glass dropping down on the grass. I desperately tried to cover my ticklish zones with my arms, but Jacob almost hugged me while feeling me up. I lost my footing and had to give in to the tickles.

My brother landed on top of me and positioned his ass on my belly, his legs right beside. He still tortured me.

“Please stop! Jacob! Stop!” I cried out as he eventually withdrew his hands.

I exhaled deep sighs while I brushed away my tears.

“The precious punch… how could you?” he joked.

I felt his piercing look on my tits, his dick resting on my belly. In between only the thin fabric of his trunks.

“You gotta get me a new punch, you moron.” I sulked.

He helped me up and bent forward to pick up the glass from the ground. The second he came up, I pressed myself against his back. I swung my right arm around him to grasp his dick.

“Sarah what…” he said shocked, while my hard nipples were drilling into his rear.

My hand rested for just two or three seconds on the spot but I could clearly distinguish the shape of his dick. It was throbbing multiple times. It very well filled out my fist. In an instant, I had yesterday’s picture of his dick before my eyes, whereas now it was growing and not slackening.

“That was for grabbing my boob in the pool,” I said as I sadly let go of my brother’s sex object, “just a compensation,” I added, smiling boldly.

He seemed to be too puzzled to answer but finally asked: “What sort of compensation was that? I didn’t do it on purpose!”

His face was still lacking an expression. When my mien turned completely chaste, I said: “Me neither.” I blinked my eyes innocently with my hands folded behind my back. Jacob started smiling again. That took a load off my mind. I almost thought he’d freak out and run away.

“So are we ready to drink at last, or what?” I chuckled.

“Yeah here, first you need a compensation for your drink.”

He held my glass with just as much as I was able to pour in before it fell down.

“You can pour more inside.” I explained, “I was… interrupted beforehand.”

After we finished our drinks, we both went back over to our loungers and enjoyed the sun. A while later, it was almost time to prepare dinner and Jacob asked me, if I wanted to hop into the pool once more. I replied I’d rather hop into the shower, so while he ran to the pool to swim some laps, I picked up my bikini top and went inside.

After I shed my bikini thong on the bathroom floor and entered the shower, I savored the warm drops falling down upon my skin. Now that my brother wasn’t around any more, my pussy was begging for release. It was all itchy the whole day, anyways now it demanded some me time. I firmly started kneading my left boob with one hand. The other one was already penetrating my pussy with one finger, delicately entering the path to my G-spot. Once I dragged it almost all the way out, I let it slide in a mite further. At that time, it wasn’t just my naked brother in my mind’s eye. I imagined his rigid cock in place of my finger. Penetrating me from behind. His hands holding onto my hip, thrusting his complete length deep into me, causing an unquiet smack when our skins collided.

With my hand almost cramping, I quickly started to rub my clit and pinched my nipple ferociously. I was breathing heavily through my mouth before I held my breath, let out a tiny screech and then curved my body. Emanating from my pussy, a huge prickling went through my body. My legs started to jitter and I had to get a grip on the shower wall. I desperately gasped for air. My heart skipped a beat and instantly started to pump so fast, I could actually hear it. I grinned broadly.

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