Sign of the Times Part 14 , 15

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Sign of the Times

The Michel Family

Part 14

Chapter 24

She goes out and gets fire wood to fill the box. Sara gave her two whacks with the belt, “You were told not to go out unarmed and you were told to have someone with you.” Crying she said, “Yes my sister thank you my sister I will learn.”

That evening the subject turned to Sara and how precise and fast shooting. Cindy said, “How did you get so good.”

Sara said, “I practice at night with it empty of course in my bedroom.” Cindy said, “Looks like I got a lot of catching up to do my sister,” and they smiled at each other.

That next day we went to get apples Linda did all she could do if there was a basket to lift she ran to get it if an apple ladder was being moved she was there to help. By day’s end we had 100 baskets full and we went back to the house.

That night I slept with Cindy and Judy they love doing me in tandem now and Cindy said, “Master, Sara wants your child. The next morning I said, “There are four women I can have two pregnant now and the other two in two months.”

Sara said, “Me master please,” and Bridget said, “Me master.” I said, “I would like to but this is by the numbers.” I went over and told John the two numbers. I said, “Melody your first, Britney second then Linda then Sara.”

Melody says, “I pick two” John says, “Yes,” and hugs Melody and kisses her.

Bridget says, “One,” and John said, “No,” Bridget cried and said, “Master I want our child.”

I went over and hugged her and said, “I know you have been waiting but we must be fair.”

“Yes master I know I will wait.” Cindy went over and said, “We will all share, you will be mommy to all children and we will be mommy to yours.”

Bridget went over and hugged and picked up Gina and Gina said, “Mommy cries.” To Gina, John and I was daddy, and all the girls were mommy.

Linda she said, “Four,” and John said, “Yes,” Linda’s eyes got big and Melody said, “We well go through this together again,” and hugged her.

Sara had tears in her eyes and said to Bridget, “The months well pass quickly we well keep ourselves busy together.”

That night I took Melody to bed it was the second time the first was fantastic but I had no baby cream to give her this time I would be making her a mother. We went to bed early and made passionate love her cunt muscles were tight as John could no longer get hard she came over and over again.

Melody wanted it so bad, and her husband couldn’t satisfy her she moaned, “I love you Brad my master my husband.”

When I came inside her for about the fourth time we lay beside each other staring at each other “My god you are a fantastic lover.”

“Me! You are so lovely and get me so excited you push all the right buttons at the right time I am such a novice compared to you.”

She smiled and it was only 9pm and we were hungry and wanted some tea we went out Linda and John was there and Linda rushed to put the tea on. Melody went to John and said, “He is as good as you were my husband and gentle.”

John said, “You be good to this queen of ours.

Linda said, “I can’t get my head around this, you’re alright him making love to your wife.”

John said, “He is the only one that can and we must have children there is no other option and master is kind and gentle what more can any of us ask for.”

Linda shakes her head and I said, “Linda this is a necessity and yes I enjoy it and even love some but all get treated equally they are the mother of our new civilization the old rules of incest and marriage as we knew it don’t apply.

When I take Sara and Bridget and before the other kids are born I will take all of you as wives. That way none of our kids are bastards we are a family. “Who will officiate the ceremony?” John said, “I will be happy to and the names will all be registered in the family bible.”

“Linda says what a world.” John said, “It certainly is we screwed it up hopefully our kids can do a better job, or civilization is doomed.”

Melody and I had a bite to eat and went back to bed at 5 we woke and in the shower I fingered her to another orgasm it was 5:30 am we walked out seen the shot gun and a 9mm with the holster hanging there must be John and Linda.

Sure enough, John was on guard and Linda doing the morning chores. She let the horses out and noticed she was wearing a deer skin poncho as was John. It was cold in the morning ice on all the ponds. It was dark no light they had the solar lights soon the horse would be in the barn all the time.

She shoveled out the barn and we went to help she said, “Thanks but she had it and we picked up shovels and did the sheep pen and Linda and Melody did the cow pen together.”

Linda went to the chicken coop while Melody and I went to the pig pen we fed the pigs they ate and went back in their hut the cows were eating close to the fence and the horses were in close to I said, “John did you check the weather lately”.

We could here thunder in the distance. We hurried and the cows and horse came quickly to the barn. Soon it was hailing did it ever sting on bare skin. Linda collected the eggs and we rushed back to the house the hail gave way to rain and mixed with snow this is the earliest we ever had snow. I went to the green houses and they all were OK.

I was concerned with the hail the heat inside would melt any snow I got some fresh bananas and oranges and a few coconuts for a treat. Melody was not hungry when breakfast was being made she got sick John said, “There is another member of the family on the way.”

Linda said, “One night I said, “I guess when they changed my DNA so that incest wasn’t an issue, they increased my potency somehow.”

So far since I became potent each woman took one night.” “But you are fucking them regularly?”

Judy said, “We are horny as hell weren’t you when you had your two?”

Linda blushed and I said. “Were family no sense blushing,” and Judy came over and said, “See as she got on my lap got me hard and lowered herself on my pole.

She fucked me and she came twice when I cum and Linda said, “That should be behind closed doors not in front of little children.” Britney looked over Gina was fast asleep in her playpen and she said, “You mean sleeping beauty here,” and we all laughed.

John said, “Nothing is private here it is a fact of life and open relationships we have fun, or I should say they have fun they exchange every detail when they are in the bedroom so get over it. Prudish days are past here.”

Linda laughed and said, “I can see that. “ Melody came out of Johns room said she took a gravol feels much better now. We looked out and it was snowing big flakes and small ones John checked the weather station and said rain around zero next three days.”

We laughed and Sara said, “White rain.” That afternoon I was relaxing and Linda was fidgeting. I said, “Linda” she just about jumped out of her skin and I said, “Come over and sit with me,” she did and I kissed her she wouldn’t trade tongues.

John said, “In case you to love birds get cold and he through the big bear rug over us that relaxed Linda and under the rug we kissed and I played with her tits and her nipples she reached an grabbed my cock or it is so big and hard I was fingering her clit and she was moaning and said, “It been over a year since she had sex.” I whispered and said, “Over the next nine months we can make up for that.” Linda said, “Oh your bad master.”

“Gee the other women said I was good.”

“Please master, take me to the bedroom.” So we stood up me with a rock hard cock and her with a glistening pussy, we went to the bedroom.

Chapter 25

We went into the shower and I said, “There are no dirty cocksuckers in our house she lowered and wrapped her mouth around my cock and started to bob but she was not doing it well as some of my girls and she said, “This was her first she said, “I wouldn’t do it for any of the two guys she has been with.” I lifted her up we dried off and on the bed I went between her legs and made her cum she screamed as I continued and she came again.

Sara said, “He must be fucking her to scream like that.” “Cindy said, “Nope he is probably eating Escort Eryaman pussy.”

Judy said, “I agree to soon to be fucking her he has not driven her crazy enough yet.”

Melody said, “I think you’re both right he is such a good lover.”

Sara said, “I yield to experience,” as she laughed and heard her mother scream “Fuck me please.” Sara said, “Yep you were right.”

Back in the room I just got Linda off three times my every touch to her nipples made her moan I moved up and kissed her this time she was searching out my tongue and as she was climaxing for the fourth time I entered her and she started flapping like a fish out of water.

“Oh my god oh my sweat Jesus oh this can’t be,” and she came squirting and I fucked her hard as she was crying with joy, “Master you own me this is fantas, ug,” she was flapping again couldn’t finish her sentence.

I reach down and squeezed her nib and she squirted more, “Please oh please master, I am so sensitive there,” I fucked her and on her next orgasm I cum too she went ballistic feeling my hot cum splash against her pussy walls.

“Fuck this whore master, fuck this dirty cunt master I fucked her and sucked on her neck giving her a hickey then did her other side and said, “you can be my whore if you like, but we showered so you’re not a dirty cunt.”

She laughed moving my cock inside her and we both came again. I laid there looking into her hazel eyes and said, “I never noticed how beautiful they were,” she started blushing and said, “You own them and every part of me master.”

“Good then I can fuck your ass when I want.” “Yes master whenever you want, it is virgin, but it is yours and she kissed me and we fell asleep. Sara knocked on the door and said its 4:30 super in 30 we got up went into the shower and I fingered her G spot and she cum again Master I won’t be able to stand.”

“That’s why I am here; remember the song {Lean on Me.}” “Yes my master oh it is so true, I am not strong I need to lean on you.” We walked out mostly dry and she was leaning on my shoulders with dreamy eyes, humming the song Lean on Me.

Sara was the first to say, “So my sister you no longer want to shoot him?” Linda said, “No my child I just want him to shoot me with his beautiful cock every minute of every day.”

“Master you are beyond a fantastic lover you are a god, a god of love.” We sat at the table Linda had to let go she would have ate between my legs if she could of.

Britney said to Linda, “He is good I like that tongue on my clit.”

Melody said, “When he drives that cock into my cervix he is so good,” Judy said, “When he does everything he is great.”

Linda said, “He is a master at it all and I would ride him on the kitchen floor if he wants.” The girls all agreed and John and I were talked around like we weren’t there.

Linda just started to eat and she ran to the toilet with Melody and Britney hot on her trail. John said, “Boy it doesn’t take you long.” Gina was getting bigger we had her in the plastic high chair. She was picking at her food but was eating a lot now still the meat was cut up real small so she didn’t choke. I felt bad, I had killed her mother but I had to dismiss it.

That night I took Melody and Linda to bed as I took Melody ass I had Linda play with her tits she never touched a women before and I told her, “I am only male bull here, you girls are many and you need to learn to play with each other to.”

Linda said, “Yes my master I will do as you ask and she leans over and kisses Melody with tongue feeling her clit with one hand and her nipple with the other as I fucked Melody’s ass.

Melody screamed into Linda’s mouth as she came and I moved to Linda’s ass and sunk my cock in to her ass and held it there until the muscles relaxed. I fucked her until she came and Melody was now playing with her cunt and nipples as she came.

Next morning we got up around 5 and went to the showers and we soaped and played under the hot water I fingered both at the same time and Linda came first.

I said, “You lose or win but suck me off.” “With pleasure my master and Melody got down and was sucking my balls and I came quickly, Linda showed me I mouth full of cum and Melody kissed her sharing my cum and they both smacked their lips Linda said, “All three holes in on 24 hr period he is a god.”

We got up they dried me and themselves I went to dry them and they said, “Oh no we would end up back in bed” and laughed we went into the kitchen and John had jump suits and boots and hats, fisherman rain hats. It looked different seeing them in clothes. Cindy said, “Yech I hate wearing clothes now.”

Britney said, “So do I now, but we will get used to it, we do what must be done.”

Linda said, “I hope I can get away from wearing clothes I want to always give my master the prettiest view of his property.”

Sara and some of the others just looked.

There had to be a foot of snow out there and its early October. Just up the road a bit there was a stance of fir and spruce trees many rabbit trails I set 15 snares, in a mile area. Cindy and I was getting 5 pair a day on average. It was middle of winter the storms were going to be heavy I pulled my snares.

Winter was now December Cindy and I brought home a fir tree it was only a week until Christmas. We put the tree up and leave it to John he had boxes of ornaments to do 100 trees. Gina was almost three and helped with decorating the tree we had no presents but sang carols on the eve and had chickens with all the trimmings bananas and oranges coconut and even roasted and ground some coffee beans which no one has had in years there was enough for one cup each but roasting of the beans sent the aroma through the house.

Oh what a treat. For Christmas day there was also another treat Sara and Bridget were in my bed and we made love all night and half the next day if they had not of got sick we still would have been there.

Bridget was beside herself she would ride me and said, “I want to be a cowgirl forever.”

Britney, Cindy, and Judy were pretty big and producing milk even John was having fun taking that milk. We shovel a path to the chicken coop and the barn and we had to use the heat pumps, because the solar was not working, not enough sun. We were pretty much house bound so I ended up working in my green houses, everybody appreciated tomatoes and bananas and the odd coconut with some mint tea every once in a while. Of course there was always time for love I would be working on something and drug away to have fun. It was mid January and big snow storm out. Judy came out to the green house where I was working on next season’s crops like the carrots and potatoes. She dropped to her knees moved my heavy bear skin coat and sucked me off. Then she stood and drug me to the back of the green house and stripped us both. She lay me down on my bearskin coat rug and she climbed on top and I was hard as she lowered herself on my pole. She fucked for a few minutes and came squirting and she said, “Use the fluid my husband to lube my third hole.”

I did not ask questions, as I finger fucked her I kept remembering back to the day that she said I would never take her ass.

She seen the shit eating grin on my face and she figured it out and said, “Yes my master you win you’re taking my ass, I am giving it to you freely I want you so bad.”

She got off me and got on her all fours. “Master take my virgin ass and fuck you ugly pregnant bitch.” I got behind her and sank my slimy cock into her waiting ass. Her face cringed and she pushed back harder and said, “That’s it master make your ugly whore accept all you have to give.”

I started to massage her tits and liquid started to flow, and as I fucked her ass she started moaning with pleasure. “Oh my Master, my brother, my lover; I love you.”

I leaned over and said, “My darling sister, you are one of the most beautiful persons on this planet and I love you so much I feel the pain in my chest when you are not around. I must love all my wives equally but you and Britney are special and always will be.”

“Master How could you call me pretty I am fat and ugly?”

“My love your not fat that is our child growing inside you. We are Eryaman Escort complete the three of us as we fuck she or he feels us enjoying this with us and I feel the milk coming from your breast soon he or she will be with us and I can’t wait until I can make you pregnant again but I plan on fucking this ass on a regular basis now that you gave it to me.”

She screamed and was squirting down her leg, “Oh Master I love you and want you always.” I fucked that tight ass and made her cum again and she collapsed to her side, “My god master that was so wonderful why did I refuse you so long, Melody was right it is fantastic feeling throughout my body.”

Sign of the Times

The Michel Family

Part 15

Chapter 26

Feb 14 rolled around and I married all my wives we passed vows to love one another and to accept one other as wives the names were all recorded in the bible and Melody was different she accepted me as her second husband.

John hid it well but he wished he could perform even if it was only on his own wife.

John and I talked one day we were in the garage and I told him I was not stealing his wife, I loved her like all the other wives.

He said, “Brad I know you’re not intentionally, but sex was a big part of our marriage and with that gone she turns to you I feel I am losing her to you and it is not your fault.”

There was no ending it just sort of hung there. Then I said, “Why don’t you satisfy her anyway. It doesn’t have to be about you, make her happy.” John said, “I can try.” Must be one of them that got a toy you can use if not we will make one.”

That picked his spirits up and that night she was screaming with joy so it must be working.

First of March rolled around and Judy had a girl Stephaney, Jon, Michel. Two days later Cindy had her girl, Heather, Cindy, Michel.

May was coming on and the snow was slowly going Melody and Linda had their babies on the first of May. Melody’s baby was born in the morning so she got the name, May, Melody, Michel.

Linda’ baby was in the afternoon so she called it, Susan, Linda, Michel. She said, “I hope I can bring her up right,” and I said, “With all these mommy’s you can’t go wrong beside I got a good belt.”

We furrowed the fields and I got the potatoes and vegetables in before the planters moon in June because I had I big jump in the green house we got the wheat fields and corn in by the first of June and barley also that first week the hay fields were coming good and we sheered the five sheep we had Britney and Melody worked the wheel and made yarn
The second week in June Sara got a boy and a girl twins the boy was called, Young, Brad, Michel and the girl called, Cindy, Susan, Michel. A week later Britney had her girl, Hope, Britney, Michel, not good I wanted a more boys, although I loved the girls.

All the girls except Sara and Bridget were pregnant again and loving it we waited six weeks they couldn’t wait to fuck me and to the day of the sixth week they were on me and again first night and they were pregnant.

By harvest Sara and Cindy were pregnant. Sara during their six week were so horny wanting me I had them both doing anal. God they were tight and they cum.

We took our living room which had a potbelly wood stove and made it a nursery. Many a night the girls after their two am feeding would come to get satisfied off me. I drank some more of their milk I was putting on weight as the stuff was so rich.

The term being fucked to death was coming to be a reality. I no longer could get up at 5 like my internal clock wanted, so get this as a horny 20 year old in my 15 year old body, I started locking my door so I could sleep a few nights a week.

That next spring as soon as the crops were in I started to build. John was constantly working the mill supervising the girls making sure the boards were kept to the proper thickness and the trees were cut to size 4 x 4, 2 x 6, 2 x 8, and also the 1.5 inch birch boards and they were put through a plainer for smooth floor boards.

Insulation was special John had bought this new product which spayed on giving an r 40 value there was windows in a storage container with hundreds of windows.

John really planed ahead for centuries as much as money could buy even though he was making a few million a year he spent 100’s of millions here his credit was good and he leased millions in equipment knowing it would never get repaid because of the crash that was coming.

He had some lumber and plywood and chipboard but that was kept in reserve for future generations. We had the knowledge to build and all the girls had to learn.

Linda was true to her word, she would do anything to help where ever she could, do whatever she could. I tried to fuck one of my girls each night and one of the others would take night duty with the kids so we all got sleep.

Building was fun but hard, the duplicate size home was built behind ours and we cleared a huge lot across and it took me a week to dig out a foundation five feet deep and 150 feet long. Over the winter it settled and John and I designed a dorm type apartments no kitchen just washroom and sink toilets. The sceptic field took a whole summer to put in we made the building 3 stories tall it was like a real apartment building.

We didn’t have a private kitchen because it was better to eat together, everybody knew each other and fights we had a few, but moving the manure pile soon found the girls getting along.

After about 5 years had passed we finally finished the building across the street. We used clap board siding something that died out when vinyl came in and sprayed the house with blue Stain John had got from a paint store closing out for pennies a gallon he bought the whole store, paints, mixers, tints, sprayers. Brushes cleaners varnish shellac ladders and paint hooks even some wall paper. The stuff John didn’t acquire we didn’t need.

He said he was poor and broke when he came here and creditors were at his door but that they soon went away when the dollar crashed. Gina was now eight and she was little mama looking after the children.

Britney, Cindy and I went to the lake and cleared a two hundred foot area on both sides of the cove we brought in sand and made a nice beech for the kids. Young Brad wanted to know it all and he was told that he like I would be making babies he was still at the I hate girls stage but he was learning fast.

Then one day one of the girls got sick it was the measles it spread like wildfire and we lost 3 of our kids including Young Brad we were all devastated by the loss. Sara was never the same after that her light in her eyes went out her motherhood to look after her kids went into a robot mode she had 9 children to look after Britney and Linda both lost one of theirs.

It was a terrible summer we all felt the loss we raised our kids with love and to lose them it was like losing our own because all the girls were called mommy as they all were. I made the coffins and dug the holes two rows ahead of dad leaving room for all the original family by the fence with dad.

We had over 70 children we had little time to mourn I was constantly cutting back the forest planting corn for fuel and fields to eat we were keeping up with our fuel consumptions.

The day I was dreading had come we had to go to town we needed some cows and a bull and any other farm animals we could find. John and Melody stayed to mind the house. Melody wanted to go Linda said, “No one will hurt master while I am alive,” and she was adamant.

We dressed in fatigues all had radios even though we were going to stay together we took a fuel truck a utility truck full of tools and two generators and a flat bed tow truck towing cattle trailer. We were armed for war.

Sara we had the ten oldest girls that could drive and shoot in the APV with me Britney was driving Cindy was high guard on the tow truck our biggest vehicle. Britney was driving the APV.

The girls were excited to be leaving their village but it was drilled into their heads for weeks not to say anything if captured they came from Halifax. We would rescue them.

Chapter 27

We got just outside of town it was a fall morning Eryaman Escort Bayan wind in our face there was no smell of smoke. Just outside of town was a lumber store with trucks loaded with windows we put some fuel and a battery in it and got it going one of our 10 year olds would be driving that. We next found a truck repair shop in there we found a gold mine of 8 d and 4 d batteries dry of acid we loaded them on the flat deck. We got in town and there were bones of dead bodies the military must have had a patrol we found an APV. We had to put batteries and fuel.

That vehicle fired up and we moved it in behind the other one with two young girls driving. We moved on and found a farm which had a few cows and three calves. Sure enough a bull came charging and Cindy tranquilized it we use the boom from the flat deck and put it in the cattle trailer we loaded the calves and cows in the others. Also up in the field were some more nanny goats and some young kids we looked around found the Billy goat.

We tranquilized the male goat and herded the rest on to another trailer. As we were putting air into the trailer we found on the farm we found some young pigs and a boar in the field. We tranquilized that and put it in the trailer with some of the young pigs and three older ones. There were also a half dozen sheep and two lamas we tranquilized the lamas as cute as they are they are very dangerous.

One thing that this told me was there was no one left living around here not with all this food. The farm house was abandoned we took all the cutlery pots pans and linen we could find stripped the house took another hour. In one of the sheds I found a good stone wheel and some hand saws and carpentry tools battery operated nail guns and cases of nails for them. We left the farm and I seen a store.

I had the girls stop and told them to stay there. Sara was by my side and said. “No one goes anywhere alone.” I said, “OK but you say nothing to nobody what I take.” I took a whole pillow case bag of jewellery and rings and all the tools for sizing.

Next door was a flower shop and I had four girls come in and load up with all the seeds and plants the girls said these plants look dead and I said, “Be careful with them and take them all and all the flower pots to and that plant soil; and plant food.” It took an hour it was picked clean.

Our convoy was leaving when I saw a battery shop. There were no batteries but bags and bags of sulphuric acid I got the forklift going and loaded pallid loads on the flat deck enough for 100 years. We took the fork lift to.

We scanned the radio channels they were all quiet. We left town and headed home we took the stuff into the garage and put it away the live stock was let go the bull was groggy for a day but was soon doing its job with gusto. We were soon going to have a heard.

When I was going through the dead plants I found some cotton plants they had gone to seed I immediately planted them and dedicated a green house to them in a few years we would have a steady supply of cotton. I also found pumpkin squash cucumbers butter cup and butternut squash.

I found some roses sunflower and mum seeds I started them in a window box to pretty up the place. John said, “I never thought of those.” I laughed and said, “Even as a boy I remember mom going nuts over flowers.” John laughed and said, “Your right I just was in a different mindset.”

John said, “Now we can have clothes,” and I said, “I don’t think so but we can have diapers for our great grand kids and those things the girls need each month they are not pregnant.”

John said, “You think so far ahead I think of our life and what we have to cope with your past that and past the next generation and into the third.”
“John I am just doing what you did, plan for the future. I have to believe we will survive you made sure we got the gear I will make sure we are safe and between us all we well grow.”

I had to build another 10 green houses our winters seemed to be longer. Late September early October we had snow this put more pressure on the green houses and the heat pumps.

On our sixteenth year Sara had another pair of twins both boys.

One was named Brad Junior the other Steve Brad.

A year later Judy had a boy named it Bradford 3rd. Two years later Bridget had twins one was a boy named John Steven and on the seventeenth year Melody had her last child a boy Mel John. Melody had started her change of life it was too dangerous for her to bear more children.

I am now 37 years old still in good shape as I got a 32 year old body. The next year Linda had another girl her last she called it Sara Britney.

The younger generations as they hit fourteen were all anxious to be made a woman. So I was busy nightly wishing I had some sons to help. Soon my wives were grandmas seven children a year were added to my now five and was 19 the next year each year it was doubling by sixes and sometimes 8 if there were twins.

The population was growing we had all expert marksman but even John and all his planning we were running low in some supplies that we couldn’t make glass was one.

Even the truck load I brought was not enough there was a window plant down by Chester a good 70 mile drive but we had to go. We loaded up the two APV’s a dump with a blade our flat deck with the boom we took about 40 girls the boys were still too young. Linda, Melody and Britney with John stayed home to mind the house and a few hundred kids.

We seen no one or smelt no smoke all the way there it was mid June all the crops were in by one of the old farms I seen rhubarb so we stopped and dug up the whole patch loaded it on we didn’t have any of that but we did now. Judy and I were thinking of strawberry rhubarb pie.

Just outside of Chester was the window factory we looked it had straight trucks loaded with windows and a yard full of trailers with windows some of the tires were flat but with a couple of our trucks with air brakes we got most of them up and the ones that were broke clear of the rims the boom truck lifted the trailer and I sprayed either inside and around the rim with a 20 foot trail and lit it boom and put the air to it the girls never seen the likes thought I was doing magic. And I said, “Nope science my children but very dangerous.”

The tractors were all automatic thanks for small favours we put a battery and fuel turned them over then hit the glow plugs and we got 11 out of thirteen going.

The fifth wheels were rusty, but most had grease and rust check cans in the cab we got them all working after a fashion. We could smell smoke coming from Chester we hooked up and headed out. There was a cement depot on the way with a full tractor trailer load in the yard we checked it was still dry and powder dry also a half dozen dump trucks loaded with stone and a cement pumper. We got it all going then beat feet for home.

We could see Chester and Judy and I stopped to look at our child hood home from so many years ago. We looked at each other holding back the tears and I said, “We got a much better place we just don’t have the sea.”

She said, “Nor Dad.” We got back in and left, leading quite a convoy and my children all driving.

We got home it was dark we radioed got the all clear and one APV went past the house and I stopped and came in the back door it was all clear and I said on the radio, “Rabbit stew is done,” and in came the rest of the trucks.

John said, “You got the whole town?” “Nope but glad our kids can drive.”

John looked out at all the vehicles he said, “You know I have to catalogue all this.” and Jamie said, “I will help grandpa.”

“See there you go your replacement in years to come.”

This winter was exceptionally hard we went through 20 cord of wood between the three houses. Come Valentine’s Day I brought out my surprise I got a few years ago in my shop in the garage I made rings or resized rings to fit my wives and bracelets and necklaces for all my children even black Alaskan diamonds for my boys.

My wives were all crying and I said, “Hey I am sorry better late than never,” and they were all hugging and kissing me. Britney, Linda, and Melody, all had clothes on now they were ashamed of their body, and felt it improper around the grand kids. John was wearing clothes to, a tee shirt and shorts anyway. Another ten years passed and my kids had to wear name tags there were just too many.

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