Sis in Law’s Wet Party Bus Pt. 02

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Besides the fact that Jane had no panties on the party returned to normal after that. We went to four more bars that were a little closer together. All of them but one we stayed at for a shot, a drink, and a couple dances. The one was such a hole in the wall that it was like a scene from some horror movie when we entered, old drunks coming up from their sullen silence to stare at us. So we beat a hasty retreat, Jane making a fresh round of drinks to make it up to everyone on the bus.

“Jane, honey, dear god.” Chris was saying as I found my way onto the bus at one of the nicer bars, delayed after he’d made the call to go by needing to use the bathroom. Gary, Tonya, and Lucy still gone so I assumed still waiting for their own turn.

“Don’t I deserve some cock for my birthday?” I stumbled at that, Tommy steadying me before I could fall over. He was standing right nearby, clearly listening in.

“I think you do Jane.” Tommy told her, his smarmy grin wide across his arrogant face.

“See! I need dick! I need big dick.” Like Tommy’s opinion was that of an expert. The drunk beauty slapped at her husband, coming up onto his lap so that her knee was rubbing at his crotch. Her lovely ass almost fully exposed to Tommy and me, we both stared. “Don’t you want to fuck me for my birthday?”

“Dude, you can’t say no to that.” The tall husky guy said with a slow shake of his head.

“I mean… It’s her birthday and… could it really be any worse than what you did earlier?” I added when Chris looked my way, almost clapping a hand to my mouth, knowing I was just as bad as Tommy.

“I can’t though… we did it earlier, before we left and… I can’t.” The poor guy looked like he was committing the worst atrocity a husband could ever do, his blue eyes huge as he looked back and forth between us. Settling on Jane, who he gave a once over that said he knew exactly how sexy she was being in that moment. “I want too but… I got nothing left in me.”

“But I need a big dick.” Jane complained.

“Don’t we all.” Dana put in, getting the finger from her husband without him taking his eyes from Jane’s juicy bottom.

“Somebody give this woman a dick!” My wife said, standing at the top of the stairs of the bus. Smiling she came close, pressing her always alluring body against me. I was so keyed up that that little bit of contact had me swelling up some. After making sure she had me Lucy directed her attention at Chris. “Give your wife dick! Jeez!”

“I can’t…” All of us on the bus looked down at the front of his pants as he stared there, clearly willing something to happen. Nothing must have, not that it really worked like that, because he sighed and shook his head. “I can’t.”

“I need some big dick.” Rubbing her leg sensually against his drained member Jane pulled the strap of her dress down, exposing one of her breasts. Chris groaned out in despair, sucked the pink thing, turning the dark thimble a bright red. “I need it! NEED big dick!”

“Oh, big? Then you must be talking about Sam. He’s got the biggest.” Slipping off to the side, rubbing at my package which had been steadily inflating until I was put in the spotlight. Everyone in the bus looked, which included Tonya and Gary again, both standing at the top of the stairs watching.

“What? Mine is the biggest. Dana tell them.” Tommy grabbed his own crotch because his wife clearly wasn’t going too.

“It’s okay.” Dana sounded neither negative or positive about it.

“See!” Tommy clearly hearing the answer he wanted to hear.

“What about you Gary? Is yours big?” Jane asked turning to the other guy with one breast out and carnal need in her blue eyes.

“For you I’m sure it would be.” Gary laughed starting to come around his wife, maybe to give it to Jane right then and there but Tonya stopped him. Her expression was hurt but he saw anger, rolling his eyes with a sneer. “Why would it bother you what I do with it? You haven’t touched it in months. You just keep me around for the paycheck.”

It would have been more awkward if it was the first time the two had broken into this sort of fight right in front of us. Gary was usually drunk in social situations so he (almost) had an excuse. Tonya was usually sober as a nun but she started the PDH (Public Displays of Hatred) as much or more than her husband. Even Tommy and Dana didn’t seem too phased by it, they only saw Gary and Tonya a few times a year at events like this.

For once though Tonya was quiet. She just sat down in the first seat of the bus. Which meant the rest of us drunk people immediately forgot she was there. Jane held out her hand as Gary came up, rubbing at his dick with the clear intent to get it hard. Jane looked to her friend’s husband who was essentially doing the same thing. Then to me, Lucy was doing it for me. The normally fairly tame and average wife and mother was burning with carnal delight, but mindful enough to check with Chris.

Who nodded and shrugged. “Just the biggest not all… Just the biggest.”

“Of course just the biggest. Just because its my birthday taboo heat porno doesn’t mean I’m a whore.” Jane giggled, clapping her hands as she got up from her husband’s lap. She pointed to the seats across from her, calling our names as she did so. Lucy pushed me into my spot. “Okay, let’s see who has the biggest.”

“Dana, baby I need some help over here.” Tommy was already undoing his pants so it wasn’t disrobing that he needed help with.

I was surprised that Dana popped up right away, hurrying to her husband. She knelt next to him pretty much blocking out the view of Gary who sounded like he had his pants down already. Dana did glance back, her blond eyebrow going up, a bemused smile. Whatever Gary was packing it wasn’t small but it wasn’t impressive enough to hold her attention for more than a moment.

Tommy was limp as he pushed his pants off, spreading his legs. He did it like he was fully erect and massive to boot. Dana, biting her bottom lip took Tommy’s manhood, tugging it a few times before going down on him with a wicked smile. Slurping the thing in easily for the first few seconds, she started backing off it the harder it got.

By then Lucy had mine out as well. Yanking on my pants till I let her drag them down and then off. Even going so far as to undo my shirt, rubbing at the flat stomach I’d accomplished lately after months in the pool. Taking my undershorts down with her face right there, taking the tip of me in her mouth while she took the last of my clothing off. I wanted to hiss and complain but… I didn’t want to look like a chicken either.

For no reason other than to do it Lucy climbed opposite Dana, so they were facing each other with us husbands in the middle, my wife pulled her tits out again. Tommy cursed under his breath at the sight, starting tugging at his wife’s red dress. She clearly knew her tiny pair would never compete so she did what my wife probably never could, went down to bra and panties. It was a simple move of undoing the zipper, then she just peeled the dress away. There might not have been much curves but the lithe woman was still impressive. Sexy.

Both of their smiles said they clearly had the other beat, my money was on my wife. Dana was interesting and pretty enough, but Tommy, Chris, and my attention was mainly cast on the huge breasts. The skinny blonde was wearing some sexy underthings. Lacy red thong, a triangle of nearly see through material up front, nothing but a string hidden between her tiny cheeks in the back. A matching bra; red, lacy, semi-sheer, and skimpy.

The familiar presence of my wife helped me, my brain wanting to freak out at all that was going on. Too much! So much stimuli but her eager handiwork really having a normalizing effect. Like her sister had Chris she worked my dick while feeding me her nipple. I hungrily sucked the one offered making her purr with pleasure.

“Dana, Lucy get out of the way so I can see which one is the biggest.” The birthday monarch ordered, motioning them aside with a wave of her hand.

Lucy licked my neck up to my ear whispering, “You got this, fuck her so she knows how jealous she should of me.”

I nodded even though this seemed insane as hell to me. I was feeling buzzed but not enough to know this wouldn’t be a thing when she sobered up. The two went over to sit beside Jane and Chris. The guy couldn’t seem to keep his head off a swivel as he ogled my wife’s tits, and his friend’s wife’s skinny form in only her undies. Once more big tits won.

“It’s closer than I guess I would have thought.” Jane said her own attention solely on the three of us in front of her, as was Dana and Lucy. A jealous knot inside me at the idea of my wife looking fondly on two other dicks.

“Close but…” Dana and Jane both nodding at whatever conclusion they were coming too.

I looked, I didn’t want too but I just couldn’t help it. None of us were porn star huge but also none of us were small either. Disappointingly. Maybe he had big hands but I thought Tommy’s was the smallest. In thickness and length. I told myself it had to just be drunken pride but I thought I had Gary. Not so much in the thickness but in the length.

“There is only one way to tell.” Jane said both the other two women nodded their agreement. Pouting after glancing her husband’s way, sighing. “Birthday girl gets only the biggest and the best. Go see Dana.”

“Okay.” Tommy’s wife didn’t even hesitate at following Jane’s instruction, going over to Gary. He cursed under his breath as the nearly naked cutie knelt on the chair next to him, she smiled wickedly. “Gotta get your pants off the rest of the way.”

“Yeah, whatever you want.” Expression and tone dripping with lustful affection.

“Well, let’s see.” Teasing her fingers up his inner thighs, over his testicles, finally taking hold of it as she slid an arm around behind his neck.

“Oh fuck yes.”

“Hmm, yes well… Hmmm.” As she stroked him in a measuring and pleasuring sort of way. Without permission Gary took hold of Dana’s ass as she softly teach that bitch porno toyed him off, she didn’t mind. In fact it looked like the two might start to kiss. Tommy, instead of being pissed off was jerking himself off, staring with rapt attention. “It’s a nice dick.” Dana reported to her friend, the pronouncement making Tommy groan. “Big manly balls too.” The skinny woman’s hand found his testicles again, massaging them. Playing that to do that she had to lean over, pressing her itty titties together right in his face. He buried himself in there, pulling the straps of her bra down so he could suck the nipples. They were a dark rosy pink, each one making her whimper as it got sucked. “You’re a naughty boy.” She whispered to him and they did kiss, just barely, the sight made Tommy cry out in pleasure. Dana didn’t notice, “Let’s see how big this naughty boy is.” She took hold of him by the base pointer finger and thumb at about the three quarter point up his shaft, then wrapped the other hand around, calling out the very unscientific. “Seven fingers long and this thick.”

“That is a nice dick.” Jane agreed seeing how thick he was by how far apart Dana held her fingers in a fairly impressive O shape.

Dana moved over to her husband again. Settling down where she had before only this time Gary had permission to touch her. I don’t think he was trying to get himself off but he was certainly stroking it as he ran his hand down the woman’s back, no doubt basking in the fact that it was not his wife.

Dana had that vixen smile printed right across her plain but pretty face, as she took hold of her hubby’s crank. Tommy bucked up against it, putting his mouth to hers while literally fucking her hand. For some reason it was strangely intimate watching them kiss, I was relieved when he kissed his way down to her nipples. Gary unsnapped her bra, making Dana giggle as she removed it, rolling her eyes as if it was a bother. My brother in law’s hand appearing between Dana’s legs as he rubbed first at the sexy panties, then slipping his fingers underneath at the hidden treasure underneath.

“Oooooh,” Dana purred growing astronomically sexy as she enjoyed the finger inside her, Gary growling at what he was feeling. The lithe minx wiggled back against Gary’s finger, giving him a better angle. Twisting around to watch him as he started rubbing the tip of himself over her cheeks down the red string of her thongs. All the while Tommy was thrusting up at her hand, clearly very turned on by watching his woman get touched by another guy. “Tommy. Tommy, you better slow down or your gonna burst.”

“Fuck you’re so sexy! Just suck it! Oh shit suck my dick, fuck it babe. Please!” Dana frowned letting go of him, pushing him back down when he tried to shove himself up to her face.

“Tommy! Tommy, calm down. Don’t you want to fuck Jane. I know you do.” He looked at the hot wife of his friend, who sat there as tantalizing as any woman could ever be. Her perky as fuck breasts out, her legs spread, she was casually petting her own very pretty hairless cunny.

“I’ll fuck her. And her sister! And you!” He groaned.

When I knew he meant my wife I almost punched him right in his dick, I might have if it wouldn’t have meant actually touching it. Luckily for everyone that worry made me hesitate. Tommy grabbed himself again, dragging his fist up and down his length as he stared at what was no doubt one of the hottest sights any of us would probably ever see. Three hot women with their tits out and otherwise in various stages of undress. All three no doubt horny. What clearly did it for him was Dana backing away from him, right onto Gary’s lap. Neither of them missed a beat. Gary sucking the nearest nipple when it came close, Dana working her bottom against the hard cock she had pinned underneath her.

“I’ll fuck you all till you scream my name! I will… OH GOD! FUuuuuuuccckkkkk!” And he got himself off.

I looked away as the first load of cum jetted out of him up onto his dress shirt. Across from me Chris was looking away as well, a disappointed look on his face. Here he was wishing for some fuel for his fire so he could get in on the action, and Tommy was blowing his own load. Despite what Chris or I thought the girls seemed to like it. Both Jane and Lucy watching eagerly; smiling and nodding as they whispered back and forth. The guy went on promising how he was going to fuck my wife, my sister in law, and his wife like they’d never had it before. Until he drained himself.

“Well, I think that disqualifies you.” Dana said, Tommy looking at her bleary eyed, he laughed but it was clear he didn’t fucking understand. “Shoo, go to the front.”

“Yeah, I need a drink.” The surprised look he gave his pants being down around his ankles was almost comical, hauling them up in an embarrassment he stumbled away. Maybe all the excitement had gotten his blood flowing, sending the alcohol to his brain, or maybe he was just fucking hammered. “Anybody else need anything?”

“No.” Everyone said at the same time, team skeet porno not that it mattered because he barely made it a few faltering steps before he dropped to one of the empty seats, mumbling himself to silence.

“Dana.” Jane motioned to me as our brother in law whispered sweet things into Dana’s ear, attempting to take her panties off.

“Yeah? Oh yeah. The contest.” I think she might have stayed but the horny minx was clearly eager to get her hands on my manhood as well. She wiggled off of Gary’s lap, trailing a hand tenderly over his swollen member as she went away. He huffed, looked like he would go after her, but settled down. Glancing at Jane, the prospect of having her giving him patience. Dana got to me, I hadn’t been jerking off like the others but despite the embarrassment of this situation I was still rock hard. “Hi you.”

“Hi,” Voice hoarse but a glance at Lucy showed she was not ready to fling herself across the aisle to attack Dana, she was listening bemusedly to something Jane was saying, not seeming to care at all.

“You got a nice dick.” I didn’t have much to say to that but I couldn’t help but stare at her. She was appealing, no doubt, but I think it was that she was like my wife, but so different as well. Both blondes, the same height, attractive but not enough to catch all kinds of attention, most of all they were both very much modest on the outside but horny nymphos once you got them going. She pressed her bare chest into mine, lips at my ear. “I can already tell it’s the biggest but if I say that I won’t get to play with it. And I’ve wanted to play with you for a long time.”

Shit! That rung right into my sweet spot. Of course I thought I was the best looking of the group. Maybe Tommy was close, Gary wasn’t bad looking even at forty-something he didn’t look as bad as lots of guys I knew that age who’d totally let themselves go. I’d always entertained the idea, deep down inside, that maybe Dana, Jane, and hell even Tonya had secret fantasizes about me like I had of them. It seemed true for Dana. I could see her lips trembling as she let them hover close to mine, wanting me to kiss her. Not at all sure I’d find her very plain pretty face or non-curvaceous body appealing.

I did. Hesitating just another second before pressing my lips to hers, it was insanely hot. Another woman, that asshole Tommy’s wife, right in front of everyone! My own wife too! And most of all the wash of lust I felt from her. She thrust her slippery tongue into my mouth while I grabbed her tiny body, pulling her hard against me. Then dancing my fingers down to her diminutive butt, around her ribs, back up front to cup her dainty breast.

“Aren’t you supposed to be measuring?” I asked, if only because I felt everyone’s attention, could almost hear Jane preparing to announce she was the birthday girl.

“Yes,” Staring at me till she was sure of the truth, that I did want to fuck her. I would have too if I’d been a little drunker, I think bird in the hand would have taken precedence. With that she happily slipped to her knees on the bench beside me, hands going to her measuring position. “More than eight.” She pronounced when a little bit of the head of my dick stuck out from her stacked fists. “Thicker too.”

“Well then Sam is my birthday present.” Jane did glance at her sister, Lucy giving her permission with an eager nod, plus an I told you so. I think Jane was only making sure she had an audience. Too drunk and wrapped up in her Birthday Princess mentality to understand fucking me might piss her sibling off. “Mmmm, and happy birthday indeed.”

“Oh fuck.” I did look at my wife for permission, she was watching with glazed over eyes, a large smile on her face.

My attention went back to the sexy middle sister as she stopped in the aisle, staring at me like I was the best present ever. Of all people Chris leaned forward, pulling down the zipper of her dress when she couldn’t reach it. The black thing fell to the rubber lined floor of the Party Bus, leaving my sister-in-law naked before me for the first time.

She was a beautiful sight too. I couldn’t even help myself but to take hold of her as she came near. Skin was so soft, the body so amazingly sexy. Her blue eyes were full of happiness and desire as she climbed onto my lap. An excited giggle escaping her as she touched my face, dragged her fingers down my neck and chest.

I thought… well I don’t know what I thought but certainly not that within a few seconds I’d be inside her. She reached down with practiced ease, lining me up, then sitting on me. I saw it in her eyes, I was bigger than Chris, or she thought I was. Huffing as she literally had to force her slender body down till she took all of me.

“Oh fuck.” This time coming from a much deeper place, she couldn’t speak but nodded her agreement.

I clung to her, unable to think or care anymore, just knowing I had her. Finally. After years of secret fantasies I had her. We kissed hard, my hands holding her hips for a while. She was a lot more tender than I would have thought. A lot like Lucy had been the first few times we’d kissed, almost timid. I really liked it, I liked her mouth and the smell of her filling my nose. The taste of her lips and tongue, once the flavor of her cocktail settled to the background. All of it punctuated heavily by her pussy wrapped TIGHT around my dick.

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