Sister Act Ch. 03

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This continues straight on from pt. 02…

Needless to say, my dreams were filled with sexual fantasies and scenarios. Wet pussies, large breasts, and pleasured faces of the sisters filled every corner of my night visions. Vivid recollections of reality and fantasy blended together…Emily’s large breasts bouncing as she rode my hard cock…Sam’s first squirting orgasm…Emily squirting high into the air, spraying her come all over herself, her sister, and myself…

The dream shifted…

Breasts were all around me with stiff nipples…large breasts that filled my field of view…swelling flesh, with their stiff nipples leaking warm droplets of milk…suckling on stiff nipples and tasting the sweet warm milk that flowed through the small slit…hands were massaging the other nipples…spraying their warm milk over my body and face…streams of milk were soaking my body, my face, my hair, and my hard cock…

The dream changed again…

Sopping pussies…slick pussy lips sliding down my cock…clits being pleasured by my cock, fingers, and tongue…sisters toying each other’s soaked pussies…pussy juice exploding from their pussy lips…girl come spraying everywhere and soaking everything in sight…my body was covered, as were the other breasts and pussies filling my fantasy…faces that were sprayed with come drank it eagerly…Sam and Emily were moaning and standing over me as they began to orgasm…my cock was soaked by their combined juices…I could actually feel the warmth and the wetness…

I cracked open my eyes slightly…still blurring between fantasy and reality…large breasts bouncing up and down…stiff nipples…moaning girls voices…I could feel the warmth and wetness on my cock…

My eyes shot fully open as I realised I had awoken into reality, where my fantasy world was starting to come true. I was lying on my back, looking down at a shaved pussy enveloping my rock hard cock. Sam was riding my stiff prick, which from the feeling of my being so close to orgasm, she had been on for a while. Her large breasts were bouncing as she slipped up and down my shaft, and she was moaning loudly as she approached an orgasm of her own. Emily was lying naked to my right, her face contorted in pleasure, whilst both her hands teased the stiff nipples that topped her huge tits. As I looked down her body, I could see that Sam had a large blue vibrator in her hand, ramming it into her sister’s sopping wet pussy.

Both sisters were moaning loudly, and the pleasure I was feeling on my cock shaft was enough to drag me out of the half-asleep world of the freshly woken. Emily’s cries were indicating that she was in the throes of a huge orgasm, while her sister continued to fuck her pussy with the vibrator.

Emily arched her back, screaming loudly as her pussy exploded. I don’t know how long Sam had been slipping the vibrator into her pussy, but the huge gush of pussy juice showed her orgasm had been building for a while. Emily tugged on her stiff nipples as she thrust her hips upwards, the stream of come squirting high into the air. Her pussy juice splattered down spraying over the length of her body, with some drops also hitting my body. As Sam continued to stroke her clit, abandoning the vibrator, Emily came again, spaying an even bigger stream of come into the air. Her moans increased in volume as her pussy juices sprayed all over her body, falling into her open mouth to taste herself, splashing onto her face, and spraying all over her massive tits.

Emily’s legs gave way as they shook through her orgasm. As she fell to her side, she continued to squirt, her own hand now rubbing her clit, as Sam focussed on playing with her own nipples. The angle that Emily now lay at caused her squirting juices to spray up onto her sister, who was still riding my stiff cock. Emily’s come hit quite high up on her sister’s body, spraying against the bottom of her breasts and running down her body. Emily kept coming as she stroked her clit, her squirts becoming less powerful, spraying over the groin areas of both Sam and I.

I could feel the tightness of Sam’s sopping wet pussy on my hard cock as her muscles began to clench around my shaft. The wet warmth of Emily’s pussy juices began to soak the lower part of my body, a slick sheen of juices also covering Sam’s shaved pussy.

Watching her sister violently orgasm all over herself, as well as being sprayed by her sister’s come, tipped Sam over the edge into her own orgasm.

‘Oh fuck me Ben…I’m cooommmmiinnnggg!!!’ Sam moaned loudly, her legs shaking as her pussy clenched tight upon my cock. She lifted off my stiff prick, leaving it shiny with her soaked pussy juices, before unleashing a powerful stream of squirt directly onto my cock. As her come sprayed my hard cock, the direct hit was exactly like my fantasy. My cock, almost painfully hard, swelled as I felt the familiar stirrings in my balls, indicating imminent release. Sam was still kneeling over my gaziantep sahibe escort bayan cock, with two fingers stroking her stiff, slippery clit, as she sprayed another squirting orgasm over my cock and balls. Feeling the warmth and wetness of Sam’s pussy juices on me, tipped me over the precipice.

‘Oh shit Sam I’m gonna come!!’ I moaned.

‘Oh fuck Ben give it to me…please give me your come…I want to feel your hot come deep in my cunt!!’ Sam moaned back.

As she grabbed my slick shaft to guide it back into her pussy, the first shot of hot come exploded from my tip, spraying directly onto her shaved pussy lips. Then I felt my hard cock splitting open her sopping pussy lips as she sank her warm wet pussy back down onto my orgasming cock.

‘Oh god I’m coming again Ben!! Your come feels so hot inside me!!’ Sam screamed. Her pussy muscles rippled along my shaft as her cunt milked the come from my balls. Over and over again, my cock jerked, releasing my hot seed into her sopping wet pussy. I could feel our combined juices flowing around my shaft as I came, a seemingly never-ending flow of come shooting from my cock tip. As Sam continued to ride me through my orgasm, she came again, and I could see my come escaping her pussy lips to run down my shaft. My volume of come was overflowing from her tight cunt, as I pumped my load into her hot, wet depths.

Sam collapsed sideways, pulling off my shaft to leave it glistening with a mixture of her pussy juices and my come. My cock swayed slightly, as it was still fairly hard, whilst Sam lay down exhausted on the bed to my left. I felt soft hair across my belly as Emily lowered her head down and began to suck my cock, cleaning the combined juices of her sister and I off my shaft. She then lay next to me, pressing close up against me, with her huge breasts swelling against my side. A sexually exhausted sister either side of me, and a lack of sleep the previous night, meant that I was falling asleep again.

Emily whispered quietly into my ear, ‘Fuck that was sooooo hot Ben!!! I loved watching my slutty sister bounce on your cock and beg for your come…fuck it’s so hot!! I came so hard again…I keep spraying my come all over myself and I fucking love it!! It feels so dirty and sexy, and I love the taste of myself!!’

‘Oh god Em’s I’ve never come as hard as I have with you two!! You’re both so sexy and you turn me on so much!!’ I whispered back, as I kissed her softly on the lips.

‘Ohhh god Ben, I want your cock in my pussy so much!! I want you to pound my slutty little cunt until I spray my hot come all over the place!! I need to taste your come Ben…I’m gonna stroke your hard shaft, wet with my pussy juices and watch your come explode from the tip of your cock!! Ohhhh fuck I want that so bad Ben…spray your load into my waiting mouth and cover my face until it drips onto my tits!!! Ohhh fuck that sounds so hot…oh god Ben…oh god I’m coming!! Oh fuck I’m coming!!’

Emily had been surreptitiously fingering her soaked slit as she fantasised about getting a come shower from me, and had pushed herself over the edge. She shuddered as she orgasmed hard, and I could feel her come spraying against the side of my leg. She buried her face in my neck as she moaned through her orgasm, stroking her slippery cunt to coax more orgasms from it. She relaxed after a few spurts of her come had sprayed onto me and the bed.

‘Let’s see if we can make your fantasy come true later Ems.’ I whispered in her ear as she cuddled up to me. Sam was already asleep on my left and Emily and I dropped off to sleep shortly…

When I woke up again in a couple of hours, I blinked my eyes open blurrily, to find myself alone in the bed. I went to move and realised that my hands were tied to the bed above my head using a couple of scarves. This was something different, but before I could yell out for one of the girls I could hear someone coming down the hall to the room.

My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw what came through the door. Emily and Sam had both dressed up in sexy, slutty uniforms. Emily was dressed as a naughty schoolgirl, complete with pigtails. She was wearing the tiny checked skirt (or should I say belt), with her tits confined by a tight white shirt that was tied up under her massive breasts, exposing her sexy stomach. The shirt was thin and I could clearly see the outline of her pink nipples through the fabric. The skirt was so short that I could see the bottom of her white g-string, and I could tell that when she turned around that her perfect arse would barely be covered either.

Sam was wearing a police shirt, and that was all. It looked like a man’s shirt as it was stretched tightly over her breasts, pushing them together and almost tearing apart where the buttons were straining to hold the shirt closed. I could see the outline of her stiff nipples through the shirt, and it hung down just şahinbey escort bayan too low to expose her pussy. Her tits, being so tightly confined, were very prominently displayed and were in danger of spilling out over the top of her shirt. The tail of the shirt dropped part way down her thighs, covering her pussy, although I could see that the buttons ended just above her mound and would allow easy access, simply by parting the shirt low down.

‘Do you like them Ben?’ Sam asked, twirling for me, and twitching her shirt up at the back to expose her arse. Emily slowly wiggled her sexy hips and lifted her skirt to expose her barely-there white g-string. I could see her pale pink nipples begin to harden under her white shirt. Lying back naked on the bed, with my hands tied above my head was hard, as I was desperate to play with my hardening cock.

Emily grabbed her sister and pulled her head down, their mouths met, with their tongues dancing over each other’s. A quiet moan escaped Sam as she pulled Emily closer against her, one hand holding her blonde hair, and the other roaming over her pert arse. Their breasts pressed against one another, the mounds of flesh tight against their respective shirts. They were sideways on to me as they got deeper into their kissing, Emilys hands were now roaming low on Sam’s body. She found the bottom of the shirt, pulling it up over her sisters arse, and pulling it high enough to confirm that Sam was panty-less under her shirt. She let go of the shirt, moaning softly as her hands now felt the taut shape of Sam’s sexy arse, pulling her sister against her even harder.

Needless to say, my cock was now at full attention as I watched this sexy show, I was half sitting, still restrained as I gazed wide eyed upon these two slutty sisters. My stiff prick was throbbing with desire as the first drop of pre-come was released from my cock head.

Emily’s hand was now getting busy under the front of Sam’s shirt, and from the sounds that Sam was making, she was teasing her pussy. Frustrated that I couldn’t see what was going on and still being restrained I called out to her.

‘Ems you teasing bitch, please show me what you’re doing to her!’

Emily broke the kiss and grinned naughtily at me, before grabbing hold of Sam and positioning her at the foot of the bed, facing me. Emily was standing behind Sam, running her hands over her upper thighs. Sam whimpered quietly as her sister teased her, her breasts were still threatening to burst from her shirt as her rock hard nipples threatened to tear holes in her shirt too.

Her fingers roamed up Sam’s stomach, before alighting on her large tits. A grope of her mounds caused a gasp to escape Sam’s mouth, before Emily began to softly tease her sister’s hard nipples with tip of her finger. She stroked lightly around her areola, purposely avoid the stiff nipple trying to force its way through her shirt material. Sam was gasping in pleasure and whimpering quietly as her sister played with her tits.

Sam’s hand snaked down beneath the bottom of her shirt to play with her horny pussy. Her arm caused the shirt to ride up, exposing her shaved mound as her fingers rubbed her clit. Emily noticed that Sam was playing with her pussy…she grabbed her sister’s hair, and pulled her head backwards toward her.

‘Uh uh you naughty bitch…can’t be having you doing that just yet…you can touch yourself when I say so.’ Emily told her sister. She let go of Sam for a few seconds to grab a scarf from the small side table in the room. She came back and pulled Sam’s arms behind her before tying them up with the scarf.

‘There…now you can’t be tempted.’ Emily told her.

Sam wriggled her body slightly to get more comfortable, ‘oh fuck I’m so horny…please play with my wet cunt sis…make me fucking come!’ she moaned.

I was surprised at the dominating side of Emily coming out, but also intensely turned on by everything. My throbbing cock was leaking pre-come from the tip, forming a sheen of liquid on my cock head. I desperately wanted to stroke my hard shaft, but was reduced to thrusting my hips slightly trying to find some friction in the air.

Emily now had full control of her sister’s pleasure, prevented from touching herself by her bound hands. Still standing behind Sam, I could see her looking at me with her sultry eyes over her sister’s shoulder. She wanted to be fucked, but I could tell she wanted to tease me at the same time. Sam’s eyes were glazed as she panted and tried to press her pussy up against her shirt to get some friction on her clit.

Emily ran her hands down Sam’s body, causing her to shiver in pleasure as her sister’s hands ventured below the bottom of her shirt onto her bare thighs. Her hands roamed onto the upper part of the inside of Sam’s thighs, softly stroking up and down, but not quite touching her pussy. Sam was moaning softly as Emily’s hands approached her groin, şahinbey bayan escort trying to thrust her mound towards her sister. She took one hand and undid the lowest button of the shirt, allowing it to fall apart and give a view of Sam’s hot pussy. The lips of her pussy were swollen with arousal, and I could see some wetness around her groin from rubbing her clit earlier. Sam gasped softly when Emily undid the button to expose her mound to the air.

‘Oh fuck me Ems…please…I’m so fucking wet for you…please touch me!’ Sam moaned, unable to resist any longer. She was pressing her body back against her sister and her chest was thrust out, straining the buttons of her shirt to the limit.

Emily relented, sliding her right hand down over Sam’s mound, before sinking her middle finger in between her soaking wet pussy lips. Sam moaned loudly as her sisters finger entered her horny slit, arching her back with her eyes closed. Emily’s left hand reached up to Sam’s heaving tits, and felt across to the button holding the shirt closed. As she released the tightly held button, the shirt spread open, exposing half of Sam’s breasts on each side.

‘Is this what you want slut? You want me to make you come?’ Emily said softly to Sam as she continued to slowly finger her.

‘Oh god Ems…that feels so good…I want more…I want more fingers!! I’m desperate to come!!’ Sam moaned loudly, as she was thrusting her hips forwards to try to get Emily’s fingers deeper into her.

Her left hand continued to work down the buttons of the shirt, exposing her sexy body as each button was undone, until the shirt was fully open. At the top, the inner part of her breasts was exposed, with a strip of skin visible all the way down to her sexy pussy. Sam whimpered softly as Emily withdrew her finger from inside her, as her sister slid the shirt from off her shoulders, and down to where it couldn’t pass over her bound hands.

Sam’s body was now fully exposed in front of me, and my cock was now painfully hard. Pre-come was beginning to coat my shaft as it continued to overflow from my cock head. I drank in the amazing sight of Sam’s naked body, so close, yet so far out of my current reach, at the foot of the bed.

Emily took the middle finger from her right hand, still wet with Sam’s juices, and used the wetness to spread around her sister’s stiff nipples. This caused Sam to gasp with pleasure as her hot pussy juices cooled on her now glistening nipples, stiffening the nipple even further…if that was possible.

‘Would you like to come now my little whore?’ Emily said quietly to Sam, her breathy voice close to her ear.

‘You know I do…oh please stop teasing me Ems…oh fuck I wanna come so bad!!’ Sam moaned.

Emily slid her right hand back between her sister’s legs, drawing a moan from her as she stroked her slippery clit, before sliding two fingers inside Sam’s sopping wet cunt. Her left hand was alternating between her nipples, teasing first one, then the other. She slowly slid her fingers in and out of her sister, getting faster and faster as Sam began to moan even louder.

‘Oh yea sis your cunt is so tight and hot on my fingers…fuck I’ve made you soaking wet…come for me my little slut.’ Emily moaned to her sister. I was desperate to see how turned on Emily was, but her body was hidden behind Sam’s. I could guess that her nipples were hard and her pussy would be dripping as well…being the horny girl that she was.

‘Oh god Ems your fingers are magic…oh fuck I’m gonna come…make me come you teasing bitch…oh fuck yea I’m coming!!’ Sam screamed as her body shook in the throes of a huge orgasm, thrusting her body against Emily’s fingers. Emily’s hand and wrist was instantly soaked as pussy juices gushed from Sam’s spasming cunt.

Sam collapsed forward onto the end of the bed, just next to my legs. This fully exposed her sister now, for the first time since she held Sam from behind. I could see that her nipples were rock hard and her shirt had slid to one side slightly over her right breast, so that I could see the pale pink edge of her areola. She still wasn’t giving much away. Her hand drifted down to her short plaid skirt and lifted the front up to expose her white g-string. She had got so turned on by the teasing of her sister that the front of her panties were almost see through as they were so wet.

As I watched she slid her free hand down the front of her underwear, and gasped as her hand made contact with her inflamed clit. She was so turned on that she began to moan straight away. Her fingers circled her wet clit, keeping her pussy hidden from view with the panties. This was such a turn on, and my cock was like a steel rod watching this sexy little minx. Her hand increased in pace and her moans got louder as she approached her orgasm.

‘Oh fuck…oh god…oh yes…oh Ben I’m coming!! Oh fuck I’m coming Ben!!’ She moaned loudly. I could hear the sound of liquid hitting cloth as she came in her panties, squirting her hot juices over her hand and underwear. Emily continued to finger her pussy through her orgasm, whilst more girl come sprayed against her thighs and dripped to the floor through her soaked panties. With her legs trembling, she pulled her hand from her saturated g-string, the white material clinging to her pussy outlining her pussy clearly.

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