Sister Leaves Husband For Brother

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Sister Leaves Husband For Brother

It started when Lisa left her husband of 6 years they had no children so it has been a clean break with only a financial settlement to come but she was stuck for somewhere to live for a while and needed to get herself together. The relationship split up in a nasty manner so she phoned me her brother and asked if I would put her up for a couple of months. I am a plain cloths policeman and could use the extra company in my life, my wife had left me a year earlier and work had been my only contact with other people. Lisa and I had always got on great so I looked forward to living with my little sister again.

She arrived on a Saturday afternoon in her car and a small removal van behind her I had not seen my sister for more than a year and as I walked down the front lawn she launched herself into my arms and gave me a deep kiss opening her mouth and pushing her tongue into my mouth. My sister had never acted this way, we often kissed but nothing as passionate as the kiss I had just received. When Lisa saw the confusion on my face she just said relax big brother I have come to take care of you so relax and start to loosen up.

Lisa was dressed in a short pair of shorts and top to match, giving directions of where to put thing in the house or stack them in the Garage. I worked along with the other man happy to see my sister away from her husband, I had been waiting for the day the marriage would end her husband had two affairs in the six years they were married and I knew my little sister had no intention of putting up with another woman. Lisa had hired a private detective to find the right evidence to put to a Court for an easy divorce. The detective had rang her the day he was sure that he could help prove adultery. He had film of the couple meeting at a Motel and also photos of them in restaurants holding hands and kissing.

She had not told her husband that she was leaving him until the morning that she left he was getting dressed for work and she came down from her room telling him that he would be coming home to a single life. He spent the morning pleading with her not to leave but it was to late to change the course of the relationship it had been doomed from the day it started she told him. She yelled that he would be hearing from her Solicitor with the details of the divorce and not to try to stop her. As she said that to him she placed a file of photos of him and his lover in front of him he opened the folder and started to look at the photos as she was walking out the door.

Lisa then drove to her girlfriends for an hour while he finished getting ready for work she then met the removal truck at the house at 1pm and helped the man put her things in the truck. She had been packing things up for a few days and only had to pack the few personal things she had collected in the Marriage.

Lisa had been sad about leaving her friends in the town that she had settled in when married but she wanted to move from the chance of running into her husband and his lover she just wanted to leave it all behind her and start fresh in another place. Besides she was free to do what ever she wanted now and that was a freedom that had been lacking in her life for so long that she almost forgot how good it felt.

I had a strange feeling that my sister wanted to live at my house for more that just looking after me. The two of us had explored each others bodies once when we were growing up but that was when we were young teenagers I was only fifteen and Lisa fourteen. It happened once when our parents had been visiting family friends in another town one weekend.We had been swimming in the family pool and while playing together the two of us had got close and started to fondly each other that night when watching T.V. Lisa was cuddling into me her brother and we started to kiss and fondle each other again. It never happened after that and was mostly forgotten

We anime porno spent Saturday afternoon cleaning the house and putting her things away. She suggested that we go out for tea then a movie. Lisa dressed like I could not believe she always looked beautiful though today it showed more than usual. Nice top with no bra and her nipples stood out like nothing else and for the bottom a very short skirt with a G string underneath. At the table in the restaurant I had to tell Lisa how beautiful she looked she was flattered to hear that from her dear brother. Lisa then said that it had been ages since a man had complimented her for looking beautiful. Lisa then gave me another kiss that surprised the life out of me saying thankyou for such a nice comment.

We ordered dinner and chatted about our old friends from our home town and where life had taken them many still lived in the same town and had never left Lisa had planned to get in touch with a couple of her girlfriends when she went to see our parents they lived another hour from my house so going to see them was no big deal anymore. Where she lived with her husband visiting was a major problem because of a ten hour drive home.

A bottle of wine finished the meal to a fine end and Lisa and I went to the cinema as we walked up the street Lisa again surprised me by putting her arm around me as we walked. In the movie she put her head on my chest snuggling in like I could not believe. All through out the movie I sat with a raging horn and hoped that she never saw it from were she was sitting. All that she had to do was look down and see my cock pushing against my jeans.

I had developed a desire for Lisa that was scarring me we had a great relationship and this was something that started to unravel like something I could not believe. My arm draped around Lisa’s shoulder and rested next to her perfect breast I struggled with myself to stop from placing my hand on it. The movie went for ages but it did not bother either us we were just a young couple eager to be together.

As the movie finished I gently brushed my hand over Lisa’s breast I could not believe that it felt so good. Lisa did not show any response but I was sure she had enjoyed my touch. I was not ready for what happened next as we walked out of the theatre and into the foyer we walked into my boss and his wife. My boss was looking straight at us and could not help notice the woman holding my hand. I had no choice but to stop and talk to the couple. I started to introduce my sister and she quickly introduced herself as my girlfriend from a distant town.

I was happy to go along with the story as I was enjoying being close to my sister and did not want the time we had together to end. We chatted for a few minutes and then went our own ways. I then asked his Lisa why she said we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Lisa then respond that she would rather that people think that we were not siblings other wise people would think it strange that we were holding hands in public.

At home the we changed and settled in the lounge watching T.V. we were both sitting on the lounge and Lisa cuddled up to me putting her head on my lap while we watched a movie. Lisa announced that she was going to make a cup of tea at the next commercial and as the ad came on she stood up brushing her hand across my cock lightly. When she returned to her position on my0 lap she could see the outline of my cock against my shorts Lisa then put her head back on my lap and continued to watch the movie with her brothers cock inches from her face.

After the movie finished I announced that I was heading to bed I had given my sister the room next to mine. We had put her bed in there in the afternoon and Lisa had arranged the room how she liked it though she was scared sleeping by herself.

I was almost asleep and I heard the door open Lisa then walked to the side of the bed and touched asyalı porno my shoulder gently she then asked if she could sleep with me because she was scared of sleeping in a new house alone. I said yes and Lisa climbed in the bed next to her big brother. We had shared a bed as children but that had been along time ago. It felt strange for the two of us and we chatted for a while before drifting off to sleep.

In the morning the we woke up my arm around Lisa my instinct told me to shift my position. But as I lifted my arm Lisa took it and said to leave it were it was that she enjoyed having her brother cuddle her. We stayed like that a while and Lisa rolled over to face me she then gave me a kiss. I was enjoying my sister kissing me and I parted my lips slightly it was not a long kiss but I was sure I had sent a message. Lisa stayed in bed and I had my morning shower when I came back my sister was still in bed and opened her eyes as I entered the room I was naked underneath the towel and pulled my underwear on underneath the towel.

As I was getting dressed Lisa complement me on my body as I sat on the bed to put my shoes on. I was floating on cloud nine and could not believe I was lucky enough to have slept next to this beautiful creature. Lisa wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me onto my back she then thanked me again for letting her sleep with me her tits pushed against my head she then kissed me gently and pushed her tongue into my mouth I also opened my mouth and we kissed passionately for more than a minute slowly our lips parted and we kissed deeply again as we broke our lips. I then sat up and walked to the door as I got to the door I turned and smiled.

Lisa called out and told me she would cook tea for 7pm I spent the day in a cloud thinking about Lisa my boss made a comment in front of the other Detectives about my beautiful girlfriend they were all shocked as I had never told any of them that I was attached.

That night Lisa had the table set with candles and wine I was sure this was going to be a special night for the two of us I had bought Lisa flowers and she kissed me like I had never been kissed in my life when I gave them to her she pushed her tongue into my mouth deep and rang her hand over my bottom squeezing the cheeks tightly in her hands. She then sent me to wash up and put the flowers in a vase on the table.

I lit the candles and opened the wine as Lisa was putting the dinner on the table and we chatted quietly about the days events. I told her that everyone in my office was shocked that the revelation that I had a girlfriend. Lisa laughed at this and said that they could think what they liked and was glade that I shocked my work mates. Lisa did the dishes and we then went to the lounge to watch the T.V. Lisa took her usual place with her head on my lap and I stroked her hair gently. Lisa made the comment that it felt great and I continued.

We watch a movie that had a story to it but their was a lot of flesh as well it had really turned us on half way through the movie I stopped touching her hair and moved my arm so it was near Lisa’s stomach I rested my arm there for a while and then cupped Lisa’s breast in my hand she put up no struggle and rolled onto her back I kissed my sister in a long kiss all the time pushing my hand under her top to touch her soft white breast. Lisa ‘s could feel my cock pushing against her head and now wanted to see the cock she often thinks of as she masturbates.

She pulled the zip of my pants down and put her hand in to find my 7 inch cock she wanted to feel it in her mouth she was shaking with excitement as it was taboo for us and that made it more exciting by the moment. Lisa trembled when she saw it she then looked at me her brother with a wicked smile and massage the head of my cock in her hand all the time she could see wetness at the tip. Lisa did this for a few minutes and said to me that she had backroom casting porno always loved me and never wanted anyone else. She asked if I wanted the same and I nodded my head I was beyond talking my cock was about to explode and I knew that I was about to come my sister knew it to and lowered her head onto my cock and worked her tongue around the head she pushed her head down on my cock moving her head in a steady rhythm.

I could feel her soft mouth gently sucking my cock and knew that my sister had not sucked many cocks in her life. The way she was doing it lacked experience but made up for in enthusiasm. I had started to un-zip her jeans and Lisa lifted her body to allow me to pull then down to her knees. I then touched her shaven pussy Lisa was very wet and opened her legs giving me access to her pussy I then pushed my finger into my sister who sucked my cock deeper with every er brothers hand. I lowered my head to her pussy and cleaned it licking the fluid up all the time Lisa moaned softly. I came next and it exploded into my sisters mouth Lisa worked her head faster as I came with Lisa hungrily swallowing my come.

After we lay in each others arms holding each other gentle caressing our body’s. I then laid her on her back and she asked me to fuck her as hard as I could. I wanted to please my sister so much I would have did anything she asked of me I pushed my cock into her and she arched her back to take as much of my cock as she could. I was in a dream having this lady so willing to live with me and us to have our own special relationship. My cock slid in to Lisa and she thrust her hips to meet my cock on every stroke we joked that it was a perfectly fit and I humped my cock into Lisa I looked at her face and she was absolutely beaming I had never seen her so happy she was rubbing and pinching her nipples in her fingers. I was loving every second of my life for the last two days. Every dream that I had ever had was coming true and I was in a state of absolute bliss my heart was pounding so hard I thought it would pound a hole in my chest.

I pushed my cock into Lisa harder and faster and she moaned each time I wanted to give her the fuck she so badly needed. Her eyes were slits and she kept biting her bottom lip. Lisa opened her eye’s and flashed one of her wicked smiles I loved to make her happy and I knew that she wanted the same for me I pumped my cock into her and as she reached orgasm her eye’s began to flutter and I thrust my cock into her faster and could feel it slideing deeper into her pussy.

Her odour hung in the air like the scent of fresh flowers I love that part of her womanhood. Her cunt started to grip my cock and it rippled along it milking the cream into her cunt. I then collapsed in a heap next to her and held Lisa in a close embrace we then faced each other kissing in a long passionate kiss. We laid talking and laughing together talking about our secret fantasies of each other. She wanted to know all my fantasy’s and told me that we were going to explore some of them and make them real. I was on cloud nine my cock started to grow hard again and Lisa saw it she then said that she wanted to taste it again. Lisa then lowered herself and took my cock in her mouth gently sucking the head into her mouth I could not move I lay paralyzed watching my sister work my cock into her mouth it was the best headjob I have ever had my blood was boiling and my hips were fucking her face in long deep strokes.

It lasted for 10 minutes Lisa sucking my cock and licking my balls with the most softest mouth I have felt she could not get it all in her mouth but she enjoyed the length that fitted. Lisa started to move her head faster as I groaned louder I tryed not to come for as long as I could but Lisa’s mouth was like a piston and I could feel my cock going deeper into her throat. I couldn’t hold on any longer and filled her mouth with come it was the end of the rainbow for me as she sucked the come into her greedy mouth and devoured it. Keeping my cock in her mouth as it shrank back to normal size. When I asked her why she keep it in her mouth so long her answer was that she liked the feel of my cock shrinking in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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