Sister Love Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: In the Woods

Peg and I have always loved to wrestle, and we still do it today. We like to get a little rough, and it is great fun seeing her ass and boobs shake and wiggle as we struggle together. We have always been very close, more than any of our friends’ brothers and sisters. I think sometimes it makes other people a little uncomfortable, but we don’t care. In fact, they actually seem to envy the intimacy we share. We really do love each other, and when we are alone, we like to grab each other, start to tickle, and see who can pull the other one down. I am a couple years older than her, so I usually win, but I am gentle so as not to hurt her. But I often let her bring me down first so she doesn’t get discouraged. Sometimes we like to “accidentally” brush our body parts against the other person as we struggle, enjoying the soft feeling of each other’s mounds of flesh.

We both use “our little game” as an excuse to have the physical contact with each other that we both crave. Sometimes after pulling me down, Peg sits on top of me to hold me down while I pretend to resist. I move from side to side, pushing my body up between her legs, and she holds on like she’s taming a bucking bronco. She likes to grip hard with her thighs to hold me in place. Sometimes we just lay there like that watching a movie while we “rest to catch our breaths”. So as not to have either of us lose interest, I will occasionally buck and try to break free, and she will grip tighter with her thighs again, pressing herself down on me.

“Stay down, Dave,” she’ll say in a slightly seductive tone.

“Ok, ok, you’ve got me girl,” I will feign in reply. “And when I get back on top, you’re gonna be sorry, Peg.”

Sometimes when she sits on me, I can feel her rocking her hips as she struggles to hold on to me, pressing the front part of per pelvis down onto me. I know she is rubbing her clit, and getting horny, and I think about what her pretty pink clit must look like. I long to part her pussy lips open with my tongue and pleasure her for real, but dare not express my desire openly. And the same time while I am bucking, I am grinding my cock into the carpet for a little relief. She likes to sit on my ass too, which feels really cool and I think she can feel me grinding my hips too.

So today is the day I’ve been waiting for. I get to pick Peg up from college for summer break. My heart is beating a little fast thinking about seeing my hot sister today, and wondering when we’ll have a little time to pick up again on “our little game.” I gladly volunteered to make the 2 hour drive to get her, and everyone else in the family was glad to have someone else do the chore. Little did they know, it was no chore for me. I called her early in the morning.

“Hey Peg,” I greet her.

“Hey, Dave. Great to hear your voice,” she replies.

“Same here. I’ll be there to pick you up today around noon, so keep an eye out for me,” I say.

“Cool, thanks big brother, can’t wait to see you!” she says.

The drive on the way up is beautiful, rolling through the countryside. Winding roads, beautiful tress, lush parks. There is a strange isolation to the area as well. This is the area I first made love in. My girlfriend and I learned about sex in these parks. We used to go deep into the park, along the trails, and then start to bushwhack back into to woods. Looking for a flat piece of ground, preferably with grass, we would lay down, undress each other, and then lovingly fuck each other’s brains out for the afternoon. It was so beautiful laying there holding each other between orgasms, getting ready for the next round of sex. It was so isolated, that we never say anyone, and that was such a cool feeling. Laying naked, covered in sex juice, birds chirping and cumming over and over again with each other. But that’s all over now. We broke up after a couple years, and we’ve both had other lovers since then.

But today, the beauty of this area again presents itself to me. The lushness all around starts to get me horny as I am anticipating seeing Peg. Suddenly an idea comes to mind. Hey, I’ll take Peg for a walk through these woods. I’d love to show her the cool places back in there. My heart quickens at the idea. We can get reacquainted and see if she wants to play “our little game” in the woods.

I approach the college, turning into the drive, and immediately spot my sister sitting on a white fence, waiting for me. I haven’t seen her in several months, and she looks more hot each time I see her. As I drive up, I can see her tight blue jeans outline her beautiful legs and ass, and her thighs are sexily bulging as the fence rails press into them from underneath. I can see her ass hanging over the back of the fence and spot a little bit of her ass crack peeking out the top of her pants. Yes, sis is looking very hot.

Peg jumps up with delight when she sees me, waving her arms, and calling, “Hey, Dave, over here!”

I pull up, stop the car, jump out, and she runs into my arms, pressing her body tightly against bangbross porno me. I fell her large breasts press into my body and hold her tight, stroking her back.

“It’s so good to see you!” she excitedly says.

“Oh, yeah, it is!” I return.

We stand back, look at each other and start to give each other a kiss on the cheek, but neither of us go far enough back on each others face, and the sides of our lips touch just a bit. After we kiss, we both look a little shy, realizing what just happened. I put my arm around her, grab her suitcase, and lead her back to the car.

“So, how was everything this semester, Peg?” I ask.

“Oh, the usual. Finals sucked, and I’m really tired. How did your finals finish up, Dave?” she asks.

“Same here. College is college. I just got home last night, but couldn’t wait to see you,” I tell her.

“That’s sweet, I’ve been thinking about seeing you too, big bro,” she replies, and holds me closer as we walk.

As we walk back to the car, I notice that she smells great, and feel honored that she prepared herself for me. She was also wearing a white cotton shirt with a wide open neckline, and I could easily catch glimpses down her shirt of her tits and her beautiful plump nipples. And she’s not wearing a fucking bra! What is her deal? I hope she doesn’t dress that way around the campus, I am thinking. I must have taken too long a peek, because when I looked back up, our eyes meet. She smiles, blushes a little and pretends not to notice.

“So, how’s things at home when you left?” she asks.

“Oh, just the usual. Mom’s working, so we can hang out at the lake beach,” I say.

We pack up her bag, get in the car and head off. As we drive through the countryside, she opens the window and puts her head back. She looks so beautiful sitting there, wind in her hair, and hot looking blouse rippling in the breeze. She then takes off her shoes and resituates herself in the seat, drawing her right leg up and putting her right foot on the seat, pulling it close her butt. The outline of her jeans is awesome. From her trim calf, to her womanly thighs, and into her hot crotch. She was in full view of me, and her crotch looked plump and full. She was quite the woman now, and was I was thinking about how it was going to feel to have that mound ground into me as she sits on top, holding me down during “our little game”.

I start to get hard thinking this way, and try to change my thoughts. But it’s too late, and my bulge is starting to show through my pants. I discretely try to reposition myself, but Peg looks over and sees my cock bulge pressing out of my pants. She looks right up at me and smiles, saying nothing. I almost want to grab her and fuck her right there, because I am sure she’ll say yes. She nonchalantly looks out the window, still smiling, and draws her hand through her beautiful wavy hair.

We talk about the usual chit chat, and I realize that I better suggest making a stop soon since we’re almost halfway home.

“Hey Peg,” I start, “There’s this cool park up ahead I used to go to. Do want to stop and check it out?”

“Sure, I’d love to. I’m in no rush to get home,” she says.

My heart starts to quicken as we pull into the parking lot of the park.

“It’s a really beautiful place, so I can show you around the trails,” I say.

We walk together through the park, and the sunlight is shining through the trees, creating streams and streaks of light.

“It’s just beautiful here, Dave. I’m so happy you’re sharing this with me,” Peg says.

As, we come up on a little clearing, Peg bumps her shoulder into me and says, “Hey big bro, think I can still take you down, or have you gotten stronger than me in the past year?” she taunts.

“I don’t know, not here. We’ll get our cloths all messed up. Let’s wait until we get home,” I reason.

“But mom’s there, and I have another change of cloths in the car if I need them. I know you’ll be gentle with me big bro!” she says, drawing me in.

With that, she wraps her arms around my waist and tries to pull me off balance. I resist and try to regain my footing. She’s still pulling on me, and I can see her wide open blouse revealing her beautiful tits and nipples. I love to watch them shake! I reach over and try to grab her from underneath to throw her off balance. As I reach around, my hand lands on her breast and I hear her giggle. I don’t make an effort to quickly remove it, but instead give it a little squeeze.

“Hey, fight fair, brother Dave, or I’ll have to use different tactics myself!” she protests.

“Oh, yeah, like what, little sis?” I ask.

And with that, she reaches up and grabs the right side of m chest, squeezing my nipple.

“Ouch, I didn’t squeeze your nipple!” I shout. And with that, I felt like the door had opened.

With my hand still cupping her breast, I drew my fingers up and lightly pinched her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I felt it harden, but she said nothing.

With that, she wrapped her bangbus porno arm around my upper thigh, trying to bring me down. Her forearm was smashing up hard against my crotch and my mound of manhood was pressing into her. I know she could feel my hardening cock and plump balls, but I didn’t mind, and she pretended like it was just part of the wrestling hold. With that, I reached over and grabbed the back pocket of her jeans to try to throw her off balance. My hand slipped off, however, and I could not get enough of a grip. So I reached around again, and grabbed her ass from around the top, my forefingers just over her crack that lay under her jeans.

“You won’t get me, you won’t get me!” she proclaimed, and began shaking her ass to break my hand’s grip.

So I doubled up my grip on her ass, grabbing it lower in order to do so. My fingers now were on her crack, and I slid my hand completely underneath her, grabbing her crotch from below and raising her up. My fingers were pressing into her soft mound and I could feel her wonderful pussy through her jeans. I raised her slowly so as not to rush things, conveniently fingering her clit as I did.

With that, I lost me balance and we both tumbled over onto the soft patch of grass, giggling, and both out of breath. We both laid there, just as we had landed, in order to “catch our breaths”. Her arm was pressed into my crotch, my hand under her ass, her head on my chest. Then, without speaking, she began to move. She began pressing her ass back against my hand, and nestling her head into my chest.

Not knowing what the intent was on her side, but hoping it was the same as what I desired, I continued the game. I figured either of us could stop it at any time, and feign that things just got a little more carried away than usual, but neither of us did.

I began to drill my crotch into the flesh of her arm, pressing my cock and balls against her. I began to harden as I did, and made no effort to conceal it. In fact I wanted her to feel me, so I pressed harder. She then did the completely unexpected, which left no more room for doubt. She freed her arm from around my thigh, gently moved her hand to my massive bulge, and began gently squeezing and massaging it. Without moving her hand, she raised herself up on top of me, her breasts hanging openly exposed, looked me in the eyes, and planted a deep wet kiss on my lips. Our tongues began to dance and we began to passionately suck on each others lips.

“Oh, David, I know you are my brother, but I love you so much and have always wanted you!” she proclaimed.

“I love you too Peg,” I returned. “You’re my sister, and I would love to pleasure you deeply,” I confessed. “Are you on the pill?”

“I wasn’t until a coupe months ago, bro. I started taking them knowing I’d be seeing you again. I’ve wanted this for so long, but weren’t sure if you would go along, but thought I’d try.” Peg’s voice sounded sweet and excited.

“You’ve wanted this too? I thought I was the only one who did. I’ve always loved playing our game together and liked to use it as an excuse to touch you, and it always got me hot” I confessed.

“You’re not the only one, Dave. Our games have always gotten me wet, and now we’re old enough to do something about it!” Peg said.

With that, I pulled her into my arms and began to passionately kiss my sister. It felt so taboo and so forbidding, but that made it even that much more sexy. I tongued her over and over until we both needed more. We began pulling each other cloths off, frantically unzipping, unbuttoning, and fumbling as our passion had dazed us. I openly caressed her beautiful hanging breasts, squeezing her nipples, watching them harden, and seeing her boobs dance over me. I reached my head down, placing it on her full breast, and began to suck hard on her nipples. She threw her head back in delight.

Meanwhile, Peg has unbuttoned my pants and has slid her hand down on me, kneading my balls and stroking my cock. She pulled on my jeans and I raise up to allow her to slide my pants off, revealing my full nakedness to my sister. I was embarrassed, but gave in to the moment.

“Oh, you are so beautiful, Dave. Your cock is everything I imagined it to be!” she panted, stroking my long shaft.

And with that, she lowered her head to my cock, cupped my balls, and slid my cock into her mouth. She began sucking and sucking on me, drawing my precum into her mouth and savoring it with her lips, moaning with pleasure. She briefly pulls my cock out of her mouth, and my precum makes a long string, stretched between the top of my cock and her parted, passionate lips. She breaks the string with her hand, draws her fingers to her mouth, and pushes the precum onto her tongue.

“It’s kinda weird, but you taste oddly familiar,” Peg laughs.

“Hey, I wonder why, sis?” I say. “Here, let me try too.”

Peg returns to my cock and continues to pleasure me. And as she does, I side down the side of her body, moving my face toward her pussy. We are pivoting on her beurette tour porno mouth on my cock, so as not to interrupt that action. As I approach her lower body, I unzip the remaining part of her jeans, and she lifts up, allowing me to remove them. I begin to move between her legs, smelling her body. She does have a very familiar scent, as if I were smelling myself. It feels so carnal. I am about to lick my sister’s pussy, and the thought of that makes me even more hot. I look down and see my sister feasting on my cock. How beautiful. How forbidden. How sensual and animal.

I move my lips down toward her clit, and she gently parts her legs. Then I see it for the first time. That beautiful plump clit that I had always fantasized about licking. And I was right, I was a monster, already engorged with her passion. But that wasn’t all! She also has the most amazing set of pussy lips I’ve ever seen! No wonder she made such a bulge in her jeans!

“Peg, your lips are fucking amazing!” I cry out.

“Do you like them? I wasn’t sure if you’d think they were weird or something!” she shyly says.

“Are you kidding, they’re awesome, and I gonna suck hard on them. Besides, you’re my sister, and I’d love your body no matter how it looked!”

“You are so fucking hot, Dave. Eat me big brother. Eat your little sister. Put your tongue into me and eat me like you fucking mean it!” she screams.

And with that, I plunge my face between her legs, feasting on my little sis. She tastes so damn good, and her juices are deliciously profuse. She is oozing wetness with every additional stroke of my tongue. I alternate between deep pussy plunges with my tongue, and licking her clit. By this time her awesome pussy lips are now spread wide open, and I begin to draw them into my mouth, alternating between each side, sucking hard, and stretching each meaty pussy lip as far as it will go. I love eating her out, and start rolling her pussy lips in my mouth, savoring her meat. My sister’s meat.

Peg is sucking hard on my cock now, and my tongue is plunging deeply into her cunt. Neither of us can talk, but we are both moaning, letting the other know the pleasure they are providing. My passion is raging now and I tongue fuck her as deep as I can. I withdraw my tongue and begin to lick her whole underside from one end to the other. Starting at her clit, across her pussy, and back again, over and over. I love knowing that I am eating my little sister. She is so hot and this feels so animal.

Just then, I feel her wiggling her butt a little, trying to adjust. She must be trying to get more comfortable. Just then she moves her hand back, and parts her ass cheek ever so slightly. She wants me to fucking lick her ass! I am so hot right now that the thought of her requesting this drives me wild. I begin to take longer routes as I lick her underside, and soon start brushing up against her pretty puckered anus. When my tongue hits it, I feel her shiver, and she responds my sucking even harder on my cock, drawing me in and out with long, slow motions. Her wet mouth is making loud sucking sounds on my cock, and it sounds to hot. My sister is blowing. Peg is sucking me down.

Seeing the delight the anus lick is giving her, I continue to flick my tongue across my little sister’s asshole. She is now absolutely squirming with delight, so I keep tonguing her there. I then start taking longer and slower licks, circling my tongue over and over again around the outside of her anus. After every couple of circles, I glide my tongue across her ass opening, and subtly push my tongue into her opening as I continue my traversing motions. As I do this, she fucking literally jumps and begins moaning deeply, stretching her ass out into me for more. Not wanting to deprive her anymore, I begin pushing my tongue into her asshole’s opening, feeling her tight muscles grip as they enclose around my tongue. I repeating withdraw and plunge my tongue into her asshole, and it sends waves through her body. She begins to lightly rake the shaft of my cock with her teeth. I’ve always loved watching my sister’s ass, and now I am eating it out. I lightly bite on her asshole, my teeth gripping down on her anus.

It is so sexy, what’s happening right now, and I can’t believe we’re doing this. Laying here on the ground, tonguing my little sister’s asshole, her blowing me, and both of us loving it. Passionate for each other. I want to return to my little sister’s pussy juice, so take one final lick, passing my tongue up her beautiful asscrack. There, now I’ve licked her from end to end. I plunge my tongue back into cunt, and feel her pussy rock against my face. I reach up and squeeze her nipples, and they are so fucking hard! I alternate my hand between her nipples and her clit, trying to send her over the top.

Just then, her body stiffens. I feel her pussy walls tighten around my tongue, and her thighs tighten around my head. She starts rocking harder against my face, then presses down and releases the first wave of her orgasmic blast. Her cum is rushing out of her in torrents, flooding into my mouth, and I can do nothing but swallow it down. She tastes so fucking good. I’m swallowing my sister’s cum! The idea is so fantastic that it sets me other the top and I begin plunging my cock deeper into her mouth.

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