Sisters Ch. 02

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Sisters chapter 2: A continuation:

My sisters breasts, soft and sweet. Her nipples ready to be hardened, beckon the gentle sucking motion of my mouth. My tongue bathing it’s nipple. The underside. Round in circles over the top. I can still smell her sweet honey like sex, and the heat of the sun, playing about her shapely body. Filling my nostrils like honey from a hive. I laid kisses her on her mouth, running my tongue along her pursed lips, then as she parted them, I inserted my tongue into her open crevice, our tongues danced together. Our hands playing about our long lithe bodies. The feel of our bodies, hearts and souls melding together on some astral plane. This was me and my sister. And I was in heaven.

We continued making love. Kissing and caressing, this place, that place. Laving the hollow of our necks, our tits, the hollow between our tits, sucking each others nipples, tonguing our belly buttons. Kissing every square inch of our bodies, right there on the lounge chair, on the patio. As I am on top, straddling Jamie, my neck arched, Jamie continued sucking away at my nipples. I returned my head to its normal position, and caught a glimpse of the housekeeper, Tiera Sue. Standing in the kitchen, supposed to be doing housework; but instead eyeing Jamie and I. “I thought, I’ll deal with her later.” But I have to admit, having someone watching us, was totally erotic. I’ve never been watched while making love before. But I decided that I, at least at this very moment, had no other choice, I thought. My sex was atop Jamie’s. My very being dripping with hot wet juices. Mixing with hers. Like a very well mixed drink. As Jamie continued to bathe and suckle my nipples, I rubbed my sex against hers. And Jamie let out a moan while sucking my nipples. I was straddling her, riding her sex, as she continually sucked and nipped my breasts, and nipples. Bathing one, then the other.

Oh god, it felt so good. To have Jamie suck my nipples, and our sex melding together like that. It was taking me to levels I cannot even explain. Being that it is my sister, made this moment even more unconscionable. Beyond any reasonable doubts or misguided feelings, I had in the past. They were definitely gone now. The only thing I could concentrate on now, was surviving this elated state I was in. Riding Jamie’s sex, with her hips bucking against mine, our clits touching each others, and Jamie sucking away at my 38d breasts. Was so divine. I arched my back one more time, on the downswing, and let out an utterance only the gods could understand at that moment. After climaxing again, and again, and again. Coming gaziantep ucuz escort bayan down from that out of body astral plane, I kissed Jamie’s mouth and again my tongue filled her wanton crevice, as our tongues danced like two lovers on a dance floor. We then collapsed into each others arms.

When we both regained consciousness, I realized that Jamie was holding a strap-on dildo in her hands. “Jamie,” I said. “No, not here.”

“Aww come on sis, don’t be a party pooper. You want this as much as I do. Now move back onto my legs as I attach this baby.”

Realizing I was unable to change Jamie’s mind.. And realizing the truth of the matter, I wanted that dildo inside me, just as much as Jamie did. So I accommodated her, and moved back upon her legs and watched as she attached that dildo to her waist. Then she beckoned me, with her hands massaging my dripping wet unshaven pussy, to finally straddle her newly attached dildo. I rejoycingly complied. And lowered myself onto that dildo, full throttle. Taking every inch. I bent my neck down as I am a bit taller than Jamie.. I 5’10, she 5’7. So I bent my neck down far enough so we could begin kissing one another.

I ran my tongue across her lower lip, then delved into her wanton crevice, as our tongues played about. I started massaging my cunt with Jamie’s strap-on. As we continued to kiss passionately. Then Jamie broke the kiss, and said “gimmie those gorgeous 38d tits. I want to suck them and suck them good.”

I complied with her demand. As I know she loves to nip, suck and bathe my nipples. As I love having them nipped, sucked and bathed. Her mouth feasted on my nipples. One then the other, as if she were going for the jugular. First her teeth nipped at my nipples, then she took her long snake like tongue and bathed them, before settling her tongue underneath it’s crest and her mouth draped over the top, and began sucking in earnest. As was I still bucking my hips up and down on Jamie’s dildo, unaware there was another presence on the patio, besides Jamie and I. My head was back, eyes closed, and my 38d chest was arched for Jamie’s ministrations. I then felt a pair of hands on my shoulders, and then a pair of lips upon mine.

My eyes immediately flew open. It was Tiera Sue, my housekeeper. I immediately broke the kiss. And said, “What the hell do you think you’re doing Tiera?”

“I.. I.. saw you two out here.. and thought..”

“You thought what, Tiera?”

“I.. I thought I’d join you two. You know how I feel about you Ms. Pam. I have wanted you gaziantep ukraynalı escort bayan for a long time.”

“Tiera Sue, you have gotten me twice before. Now this is the last straw. Go inside and wait in my office. NOW!!.”

With that Tiera Sue marched herself back into the house, heading in the direction of my office. Which was just off the kitchen, practically next to her servants quarters. I heard the door slam.

And with that Jamie never missing a beat, continued sucking my nipples, with a slight grin on her face. I finally realizing what had just happened. I quickened my pace on the dildo strapped around Jamie’s waist. With such earnest, within minutes I came like Niagara Falls. Gushing juice after juice, down my leg’s and down Jamie’s dildo, and dripping onto her legs as well. I bowed my head towards Jamie, and she just looked at me so apologetically. I kissed her once more, tongue and all. Before getting off that dildo. Getting dressed with such furry.. I then quickly bowed down and gave Jamie another kiss on her lips, and again apologizing.

Then as I looked at her, I went into the house, heading towards my office. Just before entering, I took a deep breath placed my hands upon the doorknob, and slowly turned it, then opening the door. There was Tiera Sue sitting in the chair across from my desk. Sobbing.

I thought, so she’s going to play the sobbing bit eh? This time it wouldn’t work.

I made my point very clear and precise. As I stood behind my desk. I asked Tiera Sue, “how long have you been employed here?”

Tiera’s voice was very shaky as she said, “8 years.”

“And in those 8 years, have I ever, I mean ever givin’ you permission to fuck me?”


“Well, have I?,” I said.

“No ma’am, you haven’t.”

“Then what in the hell gave you the right to think you could do so now?,” I asked.

“I.. I don’t know ma’am.”

“You don’t know?,” I shouted.

“No ma’am, I don’t. I guess I was caught up in the moment.”

“What you should have done was your job. Instead of spying on me. Spying is not in your job description, now it is?”

“Is it?,” I said.

“Umm, no ma’am.”

“You have taken advantage of me one too many times. This is the straw that broke the camels back, Tiera. You have been a good employee for the last 8 yrs. up until the last few months. You have no right to touch me in any way shape or form. And no right to spy on me, as well.”


“No buts, no nothing, Tiera.”

I reached down gaziantep üniversiteli escort bayan towards my desk, and opened the top drawer, and pull out my checkbook. And begin writing a check, signing it, and handing it to Tiera Sue. I said, “here’s your last paycheck, and 2 weeks severance pay. Now gather your things and please leave.”

“But..,” said Tiera Sue.

“I said, take your things and leave.”

With that I placed my checkbook in the top drawer and closed it. As Tiera got up and headed for the door. placing her shaking fingers on the knob, and turning it.

I said to her, “Do not slam, that door.”

Tiera finally exited the room, still sobbing, she closed the door behind her.

I stood there for a moment totally stunned. Before realizing that I had left my sister out on the patio. I quickly walked across my office floor, and opened the door. And just as I did, I heard Tiera Sue packing her things. I went straight for the patio.

Jamie heard me close the patio door behind me, and turned around noticing the look on my face. She held out her arms to me, and I went. Like an obedient child to it’s parents. I sat down next to Jamie on her lounge chair. With my head hanging on the floor. Jamie touched my arm, with her hands and massaged it. As she spoke and said, “I’m so sorry honey. It was all my fault.”

“No Jamie, I am to blame also. This time I wanted the sex with you. It was consensual.”

Jamie’s face lit up like a kid watching fireworks on the fourth of July. Then I spoke up and said, “she had it coming. This wasn’t the first time she’s done that. She got me twice before. She caught me off guard, and there was no escaping her clutches, either time. So I gave her, her last pay check, and two weeks severance pay, and told her to take her things and leave.”

Jamie just sat there. Didn’t say a word, but she did put both her arms around me, and drew me close to her, and held me.

After a week of sex between us two, I didn’t want my sister to leave. I needed her as much as she needed me. But our time was almost up. I had asked her to stay another week. I wanted to continue our love making sessions. I didn’t come right out and tell her. But I think that she knew anyway. Sex with James, my husband, was always good. We made three children out of it. And many times in between, the sex was great. But Jamie filled something in me, no one else could fill. My desire, and my affinity for another woman. And unless James was going to have a sex change operation, right or wrong, Jamie had the sex I longed for. Jamie did stay another week, as my husband was out of town on business. So Jamie and I continued our love making sessions. As my house was 65 thousand square feet, we certainly had plenty of room. And now no one would be the wiser.

When Jamie left after that week, my hunger for my sister grew even greater than I had ever imagined. Two weeks later, we went on vacation together. To a remote island in Hawaii. And made mad passionate undying love to each other.

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