Sisters Ch. 06

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The question hung in the air of the loft like a big annoying, slightly under filled helium balloon.

But instead of saying ‘happy birthday’, it said something quite different.

“So, sisters huh?”

Ava sat on the chair, legs crossed, sipping her coffee and looking every bit the naked sexy woman she looked like earlier. Except now she had asked a question I certainly didn’t want to answer.

My plan was to bluff my way through it.

I laughed and looked down, “Ha ha, well, that’s funny. . .see Natalie likes to. . ” Then I was cut off. Not by my bad lie, but by Natalie herself.

“Yup, sisters. I’m a year and three months older than Alison and we’re in love.”

Natalie was attacking this situation head-on. As always she was fearless and challenging. In this case it could certainly be to our detriment.

I looked at Natalie, my face warm and I’m sure flush red. Then I turned back to Ava. She barely moved. She was looking passively at us both.

She finished her coffee and stood up.

“Anyone want a cup?” she asked as she moved back to the coffee maker.

I was confused. Which was not so unusual for me. But I looked at Natalie and she looked as confused as I felt. I mean, was there a step in this conversation that we both missed?

“Umm, hey, Ava,” I began, not really how to finish a sentence that was asking her reaction to sisters having sex with one another. It was, after all, incest.

“You’re not, you know,” I stammered as Ava walked over, handed Natalie a cup of coffee, then sat down again, “going to, you know. . .”

“Nah, it’s cool,” Ava said, sweeping the hair away from her face with a practiced casual motion.

I looked to Natalie, her to me and both of us back to Ava.

“You want to know why it’s cool, right?” Ava leaned forward, her elbows on her knees. I shouldn’t have been, but there I was, ignoring the gravity of the situation and what she was going to say and letting my gaze take in how her hips and thighs looked as she leaned forward. Perhaps I had a problem. I didn’t really want to delve into that right now.

Natalie, feeling less nervous now sipped her coffee and pushed her feet into her white unicorn slippers. She looked ridiculous. And I loved it.

“We’re happy you don’t mind, but yes, I think both I and my stunned friend here,” she motioned to me with her head, “would like to know. . .why.”

“Ok, here’s why…” Ava took a deep breath, held it, then exhaled.

Ava began talking and kept talking and held us in rapt attention.

Ava grew up in a pretty religious family in a pretty religious town. She was told that just about everything was a sin and she was fairly terrified that if she did anything, even the things she didn’t understand, that the skies would open and there would be a rain of fire and brimstone. Sex was not only something that wasn’t discussed, it wasn’t even mentioned as a thing.

Eventually, as she grew older she found that things were not as she was told.

The first crack in the wall was when she had her first kiss. No fire, no brimstone.

Then the first time she went further. Awkward high school groping. The ground did not swallow her up.

The more she did, the more she noticed that the world did not end the next day. She had sex her first time at15 and the next day the sun rose, the wind blew and she was still able to smile and laugh.

She found that sex, with a man, two men, a woman, and mixtures of them all seemed not to herald the endtimes, as she’d always been told.

She drank, had sex, tried drugs and found that, for the most part, it wasn’t that bad. She has a boyfriend and still enjoys playing around and has no qualms about any of it.

She decided that it wasn’t her place to tell others that what they should, or shouldn’t, do.

“I found a few truths for myself. First, sex is fine. As long as everyone is enjoying it, have fun. Second, know how to control yourself. Alcohol and weed good, in moderation. Harder drugs, not so good. . .for me anyway. And you two sisters having sex, it’s fine with me.”

She shrugged her shoulders as if she was saying she didn’t care what kind of kleenex you bought.

“Well,” Natalie said eventually, “it’s not just sex. We love each other.” Natalie looked at me and I smiled and my head fell off I was smiling so much.

“Even better,” Ava responded, “and besides it means I was right.”

I looked at her with my confused face as she made her way to the bed.

She eased herself down, “When I first saw you in The Struggling Man I thought you were related. . .because of your smiles.” She laughed a little, “I like being right.”

I leaned back and let Ava rest her head on my chest and it felt so good and her hair was tickling my stomach and I didn’t care because, dammit, she was really pretty. Natalie was sitting on the edge of the bed, surveying us and drinking her coffee. My eyes were heavy as I gazed at my love. She had a little smile on her face.

I fell asleep. Ava might have too, but bursa escort I was too asleep to know.

I woke up with a start. When you wake up and not only don’t know what time it is, but you don’t know where you are or what is going on.

I felt Ava’s breath on my right breast before I saw her. An angel. A little sexy bi-sexual angel.

She opened her eyes slowly as I ran my fingers through her hair.

“Oh hi,” Ava said softly, her eyes liquid and warm.

I smiled down at her.

“I hate to do this, but I have to get ready for class.”

Ava half sat up and pushed out her lip in a mini-pout. Her hair messy looked better than mine after getting it done. How does she do that?

“Ok,” she said, stretching her warm tanned arms up over her warm tanned torso and warm tanned legs, “I’ll see you tonight at The Struggling Man?”

I got to my feet and though the coolness of the air after the warmth of the bed was jarring, I didn’t mind because I was happy.

“Of course. I’m not going to miss Natalie playing. She takes her music pretty seriously.”

Ava layed on her side, studying me.

“She’s really good, you know.” Ava said matter-of-factly, smiling a benign smile at me.

She started to talk again, but I cut her off.

“Ava I really have to pee, so. . .” I started walking to the bathroom.

Ava popped up out of bed, “Ok” she said, skipping to my side and taking my hand.

I gave her a patented ‘confused Alison’ look as she led me, not to the bathroom, but to the open shower next to the wall.

****Warning: Fetish ahead****

Ava guided me to the center of the shower, turning me to her, letting her fingertips slide from my shoulders and down my arms as she leaned closer to me.

She smiled and kissed me softly, but firmly. I could taste the coffee on her tongue and instinctively my hand slid to her lower back.

“Ava, I. . ” I began.

She placed a finger on my lips to stop my words. She gazed down and her head followed her look and she began to slowly, painstakingly, kiss down my chest, my stomach, licking through my pubic hair as she lowered herself to her knees before me. With little prompting I widened my stance in the shower and Ava slipped between my feet, on her back, but for her left elbow propping up her torso.

She bit her lower lip, looking into my eyes, caressing her gravity defying breasts. I could see warmth and lust in her eyes.

Her right hand moved down her stomach and, though it was out of my sight, I knew what it was doing. Her chest was directly below me.

“Please Alison,” Ava sighed, “go ahead. Give it to me.”

Her voice was soft, a little raspy, and sultry.

Internally I was in a bit of a panic. This beautiful creature before me actually wanted me to. . .pee on her? I had seen videos, but never thought that I. . .

“Please,” she said again, “I need this Alison. Show me. . “

I was a little tense, but remembered my favorite phrase in moments like this, “She who wishes to be calm, must take on the appearance of being calm.”

I cleared my mind, let my body relax and . . .let myself go.

The first tentative stream hit Ava on her chest she let out a shocked sounding gasp, letting her head fall back and exposing the lovely curve of her neck. Seeing her reaction I became more relaxed and found myself for the first time engaging in watersports or golden showers or whatever it was called. I was no expert, certainly.

I was transfixed with Ava’s reactions. My stream was full and true and I could hear the wetness stream down her body and to her pussy, where I also heard her hand furiously rubbing her pussy while she moaned. I could see her eyes were half open as she moved her head back and forth, the sensations created by my pee and her masturbating giving her eyes a glazed look. She was oblivious to everything but what she was doing at that moment.

The more I watched, the more exciting it became and I found my nipples hardening with each passing second. I could see that Ava was fingering herself faster, her breathing deepening and small animalistic grunts and squeals came unbidden from her. She WAS an animal at this point.

Ava began to thrash, closing her eyes tightly as she came, loudly. I took a moment to regain myself a little and noticed that without thinking I was pulling and pinching my right nipple. I could feel the tiny electric shocks moving from my nipple to my pussy. A connection I greatly enjoyed.

“Fuck yes. . .Alison. . .fuck. . .more. . ” she squealed.

I had no more to give, but it was ok, as Ava fell back onto the tile, her chest heaving up and down, her body spent.

I was shaking a little, the experience so intense and unexpected and, frankly, arousing.

Slowly Ava stood up, but strangely avoided eye contact. She moved to the shower and turned it on, letting the flow of water cascade over her as she spun slowly, eyes closed and hands running through her hair.

I stood there, unsure of what I should do, bursa escort bayan but still excited, and watched Ava as she grabbed the bottle of body wash. She began soaping herself, the bubbles alternately clinging and sliding slowly down her body.

Wordlessly, she began to soap me. I felt her hands, slick with the soap, slide easily over my skin. Her fingers caressed and surrounded my breasts, with my nipples standing proudly out of the foam.

All of this was done almost shyly by Ava. She kept her gaze down and made sure that every bit of me was thoroughly taken care of. Moving behind me and then back to my front, her hands quite warm and comforting on my skin.

She was so close I could feel her body heat and did what I needed to do. As she was moving her hands between my breasts again, I moved my hand to her lower back and pulled her to me. I felt her thigh slide easily between my legs and her breasts, as slippery as mine, run smoothly over my hard nipples. I let out a sigh.

I moved my hand to her face, my fingers sliding from her ear to her chin, tilting her head upward. She kept her eyes down, as if she were shy all of a sudden.

Her hands slid to my waist and I felt her fingernails dragging along my hips, raising goosebumps.

“Look at me.” I said, in almost a whisper.

Her eyes, wide and giving, presented themselves to me.

She had a look on her face that seemed to say “Is this ok?”

I leaned in quickly and kissed her hard and deep. My tongue played with hers as my hand rested on her face. My other hand busied itself, sliding down and cupping her ass and pulling her inexorably to me.

I might not of know how to react earlier, but I certainly did now. I felt like my body was trying to envelop Ava. I could feel her moving against me, sliding, writhing, pressing her hips to mine. I didn’t want to be timid or uncertain. I wanted her. Now.

Summoning up my inner Natalie, I grabbed Ava and pressed her not un-gently to the one tiled wall of the shower. She let out an audible inhaled breath.

Still holding, pinning really, her arms to the wall, I kissed her hard and deep again, my tongue searching for something and not intending to stop until I found it. The shower cascaded over us. The little bubbles of soap moving down our warm and willing bodies.

I broke our kiss and moved down slowly, I kissed and licked my way to her stunningly tanned breasts, letting my tongue glide around the edges of her areolas. Ava’s chest was heaving as I teased first one, then the other nipple. I licked, I sucked and I nibbled her breasts, thrilling in the little whimpers of pleasure she was emitting.

I stood back up, moving my hips to press to hers, while leaning my upper body back just enough to make it quite obvious I was presenting my breasts to her. I could feel the warm water sliding over my curves as well as the tightness of my outrageously hard nipples.

With just a slight pause, Ava moved forward, dipping her head and pressing her lips firmly but softly to my breast.

I sighed loudly.

She began licking and sucking and biting and the chills sent up my spine fought with the warm water for preeminence.

I massaged my other breast while pulling her to me. I felt her lips surrounding my nipple, pulling on it and sending the familiar shocks of pleasure bouncing around my body. She was alternating licking my nipple and sucking as much of my very sensitive breast into her mouth.

The harder she sucked, the harder I pulled her head to me. I wanted more. I wanted this feeling to continue even as I felt my legs losing their stability.

I ran my fingernails over her upper back, feeling her react to the unexpected stimulus.

I pulled her face from my breast. I could see in her eyes a hazy lust and desire burning.

I kissed her again, being aggressive and making sure she knew I wanted this so badly.

Breaking the kiss I placed my hand on her shoulder, gently, ok, not so gently, pushing downward. She knew what I wanted and quickly transitioned to licking down my chest, my stomach, her tongue teasing my belly button. . .her kisses over my mound and lower.

“Oh fuck yes,” I sighed as her tongue licked slowly over my lips. I could feel every bump on her tongue as I instinctively opened my legs wider. I closed my eyes as her tongue explored further. I felt her hands gliding up the back of my thighs, fingertips teasing my ass cheeks. I gasped slightly at the sudden increase in sensitivity as the tip of her tongue found, and circled, my hard clit. With my eyes closed I could see so many things. I saw Ava pleasing me. I saw Natalie, my love, laying with me on the bed. I saw Aunt Stacy fingering her pussy while staring into my eyes. I saw my mom cumming as she yelled my name. Holy shit!

“Fuck!” I yelled out, my hips pressing to Ava’s face, her mouth working as hard as ever as I coated her in my juices. My hand was on the back of her head, holding her to me. I felt my legs beginning bursa merkez escort to wobble and leaned forward, one hand on the tile wall to steady myself. It felt like a chain reaction had started and I couldn’t stop cumming. It didn’t help that Ava didn’t pause her activities, but I was quickly losing the ability to control my muscles. A tiny part of my brain, the only part not consumed with my orgasm, worried about falling down onto the tile floor.

And still I came. My breathing was deep and loud and I felt like I was being pushed around from the inside. I pulled Ava up after a good 4 days of cumming, kissed her and tasted my juices on her perfect lips. Our animalistic kisses became softer and sweeter as my senses began to return.

Ava still hadn’t spoken, but when I looked into her wide eyes, she looked so innocent, though I know that wasn’t quite true. Maybe I was projecting.

Slowly we both ended up out of the shower, drying off and I was sitting on the edge of the bed, grabbing clothes while I watched Ava dress.

She had brought a change of clothes with her. A mid thigh pleated skirt in alternating black and white. No matter how much she put on, it was amazing that her figure was still quite visible. Remarkable.

“Ava,” I began, breaking a silence that went back to the shower, “I have to get to class. I’m not rushing you out. Mostly I’m rushing me out.” I smiled at her to let her know that everything was ok.

“Ok” she answered softly, her fluid movements in contrast to my herky jerky dressing.

I got into a baggy sweater, and pulled on my favorite pair of dark blue jeans. I loved them because I could wear my knee high black boots over them. Three buckles on the outside, a bit of a heel, and it made me look cool, sexy, and stylish. Three things I think I’ve always wanted to be.

As I struggled with one of the boots, Ava came over, knelt down and with a practiced hand, slid both my boots onto me. I felt so close to her at that moment. As if she was attending to me rather than just helping me. Should I just forget class, peel off my clothes and take Ava. . .no, I have to go.

We said our goodbyes, shared a quick kiss and as fast as my boots would take me I was outside of class, searching the hallway for Brianna.

There she was, a little cute mess in a long red striped dress and red bow in her hair. Was she real?


“Oh hi Alison!” Brianna chirped noisily and happily, waving at me as I approached.

“Hi Brianna, how are you?”

She let out an exaggerated stage sigh, “Boy, I’m so busy. I have a half presentation due next week and I am sooo not ready for it.”

I smiled and nodded, “I know, mine is this week and I’m a wreck.” I really had gotten over the worst of the panic. I had finished all my paintings in every style. Impressionism, Pointillism, Mannerism, Cubist, Realist, Watercolor. I was just happy it was over.

Brianna blanched, “Oh I totally forgot!” her eyes and mouth both wide, “You have a full presentation! How did you do it all?”

I began to answer and saw in Brianna’s eyes, again, the same panic I saw. . .

“Hey there you two,” Natalie said as she pounced on me from behind. I turned as she stood there, smiling her magnanimous smile.

Natalie turned to Brianna, “Are you coming to the party?” Then turned to me, “She’s coming right? Did you ask her? Is she going to come? Why doesn’t she want to come?”

Natalie was talking faster than her brain could work, which wasn’t that unusual for her.

“So,” I said slowly and deliberately, “double cappuccino?”

Natalie’s eyes lit up and she grabbed my arm, “Oh my god, how did you know!? It was so good. A bit strong though.”

I was trying to give Natalie an “I can’t believe you” smirk, but probably failed. Brianna laughed though.

“What party are you talking about?” Brianna looked at us both.

“We’re having. . ” I began before being cut off by my over-caffeinated sister.

“It’s going to be fun. A band. Drinks. Food. Games. Fun. Fun fun fun.”

Brianna looked to me.

“Yeah,” I decided to talk slower to counteract Natalie, “we’re having a costume party at our loft. Should be a lot of fun. I hope you can make it.”

Brianna looked excited, for an instant, then her face changed ever so slightly. I could see her thinking about something.

“Umm, well,” she was looking down, “I’m not sure, you know, with you two, you know, I’m not. . .I mean there’s nothing wrong with you two it’s just that I’m not, you know, just. . “

She was worried it was going to be an all-gay party. She really was adorable.

“Brianna, don’t worry. There’ll be lots of people there. Single, couples, straight, gay. A whole mix. Nat’s inviting some of her music people, there’s some people in this class that are going.”

With that Brianna lit up again.

“Ok, sounds good. But, a costume party? What kinds?”

Natalie put her hand on my shoulder, “I want a couples outfit for us, ” she looked at me, “What do you think of this? In The Wizard of Oz the Wicked Witch is always ugly, but if I was the Wicked Witch, then she’d, obviously, be gorgeous.” She smiled her patented Natalie smile at Brianna.

“And what would Alison go as?” Brianna was really interested now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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