Snippets: Girls

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It is Spring.
Vast mists cover the Five Lakes.
My dear, let me buy a red painted boat
And carry you away.
-Wu Tsao

I really liked having my sister-in-law Cristy at the house even though I wasn’t sure it was such a good idea at the beginning. But Jack assured me she was a good girl. Having an 18 year old running around could have been a nightmare, and I did not want to become some kind of wretched disciplinarian. But from the moment she came into the house I changed my mind, she reminded me of myself when I was her age – fifteen years ago. Utterly. In fact I looked almost exactly like her when I was twenty, I wonder if Jack remembers that? I remembered being so depressed when I had realized that my wonderful blonde locks faded to this dishwater blonde, and then my hips grew, my belly expanded, and . . . here I am – even though everyone tells me I still look 21. Fact is, I’m 33 pushing middle age. But we’re the same height, same torso, and I bet we are even close to the same weight, though she’s got to be lighter than me, AND I know she doesn’t have to work out to be where she’s at like I do.

Cristy has this wonderful combination of diligence and care free. Pleasant, no attitude. Having grown up in a family of three brothers I’ve always known how to handle men, but I’ve never had a sister. Her situation is also the same as mine, with two brothers. At the beginning Jack dominated the time with her (as men do), with their ‘catching up.’ But I’ve really been picking my opportunities with Cristy lately. And we’ve found time in the afternoons to go for walks or play Scrabble. She just takes me back, to my younger, my wild years – but I definitely know she’s not wilder than I was. No one was.

On a sunny warm Saturday morning, Jack had left for a meeting with a number of his investors and I knew he wouldn’t be home until nine or ten that evening, and Cristy was sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee having just gotten up. I really wanted to do some shopping and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity.

“Cristy, you want to do a little shopping with me this afternoon?”

She looked up from her cup, “I’d love to Sam. It’ll just take me a minute to go get ready.”

We were out the door and in the car in no time, deciding on the indoor mall because that’s where the best clothes shops in the area are. And we were definitely focused on clothes. I wanted a treat for myself and Cristy mentioned that she wouldn’t mind looking at lingerie, which I haven’t thought about for years. After ten years of marriage I come ‘unwrapped’ now. Lingerie shopping would be fun so we decided to do that first.

As we were driving along Cristy had her hand up by her face holding her hair back and I kept glancing at her with a sideways glance and could not get the image of myself-in-her out of my head. Her breasts were definitely smaller than mine, no sag at all. Mine were gradually sinking down now year by year – but I had more to begin with. She had these wonderful little girl hips, and she always wore dresses (just like I once had).

“You like staying with us?”

“Oh yeah, it’s great – Jack and you are wonderful.”

“I really appreciate everything you do around the house. You’re certainly more responsible than I was when I was your age.”


“I was actually a lot like you when I was eighteen. I even looked like you.”

Cristy turned and looked at me, “Really! Thanks! I think you are so beautiful.”

I drank in the compliment. “Thanks. I used to have blonde hair like you, almost the same. But now its turned this dishwater blonde, almost brown . . “

“You can always color your hair! I love your hair, the way it hangs at your shoulders mine is so thin.”

“Thin? I would give anything to have hair like you again.” I looked in the mirror. “I could color couldn’t I? Wouldn’t Jack be surprised!”

And we bantered like that on our way to the store. We decided to go into the lingerie shop first.

“I haven’t bought anything like this for myself in a long time. Jack and I are way past this. I come unwrapped now.”

Cristy looked up at me and smiled, “Well it’s time you had a treat for yourself.” She was looking at baby doll nighties, which I remembered seeing her wear.

I went and picked up a nice panty and camisole top set – red my favorite color – almost exactly what I used to wear and held it out to her. “What do you think of this?”

She felt the material, “Mmm, nice.” And she took the panties in her hand and looked at them front then back.

“We can get you some panties too.” Cristy looked at me, “Panties, uh.”

I continued, “My treat.” I figured she had a budget.

“You’re going to get this for me? No, really. I have money.”

No for all you do, let me treat you – indulge you today.”

She reached over for an instant and took my hand. “Thanks. Lets find something for you too.”

We wandered through the escort gaziantep özbek bayan store and really indulged ourselves. Cristy was most attracted to a slutty little number that was in the stores ‘naughty’ collection. There were corsets that rested under your bosom, latex and shiny plastic panties and tops. Little nurse outfits, which was funny because I AM a nurse – I said ‘I can get that stuff anytime.’ Cristy said, ‘bet it doesn’t look like this.’ She was right.

Cristy talked me into getting a cream colored corset, with matching garters and stockings. She had been really taken with that one. There were also these wonderful french wrap around panties that i thought would look great on Cristy’s little girl hips and we got those. There were some push up bras which tended to make Cristy bustier so I got two of those for her as well, and then one for myself for good measure. On me it would really be a ‘saucy wench’ look. We knew our sizes and the store was busy so we picked out what we thought we would like and then whatever wasn’t right we could always take back (it would be another outing for us).

“We can model what we got for each other when we get home,” I said to Cristy as we got to the counter and I pulled out my credit card to buy everything.

She just responed, “OK,” as she watched everything get rung up.

It came to $364. For some reason I really wanted to see her in the red camisole and panty set.

“Wow!” said Cristy as she saw the bill, “That’s a lot of underwear.”

“At home we’ll model our finds like the fancy shops, and get some wine too.” So we stopped by the liquor store on the way home.

When I got home I went to the kitchen and took the large bottle of Merlot and opened it and then grabbed two glasses. I had sent Cristy upstairs to my room with the bags of stuff, and when I entered with the two glasses and our Merlot, Cristy was sitting on the bed laying out all the various shapes patterns and outfits of lingerie we got.

“We kind of went wild,” she said as she looked back at me. She was excited though, that feeling you get from shopping is so exhilarating.

I walked into the room, “We can take some of them back, but I really like everything. Here . . .” I poured out a glass for Cristy gave her the Merlot, and then poured one for myself. We managed to drain the first glass quickly, I think we were both a little nervous. I loved looking at her, it was a perfect reminder of my past. I was reliving my young body in her, as she stood in my room wearing this slight fine fabric little flower dress, bare feet and fine blonde hair, pink cheeks. Was she blushing?

I poured her another glass and was starting to feel a nice little buzz myself when I sat down sipping my wine and said, “you first.”

She looked at me, “Youth before beauty?”

I just said, “Something like that.”

Then she stood in the middle of the bedroom, pausing and looking my direction. I teased her along, “Go ahead. I can turn around if you want.”

“No no. I’m just a little shy.” And she turned her back to me and lifted her dress up over her head. I saw this lovely heart shaped behind. She wasn’t wearing panties today! I was so surprised to see the immediacy of her nakedness. She turned around and faced me now and I said with surprise in my voice, “You weren’t wearing any panties young lady.”

She just said, “Not today. It’s so hot.”

I just responded, “I’m just not brave enough for that anymore. But when I was your age . . .”

She turned toward me and walked to the bed. I was genuinely getting aroused looking at this little girl standing before me. Her blonde bush had the finest hairs and her breasts were as pert as I could have imagined from looking at her under her dress.

“Which one should I put on first?”

“This one.” It was the one I had picked out first, the one I most wanted to see her in, though I loved them all. It was the flaming red camisole and panty set. Red, silk and very sheer almost see through. The crotch of the panties had a pattern that made an arching V down between her legs with a shiny fabric, and there were these cute little white fluff balls that hung down on the back. Little toys for little boys. I felt like I was looking in a mirror into my past, and I began to untuck my shirt and kick off my shoes. I felt warm sipping my Merlot.

She looked at me as she slipped the camisole over her head and stood directly in front of me wearing only the red thin fabric top which hung down to her waist, her blonde bush was directly in front of me as I sat on the bed.

She pointed at me, “You can take your top off and get ready too. I might not be so shy if I weren’t the only one undressed.”

I drained the last of my second glass and lifted my top over my head. My head was swimming a little.

She was now sitting on the bed behind me, still no panties on, porno videolar “Here let me get that for you,” and she was unclasping my bra and helping me slide it off my arms.

I sat now in my pants and no top, she in a top and no bottoms. We laughed a little at the juxtaposition of our state of undress. I poured us our third merlot.

“Here,” I handed her the panties, “now these.”

She rose again from the bed and was openly staring at my breasts. I crossed my breasts with one arm as I held the panties out to her.

She took the panties and said, “No let me see. I want to see you.” It was so bold that I let my arm drop and we sort of examined one another in silence. She my breasts and I her body.

I was first to break the silence, “I wish I had your breasts. Mine are beginning to sag,” I tugged at them a little.

“No no, mine are too small.”

She bent now and slipped the panties on covering her bush. I realized she was no longer naked. She was wearing the red camisole and matching panties. It was just how I had imagined it. Oh my God! Her long gorgeous legs, and the way the top and bottom played peek a boo with her middle. I reached out my hand and held the hem of her camisole in my hand, she just stood and let me.

“I feel like I’m looking into a mirror of myself when I was young.” I let my hand wander onto her belly and then lower tracing her panty line with my finger. “So flat! Look at me.” And I held my arms out as I looked down at my own belly which was hanging over the edge of my pants.

She said, “Its just . . . your pants are too tight. I love the way you look! Here. Here, get out of the rest of your clothes. It’s just the pants.”

In a blur she had her hand on the side zipper of my slacks and in no time I was the one stripped naked sitting on the bed, my dishwater blonde/brown bush, wild with hair rising from between my legs. I looked around the bed, “What should I try on.”

“Lets see you in the corset, lets keep those breasts out where I can see them. You know your nipples are exactly the same as mine.” I was dizzy now and turned toward Cristy, she was lifting the red camisole over her head and sat back down next to me, “See.”

She took her fingers and sort of flicked at her own nipples, they stood upright as little round nobs in the center of her small brown aureoles. They were exactly like mine! Then she reached her hand out to me and did the same thing to me, rubbing and flicking my nipples gently with her fingers. I knew what the effect would be. Her soft hand on my breast was electric and a complete surprise. I let my own hand rest on her leg and we sat knee to knee, heads bent together, looking down at our breasts.

I was mesmerized. “They are! Our nipples are the same size too.” I exclaimed. “But how do THEY do that?” And I reached my own hand out now and cupped her breasts, she closed her eyes. “They defy gravity.”

Cristy responded, “But yours have so much sensuality, the flesh” – and she too was rubbing my breasts, tracing her fingers over my nipples, hefting my breasts up in her hand, and letting her hand slide down to my stomach. “And see! Now your stomach is nearly as flat as mine.”

“Think so. . . I don’t know.” I looked down at myself, slight paunch, legs parted, and my dishwater bush sitting down on the bed, and then I let myself fall back flat on the bed, playful, tipsy and said, “When I’m like THIS is the only time my stomach is really flat.”

I could hear Cristy giggle, as she continued to run her hand across my middle, over my stomach and onto my breasts again. I was laying on the lingerie we had layed out and just let her touch me, squeeze me once in awhile. Once or twice I felt her brush her fingers over my wild little bush and I gave a suppressed moan and stretched myself out lifting my arms above my head.

I looked up at her, “That feels so nice, two things I haven’t done – lingerie and a massage. Both in one day.” She glanced back at me, but then was focused once again on my body. For my part I didn’t move. Just silence and soft hands on my flesh.

After awhile Cristy startled me with her voice, “Uh, This might sound a little crazy.”

“What?” I languidly responded turning my head to her.

“It’s only just. Could I suckle your breast? Like a baby I mean. I’ve never. . .”

Now this was really taking me back to my youth. I leaned up on my elbows and stared at her sitting on the bed in her red panties no top, me completely naked. Where am I? I remembered thinking.

She persisted, “Just a little minute?” her hand still on me, caressing now my breasts, drawing circles around my nipples so they stood round and erect.

I closed my eyes, “Only if,” and I let myself drop back down on the bed, ” – you return the favor for me. Only don’t breath a word of this to Jack. . . Wait!”

She froze.

“This calls for a little rus escort bayan gaziantep more wine.” And I jumped up off the bed and ran over buck naked and poured my fourth glass – drank half – and then pushed all the lingerie to the far side of the bed and lay myself back down in the same spot setting the wine on a table nearby. What the hell I thought, harmless fun. It’s been years since I did anything as crazy as this. My heart was pounding as I lay back down completely nude with Cristy sitting beside me in her lovely pair of red panties, blonde hair falling over her eyes.

She lowered her head onto my chest and nuzzled her face between my breasts rubbing her warm cheeks against my skin and then brought her mouth over my right nipple and softly drew circles with her tongue, wrapping her lips and suckling me. First one then the other. As she suckled I felt her let her hand continue to massage my belly, lower and lower then brushing my bush. Oh god it felt so good. I let her hands just reach between my legs. Had she gone further I believe I would have opened my legs up for her, but she kept her hand just there at the top, my wild hairs splaying up from between her fingers.

I felt a hunger rising in me, could feel myself going wet, and I lifted myself on my elbows again, her mouth still on me, and said, “My turn.”

And I placed my own mouth over her perfect breasts now suckling one then the other as she sat before me. Their taste in my mouth was salt and perfume. I could smell her sex rising and as I suckled her I too slid my hand down into her fine blonde bush. She had already been sitting with her legs splayed open and I surprised myself by letting my fingers reach deeply between her legs over the red silk panties. I heard her draw in her breath and I looked up at her, then let my moist lips press into hers. I opened my mouth and we kissed like that for awhile. I have no idea how long. Exquisite slow kissing. No woman has kissed if she hasn’t kissed another woman, there is nothing like it. A softness and sharing that is utterly unique. I never took my hands off of her as I kissed her and let my fingers wander around to her back and explore her narrow hips, her round bottom, the crack of her ass, narrow waist, her shoulder blades. This body that at one time was me. She returned my kiss, was a good kisser. I was really surprised by that because in all the months here I can count on one hand the number of boyfriends she had brought home or gone out with.

I laid her back on the bed now and looked at her, without speaking began to tug at the last bit of clothing we were wearing save our jewelry. She laid with her hands above her head, she would let me do anything right now, eyes closed then open looking at me – relaxed. Not smiling. She just lifted her hips up and I slid her panties down her long legs and off, dropping them to the floor.

“Open your legs,” I whispered to her as she silently complied. I positioned myself between her thighs and then nuzzled my nose into her bush, breathing deep, rubbing her with my nose. It was also ‘My’ smell, moist, the smell of sex. Mother Earth. I brought my head up and asked, “Do you shave?”

She just whispered, “no,” and shook her head never taking her eyes off me.

And I let my tongue wander now over this delicate mound of flesh, this flower covered with the lightest down. Short hairs, no skin between her labia and thighs, none between her belly button and the top of her mound, none around her vagina. She had this lovely little hood of flesh draped across the top of her clitoris. I puckered my lips and gently suckled this other little nipple. She wriggled her hips and arched and pressed herself into me. I let my fingers trace the edges of her pussy, and pulled her open with my long nails and began to lick the length of her pinkness. She was so pink, so soft, my smell and taste. After what seemed like forever, sucking and chewing and licking this little girl, I asked, “Do you want to taste me?”

She could barely speak as she nodded. I thought I heard, “oh, yes.”

And I was the one now spread out on the bed with my arms above my head as Cristy nuzzled down between my legs. For some reason I felt like her mother, like she was my little girl. I was teaching her an initiation into womanhood. Into society. I felt like I was making love to myself. I brought my hands down and stroked her hair as she found me, and pressed lightly on her head. I wanted just a little more pressure down there, a little higher. I guided her softly. She was lapping at me like a cat. As I ate her she never moved, her arms lay relaxed, she was this supine statuette receiving me, undulating slightly. I was different. I pressed my mound against her, and stroked her hair, pressed her into me. I was so wet, I can’t remember when I had been this wet. I didn’t know that I could be this wet anymore. Jack drove me crazy, we were good lovers, but I was responding to something else today.

Cristy was growing hungrier and she began to reach into me with her fingers and slide her hands in my wetness along with her tongue. I could feel her nails on my flesh. I was getting so aroused, and I began to stiffen, I wanted to wait a little longer. I motioned her gently with my hands to slide up my body and she complied and then we lay entwined around one another.

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