Soapy Sex in the Shower

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I come home from a day out with friends to find you in the shower. I undress and step in the shower behind you. Your back is to me and I hug you around the waist. My body tight up against your back. You start to turn but I say wait, let me wash your back.

I grab the soap and soap up my hands. I touch your lower back with both of my soapy hands and start to move my hands up your back. You move the shower head slightly so the soap doesn’t just wash off and raise your arms up placing your hands high on the shower wall.

My soapy hands move up your back to your shoulders. I soap up my hands again and placing my hands on your shoulders move my hands up your arms as far as I can reach. My nipples are touching your back. You feel wonderful – all slick and soapy. I push my body into your back and slide around a bit before bringing my hands back down your arms and back.

My hands slide down your ass to your thighs as far as I can reach. My left hand slides up the side of your ass. my right hand slides atakent escort up the crack of your ass. I soap up once again and place my hands on your hips. I lower down on my haunches and my hands move down the outside of your legs. Down your thighs and calves to your feet. I am getting horny and very wet touching you. Mmmmm.

I move to the inside of your feet and soap up the inside of your calves and thighs. One hand moves to your hip the other is cupping your balls from between your legs. My hand slides forward and closes around your hard shaft. God you feel good.

I rise up behind you. Put my arms around you. My hands on your chest. My tits pressed tight against your back. I rub my hands over your chest. Down to your stomach and down the front of your thighs. We are so soapy. My hand goes around your cock. I slide my hand to the tip of your cock and back again. You are so hard. I continue to slide my hand up and down your shaft. I hear akbatı escort you moan. I wish I could see your face.

Next thing I know you turn around in my arms. You bend down and kiss me. Hard. I can feel your tongue in my mouth and your hard cock between us touching my belly. Mmmmmm. I can tell I’m very wet. I want you. Now.

But you take a hold of my shoulders and spin me around. You say it’s my turn. You take my hands and put them up on the shower wall. You then soap up your hands and wash me the way I washed you.

You start at my lower back. Your hands forceful yet gentle and slick on my back. Mmmmm. To my shoulders and up my arms. I can feel your cock touching my ass. I can’t stay still. I feel your breath at my ear. You bite my earlobe. My eyes are closed. I am so turned on.

Your hands move back down my back and over my ass. I feel your hand slide up the crack of my ass. I want you inside me. Then I feel your hands on aksaray escort the front of my thighs moving up my stomach to my tits. You have one in each hand and squeeze them. I can feel you behind me. You pinch my nipples hard and I cry out.

Then your are on your haunches behind me. Both of your hands are around one thigh. I can almost feel you touch my clit but you stay far enough away to make me crazy. Your hands move down my leg. Then back up again. Careful not to touch my center. I hear myself say please baby. But you are going to soap up my other leg. OMG I can’t stand it anymore. As your hands come back up my leg, you reach around the front and finger my clit just as you slide your cock into my core.

I orgasm immediately. Shaking and shuddering. Moaning. My arms slide down the wall and my hands hit the shower seat. I am bent over in front of you. I rise up on tip toes and put my legs together. Such an amazing sensation. You are moving slowly so I can recover. OMG. When I stop shaking from my orgasm you start moving faster. Your hands are on my hips. You are pounding me hard. I can hear the swish of soapy water between us. And can feel water hitting my back. My back is arched low. My head pointing up toward the ceiling. I’m going to cum again. I start milking your cock with another orgasm when you explode deep and hard inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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