Society 1.6: Modernus Opus

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Jason wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do. His Mistress was either asleep, or doing a very good impression of it. A huge part of him wanted to lie down with her. To pull her into his arms, and cling to her all day. Of course that couldn’t happen. Ever. His heart twisted at that reminder.

He turned to the fire. The tray of dirty dishes caught his eye. He put it outside the door, then went back to the fire. He knelt next to its heat in Position Two, and tried not to think. But the position was not intended to be held for long periods of time. His feet went numb fast. And his brain refused to stop thinking.

Muffling a sigh, he switched to sitting cross-legged instead. He turned toward the fire, since his back was rapidly getting baked. Staring into the flames, he tried to find a bright spot in his morose thoughts.

He was here, in The Society, as Mistress Elena’s favored pet. He was so highly favored that he was allowed to please her. It was selfish and stupid to want more. He had the guys to sleep with if he wanted cuddles. But… Who did Mistress Elena turn to for cuddles?

No one. Erik had already clued him in on that score. No one ever slept with Mistress Elena. Jason frowned severely. It didn’t seem right to him. She should be in the middle of a pile of strong, handsome, loving men. She should have what she had given him.

Jason blindly watched the gas fire jump and lick at the fake logs. She must be lonely. Of course she was. Shut off in her office. Always behind closed doors. She seemed happy, though. In control. Usually smiling in approval. He knew he made her happy just now. Happy enough to put her to sleep.

His eyes drifted back to his Mistress. A sweet little smile curved her lips. Some tendrils had worked their way free of her braid. They curled around her face. The face that he’d dreamed about for years.

He wanted to stroke that pearly skin. Feel if her cheek was as soft as it looked. As soft as her thighs. Gently rounded. Voluptuous. He had never understood why anyone would think fucking a stick sounded sexy. A woman should be warm and soft. When she generously opened for a man, and offered him her sweet cradle… Jason shuddered hard.

He knew exactly what it would feel like. Sinking into Mistress Elena’s warmth. The only fling he’d had in college that even came close to what he needed. She was an older woman, going back to school for a second career. Maggie’s body dimensions were almost identical to Mistress Elena’s. Her arms and legs closing around him while he settled into her heat was the most erotic, welcoming, loving experience of his life.

But Maggie didn’t have the slightest interest in pegging. She wasn’t shocked when he suggested it, but she just wasn’t interested. She didn’t even want to finger him, no matter how clean his ass was. For that matter, she couldn’t suck a cock for shit.

Mistress Elena, though… She was everything he had ever wanted. She really was his living Goddess. That pretty little Mona Lisa smile gracing her lips… He put that there. Jason’s heart swelled with pride. He held onto that feeling for the next half hour while his Mistress napped. Staring at her the entire time.

He knew when she started to wake up. He quietly moved into Position Two, and watched her breathing ramp up slowly. Her fingers twitched, then clenched before relaxing. The Mona Lisa smile grew just a tiny bit. A low, sexy moan drifted from her. Breathy. Her fingers clenched again, along with the rest of her body as she flowed into a feline stretch. When her gold eyes opened lazily, he caught a glimpse of confusion as she searched for him.

He quickly ducked his head before she caught him staring at her. “How may I serve you, my beloved Mistress?”

Elena’s eyes locked onto her sweet boy. “Mm… I can think of many, many ways.”

Jason bit his tongue to keep any of the dozen responses that popped into his mind from popping out of his mouth. He decided that he wasn’t required to respond to that, anyway. He peeked up at her and caught a lascivious look of lust on her face that instantly made him chubby again. Dammit. He lowered his eyes and glared at his disobedient cock.

“In fact… No, no. I am being too greedy already. I need a shower, darling. Alas, I am feeling far too lazy and satisfied to walk,” she hinted.

Jason went numb. What? What!? No one showered Dom/me’s that he knew of. Except for subs. Maybe a slave once in a while, for those who do not have a beloved submissive. But normally it was only subs that were allowed that intimacy.

He forced his body to stand. He walked toward his Mistress, still cuddled deep in the blankets. His gut twisted hard as he reached for her. Pulling aside the top cover, he wrapped the other blankets around her carefully. He didn’t want her to become chilled. He took another deep breath before tenderly scooping her into his arms.

She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. His heart melted, then swelled again. Clutching his precious burden close, he walked around the bed to the bathroom door. Then kicked himself. Ataşehir Escort He should have opened the door. And turned on the shower. Before he picked her up. Too late. He’d do it right next time. Next time.

Pushing aside thoughts of next time, he focused on now. His Mistress’ needs. A shower. He gently juggled her so he could open the bathroom door. Then gaped as he looked around. Wow. It was almost as big as her bedroom.

He set his Mistress on the plush chaise lounge carefully before turning to the shower. Gnawing his lip, he worried as he adjusted the temperature. He wanted it to be perfect. He hoped he wasn’t making it too hot. But she’d said she was cold in a fairly warm room. Forcing himself to stop fiddling with the knobs, he turned back to his beloved Mistress.

Elena was watching his ass with another lascivious smile. When he turned, she was offered the sight of his slightly chubby cock. She had to wonder if it ever really went down. Well… without ice, anyway.

She loved watching his body move. Strong. Beautiful. He walked toward her, then kneeled in Position Two in front of her.

“How may I serve, beloved Mistress?” He sure as hell wasn’t going to take the blankets off without her permission.

Elena beamed. He really was perfect. She reached out and ran her fingers through his hair. Sliding down his cheek, she nudged his chin up. “Look at me, darling.”

Jason turned his eyes up, and was caught again.

“My sweet boy. I have searched for you… Ah, it seems like forever. I have very high hopes for you, little one. Very high hopes. You will bathe me. Then I will show you your new assignment.”

Jason had about a million questions after that little speech. He bit down on them all and nodded. “Yes, Mistress.” He swallowed hard again before gently unwrapping her.

Elena melted at the blatant adoration in his sky-blue eyes. He helped her out of the robe, then picked her up again. She was tucked against his very nice chest. Naked, this time. Without a bunch of blankets in the way.

Jason’s knees almost buckled when Mistress Elena started playing with his nipples. She happily twisted, bit, and suckled all the way into the shower. He wasn’t sure what to do at that point. Mistress Elena seemed to be having a grand time driving him out of his fucking mind. So he stood there, under the rain shower, shuddering.

Elena was delighted to find out that her darling Jason had such sensitive nipples. She tortured them a little bit longer before reluctantly pulling away. “Ah, my darling. You are far too perfect. Set me down. You need your hands to work. I do expect you to be thorough, little one.”

Jason decided to just pretend this was all a long, elaborate dream. One that he really didn’t want to wake up from. Just go with the flow. Wash Mistress Elena as though he was her beloved submissive. Because that was exactly what she was grooming him to be.

Jason was not a stupid man by any measure. All the pieces fell into place. His body went numb again. Focus. Focus. Wash her, dammit. He tried to hide his shaking as he picked up the shower pouf and body wash. It smelled like her. Sweet and a little bit woodsy. He’d never seen the brand in a supermarket.

Rubbing up the lather, he started at the back of her neck with long, firm strokes. Massaging gently. Moving down to her shoulders. Easing those muscles. Then down her gently curving spine. Every inch of her back was methodically washed and massaged.

Elena wanted to melt into a puddle already, and Jason hadn’t even gotten to the good parts yet. When he did, it was obvious that he remembered her admonition to be thorough. Soapy fingers explored every crevice. They dipped and dove, then retreated and tickled. The soap stung her tender, stretched flesh. He rinsed it away just as thoroughly.

By the time her darling Jason worked his way down, around, and back up again, Elena’s knees were weak. His strong, long fingers were massaging her breasts. Teasing her taut nipples. They were squeaky clean.


Jason swooped down, and bit. Hard. Elena melted. He felt her knees give out, and swept her into his arms. Holding her high, he continued to feast on her bountiful breasts. He bit, gnawed, and suckled. Then bit again.

Elena was itching again. Deep inside her core. She wanted to bend over and beg Jason to rape her ass. Of course she couldn’t. Dammit. But soon.

“You will satisfy my needs again, little one.”

Jason barely heard her command through his raging desire. When it finally kicked in, he pulled away from her breasts enough to speak.

“Yes, beloved Mistress. I live to serve.” Especially like this. This incredible gift.

Elena was pleased by his efficiency when he turned off the shower and patted her dry carefully. She was pleased again by his tender concern as he carefully set her on the bed again, turned up the fire, then whirled around getting the blankets back on the bed and tucking her in solicitously. She went from pleased to ecstatic when he wormed his way under Bostancı Escort the covers and began gently suckling on her pussy lips.

Jason breathed in her scent while he worked. He made love to her sweet hole with his tongue. Swirling it around, he tickled, thrust, and lapped worshipfully. He sank into the zone. He could barely breathe under the covers; buried in her mound. Ignoring that discomfort, he focused on his Mistress’s shaking thighs.

Elena finally shoved the blankets off of them and spread her legs as far as she could.

“Jason… darling… please fetch the dildos in my bedside table.”

Jason acknowledged the order with his mouth still pressed to her sweetness. “Yes, Mistress.” He pulled away with a final flick of his tongue. Focusing on the bedside table, he blinked the fog of lust out of his eyes enough to find the requested tools. There were two dildos in the drawer. One thick, heavy, and long. The other was not quite as wide or long, but was still impressive.

He almost laughed when he realized that they were about the size of Erik’s cock, and his. He wondered which one she wanted in which hole.

Mistress Elena swung her legs up again, presenting him with her asshole. “The big one.”

Jason slathered it generously with lube, and spread more on his Mistress’s hole. He worked the tip in slowly. She lifted her ass higher. More. She needed more. Faster. He pushed harder, and angled the tool. She gasped and bucked. Digging around with the tip, he forced more into her ass until only the base was left.

“Put the other in. Fuck my pussy with it. Hard.”

Jason gritted his teeth as he knelt between her thighs. He wished it was his cock he was sliding into her. The rubbery plastic was quickly covered in her natural lubricant. Grabbing the base, he jammed it the rest of the way in. His Mistress shoved her pussy higher in the air.

“Bite my tits.”

He hesitated. There was no way for him to bite her tits and still fuck her pussy without covering her. He tried to hover over her, but she released one leg and pulled him closer. His arm was twisted awkwardly to work the dildo. His cock was straining toward her like a heat-seeking missile.

His Mistress was writhing underneath him. Arching her back, and trying to shove more of her tit in his mouth. Searching for her release, and not finding it. He bit harder, but knew that the angle wasn’t working for her. Her mewling cries held an undertone of frustration. She needed more. He twisted and angled until he could get a better grip on the base of the dildo. The action pressed his throbbing cock against her thigh.

When he began devouring her breasts again, and pounding her pussy perfectly, Elena bucked wildly. “Hump my leg.”

Jason groaned against her breast. Yes… God, yes. He started rubbing his cock on her satiny thigh to the same rhythm as the dildo ramming deep. That was all it took. She exploded under him again. This time, it went on for ages.

Jason watched in awe as his Mistress continued to convulse. He kept up his steady, driving rhythm.

“Come on my pussy.”

For a half a second, Jason thought she ordered him to come inside her. No, no. Not yet. He reared back and took aim. Jerking frantically, he groaned as his cock erupted. His Mistress bucked her hips. He slammed the dildo in and out. Working his come deep into her canal. Wanting desperately to replace the dildo with his cock.

When she let out a final wailing cry, he shoved the dildo deep, and rocked it back and forth. He desperately wanted to cover her. Sink into that soft cradle. But he didn’t. She let go of her legs. He grabbed them and helped her lower them gently to the bed.

Elena would have loved nothing more than to curl up with her sweet Jason and sleep the morning away. But she knew that if she stayed in bed with him, then she would wind up ordering him to please her again. As lovely as his performances had been, she had to actually work sometime today. Still… she couldn’t resist.

“My pussy is covered in your come, darling. Would you care to taste us?”

Jason’s heart was still trying to thump its way out of his chest. He nodded weakly. “Yes, Mistress.” God, yes.

Elena sighed happily when her sweet boy went back to his beautiful work. He truly was perfect. Gentle enough for her recently-pounded pussy, but not so light as to tickle. She entertained a very brief fantasy of spending the entire day like this. No, no. Greedy.

“Mm… Wonderful, my darling. Absolutely wonderful. I’m afraid I won’t be able to walk for a few more minutes. If you would care to tidy up? There are cleaning supplies in the bathroom for the toys. When you are through, I would enjoy a warm wet washcloth.”

“Yes, beloved Mistress. I live to serve.” He backed off and tucked the covers back over her gently.

“And you do so beautifully, darling.”

She watched with a satisfied smile as her sweet boy gathered up the beads and dildos. He disappeared into her bathroom. She heard the sound of running water and muted Kadıköy Escort thumps. The musical clatter of the beads. It was perfect. Her sweet, sweet boy.

Jason stared at the sex toys in his hands. Frothy with cleaning solution. While he washed them thoroughly, he tried to process everything that had just happened. His entire world had already changed in just a few days. Now it was shifting again.

He tried to rein in his trembling excitement. He wasn’t her beloved submissive yet. He still had to earn it. To prove himself. He had to be perfect. Anticipate her needs. See to her comforts. Excite her. Prove his loyalty, and obedience.

He felt a bit better after his little pep talk. He could do this. He knew he could. She chose him out of hundreds of applicants. No. Thousands. She said that she had been searching for him for years. He refused to believe that she could be wrong about anything. Besides, she was the perfect trainer. All he had to do was obey, and learn. His beloved Mistress would teach him everything he needed to know.

By the time he entered the bedroom, he felt calm, and surprisingly confident. He washed his Mistress’s swollen, sticky pussy and ass gently, then tucked her back in. Then he put away all of the toys and tidied up a few more details before settling into Position Nineteen next to the fire.

“Perfect, darling. Would you please fetch me a fresh robe?”

“Yes, Mistress.” He hurried into the walk-in closet and pulled one of the dozen fluffy white robes off of its hanger. When he went back into the room, he saw his Mistress swinging her legs off of the bed in preparation to stand. He rushed to her side.

Elena had to hide a little laugh at Jason’s solicitous attentions. He helped her stand gently, then wrapped her in the fluffy robe. He even tied the belt for her. When she walked to her vanity, he was three steps behind her. Then he stood in Position Nineteen within arm’s reach as she sat down. Simply perfect.

“Have you ever braided hair, darling?”

Jason shook his head. “No, Mistress.”

“Mm. I am certain that you will learn quickly. Take the tie off of the bottom of the braid.”

Jason concentrated on her toilette like he was learning physics. He memorized every detail carefully. He figured that the most delicate part was the combing. Dividing her hair into thirds was tricky, but he had the waves from the former braid to guide him.

He loved her thick hair. Long. Very long. By the time he reached the bottom of the braid, he was frowning slightly. It was uneven, and she had split ends. Her hair needed to be trimmed. He wondered if someone came out to the estate to handle that.

“Lovely, darling. Now, come. I have a secret to show you that very few people know.”

Elena stood and walked to the medieval tapestry on the wall. Jason was surprised when she swept it aside to reveal an elaborate forest scene carved into a door. The frieze was filled with nymphs and fawns fucking in every conceivable position. He tamped down on a bubble of incredulous laughter. A secret chamber. Of course.

“The rosettes are the keys. They must be turned in the right order.”

He watched her push, then twist a rosette that he never would have noticed. It looked like a knot on one of the trees.

“Turn the first one clockwise. You will feel the clicks. Count to twelve. Here, try the next one. Turn it counter-clockwise to twenty-seven.”

Jason pushed and twisted the next wooden rosette, which was hidden in the flower crown of a nymph. He felt the clicks that she was referring to. There were twelve clicks to a circuit, like a clock. The higher numbers were harder to twist. He figured that there must be some kind of spring in the mechanism.

There were nine rosettes in total. Each was assigned with seemingly random numbers between one and thirty-six. There didn’t seem to be a discernible pattern to the direction of the turns, either. He had to admire the clever puzzle, and wonder how old the door was. The frieze was incredible. The rosettes were smooth from many hands.

“I cannot write down the combination for you, darling. It is Forbidden to write it anywhere. You must memorize it. We can go over it as many times as you need to be sure you have it right.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

The almost dismissive way he acknowledged her offer made her raise one eyebrow.

“Shall we practice?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“To reset the locks; twist the sun clockwise, all the way around, three times.” She watched him nod and twist the sun. They heard the clunk of the ancient locks settling back into place.

“Go on, darling.”

Jason went through the complicated process quickly, and accurately. Elena had to laugh and clap with delight when the door popped open. “Ah, you are simply perfect, darling. Come, come. I truly believe you will love this.”

Jason hid his wide grin at his beloved Mistress’s enthusiasm. She slipped into the hidden hallway and beckoned for him to follow. He had to duck to get through the door, but not by much. The hallway was much taller, and wider, than he thought it would be. It was also clean. Very, very clean. Amazingly clean, really. Not a speck of dust, or a single cobweb anywhere. He had to wonder how that was achieved. It was also well-lit by long strips of lights along the floor and ceiling.

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