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Even as a lesbian, I never understood the “Solo Girls” category on porn sites. I always thought, “Why would I want to watch a mousy amateur play with her pussy when I could be watching two or three gorgeous porn girls licking each other’s fine forms?” It never made sense to me, so I always passed on the “Solo Girls” in favour of “Lesbian Sex.”

The other day, I got curious about the solos. I started wondering if they did what I did when I got myself alone in a room. Would they just be squeezing their little titties for the camera or would they really go at their pussies with giant dildos? I was amazed by what I discovered.

The first solo I watched was a really hot girl geek. Not at all what I expected to find on a porn site. She was perched backwards on a sleek black loveseat that seemed to be inside a greenhouse. There were tropical flowers and greenery all over the place. I loved her right away, with her dark-rimmed glasses, rockabilly red lingerie, and her quirky black haircut.

She kneeled on the loveseat. Leaning on the back, she showed off her lovely ass for the camera. She put her fingers in her mouth and sucked them before reaching down to shift her thong out of the way. Her pussy lips were clean and perfect as she plunged her fingers between them.

I’d never seen any girl in life or in porn fingerfuck herself the way she did. Thrusting Escort bayan two fingers inside, she working her hole hard. From what I could see, it looked like she was rubbing the soft, wet flesh right inside her pussy. In less than a minute, she started with soft whimpers. Soon after, she exploded with pleasured cries. Right away, her fingered pussy started pumping out clear liquid all over the black fabric of the loveseat. I’ve never seen a girl squirt in real life. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It spilled out of her hand, soaking her thong and her thighs. Her pussy made pulpy sounds as she squirted a rainstorm. It just kept coming all over the little sofa. It was awesome.

But that was the end of the video. A mere quickie by female masturbation standards. She’d finished herself off already, and I hadn’t even got started yet! But watching that gorgeous girl geek squirt all over the place got me so wet, I got out my vibe and clicked on another “Solo Girl.”

Dirty blonde hair with golden highlights. Big, natural, naked boobs with perky pink nipples. This one was girl-next-door pretty with the kind of body I wish my girl next door had. Lifting her huge tits up to her mouth, she licked her nipples in alternation. That got me so turned on. I love watching girls lick nipples, whether they’re theirs or mine or somebody else’s.

As she sucked her breast, Escort one pretty little hand snuck insider her panties. She squirmed as she stroked her concealed clit, tossing her head back. When she slipped out of her baby blue panties, I tossed off mine. She spread her legs for the camera. That girl had the prettiest pussy I’d ever seen in my life. It was hairless, it was flawless, and it was gleaming with juice. Her lips small and white, hiding a tight pink slit just drooling for the dildo she picked up off the bed.

When she powered up her vibe, I did the same. I held mine against my clit as usual, and watched the girl for new ideas. She slid her smooth vibrating cock down against her lips, stroking all that pussy juice up against her clit and down her slit. She threw her head back and moaned as she rubbed the outside of her snatch.

Then she went in. I followed suit as she popped that big vibrator inside her slit. She plunged it in slow, then pulled it out slower, bringing her tit to her lips for a thorough lick. After a few thorough ins and outs, she ploughed her cunt with the big toy. I did the same, bringing my feet up onto my chair and forcing my dildo fast in and out of my pussy. Usually, I just worked my clit with the vibe, but this girl was really on to something. It felt so good as it stroked my insides that I came as I watched.

The best Bayan escort thing about being female is multiple orgasms. I slowed down with the dildo, but I knew I’d come again as I watched the girl next door. She had the most perfectly pink asshole I’d ever seen in my entire life. If she’d been on my bed, I would have flipped her upside down and eaten her ass until she screamed. But she wasn’t in my bed. She was on my computer. So instead of licking her hole, I watched as she snuck her finger down there and traced circles around it.

Of course, she made it look so hot I couldn’t resist fingering my own ass. She penetrated her asshole with her finger, poking it in and out in time with the dildo in her cunt. With my big vibe still quivering inside my pussy, I put some jelly on my finger and stuck it up inside my asshole. As I penetrated my ass with my finger, I was astounded to realize I could feel the dildo inside my cunt. My finger and my vibe were very close by. Side by side.

I watched my solo girl and did what she did. The harder she ploughed her pussy, the harder I went at mine. My assring clamped down tight on my finger. The porn beauty was coming, so I let it all out. I came for a second time in a matter of minutes. My pussy trembled. My asshole locked on my finger. I cried out at the top of my lungs, praising the gods of porn.

We came together, my Solo Girl and me. The release felt incredible and I learned a thing or two. Too bad I went so many years thinking they were all drones with nothing to give me. Now every time I want to get off, I bring a Solo Girl along for the ride.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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