Somali Lesbian Tomboy Files

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When I feel horny, most of the time, like the rest of us, I masturbate like crazy. That day, though, I had really bad. I sat in a washroom stall in the women’s locker room inside the Capital University campus gym, and fingered my already wet pussy to a guilty pleasure. Got to enjoy the simplest things in life, you know? Anyhow, in case you’re wondering who this freaky mama is, the name is Amjad Hussein, but my friends call me Amy.

I was born and raised in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. My father Ali Hussein is originally from the City of Mogadishu, Somalia, and my mother Natalie Thompson is white, originally from the City of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Yeah, they’re from completely different worlds, I know. People tend to stare at my folks and I when we’re out in public. To me, they’re my parents. I love them but they’re boring like all parents are, you know? They met at the University of Ottawa in the early 1990s, fell in love, got married and had little old me. I’ve been told more times than I can count that I am a fairly unique woman. Well, aren’t we all unique in our way?

I’m five feet eleven inches tall, curvy and sexy, with light brown skin and long black hair. People say I kind of look like actress Lauren London from the movie ATL, only more butch or tomboyish or whatever. I don’t really see bursa escort bayan the resemblance but whatever. People mention that stuff to me all the time. My father is Muslim and my mother is a Roman Catholic but me? I’m a raging Atheist! Seriously, that old fart Dawkins got absolutely nothing on me. I live my life by my own rules and don’t apologize for it.

Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yeah, I sat in the ladies washroom and masturbated. Tight-lipped, with my eyes closed, I pleasured myself. My last sexual encounter was something else. Too bad it happened like two months ago. I met this tall Jamaican chick named Mara Rodney at school and we totally hit it off. I’ve got a thing for tall, dark-skinned chicks with dreadlocks, big tits and even bigger asses. Mara Rodney is a newcomer to Ottawa by way of Bethel Town, Jamaica. This gal is studying civil engineering while exploring her lust for the ladies. Well, Mara came to the right place.

From the first time we met at the school library, Mara and I just clicked. We exchanged cell phone numbers, and even added each other on Facebook. Three days after our first meeting, Mara Rodney invited me over to her place for pizzas and beers. I showed up wearing a bright red tank top and booty shorts. Mara greeted me at the door wearing considerably bursa anal yapan escort less than I was. Believe me when I say we didn’t waste any time chit-chatting, folks. Mara Rodney of Jamaica was a sexual cyclone, just like me. The combination was…explosive, but in a good way.

Mara laid me on her king-sized bed after hastily undressing me, and then Miss Jamaica went to work on me. Mara licked me from my head to my toes, and I shuddered and moaned as she caressed my tits while her agile fingers explored my womanly folds. Mara spread my thighs wide open and started licking my cunt like a damn lollipop. I moaned softly and caressed the back of Mara’s head as the gorgeous Jamaican goddess pleasured me. Ladies, if you haven’t had what I call the Jamaican tongue bath, you truly haven’t lived!

Mara definitely knows her way around the female body, but so do I. Seriously, ladies, I’ve got skills! After Mara took me on a couple of trips to nirvana, I showed Miss Jamaica how us Ottawa chicks get down. I put Mara on all fours and admired her big, dark brown booty. Alright, I’m a big-booty chick who loves chicks with big butts. I kissed Mara’s big booty and she laughed when I playfully smacked it. Spreading her ass cheeks wide open, Mara bursa rus escort told me to lick it.

Hell, I’m freaky enough to try almost anything so I started munching on Mara’s sweaty but sweet-tasting butt hole like it was honey. Since that day, I’ve become something of an ass licker. Ahem, female asses only and only if they’re clean. After licking Mara’s ass and fingering her pussy, I had her wear a strap-on dildo that I bought a while ago at the adult video store near the Rideau Mall. Mara looked pretty hot wearing my shiny strap-on dildo. Grinning, I spread my thighs invitingly.

Mara Rodney grabbed my legs and raised them in the air, then pressed the dildo against my pussy. I locked eyes with her and smiled defiantly. Mara grinned and thrust into me, and I gasped as the dildo filled my cunt. That’s right, people, I am a butch lesbian who loves to get fucked. Most of the other butch lesbians or studs you meet will tell you that they’re always the ones doing the fucking. Most of them bitches are lying. Me? I’ve got nothing to hide!

Mara fucked me real good, slamming the strap-on dildo into my cunt, pinching my tits and even smacking my ass. I loved every minute of it. Yeah, I had a lot of fun with Mara. We hooked up plenty of times after that first encounter. Mara is good in bed and pleasant company. I like a woman who’s smart, cute, and has her stuff together. Mara is all that and then some. Too bad she’s away in Toronto right now. I’m horny as fuck and as soon as Mara comes home, I’m going to need her to tear this pussy up. For now, though, I am something of a chronic masturbator…just like you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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