Son Fucks his Mom Ch. 1

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Hi Guys,

It’s me Rohit again, after my first submission I get tremendous response from the readers and they all wanted me to write more. Thanks to my valuable readers… and a Lot more I stopped counting after 38 mails.

Well there are 98% mails which all said me to keep on writing only 3 emails said things negative about my submission so, I will write… here I go:

This story is again about my mother, after screwing her for almost four months I realized that she was getting more sexy and concisous about her looks. She startted exercise and jogging and within next three weeks she lost almost 20 pounds that made her look more pretty but I was concerned about the size of her white mellons, I was more worried if she lost flab on her breasts. So, I asked her to take care of her boobs so that I can enjoy sqeezing and fucking them.

I was fucking her almost everyday and ejaculated inside her every time and she was also crazy about my dick and eagerly took inside her warm mouth. It was going fine until one day we planned a trip to Las Vegas as my friends and her sister lived in Las Vegas so, we thought it will be fun as we want to visit USA for a long time, it was almost two years since we left India for abroad. My Dad was as usual busy in his Farm Product Industry so he arranged Tickets and Visa for us and preffered to stay back in Punjab (India). We took a flight for san francisco thru Lufthansa Airlines, as it was Lufthansa we had a stop at Frankfurt airport for 12 hours.

Me and my mom both were quiet thrilled as it was a feeling of freedom as no one known to us was there so getting a chance of being caught doing kissing and petting was almost nil. we took a local cab arranged by the airline to go and see a famous brew of german wines, all the time she in Cab she was kissing me and put escort bayan şanlıurfa her head on my shoulder and I was leaving no moment to press her boobs with my hands, The Cab driver was youngman and he was reacting to our behaviour quiet normally. After reaching the wineyards we tasted the famous sparkling wine of germany which was smoother than frech wine bourduex!!

Any way after that we went to the shopping plaza where I asked my mother to buy to buy some jeans and t shirts which she agreed to buy only if they look good on her while buying t shirts my preference was to buy round neck thin cotton t shirts rather than polos. After having lunch in a luxurious restraunt we went back to air port.

At airport I asked her to change the dress and wear one of the t shirts we bought earlier that day. she went to the ladies rest room and changed her dress and rather look,. She was now looking more sexy as she was wearing grey t shirt which was a little tight from her bust. I was astonished to see her looking like brand new bitch and I asked her to go backi n rest room and remove her bra, after much request she agreed to remove it and when she returned back her Boobs were bouncing and fighting to come out from the thin tshirt I got instant hardon seeing her and then and wanted to tear her t-shirt right away but we have to take off for USA.

On the plane I controlled my feelings and my hands as well, as her big breasts were bouncing and loose because of no bra, I infact noticed that few male passengers give her a nasty look like they want to fuck her boobs for anything. I was counting seconds to reach states as I wanted ramm my thick dick in her Big cunt lipps. The journey finaly ended and we reached sanfrancisco, I called my friend and told that we will escort gaziantep sarışın bayan join him once we will see sanfrancisco this was actually not planned but we need more freedom for our incestous relationship, so we decided to fuckaround for two days then we will go to my friends place.

We took a cheap motel owned by some mexican though there were not many guests but the bed sheets were clean and thats all we needed. as soon as I payed for two days rent on the reception, I almost raced to get inside the room were my fucking slut with really big Breasts and Juicy big cunt was waiting to get fucked. I literally torned her tshirt and start squeezing her boobs like maniacs and she seem to enjoy this as she now knew my lovemaking art and style.

She was screaming in joy and I was pumping her right in her cunt with every time I pumped my Thick dick she scremed in pleasure, making her big boobs moving up and down, we were aware that anyone passing by our room can hear our Moans and Groans easily but we were least worried about that as none knows that we were Mother and Son I was ramming my dick for almost 5 minutes and squeezing her Big Breasts at the same time, there was no point of cumming for me and that made my Mother cum two times I can now see my dick going inside and coming outside of Very Big Cunt with big lipps of Labia soaked in sweet juices seeing that made me get down and ate her cunt for another 5 minutes giving her another orgasm, I swallowed each and every drop of her cum juice and rubbed some of it on my Dick which was now wet and shining and then I inserted it in her mouth which she took eagerly and started stroking with her hands and expert mouth, in less then two minutes I came in her mouth and she swallowed most of escort şehitkamil my juice and some flowed from her mouth to cheeks. She was looking fucking slut which can do anything ti get laid and I was happy to fuck her so bad that she somtimes literraly begged to get my rod in her cunt.

In those two days I fucked her almost 9 times and made her pussy lipps more big as my constant fucking and sucking made them swollan and red. I borrowed a office ruler for measureing the length of cunt lipps from the reception of the motel and when I measure it was God three Inches big. God Three inches big of two lipps and in between them my Thick Penis made me horny like any thing. on our last night in the motel I wanted to fuck her so badly as I knew that fucking her in Las Vegas will be difficult as we may not get enough time in privacy.

We both took bath together and dried eachother with towels. we were without clothes as they were useless for us at that time, I pushed her back and teased her big pussy lipps with head of my penis, she was aroused as she was moaning loudle and then in a moment she came, I lowered my head and started to drink her dripping pussy lipps my toungue was playing in between her long lipps and suddenly I got a wild idea I inserted my three fingures and then four and after that my whole palm by this time she was screaming in joy she was saying “Yes I like it, aur ander apna haath dalo” I inserted my hand further and she became so horny that she was shivering with joy I pressed my right hand further and her face become dark red then I started pumping her cunt with my hand and she screamed every second of it. in less than a minute I felt hot juice flowing on my palm and my hand, she orgasmed when itook my hand out from her cunt, it was fully lubed with her juices and licked it clean.

That night we did anal sex also though I ejaculated inside her asshole but I never enjoted anal sex as anus is dry and rough unlike pussy’s wetness and smoothness and my mother told me that she also don’t enjoy as most of the part of anus is not as sensitive to respond penis insertion as cunt inner walls.

The next day we took a rented car for Las Vegas.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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