Sorority Surprise

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My sister Rita was in university and I (Dave) had graduated the year before and was now working in the same city. She shared a dorm with a couple of other girls and I had my own apartment.

We’d both got our mother’s skin tone (she was Italian) and between Dad’s build and sports, both of us were fairly tall and fit. She was a few inches under my 6′ and at least 70lbs under my 220 but she looked awesome. Sure, she was my sister but that didn’t mean I hadn’t noticed the fact that she’d developed very nicely in the chest department – not quite a C-cup but they looked much bigger on her small frame. We hadn’t been shy growing up, I know we’d both caught more than one accidental flash of the other either going to/from the shower or not quite shutting our door but I’d never intentionally spied on her and I don’t think she’d spied on me.

We’d always been close, I know a lot of brother/sisters argue and fight but while we had the occasional argument, as we grew up, we were closer to each other than we were to most of our other friends and were generally able to talk about whatever we wanted to. We often just hung out with each other instead of going out, either watching a movie or playing video games. Now that we were living away from home, we were pretty casual when we were together. More than once, we’d hung out with me in just my boxers and her braless in a t-shirt and loose shorts. I’d gotten a flash of nipple or pussy a few times when she bent or shifted the right way but I don’t think she noticed and once or twice I thought maybe she’d been checking me out but other than the occasional masturbation session thinking of it after she left, there was never any sexual contact between us. We talked to each other about the first time we had sex, what we did or didn’t like sexually and even a few things we’d fantasized about doing, nothing was really ‘off limits’.

It was one of those evenings that led up to everything that happened. Instead of her usual talkative, outgoing self she seemed unusually quiet and withdrawn. I asked her a few times if anything was wrong or if I could do anything to help and just got a “no, I don’t think so.” I knew her well enough not to push and somewhat earlier than usual she went back to her dorm. We got together again the next night to watch a movie. I was in the recliner; she was on the couch and she still seemed really quiet so I asked again if something was wrong. She looked at me oddly for what seemed like forever before obviously deciding to talk about it.

“I want to join a sorority.”

“Ok, that’s not unusual, what’s the problem?”

“Well, I’m sure you’ve heard about some of the ‘initiation’ things that happen at sorority parties right?”

“Yep!” Of course I didn’t tell her I’d been to a few sorority parties where things got really interesting.

She had a few more sips of her drink then said she had to go pee; I think just trying to delay what she wanted to say. When she came back, she said, “Ok, we’ve always talked and trusted each other so I might as well tell you. A couple of my classmates wanted to join one of the really ‘prestigious’ ones that’s not easy to get into. They said it would be a lot of fun and asked if I’d pledge with them so I said yes. At first there were a lot of us trying to join but we’ve had to do a few ‘challenges’ and eliminated more than half.

“What kind of challenges?”

“Well,” and she hesitated for a few seconds, “for the first one we had to sneak into the guys change room and get a picture of one of the guys naked without getting caught.”

“Did anyone get caught?”

“I didn’t but a couple of the girls did and apparently they had to give blowjobs to whoever they were trying to get a picture of before they could leave but if you didn’t get a picture, you were out.”

“Ok, what else did they have you do?”

“A couple of weeks ago we had to go out with one of the sisters to wherever we wanted, flash our tits at drivers and get them to honk. The 5 that got the fewest honks were out and then the lowest half had to choose someone from the upper half. Once they had a partner, they totaled up the number of honks between them and the one from the lower half got spanked that many times.”

I chuckled a bit at that and asked, “So you obviously weren’t in the lowest four – did you get spanked or do the spanking?”

Rita smiled a bit and said, “I was happy that I made the top half by 1 honk! I was even happier when I found out that the spankings were done on the bare ass. Some of the girls had tears running down their faces when we were done. ” Then she giggled a bit and continued, “I think the girl I spanked enjoyed it because her pussy looked really bit wet by the time I finished.”

Ok, having a mental image of Rita spanking another girl’s bare ass who was getting excited from it, I was having a bit of trouble hiding my hardon but I managed to ask, “Ok, so what’s the problem, are you thinking of quitting?”

“No… but they’re having a party next Saturday, köle escort it’s the final challenge and we all have to bring a boyfriend to the party.”

I was starting to see where this was going but instead prompted her “and?”

She looked down so I couldn’t see her face and mumbled, “Well, I don’t have a boyfriend so I was kinda wondering if you’d pretend to be mine or else I won’t be able to join.”

I pretended to think about it before saying, “hmm, it’s not like anyone would know me and it’s just for an evening.” Then with a bit of a frown I added, “but unfortunately there’s no chance of bringing some university hottie back here for a night of fun if I’m supposed to be your boyfriend.”

I could see her starting to frown a bit so I let her off the hook with a, “Sure, I’ll go…was just teasing you a bit.”

She looked at me for a second, said “thank you, thank you, thank you!” then pretty much launched herself at me for a hug. Hugging wasn’t unusual but the way she threw herself at me, I ended up getting pushed back into the recliner, it went back and she was almost on top of me. Out of instinct, as I went backwards, I threw my arms around her as well. As a result, I ended up with one hand on her ass and had one of her boobs pretty much in my face. I’d been thinking that she wasn’t wearing a bra and now I knew she wasn’t. It was only a few seconds before she was able to scramble off of me. When she stood up, not only was she beet red, but her nipples were hard and she was and stammering, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to land on you like that!”

I just chuckled and said, “It’s ok…I thought maybe you were just practicing for the party.”

Relieved that I wasn’t making a big deal of it, she relaxed and said, “This means a lot to me – thank you! Maybe if there’s someone you’d really like to date, we could ‘break up’ in the next few days and you could go after her.”

I said that sounded like a plan and nothing more was said about it as we settled down to watch the movie before she headed back to her dorm.

The week went by as weeks usually do and soon it was Saturday, Rita came over midafternoon anxious to make sure I was still good to go. “My roommates said there’ll likely be some party games so I may have to kiss you or one of the other boyfriends and you might have to kiss a couple of the other girls. There might be more but no one’s saying anything – are you ok with that?”

I smiled and said, “It’s sounding better and better – I get to go to a party with one good looking lady and likely get to kiss a few more.”

That got me a smack on the shoulder and a, “you’re terrible!” but she was smiling too so I knew all was good.

We took a cab because we knew we’d both be drinking and sure enough as soon as we got there, we were handed a shot of something that burned on the way down before being allowed in. Once we were inside someone else gave each of us a beer and pointed us toward the back yard. It looked pretty much like a lot of the parties I’d been to…lots of booze and women with some shitty music. Most of them weren’t as good looking as Rita but there certainly weren’t any ugly ones either. I could see quite a few of the other guys seemed a bit nervous as to what was going to happen and were checking out the other girlfriends as best they could without getting caught. Everyone had been told to be there by 5 o’clock and just past 5 one of the sorority sisters came out, got everyone’s attention and said, “I am Sister Anna and to my right is Sister Joan, to my left is Sister Barb and you’ve already met some of the other Sister’s inside. Welcome everyone! We wanted to have a little party for our last few potential new sisters to get together and we could meet their boyfriends and have some fun.”

There was a quick round of introductions of the couples, names, what everyone did or wanted to do for work, how long they’d been dating and how they met. We’d figured there’d be something like this so I was honest that I was in engineering but said we’d been dating for about 5 months and had met at the beach.

After all the intros were done, Sister Anna said, “Ok, now’s the time for all the ladies to show us how much they like their boyfriends by giving them a long, hot kiss – the hotter the better. Remember, not everyone gets to join our group so best make it good!”

We’d figured something like this would be happening and had talked about it so I was quite prepared for Rita to put her arms around me and pull me in for a kiss. At first, we were just trying to make it look as real as possible but I quickly found I was enjoying it more than I should and from the way Rita’s tongue was playing with mine I figured she was enjoying it too. As we kissed, I figured ‘what the hell’ so I reached down and grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her against me. When we finally parted, I realized that there were only a few other couples still kissing, the rest had already stopped. Once everyone köle escort bayan was done Sister Anna spoke up and said, “Awesome show of affection – at least from most of you.” Then she stopped, pointed at a rather nerdy looking girl and her boyfriend and said, “I think I’ve kissed my dad more passionately than that – you can leave and take your boyfriend with you.”

I could tell they were shocked and so were a lot of the other girls. “Oh” said Sister Anna with a grin, “Did I forget to tell you that this was an elimination party? We only have 7 spots for new members and there’s over 20 potentials here for the final event so guess what – as the night goes on, there’ll be quite a few others sent home as well.”

Rita looked at me, I looked at her and whispered, “I’m good to keep going but if either one of us feels it’s going too far, we bow out – ok?”

She smiled nervously and said, “Ok.”

To help with the new news, pretty much everyone grabbed another drink and a few minutes later Sister Anna spoke up again with, “Ok, here’s what’s next. We’re going to blindfold everyone and have a kissing contest. Each guy will be kissed again by their girlfriend plus at least 6 others and some of the Sisters will join in too. Just to make it a little fairer, no contact other than the mouths. In between rounds the guys will let us know whether or not it was their girlfriend, one point for each right guess and lowest two go home. Ladies, every time the whistle blows, stop kissing, step back and wait to be moved to someone else by one of us. Gentlemen, when the whistle blows either hold up your left hand if you think it was your girlfriend or right if it wasn’t. If we see anyone doing something to intentionally let their partner know who it is, they’ll be asked to leave as well.”

It took a bit but soon all the guys were lined up and blindfolded. At some sort of pre-arranged command, I felt a mouth against mine and very shortly after a tongue was sliding between my lips. After a few seconds of intense kissing, I heard the whistle blow. Whoever it was moved away and I held up my right hand. Not to long after I felt a new mouth on mine and they kissed even more intensely than the first. From there it was whistle, kiss, whistle, hand until the round was over.

Once all the blindfolds were removed and we were able to see again Sister Anna said, “well, that was interesting. Most of you did fairly well but there were four equally low scores.”

After naming the ladies of the four couples, she asked them to step forward and said, “I said we were only going to eliminate two couples so the two who get to stay should thank their boyfriends because the two we’re not sending home were the two that kissed us back the best. Maybe our kisses were that much hotter than the way you ladies kiss them.”

After a few looks were exchanged between the couples, Sister Barb pointed at ladies 1 and 4 and said, “You get to stay, at least for now, the other two will be leaving. Just so the rest of you know, there were two couples that had perfect scores for identifying their girlfriends, Michelle/Peter and Rita/Dave – congratulations.”

Rita and I just smiled at each other – her flavoured lipstick had made this an easy one to win.

As the party continued, we were all blindfolded again and the ladies had to choose whether or not it was their boyfriend sucking their nipples, again mouth contact only.

Seeing as I’d never sucked her nipples before, she didn’t do well on that round but knowing there were only a couple of us with a moustache she did well enough that she wasn’t eliminated. Now there were only 10 couples left so everyone had a few more drinks, then Sister Anna announced the next game. “Now that we’ve had the guys get kissed on the mouth and the ladies get kissed on the nipples, it’s time for the guys to get some more lip action – but this time it’ll be lower down. Back to blindfolds for everyone with the same rules as for the first kissing game except this time ladies, you’ll be trying to decide whether or not it’s your guy you’re sucking or someone else.”

One of the women said she didn’t mind having someone else see and suck on her nipples but wasn’t going to suck anyone else’s cock so she quit and they left.

When all the remaining girls were asked kneel down in a circle facing out Rita looked at me and quickly whispered, “how big are you?” and when I replied, “just under 8 inches and fairly thick” her eyes opened a bit wide but she mouthed a quick, “Ok” just as one of the Sisters came up to blindfold her.

Once the women were blindfolded all the guys were told to take off their pants. I took a quick look around and could see there were only a couple who were similar size and one who was at least 2″ longer. Once we were blindfolded as well, we were mixed up and led into position and then guided forward until our cock was in a mouth.

After the first round, we were told to back up, moved to escort köle the right and things were repeated. There was only about a minute of sucking between every whistle and I just had to trust Rita to do her best to figure out who she was sucking as the guys moved around the circle. I tried to figure out which one was Rita but couldn’t be sure. I did know that there were at least four who gave awesome head, a few that were average and a couple who obviously either didn’t like giving head or weren’t used to my size because they either gagged or didn’t do a good job.

Once we’d made what I guessed was a full circle we were moved away and told to take our masks off. I had a pretty good idea of where I’d finished so my best guess was that Rita was around the 4th one that had sucked me and if she was, she did a damn good job. After they’d tallied all the points, she came in third and the lowest scoring girl was sent home.

Once they were gone, Sister Anna said, “Ok, we’re getting closer, we’re down to 10 potentials! The next game will be ‘musical dicks’. No blindfolds this time and the guys will lay on their backs, in a circle with their feet toward the middle so they can be ridden by one of the ladies. Same rules as before except this time the goal isn’t to guess who your partner is, it’s for the lady to make whichever guy she’s fucking cum. Whichever guy cums first – his girlfriend is out. Every time the music stops the ladies will stop fucking and find someone else to ride but no fucking until the music starts again. As she finished, one of the boyfriends said to his girlfriend, “I love you and I wasn’t keen on you sucking someone else but I don’t want anyone else fucking you – I’m going to leave and I hope you come with me.” She smiled, gave him a hug and said, “I was hoping you’d say that, let’s leave and I might even let you fuck my ass when we get to your place.” I looked at Rita as if to say, “are you good to keep going?” and after a slight hesitation she nodded.” When no one else moved, Sister Anna said, “Ok, guys lay down!” With a quick “Find a dick!” all the ladies scrambled to find a guy. Once they were all in position, the music started. My first lady was short, a bit pudgy but had huge nipples and I quickly realized she also had a nice snug pussy. I was just getting into the groove with her when the music stopped. There was a scramble as all the women moved to find someone new. There was lots of bumping, grabbing and a bit of pushing before they were in position again and the music re-started. My new partner was thin…almost too thin for my liking but she rode my cock with a lot of enthusiasm and it felt great, in fact I was pretty sure she came at least once while we fucked. I could feel my cum building but was holding off ok and thankfully the music stopped which gave me a bit of a reprieve. After they’d switched around again, the next girl was hot…I mean Rita was good looking but this girl was model material. Beautiful face, killer body with pierced nipples and a shaved pussy. Unfortunately, that’s where it ended, she couldn’t or didn’t want to take all of me inside her and as a result I kept slipping out. If nothing else, it gave me a chance to majorly lower the ‘cum-o-meter’ until we switched again. Eventually the music stopped one more time and when it started and the new lady felt me slide inside, she said, “You’re big, I’m going to enjoy this!”

Bit by bit she took it all and she was even tighter than the pudgy one that had fucked me first. Once I was all the way inside her, she started flexing her pussy muscles as she rode me so it was almost like getting a hand job at the same time. I’d been pretty sure the second girl had cum but there was no doubt this time because everyone would have heard her “Holy fuck that feels good…I’m going to cum!” and cum she did, her pussy spasmed on my cock, she thrust down against me even harder and held me in place until her orgasm ended.

I didn’t want Rita to get disqualified so I did everything I could to hold back and thankfully I heard a guy about 3 down from me start to moan, “Fuck, I can’t hold it” followed by a loud, “Damn!” from him. As she stood up, all the guys could see his cum running down the inside of her leg so there was no doubt he came. Knowing he’d cum, Sister Anna blew her whistle and said, “Ok, that ends that one, Rosie – looks like you’re out.”

The ladies took off their masks and the poor girl looked like she was going to start crying and when her boyfriend started to say he was sorry she said, “Damn it – you always cum too fast and leave me horny. You can stay if you want but I think we’re done.”

A few of the guys laughed, he looked embarrassed as hell, just shook his head and started grabbing his clothes too.

“Ok,” said Sister Anna, “Now we’re down to 8 so this’ll be the last round. No masks, no switching. It’ll be girlfriend with boyfriend except this time the goal is to make your partner cum before anyone else and the last one to cum is out. It has to be a hole shot…mouth, pussy or ass, no hands at all.”

Now Rita was looking at me with a bit of concern in her eyes…she’d told me before that she’d tried anal a couple of times, it hurt and she didn’t think she’d want to do it again plus she didn’t mind giving head but didn’t like a guy cumming in her mouth.

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