Sosoni Ch. 03

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A few hours later, my home came into view. I slowed us down and drove around it to give Sosoni a view, and then I pulled up to the driveway and shut down the vehicle.

Sosoni was hesitant and awestricken at the sight of the house. I held my hand out to her, telling her it was my home.

I pointed to the woods. “Sosoni home,” I said, and then I pointed at the house and said, “My home.”

She took my hand. I helped her off the ATV and carried her around to the front door. I unlocked it and took her inside. She gazed around in the entryway. I hauled her into the kitchen and sat her on a stool. It took a moment to find her balance, then she gazed at the utter strangeness of the kitchen.

I got two glasses, filled them with water from the sink and gave one to her.

I said, “Water.” Then, I drank mine and she followed.

Afterward, I took her through my bedroom and into the master bath. I turned on the shower. Sosoni limped over and reached inside to feel the water. I put my hand in, too. As it cascaded over our skin, it began to get warm. Sosoni quickly drew her hand away. I laughed and guided her hand back under the stream.

“Water,” I said. “Just water.”

She let the warm water run over her hand and arm in joyful awe.

I undressed, and she did, too.

It was a large shower stall in the corner of the bathroom, five feet by five feet square, all tiled and with a 44-inch wall along one side. No door, it only had a low threshold.

I took her hand, and walking backward, led her inside. She watched the stream soak my head and shoulders. I let go of her and turned, covering myself in the hot water. Then, I stepped out.

She walked toward the stream, first touching it again with her hand, and then she plunged in. A joyful noise burst from her lips as her hair soaked through and clung to her body.

I stepped back and admired her.

Her long neck upheld a small, distinct head. The word that occurred to me was regal. She was like a princess in posture, dignified and haughty. She held her head high. Her cheekbones were wider; her nose, somewhat flat. The jawline was a shallow curve, not at all square, and her little chin just dipped beneath it. Her dark brown eyes were wide set and with thin, black eyebrows.

Her side profile was distinctly Native American. Her face seemed to stretch forward from her ears. From her chin to her nose, the profile sloped slightly out. From her nose to her hairline, it slanted sharply back. It made her seem alert and eager. Her lips, though full and voluptuous, naturally turned down. When she looked right at me, those lips didn’t make her seem displeased, but she definitely looked as if waiting to be impressed.

Her breasts were like softballs—big, not obnoxious. Her coffee colored areolae were slightly elliptical, like two wide-set eyes on her chest. When Sosoni pivoted, her breasts didn’t move and didn’t shake. They were like fat erections jutting from her torso. Scanning down her waist, it occurred to me that, in fact, her breasts were a little obnoxious. Sosoni was so slender that the two globes seemed disproportionately large.

The core of her body stunned me at it sleek robustness. Her honey oak skin was absolutely smooth. And, it was taut, as if it barely contained something burgeoning underneath. Her tummy and waist were impossibly small. The long, rippling muscles of her legs only appeared when she moved, but when they showed, I knew this was a woman of great agility and speed. They had the quality of a spry young horse.

Her ass was two small hemispheres of solid muscle, compacted together and covered by that velvet brown skin. Sosoni’s hips were narrow, with only the faintest hint of a curve, but her butt definitely had curves. From the side, it projected out at the top of her thighs in a half moon. From behind, it looked bulbous, tightly packed with iron muscle and then smoothed over with soft, fatty flesh.

She turned to look at me, and I shook my head in amazement at her face and figure. I didn’t think I rated such nobility of face, youthful energy, and abundance of allure.

I walked over, my hard cock swaying. She made way for me as I walked under the water.

I took the shampoo and washed my hair. After I rinsed, I let her smell the bottle. The potency of the aroma seemed to surprise her.

I turned her front into the stream of water and got behind her. My dick pressed into her ass, and I poured shampoo into my hands and took her black locks, all three feet of them, and washed lathered them. I worked up to her head and massaged her scalp. The sopping ends of her hair dragged across and dabbed my cock. When I finished shampooing, I spun her around, and held her head, rinsing the suds free.

She frown-smiled at me, and never did she look more stunningly attractive.

As she let the hot water slide over her body, I covered mine in suds with a soapy washcloth. She watched me. After I rinsed clean, I replaced her under the stream, and I washed every part of her body. I spent a good deal of extra time cupping Anadolu Yakası Escort and squeezing her breasts through the sopping fabric of the washcloth. I was certain that her pussy and ass sparkled like jewels from my efforts down there.

I shut off the shower and grabbed towels for us. Dabbing gently upon her wounds, I dried Sosoni off, and then myself.

I brushed her hair, and then I treated and dressed her wounds. Her shoulder and shin, despite her long walk, looked good—better, even. Her ankle, however, had swollen up again. I wrapped it tightly.

I carried her to the bed and set her down on the edge. She felt the sheets and the softness of the mattress, and I gazed on her naked body. My cock remained rigid. I had been so hard for so long, it ached.

I wanted to fuck her.


Toward the end of my senior year of high school, I got cocky and invited the hottest sophomore in the school to go to the prom with me. Our school was a bit small, so we had a junior-senior prom. Sophomores weren’t allowed unless invited.

She was young and beautiful, and me being a senior and having invited her to prom, she looked at me like I was a superhero.

After I picked her up and did pictures at her parents’ house, we went back to mine, so that my parents could get a few snaps of us together.

My Dad got a good look at my date and how she looked at me, and after pictures, Dad pulled me aside for a private conversation.

“Listen, son. Don’t ever think that you’re worthy of some woman’s virginity. You’re not. No man ever is. Never can be. It is too precious a gift to be given. And you mustn’t ever receive such a gift—ever—unless you have already decided—beforehand, mind you—that you are going to marry her. Understand?”

I nodded. He tousled my hair and shoved me out the door.


I never forgot what he said. Despite the superheated intensity of my desire to fuck Sosoni, I was not going to, not until I knew for sure.

We were side by side on the edge of the bed when I drew her off and between my legs. She sat on her knees and stared up at me with those eager brown eyes. Her breasts rose and fell, and her hard nipples pointed at my knees.

I pulled her up and between my legs, feeling the smooth firmness of her breasts on my thighs. I brought her closer, and my cock rode inside the gap between her tits. I wrapped them around the shaft, and the merest touch of her skin on my penis sent a wave of aching pleasure through me. I drew her hands up, shaped them into cups, and put Sosoni’s hands under her breasts, squeezing my cock between them. Her cleavage was like a warm hug around the shaft. I guided her hands up and down a few times, and then let go.

Sosoni used her body, rocking gently up and down to slide my cock between her breasts. She watched me, and I was three-quarters there from the delayed gratification. Her breasts were shockingly firm, almost as if they could have held my cock without the help of her hands. I groaned and said her name. Sosoni smiled, and then she looked down at her work, and I watched the tip of my dick come closer and closer to her lips. Sosoni opened her mouth, fractions of an inch from the flaring, purple tip, and I gasped.

Feeling one of her nipples on my scrotum, I watched the tip of my cock disappear in her mouth, and I groaned. Fuck, it felt good.

But, it wasn’t better than when she looked into my eyes while my cock rode up between those tits. I touched her cheek and lifted her head.

Her mouth was slightly open and her head tilted up at mine. In her eyes were a mixture of that energetic zeal she almost always had and a kind of curious anticipation. She almost looked like she was begging me for something. She was fucking beautiful.

I glanced down. My cock half-hidden between those fat oval breasts, the surge of my orgasm filled me.

She rose and fell, rose and fell, squeezing my cock between her breasts. When we looked at each other again, I was cumming, but neither of us broke eye contact. I said her name and only peripherally caught the view of my cum pouring out of the tip and spilling down one of her breasts and over her nipple. Another surge sent a line of semen vertically up her face, beginning at her chin and stretching across her lips to the tip of her nose. She didn’t flinch.

The rest must have just gushed out the end. I was watching Sosoni smile, and I caught my breath and laughed. Only then did she turn away from my eyes and look down.

She licked her lips to gather up the cum on her face. What she couldn’t reach with her tongue, she scooped up with a finger—from her nose and chin—and sucked the finger clean. Then, Sosoni sucked the end of my penis, drawing out the few final drops. She took her cum covered breast and drew it to her lips, her tongue mopped up some of it before her lips closed over the nipple, and she sucked the white fluid from it.

I drew her up to me and pulled her onto the bed. We fell asleep.

I awoke in the dark. The clock read 11:45 pm. I reached Kadıköy Escort over and felt Sosoni beside me. She had to have been exhausted from her pursuit of me on the trail. I got up quietly and let her sleep.

I walked around my house in the dark, and I saw it with new eyes. It was a dangerous place for Sosoni. Every electrical device, every heating or cutting device in the kitchen, my guns—although those were locked up—there was a ton to protect her from and teach her about.

But, how was I going to do that without some common language?

As far as she knew, we were the only two people on earth. When do I show her that we’re not alone? When do I take her to town?

Passing by the bathroom, I realized she would need…what should I call it? Potty training?

It dawned on me then that, while she had the body of a woman, her experience in the civilized world was more like an infant’s. I needed to come up with a plan.

What I didn’t know then was that several others were also coming up with a plan.


In the days that followed, Sosoni and I were almost always together. We slept, ate, explored the house, explored my land, used the bathroom, and bathed together.

My plan was fairly straightforward. I figured she needed to learn to be safe in and around the house, to communicate, to be clothed and take care of her needs, and to see the world as it is.

In terms of language, since I was no teacher, I decided to let it come as it may. I made a conscious effort, however, to name everything I used—in the kitchen, in the bathroom, everywhere.

As to other matters, I tackled them when it made sense. Through it all, we did not deprive each other of our bodies. We took each other when we felt the urge.

Sometimes it was me.

I had just demonstrated using the toilet. Sosoni sat down on the seat with her skirt around her ankles, and we waited. I wasn’t expecting success, but suddenly I heard her start spraying into the bowl. I shouted for joy, and Sosoni laughed.

I stood her up and showed her how to wipe her pussy with the tissue and flush. She took over, and I watched. Fuck, my eyes were glued to her ass.

She finished, and when she bent over to flush, I took her hips and ground into her from behind until I got hard. Sosoni cooed encouragingly. She wanted me inside her that way.

I pulled a nearby drawer open, fetched some lotion and coated her anus and my cock.

I eased my cock inside and just took her, right there in the bathroom. She reached back and clutched my ass with one hand, drawing me to her. She howled; I grunted. Not long after, I filled her ass with semen.


Another time, we were on the living room couch. I had taken off her shirt to look over her shoulder bandage—she was wearing one of my old tee-shirts.

It looked fine, and so did her breasts. I knelt in between her legs in front of the couch, and I couldn’t stop myself from taking her tits in my hands and feeling their shocking rigidity.

Sosoni just watched me. When I looked down, I saw that her skirt had ridden up. A madness seized me. I took her legs and pulled her down so that her back was flat on the bottom cushions of the couch. I raised her ass up and brought her pussy to my face as if I were cupping water with both hands.

I licked on her virgin pussy until she came, and she tasted so fucking good that I carried her to the bedroom and spent the next hour eating her out. I lost count of her orgasms. The only reason I stopped was that my tongue was so tired.

When I finally rose up, Sosoni was utterly exhausted. She didn’t come out of the bed for hours.


Sometimes it was her.

One morning, I woke up before Sosoni and decided to take a shower. When I finished, I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked back into the bedroom. Sosoni was laying on her side, facing the bathroom door, awake.

I walked over to her. Leaning down, I kissed her cheek. She reached inside the towel and grabbed my cock. She put her hand under her head and pulled me closer. My towel slipped off, and Sosoni took my entire limp penis into her mouth. She sucked me until I was hard.

She let my cock out from her lips and grabbed it with her free hand. Then, she scrutinized it. She looked at it from every angle. She pulled it down and released it, watching it spring back. She did the same to the sides. She ran her fingers gently over the veins, and she caressed the rim around the head of it. She even squeezed it so as to open the hole and peered inside. Apparently seeing nothing, she sucked on the tip.

Then, she got interested in my balls. After squeezing, caressing, and fondling for a time, Sosoni craned her neck underneath me and began to lick them. My shaft rested along her cheek. She used her free hand to draw each testicle into her mouth and suck on it.

When her interest in my balls waned, she looked up at me, grinned, and sucked me as deeply as she could until I came. I watched the suction compress her cheeks into her teeth as she drew İstanbul Escort every drop out of me and swallowed it.


There was another time when I was working out in the exercise room. Sosoni watched me from the doorway, looking confused and curious.

I had worked up a huge sweat on the treadmill. I turned off the machine and stripped off my shirt. Then, I laid down on a mat and began doing push-ups. When I finished those, I rolled over.

One moment, I was doing crunches, the next, Sosoni was lowering her pussy onto my face. She had stepped over to me, turned around and squatted.

When I saw her pussy, I let it come. I pushed my tongue out, and Sosoni used it. She ground into my tongue from the squatting position for a minute or so, and then she got on her knees, and drug her pussy back and forth across my tongue, breathing deeply and making her strange sexual pleasure sounds—something like a feminine growl.

When she finished herself, my face was awash in her fluids. She climbed off me and went back to the doorway. She smiled, watching me resume my crunches.


On another occasion, I had just finished showing her the refrigerator, and she was exploring it by herself. She pulled out jars and jugs, opened and smelled them. She tasted some. She didn’t like mustard. Then, she opened the freezer.

I looked out the window, noticing the approach of rain. When I heard the freezer door close, I turned back and saw Sosoni holding a wrapped popsicle.

I smiled, went over to her, and opened it. It was cherry. She took the stick, and I showed her—I stuck out my tongue.

She got the idea. She licked it. Then, again. She grinned and grunted a little laugh.

Soon, she was sucking it. Watching her, I started to get hard.

When she finished the popsicle, she saw my erection. She threw the stick on the counter and attacked my cock. It took her maybe five seconds before her lips were on it.

She made all kinds of small noises—little grunts and squeaks. And it didn’t feel like she was sucking to give me pleasure. It felt like she just wanted to draw semen up the shaft so that she could eat it.

She did. I held her head deep on the shaft and felt cum rise up and spill from the tip onto her tongue. No sooner than it filled her mouth, she swallowed it with an audible, sloshing gulp.


Other times, it was both of us.

I decided to order Sosoni some clothes from Amazon, but having no idea about women’s sizes, I spent some time looking for an online women’s size converter based on measurements. Having found one, I grabbed an old flexible tape measure and called over Sosoni.

Without an inkling of guilt, I had her undress completely. Then, I began taking her measurements. I completed her sleeve length with no difficulty, but when I measured her bust, I lost control.

I liked seeing the tape press against her flesh. I made sure it crossed exactly over both nipples, and I drew it taut, watching the soft flesh give way to the pressure and bubble at the edges. I let the tape fall and began to suck upon her nipples.

Sosoni reached down into my shorts and massaged my penis; I slid my hand between her thighs and rubbed.

I let her nipple fall from my lips and rose up. Her hand stroked me. My fingers drew circles on her clitoris.

When we made eye contact, she dragged me to the floor. We landed askew one another with her on top. I turned and put my face between her legs. She scooted over me and, as if we meant to do it the entire time, we formed a perfect oral sex union.

She began her climax before me, but her airy moans quickly swept me to my conclusion. She rolled off me and we both gasped for breath.


One afternoon, we came up the stairs after a short walk through the basement. Sosoni was a few feet in front of me as we ascended.

I looked up and could see right up her new stretchy black skirt. I called her name, and she stopped.

I came up behind her, snaked my head under her skirt and pushed my face against her ass crack. Reaching under her skirt, I pulled her new panties down and spread her cheeks apart. Smelling her body, a sudden urge seized me. I licked her asshole while rubbing her clitoris.

After I was sated, I stood up and, one step below her, she stared down at me, drawing deep breaths. Her hand snaked around, and I watched her push her middle finger into her anus. Sliding it back and forth a few times, she added her index finger. When they both slid in, her eyes met mine and she bent over in front of me, putting her hands on the steps.

I slathered my erection in saliva and fucked her ass.

For whatever reason, she felt even tighter than usual on the stairs. I stopped.

Sosoni took over. She let me out to the tip, and then she—extremely gradually—took me back in. Each repetition took about ten seconds—five seconds in and five out. It was the slowest, sexiest fuck I’d ever experienced, and I just watched the whole thing, never moving.

I watched her asshole lazily glide up and down my shaft. Incredibly tight, Sosoni vocalized her suffering ecstasy in several drawn-out cries. It was sexy as hell, and I came. My cock squeezed, and I felt each contraction in my guts. I held her hips, spreading her cheeks apart, and watched my cock pulse in her little hole.

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