South of The Border

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K was jealous of D, D was taut, dark, long black hair to the small of her back and the tribal design tattoo over her ass; K must’ve heard about it from her, one or her friends, because K knew who I was and how to find me the day D wanted to “break up” with me.

K needed a ride to her friend’s place and didn’t have cab fare, of course, I could help out a lady in a miniskirt, however pale, with long-legs, full booty and distress out. So we went to O’s and watched television for a few minutes. O got ready for work, we had polite conversation about things in the day while K told her about how I was so nice to give her the cab fare and was such a gentleman. O looked at K. K looked at O, said nothing for a few minutes, and unzipped my pants before reaching inside.

What K heard and O saw was very true. Within a minutes and strokes, it grew to 24 centimeters, dark, thick, cylindrical. “How good!” K said in Spanish, and swallowed it whole in one motion. O, watched K in astonishment as it disappeared, inch by inch into her mouth and brought out.

K had me get up on the bed and continued her ministrations upon my cock before she grabbed and pointed it toward O, asking, “Do you see how I did that?” before she placed it back in my underwear and zipping up.

She got up to go to the restroom. O surreptitiously gestured that she wanted to try it, I obliged and she gave it the best possible try before coughing, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” and abandoning the effort. K returned with her pants unzipped and positioned me back on the bed. “I have to finish teaching O how to suck dick.”

O said she learned enough, but it was no deterrence, once K started something she was determined to finish it, and dedicated herself to the task at hand. “I’ll make him cum soon, then you can leave.” O checked her watch, “I have to go now.”

“Fine.” And went back to what she was doing while O exited, locking us in. K became frustrated, taking my cock deep within her mouth, gracing the shaft with her tongue, and application of suction but no report. K grew frustrated, worked a hand down her pants to play with herself to gain ground and traction, but still no avail.

“I see how you are!” K stood up and stripped before lying on the bed and spreading her legs menacingly to command “Give me that big dick. Make me your woman,” playing with her clitoris all the while.

All the rumors were confirmed on the first plunge. It easily rubbed on her swollen g-spot as it burrowed deep within her to make her pussy swollen. Her eyes widened once the last few inches reached further than anyone reached before. K had found the perfect cock for her, noisily forcing air and fluid with a rhythmic, repeative chup-chup-chup.

“Yes. You fuck me so good! I’ve never felt dick so deep in me! Oh my God! Yes.” Her hips bucked under me to slap and grind her swollen clitoris into me, with one final, especially gaziantep travesti wet chup, the air was forced out of her.

K screamed she had never been fucked so deeply before and there was no sign of any relenting for forty five minutes, before she was flipped onto her stomach. K wasn’t allowed to get on all fours and was quickly transfixed back onto the bed, which is when I felt, then saw it, a thin puddle that almost extended halfway down the mattress.

I reared up to gain a better view, a thin stream intermittently flowing from deep within her, spluttering as my strokes grew in strength. I slapped her ass. “No!” K recoiled. “Don’t spank me!” I made up for it by thrusting furtively.

K came and came, becoming more and more a slut for my cock. She pushed me off her, rolled me over to my back and began to suck it. “I make you cum. You made me pee in the bed.” K redeployed her considerable oral talents before she realized my cock wasn’t about to yield. K didn’t know that I aim to withold my orgasm for at least one hour, thus making pussy continually wet and yielding, yearning for it. “Bastard! I will make you cum!”

K mounted and thrust herself on me vigorously, pounding down from half the length of my cock to the full length, wild-eyed, obsessed with causing my dick to gush. She leaned over me and pounded her pussy into me, only managing to make herself tinkle, trickle, scream and spurt in disbelief. “Ah! You are very, very bad! You make me pee again! Stop! Shoot your dick! Shoot it!”

I refused and returned to her back, gently pushing her head to the edge of the bed, “No!” she protested. “You make me a whore! No!” but I inserted my cock before her head went completely over, unable to see how she was being pumped, one leg perfectly vertical, clutching the bedsheets, spurting out of control.

Now there co-joined puddles and streaks on the bed, K’s body was flush, I pulled her back onto the bed and could see her deriving animal pleasures from my cock. She ground herself into me, a fluttering, twittering pussy in spasms. My cock could not withstand her turbulence. It lurched and throbbed, K. groaned with each pulse. Her pussy grasped and suckled it as it dwindled within her, almost taking it captive when it finally went limp. K gasped when it finally left her body. “Such good dick!”

K then quickly got out of the bed and put on her panties. “Look at what you made me do! Get out of the bed! Look!” The sheet was an abstract of puddles and splashes. “You made me pee in the bed! How embarassing!” She found O’s hair dryer and held it over the stains until they began to recede. “How did you make me do that? I’ve never done that before.” Still naked, I explained it to her, she understood, then fixed her gaze on my limp cock.

“Again!” K demanded, reaching for it, before sitting on a dried out part of bed. There were still some small drops, a medium size puddle. K licked the head until it squirmed and grew, when she took it deep within her mouth. K relished its length with abandon, knowing that she couldn’t break it with oral alone, it became a luxurious feast for her inner slut, working its way to the surface.

She tried and tried, sucked, swallowed, slurped and gulped, to cause it to tremble and erupt, to only succeed in making her pussy envious and increasingly moist. She swiftly pulled her panties off as a damp dot appeared, and laid spread-eagled on the bed with wide-eyed abandon. “Make my pussy eyacular agua.”

I tapped and teased the gates of her pussy with my cock. It gorged open, twitching inward anticipation, slapped her clitoris with it, seeing the moisture build, stabbed deep and precise to rub her g-spot while burrowing. “Oh my God! Yes! Qu?ico! Bien suave!” The moisture built up with noisy wet gasps and farts and K settled into the mattress as I assailed her pussy for hours.

We were taking a break when O returned home. “I’m sorry.” K explained as she saw the stains on the bed. “It’s his fucking dick. It made me do this. I’ll do your laundry tomorrow?” O nodded, got a fresh set of sheets and evicted us to her couch. O closed the door to her bedroom, shaking her head in disbelief.

K was too tired to begin again, so we slept on the couch. Then she woke up on top of me, smiled and immediately grabbed my cock. She rolled over onto her back, inserted and swayed her hips, whispering “You fuck me so good, but do not cum. I want you to cum.” My resistance worn thin from the night before, I said, “I’m cumming!” “Yes!” K said, impressed that she extracted it with a minimum of effort.

We dressed and went our separate ways when D caught up with me two weeks later, happy to see me. She pointed at the drugstore across the street. “Buy a pack of condoms and come to my apartment. I have a surprise for you.”

“Didn’t we break up?”
“Now we are back together.” D leaned in as if to kiss but quickly palmed my zipper with a gentle squeeze. “I see you, later.”

I arrived later in the afternoon. D’s roommate N., and another friend G sat stoned on her couch. N. and G. surveyed me, not knowing that I understood Spanish. “So this is your big dick boyfriend, D?” N asked.

“He speaks Spanish.” D replied from her bedroom. “Come here!” N. and G. waved at me as I walked into D’s bedroom where she greeted me with a hug. “I am so happy you fucked the hell out of K., she stole a watch from G. and money from N., she doesn’t know I know psychology. D unbuttoned my pants, and slid a hand down my pants. “She only fucks clean, big dick without a condom and can’t get enough. When she can’t get big dick, she goes crazy.”

“Yes, crazy. I know that you have one and from now on,” she tightened her grip on it before undoing my pants entirely, “It’s only for me.”
“You are so virile. You make me cum when we do it. You wear me out.” D knelt before sucking on the length. “So very good. ” She took it in a fist and pumped it to full strength before wrapping the condom on it and pulling me to the bed, where she got on all fours, and put her ass in the air. “Nobody fucks me like you,” while pulling her pants and thong down, “Give me that big dick.”

I obliged. D loved it when I spanked her firm ass. She became invigorated, obsessed with keeping my cock as deep in her pussy, she rammed herself onto it, as if to erase all traces of K ever coming into contact with it. “This cock belongs to me! Yes! It’s mine!” Her pussy clenched in one long tight contraction before flickering into increasing spasms. She buried her face into the pillow and screamed, “Yes, Daddy, yes!” before groaning.

D furtively exhausted herself in that position, taking until she could take no more. “Do you want another woman?” D gasped. “G! Come here!” G was skinnier than D but as equally small breasted, pale, wide-eyed with seeing D naked in her bed, sated, and the cause, still functional. “This is my brother,” D teased, “I want you to fuck him.”

“It’s so big.”
“Take off your clothes, stupid!”

G stripped and trotted over to mount it, stunned with how it reached so far up into her. D kissed me, “I like watching you fuck girls, it’s my porno.”

“I’m going to die!” G screamed before collapsing onto us, heaving and trembling. “Oh my God!” I sat up to take her hips and drive upward. “I’m going to die! You kill me with this dick!” I slapped her clit and the coil of tension building up within her and caused her to spasm wildly.

She was then put on her side, other side, and finally, on all fours before demanding that I stop. “Unbelievable.” and trembled her way to a region of the bed. “That was the best, thank you, D.”

“You’re welcome.”

N. was in the door and said nothing. She came to the edge of the bed, pulled up her nightshirt, knelt, and streched over the bed. “Like this, right now.” I stood up, and N. had her turn. “Isn’t it good?” D asked.

“The very best.” N moaned continually as I pounded her, then she wanted to change positions, bringing her knees close to her head. “Bien rico! Riquissimo! Bien suave!” N declared. The onslaught of pressure could no longer be contained, and I pumped her to my finale. N shrieked. G whispered something to her, she shrieked again. “Yes! Kill me with your dick!” It was difficult to contain.

“I want to see your cock shoot.” D said as I stuffed N to her screaming brim. G. turned around to watch when I finally extracted my cock, removed the condom and spurted wildly on N’s tits. Under the splatter, N twitched and squirmed.

D slapped me on the ass. We showered, dressed and went out for dinner. K and an older fellow were at the same restaurant, where she left in an envious huff. D moved a few days later and left no change of address.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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