Southern Nights Ch. 06

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Southern Nights 06. – Setting in

Mary slowly surfaced to consciousness with a strange feeling of almost being strangled. She let her mind drift freely for a moment as her senses gently started absorbing the world around her. Until the sounds and smells of last night came back to her, gently reminding her that it had all been of this world, not just a beautiful dream. It was all still the same, save for a kind of unfamiliar silence. A strange silence actually. It took a few seconds to realize that the air conditioning was not running. That certainly explained this strangling feeling. The room was baking hot. Felt like a sauna. Her entire body was covered in a thin layer of perspiration.

Normally she would enjoy just laying around silently for a while, enjoying the lazy feeling of comfort and luxury. But this was just too much. And besides nature already called for a morning trip to the bathroom.

She sighed deeply as she pulled herself together and got out of the almost damp bed. Her little darling was lying sprawled all of her part, still sleeping soundly.

She took her time in the bathroom, finishing off with an ice- cold shower and a quick peeling of eyebrows before she put on her robe and went out to check on the air conditioner. The damned thing had obviously been switched off sometimes during the night. The door to the terrace was closed too. And now the morning sun was making a greenhouse out of the whole apartment, although the blinds were still shut and the curtains drawn.

Her first reaction was irritation about why it had been done like this. Then she realized that meant someone from room service had been in there during the night. What had they seen? How had she and Linda been laying? And how could they feel free to walk in on people just like that?

Then she realized she had forgot to put up the ‘do not disturb’- sign at the door, and then they actually could enter, even without knocking, if they found it necessary.

Cool enough. In no time everything was wide open, and the fresh, salt scented ocean air filled every corner of the room. There wasn’t even a breath of wind, and from up here the annoying traffic almost couldn’t be heard at all. So the room was still silent as she started preparing breakfast for the two of them. Soon the smell of coffee and warm toast added to that of endless ocean and sun baked bricks.

With some minor efforts and a few mild curses she managed to open the huge parasol on the terrace and push the table in under it. Then she laid the table the best she could to make everything ready for her little darling of darlings. The lack of wind even made it possible to use neatly folded napkins on the plates!

The salty air did cool the room a little, but it still was necessary to start the conditioner again to finally get a decent temperature inside. Mary stood for a moment in the wonderfully cool draft from the fan. Then she finally went over to the sleeping creature on the bed.

“Good morning sleepyhead” she sang, kissing the youngster on a damp cheek. The girl sighed and stretched graciously and then turned to give her the most beautiful of sleepy smiles.

“Sleep well?”

“Wonderful! Never felt better in my life!”

The girl stretched again, this time over on her back. Her answer had been fully open and relaxed, kind of girlfriendish. Then, all of a sudden, she seemed to remember where she was and fall back into her role as a kind of lost puppy.

“How do you feel Miss?” she asked as she hurriedly climbed off the bed and got her robe.

“Mary, dear Linda… I’m Mary, remember?”

“Oh yes, of course Mi… Mary.”

“I feel wonderful this morning, thank you” the lady smiled at her. “I’ve prepared a nice breakfast for us. Why don’t you come and have a bite right away. You can shower and freshen up afterwards. It’s nice and cool outside.”

“Oh, thank you.” Linda looked at the perfectly laid table with an almost sad expression on her face. Mary was a little confused for a moment until she understood. The girl probably felt she should have been the one making the morning preparations, and that she had failed to get up in time for it. A silly notion, but a sign that made the woman warm inside. This little darling had a huge potential in more ways than one, no question about that!

“It’s quite Okay darling” she smiled reassuringly, “let’s grab a bite, and then we can make plans for the next few days.”

She seated the girl at the table and poured coffee with milk for both of them. “I was thinking that we could go exploring the village and stay at the beach a few hours today. For you to get to know at least the closest neighborhood around here. Tomorrow we can have a lazy day back here at the terrace. How’s that to you?”

“Fine” she answered in her typical meek way. Then she pulled herself a little together though, and met Mary’s eyes.

“Yes, I agree. You’ve been here many times though. Could you please tell me a little about the village, and escort bayan what’s interesting here?”

That was more like it. As they ate in the comfortable shadow of the parasol, Mary told her what she knew about the history of the old fortress down at the port, the shopping possibilities downtown and all the facilities along the beaches. Quite a range of attractions to say the least. Only Mary wasn’t sure what was more attractive to the girl; the water slides and diving towers or the discos right below them down town. She had already decided to try to let go of the girl at least a few nights if she would be interested in some of the night life down there. It would be hard, but it definitely wouldn’t do to try to force her will on her. Anything that wasn’t done out of love and attraction was next to nothing to her. Nothing to build a lasting relationship on. And she definitely wasn’t going to invest so much time in training and perfection of the girl’s skills just for something more like a one night stand! The final orgasm she had last night had shown her in the most convincing of ways what kind of elevated pleasure just a little bit of instruction could give her.

The girl immediately rejected any ideas about exploring the night life though, as soon as she understood what Mary was getting at. “Oh, Mary, I’d like to be here with you. Only with you! I want us to do all kind of things together. I don’t want to go out to meet other people. Not now.” Then she slipped back again for a moment; “If it’s okay with you, Miss?”

“But of course darling, I just didn’t want you to think that I wouldn’t allow you to do what you want. And I’m so glad you said that because that’s the way I feel too. So; let’s just plan for everything together!”

They finished breakfast, and Linda hit the showers. Inside the conditioner had started taking effect, and the room felt quite much better. But the bed was a mess, so the best thing was to get out of the flat as soon as possible to have room service do their job.

It was a wonderfully warm and sunny day. Down at the beach it was a little bit cooler, and a light breeze from the ocean made the conditions perfect. May and Linda found a nice place to relax for a few hours, just with a few short breaks for some snacks and drinks. Mary enjoyed this lazy life as much as ever, but she sensed that the girl was a bit more restless. Although she didn’t say anything, Mary had a distinct impression that she got bored after a while. So, clearly not a good idea to spend much of the day at the beach. Another thing that was fine also with her. Using the terrace for the sunbathing and the hotel pool for cooling was just perfect. That way they could stay at the flat during the warmest day, and explore the surroundings after sunset. Definitely the best solution, Mary thought to herself as she looked at the young girl across the little beach- table. That wonderful girl who actually had promised to pleasure her forever. Then they could just step right inside whenever the heat and the mood ignited the ever-present fire down there…

Right after sunset they went to the same restaurant as last night.

“I thought we’ll vary a little bit” she told Linda as they walked hand in hand up to the entrance, “but now we really need to eat properly. Because we didn’t take time to finish last night, we stuffed ourselves with quite a lot of unhealthy snacks today. Don’t you agree?”

Linda nodded enthusiastically. She had felt exactly the same way. But that had been the absolute only negative feeling she had had during the day. All the rest was just heaven. It was more and more clear to her that she was deeply in love… straight out madly in love! As they arrived at their table, she couldn’t help putting her arm around Mary’s waist, pull her close and kiss her sweetly on the cheek. No touching, no naughty hands. Just this one single gesture to signify her love to this gorgeous woman.

They ate in silence. Until Mary suddenly put her fork down and looked at the girl with shiny eyes.

“Linda… know what?” she whispered.

Linda didn’t answer, but her eyes told the woman anything she needed to know. Mary got glowing warm inside, and felt her entire body tingle with happiness. She just had to reach out and stroke the girl’s cheek with gentle fingertips. Then she cleared her throat;

“I’m horny!” she whispered with a hoarse voice… “More than ever. Practically exploding! You make me feel like I haven’t felt in my entire life.”

Again the girl didn’t answer. Those blue eyes just kept looking back at her. Then she sighed deeply, and suddenly pearly blank tears started rolling down her cheeks.

For a moment Mary stiffened. That sting you always feel when you made somebody cry.

She picked the napkin from her lap and hurriedly put it into the girl’s hand.

Linda took it and wiped her cheeks as she shyly looked down into her plate. Then she lifted her head and her tear- stained face broke into a warm smile.

“Oh, bursa vip escort I’m sorry Mi… Mary,” she sighed, shaking her head lightly as though she was trying to kind of clear her mind. “It’s just that it’s all so overwhelming. I still can’t believe that it’s true, somehow…. You’re so beautiful, so wonderful!”

Mary got even hotter. Love and desire fighting over which should make her cheek and air- flips glow the most. For a moment she almost felt her own eyes overflow from the emotional rush.

No! This was just too much. They just had to get out of there at once. They were almost finished anyway, and she had left the hotel room number with the waiter.

She got up and reached for Linda’s hand.

“Hurry Linda, we’ve just got to get back to our room right away. I just can’t take this any more!”

Linda was so surprised by the sudden move that she forgot to leave the napkin, and she still held it in her hand as they rushed up the busy street. As they finally tumbled into the flat clinging closely together, they were possibly even more muddled up than last night. To make the chaos perfect Mary stumbled on her heels and fell over, pulling Linda along with her down on the floor in a heap of giggling. Before they even knew it they were on top of each other, the girl’s face joyfully sinking into the deep cleft between Mary’s full tits.

Mary felt the heat like a raging fire in her body, and couldn’t help pushing her upper arms up to squeeze her tits firmly around the deeply buried face. When she felt the wetness of the softly searching tongue, she just knew that she needed some kind of release right away. But she needed it properly. In a way that made everything right in her world of passion.

“Linda… listen; let’s do it properly, shall we? I really need a proper shower to feel well about it. Then I promise you we’ll play all night! We’ve also got some training to do, remember?

Linda lifted her head for an eager nod. With her most intriguing smiled she went down for a hungry kiss on those full, wonderful lips of her beloved mistress. Then she worked herself up into a sitting position – straddling Mary’s hips – as she started unbuttoning the lady’s blouse. Then she carefully shifted further down to get access to her belt and skirt zipper. She didn’t let the lady up before she had bent down and let her tongue play a joyful game in her naked bellybutton for a few seconds. Then she got up and took Mary by the hands to help her get to her feet.

“I can see you’re improving every passing hour” Mary smiled as she started getting out of the rest of her clothes. Linda helped undressing her until she was completely naked, still without any uncomfortable roaming and fumbling around. Then she dropped to her knees right in front of her, with her nose just inches from the wiry bush of her pussy, looking up into her eyes with this wonderful expression of love and awe written all over her face.

Mary felt her blood boiling as she reached down to caress her cheek and mumble sweet nothings, not caring if she could catch her words or not. Her pussy was soaking wet and she knew she had to have her shower immediately to feel right for the next step of their love.

As Mary got under the bruiser, she was amazed how quickly the youngster was naked and under it after her. Then she found the soap and started covering her up in creamy foam faster than she could say ‘normal distribution’. She was almost surprised that the lovely child didn’t fall down on her knees to kiss her pussy as she rinsed her off. Maybe she was too impatient to get ready for the real thing over on the bed? She certainly hoped so.

When she was cleansed, she took her soft towel and started drying up as Linda soaped herself. She went out and let herself fall down on the bed. There she lay listening as the girl dried, brushed her teeth and put on the night cream she had given her.

When she came out draped in her own towel and saw Mary lying like a goddess on the bed, she fell back into her meek and almost irritating submissiveness once again. Seemed to Mary that the girl kind of lost her courage when it was time to get going with the practical parts of their dreams. This was one of the first things she wanted to correct in their training together. Reluctantly she came forward and climbed up into the bed beside her, again having problems meeting Mary’s eyes.

“Don’t be shy darling. You know I’m dying for your touch. Nobody will be able to make me feel happy the way you do!” she whispered, lifting the girl’s cheek with a tender finger.

Once again the girl’s eyes got moist and threatened to overflow. And again Mary gave in to her urge to go down for a deep kiss, practically feasting on those unimaginably sweet lips of pleasure and

The heat and depth of the kiss made them both so hot they started trembling lightly. And when they broke apart to get some air, their eyes met in clear consensus that none of them could bursa elit escort wait a moment longer. As Mary let herself sink back on the bed, the girl was already crawling down in between the slowly spreading legs. This was no time for training. She needed sexual release, and she needed it now! She simply needed to cum into that wonderful mouth down there, the mouth that just found the source of her pleasure and made her body all numb.

They quickly found a relaxed position with Mary supporting her head with one hand and holding Linda’s tightly against her with the other. The girl was a little surprised about the calm way her mistress took her pleasure. She lay almost motionless, breathing with deep, regular sighs; just tensing and shuddering lightly as the girl focused her efforts more and more on her bursting clit. From the way she had expressed her feelings back in the restaurant, she expected this first one to be quite a rough ride.

But it turned out not being rough at all. Only way too short to Linda’s taste. She felt she had just got started on a gentle, regular rhythm as the woman suddenly stiffened and grasped her head with merciless vigor, her fingernails painfully digging into her scalp.

“Hnnnngggghh” she hissed as the convulsions hit and shook her body. Because her head was held so hard, Linda managed to stay more or less in position, and kept hunting the protruding clit with a stiff tongue tip as the spasming pussy completely smeared down her face. It was a feeling more wet and slippery than anything Linda had ever known, and something making her feel so happy she could yell out her joy from the top of her lungs.

The climax continued through all its wonderful phases until the spasms eventually let go and the luscious body relaxed.

“Aaaaahhhh” the lady sighed long and contentedly as she started her recovery. The wonderful recovery from the first violent eruption of their second night together.

For a moment she let herself hover in a heaven of soul-sated satisfaction as Linda continued nursing her down through the sweet afterglow. Once again she was amazed about the power and intensity of the scene. Not just the sexual passion, but just as much the feeling of being special, being desired, wanted and needed. Being in the ultimate centre of someone’s entire attention and consciousness.

But it was time to continue the training. Now when she had had the chance to calm her nerves just a little bit, she knew she had to continue the work of making a perfect oral worshipper out of this lovely creature. If she couldn’t do that, all of this would be more or less for nothing. She knew that over time it would not be satisfactory to take her pleasure from a girl who couldn’t do it right. She already felt that her orgasms were disturbed by the fact that she worried about the next moment the tongue would slip off the right spot. No doubt this would be more and more important to her as the novelty started wearing off and their lovemaking – hopefully – got to be more of a regular thing. Not that she would forget about the beauty and passion of it, but she would simply want more than just the enthusiastic worship. She would want a perfectly skilled worshipping as well.

“Linda dear” she mumbled without even lifting her head from the bed.

“Mmmmmm?” the girl groaned, her tongue still deeply buried in her wet slit.

“That was wonderful, simply awesome.” She sighed again. “If you would ever know how happy you make me with your eagerness to please! I feel like a roman queen.”

The girl shuddered and let out a tiny squeal of joy at her words as she sank her tongue even deeper into her vagina. Her hands kept sliding caressively over her hips, belly and thighs as she worshipped her. Mary let her own hand gently stroke the silky brown locks, returning the love the best she could by simply being open and receptive to her.

Oh, how unimaginably wonderful it would be when she could lay exactly like this after a completely perfect orgasm. Or maybe rather tree perfect orgasms. And it was probably a question of just a few days of training now before it was all within reach. Probably just a few days.

Finally she lifted her head to look down at the youngster. “Are you ready for our next little training session, dear? You know I’m simply dying to get on with it; see just how far we can get in making you perfect.”

Slowly she started the move to get up in a sitting position, giving the girl plenty of time to release herself from the depths of her pussy.

“Like I said last night; you’re extraordinary good, and your eagerness to please is absolutely beyond compare. We just want to adjust your skills for my needs. Make you absolutely perfect for me, just as you’ve told me so many times that you want, remember?”

“Oh yes Mary… I remember. I’ll be as good as you could ever imagine. Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it. Anything at all… Anything at all!” The girl slipped out of her submissive role and became herself again for a little moment. The open, natural young girl she met back at the mall just a few weeks ago. The one she loved most of all. Once again she remembered that she hadn’t succeeded in her perfection of this little love doll until she had brought back that side of her as well.

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