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Bachelorette Party

Summary: Lesbian mom, disobedient daughters and a new tradition.

Note 1: This is dedicated to Chris & Breanna for requesting this twisted idea.

Note 2: This is a Holiday Season 2020 contest story so please vote.

Note 3: Thanks to Tex Beethoven and Robert for editing this special Thanksgiving story (my first by the way)


The divorce had been inevitable.

Jake had always been away at work; he’d seemed to love his prestigious job as an investment counselor to large corporations more than he did her. And fuck, during the last time she’d given him a blow job, he’d answered his phone and talked business with some big ticket client while… seemingly absentmindedly… depositing his load in her mouth… and then he’d even held her head in place until she was forced to swallow! She’d never enjoyed giving head in the first place, and she hated swallowing. But in the bedroom she was a natural submissive, so when they were having sex, she did lots of things she didn’t care for simply to pleasure her man.

They’d been awarded split custody of their two daughters, following which her relationship with them had actually gotten worse instead of better. While they were married he’d spoiled them rotten, and since the divorce three years ago, he’d reached an entirely new level of indulgence.

It had pissed Angela off big time while they were married, and even more so now, since the girls made no secret of their preference to spend time with their Dad rather than their Mom, because he bought them everything their little hearts desired, while she attempted to parent them and teach them lessons about the real world.

Sick of men once the divorce was finalized, she decided to explore her recently (a few years) growing interest in women, particularly assertive ones. She couldn’t explain why, or actually she could, the rat bastard, but she was now finding women attractive. She found women wearing nylons particularly attractive.

Now that she was single, she still fantasized about rough, dominant sex where she was the submissive, and her partner was the dominant who fucked her silly and who used her as a fuck toy. But these days she wanted that partner to be a woman.

In the erotic stories she read, it was dead easy to find a strong-willed dominant woman to take control of you, but in real life it certainly wasn’t.

She couldn’t come out even as bi-curious to her friends or family… she wasn’t self-confident enough for that… and even though she was now reading online erotica and watching lesbian porn, she’d never even kissed a woman.

So after six months of using no implements better than her vibrator, her shower head, her washing machine, and of course her fevered imagination to deal with her sexual needs… she went online.

She found a lesbian chat room for women from the local area (a two-hour perimeter), and filled out the questionnaire.

Name: Angie, which was short for Angela, but different enough to camouflage her true identity.

Job: Secretary.

Lesbian experience: Do erotica and porn count? Sadly, I’m not even at the ‘I Kissed A Girl and I Liked it,’ stage yet… but I want to be. Absolutely true, unfortunately.

Bi or lesbian: Don’t know because I’ve never tried, but likely lesbian. I’m recently divorced from a man and want to explore my growing curiosity about being with women, which has frankly become an obsession. I’m sick of men, maybe permanently, and I’m definitely curious to explore a same-sex relationship.

Mistress, switch or submissive: I had to google the term switch, and after reading urban dictionary’s definition, I concluded I wasn’t a switch, and I definitely wasn’t a Mistress, so I answered truthfully, feeling rather liberated at this opportunity to be completely honest, if only in this semi-anonymous survey: completely submissive.

Fetishes: Nylons. I love wearing them, I only buy sheer ones, because I could afford them, but I didn’t say that, and I love admiring women wearing them. All my fantasies are about being seduced by women in nylons. The videos I watch the most are nylon based lesbian ones like on brattybabesownyou, where a woman uses her nylon-clad feet to pleasure and be pleasured by another nylon-wearing woman, or footfantasy, where women are blackmailed into licking, sucking and massaging other women’s nylon-clad legs.

Anal: I have always loved taking a cock in my ass… in willingly giving myself to another person completely. And now that I’ve sworn off men, I’m certain that predilection would readily transfer to women and toys. Which is my theory anyway, so far untested.

BDSM: Not humiliation or pain… but I have a definite interest izmir escort bayan in a clear dom/sub relationship.

Dream Relationship: A romantic one outside the bedroom, and a sexually charged Mistress/submissive relationship in bed (or wherever I’m told to be).

She clicked Send and waited… having included a picture of herself on her knees in a garter-belt and stockings, and lace lingerie that showcased her natural submissiveness and her big tits… but didn’t show her face at all.


Over the next week, Angela chatted and even did some online roleplaying with a dozen different women… but only one of them really stood out for her… one who was beautiful, who had a real picture of herself in her profile face and all, who was dominant in exactly the ways Angela fantasized, and who seemed particularly compassionate.

Thus Rhonda was the only one Angela sent a picture to revealing her face, and she was the only one she met in person. Angela had always been too terrified to go on blind dates, and this was kind of a blind dinner date, but nicely planned, since as soon as she’d mentioned Rhonda’s name, the hostess had led her to a corner booth and plucked a ‘Reserved’ placard from the table as she invited her to be seated. It was a thoughtful touch that made Angela feel special; but even so, she was more nervous than she could remember being about any other date she’d been on.

Yet the moment she spied Rhonda approaching her table, Angela knew she’d made the right decision. She wasn’t sure whether she believed in love at first sight, but she definitely believed in lust at first sight, since she was already in ultimate lust.

“Hey, beautiful,” Rhonda greeted, thinking that for once, the picture hadn’t done the woman she was meeting justice. In most of her previous meetings the picture had been taken when the woman was much younger, or it wasn’t even of the same woman. But Angela was beautiful and real, and she was radiant in a way that enhanced that natural beauty.

Angela bolted to her feet quite nervously, her cheeks going red at the compliment, and was stunned when this tall, curvy, sexy woman kissed her on the lips… right in front of a restaurant full of strangers!

Angela couldn’t hold herself back from melting into the tender yet passionate kiss… as she discovered a few things. One, a woman’s lips are a lot softer than a man’s. Two, kissing a woman can be much more passionate than kissing a man. Three, she was instantly in lust with the aggressive Rhonda, who pulled her into an embrace as if she was already her girlfriend… and perhaps even her acknowledged pet. Fourth, she was within a few seconds 100% certain she was no longer straight, and 99.99% certain she was a complete lesbian, since chills went up her spine, her body trembled slightly, her head went a little light, and her pussy dampened into her pantyhose (she was now wishing she’d also worn panties, but feeling a little naughty and kinky she’d decided to forego the panties.

“You look really hot,” Rhonda admired, still standing closely face to face with Angela, and in her five-inch heels, she hovered a full foot above her.

“Thank you,” Angela said, flattered to be complimented by such a complete knockout. “You look amazing.”

“I know,” Rhonda smiled without any false humility as she sat down and gestured for Angela to do the same.

Angela did, and for the next hour they got to know each other. They didn’t talk about sex or mention anything about their online profiles, and Rhonda didn’t noticeably lead the conversation… they just chatted about life… their jobs, family, travel, favourite movies and so forth.

They discovered they had a lot in common.

Both worked in the field of medicine. Angela was a doctor (yes, she’d claimed to be a secretary in her profile because she didn’t wish to give herself airs), and Rhonda was a nurse: an RN, so it seemed strange they’d never encountered each other professionally. But Greater Boston was very large and crowded, after all.

They had both been raised in large families, although while Angela subsequently had two daughters, Rhonda, having known she was a lesbian ever since puberty, had never seriously considered having any children at all.

They both loved to travel, although while Rhonda had travelled all over the world, having taken an entire year off three years ago and visited over fifty countries, staying only a week or less in each of them… Angela had only been to Canada (Niagara Falls and Toronto) and Mexico (Cancun a few times) … although she had fantasized about travelling the world: Norway, Scotland, Japan, Brazil and Indonesia just a few places she dreamed of visiting.

They both loved movies. Both loved John Hughes movies, both agreed Sixteen Candles was the best, and Some Kind of Wonderful the most underrated. They both loved musicals… and both agreed Mamma Mia 2 was way better than the first one, largely because there was way less of Meryl Streep pretending escort izmir she could sing. They also both secretly liked Grease 2, and loved the sexually charged Chicago.

They were waiting for their dessert offerings when Rhonda said, as unbeknownst to Angela she slipped out of her heels underneath the table, “So you say you like watching those Bratty Babes Own You videos?”

“What? Yes… I…” Angela began, startled by the abrupt sexual question after an hour of conservative but engaging conversation… but she hadn’t even finished formulating a complete reply before she felt a foot part her legs, and then move directly to the crotch of her pantyhose… with Rhonda’s eyes locked in on hers the entire time.

“Although unlike those videos, there won’t ever be any blackmail or manipulation between us,” Rhonda smiled, as she moved her foot up and down her instantly wet pussy. “Whenever you submit to me, it will be only because you want to.”

“Ooooooh,” Angela moaned, the pleasure instant and exciting, although she glanced worriedly around to see if anyone was watching.

“You and I are the only ones here who matter right now,” Ronda said, beginning to establish the ground rules for the intense relationship she sensed could blossom here. Angela could even be The One… not just a passionate sexual relationship, which she’d been envisioning all along, but an actual committed relationship (although not an exclusive one but open, with full transparency and honesty between them). She couldn’t explain why, but she definitely sensed Angela was The One.

“Okay, if you say so,” Angela moaned again, just as their waitress returned with a slice of cheesecake with two forks for the women to share.

“Thank you, beautiful,” Rhonda said, smiling at the pretty college-aged waitress… a functionary she’d often seduce on nights like this if the date wasn’t going the way she wanted it to. But tonight her focus was on Angela.

“You’re welcome, ma’am,” the pretty waitress replied, feeling her cheeks go red at the compliment from the beautiful woman. The waitress was bi, and she had a thing for older women. “May I get you two anything else?”

“Not at the moment,” Rhonda said, giving a smoldering look to the waitress that Angela noticed made the girl melt, as she continued slowly moving her foot up and down her dinner date’s nylon-clad crotch.

“If you need anything, anything at all, please let me know,” the waitress tried to slyly, but also clearly, hint she’d be more than willing to have some fun later on with these two hot cougars.

“Good to know,” Rhonda said, deliberately hinting back she might take her up on that offer sometime.

The waitress left, her panties noticeably damp, as Rhonda said, “She’d come home with us in an instant if we invited her.”

“Really?” Angela said, having noticed there’d been some flirting during that conversation, but the foot slowly rubbing her pussy had kept her pretty distracted.

“For sure,” Rhonda said. “I have very strong… ‘gaydar’, for lack of a better term.”

“Crazy,” Angela moaned again, as Rhonda now began moving her foot in a slow, circular rotation.

“Which we might do together sometime. But tonight it’s just about us.”

“Okay,” Angela whimpered softly, flattered this beautiful woman would choose her over a younger, prettier woman.

“Are you a little jealous of her?”

“Maybe a little,” Angela admitted, “she’s very young and pretty,” as Rhonda picked up one of the forks.

“Don’t worry,” Rhonda said. “Tonight is about our exploring all of your fantasies.”

“Oooooooh,” Angela moaned, as Rhonda’s toes exerted strong, delicious pressure on her pussy.

“You like my doing that?” Rhonda asked, even though the answer was obvious.

“It feels amazing,” Angela said, as an orgasm was already rising through her. She’d always thought the women in porn came rather quickly, and had wondered if they were faking it more often than not, although they seemed pretty authentic… but now she understood how it could happen in reality… this foot was already driving her nuts.

“I want you to come all over my foot, my pretty pet,” Rhonda said, using a term of endearment, yet establishing the hierarchy at the same time… Rhonda had truly mastered the art of seduction during her more than twenty-five years of sexual relationships.

“Oh yes I will, Rhonda,” Angela moaned, “and that won’t take very long at all,” her orgasm rising as the pretty bombshell artfully took a bite of cheesecake as if that were all that was happening.

“Mmmmmm,” Rhonda moaned herself, as she began circling her toes in faster motions. “This is delicious.”

“Oh God, please don’t stop,” Angela mumbled as softly as she could manage, as she braced both hands on the table, feeling like a real life version of Meg Ryan in a crowded restaurant having an orgasm… but unlike in When Harry Met Sally, she wasn’t faking it.

“Come now my pet, come all over my foot,” Rhonda ordered, loving the vulnerable look of izmir escort a woman about to come… it was so sexy, so authentic, and so liberating.

Angela couldn’t hold back anymore, so she closed her eyes and bit her lip to keep from letting out a mighty scream that would alert the entire restaurant to what was happening underneath the table. “Oh fuck,” she moaned weakly as the orgasm hit her.

“Good girl,” Angela praised equally quietly, as she continued the circular motion throughout her pretty pet’s orgasm.

“Thank you,” Angela said, resisting the urge to call her Mistress… even though she really wanted to.

“Of course,” Rhonda said, as she moved her foot away and resumed eating her cheesecake.

After a minute, Angela still recovering from her orgasm, Rhonda asked, as she was about to finish all the cheesecake by herself, as she had planned to do all along, “Would you like some dessert?”

“I did burn off a lot of calories just now,” Angela smiled playfully, feeling so comfortable with this woman. In the past she’d sucked her man in a taxi, jerked him off in a plane, and sucked him under a table… but each time she’d been terrified of getting caught, so she didn’t remotely enjoy it. However she’d immensely enjoyed the foot rubbing just now; it was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before.

“Unfortunately I’ve greedily eaten all of our cheesecake,” Rhonda admitted as she polished off the final tiny piece.

Angela looked around, happy they had a corner booth, one she now realized Rhonda had likely specifically requested, as she asked playfully, already imagining herself crawling beneath this table and licking this amazing woman’s pussy, “Is there some other sort of tasty dessert nearby?”

“Actually, there’s some homemade pie readily available,” Rhonda offered, loving how quick of a learner Angela was… enjoying this sexually charged and playful banter, compared to her normally quick domination of younger women… many of whom were insensitive to inuendo.

“Mmmmmmm, I’ve never sampled that variety of homemade pie,” Angela said, anxious to duck right under the table, yet preferring to wait so she could be told to do so.

“Well, just slide under the table here, and try it hot from the oven,” Rhonda obliged, as she glanced around and saw the waitress looking over at them.

“Yes, Mistress,” Angela said, not even realizing she’d called her that until the word was out in the open. Feeling her cheeks redden at her response, she didn’t even look to see if anyone was watching as she quickly slipped under the table, surprised once she was down there at how dark it was… the tablecloth reaching almost to the floor.

“Good girl,” Rhonda said as she parted her legs, wearing a garter-belt and stockings underneath her dress… and as always, no underwear. She looked over to the waitress, who’d been watching with big eyes, and she smiled at her conspiratorially.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Angela said, as she placed her hands on Rhonda’s nylon-clad legs. She slowly glided her hands up them as she positioned herself between Rhonda’s legs until she felt the clasps attached to her stocking tops.

Rhonda said, “You’ll soon become accustomed to finding those; I almost always wear a garter-belt with my stockings.”

“So sexy,” Angela said, as she rubbed her hands up and down the sheer nylon legs, while also moving her head closer to a pussy she couldn’t really see… which was a bit of a disappointment.

Rhonda, having had many women eat her pussy from under a table, at least a couple dozen of them at this table alone, although her usual waitress wasn’t here today; she knew how dark it was under there, so she fished her phone out of her purse, turned on its flashlight and handed it under the tablecloth. “Would you like some light, so you can see how moist your dessert is?”

“Oh thank you, it looks so juicy and delicious,” Angela crooned, now able to stare at this completely shaved, perfectly pink, slightly glazed, pussy… a pussy looking so much more inviting than a cock ever had.

“I’m told it’s to die for,” Rhonda said, having been told that hundreds of times in her life. She’d had many women text her afterwards, begging to be allowed to come over and eat her again.

“I imagine it will be,” Angela agreed, already completely intoxicated by her task, even though she hadn’t begun it yet. She took a deep breath, inhaling the feminine scent, before leaning forward and beginning to lick. That final 0.01% chance she might be bi became a nice round zero the moment she tasted Rhonda’s pussy. It was subtly sweet, and didn’t taste or smell anything like fish… which is exactly how her husband had used to describe her pussy, which had always gotten her painfully self-conscious.

“Mmmmmmm, good girl, lick my pussy, baby,” Rhonda moaned, always enjoying the feel of a tongue on her pussy, but this one was somehow more stimulating, as she already felt something for Angela she hadn’t felt for anyone in years… an emotional connection to go along with the strong sexual connection.

“You taste so good,” Angela said mindlessly, as she explored this entire pussy region… inside and out… in many ways she was like a child playing with a brand new toy.

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