Special Relief

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Dani Daniels

This story is pure fantasy. All characters are 18+ and consensual.


“Daddy I need you.” I came into the living room where he was watching the news. It was worse than usual, and I really did need him in the worst way.

It all started a few weeks prior when I’d thought I would be home alone and I’d raced up the stairs to my room to pull off my sweatshirt and start rubbing my aching titties. My tits were DDD on my otherwise very small and petite 18 year old frame. My nipples were hard all the time and ached and the only real relief I got was rubbing them.

“Baby girl, what are you doing?” I startled at the sound of my father’s voice behind me. Just the two of us living together, we were extremely close with no secrets, except maybe this one. But at the concern in his voice, I knew I couldn’t lie.

“Daddy, my titties hurt. All the time. They ache.”

“Do they?” He came to sit behind me on the bed. “And rubbing helps?”

“Yes.” I could feel myself blushing.

“Your mom used to have the same issue. I had to massage them for her often…” his voice drifted away fondly.

“Show me.” I wasn’t even sure why, but I just knew that his hands on my titties would feel amazing. “Please, Daddy. They hurt.”

“Okay, baby.” He reached around, cupping my full tits through my tank top. He started squeezing and rubbing the tits, a deep massage that felt amazing, like I’d been waiting my whole life for that moment. My head fell back on his shoulder as he continued to deeply massage my breasts.

“Is it your titties that hurt or your nipples too?” he asked without stopping his rolling rhythm of squeezing and releasing.

“Both,” I panted. “Sometimes I have to pinch my nipples till they feel better.”

“Oh, Daddy knows what to do for that.” He moved to rolling my nipples between his strong fingers, long pulls and deep, firm squeezes to my whole areola until my nipples were as hard and long as they’d ever been. He started rhythmically tugging them and I couldn’t hold back a moan.

“That’s it baby girl. Let it feel good.” He tugged and pinched and rolled until I felt my pussy start to spasm.

“Daddy… I’m…”

“Just let it happen,” he coaxed, not stopping his attentions. My pussy throbbed. I’d rubbed it until it felt this good before, but this was the first time it had done this with another person in the room. And I wasn’t even rubbing it. Just his work on my nipples had me about to burst.

“Dadddddy,” I squealed as it washed over me, wave after wave of pleasure and pussy spasms.

“That’s it.” He rubbed my nipples much softer now. “I bet you feel lots better, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“How about you come to me next time they hurt too, okay? Daddy wants to help you feel better.” He hugged me to his chest.

“I will.” And I did feel better for several hours, but the ache was back as I got ready for bed. I thought about playing with them myself and rubbing my pussy, but the temptation of using Daddy for relief was too strong.

I found him in his room, reading in bed. I stood in the door, uncertain of what to say.

“Hey there, Princess,” he greeted me warmly. “Are you in pain again?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Come lay next to me here on the bed. I think I know something that will help.”

“Oh yes.” I couldn’t wait to see what it was. Earlier had been so magical, and I wanted more like that. I’d fantasized about him for years and couldn’t quite believe this was happening.

Lying on my side next to him, I let him tug the top of my nightgown down.

“Mmm. Look at those hard nipples.” He weighed my full breasts in his hands and started the deep massage that felt so good earlier. “I think I know what they need.”

“What, Daddy?”

“Has anyone ever sucked your nipples before?”

“No,” I said breathlessly. “But I’ve thought about it. A lot.”

“I bet you have. Would you like Daddy to show you what it’s like?”

“Yes, please.”

He scooted down slightly in the bed escort gaziantep suriyeli bayan and lifted one of my heavy breasts to his mouth. The relief I felt when he sucked my nipple in deep was indescribable. I started softly moaning as he kept up the warm, wet pleasure, suckling me deeply and rhythmically. I felt a climax building, but I tried to hold it off as I didn’t want this to be over so quickly.

However, when he started playing with the free nipple with his big fingers, it was a lost cause and my hips started bucking and the pleasure washed over me.

To my surprise though, he didn’t stop, just switched sides and said, “Let’s see if we can do that again.”

The other nipple was more sensitive and I whimpered and squealed as he sucked, especially when he started playing with the distended nipple he’d just finished with. It didn’t take much before I was coming again, pussy throbbing.

“There now. Is that better?” He pulled away with a lewd plopping sound.

“Yes, Daddy.” I actually had another ache, deep inside me, like I needed something else, but I wasn’t sure how to articulate that.

“Sucking your pretty nipples got Daddy all worked up too. Made him feel so good,” he said. “Would you like Daddy to get the same good feelings you just had? Make Daddy come?”

“Yes,” I said, shyly.

He took my hand and led it to his groin, pulling his cock free from his boxer briefs. I’d dreamed about seeing his cock before and had even looked up dirty pictures on the internet, but he was far bigger than anything I’d seen or dreamed about. My hand barely wrapped around his girth.

“That’s it. You stroke Daddy’s cock, up and down, and Daddy’s going to keep sucking those pretty nipples and maybe we can both feel good.”

“Oh, yes. I want that.” My voice was more eager now as he latched back on, suckling deeply while I stroked his hard cock. I wasn’t sure how fast or slow to go, so I experimented with different speeds until I found one that had him moaning into my nipple.

“That’s it. Don’t stop,” he pulled away long enough to say, then resumed suckling. I felt my own climax starting to build again and couldn’t help moaning over and over. It was different than when I rubbed my pussy, softer and more all-encompassing. When my body started to shudder, so did his, and creamy white fluid erupted all over my fist.

“That’s so good, Baby. So good.” He lay panting next to me and cuddled me close. He used his boxers to clean off my hand and his stomach, then cuddled me some more. We fell asleep like that, then in the morning, I woke to find him sucking my nipple again, squeezing and teasing the other nipple while he suckled.

“Mmmm. Daddy just couldn’t resist,” he said, grinning up at me as he noticed I was awake.

“Feels so good,” I confessed. “I usually have to rub them before I get up.”

“Well, Daddy’s going to take care of you now.” he said tenderly. “Whenever you need it.”

“I want to take care of you too.” I reached between us for his cock again. “I liked that.”

“Did you, baby girl?”

“Yes.” I started to stroke him as he resumed sucking my nipples. It didn’t take much before we were both coming, moaning loudly.

After that, we fell into a routine with me coming to him multiple times a day. Luckily, he worked from home with a flexible schedule. Sometimes he used his hands on my titties and other times he suckled. Sometimes I stroked him and other times, he wanted to suckle or play with me a long time before he had me stroke him to completion. We both loved watching TV together, and the titty play added a new dimension to our evenings, him sucking my nipples languidly or playing with me on his lap.

About two weeks after we started though, I woke up in worse pain than ever, titties hard as rocks and seemingly two sizes bigger with long, bright pink nipples.

“Daddy, I need you,” I said as I came into the living room. I hadn’t bothered putting escort gaziantep türbanlı bayan my nightgown back on after he’d removed it the night before, so I was just in panties. He immediately turned off the news.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

“Daddy, they hurt. Like they’ve never hurt before. Feels like they might burst out of my skin. And they’re… bigger.”

“I can see that.” He beckoned me closer. “Oh, baby, I think I know what the problem is. You’re milky.”

“I’m making milk?” I asked in wonder. I’d fantasized about that so many times, especially with him suckling for what felt like hours at a time. The idea of feeding my daddy was intensely erotic to me.

“I’m almost sure of it.” He patted his lap. “Let Daddy suck them and see if that helps?”

“Yes, Daddy.” I climbed up to his lap and straddled him, facing him so he could easily access my nipples. He took one heavy, aching titty to his mouth and latched on like usual, but something different happened this time. A deep, tingly feel that started in my tummy and worked its way into my titties and made me shudder and then…

“Yup. Milk.” He pulled back with a grin. “And lots of it. I can’t believe how fast you got milky, baby girl.”

“Are you going to drink it, daddy?” I asked, breathless.

“Oh yes, baby. Daddy’s going to drain you dry. Don’t you worry.” He latched back on, sucking me deep into his mouth, sucking even harder than usual and I could hear him swallowing which made my pussy clench over and over. The free nipple started to drip and I was transfixed at the shiny fluid running out and down my belly.

Without even realizing what I was doing, I started rocking against his hard cock which was still inside his sweat pants, grinding against him in time to his suckling. I started to moan loudly as he sucked me harder, swallowing faster. My pussy was on fire, and I had to move faster and faster as he switched sides, taking the other aching nipple into his mouth. I could feel him rocking up to meet me, and when my body started to buck and convulse with pleasure, he let out a mighty groan.

“Oh, Princess, you made Daddy come too,” he said, breath coming in harsh pants. “Daddy loves your sweet, sweet milk. Daddy’s going to need it all the time now. And I think you will too. Your titties were made for this, weren’t they?”

“Yes, Daddy.” I gasped as he rubbed my bare, flat belly. “Daddy… I thought you couldn’t make milk unless you had a baby?”

“Oh no, sweetheart. A lot of people can’t, but tits like yours… enough sucking and attention and the milk comes in anyway. Your titties were made to be milkers.”

“Like a cow?” I asked, both horrified and aroused at the same time.

“My sweet, little cow,” he said fondly. “Your mommy loved being my little cow too, once upon a time. It’s not a bad thing to have such needy titties that need Daddy’s attention all the time.”

“Mmmm.” I kind of liked the sound of that. “But don’t…” I lowered my voice. “Don’t cows get bred too?”

“Yes, baby. Little cows need the daddy bull to breed them. But we don’t have to do that.”

“We don’t?” I was strangely disappointed.

“You’re so small, baby. And Daddy’s cock isn’t. Breeding can hurt. And it gives you a big baby belly. You’d have to want that.”

“I do,” I whispered. There was nothing I wanted more than to walk around the house, naked like this, big belly in front of me, knowing I carried Daddy’s baby. I’d seen naughty videos on the internet-I knew what fucking looked like, and I’d wanted Daddy’s cock in me for a very long time. Maybe that would help the ache deep inside my pussy.

“I’m already milky, Daddy. I could feed you and our baby.” I loved that thought. Already my tits got firmer at the thought, warmer, and I could feel them growing more engorged with milk again.

“Mmmmm.” His voice was a warm rumble. “I like the sound of that. But, Princess, I don’t want to hurt you. Breeding escort gaziantep ücreti elden alan bayan can be rough, even for little cows who want it.”

“Daddy…” I had to whisper again. “I like rough. My favorite is when you pinch and pull my nipples harder than usual. I kind of like it when you play with me so much it aches later.”

“Yeah? You think you’d like my big breeding cock, stretching that little pussy? If you say yes to being bred, Little Cow, Daddy won’t stop once he starts. It’ll get better each time, but it’s going to be a tight fit.”

I didn’t have to think long. “I want you to breed me. I want to be milky with a big baby belly.”

“Oh, Princess,” he groaned, standing up with me in his arms. He carried me up the stairs to his bed and deposited me in the center of it. He pulled my panties down and off my legs, so that I was completely bared to him. After removing his pants, he knelt between my legs, but didn’t immediately put his big cock to my pussy as I’d expected.

Instead, he tenderly nursed each of my nipples again, making my pussy throb. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, his fingers started to rub my wet pussy for the first time. He rubbed my clitty until I was breathing hard, climax approaching, then stopped.

“More,” I moaned.

“Are you ready?” he asked. “Ready for Daddy to breed his little princess?”

“Yes,” I whimpered, wanting it so much.

“Has my little girl put anything in this tight pussy before?” He circled my entrance with a thick finger, barely dipping inside.

“No, Daddy.”

“Mmmm. I like knowing that. I want my cock to be the first.” Holding his cock with one hand, he rubbed it up and down my slit, getting it all wet in my juices. With the other hand, he brought my fingers to my clitty. “Rub your clitty for Daddy, Baby. It’ll make it easier as Daddy pushes in.”

“Yes,” I moaned, rubbing my swollen clitty the way I liked to when I was alone, around and around. Slowly, he pushed forward, and I could feel my body resisting the invasion. The pressure had a sharp bite to it, almost but not quite too much. “Hurts, Daddy.”

“I know, baby. Rub that clitty for me. See how your your little pussy is stretching for me? That’s so sexy.”

He pressed forward a little more and I could feel something give, the pain intensifying for a moment before mellowing back to intense pressure. He was so big, bigger than I’d ever imagined and I could feel the stretch everywhere.I felt so full and he wasn’t even all the way in yet. My pussy lips were stretching around him as he pushed in more and more with little grunts. Rubbing my clitty meant brushing his large shaft which turned me on even more, knowing he was inside me for the very first time, bare and fertile.

He leaned forward, briefly sucking on a nipple, before pushing in harder, so hard I felt him deep, deep inside. He was touching some place up in me that felt so so good.

“Oh, baby. Daddy needs to fuck his little cow. Do you want that?”

“Yes, Daddy.” I rubbed my clitty faster.

“Daddy’s going to fill your belly with cum. That what you need?”

“Yes,” I whimpered as he shoved in harder. He was thrusting now, out and in, each inward thrust deeper than the last, harder, each retreat making me crave his return.

“Do you want Daddy’s baby, sweetheart? Tell Daddy.”

“Yes, Daddy. I want a big baby belly. All yours.” I moaned and rubbed my clit harder, so close to coming with that giant cock in me. He pulled on one of my nipples, making milk spurt out, and that was all it took to tip me over into the hardest come of my life, moaning and shuddering and squeezing hard around that huge cock that was pounding me so hard.

“Oh, fuck, baby, Daddy’s coming. Coming in my little virgin cow.” He stiffened, then shoved deep one more time, so deep that I could feel the hot, wet fluid inside me. And he stayed there, holding it in for what felt like forever, cock still in me, mouth finding my nipples again to suckle softly.

“Daddy.” I pushed at his shoulder. “I’m so full.”

“I know, Baby. But let Daddy stay in a little longer. We need that cum to stay inside.” He went back to suckling, sighing contentedly. And as he nursed on my titties, cum deep inside me, I finally felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be-no more weird aches or empty feelings. Just Daddy and me and our special time. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next for us.

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