Spring Break 1987: The Beginning

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The following is a “true story of my imagination” and is based on memories I gained (and embellished upon) while dating a young woman in college nearly twenty years ago. Truthfully, this relationship may be the genesis for my incest fantasies today. I had never really given much thought to sex between family members until this woman admitted to me that she had seduced her Grandfather. While incest in my family does not appeal to me (except for maybe a relative or two by marriage), my girlfriend’s admission and the events I witnessed among her family made me wonder if there weren’t situations when consensual sex between adult family members perhaps indeed existed and thrived?

During the yearlong stormy relationship with this woman, we visited her Mother and older Brother down south over Spring Break. After only a day or two there, it became evident that there was something strange about this family. The Mother was an incredible looking older version of my girlfriend with huge tits and Kim Basinger good looks. The Brother looked nothing like my girlfriend (thank god), and I suspect looked more like his old man, who had divorced the Mother a few years earlier. In any case, the mother made no secret of her goodies the whole week, often lounging around in oversized t-shirts (well, not that oversized) and coming to breakfast in short robes with nothing underneath. On one occasion, she even slipped me the tongue briefly! The Brother was quite affectionate with his Mother too, often wrestling with her, or the two of them giving each other massages and neck rubs that seemed more like sexual foreplay than anything else. And, he took an interest in my girlfriend, his Sister’s body too, often making remarks about her tits or ass and watching her as she undressed (I even caught him once!). Hell, even my wildcat girlfriend was probably not beyond getting it on with either of them! She was bi-curious and readily admitted that her mother was one of the most beautiful women she’d ever seen and “oozed sexuality”, leaving me to wonder on the possibilities.

End this to say that the entire week was filled with sexual innuendos and tension, but nothing ever materialized between any members of the family. My girlfriend and I managed to have sex twice while we were there – once in her bedroom and a second time in her car in the parking lot of The Boneyard just as described (but not with her Brother). But in my mind and in this story, things do happen – among all four of us.

But the beginning of the story tells the tale of how my girlfriend seduced her Grandfather years earlier. And, as always, names and places have been changed. Enjoy!


Leo Saddler stared blankly out the car window at the night sky as the streaks from the street lights flashed by repeatedly. His thoughts were muddled from fatigue and the long ride, as he recalled his girlfriend’s admission the weekend before of fucking her Grandfather.

It had been a Saturday night and Leo and Lynn had decided to skip the club scene, opting instead, to order Chinese, wash it down with some beer and smoke a few good joints for dessert. Leo recalled how, after dinner, they had migrated to her bedroom – their only sanctuary in the house she shared with three other hot females. This was where Leo and Lynn studied; where they talked; where they got high; where they fucked. And tonight, things began seemingly normal as Lynn began one of her slow, sensual strip teases, after the full effect of the smoke hit her.

Things took a turn, however, as tonight she added speech to her show, asking Leo if he was hard for her and saying how she loved his cock in her pussy. Yes, tonight, Leo had noticed that she had a wicked gleam in her eye as she stroked him gently – pre-cum flowed from the tip of his cock.

Leo’s memories were momentarily jarred as the car hit an unexpected bump. A glance at his girlfriend revealed a tired driver. He was glad the 12-hour trip to her childhood home would soon end, as he lit a cigarette and cracked open his window. His thoughts returned to that night. He remembered how Lynn began licking the length of his cock, slapping his hands away as he tried, without success, to force her mouth over his cock.

She giggled, he recalled, saying in a teasing voice that she had a secret. Even now in the car, Leo’s cock twitched at the memory of his girlfriend licking his cock one last time as she boldly gazed into his eyes and whispered, “I fucked my grandpa,” before swallowing his entire cock to the root.

Leo would like to say he lasted a while, but in truth, he lasted only a few seconds before blasting off in her mouth. Like a good cocksucker, Lynn swallowed it all as she stroked the base of his cock and moaned her contentment. Afterward, as she continued licking his wilting cock, he asked her whether what she’d said was true or just part of her show that night? She smiled her wicked smile and said it was true, as she proceeded to tell him the story between licks.

Apparently, shortly gaziantep escort after her eighteenth birthday and the summer before she was due to head to college, she decided she wanted a new car. But her Father had refused until she showed promise in her first year of college. The devious young woman thought about seducing her Father but knew he would be a challenge. And Lynn Loring hated challenges. She had been spoon-fed her entire life by rich parents, and had always gotten what she wanted, using her looks and physical prowess when necessary. So now, she wasn’t about to start putting forth an effort for a stupid car. To that end, she snuck into her grandfather’s workshop one night and fucked his brains out for it. Lynn didn’t mind really. Her Granddaddy, as she referred to him, was sexy as hell! Years of running his own construction company, and working in it too, had kept him in great shape, with a golden tan, strong build and full, wavy gray hair. The company had also made him a fortune, and now, having turned the company over to Lynn’s Father, her granddad kept busy in his retirement with many activities. But his favorite past time was woodworking, which he enjoyed doing in the guesthouse, where he had set up a shop. Lynn explained how, one night, she dressed in her grandpa’s favorite pleated skirt and blouse leaving bra and panties behind. She had put her hair in a ponytail and slipped on her saddle shoes from her high-school cheerleading days.

In his workshop, she asked her grandpa many questions about his hobby, while admiring his work on display around the shop. She made sure to show him lots of leg and tits as she twirled, from one item to another, feigning interest.

And he, in turn, asked her many questions about her life, including boys. Her grandfather seemed more interested in Lynn’s sex life, than the carousel horse he was working on. Lynn decided it was time to take a break and begin her seduction.

“It’s hot in here, Grandpa. Can I have something to drink?” she had asked innocently while taking a seat on the sofa and curling her legs underneath her. Her exposed thighs tingled at her Grandfather’s gaze.

“Sure, sweetheart,” he had replied, “but all I have is beer.”

“I won’t tell if you won’t tell,” she relied with a smirk.

Lynn’s Grandfather gazed at her for a moment as if struggling with the decision. After a few seconds, he said, “Well, I guess one won’t hurt,” and grabbed each of them a cold one. Having opened and handed Lynn her beer, he made himself comfortable next to her on the large, rust-colored leather sofa. Five beers later, his eyes began to glaze, as his stares at her succulent thighs lasted longer and longer.

Lynn was beginning to get horny under his lustful stare and intimate questions, as the alcohol began to have it effect on her, too. His last question had been whether or not she was a virgin still, and he seemed to smile when Lynn told him she wasn’t. Lynn seized the moment to seduce her grandpa after she had complained to him about her Father’s insistence at waiting until she proved herself in college before buying her a car.

“Well, Lynn honey, your Dad is a smart man,” he had said. “He’s treating you like one of his employees,” he added. “It’s called ‘pay for performance’.”

“But that’s not fair! I’m not one of his employees! I’m his daughter! You wouldn’t have treated me like any ole employee, would you Grandpa? You would have given me special treatment, wouldn’t you?” she asked, as she rose and fetched her Grandfather another beer. While opening the can, she sashayed over to where he was seated and handed it to him. Standing in front of him, her fingers toyed with the hem of her short skirt coyly raising it a few inches. Lynn’s Grandfather stared at her tanned legs and rubbed his scruffy beard, before taking a sip of his beer. Slowly, Lynn moved between her Grandfather’s legs and seated herself on his knee. He set the beer down as her hands came to rest on his chest. “Wouldn’t you, Grandpa?” she whispered as she noticed her Grandfather became aware that her tits were braless and completely visible between the opening of her blouse since she had intentionally left the few top buttons undone for his viewing pleasure.

“Yes…yes, of course,” he added trying not to stare openly at his Granddaughter’s tits. He could smell her sweet perfume – a heady aroma of wood and lavender – as he began to wonder what his Granddaughter had in mind.

Lynn turned slightly, moving her arms around her Grandfather’s neck and making her blouse come open further. Her Grandfather’s mouth opened but nothing came out as he stared at Lynn’s milky white breast.

Lynn leaned into her Grandpa’s ear and whispered, “You know, Grandpa, if you bought me a car for college, I’d be very grateful.” She straightened as her chest heaved and her nipples hardened from his stare. Lynn’s grandpa stared at the naked breast visible inside her blouse. Her taut, raspberry nipple made his mouth water as he shifted his lustful gaze to her eyes.

“Veerry gaziantep escort bayan grateful,” she whispered, as her blue eyes bore into his; a finger trailing down his chest to his stomach and playing with the button of his shirt.

Leo’s cock had grown back to full staff listening to his girlfriend’s story. Lynn continued as she stroked Leo’s cock slowly. Her grandfather had glanced at the front door of the guesthouse, as if expecting the family to burst through at any moment. But in truth, both he and Lynn knew that no one was giving them a second thought. As far as the family was concerned, Lynn was spending quality time with her Grandfather. She recalled how he had looked back over at Lynn sitting on his knee.

Staring into each other’s eyes, Lynn’s hand moved from his stomach to her blouse as she slowly unbuttoned the remaining buttons on her blouse with one hand. Her Grandfather’s cock stirred as he watched the slow and torturous act. Once unbuttoned, she unveiled her breast and teased its nippled with a finger. Neither said a word as she brought a naked breast to her granddaddy’s lips. He hesitated only for a moment before licking her rubbery, stiff nipple. Lynn sighed as she ran one hand through his gray hair and brought his hand to her other breast, his passion growing as he sucked one nipple and pinched the other.

By now, Lynn was sucking Leo’s cock intermittently as she told the story. Images of the story flashed through Leo’s mind as he relished the feel of his girlfriend’s mouth and the vibrations of her voice on his cock.

After a few minutes of enjoying her grandfather’s mouth on her tits and sucking her nipples stiff, Lynn stood and shed her blouse. Standing topless in front of her Grandfather, she played with the hem of her skirt, raising it slowly to reveal a neatly trimmed, glistening pussy. Her Grandfather was openly rubbing his cock through his jean. Holding her dress with one hand, Lynn ran the fingers of her other hand through her pussy and whispered, “This pussy for a car, Grandpa.”

Her grandfather stared at her pussy, licked his lips wantonly, and nodded a simple affirmation. He unbuckled his belt and fished out his huge, ten-inch cock.

Lynn was caught off-guard by the size of her Grandfather’s cock, licking her lips and dropping to her knees between his legs as she whispered, “Oh my god!” He held his rigid cock steady as she began to lick it lovingly, her eyes locked into his lustful gaze.

“Oh, yeah!” he groaned and threw his head back on the sofa. Lynn grabbed the base of her Grandfather’s cock and began to stroke it as her mouth moved over the head and sucked. “Oh, fuck yeah,” her Grandfather said, “suck my cock Lynn, honey. Suck Grandpa’s cock!” He had grabbed and held her head by the base of the ponytail as it bobbed up and down on his cock. Slobbering sounds filled the room.

“Hmmmph!” Lynn moaned as she continued sucking and stroking her Grandfather’s cock before releasing it for air. “You like that, Granddaddy?” She hissed. “You like your Granddaughter sucking your cock?”

“Ugh!” he moaned looking back down at her and grabbing a tit to massage as her sucking resumed for a moment.

She released again and said, “Do you want to blow your load all over my face, Grandpa, or do you want to fuck your granddaughter’s tight, wet pussy?” as she massaged his balls. Her sucking resumed.

Her Grandfather let out a low, guttural moan, “Oh!!!!!”

Lynn was sucking Leo’s cock rapidly now, the story momentarily forgotten as Leo held her head in place. Lynn knew Leo was aching for release and loved the control she had over him. Suddenly she stopped and started licking his turgid cock lovingly as she resumed the story.

“Fuck…fuck you,” Lynn’s Grandfather had replied breathlessly. “I want to fuck you!”

“Okay,” Lynn had replied abruptly ending her blowjob and standing. “But first, you have to get my pussy nice and wet,” she added crawling onto the sofa and standing over her Grandfather, “with your tongue!” Her pussy hovered inches from his bearded face as Grandfather and Granddaughter stared at one another. “Eat my pussy, Granddaddy!” Lynn lowered her soaked pussy onto her Grandfather’s mouth; his beard tickling her lips as she squealed in delight.

“Hmmph!” her Grandfather moaned unprepared for the rush of juices flooding his mouth. He pierced Lynn’s pussy with his tongue before licking it from stem to stern and finally resting on her clit and sucking.

This time, it was Lynn’s turn to let out a guttural moan, “Ugh!!!!!!” She wailed. “Fuck, Grandpa!!! That’s it!!! Yeah, that’s it!!! Lick me!!! Lick you Granddaughter’s pussy!!!! Yeah…uh-huh…uh-huh!!!! Oh!!!!!!” she screamed as her Grandfather’s assault on her pussy continued. Lynn’s horniness had kept her on the edge all night, tonight, and so she already sensed her orgasm approaching. Not wanting to come, yet, she screamed, “I’m gonna come! Stop!!! Stop!!!” and detached her pussy from his tongue. “I wanna feel my Granddaddy’s big cock inside gaziantep bayan escort my tight, little pussy!” she hissed. Lynn’s Grandfather held his cock ready for the impale, as she moved lower and hovered momentarily over it. Pre-come oozed from the tip as she rested her hands on his shoulders and brought a nipple to his glistening lips. “This is it, Grandpa,” she whispered in his ear as his tongue flicked over a rubbery nipple. “Fuck me,” she added as she slowly dropped her hot, steamy pussy onto her Grandfather’s pulsing cock. “Fuck your Granddaughter hard!”

Lynn had resumed sucking Leo’s cock, and he could now sense the beginning of his approaching orgasm as she finished the story.

Lynn rode her grandfather passionately while he steadied her with his large hands on her ass and his mouth sucking greedily on one nipple then the other. Lynn remembered gasping, “Fuck me, Grandpa! Fuck your granddaughter!” as she fucked him mercilessly. She recalled peeking through the curtains of the window behind the sofa and toward the main house. She could clearly see everyone through the huge, bay window as they sat watching television. The thought that her parents were only a few feet away while her granddad’s cock slid in and out of her lubricated pussy brought Lynn to elevated heights.

“They’re watching TV, Grandpa!” she gasped as she humped his cock wildly. “They’re just a few…feet away…probably watching…some…wholesome show…as…your cock…fucks my tight, little cunt!” She loved the dirty talk!

“Ah!!” her Grandfather groaned, as her words pushed him towards the edge.

“Yeah, that turns you on, doesn’t it, Grandpa?” she recalled gasping. “You like fucking your Son’s daughter, don’t ya?” Lost in delirium, her Grandfather picked up his pace. “Yeah, that’s it, Grandpa! Fuck me, good! I’m getting close. I’m gonna come, Grandpa!”

“Ugh!” her grandpa groaned and said suddenly, “I’m gonna come too, Lynn, I’m gonna come! Ugh…fuck you’re tight!”

“Yes! Come inside me, granddad! Let me feel you come inside me!”

“Ugh!!! Fuck!!!!!” her grandpa groaned. “I’m coming!!!!! I’m co-ming!!!!” he screamed as he held her tightly by her ass and exploded!

“Me too!!!” Lynn shouted in reply, “I’m coming too, Grandpa!!!!” she gasped as her Grandfather’s cock flexed inside her and shot after shot of his thick come coated her insides. “I’m coming all over my grandpa’s cock!” she screamed before kissing her Grandfather for the first time and driving her tongue deep into his mouth! Her orgasm shaking her to the core.

At that moment, Lynn took Leo back into her mouth just in time to catch his explosion. His come shooting down her throat as Lynn stroked his cock and did her best to swallow every drop. “Hmmm,” she moaned.

“Fuck!” was all Leo could murmur as his orgasm ended. Lynn was gently stroking his cock as she stared at him with those bedroom eyes.

“I guessed you liked my story,” she whispered teasingly.

“Fuck, yeah!” Leo muttered. “Did all of that…really happen?” He had to ask.

“Mmm-hmmm,” Lynn replied positively. A drop of come leaked from the corner of her mouth momentarily before her tongue snaked out and licked it.

“Fuck,” Leo groaned again and lay his head back and staring at the ceiling.

Lynn crawled next to her boyfriend as he wrapped her in his arms and asked, “So, what ended up happening? Did you get a car?”

She recalled how her grandfather asked what kind of car she had wanted, while they laid slumped against one another. Her Grandfather’s come leaked out of Lynn’s pussy.

“A Beemer, of course!” she said.

“What?” he had replied acting startled. “That’s a bit expensive, don’t you think?”

Lynn French-kissed her Grandfather longingly. Her tongue probed his mouth as she felt his cock inside her stir. She broke the kiss and whispered, “Buy me what I want, Grandpa, and this pussy can be yours all summer.”

And so, they fucked all summer long, mostly in his shop, but one time in the shower and another time in his bedroom!

Lynn explained to Leo how she had even given her grandfather a blowjob in the kitchen after dinner one night, as the family played cards in the den with company. Her Grandfather had blasted off in her mouth just as her Father was making his way into the kitchen for more drinks. She recalled talking to her Father in the kitchen with her Granddaddy’s come still lingering in her mouth. Her Grandfather had acted nervous when Lynn’s Dad had complimented her appearance, a rare occurrence, and in turn Lynn had kissed her Father on the cheek.

Lynn remembered vividly how her Father’s nostrils flared as he smelled, Lynn was sure, the unmistakable scent of come on her breath. With Iced Teas filling his hands, Lynn’s Father had glanced at both his daughter and his Father as Lynn smirked at him and licked her lips ever so briefly. Her Father left the kitchen bewildered. Lynn’s grandfather was white as a ghost.

Lynn Loring was simply that kind of woman. She liked to tease. She liked to push the envelope and go where no one dared to go. Long before she had confessed this story to Leo, he had surmised that perhaps she was troubled. She seemed to care about nothing and no one except herself. Leo wasn’t sure if he could stay with someone so self-absorbed.

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