Spring Jogging

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Looks like spring is here for good, sunny skies, trees in bloom, and best of all, those sweet little joggers strutting down the road in their shorts. Tight bodies shiny from sweat, the shorts sticking to those marvelous asses, and tank tops clinging to their breasts.

Doesn’t take much for me to close my eyes and imagine what you look like running on the beach. Mmmmm, how I’d love to be there along your trail, sitting at a bench as you pass by. Would you stop and talk, or would you pass by like any other stranger?

Maybe you’d stop and talk for a minute, using the excuse of a cramped calf that needed a little rubbing, but we’d both be distracted as we gaze into the other’s eyes. I’d reach up to wipe a drop of sweat sliding down your cheek, and then it’d happen; our heads lean together and our lips meet. God it’s been far too long since I’ve felt a kiss like yours.

Would it be rude of me to ask you to get on your hands and knees on the bench there, let me pet you like a preening cat? My fingers would glide along your smooth skin, feeling the sweat from your recent activity, as well as the results of all that jogging. I love to work the aches and pains out of tired muscles, my thumbs and fingers bring soothing pleasure to the body before me. A finger etiler escort dares to explore higher along your thigh, up under those shorts. I find more heat, and more slippery wetness, this time not from the running. Such a slick little pussy, so warm to my touch, inviting me in. My finger works itself in and out, and with my other hand I move your panties to the side, exposing your heat to the cool air and the breeze coming off the water. Mmmmm, I can’t just look and touch, I have cravings too, and a strong hunger as well. I lean in and lick you, causing your back to arch and your ass to stick up higher.

I can feel your body shaking as my tongue snakes deeper inside, my hands holding tight, keeping you safely on your perch. Frustrated by the way your shorts interfere with my feast, I rip them off, along with the flimsy panties, leaving only bare flesh beneath my lips.

Ignoring the danger of discovery, my tongue continues to tease, lapping up and down your sodden crease. You keep pushing back into my face, that luscious ass practically smothering me. My nose presses against your crinkly pucker. Suddenly, a new craving hits me, so my tongue darts up and circles your anal ring, each circle smaller and halkalı escort smaller, ’til finally I form a spear with my tongue and press it inside.

I’m uncertain whether the noises I hear are of pleasure or protest, but at this point I don’t care. My thumb finds the proud nub of your clit, strumming it at the same pace that my tongue plunges in and out of your ass. I want you to cum, hard.

The feeling of my hot, moist tongue dipping into your dirtiest place inspires both disgust and desire unparalleled. Only in your most secret fantasies have you ever imagined something like this, and to experience it first hand is almost too much for you to bear.

It is all you can do to bow your head and muffle your screams against the hard bench as your body convulses like it has never done before, your mind’s eye seeing nothing but burning whiteness for a moment as you struggle to come down from the high of my taboo tongue.

Your first thought, when you return to your senses, is that now your palms are sweaty for an entirely different reason. Your second is the realization that my face is still buried between your legs, mouth dutifully attending to you even after your orgasm. You reach behind to touch innovia escort your fingers to my hair, trying to get my attention despite how your hand is still shaking and the fact that you cannot find your voice to speak.

You’re worried, of course, of being discovered like this, splayed out for the whole beach to see, covered in sweat, with my face still buried there. Your fingers tug on my hair, pulling my face up off your body.

When our eyes meet, you’re shocked to see the animalistic hunger filling mine, it’s as though I see you merely as the prey I need to survive the lust that overwhelms my heart.

I pick you up off the bench, and sit down in your place, sliding my own pants down in the process. You land on my lap, or more precisely, on my rock-hard, throbbing cock.

You can’t help but wiggle your ass against my flesh, your pussy is so soaked that it leaves a trail on my body. My hands reach down to your hips, adjusting your position so that my cock is pressing against your slit. A quick slide and suddenly you feel me thrust inside, filling your tight box, causing a gasp to slip from your lips just as you press them to my own.

We kiss again, you can taste your dew on my lips and tongue; our tongues twist together as you grind down on me. Fuck it feels so good inside you. I’m growing sweaty now, lifting up off the bench to thrust myself inside you. Hands on your ass, holding you tight, my breath begins to heave. I’m so close, I break apart from our kiss to look into your eyes just as I begin to cum. The look I get is beautiful, even more so than the setting sun behind us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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