Stacy wants to Play Ch. 01

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I had A Fantastic Editor for the first chapter of the Story and I want to thank her first before we begin the story. Thank you Misty your help was more than generous.

Chapter One: Markers have a mind of their own

I could feel the marker moving up and down the back of my leg. I looked over at Stacy she was smiling and talking to Jessie like there nothing was going on. I was just about to tell her how annoying it was, but Megan was still talking to me. I was trying to pay attention to what she was saying so I just let it go. Up and down. Up and down with the marker. I was starting to think she was trying to annoy me. Then, Jessie started asking we questions about the rally. I was in charge of making the poster so they were all there helping me. Stacy, Jessie, Megan Amanda and me (my name is Lacey). I was the youngest of our group and had just turned eighteen a few weeks ago.

“Hey Lace are we going to put posters up in all the classrooms or just around the hallways?” Jessie asked.

Just as I started to answer her I felt the marker moving up the back of my leg slightly farther then it had earlier. “Just the hallways I guess,” I said as I turned my head sharply to look at Stacy but she was actually looking in the total other direction. The only thing I could think is oh my god Stacy is in one of her moods again.

“What’s wrong Lacey?” Megan poked my shoulder.

“Nothing,” I said but now I could feel the marker tracing the line where my panties met the bare skin of my butt under my skirt. I didn’t want Stacy to do this to me and I knew all too well how mean she could be. I was starting to get embarrassed, but also a little turned on. I must be some kind of freak. Stacy is going to humiliate me in front of all my friends and I am getting turned on by it.

We were standing at a counter in the Art room with Stacy and me on one side. Megan and Jessie were on the other with Amanda seated on a stool at the end. I knew Megan and Jessie could not see what was going on, but Amanda was on the end. Even though Stacy was between us, I was afraid she would notice. Amanda was also aware of what Stacy was capable of doing. I could tell by the look on Stacy’s face that this was not going to go well for me. I don’t know why I didn’t just move my hand back and grab the marker but I knew Stacy would just have a hissy and embarrass me. She seems to love to embarrass me.

The marker was now moving closer and closer to the gap between my legs. It was one of those big markers we used to make the posters and it was starting to feel a little too good, if you know what I mean. I could feel the wet spot starting to grow and Stacy had not really even started to do anything, yet. She was just tracing right along the elastic of my panties over and over.

Again Jessie and Megan started talking to me and I tried to concentrate on what they were saying, but the marker was moving again. I glanced over at Stacy and she looked right at me smiled. Megan poked me again.

She showed me her latest poster. I glanced over at Stacy and I thought I saw her wink at Jessie. About that time, Megan started talking. The marker was up between my legs now. I was started to fidget around, trying to get away from it, but Stacy was using the marker to push my panties up into my slit. I was sure I could smell my own arousal and I was mortified. I decided that I was going to try to get away.

Stacy put her hand on my shoulder and leaned her chin on it to look at Meagan’s poster and I was trapped between Stacy and the counter. The marker was getting more insistent and Stacy tried to get it between my panties and my leg. I definitely did not want that to happen. I was sure if the marker made contact with my bare pussy I would scream. I was starting to have trouble keeping a straight face.

I looked over at Amanda, sure that she knew what was going on because she turned away from me quickly as soon as she seen me look at her. Megan poked me and asked me for the glue and I had to get up on my toes to lean up onto the counter to get it. That is when the marker got past the edge of my panties. I think I actually made a noise when it happened. As soon as I got back in my original position the marker was working its way in between my slit. This was going too far, but how could I stop it now? If I said something, Megan and Jessie would know what was going on and how far I had let it go. Stacy was dragging the marker across my clit so fast I couldn’t even talk.

Stacy was leaning on my shoulder again looking over my shoulder. When I glanced in her direction she just smiled the little innocent smile she uses when she knows she’s getting her way. I felt her knee go between my legs causing me to spread my legs a little wider. I kept trying to move but she had a pretty firm grip on my shoulder. My choices were to do nothing and see what happened or make a scene and everyone would know. I caught myself starting to squat down a little to let the marker do its thing. How could I do that?

With Stacy so close to me I knew Amanda escort could not see anything anymore. The marker was getting crazy now and I was growing even wet. Megan asked me to get her a marker. When I leaned over to get it the damn marker in my panties went right where no marker should ever go. It felt so strange and I gasped a little. I slid the marker over to Megan and I knew when I straightened back up the marker was going be way up inside of me. I didn’t move back right away, but then suddenly the marker was gone and so was Stacy. I stood up all the way.

Mrs. Smith our art teacher was standing right across the table asked me how everything was going. She had a funny look on her face, but she was not saying anything.

“Just fine I guess.” I said, trying to get my mind right again.

Megan jumped in and started talking to her and was showing her all of the posters we had done so far. I looked over at Stacy but she was looking at Mrs. Smith and smiling. I looked over at Amanda, but she still wouldn’t make eye contact with me. She also knew how Stacy was. We had all been best friends since first grade.

Stacy has always picked on Amanda and I, but mostly Amanda. That is until just recently. Once Megan and Jessie joined our group things changed. Now, it seemed like she was picking on me more. Never being mean just overbearing sometimes.

This was really strange though. Why would she do that to me with that marker? I think she was trying to make me get off on it. I could not believe it she was actually forcing me to stay there while she did that to me. I was starting to get upset now and to top it all of I was extremely horny. I wanted to grab a marker and run to the restroom, but then Stacy would know why I was going. I didn’t know what would happen then.

I looked back over at Stacy and she was holding the marker by the cap end. I could see my wetness on the rounded end of it and I gave her a dirty look. She just smiled and set the marker on the counter. I reached over to grab it and put it in my pile of markers, but she smacked my hand and whispered, “I am still using that.”

I knew right then and there that this was not over yet. I felt myself get wet again. I wanted to run out, but Mrs. Smith was still talking to Megan and Jessie. Stacy moved beside me again and was coloring on my poster with the marker that had been inside of me. I could smell myself on it and I wanted to die. Then, the marker disappeared back under the counter again. I don’t know what I was expecting but when she smacked the inside of my thigh with it, I just spread my legs a little. The marker was again trying to work its way back inside of my panties.

This time it was Stacy who asked for a marker that I had to lean over to reach. I knew as soon as I leaned over that the marker was going to be where “no man had gone before” so to speak. I was so horny I didn’t know what to do. I acted like I didn’t here her and kept coloring.

“Lacey I said give me the black marker.” Stacy said really nasty like and loud enough that Megan and Jessie looked over at us. I swear Jessie giggled!

I leaned up to get it but I guess she was mad already because the marker went straight up inside me. There was no working up to it or anything. I gasped out loud. When I straightened back up I was very hot and I was in agony between my legs where she shoved the marker. I felt Stacy snap my panties over to cover up the marker. I started to turn to go the bathroom and Stacy grabbed my arm.

“Wait we need to finish this first then you can go.” Stacy said more of a command then anything else.

I gawked at her but I didn’t dare say anything. This had already gone too far! I needed to get this giant poster marker out of me and maybe rub myself off in the process. My little clit was burning for attention.

I picked up a marker and started coloring again and so did Stacy, she leaned over.

“Now, if you want to play nice I will continue,” she whispered over to me. “Otherwise, I’ll pull the marker out and throw it in the middle of the table.”

She was still smiling sweetly, but I knew she was serious. What a bitch, but I knew she had me. If she tossed the marker out in front of everyone I’d never live it down. I felt her hand on the back of my leg moving my panties out of the way again and I slowly spread my legs a little. I was going crazy and I needed a little relief. This looked like this was the only way I was going get it. I couldn’t believe I was going stand here in the art room and let Stacy get me off where everyone could watch.

Stacy started slowly moving the marker in and out. I leaned up on the counter to steady myself and saw Megan and Jessie look over at me. They started gabbing with Mrs. Smith again, but Jessie winked at me and laughed a little while Megan talked to Mrs. Smith. That’s when I knew they were in on it too. I came really hard and Stacy started patting my back like I was choking on my gum or something. She pushed the marker all the way up in me and pulled my panties back in place. bursa eve gelen escort We both started coloring again, but I was a mess. I couldn’t think or move and was as horny as I have ever been in my life.

I looked over at Amanda she just threw her markers and poster in the middle of the table and left.

Stacy leaned over real close to me and said “Hand me the green marker”

I looked over at her and replied “There’s no green on this poster.” Then it dawned on me, “You can’t put two of those inside me!”

Stacy smiled the sweetest smile and said “Don’t worry different hole”

Now let’s go back to the Beginning…………

Let me tell you about Stacy

Now that I have given you a taste of what I go thru to be Stacy’s friend, let me tell you all about us. Stacy, Amanda and I have been like sisters since the first grade. We’re all pretty much your average girls. We are fit and trim because we take dance classes and are members of the pep squad at school. Stacy is blonde and leader most of the time. I’m a brunette and the quietest of the three. Amanda is a fiery red head and although she has a temper, she lets Stacy get her way most of the time the same as I do.

Stacy’s home life is hard to explain mostly because she’s so secretive about it. We almost never go to her house for anything and when we do we always have to wait in the car while she runs in to get whatever it is she needs. I know they don’t have a lot of money, so maybe she is a little self conscious about that. Amanda and I on the other hand are what most people call “princesses”. Both of our parents are well off, even if they do work all the time. We spend most of our days at my house. I live in what most people would call a pool house out behind the main house. We can pretty much do whatever we want as long as we don’t get into trouble so we try to keep things low key.

Stacy stays at either mine or Amanda’s house most nights and she comes and goes as she pleases. My mom worries about her a lot. Sometimes, she and Stacy will spend hours talking behind closed doors. I know my dad paid for Stacy’s dance lessons this year, but I wasn’t supposed to know a thing. Had my instructor not sent a message to dad that she needs a check for both me and Stacy’s renewal at the end of last term, I probably would’ve never known. Needless to say she is always around my house. I’ll wake up in the morning to find Stacy curled up next to me or sleeping in the big chair I have in the corner of the room. Stacy lives out of mine and Amanda’s closets but we don’t mind because she is Stacy.

Stacy never dates and in her eyes there aren’t any guys that are ever good enough for either Amanda or me. I have dated some, but mostly we all just hang out together. I wish she would lighten up a little about that because I really like guys. When I do find myself getting into a guy she always digs up some kind of dirt on him and throws a “Stacy fit” until I give up.

Let me explain what Amada and I lovingly call a “Stacy fit”. She starts out by sulking and that can last anywhere from five minutes to two days. Then, she moves up to slamming doors and throwing small objects around, but she won’t say what she’s mad about. After that it can get really ugly. She can be the meanest most hateful person in the world at times. That is when Amanda and I usually back off and let her get her way. When she gets her way, she smiles sweetly and says “you know I am just looking out for you right?”

Stacy also has a mean streak a mile wide and she acts like she is our mother or something. Most times, it’s easier just to let her get her way than to fight about it. She makes Amanda and I wear our skirts really short, because she says we have pretty legs and we should show them off. If we try to get out of wearing one the “Stacy fit” starts, so we usually just do what she wants. I don’t think I have worn a pair of jeans since 6th grade.

Once, when we all went to the park with Jessie and Megan, Amanda had to pee real badly but Stacy kept saying to wait until we got home. Finally, Amanda had to go into the woods to pee. She ended up with a little pee on her panties. When she came back, she told us she needed to go to my house. She wanted to get a fresh pair and clean up a little. Instead, Stacy made her follow her back into the woods and when they came back out Stacy had Amanda’s panties in her hand. I could not believe it. Stacy breezed past of all of us and simply put them in her backpack.

Now we all knew that Amanda was standing there without her panties. That wasn’t good enough for Stacy, because she announced that we should practice cheers. I could tell from the look on her fact that Amanda was scared. Stacy wasn’t going let up until we did the cheers, so we all decided to do a simple routine.

Unfortunately for Amanda, there isn’t really a “good” cheer to do without panties. I took her as my partner so I could try to take it easy on her. As we got closer the end of the cheer I knew I would görükle escort have to lift her above my head standing on my hands. Anyone standing close by would be able to see straight up her skirt. Fortunately, we were out in the field all by ourselves and were anxious to get it over with. When Amanda was above my head I saw why she was so embarrassed. Her whole crotch was as bare as the day she was born. It was also wet with what I hoped was pee, but I was pretty sure it was evidence that she was getting turned on by this.

I panicked when Stacy came over and grabbed Amanda’s hand. She dragged poor Amanda over to the edge of the woods and they disappeared behind a bush. I could hear Amanda saying “no Stacy” and “please”. I heard Stacy hiss meanly that she needed to hold still. About two minutes later Amanda squealed like she was going to explode and Stacy laughed out loud. Stacy came walking out from behind that bush with Amanda following her. Stacy held her fingers up in front of us and smelled them. She made a nasty face and rubbed them clean in the grass.

Poor Amanda didn’t talk to anyone for close to two hours after that. When we go to the house Amanda took a shower and put on fresh cloths. She went over and sat down next to Stacy while we watched a show on TV. I felt myself getting sleep and my eyes closed briefly. When I opened them again Amanda was sitting on the edge of the chair in front of Stacy. It was hard to see Stacy, but I could clearly see Amanda sitting between her legs with her back to Stacy. Amanda’s legs were spread apart while Stacy masturbated her. Amanda was whining little about me waking up. Stacy told her if she was so worried about it then she should shut up and be quiet. Amanda asked again for Stacy to stop. This time Stacy got mad and said if you whine again I will make you take care of me right here and wake her up to watch instead of letting you do it at your house.

The weird thing is that I got so turned on I was about to cum in my panties just watching them. Amanda was breathing hard now and Stacy was leaning close against her. She was telling her you want me to wake her up don’t you. You want her to watch you get down on your knees and lick my pussy don’t you? Amanda was saying no and shaking her head. When she came it was like nothing I’ve ever seen. She came so hard that she grabbed Stacy’s arm with both hands and rubbed her pussy against Stacy’s hand like there was no tomorrow. Amanda collapsed back against Stacy shaking her head and saying no over and over but Amanda just smiled at me and said too late she just watched the whole thing……

Amanda was crying and I was scared to death to move so I closed my eyes. Stacy was whispering o Amanda “its ok I was just kidding…look she is still sleeping.” I could tell Amanda was staring at me but I didn’t dare move or even open my eyes.

Stacy giggled s little then she whispered again in Amanda’s ear “You really got off on that Mandy” I had never heard her call Amanda “Mandy” before and I know she hates it. “I wonder how hard you would cum if I made you lick my pussy right here in the living room. Amanda was whining like a little girl now and I looked down and saw Stacy was playing with her again. Amanda has a really big clit and Stacy has always poked fun at her about it because every since we were little it is always visible when we wear swimsuits or just panties hanging out at the house. Stacy would always say things like “Amanda your little boy part is showing again or Amanda you have a bigger thing then my last boyfriend.”

I watched as Stacy had Amanda’s clit gripped between her finger and her thumb and was stroking her like you would to give a boy a hand job slowly running her finger and thumb up and down the length of her clit over and over. I could tell this was driving Amanda crazy when she would try to stop Stacy from doing it and Stacy would smack her hand away.

Amanda was whispering to Stacy now “Please stop Stacy you know I am going to scream when it happens like this I cant help it.”

Then I heard Stacy say “All you have to do is help me out and I will stop Mandy. I am just so Horney I can’t help myself. I need it too you know.”

Amanda had her butt raised up off the chair now and she started to plead with Stacy ” ok Stacy lets just go back to the bathroom and I will do it for you really fast please…OH GOD …… please don’t make me do it here you know I want to do it for you, just not here.”

Then I saw Stacy pinching Amanda’s Clit really hard and answered her with one word “NOW” and Amanda slowly pulled away and turned around on her knees in front of Stacy. Stacy began playing with Amanda’s hair and smiling as Amanda looked back at me one more time to be sure I was still asleep I managed to close my eyes just in time too.

When I opened my eyes again Amanda had her face in between Stacy’s legs and I could hear her licking like crazy. She was kissing and moaning I couldn’t believe it she was loving every second of it. My crotch was on fire I know if I would have reached down and touched myself I would have had a screaming orgasm right there. I was actually getting off watching one of my best friend’s abuse the other. Amanda was actually rubbing her pussy against the carpet try to get herself off because her hands were wrapped around Stacy’s thighs.

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