Stacy’s Diary Chapter 1 Part 1

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Johnny Sins

Febuary 1, 2000

Dear Diary,

I haven’t written in a long time. I have changed alot. I know, weird, right? I am now sixteen years of age and I have made some wonderful friends at my school; There is Beck, Cassy, Victoria, Lisa, and Monette. They are all really great friends. I seem to be getting too ahead of myself… I Guess I’ll start from the beginning….

Chapter 1

It all started two months ago. Dad told me and Ryan, my older brother, that we were moving. From New York to California.

“What?” I screamed at the top of my lungs, dopping my bags onto the floor as soon as I heard the news. Ryan didn’t seem to care that much about anything. He shrugged and started going though his clothes again. Dad looked at me, stern. “We are moving. You have two weeks to pack your thing, say ‘goodbye’ to all of your friends and hop on the plane.” I glared at him before I ran into my room, slamming the door behind me. I launched myseld onto my bed and started screaming into my pink covered pillow. Tears of rage came spilling out as i kept my face in my pillow, not caring if my father or brother walked in on me.

I remembered of all my friends when i thought that i should break the news to them over YIM. I logged on and started talking to Christy, one of my old friends.

”sup Christy’ i typed

‘nothing much grl’ she typed

‘i have some news to tell you’

‘did you finally ask out that hunk, Jaccob?’

“no…. im moving next week. I have two weeks.’

‘wtf! NO! u cant leve me! what about Amber and Lilly? Megan 2’

‘i no, 2 suddent 4 me 2. dad just told me’

‘could you break the news to everone Beylikdüzü Escort else? i wont want 2 see their faces….’

‘k. im going 2 call Lilly 1st. I gtg, the ‘rents r home.’

‘okay… c ya!’


I almost logged off when someone else sent me a message over my e-mail.

From: SportyGuy4579

Hey sexy, whats up? I heard that your moving and I can’t stop thinking about you. You are so pretty and smart. I want you so badly. I wish you were here with me.

To: Xx_CutieGrl_xX

I replied quickly, finding some relief in this message, not really knowing what “I want you” meant

From: Xx_CutieGrl_xX

I’m ok, kinda depressed. I’m moving, and im pissed. Who exactly are you?

To: SportyGuy4579

I waited a few minuted before he replied.

From: SportyGuy4579

Aw. I’m someone you know, closely. You haven’t really noticed me. I’m sad that you dont know who I am. Your name is Stacy. You are 16 and are currently attend a private school. You hate PE and you hang out with Christy, Lilly, Amber and Megan. I love the way you ponder. I think its very sexy. I have to go, just think about what i said though.

To: Xx_CutieGrl_xX

I logged off quickly. Wondering what the hell was going on. Ryan came in, without knocking, as usual, and sat down, univited, on my bed. I looked at him. “What do you want? I’m sick of you and dad. Get out!” I stood up and started trying to pull him off my bed, without any sucess. Too bad he was an athlete, I would have pounded him to death. “What do you want? Oh and make it quick! I have packing to do.” I said, turning my back away from Escort Bayan him as i pulled out my pink suitcase from under my bed, hitting his foot with it.
He smirked. “What, a brother can’t help his sister with her packing?” I watched him as her got off my bed and kneeled right beside me. “Jut leve me alone.” He left and i was thankful.


I had been talking to SportyGuy4579 for the past week now. And we started having Cyber Sex. He would message me some sexy lines and sometimes a picture of his cock along with it. His cock was huge! It was eight inches long, bigger, thicker and better looking then any other cock that i had seen! I would always make myself wett and start to finger myself as we “talked”. I wouldn’t send any of my pictures to him though for fear that he wouldn’t like them. I opened another one of his messages… It read

From: SportyGuy4579

Hey baby. My birthday is tomarrow and I was wondering if I could have a little show? I know you have a webcam and i know your pussy gets soaking wett when we talk. I want to see you masterbate until you reach your peak. I want to hear you scream and moan for me. Just one night is all that I am asking.

To: Xx_CutieGrl_xX

I stared at he wrote and smiled. One night? Okay! I thought

I typped back.

From: Xx_CutieGrl_xX

Sure, but I will have to make sure that my dad and brother are sleeping. I dont want to make them rush in. I could also lock my door. But this one night only. Okay?

To: SportyGuy4579

His answer took no more then a few minutes to come back to me and i read it slowly.

From: SportyGuy4579

Okay. istanbul Escort Oh and wear something lingery for me. I want to see your whole body. Okay? And if you do good, i might send you a little present before you go. I also want to see your whole body while you are masterbating.

To: Xx_CutieGrl_xX

I smiled while I logged off before walking over to my bed. I collapsed onto it, my fingers rubbing my clit. A soft moan escaped my lips as my fingers disappered in my pussy. I kept my thumb against my clit as i slid my hand into my top, carassing my left breast and exciting my nipple. I flet my hips thrusting against my hand, but i dared not to go any futher. I knew i was a virgin for i had never had sex before and i could feel the resistance. My body started to tense as a small ball of pleasure grew in my cheast. My fingers started to move faster as they made little squishy sounds and my clit started to become really tender.

My other hand sqitched to my other breast as i pinched my nipple, twisting it and rubbing it with my nails. I flipped onto my back and I opened my legs, my back arching. I moaned once again, my fingers just a blur. My eyes had closed and my mouth was completely dry and before i knew it i moaned louder the ball of pleasure in my chest exploding. I was out of breath but i made myself remove my fingers from my pussy. I pulled my hand out of my panties while my other hand had buttoned a button that had come loose. I stood up and went to the bathroom to go pee when i noticed the white stuff pouring out of my pussy.

I was so surprised because i hadn’t cum this much before. I just stared at my pussy before i sat down on the toilet, my eyes closed as i listened to the water spaching insdie of the bowl. After i fishied i wiped myself clean and washed my hands. I went to my bed, ignoring dinner, and passed out completely.

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