Standing in for Dad Ch. 13

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Marines just know how to party is all I can say.

“Hello, is this DD? You wanted to know when we would be arriving? We are the spouses of the Marines? This is Maria, I am Chief’s wife.”

“Hello! Yes this is DD! I am so happy you all have decided to join us for the duration! I take it you are almost here?”

“Thank you so much for this! You have no idea what it’s like when our spouses are on an extended deployment. And yes, we are about 10 minutes out I think?”

“Wonderful, Maria! I look forward to meeting all of you! I will meet you at the front door and we will get everyone situated with rooms before we all go to lunch. We have an exceptional Chef and her staff, who work the premier and most exclusive dinner club in the state, on hand and she has prepared a wonderful lunch for everyone.”

“This is so exciting, DD! Some of the ladies were asking about the dress code?”

“There is a simple answer to that, Maria. Please, put me on speaker?”

“OK, you are on speaker; and we are all here as we rented a van.”

“The dress code question is a simple answer, there isn’t one. In fact, many will not have on any clothing. I know Harry was very up front, pun intended (everyone laughed), about the open relationships and sexuality and nudity of the family and that your participation is up to you.”

“Hi DD, I am Rachel. So, if we just come over nude, that isn’t something that is going to raise eyebrows at all?”

“Hi Rachel! Absolutely not. In fact, if everyone shows up fully dressed it would raise some eyebrows. In fact: Harry and I will be greeting you at the door in the buff. So, get crazy and enjoy yourselves!”

“Sounds like a plan! See you in about 8 minutes! Bye!”

“HARRY!!! We gotta get to the cottage ASAP! They are 8 minutes out!”

I jumped out of the pool as soon as I broke off the kiss with Mom and ran to the boat with a full hard on. DD was already in her new boat and we raced over to her dock. Let me just say, watching DD’s breasts do the wave bounce with the lake chop didn’t help my condition one bit.

We got to the front door of DD’s place as the van pulled into the drive and DD opened the door. “Harry, give me a really hot kiss, please? Let’s set the tone right out of the door.”

I grabbed DD by her hair and gave her a smoldering kiss as I fondled her large breasts to hoots and “Damn, they aren’t kidding!” as the 8 spouses, 3 women and 4 men walked up the steps to the front door. My cock was raging at that point. DD was kind enough to at least kiss the head and suck out my precum before we invited everyone inside.

I kissed all the ladies and DD kissed all the men. “Ladies, if you will allow me, I am Harry and I will be helping you to your rooms. Gentlemen, DD will take you by boat to another Cottage where you can settle in.” I noted all the guys were adjusting their pants.

DD spoke up, “Fellas, those boners look really confined in those tight pants. Why don’t you come to the dock with your things and just undress and get comfy on the way over.” They didn’t wait. DD just smiled and shook her ass for them as she went out back to the dock, beckoning for them to follow.

The ladies were smiling ear to ear with all the eye candy. “Ladies, shall I show you to your rooms? Which of you is Rachel and which is Maria?”

A cute blond with short hair and green eyes spoke up, “Hi! You must be Harry! But, (looking at my shaved pubic region) you really aren’t are you? I am Rachel and this is Maria (she pointed to a red head with bright blue eyes) and this is Lenna (she pointed to a woman with Jet black, silky, hair down to her middle back with dark brown eyes)”

“So glad you could be with us, ladies. And, yes, I am Harry. And yes, my fiance’ likes to shave me clean on a regular basis.”

“She is lovely, by the way.” Lenna said.

“Oh, sorry, DD us my pet. She is a submissive. She is also a practicing councilor in Psychiatry who specializes in PTSD and trauma. My fiance’ is a wonderful woman called Sue to whom I will introduce you shortly.”

Rachel then asked, “And she is aware your pet sucks your cock?”

“Well, actually, she would be upset if DD didn’t suck my cock whenever she wanted.”

“Yeah, this is going to be fun!” Maria giggled.

I then led the ladies upstairs and we drew straws as to who got the Master bedroom…with the understanding there would be a round robin every 5 days. “Why the round robin Harry?”

Lenna won the pick and I opened the door, “because of the view, and the swing.”

Rachel asked, “Swing? DD has a sex swing?”

“Yes, she does. Have you ever tried one?”

“Never have! But I have seen them used. Lenna, this is your room, but can I try it out?”

Lenna began to take off Rachel’s clothes, “Not dressed you can’t!”

Rachel was completely shaved and her outer lips almost covered her inner ones. They were very full and, well, her pussy was obviously needing attention as her precum was literally dripping from olgun gaziantep escort her pussy. I tied her in and slowly aimed my cock as I slid into her very hot, very tight cunnie. “I must say, Rachel, you seem to have worked yourself into a bit of a need here. Maybe I can help you take the edge off.”

I slowly bumped her pelvis with mine as I slid head to balls into her heated pussy. Every time my balls bumped her cheeks wet sounds of sex filled the room.

“Oh my gosh! I am getting one of these! I never knew being tied up and fucked like this was such a turn on! Oh fu nhhnnn!” Lenna stepped up and planted her wet pussy in Rachel’s face while Maria came over to me and gave me her nipples to suck on. I slipped one hand down to Maria’s wet pussy and began writing out the alphabet with my finger now coated with her moisture.

It wasn’t long before Rachel came, screaming into Lenna’s pussy and clit. “Rach! Your screaming is making me cummmmmm!” she cried.

I pulled out of Rachel and held up Maria who wrapped her legs around my waist as I sank balls deep into her pussy, “Lenna, could you untie Rachel while I cum inside Maria?”

Maria was breathing really shallow and her soft lips played with mine as I took her. Soon she was whimpering, “Oh Harry, right there! Hit that spot again and make me cum for you, Harry!” I hit that spot 4 more times before she wailed and I overflowed her pussy.

Rachel exclaimed, “My, my! Harry: you cum a LOT!” Whereby Rachel and Lenna both knelt between us and lapped up our juices as they dripped off my balls and down Maria’s thighs.

I showed the other ladies their rooms and the adjoining bathroom. “Harry, mind if I take a quick shower?” Maria asked.

“Let’s just wash off our sexes and get back to the main house? Lunch is about to be served and I don’t want to upset Chef by being late.”


At the dock about to get in the boat: “DD?”


“Can I suck on your nipple?”

I just pulled him and one other to my breasts, “This girl is a submissive, Sir. She would be very happy if Sirs sucked her nipples.” When they got a good taste, I grabbed the other two and held them to my breasts before we all got on the boat.

“You are a submissive? Do you have a master?”

“The man whose cock I kissed in the doorway is this girl’s original Master, yes.”

“Would he mind if he saw us sucking your tits?”

“You should ask Master, but if you want to know the truth, Girl expects he is fucking those ladies as we speak and would want his Pet to be sure all of you were welcomed into the family dynamic before we eat Lunch.” I noted the shit eating grins on their faces. “Would Sir’s mind if we got to the other cottage first?” As each got on the boat I licked off their precum just to tease them a bit. Also, on the way over, I made sure to bounce my boobs just a bit extra with each little wave we hit.

I looked over at the men staring at my boobs and asked, “Enjoying the show?” They all smiled and nodded. I winked playfully at them. The guys jumped out when we reached the dock where they were staying, “You boys have free use of the pontoon boat here for transporting yourselves back and forth. Just know there will be a few Marines on a Mark VI patrol boat who may interdict you as they will have authority over the lake. They should be arriving by dinner time.”

This cottage had 6 rooms two sets with adjoining bathrooms and one master with an en suite so I let them decide where they wanted to set up. When they were done, I picked a bedroom left vacant and brought them all in. I laid on the bed with my legs in the air and knees apart, showing off my bare, wet, pussy and gave them a come hither finger wave. “Come on, Sir’s, we don’t have much time before lunch and Girl would hate for you four to be the only ones who haven’t gotten laid this morning before lunch.”

Pet, I want that beautiful ass of yours, may I get underneath you?” I got on all fours and looked in the end table to find some lube. “Lube us both up first, Sir.” He slipped first one and then two lubed fingers up my ass after lubing his raging hard on. I positioned myself on top of him with my back to his chest as he entered me. Another slipped into my pussy and another into my mouth while I gave the fourth a hand job. They switched around as they wished until all of them had cum.

“Wow, Sir’s, you really needed some relief! Did this girl tease you too much?”

A round chorus of “Hell no.” followed us to the bathrooms where we quickly showered up before heading to lunch.


Chef prepared Fresh Lobster roll sandwiches coated with Chef made Mayonnaise containing a hint of spice, fine spring onions, celery, and capers. Before serving she squeezed some fresh lime over the contents of the roll upon request. She also asked Cathy to make some of her now famous Cole Slaw. Plenty of tables with over sized umbrella’s gaziantep olgun escort were brought from the Club and placed around the pool with service provided at a table near the grill.

“Mavis, have the Seals arrived yet for their training?”

“I hope so, Harry. Else, I need to go look for my steel containers. I put them on the dock and walked back to the shore, looked back, and they were already gone. I didn’t hear a thing.”

Chief laughed, “If you do I want to hear about it. I would love to give those boys some grief.”

“Chief, they do know to bring them back so I can clean them, right? We aren’t like the military with their use once and replace motto.” Mavis laughed.

“Mavis, they will be returned both cleaned and sanitized. Trust me when I say, after eating this for Lunch those boys are highly motivated because otherwise it would be MRE’s. No way are they going to do anything to jeopardize a gift horse like Chef and her cooking. And Cathy as well I must say, best Lobster Roll and Cole Slaw this ‘ol’ country boy has ever eaten.”

Chef blushed sweetly, “Girl thanks you for the complement, Chief. Girl just hopes you enjoy Great Master’s marinated Pork Loin this evening.”

Chief looked my way, “Great Master?”

I shrugged, Mavis is her actual Mistress, she calls me that as an honorific.”

“No, your recipe?”

“Well, she is being kind. The basic recipe is mine, yes. But what she produces is way beyond my capabilities. All I can say is come hungry and prepare to get addicted. One of the waiters at the Club said it was a symphony of flavor and I would say that is a severe understatement.”

The waiter serving the Lobster Rolls called out, “The man isn’t lying, for sure.”

After dinner was over Barbara had numbers in two bowls. One for women, one for men. The matching numbers were each other’s partner for the first hour. After that, each woman picked a man of her choice for an hour and then each man picked a woman of his choice for an hour. Harry had plenty of Viagra on hand to help the guys out.

I initially pared up with my mother, Barbara. We stayed in the pool and I did little hops as my cock was buried in her pussy. Mom leaned back just enough so her nipples rubbed my chest, causing her to climax several times. “Son, I want you to know how proud I am of you.” She gave me a deep kiss. We just enjoyed each other’s closeness after that, exploring each other’s bodies.

Sue came by with the waiter enthusiastically enjoying her sex. “Honey, slow down, if you cum in five minutes you won’t be able to enjoy my pussy for the rest of our time together.”

“Yes, Ms Susan, but it is so hard to be patient.”

Sue smiled, gave me a kiss, gave the waiter a kiss, and replied, “Do you want to fuck me for five minutes or 50 minutes?”

“50 minutes,” he said and slowed down.

“Mmmmm, good answer, honey. Now, when you cum I want you to look deeply into my eyes so I can see the depth of your pleasure, will you do that for me, sexy?”

“Yes—yes Ms Susan.”

“Now, be a good boy and kiss my mother’s nipples for her. She wants you to milk her tits.”

The young man’s eyes bugged out as he leaned in and gently milked mom as I fucked her. Just as he finished, one of the Marine guards bopped by with DD wrapped around him. I heard her piling on the poor lad asking, “Ooh such a strong master you would make this girl. Would you protect this pet from bad men who would hurt her?” Mom and I snickered at her obvious play to his white knight syndrome. He may have known it, but; like he cared. He was ball deep in a beautiful woman with size D breasts who was enthusiastic about enjoying him.

I saw Doc really enjoying Alice who was sitting in his lap. I had mentioned to both him and Cathy about the Governor’s meeting day after tomorrow and they were both very enthusiastic. Cathy said, “I am going to put in a butt plug and make sure I am well lubed in cast the Governor wants some hot ass.”

After the first hour, Sue picked me and Maria picked her husband, Chief. The two of us had moved to our king bed upstairs and both women were riding cowgirl on us. “Maria, this is Sue, my fiance’. Sue, Maria was worried you would be upset if DD licked my precum off my cock in front of everyone as they got out of their van today. How do you really feel about it?”

“Girl damn sure better be sucking your cock if she wants it,” she responded. “I’m not going to hesitate to suck her boyfriend’s cock right in front of her. Why should she do differently?”

Maria groaned, “That sounds so hot. Being so secure in your relationship to allow each other to do that.”

Sue flicked Maria’s nipple, “Wanna suck my juices off of Harry’s cock while I suck yours off of Chief’s?”

Maria bit her upper lip, “Would you be upset honey?”

“I would be too busy enjoying Sue sucking my cock to be jealous, baby.”

The women then dismounted, kissed gaziantep olgun escort bayan each other and soon Maria was sucking my cock like a pro as Sue slurped down Chief’s. Sue moaned, “Maria, your pussy tastes of cherries and cream!”

“I use a douche to flavor my pussy, Sue. Would you like to try it some time?”

Before Sue answered, I had Maria in a 69 with her on top as I ate her very tasty pussy. She was very wet so I lapped at the entrance to her cunnie as she flowed for some time before I moved to her large clit. I hummed as I masturbated her clit with my lips and she started squirming.

“Chief, do you like to fuck a woman in the ass?” Sue asked.

“I do, though Maria doesn’t enjoy it so I don’t press the issue, so to speak.” He smiled in return.

“Well, mine is very well lubed and I love anal.” Sue then got on her hands and knees with her face joining Maria’s, licking my balls. Chief mounted her and slipped his cock into Sue. Short stroking at first to make sure she was ready before deep stroking into her ass.

Sue continued, “Chief, Harry is going to cum soon. And, your wife and I are going to share his cum before we swallow. Are you going to watch us?”

“Fuck yes! And I am about to cream your ass as Harry watches me pump my cum into his woman.”

“His sister, Sue corrected. I am his sister fiance’.”

Everybody came at the same time with that announcement. Chief grunted each time he spurt his cum into my sister’s ass, I groaned on Maria’s clit as I washed down her throat with my cum, and Sue came with Maria as they both slurped up my cum that got past Maria’s lips.

Chief just laid back, slowly pulling out of Sue. “Fuck! Harry, I just creamed your sister’s ass while you watched?”

Chief, your wife just swallowed my cum as you watched?”


We enjoyed the shower afterwards.


Seal Team Alpha Platoon First Squad base camp was quiet as a mouse. Eight Seal Team members were busy eating their Lobster Rolls, Cole Slaw, and gulping down some sweet tea. Overwatch spoke softly, “L.T.: any way you can extend our training for another week? Not sure I will mind if that Chef keeps cooking like this.” Everyone agreed. Without a word, when the last morsel was eaten, the team cleaned the canisters returned them, and continued to test the perimeter’s defenses.


The sex abated a bit until after dinner so everyone (yes, ladies, the guys) could recover their vigor. Sue and Leesie pulled out 2 Twister mats and 8 contestants at a time had an absolute ball doing naked Twister. Cathy squealed, “Whoever is blowing on my pussy, don’t stop!” Once it was established as part of the game, everyone joined in the fun. Talk about eye candy, pussy and tits and cocks and balls galore!

Barbara, James, Marion, Lisa, Leesie, Chief, and Maria bowed out and served drinks and refreshments.

After the game was over, Chief got everyone’s attention: “You have two hours of maintenance work or barracks work until dinner is served,” he looked at Chef for her input.

Chef spoke softly, “Dinner will be Great Master’s Marinated Pork Loin, cut to order, with twice baked potatoes and roasted vegetables covered in a special Mediterranean coating. Service will begin promptly at 6:00 pm.”

“Thank you so much, Chef. OK! You heard the lady! Inspection will be at 0800 tomorrow morning. If you get everything in order before dinner, let me know and I will inspect and check you off for morning inspection.”

I don’t think I have ever seen so many people jump and run to boats so fast in my life. In less than 30 seconds, boats were en route. We civvies just laughed, but could appreciate Chief’s graceful offer. “Chief, seems you know a bit about motivating the troops!” DD mentioned with a smile.

“Well, M’Lady, you don’t get to where I am without a bit of skill there.” He winked and laughed as he started towards the Sea Stallion with his crew.

Seems the whole group pitched in, the spouses got the Cottages in inspection shape in short order and when they got inspected the spouses went to the Apaches and helped them get everything cleaned, even down to the wheel wells. Everyone was done by 5:30 and everyone cleaned up and arrived promptly at 5:55 for dinner.

Mavis put out new, temperature controlled canisters containing two whole pork loins, Mediterranean gravy, roasted vegetables, and twice baked potatoes.

She also left a note, “People of Seal Team: The house across from us will have 8 naked women who will need rescuing and who will very likely love to show their sensual appreciation. The raid should commence at 9:30 sharp local time. PS: L.T.: what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas…and I know you have been watching the rest of us have a good time, so….expecting you at 9:30.”


Overwatch took the note to the Lieutenant, “Sir, we seem to have a tasking order here.”

L.T. took the message and read it. “Indeed, let the men know of the new mission, we will approach from the lake in full gear, secure the building perimeter, assess the situation, and develop a plan of action from that point on. We leave at 1945.”

“We’ll be ready, L.T.” Overwatch saluted his Officer and spread the new tasking order to the men.

As he walked over to the men serving chow he smiled, “That chow smells fantastic!”

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