Staying Close to my Sister – Part 5

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Part 5

I slowly faded into consciousness to the feeling of lips running along my member. From the soft, steady breathing surrounding me, I could tell that most everyone was still sleeping. I kept my eyes closed and stayed still so I would not wake anyone. Based on the technique, I could tell it was not Elizabeth or Mom, so I assumed it was Gwen. That said, her ministrations were much more reserved than she had been when she sucked me at the restaurant. I chalked it up to her trying not to wake me.

I laid back and enjoyed the soft fingertips tracing along my shaft, which then slipped to my testicles for some gentle tickling. Her tongue circled my tip for a time, but soon she switched to giving me adorable little kisses up and down, saving a few for my balls too. She eventually took me into her mouth, but did not go down very far, presumably to avoid making too much noise. Drool leaked down my shaft, which she used as lubricant to stroke me with both hands as her tongue fixated on my sensitive crown. After a few minutes I felt the pressure rising inside me.

I needed to warn Gwen about my imminent eruption, so I peeped my eyes open to catch her gaze. To my surprise, Gwen was still sleeping to my side, and a very naked Brianna was the one loving my manhood. She froze when she noticed my eyes on her, so I gave her a soft smile and breathily whispered, “Thank you, you’re doing so good.”

She nodded and slowly returned to her ministrations, timidly now that she knew I was conscious. Her eyes stayed locked with mine, so I made sure my face reflected the pleasure she gave me. Her confidence seemed to grow as she redoubled her efforts, trying to swallow me deeper and deeper as her hands moved faster and faster. I allowed myself to examine her naked form. She was similar to Gwen, save the pregnant belly, and her breasts were smaller of course. Her body was fit, toned in all the right places without having bulging muscle. Her fitness came in handy as she energetically pumped away. Her movements were fairly clumsy, but her enthusiasm had me on the edge sooner than I expected.

“Watch out.” I whispered. “I’m about to blow.”

She slipped her mouth from me, reaching one hand behind her to grab something as her other hand continued working my shaft. She produced a pair of panties, which she draped over my tip to catch my load. I tried to warn her that a single pair of panties would not suffice, but it was too late.

My first couple shots fired straight through the thin fabric, prompting her to ball her panties right around my tip, adding more layers to soak in the torrent. Cum deflected to the sides, spraying over her hands and face, and some landing on the bed. Panicked, Brianna discarded the panties and tried to use her mouth to catch my load and avoid making the mess even bigger. Since her mouth filled up quickly, and she was unable to swallow fast enough, she was forced to remove her lips from my member to avoid choking. Cum spilled from her mouth and poured over her smallish breasts as I continued to blast thick ropes into her face and hair. Once her mouth was cleared, she used it to desperately catch the final remnants of the deluge.

“Wow.” She mouthed; her expression of surprise and awe concealed behind her cum-painted face.

“Sorry.” I mouthed back. She just smiled and slipped out of bed, returning with a towel to clean what she could, then gave me a little wave and retreated to her bathroom.

Soft morning light was streaming through the window, so I decided not to return to sleep. I put my swimsuit on and headed downstairs to chill in the hotel pool. I sent Elizabeth a text message so she would know where I was when she woke up.

The morning sun warmed me up as I went for a swim in the large hotel pool, which was mostly vacant, as it had just opened. The only other person around was the lifeguard, a woman with sandy-blonde hair topping her slender and fit body, and adorned with a red one-piece swimsuit. She sat in her stand at the side of the pool, her eyes scanning my body as I stepped into the water.

I lazily drifted around the pool, enjoying the clean and cool water rippling around my skin. Sometimes, I could feel the eyes of the lifeguard sweep over me. At first, I figured it was because I was the only person in the pool, but then I remembered the bulge protruding from my tight swimsuit and suddenly felt self-conscious.

“Hey,” the lifeguard said, “how’s it going?”

“I’m alright, how are you?” I answered, dipping my legs under the water to hide my bulge.

“Honestly, I’m kinda bored.” She huffed. “Do you mind if I join you in the pool?”

“Sure.” I replied. She climbed down from her seat and dipped into the water. I swam to the edge of the pool and leaned against it. “I’m a strong swimmer, but I always feel better with a lifeguard around.”

She drifted next to me. “You better not drown on me. I don’t think I could drag you out of the pool. You’re pretty big.”

“You think so? I bet you could handle it, just don’t get mad if you have to give me mouth-to-mouth.”

“I wouldn’t mind.” she wheedled, pressing herself against me.

We brought our lips together, and kissed for a few seconds before I gently pulled away. “I don’t want to get you in trouble at work.”

“Nobody’s around right now.” She whispered as she squeezed my bulge.

“Somebody could come by.”

She started grinding her crotch against mine, “Then I’ll get in trouble. You’ll have to make it worth it.” She dipped underwater and pulled me free of my shorts, pausing for a moment to take in the sight. She started planting kisses up and down its length as it grew to its full size.

I was starting to enjoy it, but soon she surfaced, panting, “It’s fucking huge! I knew it was big from when I saw your bulge, but I didn’t expect a fucking hammer!” She produced her phone from a waterproof pouch on her swimsuit. “You have to take a picture for me. My friends will never believe I got one this big.”

“Uh, sure…” I said as she pushed the phone into my hands. I aimed the phone down towards my underwater member.

“Not yet!” she exclaimed, then she plunged back underwater and posed with my dick over her face. I snapped a couple of shots as she shot a sexy smile for the camera, then she surfaced again.

“I hope they’re good enough, the water caused a bit of a glare.”

She reviewed the photos. “They’re perfect! God, it looks so huge over my face! My friends are going to be so jealous!”

She moved to the side of the pool with her arms resting on the ledge and her thumbs tapping on her phone. She wiggled her butt and said, “Go ahead and get started.”

I moved behind her, rubbing my cock against her covered slit as I asked, “Are all of your friends as slutty as you?”

“You bet, but they’ve never had your fucking T-Rex cock. They’re already texting me back! So fucking jealous!” She boasted as I pulled the fabric covering her slit to the side and lined up against her, ready to rail her underwater pussy.

She let out a deep moan as I slid inside her pulsing honey pot. “Fuck yessssss! I bet you can tell I’ve never had anyone as big as you before! I don’t think I’m even going to be able to feel other guys anymore. So fucking good!”

“How many times do you think I can make you cum?”

Her pussy quivered on my cock as she groaned and ground against me. “Apparently at least once, but I’m willing to bet that I’ll lose count before we’re done.”

“Maybe so, but I don’t want to take too long. If someone comes along, you’ll get in trouble.”

“Fuck them,” she groaned, “they can eat a dick. They can eat your dick. I don’t care if I get fired for this. Make me cum my brains out!”

“If you say so.” I said as I started drilling harder.

Her phone started buzzing in her hand, signaling an incoming call. “Keep going, don’t stop for anything.” she breathed as she accepted the call and brought the phone to her ear. “Hey girl!”

I heard a voice from the other side but I could not make out any words. I only heard the lifeguard’s side of the conversation. “Yeah, I know it’s massive. He’s… ah… he’s fucking me right now if you couldn’t tell. I know, but it’s not like I could leave work. Hell no, I’m not waiting ‘til after work for this fucking slab. They can fire me for all I care, he’s pounding me… mmm fuck… he’s pounding me so fucking hard.”

I moved my hand around her front and pressed my fingers against her clit, causing her to spasm around my shaft.

“Mmmmm he’s pushing all the right buttons.” The lifeguard continued. “God he’s got me so fucking stretched. I’m ruined for all those shrimp-dicked assholes that usually hook up with me. I’m gonna… fuck yes… fuck me fuck me fuuuuck me! Fuck I’m cumming so much! At this point we’d be in a pool either way! Fuck yes it’s so good!” Her pussy went wild around me, then she panted, “Sure, let me ask him.”

She tilted the phone away from her mouth and looked back towards me, “Hey, my friend wants to know if it’s okay if she jills herself while looking at the picture I sent her of your cock.”

“Uh yeah, I don’t mind.”

“Thanks! Hey girl, he says he doesn’t mind. I bet he actually wants you to. I bet he wants you to cum while drooling over his fat cock. Fuck! I’m cumming again! Yeah, I bet he wants you to imagine his big fucking dick splitting you open like it’s splitting me open right now. Mmmmm pumping a bunch of dirty sperm deep inside… ooo fuck… because you forgot to bring a condom. No, he doesn’t have a condom on right now. You can’t get pregnant if it’s underwater.”

Maybe I did fuck her brains out. Whatever.

“Fuck I can’t wait! I feel him twitching inside me! I bet he’s going to dump a big batch of baby-batter for me! Fuck yes! I’m cumming so much! Mmm how close are you?”

I almost answered before I realized she was still talking to her friend.

“Sooo close, huh? Keep going girl! Keep it up! Tell me what you want him to do to you!”

I heard the voice on the phone slowly crescendo into frantic squeals as the lifeguard backchanneled with moans. The phone finally went silent as the lifeguard said, “She came so fucking hard just now, and she said some really fucked up shit. She told me she wanted you to wreck her pussy, hold her down, and bloat her with your stud seed. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.”

“Heh, well I’m feeling ready to blow.”

“Mmm good, give it to me. Shoot it up inside me! You’re the best I’ve ever had by a longshot! I’ve cum soooo many times around your fucking cock! It’s about time I returned the favor, so blow your spunk up my poor little cunt! Fuck you’re making me cum again! My pussy is falling in love with your cock! It’s taking your shape! I’ve never felt like this! I’ve never felt this good! FUUUUUCK!”

She screamed as I released my load inside her. I could hear the voice on the phone cheering her on, and I also heard an unexpected voice from behind me.

“What a show!” Elizabeth exclaimed, almost causing me to jump out of my skin. Did pool guests arrive while we were distracted? My eyes darted around the area as she continued. “Relax, nobody but me got anywhere near the pool. You two were really into it, so good thing I kept watch for you.”

My sister sat on the opposite side of the pool from us, slightly out of line so she could get a view of the underwater penetration.

“Thanks.” I panted.

“I should be thanking you. That was fun to watch.” She replied. “But if you’re done then we need to head back to the room. Everyone’s going to the mall and you need to change.”


I pulled myself out of the lifeguard’s snatch, eliciting a whimper. She seemed dazed, wracked with post-orgasmic bliss. Her eyes fell on Elizabeth as she asked, “I’m sorry. You’re not his girlfriend, are you?”

Elizabeth giggled, “No, don’t be sorry. I’m his sister.” She threw a towel over me as I stepped out of the water, then rubbed it over me to help me dry off. “It feels amazing though, doesn’t it?” She asked, winking at the life guard.

After a pause, the shocked lifeguard breathed, “Yeah.” as she watched my sister lace her fingers with mine, then we headed back to the hotel room.

We arrived in the bustling hotel room, everyone getting ready to head out. I noticed Brianna did not seem to mind so much about being in a partial state of undress while I was around. The other girls had absolutely no qualms, allowing me to enjoy quite the skin show as we prepared to head out.

“You don’t mind going to the mall with us, right baby?” Mom asked. “I know you hate shopping.”

“Yeah, I don’t mind.” I responded.

“I bet you’re just going to hang out in the food court and play games on your phone. And maybe listen to your weird ass music.” Elizabeth quipped.

I was about to defend my refined musical taste when I remembered that Gwen and Brianna were supposed to go to a concert.

“I almost forgot, when’s your concert?” I asked. Both girls looked disappointed.

“We couldn’t get tickets. Dripping Dream has been getting really popular lately.” Gwen said.

“They have a show tonight, but it sold out weeks ago.” Brianna added.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.” I said. Mom changed the subject as the girls finished dressing, then we walked out the door. Because I had been distracted, I forgot to change out of my tight swimsuit.

The mall looked pretty much exactly like I expected, a bunch of shops appealing to tourists and a few attractions, while a rotund mall cop waddled past. I saw a sign for indoor minigolf which looked interesting, and we passed a movie theater too, much to my sister’s excitement when a sign for some romance movie came into view.

“I forgot the new Moonlight movie came out!” Elizabeth exclaimed. “I’ve been wanting to see it!”

“I’m going to get a massage.” Mom said.

“I’m going to look for some clothes. I don’t have enough cute pregnant stuff.” Gwen said.

“I’ll go with you if you don’t mind.” Elizabeth said. “I’ll need some new pregnant clothes soon.”

“I’m getting a pedicure, want to join me?” Martha asked Brianna, who quickly agreed.

I remained silent, allowing the women to disperse as I made my way to the food court and started playing games on my phone. I tapped away on the little screen, eager to grind out some experience on PoonScrape.

Before long Gwen returned, grinning. “Lizzy told me you’d be here.” She teased.

“She knows me too well.” I replied. “What are you doing back so soon?”

“I’m a little tired. Lizzy’s still shopping but I think I’m going to head back to the hotel room and take a nap. Pregnancy stuff I guess.”

“I’ll walk you back.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure the others will drag you along somewhere later. You should stay.”

“I’d rather hang out at the hotel than go shopping.”

“If you’re going to sit in the food court, you might as well get some food.” Gwen gestured towards one of the stands. “Look, they have snow cones over there! We should share one before I go.”

“I can’t say no to that.” I said.

I let her pick the flavor, raspberry, and we returned to the table. I realized that we only got a single spoon, so I started back towards the stand.

Gwen stopped me, pulling me down to sit next to her as she said, “It’s okay, we can share this one. Here, I’ll feed it to you.”

I was a little embarrassed as she scooped up some flavored ice shavings and brought them to her mouth. To my surprise, she leaned in for a kiss, slipping her tongue into my mouth and literally snowballed the snow cone to me. We shared a few kisses before we both recoiled, suddenly wracked with brain freeze.

“We should have seen that coming.” Gwen giggled.

“Yeah.” I responded, rubbing my forehead.

“I almost forgot! I was going to give you something!” Gwen said as she reached into her pocket. She produced a small heart-shaped paperclip.

“Thanks…” I said, trying to hide how underwhelmed I was. “I like it! Where did you get it?”

“I found it on the floor and thought it looked cute. It made me think of you so I thought you’d like it.”

“Yep, it’s almost as cute as you are! Thanks so much!” I lied. I mean what the fuck? The floor is gross! Naturally, I did not allow my face to reflect my true feelings.

“I knew you’d love it! I’m going to get going. Have fun today!” Gwen trilled, leaving me the rest of the snow cone.

I finished the snow cone over the next few minutes, then moved to the trash can to throw it away. I almost threw away the dirty heart-shaped paperclip too, but I felt bad about throwing away a gift so I slipped it into my pocket.

As I returned to my table, I nearly bumped into a greasy man wearing a poorly fitted suit as he stomped past me. He did not seem to notice me as he barked into his phone and flopped into a chair at the table adjacent to mine. I sat back in my seat and returned to my game. I did not mean to eavesdrop, but he talked so loudly that I could not help it.

“I mean it’s fuckin’ bullshit!” he ranted. “They fuckin’ bailed on me! Me! Do they even know how big of a deal I am? They ought to be grateful that I even considered going with them in the first place.”

I could not imagine why they would not want to go with a person like him. I wondered what he was talking about, and thankfully it seemed the person on the phone asked the same question.

“I don’t know, some stupid band called Cream Drippers or something.” the man continued. “It was front row seats and everything, and they bailed on me the day of the show! Fuckin’ stupid dip shits! No, I’m not going anymore, I’ll probably just burn the tickets. No, I’m not giving them to you, fuckin’ charity case.”

The person on the other line talked for a few moments, then the man growled, “Fine, bye.” He hung up and put his phone down, pulling out a laptop and booting it up.

“Hey, I wasn’t trying to listen, but I overheard that you have some tickets to a concert tonight. If you’re not going, I would be willing to buy them from you.” I offered, figuring that I could give them to Gwen and Brianna as a gift. I was pretty sure Brianna liked a band with a similar name in the area, and I was betting that these tickets were for their sold-out concert tonight.

“Heh, you want to buy some tickets from me? I don’t need your money. Get lost dumb kid.”

“Fair enough, I’ll pay you even more than you spent in the first place.”

The man rose to his feet, bloodshot eyes glaring at me out of his seething face. “Maybe you couldn’t hear me with that thick skull of yours, but I’m not giving you a fuckin’ thing you little runt.” He spat, despite the fact that I stood a little taller than him. “I’m a big fuckin’ deal kid. You couldn’t pay me a grand to even look at your ugly mug, so I sure as hell ain’t about to sell you my tickets.”

“Sounds good man.” I said and started walking away.

“Don’t you fuckin’ blow me off you fuckin’ piece of… AHHH!” He grabbed the small of his back and hunched over, face wincing with pain. It seemed he got worked up and pulled a muscle or something.

“Are you okay?” I rushed to his side.

“Get back!” he grunted, pushing me away as he gingerly eased into his seat. I kept my distance, but waited around for a bit to make sure he was fine. He took some deep breaths, then sighed, “God dammit I need a massage.”

“Uh, you know there’s a massage parlor in this mall, right?”

“Fuck off, I’m not a dip shit. I used to go there all the time, but the owner won’t let me in anymore.”

“Damn, that sucks. Welp, I guess there’s no solution to that problem.”

“I’ll tell you what kid. If you convince her to let me in again, I’ll give you these tickets. Sometimes women listen to little shrimps like you.”

“I guess I’ll go ask her, I’m not doing anything else after all.” I strode away towards the massage parlor.

“Hello!” A sweet Asian lady chimed as I walked in. “Would you like a massage?”

“You should get one!” A voice came from the side. I turned to see Mom sitting in the waiting area.

“Maybe later.” I answered, turning back to the manager. “Actually, I’m here to ask you to give a massage to someone. He said you banned him.” I realized I forgot his name. Fortunately, she seemed to know exactly who I was referring to.

“No not him. He ask for happy ending. Very gross. Also, I’m married.”

“Damn, that guy is an asshole. Well, sorry to bother you.”

“Why do you ask for him?”

“I was trying to buy some concert tickets from him. He said you banned him but he would give me the tickets if I got you to give him a massage. But it’s okay, I don’t really need them.”

“It was sweet of you to try.” Mom said.

“You look like nice young man. I don’t mind doing favor for you, but no happy ending!”

“Of course, thank you so much!” I said.

“But if I do favor for you, then you must do favor for me.”

“Sure, what do you need?”

“My husband has his birthday tomorrow. I want to get him cake, but I just found out bakery closes earlier than massage parlor. I will not have time to get cake.”

“So I just need to go there and order a cake for you?”

“Please!” she beamed. I was happy to help this lady, so I let her write a note with her order on it.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I said as I left with the note.

“That’s my son, by the way. I’m so proud of him, he’s always so helpful.” I heard Mom chatting with the manager as I strode away.

I entered the bakery to find a stressed-out man beaded with sweat.

“How can I help you?” he asked.

“I’m here to get a cake.” I said, passing him the note.

“Apologies Charles, someone just stole our icing.”

“Your icing? All of it?”

“He stole all of it.”

“Who steals a bunch of icing?”

“Some kid, I guess.”


The man pointed at the wall across the way from the bakery, drawing my attention to some icing-based graffiti.


The graffiti cut off with a trail, as though someone started chasing him away.

The bakery employee said, “The mall cop ran after him; I guess you could call that running. Anyway, the kid fled with all the icing on him. The mall cop sent us a message saying he found the kid hiding and has him in custody, but during the chase the little brat hid the icing somewhere. Looks like he won’t say where.”

“I’ll see if I can find out.”

Using a map of the mall, I found the location of the security office. Through the window I saw the detained teenage boy grumbling in a chair. I walked in, hearing a voice from a back room call out, “Be with you in a minute.”

I turned my attention at the kid, “I suppose you’re the one who stole the icing.”

“Regular Sherlock over here.” he mocked.

“Where did you hide the icing?”

“Up yours.”

“I’ll pay you.”

“Fuck off bitch! My dad is rich as fuck, I don’t need your money! You couldn’t pay me a grand to look at your ugly mug!”

“Sounds good.” I said, turning to the door. I figured I would just look around for the icing.

“But,” the kid started, “if you can get me out of here…”

Great, another one of these. I sighed as the mall cop walked in.

“Hello to you! Loch P. Lawson, security guard extraordinaire!” The tubby man extended a clammy hand to shake mine.

“This is my brother,” I lied, “I’ll deal with his behavior if you would please let him go.”

“Theft is a weighty offence sir, let alone the disrespectful and frankly un-true graffiti. I’m going to inform the police and allow them to deal with this little cretin.”

“What if he returned the icing?”

“I suppose I could let it slide,” he stroked a hand across his jowls thoughtfully, “but I need a favor.”

“What is it?” I said, a little more curtly than I intended.

“Well, I use a bike lock to secure my Segway to a pole over here.” He guided me out of the office door and gestured to his patrol vehicle, which was secured tightly to the pole with the lock. “I lost the key, and for the life of me I can’t find it anywhere. I could probably pick it, but I would need a thin piece of metal. Like a paperclip.”

“They don’t sell paperclips anywhere in the mall?”

“Tourists don’t usually buy stationery.”

My fingers found the heart-shaped paperclip Gwen had gifted me in my pocket, and I figured this was a good cause to part with it. I handed it to the desperate mall cop.

“I can’t believe you have one!” he exclaimed, bending the clip into a more-or-less straight length of wire and bringing it to the lock. He pulled one end into a slight upward bend, and bent the other end into a U shape, twisting it around and sliding it into the bottom of the lock. He pressed it to the side, tensioning the lock, as he brought the other end in to engage the pins.

“Click out of one…” he said, “two is binding…”

Soon I heard a click as he freed his Segway. Relief washing over his face, he turned to me, “If your brother shows me where the icing is, I’ll overlook this whole thing.”

The kid guided us to an enormous potted plant, indicating several icing bags packed around the large lip in the pot.

We returned them to the bakery, and after a few minutes they handed me a fully iced cake wishing a certain Mr. Chang a happy birthday.

I gave the masseuse the cake, and she gave me a note to give the asshole in the food court. Mom had finished her massage at that point, and commended me for helping the old lady.

Finally, I took my seat and passed the note across the table. The man read over the message, then slipped me an envelope as he waddled away. I checked inside to find four tickets for the Dripping Dream concert that evening. I did not expect four tickets, and briefly wondered who would join Gwen and Brianna. Probably Martha, and I figured Elizabeth would not mind going.

Speaking of Elizabeth, I noticed my sister approaching. She smirked at me, saying, “You’ve been sitting here this whole time, haven’t you?”

“I wish.”

“Well, the movie is about to start. I was hoping you would watch it with me.” She said as she pulled my arm. I doubted that she would give me a choice, so I let her drag me to the theater.

Our theater was almost vacant as we took our seats. As the movie started, I tried to drift off to sleep, but found it difficult with the speakers blasting around me.

During a romantic scene, Elizabeth leaned over and met my lips with her own. I allowed my hand to knead her bosom, and she ran her fingers along my bulge. After a few minutes of intense groping, it seemed she decided she had more pressing matters than the movie.

Elizabeth clambered onto my lap facing me, refusing to allow our lips to part as she pulled my member from my pants. Her own shorts soon slid away as her slit slipped up and down my length, trailing her cream along with it. Once I was nice and lubed up, she impaled herself on me. Each of our moans were muffled in the other’s mouth.

We had to take it slow to avoid making too much noise, but after a certain point I could not hold it back any longer. I took her ass in my palms and pumped up and down into her wanting snatch as she desperately tried to keep her voice down.

She received no help from me as I forcefully drove upward, controlling my thrusts just enough to avoid clapping against her. Finally, I plunged deep inside her and started filling her with seed, eliciting a loud moan, which thankfully coincided with a powerful blaring of music from the speakers. Elizabeth collapsed to my side and cuddled against me.

Despite the cacophony, I found myself nodding off. The sexual release allowed me to relax enough to drift off into a little nap for the remainder of the film.

I faded into consciousness to the sound of approaching footsteps. I assumed it was my sister, but as I shook awake, I noticed Elizabeth was dozing, still in my seat and nestled into my side. Anxiety welled up inside me as I felt the open air around my genitals, which I had neglected to cover before falling asleep. My eyes darted to the source of the footsteps, which turned out to me an usher cleaning the theater.

“Time to wake up.” She said, sounding bored. Her auburn hair shimmered under the glare of the overhead lights as she climbed the steps in our direction. “I can’t believe how many people fall asleep in here. Way to waste your money on tickets just to…” she trailed off as she made it to our row and my dick came into view.

Elizabeth roused beside me, drinking in the situation. I noticed she had not covered herself either, her exposed pussy leaking onto the seat cushion below.

“Sorry about the mess,” Elizabeth whispered groggily, “but we’ll take care of it.” She moved to pull her shorts up and a torrent of pearly cum gushed from her, staining the seat below, then flowing down the crack between the seats before pooling on the floor. “Oops.”

“Holy fuck!” The usher exclaimed. “How many times did you two fuck in one movie?” She slowly ambled down the aisle in our direction, her eyes wavering between the puddle and my flaccid, but still impressive, manhood.

“Just once.” Elizabeth whispered, fully awake now. She started stroking me while watching the usher. “He’s always like this.”

“Damn, everybody except me is getting good dick today.” The usher muttered.

“Oh really?” Elizabeth sounded interested. “Do tell.”

“This morning I got a call from my friend. She told me she was getting piped by a big assed dick.” She leaned forward into her broom, subtly grinding her crotch against the handle. “I was so fucking jealous… just like I’m jealous of you right now.”

“Well, we’re pretty open with our love.” Elizabeth said. “I wouldn’t mind letting you have a go. Too bad you’re working right now.”

“Funny you say that, my friend was working too. She didn’t care if she got caught. She just wanted that big fucking dick.”

“Do you care about getting caught?” Elizabeth asked as she worked me closer and closer to full-mast.

“Fuck no.” The usher declared as she discarded the broom and flung her shirt off. Her pert body was covered in vulgar tattoos: FUCK SLUT, FREE USE, CUM TOILET, FUCK HOLE, and BREAK ME were just a few of the words emblazoned on her body. She dropped her pants to reveal over two dozen tally marks over her pussy, and I had the feeling I knew what she was counting.

The usher fell to her knees in front of my seat, taking over the stroking for Elizabeth. My sister slipped down from the seat and spooned the back of the usher, wrapping her hands around to sample the girl’s breasts.

Elizabeth whispered into her ear, “Don’t you love how big he is?”

“He’s huge.” She responded, then ran her tongue up my shaft. “I can taste you from earlier.”

“First time you’ve tasted a girl?”

“No way. I lick, suck, and fuck anything that moves.”

“Nasty girl.” Elizabeth said as she slipped her hand down to the usher’s pussy.

“Soooo fucking nasty.”

“And you want him to make you even dirtier, don’t you?”

“I want him to soil me. Absolutely defile me. Ruin me for other men.”

Elizabeth ran her fingers over the tally marks. “But what about all these poor guys.”

“They can suck a dick, this cock is gonna shatter my whole world!”

“You’re nice and wet down here. Let’s get going.” Elizabeth pulled the usher to her feet and spun her around so she was facing away from me. I grabbed her shapely ass as Elizabeth pushed her down into my lap, then she lined me up against the usher’s slit. “Have fun!”

I forcefully pierced the usher’s pussy, deeply thrusting into her well-used fuck-hole while she gave a long, loud moan. Elizabeth gave her a kiss and rubbed her tense little clit against the usher’s, allowing the exposed section of my shaft to grind against her labia.

My sister broke the kiss and asked, “Living up to expectations?”

“Fuck yes! Ah… it’s so much better than I ever imagined it could be!”

“Is he going to make you cum?”

“Soo… soon. He’s gonna… uh… make me… mmm fuuuck!”

“So much better than those other boys, isn’t he?”

“They can’t even compare! He’s bigger than all of their shrimp dicks combined!”

“I guess you’re going to need another tally.”

“Yesssss, I’m gonna get a massive tally right down the middle! From my snatch all the way to my fucking belly button!”

“Uh oh, you might make other boys feel inadequate.”

“Good. That’s how they should feel if they compare themselves to this fucking beast of a cock!”

“I’m glad you feel that way. I’ve only ever had this one cock so I’m glad to know that I’m getting the crème of the crop.”

“You’re fucking right about that! This is… ah… the best cock I’ve had by a landslide! I’m so jealous that you have this cock to yourself!”

Elizabeth giggled. “Hardly. But at any rate, at least you don’t have to be jealous of your friend anymore.”

“Yeah, the cock that skank found couldn’t possibly be this fucking amazing!”

“Well, maybe…”

“Mmm I’m gonna cum again!” The usher spasmed around me.

“Ooh this little slut is squirting on me.” Elizabeth cooed. “I bet he’s making you feel so good.”

“Yes! Fuck yes! I didn’t even know I was a squirter! I’m just a squirter for you! I’ve been a slut my whole life because I’ve been looking for this cock!”

Elizabeth ran a hand along my balls, smiling deviously. “I think he’s close.”

“Ah… I didn’t think… mm fuck… I didn’t think about a condom. Ooo… we aren’t using… ahhhhh!”

“He can pull out, but he’s going to make a big mess for you to clean up!”

“He can’t pull out! Oh god, he has to cum inside me! He has to fill me with his fucking stud cum!”

“You better beg! Beg for my brother’s cum!”

“Your whaa… ahhhhh! Fuck! Are you doing some kind of roleplay right now?”

“No way, now beg for it!”

“Oooooh! It feels soooo good! Give it to me! Please fill my slut cunt with your cumsplosion!”

“He’s going to do it! You’re about to take blast after blast of my brother’s baby-batter!”

“I want it! Please shoot it! Deep inside as far as you can! Make me squirt again as you ruin me for all of those inferior men! Make me squirt and scream and fucking explode as you pump me full! Harder, oh fuck yes, even harder! Fucking break me! Destroy my pussy! Cum for me! I’m cumming!”

The usher squirted hard onto Elizabeth’s belly as I pumped rope after rope of hot cum inside her wanting womb. Elizabeth had a little orgasm for herself as she watched me baste the bitch between us. Excess cum spurted from the sides of her well-used hole, landing on the floor in viscous globs as the usher slumped backward, resting against me in an orgasm-induced coma.

“Damn bro, I think you killed her.” Elizabeth joked.

“No kidding.” I said as I lifted her off me. As my dick parted from her pussy, cum started leaking even faster than before. “I feel bad leaving such a mess for her.”

“We can clean the theater for her.” Elizabeth said as she helped me move the usher to rest in the next seat. “Her cleaning stuff is down at the front.” She pointed to a cart near the front which contained several articles of cleaning equipment.

“Sounds good.” We cleaned up the theater, which was fairly quick work aside from the mess we ourselves had made. We waved goodbye to the usher as she started to rouse, leaving her to finish the job of cleaning herself. As we made it to the lobby of the theater, Elizabeth said she was going to stay for a second showing of the movie, since she slept through most of it.

I contemplated returning to the food court, but decided I may as well find something to do. I ambled my way down the halls until I found the sign for the minigolf course. The place looked deserted aside from the employee manning the front desk, but the concept looked fun, and minigolf was a minor talent of mine, so I decided to give it a shot. I rented a putter and a ball at the front desk and walked through the door into the course.

The course twisted through narrow corridors lit with blacklights, making most of the area quite dark. The golf balls and putters glowed in the dark, along with the obstacles of each hole, as well as the hole itself. The concept was neat and I was looking forward to seeing some creative minigolf obstacles. I could not see the entire course, but I saw a couple of other people a couple of holes ahead of me.

The first hole was simple, just a straight shot to the hole. I drained the ball into the hole in one shot. The second was nearly as simple, so I made quick work of it with a couple of bounces around some corners.

My progress was, perhaps, a bit too quick, since the group in front of me was still at the third hole when I arrived, then I realized it was Martha and Brianna.

“Oh hey, it’s so dark in here I didn’t notice it was you.” I said, causing them to turn back to look at me.

“What’s up, Ray?” Martha said. Brianna stayed quiet for now.

“Nothing much, I finished the movie with Liz and decided I would try out the minigolf.”

“You’re welcome to join us, but we might slow you down.” Martha said. “We’ve been at this hole for about ten minutes now. I just managed to get it in the hole, but Brianna’s still working on it.”

Brianna pouted, “It won’t go in! It keeps getting really close but I miss it by this much.” She held her index finger and thumb a hair apart from one another. “And one time it stopped right next to the hole, but Martha hit it with her ball and knocked it away.”

“That was an accident.” Martha interjected, suppressing a chortle.

“Dang, that sounds rough. Do you mind if I give it a go?” I asked.

“Sure.” They said in unison. I placed my ball in the starting area and took a moment to consider the angles involved. It looked like a fairly simple course, just one bounce off a corner and the ball would be on its way to the hole. I carefully, but firmly, shot the ball to the corner, banking it to the side, before it rolled in a straight line right into the hole.

“That was a great shot!” Martha said while Brianna’s jaw dropped. “Whelp, go ahead and finish up.”

“Okay.” Brianna said dejectedly. I watched as she stepped up to her ball, which was parked near the hole already since she had already taken several swings. She held the putter loosely, allowing it to wiggle in her hands. Her eyes were not lined up with the ball and the hole as she jerked the club forward. The putter rotated slightly as it came in contact with the ball, hitting at an off angle. It was no surprise to me when the ball failed to find its mark, rolling wide of the hole and clipping the side wall of the course. It was now further from the hole than before, much to Brianna’s dismay.

“Can I give you a little advice?” I offered to Brianna.

“Please do.” Martha responded, looking bored. Brianna nodded her head.

“Hold the club like this.” I demonstrated. She mimicked my grip, but the placement of her fingers was not precisely correct. She trembled as I moved my hands around hers, adjusting her grip slightly.

“Perfect! Now give me a swing.” I said as I removed my hands. Her grip was much firmer so the club did not wiggle as much, but her movement was still jerky, and her club rotated a little as it swung forward. I coached a little but saw no improvement, so I moved up behind her and wrapped my arms around to grip the club, my hands on hers.

She shook anxiously as I swung the putter, hitting the ball along with her. We watch the ball dart in a perfect line to the hole before sinking into it.

“See, just like that.” I said as I pulled away from her. Even under the blacklights I could tell she was blushing deeply.

“I could use some coaching too.” Martha murmured as we moved to the next hole and prepared to putt. I thought she was joking until she turned and looked at me expectantly.

I walked up behind her and wrapped my hands around hers on the putter. She did not shake nervously like Brianna, but she made a point of pushing her rear back, digging it into my crotch. Despite the intervening cloth, her perky ass felt great as it ground against my bulge.

“Alright,” Martha said seductively, “I’ve got my hands on the putter. Let’s get it into the hole.” We swung the putter together and watched the glowing ball sling around a couple of bends before dropping into the hole.

“Amazing…” Brianna breathed. I thought she meant the shot, but I noticed her gaze was fixed on the grinding between her sister and me.

Martha grinned and said, “Your turn.” She moved away to make room for Brianna, who set her ball down and got into position. Again, I wrapped my hands around hers, firmly grasping to help stabilize her trembling. She looked at Martha, who gave her a wink and a sly smile. Brianna nodded and moved her hips back, gently nudging her ass against my crotch. Her breathing became erratic as her body clenched, and she did not dare to push back any more.

I pushed forward, pressing my bulging crotch against her rump as she let out a small gasp. She ground against me for a few seconds before stopping suddenly, as if she realized what she was doing. Her eyes shot to Martha for guidance, only to find her sister grinding her crotch against her putter, eyes glued to the sight of our pelvic grazing.

Clearly, both girls had lost interest in playing minigolf. Since arousal was also taking its hold on me, I scanned the room to find a hidden spot to take care of our clandestine business. Through the darkness I managed to make out a door in the corner. I grabbed Brianna’s arm and started pulling her towards it. Based on her sharp breaths she clearly knew what I had planned, but she did nothing to fight me as I moved her along. I turned back to see Martha frozen in place, gazing longingly as I pulled her sister away.

“You coming?” I asked with a grin. Snapping out of her stupor, she grinned and nodded, then caught up to Brianna and me. The door was, thankfully, not locked, and it opened to reveal a broom closet. Shelves on each side were stocked with various cleaning supplies, and a sink lived in the back of the room, the faucet opening into a small tub which could be used to fill buckets with water. Some buckets, a mop, and a wet floor sign were strewn around the faucet. The room was small, but not cramped, and it seemed perfect for my purposes.

As the door closed behind the three of us, I gently grasped Brianna’s shoulders and pushed her to her knees. “You got me riled up down here,” I said, “so I need you to take responsibility.”

Brianna nodded, timidly moving her hands forward and slipping my fly down. As my cock sprang free, it gave her a meaty slap across her cheek. She yipped in surprise, then elicited a cute giggle as she gingerly wrapped her fingers around my shaft. She spent a considerable amount of time examining it, running her fingers along every nook and cranny, her gaze drifting in a dreamy daze across every bump and vein. Finally, she started stroking just the spongy crown as she brushed her nose across its length, reveling in the musky scent. Her eyes flashed upwards, steeped with desire. She used her tongue to lather my length with her slippery saliva as her hands began her ministrations in earnest.

“One moment.” I said. Brianna paused, surprised at my request. I turned to Martha, standing to the side silently. “You teased me just as much as Brianna out there. You need to take responsibility too.”

“Really?” Martha asked. I nodded as delight spread over her face. Quick as lightning, she joined her sister on her knees before me.

“Hold up.” I said. “You both need to strip or I’ll get cum on your clothes, which would make it pretty hard to sneak out.”

The girls were slow to register what I said, but once they pulled themselves away from my cock they stripped in record time, leaving their clothes on one of the shelves, then returning to their post at my feet.

“I can’t believe I’m finally doing this.” Martha panted. “God, you have such a fat cock! It’s making my head swim. And Brianna too. She was so terrified of you, but now she’s head over heels.”

Brianna’s face flushed deeply red. “N-n-n-n-no! I’m just taking care of a problem I’m partly responsible for.”

“Is that what you were doing this morning too?” I asked teasingly.

“What happened this morning?” Martha asked. Brianna stammered for a time but could not give a coherent reply. “You’re a little tramp, aren’t you?” Martha joined my teasing. Brianna looked mortified, but Martha continued, “I’m just playing around sis. But give me the juicy deets later, okay?” Brianna nodded shyly and the pair turned their attention back to me.

While they ogled my cock, I took the opportunity to do some ogling myself. I feasted my eyes on the naked sisters before me. Particularly Martha, as this was the first time I got a good, well-lit glimpse of her exposed body. She was a little older than Brianna and me, in her mid-twenties, but her body was just as perky as her younger sister’s. She was not as fit as her sister, but she was far from fat. Rather, the extra weight helped to accentuate all the right places, from her supple breasts down to her shapely ass and thighs.

Martha ran a smooth hand up and down my pulsing shaft, carefully caressing the hefty slab of meat as Brianna twisted her hand around the spongy tip. Their other arms were dedicated to my hanging balls, gently grazing and squeezing to coax out the salty treasure within.

“So big.” Martha whispered weakly. “I imagined you’d be big, but this… this is…”

“Amazing.” Brianna breathed, finishing her sister’s sentence, then she leaned forward and replaced the hand that had been massaging my tip with her mouth. She suckled with a satisfied grin while Martha wore a contemplative expression, still pumping away at my shaft.

“Hey Ray,” Martha started, “why are you letting me do this?”

“Because I’m horny, obviously.”

“But why now? I offered myself to you months ago, but you said no. You told me to treat others better, and I’ve been trying.” Martha paused; brow furrowed in confusion. “What changed?”

“You have. You’ve been acting much nicer and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.”

“I suppose I have. Karen and Trish have been much happier recently, haven’t they?”

“I didn’t ask you to change your attitude for their sake.” I said as Martha’s confusion intensified. “I did it for you. You’re a lot happier now, right?”

Martha met my eyes thoughtfully, then she smiled brightly. “I really am happier! I feel like people actually like me.”

“That’s what happens when you don’t act like a stuck-up bitch.”

Martha looked a little hurt, but sighed and said, “You’re right. I always acted like I was better than everyone else. I think I was insecure, you know? Afraid that I wasn’t good enough, so I had to act like I was better than everyone else.”

“Now you know you’re not better than anyone.” I said. Martha nodded slowly, shame in her eyes. “But you’re not worse than anyone either. You deserve to be satisfied with yourself.”

“Thank you, Ray.” Martha said, tearing up a little. “I can’t believe I was so stupid.”

I rubbed my hand on her head, gingerly whispering, “Don’t cry. Please, I want you to enjoy this.”

“Right.” Martha responded, slightly quickening her pace on my manhood. “But still, why did you choose this moment to let me do this.”

“Well, I planned to do this at some point during our vacation,” I said with a grin, “But why this exact moment? Like I said, I’m horny.”

Martha giggled a little, speeding up the rhythm of her strokes again. “Let’s take care of that. You better shoot it all out for us!”

“I’m going to cover you in it.” I growled.

Brianna ceased her slurping on my tip, pulling away and leaving a string of saliva connecting her mouth with my urethra. She turned towards her sister and warned, “He’s not kidding. I saw him shoot this morning and it’s insane.”

Martha nodded. “Okay, shoot it all out for us! Cover us in your jizz! Let us satisfy you!”

“I’m not going to be satisfied with just this.” I said commandingly. “Coating you in my cum is just a warm up. Next, I’m going to pin you both down and reap your virginities.”

Both girls looked taken aback. Brianna nervously muttered, “You’re going to fuck me… like right now?”

“Well, in a few minutes at any rate.” I answered.

“This is all happening so fast.” Martha echoed Brianna’s anxiousness.

“Are you saying you’d rather wait?” I asked both of them.

“N-no!” They said in unison. Despite their nerves, the pair was also clearly excited. They both released their hands from my balls and started touching themselves. I thought about setting out the wet floor sign, as puddles of the girls’ naughty juices starting forming beneath them.

“I’m claiming all three sisters for myself. I’m going to pump you full and make you swell up like Good Bitch.”

“Oh right.” Martha said, “Gwen is Good Bitch, and Brianna is Bad Bitch. Should I get a pet name too?”

I was too taken aback to answer right away. Never had I heard someone refer to such a demeaning moniker as a pet name. While I was still reeling, Brianna chimed in, “We’ve got good and bad so far, so maybe you could be Ugly Bitch.”

It was obviously a joke, but Martha looked a little hurt. I gave Brianna a polite chuckle, then said, “I just don’t think that would apply. Your sister is way too sexy for that.”

Martha looked at me appreciatively, then said, “I was so stupid for so long. I didn’t realize that I was making myself miserable by treating other people like shit. Maybe you should call me Dumb Bitch.”

I was surprised by her suggestion. At first, I thought she might be fishing for another compliment, but I noticed a certain longing in her eyes and realized that she was serious. She wanted me to degrade her.

“Alright then,” I started, “once you finish milking my cock, I’m going to pin down both Bad Bitch and Dumb Bitch and shoot so much cum inside your pussies that you’ll look pregnant.” The girls’ eyes were alight with desire, seemingly not caring one bit about being called degrading names. Rather, they seemed to be even more aroused than before.

Martha sped up again, pumping as fast as she could manage. Brianna moved her hand to my balls, fondling them lovingly as both sisters rubbed their pussies raw with their other hands. Brianna returned her mouth to my tip, sipping the pre-cum that was streaming down to mingle with the puddles of the sisters’ juices. Martha joined her sister, leaning forward and planting a kiss on my mushroom cap. She pressed her nose against it and inhaled deeply, drinking in the musky scent with a shiver.

The sisters seemed determined to kiss every square inch of my cock head, often leading to their lips meeting in the middle. Soon the girls were sharing a three-way kiss with my cock, their tongues exploring my fleshy head together. A rush of pleasure shot through me as I watched the sisters’ tongues entwine. I was no stranger to incest, but seeing two sisters share their first kiss scratched my perverse itch nicely, especially since they were sharing their kiss with my cock. Between kisses they nuzzled their cheeks against my cock, loving and pleasing it as schlicking noises emanated from below and moans escaped their lips.

At long last I was at my limit, so I whispered a brief warning, “I’m close.”

“Do it!” Martha pleaded. “Let me see how much you cum! Paint our bodies with your hot seed! Use your burly fuck-stick to remind us of our place! We belong on our knees worshiping your fat fucking cock!”

Brianna shyly joined her sister, begging, “Please cum for us! Mark us! Make us yours, just like Good Bitch!”

Waves of orgasmic bliss shot up my spine as I finally started spewing, spraying thick ropes of cum across their flushed faces. Martha’s mouth dropped open in shock, but she quickly closed it again as it started filling up with jizz. I grabbed my shaft and aimed it to ensure an even distribution, carefully coating Brianna’s face too as I started downwards. I gave the girls a couple of pearl necklaces, then set my sights even lower. The four gorgeous tits on display belonged to me now, so I made sure to mark them thoroughly, bathing them with powerful jets of cum. By now even Brianna had a shocked look on her face, as I was shooting far more than I had that morning. Soon their bellies were my canvas, streaked with pearly cum as my flow was, at last, beginning to slow. To finish off, I grabbed Brianna’s hair and pulled her face-to-face with my tip once more. I stuffed myself past her moist lips as I fired my last few shots into her mouth.

Once I was done, I pulled myself free from her mouth and took a step back to admire my work. The beauties before me almost seemed to be melting as my jizz oozed down their hair, faces, necks, breasts, and bellies.

“Oh my god.” Martha moaned. “I can’t believe how much you came. This smell is making me go crazy. And the taste… It’s… It’s…”

“Electric.” Brianna said. “It’s almost like I can feel your goo vibrating on my tongue. So thick and virile.”

“Wait a second,” Martha said, eyeing my manhood, “are you still hard?”

“Duh.” I answered. “I told you I was going to fuck both of you after I got warmed up.”

I grabbed Martha’s shoulders and pushed her backside onto the floor. She was laying in the pool of juices she made with Brianna, as well as some of my cum, but she did not seem to mind. Her body trembled in a delicate balance of nervousness and excitement as she looked at me expectantly. I grabbed Brianna and pushed her, face forward, on top of her sister. Their tits pressed tightly together as they came face-to-face, and squelching noises resounded as their cum covered bodies squished against each other.

The sisters anxiously giggled together as I examined their pussies stacked in front of me, Brianna’s looming over Martha’s, and both dripping copious fluids as if to ensure they could take my size. I pushed my meat between the two, scraping their folds along my shaft and eliciting a moan from each as they formed a sister sandwich around my rock-hard dick.

I said, “Martha, look your sister right in the eyes as she loses her virginity.”

“Sure thing.” She replied, her voice sounding sentimental. I slid out from between their pussies, and lined myself up with Brianna’s winking hole. Her body tensed as she felt me nudging at her door, but she relaxed as Martha whispered, “It’s okay, I’m right here.”

I pushed my way into Brianna’s tight twat, slowly digging deeper inside until I reached the end of her tunnel. “I’m going to let you adjust for a little bit. Just let me know when you’re ready for me to start moving.”

“Ah!” Brianna cried, which seemed to mean ‘okay’.

I realized that I did not feel her hymen break, but I remembered that she had already broken it using toys with Gwen. My mind started to wander, imagining a foursome with the trio of sisters. Martha started speaking, snapping me out of my day dream. “How does it feel?” She asked.

“G-g-gooood.” Brianna replied with a cute stutter.

“What do we say?” Martha asked teasingly.

“T-thank you.” Brianna moaned.

“Thank you for what?” Martha continued.

“Thank you for f-fucking me with… hnng… with your big cock.”

“Did you ever think that you would be doing this.” Martha asked.

“No. I’m sorry, but I thought Ray was a monster who lured Gwen into his sexual assault.”

“Well, in some sense that’s probably the case.” I joked.

“No!” Brianna barked. “Gwen chose to do that on her own. She realized what kind of guy you are right away. It took me a lot longer to see it, but now I know…” Brianna trailed off meekly. “Um, now I know that I want to be with you.” Her voice was riddled with embarrassment, but I was happy to hear her earnest feelings. “I was afraid that you were going to assault me, but you were always a gentleman, always trying to help me, even if I was treating you badly. And in the end, I’m the one who t-touched you without permission. I’m s-s-sorry.”

“No, I’m the one who’s sorry.” I said.

“Why are you sorr-ah! Ahhh!” Brianna tried to ask a question, but she was not able to finish it because I started plunging in and out of her relentlessly.

“I’m sorry because I can’t hold back anymore! You’re just too cute! You have to have my children!” I roared. Brianna still could not answer coherently, responding only with moans and whimpers.

“Did you hear that?” Martha asked. “He’s going to give you his children.” Again, Brianna was in no state to give an intelligible reply, so Martha continued. “He’s going to fill you up with his baby-batter! You’re going to be a mommy, just like Gwen!”

“M-m-mommy!” Brianna mewled. I thought she was crying for her mother until she continued, “Make me a mommy!”

“With pleasure.” I said with a cocky smile. Winning Brianna’s heart gave me such a rush. If I could get her to beg for my cum, I felt like I could get any woman. My ego inflated even further as she shuddered and came around my cock, splashing her juices on my balls, thighs, and Martha’s pussy.

I paused as Brianna tried to catch her breath, but was surprised when the sound of her panting was abruptly cut-off, replaced instead with the sounds of smooching and sucking. I realized that she was making out with her sister, turning me on even further. I needed to give Brianna a break, but it was getting tougher and tougher to fight the urge to keep bucking my hips into her. I did the only thing I could think of.

“Hey Martha,” I said as I slowly slid out of Brianna’s slit, “I’m sorry, but I way too turned-on right now.”

“Hmmm?” Martha tried to ask what I was talking about, but her sister was occupying her lips at the moment.

“I’m too turned-on to give you time to adjust to me.” I clarified as I lined myself up with Martha’s snatch and plunged deep inside.

Martha pulled her mouth free from her sister just in time to say, “Wha-aaaAAAAAHHH!” I pumped in and out as her velvety sheath quivered around me. Thankfully, it seemed she had also broken her hymen already, but it was still a tight fit for my hulking member.

“How does it feel?” Brianna gave a breathy tease.

“Goooood.” Martha groaned.

Brianna continued to toy with her sister, “The slapping sound of your hips colliding is really sexy. And your face is all twisted up with ecstasy. Are you sure you aren’t trying to get bred before me?”

It seemed that Martha was barely able to keep up with her sister’s words, simply replying, “Yes! Pleeeeease breeeeeed meeeee!”

“Hear that?” Brianna asked me. “She wants you to knock her up. Go ahead. She really wants it. Just make sure to do the same for me some other time.”

I firmly cupped Brianna’s ass as I continued driving deep and hard into her sister. I growled, “Don’t worry about that, I’m breeding both of you!” Plowing violently into Martha had her cumming in no time, soaking my balls again, along with the thighs of everyone involved.

I pulled out of Martha and slipped myself back into Brianna, who cried, “You’re planning to breed both of us at the same time?”

“That’s what you want, isn’t it?” I asked.

The sisters gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment before hissing, “yesssssss,” at the same time.

“Beg for it!” I demanded.

Martha started first, “Please rut into my sister and me until we’re overflowing with your baby-goo! I’ve never wanted anything more! I’m so jealous of Gwen!”

Brianna continued, “Same here! Please please please let me have your babies! I’ll have all the little kids you want! We have to start right away so I can have as many as possible for you! Good Bitch is so lucky that she got bred first!”

“Actually,” Martha said, “from what I understand, you had the opportunity to get knocked up at the same time as Good Bitch, but you didn’t take it.”

“I’m so sorry!” Brianna cried, “I should have realized how happy this would make me! I guess that’s why I’m a dumb bitch.”

Martha giggled, “I’m Dumb Bitch. You’re Bad Bitch, remember?”

“I can’t remember! It’s too confusing! My brain is melting because it feels too good!” Brianna shouted as she came around my cock. Without missing a beat, I switched back to Martha, the familiar tingle creeping up my spine as my climax was building.

“It doesn’t matter anyway!” Martha moaned. “We’re both bad and we’re both dumb. At the end of the day, we’re just bitches trying to get bred by this beefy cock!”

“Yes! My sister is getting railed by such a fat dick!”

“It’s going to split me in two! So fucking powerful! Such a stud! Your big cock is making me… haaa… it’s making… fuck! I’m cumming!” Martha coiled around me as she came once again.

I plunged back into Brianna, giving her just a few strokes as I switched back to Martha, violating her for only a moment before switching again. I was about to cum, and I wanted us all cumming together. My balls were boiling as I felt that seizing pressure well up from within. I happened to be in Brianna when I first started shooting.

Brianna exclaimed, “I can feel it inside me! He’s cumming so deep! I can feel it filling me up!”

I pulled out between spurts, pushing deep into Martha with lightning speed as she shouted, “Fuuuuuck yesssssss! It feels so good to be bred! I’ve never felt so full! I’ve never felt so complete! God yes! Keep shooting inside me forever!”

Sadly, I was not able to comply with her request. Brianna’s squirming was slowing down and I needed to make sure she kept cumming, so I switched back again. Brianna took a sharp, shallow breath as she rasped, “It’s a little embarrassing to have my big sister watching me orgasm, but it feels too good for me to care.”

“It’s because you’re a little slut.” Martha said, still mid climax herself. “But I’m right there with you. We’re sister sluts who get knocked up together! It’s only natural for us to watch each other cum. That’s why… watch me cum right now!” I switched back to Martha as my shots began to wane. I aimed to fit every drop of cum I could deep into her thirsty womb.

Brianna, a shaking, quivering mess at this point, did her best to oblige her sister. “I can see you cumming. I’m watching my shameful sister cum like a slut while getting knocked up.”

“Yes, keep watching me! Watch as he fills my womb with a bucket of cum! I can feel the cum leaking out of your cunt and dripping onto my clit! Fuck I love being covered in cum!”

“Same here.” Brianna said as we all started coming down from our orgasms. “I can’t believe he bred us at the same time. This is bliss! Please let us do this again.”

“Actually,” I said, “next time I was planning to include Gwen.”

The sisters smiled at each other as Martha said, “I think we can arrange that. But for now, let’s get cleaned up before someone comes in here and catches us.”

The girls used the sink to clean themselves off as much as possible before donning their clothes again, then we casually exited the broom closet to find ourselves in the blacklit minigolf course. Business seemed to have picked up since we went in, as each hole seemed to have small group of minigolfers putting away.

Then I noticed that under the blacklight, both Brianna and Martha had many luminous streaks running from their hair, down their faces, and even across their clothes. They had rinsed of, but a tiny sink and no soap seemed not to have done the trick.

“We should get out of here.” I whispered to the pair. “The traces of cum are glowing under the blacklight.” The sisters examined their bodies, then exchanged naughty grins.

“But I was having fun.” Martha pouted. “We should finish the course, right Brianna?”

“Exactly.” Brianna agreed with a sultry flair, seemingly too cum-drunk to be embarrassed. “Don’t you want people to see your handiwork?”

I gulped, afraid of what people might say or think, but aside from a few stares nobody seemed to react to the girls’ obvious ornaments. We finished the course with just a little more touching and teasing, and, to my relief, finally found ourselves back at the front desk. As I returned the putters and balls, Brianna and Martha were whispering suspiciously behind me, giggling giddily as I turned to face them.

“We’re going to go shopping together.” Martha said, taking Brianna’s hand. “We’ll meet you back at the hotel room later, ‘kay?”

“Sounds good.” I said. I had no idea what they were up to, but I figured it was best to leave them to it.

We parted ways and I ambled back to the food court. I pulled out my phone, ready for my second favorite kind of grinding, when I heard a familiar voice behind me.

“Having fun sweetie?” Mom asked, pressing her enormous mons against my back as she gave me a hug from behind. “I thought you might be playing with the other girls, so I’m a little disappointed to find you here all by yourself.” She paused briefly, then whispered, “Never mind, I can smell it on you. You’ve been having a least a little bit of playtime, haven’t you?”

“More than a little.” I chuckled. “Just taking a little break here.”

“I hope you’re not too tired to do some shopping with me. I need you to help me pick out some clothes.”

“Sure thing.” I said, standing up and following her lead as we marched down the mall corridor.

We chatted idly until we arrived at a store called Veronica’s Concealment. Based on the attire of the mannequins lining the windows, it seemed to be a lingerie store with a very silly name.

Mom beamed as she pulled me inside, loving the awkward look on my face as I tried to look natural in a women’s intimate clothing store. A salesgirl approached us with a bright smile on her pretty face, flanked with long blonde twin-tails that ran down her petite body, which was clad in a tight shirt and frilly skirt.

“How’s it going?” She greeted us. “Did you have anything specific you were looking for?”

“Just something to help me look sexy for my man.” Mom said with a girly giggle as she grabbed my arm and pressed herself into my side.

If the sales girl was at all confused about our age difference, she did not show it in the slightest. “Of course!” She announced as she guided us to a nearby rack. “Let’s find you something that accentuates your natural sex appeal. I’m thinking something black; mature but not too motherly.”

“Oh, I don’t mind looking motherly for him.” Mom mused cryptically. “Rather, I think he likes that side of me.”

“Okay.” The salesgirl said with a blush. She rifled through a nearby rack. “This one accents the breasts and hips…” she hesitated. She seemed to be embarrassed, but continued more quietly than before, “and it screams ‘make me a mother’.”

Mom smiled and said, “More like ‘make me a mother again’ in my case.”

“Congratulations!” the salesgirl said enthusiastically.

“Thanks!” Mom chimed. “So far we’ve had two together, twins, but we’re hoping for more very soon.”

Mom ran her hand down from my stomach to my thighs, just missing my bulge pressing against the swimsuit, but drawing the salesgirl’s attention that way. Her eyes brushed past the meaty package before sweeping back and gazing a little longer, as if to confirm the sizable bulge was not some kind of optical illusion. While her eyes were tarrying, Mom squeezed my butt with her other hand, causing me to twitch downstairs, to the delight of both women.

“You must be proud.” The salesgirl said dreamily, seemingly referring to our children, but I suspected it might have been directed at me specifically.

“You don’t think it’s too big, do you?” Mom asked.

The salesgirl, unable to focus, said, “No way, it looks amazing.” Then she snapped out of it, realizing that Mom was referring to the lingerie she picked out. “Um, b-but it would be best to try it on, just in case.” She quickly corrected herself, much to Mom’s amusement. “The fitting rooms are over this way.”

“Thanks!” Mom said, “I’m going to grab a couple more things to try on.” She took a moment to *********** a few more articles of clothing that consisted of more empty spaces that actual fabric before smiling and letting the salesgirl guide us to the fitting rooms. The store was not very large, so there were just a couple of small stalls with curtains in one of the corners. Each had a large mirror inside and a little bench for sitting or piling clothes.

Mom started pulling me towards the nearer one, but as she was able to pull the curtain shut, the salesgirl said, “I’m sorry, but the store policy says that he isn’t allowed to go inside with you.”

“Oh.” Mom said. “Sorry about that. Wait outside baby. It won’t take too long.”

Once bayan escort gaziantep she had the fitting room to herself, she pulled the curtain shut and started humming to herself while the salesgirl and I waited outside.

“I uh…” the salesgirl started, her face a little red as she struggled to make eye contact with me. “I admire how you like older women. Do you prefer them to younger girls?”

“Not really, I think both are good in their own ways.”

“So you like younger girls too. Do you ever miss going out with them?”

Now I felt embarrassed, but I did not see any real reason to lie to this girl. “About that, we have a bit of a strange relationship. She doesn’t really mind if I see other girls. If anything, she encourages it.”

“Wow,” she said as her blush deepened, “sounds like an interesting relationship.”

“Hah, you don’t know the half of it.”

“What do you mean?” She started to ask, but was interrupted as Mom pulled back the curtain.

“What do you think?” She asked in a sultry voice as she posed for me, dressed in the most revealing lingerie I had ever seen. As promised, the garment pushed her massive melons front and center. Below, it weaved its way downwards, pulling the eyes around her curvy child-birthing hips in a seductive dance of fabric and flesh.

Now both of our faces were beet-red, but the salesgirl was the first to speak. “You can’t walk out of the fitting room wearing something that revealing!” She stammered, mortified. Her head swiveled as her eyes darted from side to side to make sure there were no other customers nearby.

Mom made no immediate motion to re-enter the fitting room, instead insisting, “But I’m buying this outfit for him, so he needs to see it. If he’s not allowed to go inside with me, then I have to come out here to show him.”

The salesgirl looked a little panicked, still glancing around to make sure nobody would see what was happening. “O-okay fine, he can go inside with you. Just hurry up and go back inside.”

Mom jumped towards me playfully, her tits bouncing away as she made no attempt to be discreet. She grabbed my arm, pulling me inside and the curtain shut. “What do you think?” She asked, posing next to me in the mirror as her hands ran across my body. As her fingers scraped against my hardening member, she said, “I think your friend down here answered that question for you. Let’s try some of the others.”

She pushed me down onto the seat and did a short strip-tease for me before trying on another outfit, then another, making sure to pose seductively and paying careful attention to my reactions, both on my face and down below.

“You look so sexy.” I groaned.

She giggled, “This is making me feel really sexy too. Tell me how much you want me.”

“I want you so fucking bad. If we weren’t in the store right now, I would push you down and ravish you.”

“I want you too. I want you inside me so bad.” Mom said as she sat herself in my lap, facing me and grinding against my bulge.

“Careful, she’s standing right outside the curtain. We could be caught.”

“Nope.” She said as she pulled my member out of my swim trunks. “There’s no ‘could’ about it. We will be caught.”

I tried to protest, but she brought her finger to my lips to silence me.

“That’s the point baby. I didn’t want to do it where we might be caught. I wanted to do it where we would be caught. I wanted someone to catch you fucking mommy with this big fat dick.”

I thought it was probably a bad idea. I mean, I had already been caught earlier today with Liz in the movie theater, but that was accidental. On many occasions we had sex in compromised areas with a lot of risk, but usually we would be able to get away if needed. Doing it in a situation where we would definitely be caught and at the mercy of security seemed like inviting a little too much trouble.

But as I looked into her eyes, I could tell how much she wanted this. Some bizarre exhibitionism fetish deep in her mind made her crave this and I did not want to disappoint her.

“Let’s do it.” I said softly.

She smiled and turned around, meeting my eyes in the mirror as she lined herself up with my raging rod. It was amazing to watch our reflections as she impaled herself onto me. Despite her facing away, I could see every inch of myself disappear within her depths, every shudder and twitch, every expression of ecstasy in her serene face. This was the wonderful woman who raised me, and the least I could do was satisfy her lustful desires, even if it got us in trouble.

As Mom loosed a sexually charged whimper, the salesgirl, still outside the curtain, asked, “Are you okay in there?”

Mom smiled at me in the mirror as she slid up and down my manhood, “Yesssss, he really loves the lingerie.”

“That’s good, I guess.” The girl said meekly, trying to make sense of the quick, sharp breaths and slick noises behind the curtain. “Wait a second, you two aren’t d-d-doing it in there, are you?”

“Absolutely not.” Mom answered frankly.

“Then come out right now.” The salesgirl tried to demand, but she sounded more far more furtive than she intended.

Mom winked and lifted herself off me. She slipped around the curtain wearing only lingerie and with her juices dripping down her thighs.

I heard a gasp from the salesgirl. “Wh-wh-wh…”

“Sorry.” I heard Mom’s voice. “It’s just that he really liked the lingerie and I was feeling really sexy, so it made me wet like this. But we aren’t ‘doing it’ if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“P-p-please go back inside b-before someone sees!” The salesgirl pleaded. “And don’t come back out unless you’re fully clothed.”

“If you insist.” Mom slipped back behind the curtain before retaking her seat on my sturdy shaft. She started bouncing on me again as her tits went wild in the mirror. She was more aggressive now, causing meaty slaps to resound around the tiny room, and presumably on the other side of the curtain as well.

“Okay, it really sounds like you’re doing it.” The salesgirl said faintly.

“We really aren’t, but I’m indecent right now so I can’t come out. You can peek in to verify if you want.”

We heard no reply from the girl for a few moments as we continued going at it. By now I was bucking my hips, the excitement and naughtiness really getting to me as Mom’s tight snatch coiled around me in a feisty grip.

Finally, the salesgirl peeled the curtain aside just enough for her to peek through. Her face was flushed and her fingers trembled as she pitifully whimpered, “I knew it. You’re doing it.”

Mom never stopped bouncing on my cock, but she playfully responded, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know what you meant when you said we were ‘doing it’ in here.”

“Please, you need to stop.” The salesgirl said, defeat in her voice. “You aren’t allowed to do that in here.”

Mom pulled herself up until only the very end of my tip was wedged in her folds, then asked, “Do you see him? How long, and wide, and bulging he is? Do you see how much he’s twitching and throbbing? If we tried to leave now, with him stuffed in his tight little swimsuit, we would definitely make a huge scene. Everyone would notice his fat, manly cock snaking down his leg, trying to rip itself out.” The salesgirl’s eyes were glued to my massive tool as Mom slammed herself back down, redoubling her efforts as we resumed our frantic fucking. “Basically, if you want to avoid causing a scene, we’ll need to make sure he gets off.”

The salesgirl’s face was painted with a complex series of emotions: fear, reluctance, shame, awe, and desire to name a few. Finally, she sighed and, to my surprise, slipped inside the curtain. “Okay, that makes sense. I’m going to hide in here so nobody sees me and tries to come over here. Go ahead and finish, but please hurry up.”

Mom’s eyes locked with mine in the mirror, “Did you hear that baby? She wants you to go even faster.”

“I can’t like this.” I groaned. “I’ll need to change positions.” I stood up, pushing Mom forward with her hands against the wall on either side of the salesgirl, pinning her against the mirror.

“Eek!” the salesgirl cried as Mom’s face nudged against her small breasts, moaning into the little buds as I railed her from behind. Mom shivered as she slipped further down, pressing her face against the girl’s skirt and taking a whiff.

“Ooh, naughty girl. Someone’s turned-on by this.” She teased.

The salesgirl trembled, barely managing to say, “N-n-no!”

“You can’t fool me sweetie.” Mom said as she pushed her face up the poor girl’s skirt. “With how much you’re dripping, I can tell how hot and bothered you are right now. Hear that baby? She’s getting excited while watching you rut me. You know, today is a dangerous day for me. I might get pregnant when you dump your baby-batter inside me.” She turned her attention back to the salesgirl, running her tongue up her quivering slit, covered only by her very drenched panties. “Do you want to watch him knock me up?”

Tension built in the poor girl’s face as she panted with arousal, her eyes fixed on my plunging cock. A battle was fought in her mind as meaty slaps filled the room. The girl closed her eyes and I could tell she had made up her mind, but was building up the will to say it.

“Y-y-yes!” She cried.

“Good girl.” Mom said. “Now, my mouth is going to be busy down here, so I need you to cheer him on.” Mom started lapping at the salesgirl’s cloth-clad pussy.

“W-what?” The girl asked anxiously.

Mom paused her licking to say, “You know, talk dirty. Tell him how much you love watching his thick cock split me open and bully my poor little womb. Tell him he looks so manly as his swelling meat makes me lose my mind. Tell him to make sure he builds up a big creamy load of cum so he can blast it inside me and make a baby.”

“Oh, okay. I think I get it.” She looked up at me and said, “Please make a baby!”

“More!” Mom groaned. “Let it come from your heart! Tell him what you want to see!”

The salesgirl gasped as Mom started slurping at her twat, twirling her tongue passionately. The girl lost herself to the pleasure for a moment, but focused up as she gave her dirty talk another shot.

“P-p-please make a baby in her. She really wants it. Look at how hard she’s licking me, and how much she’s shaking. She wants you to claim her womb again. She wants you to shoot a bunch of c-c-cum in her belly and knock her up. A-and also… I want to… I also want to watch you knock her up right here in the fitting room!”

Mom pulled back and smiled, “Hear that baby? She wants to watch you knock me up! She wants to witness a son knock up his own mother right in front of her eyes!”

“W-what?” The salesgirl squealed, shocked.

“Come on, surely you must have suspected something. We look so similar. Well, except he has a giant horse cock.”

“No! I didn’t realize at all! Why… why are you fucking your own son?”

“Because he’s the best boy in the world! I love him with all my heart and would do anything for him. Also, he has that giant horse cock. Just look at it. Aren’t you imagining it defiling you right now? Ruining you for every other man. Every lesser man. Molding your dainty cunt into its shape as it pushes its way to your wanting womb, then pumping you full of his thick, potent jizz.”

The girl froze again, waging another war in her mind. In her expression, I could see her mind breaking before finally succumbing to her base urges. “Fuuuuuuck yesssssssss.”

“Good girl. Now I’m going to be very busy down here so you have to keep the dirty talk up. Make sure to tell him how much you want to see him make his mommy a mommy again.” Mom stripped the girl’s panties away and dug her tongue deep into the girl’s sopping slit, eliciting moan after moan from the overwhelmed clerk. Mom pulled back for a moment, reminding the girl, “It’s okay to moan, but remember that you have a job to do.”

The salesgirl gave a timid nod, then looked me in the eyes, “Please fuck your mom with that fat fucking cock! Make her explode around you as you nut a thick wad of spunk deep inside her! Make her a mommy again!”

I was in happy to oblige, erupting deep inside my mother as she requested.

“He’s cumming!” Mom cried. “He’s cumming just like you wanted! Ugh, it’s making me cum too! My son is making me cum as he breeds my tight little twat! I love this so much! I love him so fucking much!”

At the same time, the salesgirl’s face scrunched up as her back squirmed against the mirror. All three of us came at the same time, unable to withstand the depraved pleasure.

We were trying to catch our breaths as we collapsed. I fell back on the bench behind me, while Mom and the salesgirl slumped into a quivering mass on the floor. When our panting finally subsided, Mom turned to face me, crawling towards my crotch.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” She said as she took my cum-plastered cock into her warm lips. My seed oozed from her messy muff, forming a pearly pool on the floor below. I felt a little bad about leaving a mess like that, but Mom pulled my attention away as she said, “Oh dear, looks like you’re still hard. I guess we still can’t leave quite yet. We need to take care of him again.”

“I understand.” The salesgirl panted. “Just try not to take too long. Someone might catch us in here.”

“Sorry sweetie, but he rocked my world a little too hard. I can’t feel my legs right now, so do you think you can tag in?”

The salesgirl’s face turned deeply crimson as she stammered, “N-n-noooooo! I couldn’t possibly… He’s a total stranger… I don’t even know his name… I’ve never… I… I…” She paused, failing to find the words. I could tell she was turned-on beyond all measure, but she was clearly afraid to take things further. Eventually, she continued, “Can’t you just give him a blowjob? Or just let him masturbate?”

“Sorry hun, but studs like this need to unload in a tight cunt to be satisfied.”

The girl trembled, releasing an adorable squeak as she tried to think of something to say while her mind was totally blank. My mother continued to clean me as we patiently waited for the girl’s response, when, at last, she tilted her head up to meet my eyes, then asked, “D-do you really w-want to d-do it with a g-girl like m-me?”

“I would love to.” I said with a wink. A cute smile slowly broke on her face as my answer washed over her.

“O-okay. If you’ll have me, then I suppose I can help us get out of this situation. Do you have a condom?”

Mom slid her lips off my tool with a ‘pop’, then turned to the girl and, with an unflinchingly straight face, asked, “What’s a condom?”

Panic and uncertainty crossed the salesgirls face as Mom continued, “Anyway, he’s all cleaned up and ready for you.”

I stood, picking up the shaking salesgirl and mashing her back against the mirror, facing me. I pulled her legs up to my sides as I tilted her hips into position, pressing my firm body against her soft frame. Mom grabbed my manhood from below, lining me up with the salesgirl’s dripping slit.

“Thanks again for helping us.” Mom said as I breached the rippling hole, causing the girl to shudder and groan. Her pussy was vice-like, pressure mounting from every angle, but I made slow progress with my gentle assault.

I stopped, feeling an unexpected obstacle. Mom giggled, “Did you run into her sweet little surprise?”

I met her eyes, firmly asking, “You’re a virgin? You want to give your first time to a stranger?”

The girl looked embarrassed, her eyes a little teary as she meekly said, “Y-yes, it’s okay. I don’t mind if it’s with someone like y-you.”

A powerful electric tingle shot up my spine as the thrill of conquest ballooned my ego. I brought my lips to her ears and whispered, “I’ll be nice and gentle, okay? Now get ready, I’m going to claim your pussy for myself.”

I pressed against her hymen as she panted, “Yes, take what you want! Make me yours!” As her maidenhead yielded, she gave a strained cry. I tried to take her mind off it by sliding my hands up her legs and planting them firmly against her supple ass. I squeezed her slender cheeks, causing her to gasp with surprise, then took the opportunity to slide my tongue between her cute red lips. “Mmmm.” She groaned with satisfaction, her mind straying from the pain below.

“You are such a gentleman.” Mom sang as she gave my own ass a little pinch, then moved her attention towards my dangling balls. She planted kiss after kiss as her fingers roamed over the vast orbs, churning up a new batch of salty seed.

My manhood reached the end of the salesgirl’s tunnel as I broke our kiss, whispering, “I’m going to give you some time to adjust. Let me know when you’re ready for me to move.”

She smiled appreciatively before latching her lips back to mine, hungry for more oral affection.

“You’re not going to see him again after this. Don’t fall in love with a stranger.” Mom teased.

The salesgirl broke our kiss for the briefest of moments, our connected parts pulsing in unison with our heartbeats as she whispered, “Too late.”

“Oooh, I know who would love this!” Mom said.

I heard some beeping noises from below, but got distracted when the salesgirl moaned in my ear, “I think I’m ready for you to move.”

I kissed along the side of her neck as my hips rocked back and forth in a slow rhythm. She was still fearsomely tight, but my steady motions helped to massage her smothering sheath to make it more pliable. She wrapped her arms and legs around my broad back to press me into her even harder.

Suddenly I heard a voice from below, “Hello?”

“Hey Amanda,” Mom said. “I hope you’re not busy right now. I thought you might want to see this.”

“I’m good. Just at the house taking care of the little ones. What’s going on?”

“Hang on, I’m trying to make this a video call.”

The salesgirl looked frightened, but I pressed my lips to her again and increased the rhythm of my motions a tad. She melted in my arms as her mind wandered away from the prospect of being filmed.

“There we go.” Mom said. “Look at that.”

“Wow!” Amanda said through the phone. “Looks like fun! Who’s the lucky girl?

“She’s the salesgirl from the lingerie shop at the mall. We’re in the fitting room right now.”

“So fucking hot. What’s her name?”

“That’s the fun part, we don’t know. Looks like they don’t use nametags here, and things moved pretty quickly so we blew way past exchanging names and skipped right to this.”

“Can you get a better angle for me?”

“Sorry, we’re a little tight on space in here. Speaking of tight, this little slut was a virgin before a couple of minutes ago.”

“God that’s so hot. Did you just pull her into the fitting room and start fucking her?”

“Well, we made her watch him breed me first.”

“Yes! You’re finally getting pregnant again! I love looking at your big round tummy!”

“That’s not all! We told this perverted little virgin here that we are mother and son.”

“Oooh, how’d she take the news?”

“She begged him to fill me up and make me a mommy again!”

“What a lecherous girl! I love it!”

“She’s loving it too, look at how much she’s leaking.” I could feel Mom moving her phone around my legs, trying to squeeze our genital junction into the shot.

“God, it’s like a waterfall.” Amanda commented. “Hey you, virgin girl! Can you hear me?”

Our lips parted and the girl froze, embarrassed and reluctant to respond. I gave her a slight nod and mouthed, “Go ahead.”

“U-um, yes. I can hear you. Who are you?”

“I’m his fuck-toy. I’m also his cousin, but fuck-toy comes first. Anyway, are you ready for him to pump you full and make you pregnant with his baby?”

“C-cousin?” The girl considered briefly before her eyes flung wide open with horror as her brain slowly processed Amanda’s words. “P-P-P-P-P-P-PREGNANT?!”

Amanda laughed, “Yeah! He’s like super virile. You’re going to get knocked up for sure.”

“B-b-but I’m not ready for anything like that.”

“Nobody’s ever ready.” Amanda said. “But babies bring you so much joy, especially his babies. I would know, since watching over three of them right now.”

“Three?! How many babies does he have?”

Mom chimed in, “Just those three for now. Two of them are mine, and one is his sister’s.”

“You’re his sister?” The girl softly asked the phone camera, clearly confused from the overwhelming information.

“No silly.” Amanda replied. “I’m his cousin, remember? I just told you.”

“Right…” The girl sounded pitiful, a mix of embarrassment and deep arousal as I hammered away at her honey-pot.

“I haven’t had his baby yet, but I’m pregnant now and due soon. The same time as my mom, since he knocked us up at the same time.”

“He fucked his aunt too?”

“Yep,” Mom said, “he fucked and bred my sister. He fucks whoever he wants, whenever he wants, wherever he wants.”

“Is he some kind of rapist?”

“Is he raping you right now?” Mom asked, teasing her by smearing her leaking juices around her little red clit, pulsing with arousal.

The girl shut her eyes tightly, succumbing to an orgasm as her insides twisted around my raging piston. “Nooooooo!” she answered Mom’s question as she squirted my balls, our legs, and even on Mom’s phone.

“There’s your answer.” Amanda giggled. “For him to be a rapist, the girls would have to be unwilling.”

“Now be a good girl and take his load.” Mom said before she started lapping up the girl’s juices as they dripped down my balls. I continued drilling into that sweet snatch as she kept cumming. Then Mom whispered as if she was talking directly to my balls, “You better whip up a nice big load for her and get her pregnant. You only get one chance at this.”

The girl gave a subdued cry as her orgasm began to subside, “Only one chance?”

I could hear Amanda’s smile in her words as she triumphantly said, “Now you’re being more honest. You want him to fuck you and knock you up, but not just this one time.”

The girl was too embarrassed to reply, so Mom continued, “Sorry sweetie, but we don’t live near here. We’re on vacation, so after this we’ll never see you again.”

Amanda said, “But at least you get a baby for your trouble! Do you want a boy or a girl?”

The girl’s brain was fried at this point, overstimulated with pleasure, questions, and our debauched revelations. She had no idea what to say, so Mom helped her out, “Okay sweetie, if it’s a girl, it will look more similar to me, and if it’s a boy it will look similar to him.”

The girl gazed into my eyes as her hands roamed from my back, to my shoulders, to my arms, then rested against my firm chest. She clumsily moaned, “Boyyyyyy. I… want… a… boy…”

Mom teased, “Oh dear, that certainly helped you decide. Did it help to drink in the image of him rutting you?”

Amanda jeered, “What a total pervert! I bet she imagined her son growing up and looking just like him. Then she imagined him pinning her down and pumping his seed deep into the womb that birthed him.”

“Yep,” Mom agreed, “She wants her son to claim her, just like mine claimed me.”

“Yesssssss!” The girl admitted.

“Then I hope it’s a boy too.” Amanda said.

Mom added, “And you’re still pretty young, so by the time he’s old enough to fuck, you should still be breedable.”

“Fuuuuuuck.” The girl groaned as she came again, squeezing tightly around my cock. I was still building up a big load for her, so I answered her uninhibited convulsions with deft strokes scraping all the right places. I was getting close, so I just needed her to build up one more orgasm so I could release my seed as she came.

Mom chided the girl, “But don’t even think of hogging your son all to yourself. A boy like this needs a bunch of sexy sluts to sate his needs. Personally, I hope you get twins and one is a girl. You’re going to need a second pussy to help you keep up with him. Or hell, maybe even a third or a fourth.”

Amanda added, “And don’t forget daughters can be sexy too. Just a few minutes ago I helped my mom get sleepy for her nap by eating her out until she sprayed all over my face.”

“Absolutely,” Mom said, “I love the rush of sharing such intimacy with both my son and my daughter.”

The girl finally spoke up, “Okay! I want it! I want to be bred! I need it! Please make me pregnant! Please give me a sexy son who can fuck me like a stud, just like you!” Her frantic begging started getting rather loud, so I pressed my lips to hers so she would not get us caught. At the same time, her depraved pleading had me at my limit, so I gave her exactly what she wanted, causing her to cum at the same time.

Mom cheered her on, “Go on sweetie! Take it all up your pretty little pussy! Let him plant a baby in you!”

Amanda joined, “Yesssss! Take all of his thick cum and make sure to get knocked up! He’s going to leave and forget all about you, but you’ll be taking care of his baby for years!”

“And don’t forget to say thank you!” Mom said.

“Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu!” The girl groaned through our kiss.

Amanda laughed, “That is one grateful bitch!”

“She ought to be.” Mom said. “My son chose to fuck her after all. He just made her entire life.”

My climax started dying down, sputtering just the last few ropes as my partner came down from her orgasmic bliss in a daze. I pulled out of her, spilling yet another wave of jizz across the floor. I sat her down on the bench to let her catch her breath.

“Sorry about the mess.” I said as I pulled out some cash to pay for the lingerie while Mom changed into her regular clothes. “We’re out of here. Hope you have a good life!”

The salesgirl was in a blissful daze, but managed to say, “Thank… you…” again. Mom slipped out of the fitting room, and I was just about to follow her when I felt the girl grab my hand. “I know… I’ll never… see you again… but…” She paused, sheepishly trying to finish her sentence. “Even so, I love you…”

I gave her a wink and gently squeezed her hand, then I let go.

It was mid-afternoon when I left the mall, walking back to the hotel room with Mom and discussing plans for the evening. I learned that Mom had already made arrangements with Elizabeth, planning to go to some kind of weird show about marine animals. It seemed that I was going to be spending the evening with Martha, Gwen, and Brianna.

I heard several voices greet Mom and me as we entered the hotel room. It seemed everyone else had already made it back.

The trio of sisters bounced in my direction, ambushing me as I crossed the threshold. All three had giddy smiles as Gwen asked, “I hope you had fun at the mall! Notice anything?”

I looked for anything out of the ordinary, when I noticed all three sisters were wearing black chokers around their necks. Each had words sewn in around the front. Gwen’s spelled out ‘Good Bitch’, Brianna’s spelled out ‘Bad Bitch’, and Martha’s spelled out ‘Dumb Bitch’.

“After we left the minigolf course, we went to a store that makes custom apparel.” Martha explained.

“We had these made for us, and got one for Gwen too. Do you like them?” Brianna asked as all three looked at me expectantly.

The horny part of my mind would probably find it really hot. It would give me such a domineering thrill to have three sisters essentially brand themselves as my bitches. Sadly, I was not really horny at that moment, so I found myself silently praying that they would not try to wear those weird chokers in public. They looked super weird.

That said, the hopeful look in their eyes made me realize that I needed to validate their gesture. I could not bear to make them sad, so I forced a big smile on my face and said, “Wow! Those are really hot! They look amazing on all three of you! And it makes me feel really special that you’re wearing them for me! Thanks ladies!”

The three sisters shot satisfied smiles at each other as Gwen said, “Perfect! We were afraid that you would think they look super weird. I’m so happy you like them!”

“Yep, big time.” I said, this time less convincingly, but thankfully the trio of sisters did not seem to notice. Elizabeth, however, definitely noticed. She was reclined on the bed behind the sisters, and gave me a knowing grin.

Martha said, “Lizzy told us about her plans with your mom tonight, so it looks like we’ll have to find something to do with the four of us.”

Brianna asked nervously, “You don’t have any other plans tonight, right? We were really hoping you would want to hang out with us.”

“Wow, you’ve really changed your opinion of him.” Gwen teased.

“She’s just more honest about her feelings now.” Martha joined the teasing, causing Brianna to blush.

I put my hand on her shoulder, helping her to relax as I said, “I would love to hang out with the three of you. What do you want to do?”

“I wish we had tickets to that band you like.” Martha told Brianna. “I know you wanted to see them. I bet it would have been a blast.”

I slapped my hand against my forehead. “Right, I totally forgot. Earlier today I got these tickets for a show tonight. Is this the right band?” I asked, handing the tickets to Brianna.

“Oh my god! How did you get these?” Brianna asked with both surprise and excitement.

“More importantly,” Elizabeth interrupted, playfully mocking, “how did you forget that you got them?”

“I got distracted. A lot of stuff happened today.” I replied.

“That’s true.” Every girl, except Gwen, said in unison while giving me knowing smiles.

“So it’s decided. The four of us will go to the concert tonight.” I said. The three sisters giggled and joined together in an excited hug.

Honestly, I did not really feel like going to the concert of some no-name punk band. Earlier, I had hoped that Elizabeth would go with them, but since she turned out to be busy, I had no way to decline without hurting their feelings.

We killed a couple of hours while waiting for the show to start. Brianna talked my ear off, telling me everything I never wanted to know about her favorite obscure band. For a second, I even wished that she still hated me, but I managed to listen patiently during her entire sermon.

She explained that the band was a unique variety of punk music mixed with some more cutsie themes. I thought it sounded like an oxymoron, but she insisted that it meshed well. She said that they wrote most of their songs using sex as inspiration, and their lyrics were super romantic, and the music had an erotic vibe. I thought she sounded crazy, and I was afraid that my brain cells were melting by listening to her. I found it strange that someone as reserved as Brianna would be interested in such sexually charged music, but I remembered that she had experimented with her sister, so she was probably a little wilder than she liked to portray publicly.

“Gee Brianna, you’ve got me really excited for this Cum Drippers concert. I can’t wait!” I lied.

Brianna laughed, “It’s called Dripping Dream. Cum Drippers would be such a gross name!”

“Ha-ha, right.” I returned a polite laugh. I thought both names were stupid. Dripping Dream sounded like a fake band name that a loser would come up with while jerking it alone in his room.

Finally, it was time to head out to the concert. I was disappointed, but not surprised, that the sisters decided to wear their outlandish choker outside the hotel room. At least they seemed to enjoy it, which made me happy. It also made me happy when they fought over my arms as we walked down the street, causing a few jealous guys to glare at me as we ambled to the theater.

The borderline dilapidated building was just about what I expected for the concert venue. The crowd was a little bigger than I expected, but the theater was far from full. Everyone seemed to be on drugs, especially the people who were actively doing drugs right there in the concert hall. Nobody seemed to care about seat numbers, preferring to pack themselves in the mosh pit in front of the stage. Thankfully, the girls decided to sit in some cushy seats near the back of the room, not wanting the very pregnant Gwen anywhere near the rowdy crowd.

The lights dimmed and the curtain raised, revealing four girls on stage. Standing front and center was a short, slender girl holding a sleek guitar. Half her hair was dyed pink, and the other half blue. She wore a black belly shirt over a flat chest, a frilly pink skirt, and stockings that matched her hair. Nearby stood a taller girl with jet black hair and a matching bass guitar. She was clad in leather garments which accentuated a larger-than-average chest, and she had several facial piercings, along with a heaping helping of black eye liner. On the other side of the stage stood a girl half hidden behind a keyboard. She had green hair and a yellow tank top. Her tits were somewhat small, but she was not nearly as flat as the lead singer. Below the keyboard I could see that she was wearing black shorts with fishnet stockings. Rather than matching the intensity of the other girls, she wore an absent expression, a faraway look in her eyes. Lastly, a purple haired girl sat behind a large drum set near the back of the stage. She wore jeans and a black shirt with a large white skull on it, but the skull was stretched awkwardly because of the massive melons hiding underneath.

The crowd went wild as the band started their set. I turned out pretty quickly, not finding the music very appealing, but I was happy to see the other girls enjoying it, especially Brianna.

After a couple of songs Gwen slumped into my side, giggling as she said, “You know, those two vixens told me what you did to them earlier in the broom closet.”

“I didn’t do anything they didn’t ask for.” I replied, flashing her a sinister grin.

“Oh, I’m sure they begged for it. How does it feel to have three sisters all craving your cock?” She asked, caressing my groin.

“Incredible. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world.” I said, pulling her in for a kiss. Brianna and Martha noticed our flirtations, flanking Gwen as they approached me.

“Not fair.” Martha playfully pouted. “Kissing him over here all by yourself. I’ve never kissed him even once.”

“Yeah, me neither.” Brianna agreed.

The music kept blaring as the girls took turns kissing me. At first sweet, gentle kisses, but soon they started trying to one up each other, getting more brazen with their tongues. As time went on, the kisses started running together, and before I knew it, I found myself kissing all three of them at once. Our tongues tangled as our breaths ran together. At first, they focused only on exploring my mouth, but slowly they started turning their attention on each other as well, exchanging incestuous licks and slurps between sisters.

While our tongues entwined above, their hands joined forces in a combined assault on my bulge below. I was getting seriously turned-on by their ministrations, so I was disappointed when Brianna suddenly pulled away as a new song started.

“This is my favorite song!” she announced, turning her attention back towards the stage. Gwen grinned at me before striding to her sister’s side and pulling the back of her shorts down, causing Brianna to squeal.

“What are you…” Brianna started, shocked at her sister’s actions. She tried to pull her shorts back up, but Martha grabbed her arms and pushed her forward, leaning on the vacant seat in front of her, facing the stage.

“Shhhhh. Just enjoy this.” Gwen said.

“But we’re in the middle of the concert!” Brianna protested.

Martha reassured her sister, “C’mon, everyone else is moshing up front. Nobody is going to notice anything back here.”

“Yeah,” Gwen continued, “just go with it. They’re playing your favorite song right now. Let’s make this night unforgettable.”

Martha pulled my manhood free, giving it some licks to make it slippery for the task ahead. “I can’t believe I can do that now.” She said dreamily. “Today has been incredible.”

“And it’s not even over yet.” I said as I lined myself up at Brianna’s sopping snatch. While Martha was busy getting me ready, it seemed Gwen had done the same for her sheepish sister.

As I slipped into her splendid folds, Brianna let loose a satisfied moan and her body relaxed. I picked up the pace to match the rhythm of the song, and my lover started bucking her hips to match. It almost felt like we were dancing to the music, a rush of excitement filling me to know that I could quell Brianna’s inhibitions so easily.

Gwen and Martha looked longingly as I defiled their sister, then they exchanged a few words between themselves which I could not hear over the music. Gwen bent forward over the seat to Brianna’s left, Martha to the right. Before I knew it, they were presenting their pussies to me on either side of their sister. I reached one hand to Gwen and the other to Martha, using my fingers to stimulate them as I continued railing into Brianna. It felt amazing to violate all three sisters simultaneously.

The song started building to a climax, so I started pumping harder to match. I pulled my hands away from her sisters’ snatches, grabbing her ass and sinking deeper inside her. Brianna was in a state of pure bliss, her tight walls spasming around me as she came.

I slowed my pace as the next song started up, returning my hands to Gwen and Martha. I scanned the crowd up front to make sure nobody had noticed us. Everyone was focused on the performers on stage, dancing wildly to the ear-splitting music.

I looked up at the stage for the first time since we started our fun, then my heart sank into my chest. All four band members were staring directly at us. For a split second, I thought that we had been caught. Maybe they would call security and have us thrown out, or even arrested. Then it occurred to me that they were still playing. They did not seem annoyed, rather the girl on the keyboard seemed to enjoy the show, biting her lip and squeezing her thighs together.

I relaxed and continued my rampage on the sisters lined up before me. I could just barely hear the gasps and moans of the girls, but the music was way too loud for me to tell if they were saying anything. Thankfully, their tight twats conveyed all the information I needed, allowing me to tailor my movements to the needs of each girl.

After each song, I would rotate the girls so that each would get some turns in the middle. While the band put up a show on the stage, it seemed that we put on a show for the band, who were fixated on us throughout the rest of their set. I was enjoying the concert way more than I had ever imagined.

The pressure started mounting inside my balls as the band finished a song and started thanking everyone for coming to their show tonight. I cursed myself because I had not finished yet, but luckily the crowd cheered for an encore. The band started playing again and I knew I had to cum during the last song.

I started fucking down the line of sisters in front of me, switching every few seconds with merciless movements. The song kept building along-side me, erupting in a climactic finale at the perfect moment. I first filled Gwen, who twitched violently in response to my sudden release of gushing goo, then I moved to Martha, who greeted me with gyrating hips as her uterus drank down my spilling seed with hunger. Lasty, I moved to Brianna, who clamped down on me as her whole body quaked, unable to contain the sheer volume of pleasure and emotions running through every fiber of her being.

I finished filling my lovers as the song ended, relief washing over me as I came just in time. We quickly concealed our privates just before the lights went up, the girls clinging to me as we left the theater.

“That was amazing!” Gwen chimed.

“Seriously, I had so much fun!” Martha agreed.

“I think it was the greatest night of my life.” Brianna said dreamily, causing Gwen and Martha to giggle.

“I’m glad you had fun. It was a blast for me too.” I said earnestly.

“Hey, you!” I heard a voice call behind us. I turned to see a middle-aged man calling to me. He looked like an employee of the theater. A chill ran through me as it seemed we had been caught after all.

“Can I help you?” I asked, ready to deny any allegations.

He kept looking back and forth between me and a note card in his hand. “Yeah, you fit the de***********ion.”

“What are you talking about?” I demanded. The girls stood behind me anxiously.

“The band members noticed you in the audience and sent me to invite you to meet backstage.” He explained.

Relief washed over me, then Gwen said, “Wow, we get to go meet the band backstage!?”

The man examined the note card for a moment, then shook his head. “Sorry, it just says to invite him.” He gestured for me to follow. I trailed behind him and pulled the girls along with me.

“Don’t worry.” I reassured them. “I’ll talk with the band and see if I can get you in too.”

Brianna’s face went red as she fidgeted furtively. “I don’t know if… I can… meet them.” She squeaked.

“Aww,” Martha started, “my little sister is too nervous to meet her favorite band.”

Another theater employee ran up to the man who was guiding us, a serious expression on his face as he whispered urgently. Our guide turned around and said, “Sorry sir, I’ve got to go take care of something. Just follow this hallway and it’ll be the last door on the left.”

I nodded as the two men hustled away. We ambled down the corridor, passing a taped-off bathroom, a bend that seemed to lead off to the stage, then another door that led backstage. At the end of the hall, I peered inside a slightly open door to find a large room packed with racks of clothing and costumes. Off to one side the wall was lined with makeup vanities while the opposite wall was stacked with shelves littered with various items, everything from props to lighting equipment. Near the back of the room, I saw four women in a lounge area chatting as they tapped at their phones.

Martha said, “Hmm, I guess with a small theater like this, they had to consolidate the changing room and the green room, and it looks like storage as well.”

I nodded, “Alright, wait here and I’ll ask them to let you come meet them.”

Brianna grabbed my arm, “Please, I really don’t think I can meet them. I’m way too nervous.”

I looked at her, then glanced at the other two for assistance.

“I wouldn’t feel right going in there without Brianna.” Gwen said.

“Yeah, it’s fine.” Martha added. “We’ll wait outside with her. But make sure to get us some autographs, okay?”

“Sure…” I said. I felt like I should try to convince Brianna to go in, but I had no idea what I could say. She was way too shy.

Suddenly Gwen’s face lit up, “I have an idea.” She said, clutching her sisters’ arms. “Go ahead and go in Ray. We’ll sneak in behind you and hide behind that coat rack. That way, Brianna can watch you talk with them. She can… I don’t know… vicariously meet them through you.”

I thought it sounded like a bad plan, but Brianna started nodding, still nervous, but also excited. I nodded and strode into the room. The sisters slipped in beside me, then crept to the side, concealing themselves behind the coat rack and some boxes.

“Hello. Did you call for me?” I said.

The band members turned towards me, and the green haired one cracked a smile, “You came to see us! Was the show good?” She had a breathy voice, which was very soft even though she sounded excited.

I recalled that she was the keyboard player. “I thought it was incredible. You’re all really talented!” While I was not personally a huge fan of their music, I did not have to lie. I truly thought they were skilled performers. “Feel free to take a seat.” She patted the couch cushion beside her.

“Which song did you like the most?” The bassist, clad in all black, asked. She reclined in a large fluffy chair facing the couch.

“It’s hard to say. Probably the last one, but maybe that’s just recency bias.”

The keyboard player leaned against me as she said, “I could tell you liked that one. I watched how hard you gave it to those girls near the end.”

I cringed. I knew they would bring it up, but I had not thought of anything to say.

“Mellow out.” The drummer said in a low voice, apparently sensing my tension. “You’re not the first person to have sex during a concert.” She sat in a makeup chair, which had been turned to face us rather than the vanity. “That’s why I never like to sit in those seats. There could be all kinds of gross shit on them.”

“It happens all the time.” The last girl said. “Especially at our shows.” She had been leaning against the wall, but came over and plopped down on my other side with all the confidence of a lead singer and guitarist. “Although I have to admit, that was the first time I’ve ever seen a guy fuck three girls at once during our show. You went apeshit on them!”

The keyboardist snuggled into me even tighter on the other side as she asked, “So we thought you might be the perfect person to give us some… inspiration.”

“Inspiration?” I asked.

All four girls paused for a moment, then the bassist asked, “You’re not a big fan of ours, are you?”

“Sorry, those girls I was with are big fans.” I said, rubbing the back of my neck. “Honestly, I was just tagging along with them.”

“Don’t be sorry.” The lead singer said with a giggle. “We don’t expect every single person to like our music. It’s pretty niche after all. Normies would never get it.”

“I really did like it though. I was planning to put some of your songs on my phone later.” I lied politely.

“Dripping Dream is happy to welcome another fan!” the lead singer sounded elated. “Lucky for you, your graceful goddess is here to get you caught up. As all of our fans know, we get our musical inspiration from sex.”

I remembered Brianna mentioning that tidbit before the concert, but it had slipped my mind.

The bassist continued, “Basically, we need you to have sex with one of us so we can get ideas for new songs.”

“It’s as ridiculous as it sounds.” The drummer scoffed.

“Please pick me!” The keyboardist begged.

“But it’s my turn!” The lead singer protested.

“It’s always your turn!” The keyboardist quipped back.

“Hold up one second.” The bassist interrupted, causing the two girls at my side to give overexaggerated frowns.

“Yeah morons, you don’t even know if he’s available.” The drummer said, spreading some hand sanitizer on her palms, even though she had not touched anything since I came in. “Remember, he was here with those girls. He might be in some kind of poly relationship, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t committed to them.”

“But they were wearing those collars,” The lead singer pouted, “so I thought he was the top in the relationship.”

“You have some strange ideas.” The bassist said. “Just because he’s the dom doesn’t mean they’re cool with him fucking other girls.”

“But maybe they are okay with it!” The keyboardist exclaimed. “Are they? Are they? Can you give us inspiration?”

These girls were sexy, and I was more than happy to have sex with one of them, but I was afraid that it might hurt Brianna’s feelings. Obviously, I was not in a committed relationship, but while I did not worry about sleeping with random women, I thought that she might not be happy if I slept with one of her idols.

I looked near the edge of the coat rack where I knew the girls were hidden: Martha had her phone out, filming with a mischievous grin, Gwen was enthusiastically nodding her head, and Brianna had an such an aroused look on her face that it made me think she was touching herself down below.

Welp, it seemed they did not mind in the slightest, but I still had a couple of questions for the band. “Why did you send for me in particular?”

Three of the band members’ faces flushed with bashful blushes, but the confident lead singer smiled and said, “Because we saw you fucking those girls like a stallion! I’ve never seen anything like it. I bet you can give us a whole bunch of ideas for songs!” She turned her attention to the drummer and laughed, “I even saw your juices on your stool after the show!”

“No way!” She replied, embarrassed and annoyed. “That was… something else…”

“What was is then?” The lead singer continued to tease her.

“It was… shut up!” The drummer crossed her arms and turned away.

The lead singer turned her attention back to me. “So will you do it?”

The keyboardist squeezed my arm and said, “Pleeeeeese!”

“If you thought I might be in a committed relationship with the girls you saw me fucking, then why didn’t you invite them too? You could have just watched me fuck them up close and gotten your inspiration like that.” I asked, curious as to why they had not invited my dates to meet them backstage along with me.

“Well sure,” the lead singer started, “you can get inspiration from just watching, but it’s way better to actually take part in the act.”

The keyboardist agreed, “Yeah, that’s why you should pick me. I’ll get way more inspired that way!”

“Nuh-uh, he should pick me!” The lead singer snapped back.

“Hey,” I interrupted, patting my hands on their heads, “I can handle both of you if that’s what you want.”

“Really?” asked the keyboardist.

“Even after doing three girls during the show?” the lead singer added.

I gave them a nod, eliciting some excited cheers from the two girls flanking me on the couch.

The bassist shot me a sly smile and said, “How confident.”

“And those girls you were with won’t mind?” The drummer asked. “One of them was obviously pregnant. You’re not committed?”

“Not exactly. It’s a really long story.” I replied.

“It sounds like a story worth hearing.” The lead singer said.

The keyboardist pressed herself against me excitedly, “Yeah, I want to hear it.”

“Rather than spending all night telling you about it, I’ll just say that they have some weird kinks, and they really don’t mind if I fuck other girls. Actually, they kind of encourage it. As far as commitment goes, I think they’re committed to me, but not vice versa.”

“Damn,” the bassist said, “you’ve got those bitches tamed, don’t you? And for a sec I was wondering if she was even carrying your kid. You know, if you were open and everything.”

“Haha,” I laughed, “it’s definitely mine. After tonight I imagine her sisters are also going to be carrying my kids.”

“Goddamn.” the drummer said, surprised. “This guy doesn’t fuck around. Three sisters all wrapped around your finger. Now I’ve gotta see what you can do. From a safe distance of course.”

“You’re amazing!” The keyboardist trilled.

“All the more reason to get started.” The lead singer said as she started fishing around inside a bag on the floor. “Uh oh, I can’t find the condoms. Do you have any?” She asked me.

“Sorry, I don’t usually use condoms.” I said. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Gwen, Brianna, and Martha giving me a thumbs up from behind the rack.

“Poop.” The keyboardist pouted. “I can’t go bareback. It’s not safe for me today.”

“Same here, it’s my most dangerous day. I can’t ruin my perfect figure with a child. They have to be somewhere.” The lead singer said. Now the sisters were shaking their heads at me. I gave them the slightest of shrugs; it was not as if I could convince these girls to take such a risk with a complete stranger. The lead singer continued, “Where did they go? I could have sworn we had a bunch in here.”

The bassist gave the drummer a knowing look, which the lead singer and keyboardist quickly picked up on. All three stared silently at the drummer for a moment, making her blush as she tried to look away.

“Alright!” the drummer finally broke the silence. “I used them all.”

“But you almost never do it.” The keyboardist said, confused.

The bassist laughed, “She uses them to do things like turning door handles and pressing buttons on elevators. I even saw her trying to operate a can opener with condoms on her fingers.”

The drummer curled up, not meeting anyone’s eyes as she bashfully mumbled, “Those things are gross. I don’t know who else touched them.”

“You are such a germaphobe!” The lead singer complained.

“Do you know what gloves are?” The keyboardist asked, seemingly seriously.

“I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t think we would run out like this.” The drummer answered.

“Wait a second. I think I might have some.” The bassist said as she rifled through her purse. “I think they’re pretty old though. I’ve had these from before I broke up with my asshole ex.”

“From back then?” The lead singer sounded surprised. “Those must be ancient. And didn’t you say he was a shrimp dick?”

The bassist dug out a couple of condoms from her purse’s depths and examined the wrappers. “Oh god.” She sighed. “Yeah, they’re extra small.”

“Whatever, they’ll have to do.” The lead singer said as the bassist tossed her a condom. “Now let’s see what we’re working with. It was hard to get a good look at it from the stage.”

I offered no resistance as she unbuckled me and released my manhood. The entire band froze as the imposing mass came into view, its titanic proportions dwarfing anything they had ever dreamed of. It was classic cock shock.

“Oh my god,” the lead singer said faintly as she gave it a squeeze, “it isn’t even hard yet.”

I felt something drip on my arm. When I looked over, I found that the keyboardist was drooling. I pushed her head down so her drool would smear across my cock instead, helping lube it up as the lead singer started stroking.

“It’s like something out of a porn.” The bassist cooed softly.

“More like out of a monster movie.” The drummer opined.

The sexual tension that had previously suffused the room was growing into a palpable energy that crashed over everyone and magnetized their eyes towards my growing erection. The keyboardist started helping the lead singer stroke me, while the other two sat in their seats and rubbed their thighs suspiciously.

The lead singer gulped, “Holy shit. I think it’s at full mast now. Somehow, you’re a grower and a shower. Let’s see if this thing fits.” She unwrapped the condom before carefully rolling it around me. It managed to fit around the angry red tip, but it finished unfurling when only a tiny bit of the shaft covered. I kept my thoughts to myself, but it was quite uncomfortable to wear. The straining plastic squeezed hard against me and dug into my skin a little, but the pain was a small price to pay for such a rare opportunity. I was not about to pass on fucking a couple band members backstage after a concert.

“Well,” the bassist said, “it looks like it’s covering the important part. It just needs to catch his cum.”

“Yay!” The keyboardist said. “I’m first!”

“No! I’m first!” The lead singer argued. “It’s my turn after all.”

“Hmph, that’s not fair.” The keyboardist pouted.

“Okay, let’s flip for it. Heads or tails?” The lead singer produced a coin from her bag.

“Tails! It’s almost always tails!”

“Oops, looks like it’s heads this time.” The lead singer sang triumphantly. I was not paying close attention, but I was pretty sure the lead singer had not even flipped the coin in the first place. Regardless, the keyboardist frowned and moved aside as the lead singer shed her clothes and mounted me. Her chest was very flat, but her lithe, energetic body made her quite attractive, and I thought that bigger boobs might actually make her look less cute.

“I’ve never had anything close to this big, so I’m gonna be the one moving, ‘kay?” She said as she sat in my lap, facing me and grinding her slit against my shaft a few times. She lifted her petite body over mine and wrapped her deft fingers around my shoulders as her pussy lips kissed the broad tip of my scepter. “Alright, I can do this. I can do anything!” She trumpeted before splitting herself onto me.

“You okay?” I asked as she quivered around me.

“Mmmhmm.” She moaned as she brought her lips to mine.

“Damn, she never kisses anyone.” The bassist said.

“I’m kinda jealous.” The keyboardist mumbled.

The drummer tried to clarify, “The way you said that… it sounds like you’re jealous of him because he’s getting to kiss her? Did you mean that you’re jealous of her because she’s getting to go first?”

The keyboardist considered for a moment, then said, “Both.”

“You really are a loon.” The drummer laughed.

“But you’re our loon.” The bassist reassured her.

The keyboardist pulled my sleeve, “Don’t forget to do it with me after!”

“I could never forget about someone as cute as you!” I said, patting her head as she gave me a gratified smile.

“Hey,” the lead singer pouted, “don’t pay attention to her. You’re having sex with me right now!”

“Haha, you’re totally right. Here, I’ll focus all of my attention on you.” I said as I wrapped my hands around her slender hips, then I started bucking up and down as I piled into her forcefully.

“Ahhhhhh!” she cried. “I’m supposed to be the one in control. You’re just using me like some crusty old cock sleeve.”

“No way!” I said as I thrusted upwards unrelentingly. “You’re not a crusty old cock sleeve. You’re the best cock sleeve ever!”

“I think I’m falling in love with this guy.” The bassist chuckled.

“Just don’t get your juices anywhere near me.” The drummer said.

It felt amazing to watch the lead singer’s cockiness crumble as she squirmed on my cock. Her hands slipped from my shoulders, scrunching up my shirt as she pressed her clenched fingers into my chest. The strength in her shaking legs failed, leaving her at my mercy as I continued clasping her lean form and jackhammering her along my shaft. She whimpered as she brought her eyes to mine. For a moment I thought she might have really gotten angry because I seized control, but she surprised me by bringing her lips to mine again, this time with much more hunger and desire.

“I think you broke her.” The drummer joked.

“Don’t break me!” The keyboardist sounded concerned.

“I bet you’d like it.” The bassist said.

“Really?” The keyboardist asked.

“Oh yeah.” The bassist replied. “See, she’s loving it.”

“Okay!” The keyboardist grabbed my sleeve again. “When it’s my turn, please make sure to break me too!”

I broke the kiss and gave the keyboardist a gentle smile. “Of course. I would be happy to.” I said. She returned my smile tenfold.

“Mmmmm!” The lead singer groaned, clearly upset that I turned away from her for a moment but unable to articulate it. I brought my lips back to her greedy mouth, much to her satisfaction. Perhaps too much satisfaction, as a moment later her puffy pussy sprayed like a garden hose with a thumb over it.

“Fucking shit!” The drummer screamed.

“That must really feel incredible.” The bassist purred.

It made me happy to see my lover so enraptured. I was enjoying it too, but the condom, on top of being way too tight to the point of being painful, also dampened a bit of the sensation I was used to feeling. Speaking of dampened, as I moved my legs, I could feel that she had completely soaked my pants, the couch cushion, and especially my balls. I adjusted the angle of my thrusting a little so that my moist nuts slapped against her ass, causing meaty claps to echo around the room.

I felt a masculine rush come over me as my cum factories slapped her again and again, all while a total of six other girls watched in awe. Maybe even more; Martha may have been sending the video to Mom and Elizabeth. One of the girls watching even asked me to break her after I finished with this girl. All of the stimulation had me close as I continued pumping upwards.

“It’s so red and swollen now.” The bassist whispered. “I think he’s about to blow.”

“Yay! Hurry up so it’s my turn!” The keyboardist chimed.

“Look at his fucking balls…” The drummer started, watching my orbs smack against her friend’s rump.

“Mmhmm. See something you like?” The bassist replied.

“Ew, cum is fucking gross.” The drummer said. “But seriously, look at how fucking big they are.”

“So fucking big.” The bassist muttered softly, only half listening.

The drummer started sounding annoyed, “For real, I’m trying to say that I don’t think the condom is gonna hold all of his cum.”

“You think he should pull out?” The bassist asked. “If it does burst, I bet some will get on you.”

“On second thought, go ahead and keep it inside.” The drummer said with a worried expression.

“But if it stays inside,” the keyboardist started, “and it ends up breaking, then that means that it’s gonna make a baby.”

“You heard her.” The bassist addressed the lead singer. “Do you want him to pull out.”

Pressure built up within me as I used the petite girl as a fuck-doll, planning to cum inside in mere moments. Her mind was seemingly blank, overwhelmed with ecstasy, so she was in no condition to tell me to pull out. To my surprise, she broke our kiss and locked eyes with me.

“You’re wearing… hnng… a condom, right?” She asked, apparently too dazed to search her memory.

“Of course. You’re the one who put it on me.” I answered.

“Ahhh, then it’s okay… haaah, to do it… fwaah, inside…” She moaned.

“You heard her.” The bassist exhaled. “Give her what she wants.”

“This is such a bad idea.” The drummer muttered.

My pleasure crested as I blew my load, experiencing the unfamiliar feeling of cumming into a condom for the first time. My lover came too, spraying again as if to ensure the theater would need a new couch.

“God she is cumming hard.” The bassist observed. “Look at how much she’s twitching.”

“I wonder what it feels like.” The drummer breathed.

“Are you going to try it?” The bassist teased.

“No way!”

“But you can at least enjoy the show.”

“Yeah.” The drummer paused, then asked, “Are you gonna try it?”

“Maybe.” The bassist said with a wink, biting her lip.

“I thought you were done with men?”

“Also maybe. I’m still mulling it over. Certain recent events have caused me to have doubts.”

“How recent?”


The keyboardist pouted, “I’m next!”

“I’m not trying to cut in front of you, but you might need to give him a bit of a break. Jesus, his balls are still twitching. How much is he shooting?” The bassist watched intently as she continued. “Yeah, he’s going to need some time to churn up some more cum. You’ll need to be patient.”

“Awww.” The keyboardist groaned.

I was about to tell her not to worry and explain about my superhuman refractory period, but I got distracted as the squeezing pressure from the condom suddenly released.

“Uh oh.” I said.

The keyboardist, bassist, and drummer all asked, “What?” in unison, but their question was quickly answered as pearly white semen started overflowing from the lead singer’s snatch.

“Holy shit, that’s gonna be one hell of a creampie.” The drummer said, unable to take her eyes off seemingly endless stream of jizz flowing from the place where her friend and I were joined.

“He’s basting the shit out of her.” The bassist added, her hand moving suspiciously around her crotch.

“He’s making a baby in her!” The keyboardist said, seemingly excited.

“Oh fuck,” The lead singer finally found some words, “I can feel it gushing in so deep! It’s gonna get me pregnant! I’m gonna have a baby!”

“There are other options. You could…” The drummer was cut off by the lead singer.

“I don’t want to do anything like that. If this gets me pregnant, then I’m having a baby!”

“Well then I’d say you’re having a baby.” The bassist said. “I mean he’s literally stuffed you to the brim. If there’s a single egg anywhere up there then you’re a surefire mother.”

“I’m really gonna be… a mommy.” The lead singer whimpered as she gazed deeply into my eyes, then brought her lips to mine again.

“Is this gonna fuck up the band?” The drummer asked.

The bassist answered. “I’m sure we’ll need to cut back on stage time, but she should still be able to practice and perform while pregnant, at least for most of her pregnancy. It should be fine, I mean it’s not like we’re on tour.”

“I’m d-definitely still gonna p-perform!” The lead singer said shakily, still quivering from her almighty orgasm as my thick flow finally subsided. “I’m coming up with so many song ideas right now!”

The keyboardist cheered, “Yay! And maybe the baby can join the band too!”

“Sometimes I worry about you.” The drummer sighed.

“Look who finally finished cumming.” The bassist teased as the lead singer finally stopped squirming and collapsed on top of me.

“Thank you.” She breathed with a satisfied smile, nuzzling her face into my chest.

“My turn!” the keyboardist announced excitedly. “Move over!” She nudged the lead singer.

The lead singer nodded and tried to stand before panting, “I can’t… feel… my legs.”

“I can help.” The keyboardist said, grabbing her friend and pulling her off me, causing her to collapse sideways on the couch. An ocean of semen spilled from her puffy pussy, leaving a large splotch along the couch cushion.

“Holy shit what a load.” The drummer gasped.

“Yeah,” the bassist said, “she’s going to be pregnant alright. And that couch is going to be ruined.”

“Wait a second.” The drummer pointed. “Look, he’s still fucking hard!”

“What a monster.” The bassist cooed. “Are you sure you want to try riding that beast?” She asked the keyboardist. “He might break the condom again.”

The keyboardist considered for a moment, then said, “It’s fine. Just pull out instead of using a condom.”

“Don’t you think that’s risky?” The drummer asked.

“Eh, it’s probably no riskier than using a condom at this point.” The bassist answered for the keyboardist. “But his cock needs to be cleaned off first. It’s still covered in cum. I think there’s some paper towels over…”

Before the bassist could finish her sentence, the keyboardist slid off the couch and landed on her knees at my feet. With no hesitation, she started lapping at my manhood like it was a creamy popsicle.

“I guess that’s one way to do it.” The bassist laughed.

“The grossest way.” The drummer complained.

The keyboardist halted her ministrations for a moment to reply, “It’s not gross at all! It’s delicious! Wanna try some?” She stuck out her tongue to display a wad of thick goo, presenting it too the drummer.

“No way!” the drummer covered her face with her hands, but I could see her peeking through her fingers as she watched the keyboardist swallow my creamy cum. It looked like she was conflicted between disgust and arousal.

“Make sure to remove the condom.” The bassist said. The keyboardist peeled the broken condom off me, draping the slimy plastic over the lead singer’s face, who was too busy reeling from post-coital bliss to protest.

I covertly smiled at the girls hiding behind the coat rack, who were every bit as enthralled as the band members. Martha was still filming while Gwen seemed to be toying with Brianna from behind, who seemed to be doing her best to stay silent.

“All done!” the keyboardist decreed. “It was really good, and it smells really strong. My head is all woozy right now. I can’t wait anymore!” She used my knees to push herself away, landing on her back in the middle of the floor. She hooked her thumbs into her shorts, slipping them down her short legs, then flung off her top in a similar fashion. She pressed her fingers over her pussy lips, pulling them apart as she presented herself to me. “It’s okay with no protection. Just make sure you pull out.”

“Will do.” I said as I pushed myself off the couch and squatted down, lining myself up with her winking box. “But after I pull out, I hope you don’t mind if I cum all over you.”

“It’s okay,” she beamed, “I really like your cum. I hope you get it all over me!”

The bassist agreed, “Yeah, that would be really fun to watch.”

“Blech, watching that would make me gag.” The drummer complained.

The bassist laughed, “Speaking of things that would make you gag, looks like his cock is about to go in.”

My spongy red tip was pressed against the keyboardist’s sopping slot. I slowly ramped up the pressure, sinking between her folds to my lover’s delight as I cupped her modest mons in my hands.

“Haaaaan.” She moaned, squeezing her eyes shut.

The bassist moaned at the same time, then her face went red as she realized it was a lot louder than she realized.

“Fuck.” The drummer rolled her eyes. “Don’t tell me you’re actually gonna fuck him too.”

“You should.” The keyboardist groaned as bliss washed over her face. “It feels so good.”

The drummer sighed, “I think we need to stop singing his praises so much. It’s gonna go to his head.”

“So what?” The lead singer interjected as she came down from her haze. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s really annoying when guys are super cocky if they don’t actually have the skills to back it up, but this guy one-hundred percent deserves to have a big head. He rocked my world so fucking hard. The least I can do is make sure he knows it.”

“Ahhh, my pussy is tingling so much!” The keyboardist cried. “It’s so good! I can’t take it!”

“It really does look good.” The bassist mumbled, eyes fixed on my piston. “And that musky smell too, it’s like my nostrils are on fire. Are you really saying that it isn’t turning you on?” She addressed the drummer.

“It really isn’t. It’s fucking gross.” The drummer stammered. “And get that fucking condom off your face, it’s gonna make me sick.” She said to the lead singer, who was still collapsed on the couch, cum trailing from her pussy and the nasty condom unmoved from her serene face.

“I can’t. I don’t have the strength the move right now.” The lead singer responded, her arms weakly wiggling momentarily before resigning. “You’ll have to move it for me.”

“I’m am absolutely not touching that thing.” The drummer groaned.

“Whatever. It isn’t bothering me anyway.” The lead singer said, parting her lips and allowing some drips of cum to slide down into her mouth. “Wow, she wasn’t kidding, this is really yummy!”

“Ahhh,” the keyboardist gasped, “I told you it was… really good… I love it… I think I’m gonna… cum!” She writhed beneath me as I watched her cute o-face, pressure waxing around my bulging rod.

“I can’t take it anymore.” The bassist whispered. In a fast, fluid motion, she relieved herself of her leather pants and stood over her moaning friend. “I need you to put those cute lips of yours to use.”

“But,” the keyboardist grumbled meekly, “I’m in the middle of my turn.”

“Now now,” the bassist chided, “remember what we agreed?”

The keyboardist frowned, defeat etched into her cute face, “Anytime, anywhere.”

“That’s right.” The bassist said with a grin as she lowered her matted muff on her friend’s moaning mouth, facing me and giving me a sultry smile as we molested the keyboardist together. I did not know why the two had this arrangement, but I smiled back as I watched her grind hard against the keyboardist’s face.

Despite her previous protest, once the keyboardist’s upper lips met the bassist’s lower lips, she started slurping away with abandon, eager to please her fellow band member. The bassist began losing herself to the pleasure, her strength failing as she started slumping forward. I caught her in my arms, helping to keep her in place as the keyboardist continued to dig her tongue around the dripping honey-pot above, meanwhile her own pussy seized my raging member, attempting to milk me for all I was worth. Sadly for her, I was not quite ready to cum, but her tight twat was not quick to give up.

The drummer looked on with a wry expression, but her shallow breaths and twisting hips belied her attempt to seem uninterested. She even let out a little moan when the bassist weakly tilted her head up to meet my eyes, then pulled me in for a kiss.

“Such a slut, kissing him already.” The lead singer teased.

“Shut up,” The bassist broke the kiss momentarily, “you kissed him too.”

“Hmph, that’s just because he was fucking me so hard that it made me go crazy.”

“I think I’m going crazy too.” The bassist said before melting back into our kiss.

“I agwee, hesh mwaging me go inswane!” The keyboardist said, not bothering to remove her mouth from the bassist’s pussy.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full.” The drummer chided. “And I’m pretty sure you were already insane.”

“I think someone’s jealous.” The lead singer said playfully.

“I am not jealous.” The drummer said, more abashed than angry.

“Sure, I believe you.” The bassist said in a faux-mocking voice, breaking our kiss again. “And I’m… not… cumming!” She squirmed in my arms as the keyboardist slurped her steamy snatch from below.

“Geez, I’ve never seen her that eager to munch on your pussy.” The lead singer said.

“Yeah,” the bassist moaned, “she’s never stuck her tongue… ah… so fucking deep. Hah, I think she’s cumming again. And she’s already got me… ahhhh! Okay, let’s do it! Let’s cum together! Do it with me!”

The bassist buried her face in my chest as she wiggled wildly and wailed like a banshee. Below, the keyboardist’s pussy gushed as she continued to ravenously feast on bassist’s box, tangy cream running down her chin.

“Now they’re both cumming at the same time.” The lead singer said, intently watching her friends’ toe-curling orgasms. “What about you, stud? Gonna shoot soon?”

“I’ve got some time.” I replied.

“I’ll leave you to it.” The bassist panted, weakly lifting herself from the keyboardist’s face, leaving a string of saliva connecting their lips. She winked at me and pulled her shirt off to give me a view of her supple bosom. Unlike the first two girls, her tits were pretty nice in size, although she was easily eclipsed by the drummer’s still-concealed melons. “Enjoy the rest of your turn.”

“Okay.” The keyboardist breathed, looking longingly back at the bassist’s dripping pussy as she plopped back into her cushiony chair, catching her breath after her mind-blowing climax.

“Oh great, another mess.” The drummer sighed, eyeing the bassist’s juices staining the chair.

“Oops.” The bassist said. “I didn’t realize how much I was leaking.”

“Don’t worry about it.” The lead singer said. “That’s nothing compared to what he’s about to do.” She rubbed a hand across her tummy, “Look at how much spunk he packed in me. When he shoots outside, I bet it’s gonna go everywhere.”

“Shit, please don’t point that thing my way.” The drummer said. “I don’t want to be in the splash zone.”

“Nnnnn.” The keyboardist groaned, trying to cut in. “Don’t shoot it at her! I want it on me!”

“Sounds like someone really likes your cum.” The bassist giggled.

“I can’t blame her.” The lead singer said as she licked up a little more semen from the condom draped across her face. “And by the looks of it, I’d say he’s about to cum again.”

She was right, I grabbed the keyboardist’s legs and rutted hard into her smothering pussy, ramping up the tension in my nuts as I readied myself to pull out. The other girls watched my plunging member with rapt anticipation. The drummer turned her chair about, hiding behind the backrest with her eyes peeking over. I heard a suspicious wet noise emanating from behind her, but my attention was pulled away as the pressure inside me came to a head.

The girls were silent, watching with bated breath as I hammered animalistically into the reeling keyboardist, who seemed to be cumming multiple times as her eyes locked on mine, alight with need. Several gasps echoed from around the room as I ripped myself from her wavering hole, grunting through gritted teeth as cum erupted from my beastly meat. Pearly gobs of cum showered the quaking keyboardist, as she sprayed a shower of her own from her frothing folds.

“It’s like a firehose!” The bassist rasped, awe in her voice.

“It certainly felt like one.” The lead singer cooed.

“It’s way too much.” The drummer said shakily as my cum streaked across the keyboardist from her belly button up to her eyebrows, painting her with bold strokes as she shivered and shook on the floor, making some of the cum form a puddle beneath her. Disbelieving, the drummer said, “What the actual fuck?”

“Fucking amazing.” The bassist whispered.

“Such a strong smell.” The lead singer breathed. “It’s making my head spin. So… potent.”

“I think I’m jealous.” The bassist said, unblinking as she watched her friend get plastered.

“Even I’m jealous, and he just fucked me.” The lead singer said.

“I need a turn too.” The bassist said softly.

“Didn’t you just cum?” The lead singer quipped.

“Not with his cock.” The bassist replied.

“You’re all acting like skanks.” The drummer said.

“You’re one to talk. We can all hear your schlicking.” The lead singer shot back. The drummer dove her face behind the back of the chair, trying to hide her shame.

“No need to be embarrassed. You’re not the only one.” The lead singer said. I had not noticed, but both her and the bassist were fiddling their fingers around their mounds, absently pleasing themselves as the last of my ropes sputtered away.

“Holy shit. That’s a lot of fucking cum.” The bassist said.

“Did you finally finish big guy?” The lead singer asked. “I never imagined a one-man bukkake like this.”

“So… much… cum…” The keyboardist muttered, dabbing a hand over her chest and scooping up a glob of simmering semen. “Mmmmm.” She moaned as she sealed her lips around her fingers, suckling up the rich seed.

“God that was so much cum. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got knocked up through osmosis.” The lead singer joked.

“I doubt you even know what osmosis is.” The drummer sighed.

“Do too.” The lead singer huffed. “And quit hiding over there.”

For a moment I was afraid that the girls hiding behind the coat rack had been seen, but I realized that the lead singer was talking to the drummer, who had pulled out a coat and swaddled herself with it, only leaving her face exposed, eyes drinking in the scene.

My dick was mostly clean since I pulled out, but there was a bit of cum beaded around the tip which needed to be taken care of. I stood up, turning to the drummer, “Mind cleaning this off for me?” I asked as I approached her.

“N-n-n-no way!” She stuttered. “Don’t get that thing anywhere near me! There’s no way I’m going to…” Her voice cut off as I plugged her mouth with my pulsing manhood. Despite her words, she made no attempt to fight it, or even ignore it, instead sealing her lips around my spongy tip and twirling her tongue around, even daring to flick it against my urethra. She released the softest of moans as she tasted my salty seed.

“Look at the balls on this guy!” The lead singer cheered.

The bassist giggled, “I mean, we can all see how big they are, so it shouldn’t be a surprise. Still…” She paused, “How bold…”

“Do you like his cum?” The keyboardist asked, still tasting it and rubbing it into her body like sunscreen. “It’s so yummy and it makes me feel all tingly and hot inside.” The drummer offered no response, still busy tasting my tip for herself.

“He’s got us all wrapped around his finger.” The bassist said provocatively. “I think we’re going crazy.”

“Speaking of crazy,” the lead singer said, gazing down at the keyboardist, “how long are you planning on playing with his cum? I can’t believe how much you… wait a second. What the fuck are you doing?!”

Everyone turned to see why the lead singer freaked out. We saw the keyboardist licking up a slimy trail of cum with her left hand, while her right hand was jammed up her leaking pussy.

“Oh shit,” The bassist sounded worried, “did you have cum on your hand?”

“Mmhmm.” They keyboardist answered, scooping up more of my jism from her belly and stirring it inside her sweltering slit. “I’m trying to get it all over me.”

“You can’t do that! You’ll get pregnant too!” The lead singer screamed.

“I don’t think so.” The keyboardist said thoughtfully. “He didn’t cum inside.”

“You’re literally rubbing his cum inside you right now.” The drummer groaned, finally roused from her cock-sucking trance. “That’s what makes you pregnant.”

“But my book says only if he does it inside.” The keyboardist protested.

The lead singer slapped her palm against her face, trying to find the words to explain how stupid her friend was being. “His cum is what gets you pregnant. Whether he cums inside you directly, or you smear it inside yourself. How did you not know that?”

“So I’m going to get pregnant?” The keyboardist tried to clarify.

“Looks like it.” The bassist said. “Especially since you’re still rubbing it inside you.”

The keyboardist scrunched her face up for a moment, apparently deep in thought. Finally, she opened her eyes and announced, “It’s okay!” with no further elaboration.

“Just like that? You’re cool with having a baby?” The drummer asked, bewildered.

“Yep! I like him! He makes me feel all tingly and special inside. So it’s okay, if it’s his.” She seemed to have found an answer she was content with.

“I guess we’re about to have two pregnant band members.” The lead singer said, a little sadly. I thought maybe she wanted to be the only one.

“Hey.” The bassist called to me. “I’m surprised you’re even alive after shooting that much out, but I’m even more surprised that you still look ready and raring for another round.” She leaned back in her chair, spreading her legs and revealing her bushy pussy for me.

“I’m always ready.” I answered with a cocky grin as I approached her.

“Be sure to pull out.” The lead singer called our way. “And try not to rub it inside after he’s done. I can’t believe I have to say that.”

“Actually, I think we should use a condom.” The bassist said. “I would rather not worry about pulling out later.” She winked at me. “And I don’t think I’ll be able to help wrapping my legs around you.”

“Did you forget that the last condom broke, birdbrain?” The lead singer mocked.

“Seriously? Look at that load he just shot. And he shot another before it. I doubt he’s going to shoot that much on the third go.” The bassist answered, unwrapping one of the tiny condoms before gently caressing my member. “Hello there.” She spoke to it. “You’re going to make me feel really good, aren’t you? I’ll try to return the favor. Just let me put this on you first.” She said as she slid the condom around my pulsing tip.

“We really are going crazy.” The drummer sighed. “And that condom doesn’t fit any better than the first. God I can’t believe it’s that fucking big.”

The bassist finished unfurling the uncomfortable piece of protection, then leaned forward and gave the plastic clad tip a little peck. “Ready to make me scream?”

I dropped to the edge of the chair, clutching her legs and angling her hips into a suitable position. She gingerly wrapped her fingers around my diamond-hard slab and guided it towards her expectant pussy, drooling with anticipation. As her folds wreathed around me, she moaned like she was having an earth-shaking orgasm.

“Wow, it looks even bigger from here.” The keyboardist said. She was still on the floor, but she had her head tilted so she could watch from below as I sank into her friend.

“So fucking sexy.” The drummer mumbled.

“Still not taking a turn?” The lead singer teased.

“Shut up!” The drummer snapped, embarrassed to realize she had spoken out loud. “It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s not like he could go again after this. Three times with you three, plus he fucked those girls during the concert. He has to be at his limit.”

I shot her a glare. Pride, determination, and primal heat burned in my eyes as I bottomed out in the bassist’s fluttering hole. The drummer looked back at me with a hint of fear, but also intense desire, before she lost her nerve and broke eye contact.

“Fuuuuck!” The bassist cried. “It’s impossible to appreciate how big you are just by looking at you. Now that you’re splitting me in two, I feel like I can really tell how goddamn gargantuan your fuck-stick is.”

“If that’s what you think, just wait until he starts moving.” The lead singer said.

“I thought I was going to die for a second.” The keyboardist chimed happily.

“Really? That sounds kinda… hnng!” The bassist interrupted herself with a moan as I started drawing myself from her rippling hole. She looked a little sad for a moment, until I started pressing in again.

“It feels so good! I can’t believe anything feels this good!” She cried.

“I know, right?” The lead singer agreed. “It blew my fucking mind.”

“Can I have another turn later?” The keyboardist asked.

“Are you serious? I think it would make my head explode.” The lead singer said.

“That’s okay. If we can do it again then I don’t mind.” The keyboardist said. “Everyone says I don’t use my head anyway.”

“You still need it!” The lead singer said with concern.

The drummer interjected, “Hush you two, you’re ruining the show. Look, he just started getting into it. He’s pounding her so fucking hard.”

She was right, I had picked up the pace, treating the bassist’s twat to my practiced plunging. I had already found all her sweet spots, and was deftly defiling them with each thrust as she ground her hips against me.

“Can we…” The bassist tried to speak. “Ah… can we… kiss again?” Smiling, I brought my lips to hers, making her melt in her seat. Then I toyed with her, making her tense up with a bolt as I weaved my fingers around her little red clit and aggressively kneaded it like I owned it. Her switch flipped, her messy pussy clamping on my cock as she laced her arms and legs around my back, pulling me tightly against her as my piston reached a fever pitch.

“What a beast.” The lead singer cooed.

“I can’t believe he still has this much energy.” The keyboardist said. “I hope he doesn’t run out. I really want another turn.”

“It’s my turn after this.” The drummer said firmly.

“Oh, so you do want a turn?” The lead singer teased, making the drummer blush. “I thought you would never be honest with your feelings.”

“S-shut up!” The drummer stammered. “I just don’t want to be the only one left out.”

“Riiiiight…” The lead singer said sarcastically.

“But I don’t think she’s gonna let go.” The keyboardist observed.

“Good point, her arms and legs are wrapped around him really tight.” The lead singer agreed. “It looks like she’s trying to merge into his body or something. Like, become one with him.”

“Oh my god, is she cumming again?” the drummer asked in disbelief. “Didn’t she just cum?”

“She’s been cumming the whole time!” The keyboardist replied cheerfully.

The lead singer laughed, “Haha, she’s always talking about how guys only cum once and she never even cums at all. A man like this must be one of a kind.”

“Ahhhh!” The bassist cried. “There’s no way he’s a man! He’s some kind of… sex god!”

“Sex god, huh? That sounds like a good song name.” The lead singer said thoughtfully, then started softly humming to herself.

The keyboardist rubbed her chin, also deep in thought, before she rubbed her belly and spouted, “If he’s a sex god, does that mean our baby can be like Hercules?”

“I don’t know if you should have a baby before getting your IQ checked.” The drummer quipped. “And stop killing the mood. I’m trying to get into this.” Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the drummer had turned her chair back around and was openly masturbating, resigning any pretense of modestly.

“You are such a skank!” The lead singer teased.

“You’re literally doing the same thing.” The drummer retorted.

“Me too!” The keyboardist cheered. “We should all do this together sometimes!”

“But it’s so embarrassing.” The drummer said sheepishly, still rubbing her mound below.

“I think you look cute though.” The keyboardist said, making the drummer blush even deeper.

“I do not look cute!” The drummer snapped, halfway between angry and bashful.

“Not as cute as me!” The lead singer announced.

“Eeeeeeeep!” The bassist interrupted them with a squeal. “I feel it throbbing so much! Are you getting close? Are you getting ready to cum?”

I grunted an affirmative, wrapping my arms behind her neck and belted her pussy mercilessly, sending her sweet nectar flying from the place we were joined.

“He’s really rutting now.” The lead singer said, watching me bludgeon her convulsing friend as I neared my climax.

“And look at his balls! They look super full!” The keyboardist added.

“Oh god, is he gonna break this condom too?” The drummer asked, enthralled with the obscene show happening before her.

“No way, not after how much he’s already cum.” The lead singer answered.

“But his balls look just as full as before.” The keyboardist said.

“Yessssss!” The bassist hissed as I started twitching inside her. “Shoot it! Pump out your big fucking load!”

“Fuuuck.” The lead singer groaned. “I want another turn too.”

“So bad.” The keyboardist agreed.

“Not before me.” The drummer said breathily. “I’m gonna go crazy if I have to wait much longer.”

“Oh shit.” I cursed. “The way the condom is stretching… I think it’s about to break!” I courteously tried to pull away from the bassist, attempting to save her from an unwanted pregnancy. To my surprise, she kept her arms and legs bound tightly around me.

“Do it!” she screamed.

“What?” I asked, in unison with all the other girls.

“Break it! Break the condom! Knock me up! Breed me just like you bred them! And also those girls in the audience! Knock me the fuck up!”

I felt the plastic straining around me, then an immense release of pressure as the condom split open and the previously trapped cum rifled into her now-defenseless womb.

“Oh shit, there’s some cum leaking out!” The lead singer pointed out.

“He’s really doing it!” The drummer added.

“Congrats on the baby!” The keyboardist cried merrily. “I hope our babies can play together!”

“Yesssss! Our babies can play together as much as you want!” The bassist locked eyes with me. “Don’t make a liar out of me. You better make me pregnant!”

“Based on how much is pouring out, I think it’s safe to say that you’re stuffed.” The lead singer said.

“Wow, we can’t have that going to waste.” The keyboardist crawled along the floor in our direction, peeking her head up to watch the torrent of fluids leaking from my union with the bassist. I felt her soft lips press against my turgid cock as her tongue lashed about to gather the slurry of our combined cum until it slowed to a trickle.

“I’ve never felt so full.” The bassist moaned. “Or so satisfied.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” I whispered in her ear as I pulled out. I turned around and looked at the keyboardist, dangling my dick before her eyes. “Mind cleaning this for me?”

She smiled, cheerfully pulling the broken condom from it and draping it over her own face. Then her lips met my cum-covered cock as she started siphoning the sticky liquid as if it was ambrosia.

“Ahem.” The drummer cleared her throat, already naked and walking our way with her hefty funbags swaying about. “I’m sick of waiting. Let’s go! Now!” She walked up behind the keyboardist and grabbed my shoulders, pushing me down onto the chair behind me, which the bassist was still occupying. I was curious to see where this was going, so I offered no resistance, allowing her to sit me down and press into the seat, squeezing the bassist between my back and the back of the chair. She did not seem to mind, bringing her arms around my waist and nuzzling her face against my neck. The drummer turned around, facing away from me as she squatted down over my cock. The bassist even helped line me up with the moist pussy hovering above me.

“I’m not done cleaning it though!” The keyboardist pouted.

“I can’t wait anymore!” The drummer cried.

“But there’s still a bunch of cum on his cock.” The lead singer said. “He’s gonna get you pregnant if he sticks it in like that.”

“He’s already fucked a baby into the rest of you!” The drummer stared downwards at my messy pole, waiting to impale her. “I can’t help it! I’m a girl too!”

She slowly drifted downwards, allowing our genitals to mingle for a moment before she sank down on top of it. A shiver ran down her spine as her legs buckled, causing her to drop ever farther down my swollen manhood. She started falling forward, unable to support herself. I slipped my arms around her to make sure she stayed upright, preventing her from crushing the grateful keyboardist, who was still watching from below.

The drummer seemed less grateful, who started admonishing me, “Get your filthy hands off me! I don’t want a stranger to touch me!”

“But you want him to fuck you and knock you up?” The lead singer asked playfully.

“T-t-that’s different! He’s got me too fucking turned-on to think right, so I need him to fuck me. But I don’t need him to touch me, that’s why I turned around in the first place. I was afraid he might try to kiss me with his d-disgusting mouth.”

“His mouth is clean as a whistle, and he’s a great kisser.” The bassist cooed.

“I bet the real reason you turned around was because you didn’t want him to see all the cute faces you’re making.” The lead singer teased.

“N-n-no!” The drummer denied.

“I bet her face would get even cuter if you touched her boobies!” The keyboardist suggested.

The bassist started massaging my shoulders and grinding her pussy against me from behind. I felt her tongue against my ear as she hotly whispered, “Go ahead big boy. Touch her however you like. No matter what she says, I guarantee she wants it.”

Heat burned within me, centered on my loins. It was hot to hear the drummer’s friends encourage me to molest her, to break her mind and make her a quivering, cumming mess. How could I refuse?

“Hey!” the drummer spat as I snaked my hands upwards, taking a firm grim of her bouncing melons and rolling them in my hands. “D-don’t do that!” Her previously fierce voice started wavering. “I’m warning you!” She called as I toyed with her teats, affectionately teasing her sensitive nubs. “If you don’t stop…” she whimpered, pausing as I started kissing and licking across her neck and back. I could feel her pussy pulsing around me, egging me on as I got more aggressive with my ministrations. “If you don’t stop… I swear to god… I’m gonna fucking… I’m gonna… fucking… cum!”

The drummer released a fragrant spray of sweet pussy juices, splashing against the keyboardist’s condom-clad face as she watched from below. “It’s yummy!” She announced as she leaned forward, licking and sucking at the place where the drummer and I were joined.

“No… it’s dirty… don’t do that…” The drummer panted meekly, failing to dissuade the keyboardist from lapping merrily at our genitals as they pounded against one another.

“That looks kinda fun.” The lead singer mumbled to herself, watching the keyboardist go to town. She slowly slipped from her couch, creeping along the floor before edging her way beside the keyboardist. I felt her tongue against my flesh, at first hesitantly, but then hungrily, as she and the keyboardist kissed and savored my cock, balls, the drummer’s outer folds, and her cute little clit.

I found myself sitting on a chair, groping and fucking a girl from behind. Another girl was squeezed behind me, massaging me and kissing me while grinding her cunt needily into my lower back. On the floor in front of us, two more girls were on their knees, sticky used condoms still glued to their faces as they serviced my hefty rod. They were eager to watch it explode and impregnate their friend, the last member of the band to be bred.

“So yummy.” The keyboardist whispered.

“And musky.” The lead singer breathed.

“And powerful.” The bassist cooed.

“I fucking love it!” The drummer cried.

“Are you ready to get pregnant?” the lead singer asked. “Just like the rest of us? Fuck, we’re all gonna be pregnant at the same time.”

“And we’ll all be showing at the same time.” The bassist added. “Imagine us performing with big baby-filled bellies.”

The lead singer sounded excited as she replied, “Fuck yessss. While singing the song about how we ended up like this.”

“I don’t know if we should say that we had a fivesome with one guy and let him knock all of us up.” The bassist said. “It will make every man in the audience jealous as hell.”

“If we tell the story right, it will make the girls even more jealous.” The lead singer giggled.

“But it’ll be the best song we’ve ever made.” The keyboardist said. “We have to sing it.”

“No, I don’t want anyone hearing about this!” The drummer protested. “It’s way too embarrassing.”

“Aww.” The lead singer pretended to pout. “But I was looking forward to singing about how much you bucked on top of him, begging him to breed you. And how you asked him for twins, then triplets, then as many babies as possible. How much you want him to dominate your submissive little womb. How you would be willing to give up your entire career to be his breeding sow, just because he makes you feel so fucking good.”

“I never said that stuff!” The drummer cried.

“Then get started.” The lead singer commanded.

The drummer whimpered, squirming uncomfortably on top of me, apparently trying to decide whether or not to throw away the rest of her pride and start begging like she was told.

The bassist whispered in my ear, “I hope she does it. It would be so fucking sexy to hear her beg like that. Fuck, I think it might make me cum again.”

“We’re all waiting.” The lead singer said impatiently.

“Yeah, just be honest with yourself.” The keyboardist added.

“B-but none of you had to say anything that embarrassing.” The drummer stammered.

The lead singer slowly rose from her knees, coming face-to-face with the drummer. The drummer tensed up as her friend parted her lips and closed her eyes, leaning forward with the disgusting used condom still on her face. The drummer’s tits trembled in my hands, her pussy seized on my dick, then she resigned, melting into the kiss. The lead singer snowballed the juices she had collected from below over to the drummer, who was no longer concerned with cleanliness as she greedily traded with her tongue. The lead singer ground her still-leaking pussy on the head of the keyboardist below, who did not seem to mind, still tending to the plowing dick and receiving pussy before her. The bassist even joined in, snaking her hands around to join mine on the drummer’s tits. Caught up in the sensory overload, the drummer started cumming hard around my cock, moaning hoarsely into the lead singer’s mouth as her juices spattered into the face of the keyboardist again.

As the drummer started calming down, the lead singer broke their kiss, leaving a trail of salvia between their lips. The drummer gazed into her eyes as the lead singer whispered, “Ready now?” The drummer weakly nodded, so the lead singer returned a smile. “Then let’s hear it.”

“Please knock me up.” the drummer said softy, trying to find her voice after her orgasm.

“You already said that at the beginning.” The lead singer complained. “I want to hear the really pervy shit.”

The drummer hesitated, then started, “Please, it feels so good. I need to feel you breed me. I need to feel you pump a thick batch of hot jizz deep inside. I need it so much! I need your cum so fucking much! I want you to breed me like a bitch! I want your little cumlings to find so many eggs inside my submissive little bitch womb! Claim them and make as many babies as possible! Four… eight… fucking fifty! Make my belly swell with your seed! Make me a breeding sow who exists exclusively to drain your cum and pump out babies! Even if I have to quit the band! Even if you claim the other girls too and make us part of your poly-harem-fuckdolls! I’ll put on a collar like a dog for you! Or if you’re gonna turn me into a big fat breeding sow, maybe you should brand me instead! You can do whatever you want to me! You own my womb! You own my mind! You own every single shred of me! Now give me the only thing I want and knock me the fuck up!”

“Heh, that might have been a little much.” The lead singer mumbled.

I paid her no mind, the speech had gotten my balls buzzing, ready to spread my ripe seed into the drummer who was begging so sincerely for it. I could feel her cumming around my cock again, climaxing from revealing such primal desires. I ripped my arms from the drummer’s tits, shoving the lead singer and keyboardist to the side. I seized the drummer’s shoulders and forced her downwards, keeping my cock locked in her writhing pussy as I pushed her face into the floor. She rubbed it into the cum puddle left from the keyboardist, no semblance of dignity remaining, reveling in the white-hot cream she craved. I drilled her from behind, getting ready to baste her wanton womb while her friends watched.

“I can feel it!” The drummer screamed as I started shooting.

“Fuck, he’s really breeding everyone.” The bassist rasped. “So fucking hot.”

“I’m glad!” The keyboardist chimed. “It would be scary to be a mommy alone, but now we can all be mommies together!”

“Just watching it is making my womb throb.” The lead singer said. “Shit, I really want another turn.”

“Me too!” The keyboardist agreed.

“Same here.” The bassist breathed.

“Yes please!” The drummer cried as my cum continued to pour inside her. “Please tell me you can go again after this!”

“After all, how can we be sure it takes if we don’t get a second dose?” The bassist asked.

“Damn, you really want to get knocked up.” The lead singer said.

“I’ve never been this turned-on in my life.” The bassist replied.

The lead singer paused for a moment, then admitted, “Same here.”

“Yay!” The keyboardist cheered.

“So stud, do you think you can go four more times?” The bassist asked me.

The lead singer smirked, then said, “I would think that’s a ridiculous question. But based on what I’ve seen tonight, I don’t think guy ever runs out of steam.”

As my climax came to an end, I felt a strong ache in my balls. It was probably time to call it quits, but I did not want to disappoint the girls, so I answered honestly. “Sorry girls, I don’t think I can go four more times. I think I can manage one more.”

“Then it’ll be me!” The lead singer announced.

“No way!” The keyboardist huffed. “It’s not like you’re the band leader or anything.”

“So you think it should be you?” The lead singer shot back. “You’re all covered in cum. I doubt he would even want to touch you.”

“You still have some cum on your face from the condom. I doubt he wants to get near you either.” The bassist argued. “And he kissed me like we were falling in love.”

“He kissed me too!” The lead singer snapped.

“Not like he kissed me!” The bassist hissed.

“I didn’t get a kiss! It should be me!” The keyboardist shouted.

Aside from the drummer, who was still splayed face-first on the floor in post orgasmic bliss, the girls continued to loudly bicker, arguing over who should get a second turn. I was starting to get annoyed that they did not even ask for my opinion, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

“Huh?” The bassist gasped in surprise as I grabbed her from behind and picked her up. “You’re picking me?” She asked as I moved her, putting her where I wanted her. She was lying face down on top of the drummer, who herself was face down lying on the floor. I made sure to line up their still dripping pussies from behind.

The girls all seemed confused as I moved towards the keyboardist, but their faces lit up as put her in place, lying face-down on the back of the bassist, as they realized what I had planned.

“You’re doing…” The lead singer started as I picked her up. “You’re really doing… everyone at once?” she asked as I placed her right on top, again face-down over the keyboardist. I made sure their hips were aligned as I drank in the sight before me.

All four band members were stacked up, piled over the drummer below, with their glistening pussies drooling before me.

“I guess it’s okay if we share the last turn.” The lead singer mumbled.

“Yay! We all get to go together!” The keyboardist cheered.

“Looks like we got caught up fighting about who would go next, and forgot that, at the end of the day, we’re here for his pleasure.” The bassist giggled.

“Sounds good. Go ahead and use me for your… ahhhhhhhhhhh!” The drummer started, before getting interrupted by my dick plunging into her sloppy hole.

“Even though he isn’t fucking me, I can still feel the pressure of him pounding from behind.” The bassist cooed. “So powerful. I think I might… ohhhh!” She too was cut-off when I switched to her, cramming myself inside from behind my stack of lovers.

“It isn’t in me, but I can still feel it behind me, slapping down there. Just from this, it could make me… haaaaaaa!” The keyboardist mewled as I switched again. I was nice to see them enjoying my thrusting even when they were not the direct receiver.

“I can see what you mean. Just hearing that erotic slapping back there, and feeling his impacts ripple up here. It’s enough to make me… eeeeep!” The lead singer squealed when I finally reached her. Just from sticking it in, I had her cumming her brains out. Her body shook from the pleasure as her female cream trickled down the stack, joining the streams pouring from the other girls’ pussies as it poured down to the floor.

The bassist whispered in the drummer’s ear, “Feel our pussy juice running down your slit? What do you think of that? Grossed out?”

“I think it’s gonna make me fucking cum just from feeling it.” The drummer gasped, fighting an oncoming orgasm. I ended the battle for her, dropping myself to the bottom of the pile and plunging inside her, making her gush around me. “Oh fuuuuuck!”

“It’s making me… too!” The bassist cried as she started to climax as well, just from feeling me plunge into her friend below.

“How does it feel this good?” The lead singer panted as she recovered from her orgasm.

“Don’t think about it! Just feel good!” The keyboardist advised. I moved to her, since she was the only one who had not cum yet. Within seconds, I had her climaxing with a cry, “Make me feel goooood!”

“I don’t think my brain was wired to feel this good. I think I’m turning into a dirty slut.” The drummer said.

“You were always a dirty slut. You just finally realiiiiiiiized!” The bassist moaned as I switched to her, the keyboardist twitching above her.

“I wasn’t a slut.” The drummer weakly protested.

“Were too.” The lead singer teased, still trying to catch her breath. “We all were. We just needed someone to awaken it.”

“It sure is awake now!” The bassist cried as I continued to hammer her from behind.

“It’s okay to be a slut if it feels this good.” The keyboardist murmured.

“I can’t believe I’m letting him dominate me like thiiiiiiiiiiis!” The lead singer screeched when I switched to her. “He just does what he wants with me. I never thought I would like getting claimed.”

“I feel the same.” The bassist panted. “I thought I was done with men, then he comes along and makes we want to get knocked up with his kid. Fuck, I wonder how long it’ll take to wash all this cum off.” The bassist considered as the cum covering the keyboardist oozed downwards onto her.

“I don’t think I want to wash it off.” The drummer mumbled in a daze. “It’s making my skin tingle. But it doesn’t feel nearly as good as the cum he poured in me. I’m so fucking pregnant right now.”

“Didn’t you used to think babies were gross?” The bassist teased.

“Not his babies.” The drummer replied weakly.

“I can’t wait to have our babieeeeeeeeees!” The keyboardist yelped as I slipped inside her.

“I can’t believe we’re all going to have our babies at the same time. How are we going to explain it to our fans?” The bassist asked.

“Don’t worry about it!” The keyboardist insisted as I pummeled her furiously. “Just keep letting me feel good!”

“I think we should tell them exactly what happened.” The lead singer panted. “Every. Last. Detail.”

“Not changing your mind on that, huh.” The bassist replied.

“Well, I guess if we’ve got to make a song about this, we might as well make it good.” The drummer mused. “Make sure there’s a part about how it feels when he makes you cuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!” The drummer moaned as I dropped all the way down and skillfully drilled her waiting hole.

“Oh fuck, I’m feeling it too.” The bassist groaned. “Are you going to make me cum again without even touching me?”

“Do it!” The keyboardist said excitedly. “I love feeling you squirm beneath me! It makes me squirm too!”

“He’s making all of you wiggle so much, I think I’m about to fall off.” The lead singer said weakly. She was not lying, wobbling on the top of the pile. I grabbed her hips to make sure she stayed in place as my cock continued to batter the drummer below.

“So fucking big. So fucking hot. So fucking amazing.” The drummer mumbled a soft chant in a daze. As her climax waned, the bassist’s and keyboardist’s were just getting started.

“Fuck it’s happening again! He’s not touching me, but I’m cumming!” The bassist cried.

“Me too! From all the way down there… I can feel his… making me… ehhhhhh!” The keyboardist breathed.

I switched back to the lead singer on top, since she was the only one who was not cumming. In no time, the petite girl shook violently as I reamed her pouring pussy. Her shaking got so intense that it felt like she was vibrating, and I had to hold her firmly to keep her from falling.

“Fucking shit!” The bassist moaned. “I can’t tell if it feels better from above or below.”

“I can feel him from all the way up there.” The drummer panted. “It’s like we’re a Newton’s cradle.”

“Hyaaaaa!” The keyboardist shouted. “It’s making everything go white! He’s really gonna break me!”

“He’s not even inside you!” The lead singer groaned. “But he’s for sure about to break me! I’m… fucking… splitting… in… two!”

“God I hope he does that to me.” The bassist breathed. “I want to fucking break tooooooooooo!” She cried as I switched to her.

“Fuuuuuck.” The drummer moaned. “I can feel him pulsing inside you. I think he’s close.”

“Please fill me up!” The keyboardist hollered.

“Fill me up so much that I burst.” The lead singer said hoarsely.

“Blast my womb with your fucking stud cum!” The bassist called as her pussy seized around me. “Fill up my fuck-hole like you own it!”

“Yes!” the keyboardist agreed.

“Fuck yeah, make my pussy your property!” The drummer yelled.

I was at my limit, so I ripped myself from the bassist’s frothing slit and aligned myself with the drummer’s hole one more time.

“Fucking breed the whole band!” The drummer shouted as I started pumping my last load of the night straight through her cervix. “Fuck this is the best! I love your cock! I love your cum!”

I moved up to the bassist, shooting several thick wads of cum deep inside her, much to her delight. She cried, “Make sure to knock us all up! I don’t care what the fans think! Just make us all mothers!”

The keyboardist took the next torrent of my seed, wailing like a banshee as her tight walls spasmed around me. “I’m breaking! I’m gonna be a broken mommy! I’m gonna be a naughty mommy who can only think about this big yummy cock!”

Finally, I entered the lead singer again, inflating her womb with my potent semen. She started overflowing quickly, causing the excess cum to pour down the line of slits stacked before me. As it joined with the streams of cum leaking from the others, a cum waterfall painted the line of slits before pooling on the floor.

“This… is… perfect…” The lead singer panted.

“I’m never going to forget this feeling.” The bassist whimpered.

“I hope I have a hundred babies.” The drummer breathed.

“I would say that’s impossible,” The bassist started, “but after tonight, I think anything is possible.”

“As long as this big fucking dick is involved.” The lead singer said, finding her voice as her pussy started calming down.

“I feel so good right now.” The keyboardist said. “I feel, like, complete. I can’t wait to have my baby. The only reason I even want to perform now is so we can sing about this.”

“Then let’s make sure we write an amazing song.” The lead singer said as I pulled out and admired my handiwork.

The cum oozing down their stacked pussies gave me such a feeling of conquest. Fucking each girl individually was hot enough on its own, but seeing them like that; it made me feel like I had claimed the band as a whole. I walked around the quivering pile of female flesh to meet their eyes. They just gave me weak, albeit very satisfied, smiles.

I knelt down in front of them, bringing my cum-drenched member to their faces. The girls were certainly tired, but despite that, they offered no resistance. Rather, they eagerly lapped at me, the drummer focusing on my balls, the bassist and keyboardist sharing my shaft, and the lead singer slurping at my large tip. They diligently cleaned my cock over the next couple minutes as I gradually softened.

“Thanks again for inviting me to hang out. I had a great time!” I told the girls as I pulled myself away and put my clothes on. They were reluctant to stop sucking, but also seemed glad for the chance to rest, until I asked, “Before you fall asleep together, I was wondering if you might sign some autographs for me.”

“Can’t… move…” The lead singer said lethargically.

“If you think you can’t move, how do you think I feel?” The drummer grumbled from the bottom of the pile.

“Just bring it over here and I’ll sign it.” The keyboardist murmured.

“Shit, I just realized I didn’t bring anything to sign. Let me see if…” I trailed off, trying to sneak towards Gwen, Brianna, and Martha, who were still hiding in the room.

“Just grab some merch.” The bassist pointed weakly at a pile of boxes in the corner. “There’s some signing shit on the makeup desk over there.”

I brought the girls some pens and markers, then started looking through the merch. “I wonder what they would want.” I pretended to ask myself while looking at the coat rack for an answer.

“Take all you want.” The lead singer said softly, before I got any suggestion from the girls in hiding.

“You were with three girls, right? Take three of everything.” The drummer agreed.

“Or four. You’ll want some for yourself too.” The bassist suggested.

“I would feel bad about taking too much.” I replied.

“Do it. We owe you.” The keyboardist said.

“For what?” I asked. I had no idea what they could possibly owe me for.

“Seriously?” The bassist sniggered. “You seriously don’t know? You just rocked our entire fucking universe. All four of us. We’re going to make some badass songs because of this.”

“So take all the merch you can carry.” The lead singer said. “Hell, you can even take the clothes I was wearing if you want.”

“I’m good.” I laughed. “But if you insist, I’ll take four each of these shirts and hats, and I guess these too…” I carefully collected the various articles of merch before bringing them to the pile of exhausted band members.

They each signed every item I presented, and asked me which items I planned to keep for myself. On those, they wrote various little notes to thank me, wish me luck, and stroke my ego. Their signatures looked a little shaky since their hands were still trembling, but I felt like that made them more personalized, so I was satisfied.

They finished signing just in time, as the lead singer and drummer seemed to be drifting off into a blissful slumber. Not a moment too soon either, as the need to pee had been building up within me for a good while, and it was quickly becoming urgent. I asked the band, “When I was walking by earlier, I noticed the restroom in the hallway was closed. Is there a different restroom I can use on my way out?”

“How do you still have fluids in you?” The bassist asked sarcastically.

“The restroom in the hall has not been working since forever.” The keyboardist said. “You have to use the ones up front, where the customers come in.”

“I don’t think those are open either.” The bassist said. “Remember, management closes off the front when they leave.”

“Can’t I just go through the auditorium?” I asked.

“They lock that up right after the guests leave.” The bassist replied. “You can get into the auditorium from here, but the doors to the front area are all locked. The building is older than dirt, so the doors aren’t even designed to open outwards when they’re locked.”

“Isn’t that a fire hazard?” I asked.

“This building has more fire hazards than guests nowadays.” The bassist answered.

“Shit, I need to pee too.” The drummer softly complained, still half in a daze.

“I was about to say the same thing.” The lead singer added, equally out of it.

“Same.” The keyboardist chimed.

“I can’t believe we stayed this late.” The drummer went on.

“Well, he did fuck us five times.” The bassist said.

“I guess it doesn’t matter if we don’t have an open bathroom.” The keyboardist said. “We can’t stand up anyway. I don’t think I’ll be able to feel my legs for a week.”

“Make that a month for me. Maybe we could use a bottle.” The lead singer suggested, apparently resigned to being stuck in the pile.

“It’s okay, I’ve already figured out what we’re going to do.” The bassist said with a naughty voice. “We’re just going to pee right here.”

“What?!” The drummer gave a frightened cry.

“Are you out of your mind?” The lead singer sounded shocked.

“It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while.” The bassist said.

“It sounds dirty, but it also sounds fun! I want to try too!” The keyboardist announced.

“And our baby daddy here can relieve himself along with us.” The bassist giggled. “Just aim it wherever you want.”

“No way.” The lead singer mumbled. Completely out of energy, she could not muster a less pitiful protest.

“Please don’t. It’s way too gross.” The drummer’s plea was sluggish as well.

“It’s okay, just aim it at me!” The keyboardist said with a bright smile.

The bassist laughed, “It’s still going to get on everyone else silly.” She winked at me and said, “Don’t worry about them. They’re totally out of it. Give your bladder some release.”

“Seriously, just find a bottle so we can…” The drummer started, but she abruptly cut herself off as her face went red. “Fuck, I can’t hold it much longer.”

“Me neither.” The lead singer looked equally abashed as she groaned. “Please don’t look at me.”

I walked behind the pile, gazing upon the drying cum oozing down their line of pussies as I pulled my manhood out once again. I felt bad about doing it, but I felt like my bladder was about to burst, and I had an invitation after all.

A solid stream of golden liquid shot from my member and forcefully spattered against the lead singer’s pussy, eliciting an “Eep!” from her before it trickled down the line of pussies, mingling with the cum and juices down the line before forming a pungent puddle on the floor. The stimulation broke the dam within the lead singer, as she started leaking too, adding to the cascade of hot piss pouring downwards. At first, her waist tensed up as she tried to hold it, but then she let out a satisfied sigh and relaxed as she got her relief.

“Me too!” The keyboardist exclaimed, releasing her own reservoir into the river.

“Fuck yessssssss.” The bassist hissed as the river of combined piss streamed along her pussy. “This is even better than I imagined.” She joined in, adding another source to the flowing river.

“It’s so disgusting.” The drummer whimpered. “I’m in a puddle of piss. And it keeps getting bigger.” Unable to hold it any longer, she started spilling pee directly into the growing puddle.

I was enthralled watching the four girls produce a waterfall of pee down their stack of snatches, until the bassist panted, “Try to get it all over us.”

“Yay! Pee all over me!” The keyboardist agreed.

To my surprise, the lead singer moaned. “You already claimed my womb. Go ahead and mark my entire body as yours.”

“Hnnng.” The drummer tried to speak, but was having problems getting the words out. “Disgusting… so disgusting… why is it… turning me on so much?”

I re-aimed my cock, arcing it upwards a little so the stream poured on the lead singer’s back. The briny fluid spread out and spilled over to the others, leaving golden streaks as it drizzled downward. The girls started making all kinds of indecent noises as the hot liquid adorned their skin.

The pressure was easing up in my bladder, so I decided to finish strong. Carefully keeping my cock aimed at the pile of band members, I slowly stepped around the golden puddle in a half circle until I was face-to-face with them again.

“Yes!” The bassist panted shamelessly as she realized what was about to happen. I started spraying their faces with my salty stream, moving my dick up and down to blast them all at the same time. “Amazing! I’m about to cum just from getting pissed on! I can still feel the pee pouring on my pussy from above too! It feels so good for everyone to relieve themselves together! Piss in my mouth! I want to get a good taste of it!”

I stopped moving my dick, instead aiming directly for the bassist’s parted lips and outstretched tongue. She quivered as the tangy liquid filled her mouth, desperately trying to swallow as much as she could.

“I want to try it too.” The keyboardist said, seeing how much the bassist was loving it. I directed the stream at her willing mouth, letting her savor my waste-water.

The lead singer looked me directly in the eyes and said, “You’ve claimed my pussy, and then my body. You might as well claim my mouth too.” She gave me a perverse smile as she whispered, “If you claim my mouth, then you’ve basically claimed the voice of the band. Every song is going to be dedicated to you from here on out.” I gave her what she wanted, bringing my stream to her lips and marking her mouth as my property.

Before running out completely, I looked down at the drummer to see if she wanted a turn, though I did not think it was likely. To my astonishment, the drummer not only wanted a taste, but apparently, she could not wait for her turn. The former germaphobe had fallen to disgusting depths, lapping away at the puddle of urine on the floor to satiate her depraved thirst.

It was nasty.

My stream finally died down, so I zipped myself up and moved to collect the autographed merchandise I had set aside earlier. Thankfully, it was unsoiled by our last bit of fun.

“Thanks again for the fun night!” I said as started towards the door.

“Thank you for claiming me.” The lead singer panted.

“Thank you for making me feel good.” The keyboardist chimed.

“Thank you for breeding me.” The bassist moaned.

“Thank you for turning me into a dirty slut.” The drummer said with a shiver.

Gwen, Brianna, and Martha slipped out of the room behind me. We crept out of the building before they finally broke their silence, giving me a tight group hug.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!” Gwen trilled.

“Seriously, you blew their minds!” Martha agreed.

“I can’t believe you fucked my favorite band and I got to watch it! Their moans were so awesome! And you even peed on them! I didn’t think it would be fun to watch, but I kinda…” Brianna cut herself off, blushing.

“You want to try it, don’t you?” Martha teased.

“I want to try all kinds of things after a night like this.” Gwen mused.

“Yeah, it was crazy. Let’s get back to the hotel room. I’m pretty tired.” I said.

“I would imagine. You came five times with them.” Gwen smirked.

“And you fucked us before. Twice! During the concert and at the mall.” Martha added. “Wait a minute, you came twice at the mall today. How many times have you cum?!”

Brianna started doing the math, “I guess that would make it… eight! Oh my goodness!”

“Actually,” I corrected her. “I think it was fourteen.” The sisters looked at me in disbelief, then started laughing together.

“Insatiable.” Gwen said in a sultry tone.

“I think I’m completely sated.” I responded. “In fact, I think my balls are about to fall off.” The girls laughed again as we reached the hotel. “Oh shit, I hope Mom and Lizzy aren’t worried about us.”

“It’s fine.” Martha said, shaking her phone to bring my attention to it. “They know all about what we’ve been up to. They can’t wait to watch the video.”

We arrived at our room, Martha unlocking the door as she and Gwen slipped inside. I moved to follow them, but Brianna grabbed my arm from behind just as I got my foot in the door.

“Ray, uh…” she started sheepishly, face deeply red. “I just wanted to say… thank you… for tonight.”

I put my hands on her shoulders and said, “I’m just glad you enjoyed it.” She flashed me a bright smile, then hugged me tightly and gave me a quick kiss, then we joined the others in the hotel room.

Mom and Elizabeth were sleeping, so we quietly washed up and slipped in beside them. All six of us slept together that night.

The next morning, on the last day of our vacation, I awoke to find two unexpected things. First, I was alone. Second, it was not morning. It was almost four in the afternoon, and I had slept the entire day away due to my exhaustion from yesterday. It was sad to wake up by myself, but I could not blame the girls for wanting to enjoy their last day of vacation rather than spending all day in the hotel room.

I checked my phone, and sure enough Elizabeth had sent me a text message to tell me they had gone out together. She said to make sure to be back in the hotel room by eight to watch the sunset, and the fireworks afterwards. I responded, asking if she wanted to hang out before then. She replied to say that they were having a ‘girls day’, so they would all be busy until eight.

Loneliness set it as I washed up and ambled to the beach by myself. I started to wonder if they were mad at me for some reason. I understood why they did not wait around all day for me to wake up, but I thought it was bizarre that not a single one of them wanted to meet up now that they knew I was awake. Why did it feel like they were avoiding me?

I hung out at the beach by myself for a few couple of hours before heading to a restaurant to grab dinner. It felt weird to eat alone like that, surrounded by conversation and laughter from others. I reflected on what I might have done wrong. Obviously, I was sleeping around, but they always encouraged it. Hell, sometimes it even felt like they were forcing me to do it. Maybe they were mad because I slept in and wasted the last day of our vacation, but I felt like it should be understandable because I was exhausted. I could not remember saying anything untoward to any of them, or doing anything that would annoy them. Were they just getting bored of me?

After I finished my meal, I aimlessly wandered around the area. I was hoping I would run into any of them, but to no avail. I solemnly sat on a bench as the evening dragged on, my heart heavy, until the time came to return to the hotel room. The last rays of sunlight were decaying with every step I took, the sun sinking like the pit in my stomach.

I arrived at the hotel and the ascent to the top floor felt like the longest walk of my life. I took a deep breath as I walked through the door, calling, “Hello?”, in an unsure voice. No reply came. It was already past eight. Even though the girls were probably just late, a sick feeling started to wash over me. I slowly walked into the room, intending to lay down on the bed, when I noticed some movement on the balcony.

“Surprise!” five voices called through the glass door. From left to right, Elizabeth, Mom, Gwen, Brianna, and Martha were all lined up and leaning over the railing, presenting their exposed pussies in my direction as they beamed seductive smiles.

I shuffled out onto the balcony, uncomprehending of the situation since I had convinced myself that I had somehow fucked everything up. “I thought you were avoiding me.” I murmured.

“We were avoiding you silly!” Elizabeth giggled. “We wanted to share the last evening with you like this, but you almost died of a sex overdose yesterday.”

“If we had been around you today, there’s no way we could have restrained ourselves.” Mom continued. “We plan to have fun all night, and if we had worn you out during the day too, you would have shriveled into a dried-up husk.”

“Even you need a little time to rest. Even if it’s just a few hours.” Gwen said.

“But sorry if you thought we were mad. I knew we should have explained better.” Brianna added.

“I’ll say! The look on his face when he opened the curtain; I bet he was moping around for hours.” Martha laughed. “I never thought I’d see you act like that. You’re always so confident and strong.”

My emotions turned on a dime, dejection instantly turning to delight. I should have known that they would not abandon me like that, especially my sister. I subtly wiped a tear from my eye, keeping my voice steady as I said, “Alright ladies, let’s enjoy the sunset together.”

“Where are you going to start, big bro?” Elizabeth asked seductively, wiggling her supple tush at me.

“Right where it all started.” I replied, lining myself up behind her. “With you.”

Thankfully, the sight of five pussies lined up and glistening already had me hard, so I had no trouble spearing deep inside my sister, who groaned, “Yes! Right there! Good choice!”

“I knew I should have been on the left.” Martha joked.

“I don’t think he picked her because she was on the left.” Gwen quipped back.

“I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to watching him fuck his own sister.” Brianna mumbled.

“You’re one to talk.” Gwen laughed. “You’ve lezzed out with both of your sisters now.”

Brianna blushed, then softy replied, “True, I guess. But it’s just different with a guy and a girl, you know?”

“Why?” Elizabeth asked as I belted into her from behind. “Is it because my brother might pump a dirty incest baby into me? Does it turn you off?”

“It didn’t seem to turn you off when you watched them fuck on the beach.” Martha teased.

“I’m not saying it turns me off.” Brianna said. “It just feels… more taboo.”

“Exactly.” Elizabeth moaned as I slipped out of her. “Doing something taboo makes it so much hotter.”

“True…” Brianna said softly, watching me move to the right.

I lined up at Mom’s entrance as she said, “Watch closely Brianna. You haven’t seen him take me yet.” She shook as I pierced her winking hole. “Fuuuuuck Yessssss! Watch him claim his own mother! If you wanted taboo, this is it!”

“So amazing.” Gwen breathed.

“He’s making his own mom his bitch. Look at how much she’s twitching around him. She fucking loves it.” Martha said.

“Didn’t get enough yesterday, Mom?” Elizabeth asked.

“No way!” Mom answered.

“Me neither.” Elizabeth giggled. “So make sure to give it to us tonight, big bro. Fill us up so we can have more babies for you.”

“He’s going to breed his own mom…” Brianna murmured. “And I’m going to watch…”

“You’re going to hurt your neck if you keep it turned to the side like that.” Gwen said. “Let’s watch the sunset together.” About that time, I moved from Mom to Gwen, plunging into the only hole here which was definitely knocked up already. “Ahhhhh! So big! This is amazing! It’s so romantic to watch the sunset like this.”

“I don’t know if I’d call this romantic.” Martha said. “I mean, it’s hot as hell to watch him fuck his way down a line of women, but I wouldn’t exactly call it romantic.”

“Suit yourself.” Gwen huffed while gyrating her hips around my cock. “But feeling him make love to me like this, while I can feel our baby inside me, and we’re all watching the sunset over the ocean. It’s so incredible!”

“But it isn’t that intimate, you know? Not with all of us here.” Martha replied.

“It is to me!” Gwen moaned. “Having him fuck me while we’re all here together. And he’s fucking all of you too. It’s like we’re all in this together. It’s like I’m falling in love with all of you!”

“That’s the spirit!” Elizabeth called.

“I love you too.” Brianna said softly, a little embarrassed.

“Good point.” Martha agreed, taking Brianna’s hand on the railing. Brianna used her other hand to grab Gwen’s and so on until the girls were holding hands down the line, fingers laced together.

I moved to Brianna, who cutely squirmed as I mounted her. “Thank… you…” she breathed as I pressed inside. She was about to give me a cuteness overload.

“So baby,” Mom started, “are you planning on having these girls move in with us?”

“Uh.” I hesitated. I had not given the matter any though thus far. “How do you and Lizzy feel about it? And we’d need to ask Amanda and Aunt Sally too. And Karen and Trish.”

“You’re the man of the house, aren’t you?” Elizabeth asked with a tone of mock-derisiveness. “Why do you need to ask any of us?”

“Yeah baby, what do you want?” Mom echoed Elizabeth’s sentiment.

Brianna’s tight little pussy squeezed around my girthy member as Gwen and Martha looked back at me with puppy-dog eyes. I almost asked if they would want to move in, but the answer was already clear as day. I leaned forward, as close as I could to all three sisters’ ears, rasping, “You’re all moving in with us, understand?”

“Good call.” Elizabeth whispered with a satisfied smile.

“Yes!” Gwen and Martha cried.

“Thank… you…” Brianna said again.

“Are you sure you can handle that many women?” Elizabeth asked playfully.

“Look at him go.” Mom said as I switched to Martha at the end. “The better question is: can we handle him?”

“Fuck!” Martha gasped. “I don’t think we can!” She tried to speak over the slapping noises coming from behind her.

“I’m more worried about the house.” I said.

“Don’t worry about that, Mr. Manager.” Elizabeth replied. “I’ve seen what you make. You can easily afford a bigger house.”

“Make that a mansion.” Mom added. “A really big one, if we’re planning on having as many children as I think we are.”

Gwen rubbed her belly, “I would love to have even more babies.”

“Looks like the sun is about to disappear over the horizon.” Elizabeth said. “So beautiful.”

“So beautiful…” Martha echoed. “Such a beautiful cock… fucking me so hard…”

“Good thing it’s getting dark though.” Brianna said. “I was worried someone would see us up here.

“I was hoping so too.” Mom said, apparently only ***********ively hearing Brianna’s words.

“Mom you are such a slut!” Elizabeth teased. “I bet you were hoping people would point up here and ask what’s going on.”

“Yeah,” Mom nodded her head, her voice breathy, “and then they would say, ‘There’s five girls lined up for one guy. He’s fucking all of them! And that one looks like she could be his mother!’”.

Brianna looked uncomfortable imagining such a situation, so I helped to take her mind off it by switching over to her again. In no time, her head was free of those thoughts, or any thoughts, focusing only on the pleasure coming from behind.

Gwen squeezed Mom’s hand and continued fleshing out her fantasy. “They might also say, ‘Look at the other three. They look like sisters. And that one in the middle already got bred. I wonder if he’s going to breed the others.’”

“He sure is.” Elizabeth mused, watching me savagely rut into Brianna. “I can’t understand why, but I fucking love watching him when he’s like this.”

“So brutish.” Mom cooed. “And to think he’s my little boy. What a man he’s become.”

“She’s squeezing my hand so hard.” Gwen said, watching Brianna’s face contort with pleasure.

“Same here.” Martha said. “I think she’s about to cum.”

“Go ahead sweetie.” Mom said. “Go ahead and cum for us.”

“Let us see your o-face.” Elizabeth teased.

“Oh no, she looks so embarrassed!” Gwen observed.

I felt it too; Brianna’s climax had stopped building because she felt everyone’s eyes on her. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “It’s okay, just focus on me. You feel me inside you?”

“Mmmmhmmm!” Brianna answered, shivering as I felt the heat within her intensify.

“Cum for me. Please, I would love to feel you cum around my cock.” I whispered.

Brianna turned her head to the right, hiding her expression from Gwen, Mom, and Elizabeth. “Hnnnnnnggggg!” She billowed as her orgasm arrived, but her voice was cut off by a kiss from Martha. I rewarded the older sister by sliding my fingers into her slit, then enjoyed hearing them moan in each other’s mouths.

“Aww, I wanted to see her face when she came.” Elizabeth playfully pouted.

“I’m sure there’ll be plenty of other chances.” Gwen said. When Brianna was done cumming, I switched to Gwen, who hissed, “Ah yessssss, welcome back.”

“Look how he’s gentler with her because she’s pregnant.” Elizabeth said. “You raised such a gentleman, Mom.”

“Sure did.” Mom agreed, releasing Gwen’s hand for a moment as she reached back and rubbed my chest. “I raised such a big, strong, sexy son. And a naughty little vixen of a daughter too.” She teased my sister, then leaned over and gave her a quick kiss.

“Like mother, like daughter.” Elizabeth teased back.

“How are you feeling?” Brianna asked Gwen.

“So… good…” Gwen responded breathily. “I can’t wait to have the baby so he can breed me again!”

“There’s nothing like getting bred.” Mom answered. “Especially by this beefcake behind us.”

“I’ve never seen you make a face like that before.” Martha said to Gwen.

“I think she’s about to cum.” Brianna said.

“Go ahead honey.” Mom said, rubbing Gwen’s back. “Let it out. Show his cock how much you love it.”

Gwen’s pussy tensed around me, mashing my manhood in a velvety vice, like her body was trying to milk me. Sadly for her, I was not ready to cum just yet. Once she finished twitching, I moved on to my mother.

“Ah! Baby I can feel your cock! This pussy is yours! The womb too! It was your first home, and it still belongs to you!”

“Geez Mom, what about me?” Elizabeth pretended to pout.

“Sorry sweetie! You own an equal share of my heart, but my womb is the exclusive property of your brother!” Mom moaned.

“Well, I guess that’s okay.” Elizabeth mused. “After all, he owns my womb too. How about you three?” She addressed the sisters.

“He clearly owns mine.” Gwen said, her pregnant belly bulging below.

“I’ve been trying to give him my womb for months.” Martha laughed. “I’m glad he finally took it.”

Brianna mumbled something so quiet, it was well outside the range of human hearing.

“What was that?” Gwen asked, toying with her sister.

Brianna mumbled again, but I still could not understand it. It seemed Martha might have, as she leaned against her sister, “I think she said you own hers too. Can you repeat it and speak up please?” Martha asked, clearly enjoying teasing Brianna with Gwen.

“Mine… too…” Brianna finally spoke somewhat audibly. She was clearly mortified.

“You are so fun to tease.” Elizabeth said to Brianna. “Your reactions are so cute.”

I pulled out of Mom, slamming hard into my sister and making her groan as her body tremored. I whispered in her ear, “Your reactions are cute too.”

“Ahhhh!” She moaned. “Of course they are! I’m your cute little sister after all.”

I felt like Mom’s turn was somewhat short, so I used my hand to explore her sopping snatch, much to her approval. “My boy’s fingers are so thick! And he’s so good with them!”

At about that time, we heard a whistling sound coming from over the dark ocean. Suddenly, the gentle waves were alight with dazzling color reflected from above. The lights were accompanied by a boom followed by a crackling sound, audible just after the burst of color in the sky, and heralding the beginning of the fireworks show.

The sudden flash and noise startled Brianna, who tugged her sisters’ arms in response, squeezing Gwen and Martha against her. I heard some giggles, but to my surprise they did not separate. As I jackhammered my sister’s tight fuck-hole and buried my fingers inside my mother, I watched Brianna turn from left to right several times, sharing intimate kisses with her sisters.

Mom turned to Elizabeth, asking, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Elizabeth answered wordlessly, leaning to the side to lock lips with our mother. The sight was incredible, watching all of the girls make-out while fireworks were booming in the background. I pulled out my phone and captured several photos to share with the others later.

I felt Elizabeth’s orgasm mounting, and Mom was fairly close, but she needed just a little more. I switched back to Mom, but used my other hand on Elizabeth this time. Soon they were both just on the verge of climax, and I was tempted to cum right alongside them, though I decided to hold it a little longer.

They squealed in each other’s mouths as I felt them clenching on my cock and fingers. The trio of sisters stopped kissing to watch the mother and daughter squirm before me, succumbing to the pleasure.

“So hot.” Gwen purred as she watched, her eyes dancing with light from the colorful explosions in the sky.

“Is he cumming right now?” Brianna asked. I shook my head no and winked at her with a grin. She blushed and turned away, but I could tell she was smiling.

“It’s so fucked up.” Martha said. “I’m watching him make his mother and sister cum for him and it’s making me even hornier.”

“Thank you, baby! That was amazing!” Mom panted as I pulled out of her and plunged into Gwen.

“I can’t believe he hasn’t cum yet. I could tell how close he was when he was inside me.” Elizabeth said. “He could cum any second.”

“Fuck I want it!” Gwen cried. “But you can’t do it in me this time! You need to cum in the others to make sure they get pregnant!”

“He filled us up so much yesterday that I’d be very surprised if we aren’t already pregnant.” Martha said.

“Twice,” Brianna started, “but if he wants to do it again…” She trailed off, restlessly rubbing her legs together.

“Are you going to give her what she wants, baby?” Mom asked as fireworks continued booming in the background.

“He should make her beg properly first.” Elizabeth giggled.

Brianna looked uncomfortable, so Gwen started begging on her sister’s behalf, “Please do it! Dump your fat load inside her so she can swell up just like me!” I reached a hand under Gwen and caressed her belly for a moment before moving over to Brianna. Gwen panted, “It feels lonely now that you’re not inside me, but it’s okay. I know how much my sisters want to be bred, and I want it too.”

As I inserted myself into Brianna, she grabbed Gwen’s hand and squeezed, moaning, “Thank you for begging for me, but I think I can handle it myself. Please make sure to pour a lot of cum inside me so I can have a baby for you! I love you! I love your big dick! Shoot off like a firework inside of me! Make me go crazy on your cock as you shoot your massive load in my unprotected pussy!”

Brianna started power washing my balls with her spray, and I was right on the verge of cumming, but I had to hold it for just a little longer. Martha had not had an orgasm yet, so I wanted to hold it long enough to move over to her.

As Brianna’s climax subsided, the firework show started ramping up to the finale. I pulled out and started furiously fucking Martha. “B-but you didn’t cum in me.” Brianna protested weakly, but I could barely hear her over the thunderous blasts.

“Yes! Fuck yes! Take me with your fucking horse cock! Breed my needy little cunt with your white-hot jizz! Make a mother out of me!” Martha screamed at the top of her voice, competing with the fireworks.

It did not take long before Martha’s pussy quaked around me and her cries became completely incoherent. She was cumming her brains out, and I could finally release the pressure mounting within me. Also competing with the fireworks, I started firing blast after creamy blast into my former boss as she writhed in ecstasy.

“Sorry,” Gwen addressed Brianna, “but it looks like he picked Martha to baste this time.”

Brianna looked back at me with puppy-dog eyes and asked, “Can I have the next creampie, please?”

“You can share this one!” I growled, pulling from Martha between shots and crashing back into Brianna.

“It’s filling me up!” She screamed. “Your swimmers are invading my poor little womb!”

“Amazing.” Martha panted. “He filled me up so much that I feel like I’m about to burst, but he still has so much more to give.”

“I wonder how far down the line he’ll get.” Elizabeth said with a devilish smile. “There’s no way he can make it all the way to me, right?”

I pulled out and crammed myself down Gwen’s gushing sheath, pumping my milk into her baby-chamber. “Ah, now you’re being so rough! But I can take it! Submerge my occupied womb with the same seed that’s searching for my sisters’ eggs right now!”

I finished filling the already pregnant beauty, then switch to Mom, who moaned, “Don’t forget my eggs too! Remind them who their owner is! Remind them that every cell in my body is a toy for my baby boy!”

“Haha, Mom you are really far gone.” Elizabeth teased. “I’ve never seen a mother so devoted to her son.”

“Body, mind, and soul!” Mom screamed in agreement as I packed her full. I was ready to move on to the last girl in line.

Cupping her ass in my palms, I drove deep into my sister’s snatch to deposit the rest of my steaming seed. “I knew you’d make it here.” She exhaled as the resounding blasts of fireworks accompanied my own.

“For you, of course I saved some.” I said. “You’re my precious little sister after all.”

“How does it feel, shamelessly pumping your virile cum into your little sister’s ovulating womb?” She asked.

“Fucking incredible.” I whispered in her ear.

“Standing here next to my sisters with cum dripping out of my pussy…” Brianna started. “So depraved, but it’s also making me feel so hot inside.”

“Still, probably not as depraved as watching him knock up his own sister and mother at the same time.” Gwen giggled.

“I don’t even think he’s done yet.” Martha said. The twitching in my sack had diminished, but I was still slowly compacting a last bit of semen into my sister’s willing womb.

“This is the best feeling in the world.” Elizabeth whimpered.

“Amen sister.” Gwen said.

“I’ll never get tired of it.” Mom added.

I pulled out and drank in the scene before me. Cum trails oozed out of all five sloppy pussies while each girl stayed bent over the railing, catching their breaths. Booms roared over the horizon for the last few bursts of the fireworks finale. I quickly grabbed my phone and took a photo capturing the girls while fireworks lit up the sky.

“You better send that to me.” Mom said as she stood upright. “I want to set it as the background for my phone.”

“I’m not sure that’s a great idea.” Elizabeth said as she did the same. “You could get in trouble if someone saw it.”

The pair pushed me back on the bed, each laying to one side of me as Mom cooed into my ear, “Maybe I want someone to see it. Maybe I want to tell them who did that to us.” Then she brought her lips to mine and gave me a deep, sensual kiss.

“Save some for me.” Elizabeth whispered in my other ear. I turned my head and gave her what she wanted, making her moan a little.

“I love seeing my babies get along.” Mom said. I turned back to her, and for the next few minutes took turns kissing each.

During my make-out session with my sister and mother, I felt three mouths start servicing my cum-stained manhood. I glanced downward to see the three sisters on their knees on the floor, kissing and cleaning me from the red spongy head above to the sweaty dangling orbs below.

It was paradise. While I was sad to know the vacation would be over soon, I was also excited to return home and see everyone there. I realized that I would be living with a total of nine lovers soon, and a masculine thrill shot through me as my dick became completely engorged.

“Someone’s ready to go again.” Martha purred.

“Getting all this attention from five ladies would make any man ready for action.” Elizabeth said.

“Just seeing his cock alone has me perpetually ready for action.” Gwen giggled.

“How do you want us, baby?” Mom asked seductively.

“You can do anything you want to us.” Brianna finished.

Over the next few hours, we basically trashed both hotel rooms. I fucked them on beds, desks, chairs, the floor, the sink, and even the night stand. While I was busy, the girls would fuck one another. Our various juices stained just about everything. The curtains, lampshades, TVs, phones, even the doorknob. I had no idea how it happened. I lost all thought, a primal surge fueling my lust.

My brain finally came back to reality just as we were reaching exhaustion. I was in the center of one of the beds with Mom and Elizabeth on my lap. They scissored together with my dick sandwiched between their pussies, wet as a monsoon with our mingling juices. The three sisters surrounded us in a daisy chain, each girl’s mouth indulging in the sweltering pussy of the next in a triangle.

Delightful moans greeted my ears as my hands roved around the women. Everyone was within reach, savoring each caress of my fingers as they attended to each other. The room reeked of sex, our cum and sweat combining as musky pheromones burned our nostrils and intensified our passion.

“I can’t believe how insatiable you are.” Elizabeth said, tired but still very aroused.

“All of this, even after fucking so much yesterday.” Mom said. “You’re a monster.”

“I know, right?” Gwen added. “He said he came fourteen times yesterday.”

“I still need to watch the full video of you fucking that band.” Elizabeth said. “I can’t believe they all let you cum inside.”

“I hope they all get pregnant.” Brianna said softly.

“That reminds me.” Gwen said. “Didn’t Amanda want you to knock up ten strangers during the trip?”

“I think she was joking.” I replied.

“Even so, I think your score was way higher than she expected.” Gwen said. “The four last night really helped to bump up the number.”

“He also knocked up a girl in the lingerie shop with mommy.” Mom cooed.

“Same here.” Elizabeth said. “In the movie theater, and he also fucked the lifeguard for the pool outside.”

“That makes seven so far.” Martha said. From her laying position she had raised her hands and was using her fingers to count. “And he fucked the waitress at that restaurant too. Did you use protection with her?”

“No.” I grunted, the sensation of pussies grinding against my cock was building up the tension in my balls. Martha raised an eighth finger.

“Don’t forget the flight attendant.” Mom panted, building an orgasm of her own.

“So close!” Gwen cried. “Did you fuck anyone else?”

“Brianna and Martha don’t count as strangers, so no.” I said through grit teeth, fighting my impending eruption.

“We fly back tomorrow, so I guess nine is your final number.” Martha said. “Not quite ten, but I’m still impressed as hell.”

“I’m sure Amanda will be too.” Elizabeth moaned. Her eyes were shut as her own climax closed in.

“My son makes me so proud! Women flock all over him!” Mom chimed.

The pressure within me came to a head as the sizzling folds of my sister and mother slid against my towering manhood, making loud squelching noises as I said, “I’m so close. Last one.”

“Make it count.” Elizabeth hummed.

“It’s pointing straight up.” Brianna pointed out.

“He’s going to shower us in it.” Mom breathed.

“Do it!” Martha said excitedly.

“Bathe us in your cum! Just like you did to all those bitches’ wombs!” Gwen called as I exploded.

Rich ropes of cum rained down on us as they fountained out of me, coating the writhing mass below as the girls reached climax seemingly from feeling the hot, viscous liquid sear their skin.

“It feels so good!” Brianna gasped.

“I’m cumming just from being cummed on!” Martha announced.

“You’re marking us all as your bitches!” Gwen squealed.

“I love being my son’s bitch!” Mom groaned.

“My brother is really something, isn’t he?” Elizabeth panted as we all toppled over, using just enough energy to make sure we did not fall on Gwen’s belly. We fell asleep in a pile, covered in our combined juices, exhausted and satisfied.

Everyone awoke simultaneously to the sound of a loud knock, then the door to our room started to open as a voice called out, “Housekeeping.”

I exchanged a look of panic with my five lovers: all of us were naked and cum covered, the room had cum strains everywhere, and my morning wood was standing like a flagpole. We had overslept.

We had an afternoon flight, so we were not in danger of missing it, but we were supposed to have left the hotel room already. It was too late to do anything now, as the door swung wide open. The maid’s face showed a whirlwind of emotions as she took in the scene.

First, a jolt of surprise made her jump. She had called out as a courtesy when entering, but she clearly did not expect anyone to actually be in the room. Next, she realized we were all naked, as she started to say, “I’m sorry! I’ll leave you…” but she trailed off as her brain interpreted exactly what she was seeing. Five women and one man, all nude, were tangled together on the bed. Cum was abundant, and the overwhelming scent of sex assaulted her nostrils. She was flustered, clearly confused about the situation and wanting answers, but also knew that she ought to leave. She slowly backed towards the door, but froze as her eyes fell to my protruding behemoth of manhood. One last subtle emotion crossed her face, desire.

“Sorry!” Brianna said, using a blanket to cover her naked form. “We meant to wake up earlier.”

“We’ll be gone as soon as possible. Sorry about the mess.” Mom said, indicating the sticky stains from our combined cum. “We’ll clean it up before we leave so you don’t have to.”

“It’s okay.” The maid finally said. “No problem. People have orgies in our rooms sometimes. This is my last room, so I will wait in the hall.” She sauntered towards the door before pausing, then slowly turned to ask, “Were there other guys here before, or just him?” She asked, curiosity getting the better of her.

Elizabeth wrapped her arms around me from behind and mused, “Just him. It took all five of us. And as you noticed, he’s still not completely spent.” She indicated towards my turgid morning wood.

“Oh baby, you’re still hard?” Mom caressed my dick right in front of the maid, then gave it a kiss and said, “Let me take care of it for you before we go.”

“Aren’t we supposed to be getting out of here as fast as possible?” Brianna asked, apparently afraid the maid was going to get angry.

“We can’t all shower at the same time.” Gwen said, leaning over and helping Mom service me. “I wouldn’t mind helping out here in the meantime.”

With two showers, I was pretty sure we could all wash up together in a pinch, but I was not about to argue against some early morning action, even if it was not exactly early morning anymore.

The maid was frozen near the door, stunned by the brazen advances of Mom and Gwen. I studied her as she watched my dick get adorned with little pecks from their lips. She seemed to be in her thirties, dark brown hair and eyes, olive skin, and a body that was just a bit thicker than average, but far from fat.

“Look as her.” Elizabeth whispered in my ear as she slowly pushed me towards the edge of the bed, Mom and Gwen following along. “All logic is telling her to leave, but the smell of sex, and the sight of your imposing dick has her swooning. She wants to know what it’s like to fuck a real man.” She nibbled my ear and continued, “Plus, this’ll make it an even ten.”

“I know you said you were going to wait in the hallway,” Martha started, “but it looks like you see something you like.”

“Wanna give it a try?” Gwen offered.

“No… I…” The maid weakly protested. Her brow furrowed as her brain tried to weigh the options. She fidgeted nervously, but her eyes never left my member.

“We clearly don’t mind sharing.” Mom purred.

“Once in a lifetime chance.” Martha said.

Elizabeth slipped away from me and stood up, striding towards the maid and gently grasping her arm. Slowly, she started towards the bed, pulling the maid who followed with tiny timid footsteps. Elizabeth whispered in her ear, “I can see how much you want it. Go ahead, it’s okay to feel good.”

“I really shouldn’t.” The maid stammered as she reached the foot of the bed, but she did not fight back as Elizabeth gently pressed down on her shoulders, pushing her to her knees. Mom and Gwen pulled back, leaving the maid alone, face-to-face with my cock. Anxious and aroused, she was breathing with quick gasps, drinking in the musky aroma of my well-used member as it loomed over her face.

“Go on, try touching it.” Martha suggested.

The maid tentatively moved her hands, helpless to resist any longer. She clumsily clutched it with her right hand, using her fingers to confirm its dimensions were as big as they looked. Her left hand fell suspiciously down towards her crotch.

“Atta girl.” Gwen said. “Try giving it a kiss.”

“I’ve never… with my mouth.” She muttered sheepishly.

“That’s why you should try it.” Gwen replied. The maid reluctantly leaned forward and gave my shaft a quick peck. “Not like that. Give it a proper kiss, and use your tongue. Show him how much you love it.” Again, the maid leaned forward, pecking her lips against me, but soon the peck evolved into a smooch, and then into a full-on kiss. I felt her tongue trace along my skin as her lips started rising up towards my tip.

“That’s better.” Gwen said.

“Kiss right there.” Martha pointed at my piss-slit. The maid looked unsure, but eventually brought her lips right to my hole. A sizable dab of pre spread right onto her tongue. She suckled for a moment, then opened her mouth and exhaled a breathy moan. She was staring up at me, and I almost saw hearts in her eyes as she locked her lips back around the leaking hole, while soft schlicking noises could be heard from below.

“It’s fun to watch her slowly fall in love with his cock, but we can’t spend too much longer here.” Mom reminded us, “We have a flight to catch.”

“Then let’s get to the good part.” Gwen said. “Based on the noises down there, I think she’s more than wet enough.”

The five naked girls surrounded the maid and started stripping her. She looked confused, but did not resist, even as they pushed her forward so she was bent over the bed.

“Oh yeah, she’s ready all right.” Martha said.

“She’s a little tighter than I expected.” Mom said as she dug two fingers into the sopping hole. The maid groaned, looking back at Mom in surprise, but not trying to fight it as Mom explored her most private area. “Ready baby?” Mom asked, looking at me. I stood up and placed myself behind the pretty pussy presented for me, mounting the maid as the girls around watched with rapt attention, spellbound as my cock split the squirming slit and delicately pressed inwards.

“So fucking hot.” Gwen breathed, pulling out her phone to take a video.

“You said it.” Elizabeth agreed. “Such a needy little slut, taking his cock right away.”

“I can’t blame her.” Mom said. “How could she resist my hunk of a son?”

“S-s-son?” The maid mewled.

“That’s right.” Elizabeth said, climbing onto the bed and showing the maid her creamy cunt. Despite the fact that I had not cum inside her since the previous night, she had been so thoroughly filled that her creampie was still very visible. “And I’m his sister. Don’t be surprised that we fell for him. You wanted his cock within one second of seeing him.”

“Don’t worry, I was in the same boat.” Gwen reassured the maid.

“But you’re family.” The maid argued, though her pussy was still rippling around me and she showed no signs of trying to stop.

“That’s right, blood related.” Elizabeth said mischievously. “But that didn’t stop him from overloading my baby-chamber with his boiling hot seed, even though I’m ovulating,” Elizabeth bent down and brought her lips right to the maid’s ear as she finished, “And his seed is extremely virile.”

“Virile…” The maid moaned. Her pussy tightened around me each time a word related to procreation uttered: baby-chamber, hot seed, ovulating. Then, when she heard extremely virile, her tunnel went wild around me as she bucked hard through a heavy orgasm.

“Someone likes the breeding talk.” Gwen giggled.

“I want one so bad.” The maid rasped weakly.

“Hubby can’t do the job?” Elizabeth asked.

Wait! Hubby?

“She’s married?!” I howled.

“Geez Ray, you didn’t notice the ring on her finger?” Elizabeth asked. The other girls laughed and confirmed they had noticed right away.

“Shit, I didn’t realize! Should I stop?” I was mortified.

“No! Please! Don’t stop!” The maid screamed as her sheath tightened like a vice to hold me in.

“It’s not your problem, it’s her husband’s.” Martha said.

Mom started rubbing my shoulders. “Relax baby. She’s asking for it. She wants it. Your job isn’t to worry about other guys. It’s to breed every bitch you can like the stud you are.”

“But I feel terrible for the guy.” I answered.

“Please, let me tell you.” The maid started. “I was going on our computer a few months ago when I accidently saw his internet history. He was watching a lot of porn videos, and they were all about one thing. They all were about cheating wives.”

“Sounds like he’d actually be into this.” Gwen said.

“Yep, her husband is a bona fide cuck.” Martha agreed.

“That must be why she’s so tight. I bet he never has sex with her.” Mom said.

“He doesn’t.” The maid started. “Whenever we try, he only lasts for a few seconds. The last time I came was before I met him, when I was still using my toys.” She paused as her pussy quivered again, then gasped, “He’s nothing like this!”

“Salacious.” Elizabeth mused. “How big is he?” The maid looked embarrassed, but eventually gestured at her pinky finger.

“How sad.” Brianna finally chimed in.

“So sad.” The maid panted. “Years ago, we found out that he’s impotent. I was so sad because I’ve always wanted to be a mother. That’s why… when you were talking about him… in my baby-chamber…”

Elizabeth whispered in her ear again, “Tell me, are you ovulating?” The maid, fighting another orgasm, just nodded her head. Elizabeth cracked the most sinister of smiles, “Then I’ve got good news. My brother is the best breeding stock in the world. He’s making mothers of woman after woman, and now that money isn’t much of an issue, the bitches he keeps in his harem are going to be perpetually pregnant.”

“Wha…” The maid looked confused, but decided not to question it too much and just enjoyed the ride.

I noticed Martha and Gwen whispering to each other while tapping at a phone, then I realized that the phone did not belong to either of them as Martha said, “Good thing you don’t lock your phone. I found ‘Hubby’ in your contacts. Want me to give him a call?”

The maid looked troubled, but she was in no state to speak as she crested to yet another climax. I felt bad for the guy, but at the same time it felt incredible to have a previously devoted wife cum around my cock while she belittled her cuck husband.

Suddenly I heard a dialing noise from Martha’s hand as she turned on speaker phone. A voice came through after a moment, “Hey honey, problem at work?”

“No, she’s fine.” Martha said. “Actually, better than she’s ever been.”

“Who is this?” The voice said sternly. “Where is my wife?”

“I’m here darling!” The maid called. Her voice uneven as she was still getting plowed from behind.

“Are you okay? What’s going on?” The husband sounded concerned.

“Geez, we haven’t kidnapped her or anything.” Elizabeth said.

“I’m okay darling! Don’t worry about… ahhhhhh!” She moaned loudly, right into the phone. The husband gasped, then went silent as the nature of the situation dawned on him.

Martha smiled and announced, “There we go, I finally got it switched into a video call. I imagine you will want to see the faces your wife is making right now.”

“Get a shot of his dick.” Gwen told Martha. “Wow, look at that horse dick violate your wife!”

“After this, I doubt she’ll ever be able to feel you again.” Elizabeth said.

My heart sank for a moment as I heard some grunting from the phone speaker. I thought the husband was having some kind of enraged fit, but then I noticed how rhythmic his breaths were, and I realized that he was touching himself. I huge weight fell from my shoulders as I finally felt uninhibited by pity for him.

“Why don’t you tell him how good you feel?” Mom suggested.

“Dah… Darling…” The maid moaned. “I love it. I love his cock so much. It’s so much bigger than yours, and it fills me so much! I feel like I’ve actually lost my virginity!”

“Tell your husband how you want him to watch a real man fuck a baby into you.” Martha sniggered.

“Yes! I want a baby so bad! Give me a baby!” The maid cried. “I hope you don’t mind darling! I found out about your cuckold fetish from your internet history, so I really hope you’re into this!”

“Listen close.” Gwen said. “You can actually hear him fapping.”

“Good,” the maid sounded relieved, “because I have to admit; at this point, even if you said no, even if you screamed and cried and begged me to stop, there’s no way I could!”

“Damn, cranking it up to eleven!” Elizabeth laughed. “We can tease him all we want, but I bet it hits way harder to hear it from you.”

“Sorry! I’m so sorry! But it’s just so amazing! He’s so manly! Haaaa, it’s just that… when I looked into his eyes earlier… I realized…” The maid hesitated, considering whether to finish the point she was making. Finally, she looked right into her husband’s eyes on the video call. “Even if you didn’t shoot blanks… Even if I could have your baby… I would rather have his!”

A rush went through me as she blew my ego sky high. Conquest suffused every stroke as I started rutting harder, faster, reaching a fever-pitch as I was more determined than ever to knock up a stranger.

“Watch him go! He’s really into it now!” Gwen cheered.

“What a stallion my son is.” Mom moaned.

Brianna walked up behind me and whispered, “At first, I wasn’t sure about this, but now… Do it. Use your superior alpha cock to breed a married woman. She may be his wife, but she’s your bitch.”

“Wow, you went from zero to one-hundred really fast.” Martha laughed, making Brianna blush.

“Hey hubby,” Elizabeth teased the husband, “listen up. The fat cock railing your wife belongs to my brother. All of the girls here also belong to my brother. She isn’t your woman anymore.” The tempo of the fapping sound on the other line increased. If the husband had any thoughts about the incestuous revelation, he did not share them. Elizabeth continued, “But here’s the deal. We’re not from around here, and we have to head home soon, so neither you nor your wife will hear from us again. That means that you need to stick around and support her, even though she’s not yours anymore. Raise that baby, even though it’s not yours.”

“Oh look,” Mom came over to me and gestured towards my cock, “it’s twitching so much. My son is about to give you that big batch of baby-batter you wanted. Hopefully your slutty little unfaithful womb is releasing lots of eggs for him to claim. Beg him for his cum!”

“Yes! Cum inside me! Give me the baby I always wanted! Give me your baby!” She screamed.

“Why don’t we have hubby beg too?” Martha suggested.

“Let’s hear it!” Gwen agreed.

“Go ahead, beg him to knock up your own wife.” Elizabeth rasped, “Beg him to plant his seed deep in her womb while she cums harder than she ever imagined. Beg while you stroke you little cuck dicklett!”

The voice on the phone finally spoke up, hassling as his fapping had him out of breath, “Go ahead! Knock up my wife! Make her a mother like she always wanted! The mother of your child, not mine! And honey,” he addressed his wife, “Make sure get as much cum as possible! You need to make sure it sticks! Make sure to get knocked up!”

“Don’t worry about that.” Mom said. “A real man like my hot sexy hunk of a son has no trouble knocking up little tramps like your wife.”

“His loads are huge, thick, and potent beyond belief.” Martha agreed. “Too bad I can’t get it on camera, it needs to fill up your wife’s womb like it’s trying to make her pop.”

“Go ahead.” Elizabeth mused, grinning at me. “Make her yours! Claim the wife of another man! Make her husband raise your baby! Show us all what a stud you are!”

I exploded, sending an ocean of cum blasting into her married pussy as it shamelessly drank down as much of the spray as possible before overflowing. Martha kept switching the camera back and forth between my twitching manhood and the maid’s contorting face.

The cheating wife had been cumming essentially non-stop in the last couple of minutes leading to my climax, so I was surprised when her rapture somehow intensified even more. It felt like she was cumming many times at once, her folds vibrating as her tunnel twitched and coiled.

“Yessssssss!” The maid hissed. “Impregnate me! Make me bloat up with your babies! Give me as many as possible! Make my husband have to get a second job because of how many kids you shoot in me! Steal me from him! Make me forget about his little baby dick! Rewire my mind to only remember your long, girthy, unrivaled cock! Breed me like a fucking rabbit!”

The husband was huffing on the other line, “Take it honey! Let him give you his kids! Make me raise them! Think of even worse ways to emasculate me! Remind me every day how it felt when a real man fucked you!”

“I love watching him breed.” Mom murmured as she gazed at me, head back as she had a little orgasm herself.

“I’m getting tingles right from my pussy to my brain.” Elizabeth agreed. “My brother the breeder.”

“His cock looks so strong.” Brianna said softy. “And look at how much she’s squeezing still. She must be in paradise.”

“There it is, cucky.” Martha teased the husband. “There’s the kind of fucking that a bitch like your wife needs. You can see how much cum has leaked out so far, but just wait until he pulls out.”

“Are you going to get hard again when you see your wife’s creampie?” Gwen added. “If you were here, maybe she would let you eat it.”

“Thank you!” The maid panted, apparently in a dreamy daze as she repeated, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“You don’t have to be that grateful.” Mom said. “After all, you did a favor for us.”

“What do you mean?” The maid asked breathily.

Elizabeth smiled at Mom, then explained for the maid and the husband, “Our cousin is also in my brother’s harem. She dared him to try to knock up ten strangers while on the trip.”

Martha continued with a devilish grin, “With you, he just hit ten.”

“Like I said, you’re doing us a favor.” Mom lowered the volume of her voice, but made it more intense. “This isn’t a big deal for us. My son just did this to complete a stupid dare. But for you, this is the biggest moment of your life, and your husband’s. Soon we’ll forget all about this, but you’re going to be raising that child, or those children, forever.”

“T-ten?” The maid stammered. “You five, and me, and also four other women?”

“No no no.” Elizabeth clarified. “We aren’t strangers to him, silly. My brother filled the pussies of nine other girls who didn’t even know his name, but that didn’t stop them from begging for it.”

“Ten complete strangers?” The maid asked, astounded. “How many weeks have you been on vacation? Or months?”

“Weeks?” Elizabeth giggled. “We got here on Wednesday. Including today it’s only been five days. But you shouldn’t be so surprised. After all, you were begging for his cum within a few minutes of meeting him.”

The maid blushed, shocked to hear how quickly I had courted ten strangers. Then something else seemed to cross her mind, as she looked at Mom with hopeful eyes and asked, “Do you really think there’ll be multiple babies?”

“He did it with me.” Mom answered with a big smile, referring to our twin daughters.

The maid smiled back at Mom, then Martha said, “Alright, it’s finally time to pull out. Let’s see what we’ve got here.” At her insistence, I pulled free from the maid’s still-quivering pussy. A torrent of white goo poured out, leaving one more mess in the room as her husband groaned over the phone.

“That’s what a real man’s creampie looks like.” Gwen teased, watching the husband on the phone screen. “Not the watery trickle that you desperately squeezed out of your… I was going to say shrimp-dick but I don’t even know if I could call that thing a dick.”

“Oh goodness. I didn’t even know they could be that small.” Brianna said. She looked at me with such thankfulness in her eyes. “I’m so lucky you didn’t give up on me.” She gulped as she looked at the man on the phone screen. “If you had given up on me, and then I ended up with a loser like him, I don’t even know what I’d do.”

“I would give up on life.” Martha joked.

“No way.” Elizabeth giggled. “Just cuck the loser and fuck my brother. It’s pretty obvious. The maid figured it out right away.”

“Are you really related?” The husband asked.

“Yep! He’s my actual brother.” Elizabeth confirmed. “He fucks me, his mom, his cousin, and his aunt. He’s impregnated all of us, and a slew of other women too. It doesn’t matter if they’re strangers, married, lesbians, or even related. Real men like him get to fuck and breed anyone they want, while little cucks like you just get to pinch their pathetic little micro-peckers and watch.” I heard grunting from the phone speaker. My sister had stirred the husband’s excitement again, and he was touching himself as she emasculated him.

“As fun as this is, we need to get washed up and packed. We still need to catch the plane on time.” Mom snapped us back to reality.

“Right. Let’s get going.” I said. The other girls nodded and we got ready at lightning speed. Within a few minutes, we were packed and ready to leave.

“Sorry we don’t have time to help you clean.” Mom said to the maid who was still collapsed on the bed, high off her universe-shattering orgasm.

“But I’m sure you don’t mind cleaning up our messes.” Elizabeth teased. “After all, this mess is nothing compared to all the messes his baby is going to make, and you begged him for that.”

“Yes… I love it… I love his messes…” The maid mumbled as fapping noises emanated from the phone lying beside her.

We wished her goodbye and good luck, then we walked out the door.

The flight home was fairly uneventful. It was during the day, so most everyone on the plane was awake and alert, making it impossible to sneak in any fun time. After landing, we collected our bags and found Aunt Sally outside waiting to pick us up. She tried to run our way, excited to see us, but her pregnant belly had her wobbling. I dropped our luggage and rushed to her, putting my arms around her to keep her stable. She thanked me with a quick smooch, then went to hug Mom and Elizabeth as I gathered our things and loaded them in the back of our minivan.

I noticed Gwen, Brianna, and Martha were huddled around a phone, apparently navigating a rideshare app.

“Do the three of you want to come home with us?” Elizabeth asked the sisters.

“Is that okay?” Gwen asked. “I know you told us to move in, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon.”

“Do you have enough spare beds for us?” Brianna asked.

“Of course.” Elizabeth giggled. “We all share the same one, and it’s really big.”

“Sounds great to me.” Martha said. “I hated our apartment anyway.” Gwen and Brianna teemed with excitement, though Brianna also looked a little nervous.

“You have other girls there, right?” she asked. I thought it was adorable that she was afraid to meet the rest of the girls.

I put my hands on her shoulders, meeting her eyes with a gentle smile, “Trust me, you’re going to love them.” I introduced the sisters to Aunt Sally and we loaded up in the car.

“We’ll work on getting all of your stuff moved over later.” Mom said. “But for tonight, you still have your luggage, so let’s just worry about getting home and relaxing.”

“Right, I bet our evening will be super relaxing.” Elizabeth said sarcastically.

Soon we arrived at home, and as much as I enjoyed the vacation, it was always nice to get home to your own familiar bed, bathroom, and all the rest. Amanda was overjoyed to see us, especially Gwen, who she spent a considerable time with reminiscing about their fateful afternoon in the park, and admiring the raunchy chokers the sisters were wearing.

Karen and Trisha were almost as nervous as Brianna about meeting new people, but everyone seemed to get off on the right foot as we sat down to eat. Luckily, Elizabeth had texted Amanda earlier to make sure there was enough food for the three extra mouths. Arousal slowly welled within me as the girls talked about our vacation over dinner. Amanda pried for every sordid detail, and made us promise to show her the photos and videos too.

We cleaned up after dinner and settled down in the living room, shifting the topic to the new members of the family as we got acquainted. There was a slight awkwardness between Karen and Trisha, and Martha, who still seemed to harbor guilt for bullying her former subordinates.

As always, Elizabeth had picked up on it too, and already had plan. She rubbed my member through my pants and teased, “Oh dear! I was enjoying the conversation, but I think my brother might be in need of some relief. Karen, Trish, mind taking care of it?”

The former lesbians seemed shy about doing it in front of the newcomers, but dutifully moved to my cock and pulled my manhood free from my pants. Despite their apprehension, they did a fine job of servicing me, which is why I was surprised when Elizabeth said, “Hmm, I don’t think that’s going to be enough for him. Martha, why don’t you help too.” Elizabeth leapt up and pushed Karen and Trisha apart so that there was an open space right in the middle. Everyone realized exactly what she was doing.

Martha nodded, then moved before me, kneeling down between the lesbos as she softly spoke, “I’m not as experienced as you two, so I hope I don’t get in the way.” I shot her a smile as she humbled herself in front of her former victims. It seemed I was right about her attitude adjustment.

“You’re going to be great.” Karen reassured her.

“I’m just glad…” Trisha hesitated, embarrassed to finish her sentence. When she finally built up the courage, she finished, “I’m just glad we get to do this with you.”

They all shared understanding smiles, then turned to face the beast they were tasked to satiate. Licks, kisses, strokes, and sucks ensued as they roamed their hands and mouths around, each girl switching from tip to shaft to balls seemingly at random. Their uncoordinated efforts were not ineffectual; rather, it was pretty stimulating to see their lips cross as they shared accidental kisses around my manhood. Sadly, each time they almost let themselves get too into it, they would remember that new faces were watching and would get self-conscious, slowing down rather than succumbing to pure lust.

Once again, Elizabeth noticed and had already devised a solution. “It’s nice to watch them bond like that.” Elizabeth said, glancing at Amanda.

Unlike me, Amanda understood my sister’s plan instantly, softly musing, “I wouldn’t mind doing a little bonding myself.” she gave a devious reply as she moved next to Elizabeth, pressing their lips together. While beside me on the couch, they shared some gropes, slowly stripping each other until Elizabeth started slipping down Amanda’s body, planting many kisses on her pregnant tummy before arriving at her moist honeypot.

“Missed me?” Amanda cooed. Elizabeth winked back as she dug in.

Gwen could not contain herself anymore, stripping as she advanced on the pair of cousins engaging in hot lesbian action. She sat next to Amanda, pressing their bulging bellies together.

“They’re like a matching pair.” Amanda said. “Right about the same size. I guess it makes sense. We got knocked up at the same time after all.”

“I hope they share the same birthday.” Gwen said.

“Our first three already share the same birthday. I hope they won’t mind.” Elizabeth said as she pulled away from Amanda’s slippery crotch. She grabbed Gwen’s legs and splayed them, angling both girls so she could access both pussies as once, then returned to her ministrations. Gasps and moans emanated from the lovers, until Gwen and Amanda’s eyes met and they fell together into a passionate kiss.

“I think I need some relief too.” Mom said, stripping and moving towards Aunt Sally, but she paused, then advanced on Brianna instead.

“No, uh, that’s fine…” Brianna said with her usual shy voice. “I’m okay with just watchiiiiiiii…” She squealed as Mom pulled her out of her seat and started stripping her.

“Nonsense.” Mom said, dragging her towards Aunt Sally. “I want to get to know you better, and my sister just met you.”

Aunt Sally had stripped too, flanking Brianna and pulling her down onto the couch beside us. Their hands roved all over Brianna’s body, with special focus on teasing her smallish tits and glistening pussy. Brianna looked adorable as they explored her nude form, her face beet-red and her body shivering with nervousness, but also plainly aroused from being toyed with by two older women.

I found myself on the couch surrounded by my nine lovers sharing their affection in three different groups: Elizabeth ate-out Amanda and Gwen to one side, Mom and Aunt Sally molested Brianna on the other, and Martha bonded with Karen and Trisha around my cock.

My sister’s machinations finally clicked in my mind. With their audience distracted, the group around my cock finally got bolder in their preening. Slurping, sniffing, nibbling, and just going wild as they worshiped the massive slab of man-meat between them. Their accidental kisses were a thing of the past. Now they openly tangled their tongues and swapped saliva both with each other and my dick. Karen and Trisha shared a knowing look, then they each dropped a hand down to Martha’s thighs, slowly tracing their fingers up until they slid under her skirt and laced together to toy with her wet panty-clad pussy.

Martha’s movements started getting clumsy as she succumbed to the pleasure, but she made every effort to maintain her ministrations on my cock. On the other hand, Karen and Trisha pulled away, turning all of their attention towards their boss. They nibbled at her ears and fiddled with her pussy, slowly stripping her and themselves over the next couple of minutes.

Once all three were naked, Martha founder herself in a similar situation to Brianna. Two girls were planting kisses all over her face while their arms were entwined around her body, dexterous fingers teasing her tits while furiously attacking her frothing twat.

Martha tried to keep the blowjob going, but finally lost the fight. Her body trembled and her hot breath tickled my cock as she moaned, which apparently opened the door for others to join. Amanda and Gwen squealed as they showered Elizabeth’s face with their juices. On the other side, Brianna twisted and turned between my mother and aunt, softly mewling in their arms.

The excitement had me close to bursting. When my dick started twitching, Martha realized exactly what was about to happen. Her hands pumped my raging member eagerly as she looked up and moaned, “Go ahead! Give it to me! Paint me white!”

“You should try swallowing it.” Gwen suggested.

“You can try.” Karen said. “But I doubt you’ll manage it.”

“We’ve been practicing for months but we still can’t swallow it all.” Trisha agreed. “Elizabeth can swallow it all though.”

Elizabeth turned to Martha with a creamy face, then said, “Give it a go. Maybe you’re a natural.” Then she turned to me with a sinister smile. “Big bro, I think you should do what it takes to make sure she gets it all down.” I grinned at her, understanding what she wanted, and hoping Martha could handle it.

Martha sealed her lips around the pulsing crown, loudly slurping as she prepared for my incoming load. I stood up and grabbed her head, holder her tight against the end of my dick.

“Go ahead.” Elizabeth whispered. “Show Karen and Trish what you’ve done to Martha. She used to just be a bitch, but now she’s your bitch.”

Gwen teased, “You’ve taken my big sister and turned her into a total slut for your cock.”

Brianna added, “He’s being so forceful, but look at how much she loves it.”

Martha was leaking like a faucet as I fucked her face, driving deeper and deeper with every thrust. Karen and Trisha were enthralled as they watched me dominate the woman who had bullied them, berating them with harsh words and insults. Now I was putting her mouth to better use, clogging it with my girthy cock as she gagged around it. I did not relent, forcing myself down her throat as her face went deeply red. No matter how hard I bucked, she offered no resistance. Instead, she looked up at me with fiery lust, begging me to bury myself even further down her tight throat.

“Here it comes.” Karen whispered.

“Don’t spill a drop.” Trisha breathed.

I could not hold out any longer. The cum started racing up from my balls, my cock swelling just enough that I heard a popping sound. Martha’s neck had bulged just enough to break her choker, and suddenly another orgasm hit her like a truck.

“Dear lord!” Trisha exclaimed as the ripped strip of fabric fell to the floor.

“I guess it makes sense.” Elizabeth said. “She isn’t a dumb bitch anymore.”

“She’s one of us now.” Karen said. She embraced Martha tightly as I continued to pump a river of sperm directly into her stomach. Trisha joined in, hugging her boss and nuzzling her head against her. Martha was still cumming, but looked up at me with watery eyes. I smiled as tears rolled down her face, deep cathartic emotions welling up within her.

On second thought, the tears were probably a physiological reaction caused by my cock blocking her windpipe. Oh well…

“I think she might do it!” Amanda shouted.

“Just a little longer. Hang in there!” Elizabeth cheered.

“I think I want him to do that to me.” Brianna mumbled, then she looked surprised by her own words.

“I would love to watch him to that to you.” Aunt Sally whispered to Brianna.

“Is it okay if I lick your cute little pussy while he does it?” Mom asked. Brianna was too embarrassed to answer.

Gwen gestured to the torrent of sweet nectar squirting from Martha’s convulsing cunt, then said, “If she cums even half as hard as Martha, it might be dangerous to lick her during it. I think you’ll drown.”

“There are worse ways to die than drowning in pussy juice.” Amanda joked.

“Although personally I’d rather suffocate on his cock.” Gwen quipped back.

“Speaking of, I think Martha is just about at her limit.” Elizabeth pointed out.

“Almost done.” I grunted.

“You can do it!” Karen reassured Martha.

“Just another moment!” Trisha joined. “We’re rooting for you!”

As soon as the flood from my loins subsided, I pulled my throbbing plug from Martha’s throat. She took heaving gulps of air as she started to fall forward, but Karen and Trisha supported her, keeping her on her knees as she recovered.

“That… was…” Martha tried to talk through her breaths, her voice hoarse. “…Incredible.”

“You’re incredible!” Karen trilled. “I can’t believe you swallowed it all!”

“It’s not like he gave her any choice.” Amanda giggled.

“Even so, I still think it was amazing.” Trisha said.

“Are you okay?” Brianna asked, pulling away from Mom and Aunt Sally to go to her sister’s side.

“Better than ever.” Martha replied with a smile.

Gwen moved to her sisters and squeezed them into a hug, which created a confusing tangling of arms and legs since both Karen and Trisha were still clutching Martha. The hug slowly evolved into some light kissing and groping as the heap of women slowly sank to the floor.

I turned to see my sister and cousin making out, Amanda licking the juices from Elizabeth’s face as they immersed themselves in each other. Next, I turned to see Mom and Aunt Sally, still sitting on the couch, smiling at me. “Looks like everyone else is busy right now.” Aunt Sally said.

“Mind tending to a couple of MILFs?” Mom asked seductively. “We’re in desperate need for my handsome hunk of a son.”

She scooted to the side to close the space Brianna had left, squeezing next to her sister. They spread their legs and overlapped them, similar to what Amanda and Gwen had done so Elizabeth could eat both of them at once. I undressed the rest of the way, joining the nude orgy of women around me, then I mounted them, placing a hand on one of each of their shoulders as they shook with restless excitement under me, gazing up at me with fuck-me-eyes.

Mom reached down and grasped my member, grazing it across their side-by-side pussies before lining it up with her sister’s. “She hasn’t had you in so long. Go ahead and start with her.”

I slowly slid into my aunt’s steamy snatch, eliciting a slow gasp as her eyes rolled back, “Way too long.”

“It’s been less than a week.” I teased. “How addicted are you?”

Elizabeth overheard from across the room and laughed, “You’re like a drug, big bro. If I had to go a week without you, I’d probably be having withdrawal symptoms.”

“No kidding.” Amanda agreed. “If you hadn’t sent me those pictures and videos, I’d probably be jonesing right now.”

“But I’m so glad you’re back.” Aunt Sally exhaled. “Your cock is like a bolt of heroin.”

“Whatever, mom!” Amanda laughed. “You’ve never done heroin.”

“There’d be no point.” Mom said as she looked up at me with a sultry expression. “I doubt it feels anywhere near as good as my baby’s big hard cock.”

“Yes, such an amazing cock!” Aunt Sally panted. “I have such a hung nephew! He always makes me cum so hard!”

Mom rubbed Aunt Sally’s plump belly as the sisters leaned their heads together. “How does that mountain of raw masculinity feel when it invades your little pregnant fuck-hole?”

“I love it! It belongs to him, and I want him to do whatever he wants with it!” Aunt Sally cried, building to a climax. Mom leaned in and kissed her while she shuddered and came.

“Our moms are such sluts.” Amanda joked.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Elizabeth replied with a grin.

“That apple did.” Amanda said, nodding towards me as I pulled out of her mother and switched over to my own. “I mean, look at how submissive and cute our moms are, and then compare that to the beefcake that’s making them squirm right now.”

“That was just what I needed.” Aunt Sally panted. “Now make your mommy feel good.”

“He’s making me feel more than good, as always.” Mom moaned.

Aunt Sally started rubbing Mom’s flat tummy, then she whispered, “While you were away, did he…?”

Mom nodded, “Big time, I imagine I’m already knocked up.” Aunt Sally looked excited, pulling her sister in for another kiss.

Suddenly, I felt an unexpected sensation on the back of my hanging sack. I turned my head to see Brianna had crept away from the pile of pleasure on the ground and was kissing my ripe balls.

“You little cretin,” Elizabeth said playfully, “trying to help him whip up even more cum to pump into his own mother.”

“It can’t hurt.” Aunt Sally said, breaking the kiss with Mom for a moment. “Just in case she isn’t already pregnant.”

Brianna looked embarrassed, but I reached around and patted her head, and she seemed to forget her troubles and went back to coaxing the heavy orbs hanging in her face.

Mom’s pussy started clinching around me, rising to her heavenly orgasm. Her sister rubbed her clit and said, “Go ahead! Let it out! Let him make you cum!”

Elizabeth and Amanda finished making out, heading our way to get a closer look at Mom’s o-face. Amanda plopped down next to Aunt Sally, then Elizabeth sat on Amanda’s other side. I pulled myself free from Mom’s pussy as her climax subsided, noticing the two plump pregnant bellies of Aunt Sally and Amanda pressed together.

I took a step to the side, centering them between me and pressing my cock between the mother and daughter’s wide tummies. Brianna took a moment to catch up, dutifully following me and continuing to lap at my balls from behind.

“You like feeling our pregnant bellies?” Amanda cooed.

“I bet you love seeing me and my daughter pregnant with your babies.” Her mother moaned.

Rather than reply, I just rubbed their bellies as I continued to rub my cock between them. Milk started leaking from their tits as Mom fingered her sister, and Elizabeth did the same to her cousin.

“They look so happy.” Mom said.

“I love being pregnant.” Aunt Sally groaned.

“That reminds me, I heard you managed to fuck ten random girls during your trip.” Amanda said.

“Yep, surprised to hear that your little joke actually came to fruition?” I asked teasingly.

“It wasn’t a joke, and I’m not surprised.” Amanda said frankly. “But it makes me happy that you pulled it off.”

“Happy, or horny?” Elizabeth giggled.

“Both.” Amanda answered. “So tell me, how many do you think are pregnant?”

“There’s no telling. None of them used protection, or working protection at any rate, but I guess we’ll never know if they actually got impregnated,” I said. “That’s how it goes with anonymous sex.”

Amanda thought for a moment, then said, “True, but I like to think they all got knocked up.”

“You are such a perv!” Elizabeth chided playfully. “You love to imagine him breeding. I can feel your pussy tensing up.”

“Like you don’t imagine it too.” Amanda quipped back.

I felt several people peeping from behind me. It seemed the other group of girls had broken up to watch me grind against some pregnant bellies.

“That looks amazing.” Gwen mused. She carefully crawled over Amanda and Aunt Sally on her hands and knees. She brought her tummy down to gingerly rest on the other two, and suddenly I was gently grinding my dick between three bellies bloated with my children.

I motioned for Karen and Trish to stand beside me on each side, then I wrapped my arms around them and caressed their bellies too. Martha had nothing else to do, so she knelt beside Brianna to help service my boiling balls.

“How does it feel, big bro?” Elizabeth asked. “Three pregnant bellies squeezing your cock while you rub two more. I bet you feel triumph. Proof of your reproductive success.”

She was right. My lizard brain loved the feeling of power. Each of these gorgeous women could have an army of men lining up, but they chose to share me instead. I finally decided to seal the deal.

“There’s something I’ve been thinking about.” I sighed, pulling away from the girls. I had all eyes on me immediately. The girls had anxious expressions as they spread out on the couch facing me. I gave them a small grin to help calm them, but I appeared to be nervous, which made them worry. Admittedly, I was not really nervous, just a little embarrassed.

“I’m not sure how we should do this, but I thinking we could… you know…” I trailed off. They looked confused as I went down on one knee.

“Is everything okay?” Elizabeth asked, making me laugh a little inside my head. For once, my sister had no idea what I was thinking.

“Do you need more breaks?” Mom asked with deep concern. “Baby, we’ve been pushing you too hard, haven’t we?”

“You want us to leave?” Martha guessed, despondent.

“No!” I said firmly. “It’s nothing bad. It’s the exact opposite. It’s just…”

The girls watched with bated breath, all of them excited, worried, aroused, and terrified.

“All of you,” I took a deep breath, then announced, a little awkwardly, “I want you to marry me!”

The girls froze, slowly processing what I had said.

“I know that you call yourselves a harem, but I was thinking I could refer to you as wives. If you don’t want to…”

“Yes!” They all shouted, springing to their feet and crushing me in a group hug.

“I would love to be my baby’s wife!” Mom cheered.

“It’s so sudden, but I’m really happy!” Gwen said through tears.

“I always thought of the two of us as beneath the others.” Trisha whispered, referring to Karen.

“Yeah, like concubines or sex-slaves. I can’t believe you want us to be your wives too!” Karen exclaimed.

“Same here. I thought you hated me for so long. This is a dream come true!” Martha cried.

“But we should still call it a harem sometimes. The thought makes me tingly inside.” Aunt Sally said.

“And you better not think this makes things exclusive! I need to see you fuck other women!” Amanda stated her only terms.

“My… husband…” Brianna mumbled as she nuzzled against me.

Elizabeth leaned her face into mine, closing her eyes and smiling as she breathed, “I love you.”

The girls shed some happy tears together while they continued to huddle around me, naked and still wet from our prior activities. I was still raring to go, so it was difficult to refrain from touching my finances inappropriately while they shared an emotional moment.

When they started to settle down, I said, “Obviously we can’t get legally married, for so many reasons, but I think we can at least consider ourselves to be married. And I’m sorry I don’t have any rings. I had been thinking about this, but I didn’t actually expect to be asking so soon.”

“Don’t worry about that. We can all get rings later.” Elizabeth said shakily, rubbing her watery eyes. “But let’s do the ceremony tonight. Now that you’ve brought it up, I literally can’t wait.”

“Way ahead of you.” Martha said, handing me a phone. She had already looked up the *********** for a wedding. It looked like I was expected to perform the ceremony myself. The girls gathered on the floor around me, all nine of them rubbing my thankfully sizable manhood. Having nine girls service me at once had me instantly near finishing.

“I guess I’ll try. Hopefully this doesn’t sound cringy.” I said, reading through the ***********. Usually, the groom would not be the one reciting it, so I knew I would need to change a few of the lines to fit the situation. I took a deep breath and cleared my throat, “Ahem, we are gathered here today to join me, Ray Davis, and…”

The girls cut me off, taking turns announcing their names.










“Right, all of the above, in holy matrimony. I promise to cherish you always, to honor and sustain you,”

“I can see something’s about to sustain us.” Elizabeth giggled.

“in sickness and in health,”

“You certainly look healthy to me.” Mom did her best to help Elizabeth ruin the moment.

“in poverty and in wealth,”

“Aren’t you totally rich now?” Martha asked.

“and to be true to you in all things,”

“But not too true.” Amanda jeered.

“until death do us part.”

“You better not die on us.” Gwen said playfully.

“I now pronounce us husband and wives! You may now kiss… I mean, I may now kiss my brides.”

Before I could even start considering the logistics of kissing them all, and in what order, the girls handled everything for me. They took turns kissing my cock as it towered before them, with wet slobbery kisses that would be entirely inappropriate for a wedding.

“He’s getting close!” Amanda pointed out.

“We aren’t wearing wedding dresses, so be sure to paint us white!” Mom moaned.

“Do it! Shower your wives with your cum, big brother!” Elizabeth cried.

I exploded. Despite what Mom said, the girls aimed my cock at their faces, which they had pressed together. My seed splattered forcefully, coating them from hair to chin as the guzzled anything that landed on their tongues.

“So much better than wedding cake.” Gwen groaned.

“We’re lucky to have such a potent husband.” Trisha mused.

“A husband who can make his wives cum just from giving them a facial.” Martha panted.

“And who makes his wives exclusive to him, but fucks around all he wants on the side.” Amanda cooed.

“And so manly that he can even make lesbians fall in love with him!” Karen cried.

“A husband who is also a wonderful son.” Mom said.

“And doesn’t mind breeding his family.” Aunt Sally added.

“Or other people’s families.” Brianna whispered.

“The best husband in the whole world.” Elizabeth finished. “My brother!”

The girls collapsed into a heap on the floor as the last few drops sputtered out of me. I felt like my legs were about to buckle, so I sat back on the couch and admired the mess I had made of my wives.

“I was thinking about our what we should do for our honeymoon, but we just got back from vacation.” I said.

“I think the rest of our lives are going to be a honeymoon.” Elizabeth purred, laying back in bliss with her fellow wives, steeped in sexual satisfaction.

I had to admit, my life was pretty great.


Just kidding! There is another part after this, but I need to skip the story forward a little.

A little over eighteen years.

My wives all became full-time homemakers, which was a good call because we had quite a few children. I worked hard to help Mrs. Moody build her company, (and did not fuck her at all, thank you very much), and after about ten years we merged with a massive corporation, making everyone in our upper management fabulously wealthy. I was retired at thirty, and while previously we had to buy larger houses fairly often, we finally had enough money to buy a huge estate and live in peace.

We eventually found out that I had a rare medical condition, which I am not qualified to explain in any satisfying way. Most of what the doctor said was in one ear and out the other, so all I knew was that when a baby is conceived, the sperm determines whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, and it seemed that my condition caused me to only produce sperm that yielded X chromosomes, meaning I only produced daughters.

I worked with my wives to give them the happiest childhood they could ask for. We sent them to a private school to ensure they got a top-notch education, and made sure they wanted for nothing. As they grew up, they got suspicious about our unusual living situation, but we managed to make sure they never found out about anything that could get us in trouble, and were never exposed to anything they should not see.

I still had my share of sexual adventures in those eighteen years, but the next chapter will pick up when I’m thirty-eight. The oldest group of my daughters will be ready for college, but they seem to have a different idea for their future…

Thank you for reading!

I’m making this outro really long because I don’t want to do an outro in the last part.

I have the broad strokes of the next chapter planned, but if there is anything you want to see then please let me know. I experimented with a couple new fetishes in this chapter, so I hope you liked them. I might do some more cuck stuff in the final chapter (and maybe other stories), but rest assured; the main character is never going to be the one getting cucked. Sorry if you’re into that.

I love hearing feedback, and almost everyone is really nice so it’s always fun to read. If you have anything you want to see (or don’t want to see), please let me know. Criticism is also fine, constructive or not. Lol I’ve played too many online games to get offended by salty comments.

Also, the next chapter will mention some of Ray’s sexual exploits in the intervening years, but don’t think you’re going crazy. You didn’t miss a chapter. If you guys like anything they mention, I might do an extra story with a collection of the one’s that you want to read a more complete account of.

Thanks again! See you in the final chapter!

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